Sue’s Wild Family
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Her cunt was so hairy that a wispy trail grew up as far as her navel
and into the crack of her ass. Hers was such a beautifully fuckable
pussy and she knew it–which was just the problem. For, despite her
teasing, sexy ways, Sue Jordan was still a virgin. God knew how she’d
tried to lose her cherry. But the high school boys she dated just
weren’t up to going all the way. This one backed out because he didn’t
have a rubber; that one claimed the blow-job she’d given him had taken
too much out of him. And Sue had started to wonder if there might be
something wrong with her. Sue made a survey of other pussies, checking
out the girls when they showered in gym. Their cunts were mostly wispy,
not like her bushy triangle at all. In fact, the only pussy Sue had
ever seen which resembled hers was her mother’s. Sue wished she could talk to her Mom about their similar cunts. She
would ask her mother if her pussy had been this hairy when she was a
schoolgirl and if it had scared the boys. But, unfortunately, Sue
didn’t have that type of relationship with her Mom. On the other hand,
however, Sue had an excellent relationship with her dad. She naturally
wondered if her father had been the guy who’d taken her mother’s
cherry. If only she could get the nerve to bring up the subject, he
might even tell her. Indeed, Sue was thinking about this possibility
now as her date dropped her off at her house and she saw that the
lights were on inside, with her father’s silhouette on the shade. The boy’s name was Tim. He’d seemed like a likely prospect, even if he
was her own cousin and she had to date him on the sly. Sue had three
girlfriends who claimed to have been fucked by him. But her own
experience tonight made her suspect they’d lied. They’d gone to a drive-in movie, lying about their ages to sneak into
some X-rated flicks. The screen was constantly filled with hot shots of
cocks and pussies, deep-throating blow-jobs, guys coming in girls’
faces, and even some fucking in the ass. Perfect, Sue had thought! Even in the relative darkness, Sue’s eyes had popped out at the obvious
size of her cousin’s hard-on. If she’d had her way, she’d have sat
right down on it then. She knew, though, what guys were like. Take it
easy, girl, she’d cautioned herself. Get him in the mood before you ask
him to fuck you. So she’d started with a slow, rubbing hand-job. By coincidence, the
same thing was happening on the screen, a porno actress giving one to a
well-hung actor. “Bet you can’t make me come at the same time that chick makes the guy
in the movie shoot-off,” Tim said. “What if she does more than just jerk him off to make him come?” Sue
had teased. “Then you’ll just have to keep up with her.” Sure enough, the actress had soon replaced her fingers with her mouth,
turning the hand-job into a blow-job. Sue eagerly did the same with her
cousin’s prick. She might’ve still been a virgin but sucking cock was
something at which she had considerable experience. “Suck it, baby, suck my cock all the way down to my balls,” Tim said. She gagged on all his cockmeat. But then her throat relaxed and seemed
to widen. Her cousin’s crotch bucked against her face and Sue felt
several additional inches of cock surge past her windpipe. “You got it all! Didn’t think you could do it, Sue, baby! Don’t know
many chicks who could do that, not the way I’m hung.” His bragging didn’t bother Sue. If she were a boy with a cock like
Tim’s, she’d be damned proud of it too. She just hoped that when it
finally came time to fuck, her cousin would be ready. Meanwhile, though, she continued the blow-job. And, since Sue could no
longer see the screen in her race with the cock-sucking actress she had
to rely on Tim to tell her when to make him come. “They’re getting there,” Tim reported, his own breath quickening along
with the actor’s. “He’s really fucking her in the mouth.” Sue turned her mouth and throat into an oral version of the cunt which
she hoped would be just as filled with Tim’s cock before the night was
over. She used her teeth, lips and tongue on him, moistening the
rhythmic suction with plenty of warm spit. “Hurry, baby, hurry,” her cousin rasped. “Make me come!” Sue could hear her own slurping, along with that of the actress over
the speaker. It was deafening in the enclosed car. “Oh, yeah, it’s almost time,” Tim groaned. “Gonna happen.” Sue felt his cock flex in her throat. His balls churned with throbbing
heat against her chin.

Then, all at once, Tim yanked his prick out of her mouth. Surprised,
Sue couldn’t get out of the way and her cousin began coming directly in
her face. Tim gasped in the midst of his cock’s gushing release. “This is just
the way they’re doing it in the movie!” Sue glanced up through the windshield while her features were being
splattered with jizz. Up on the screen exactly the same thing took
place. It was, Sue thought, like watching herself. She could hardly
wait until the actress and actor actually started fucking. For after their balls had been drained, both Tim and the porno actor
still had hard-ons. Already the actress had started suggesting that her
pussy was ready for some action. So was Sue. But then, without any more warning than the glare of a flashlight from
outside Tim’s car, the bubble burst. “Hey, you kids!” somebody barked. “Let’s see some I.D. I’ll eat this
damned flashlight if you’re old enough to be here.” Even in the darkness Sue could see how red Tim’s face was as he
hurriedly stuffed his dripping cock back in his pants. Then, with no
way to bluff his way out of the situation, he turned on the ignition.
The car shot from its space with a squeal of rubber. There was a
snapping sound and the crack of window glass, the result of failing to
remove the speaker. Tim hit the street, picking up even more speed. No cop in the area
could have missed him. Quickly, one took up the chase, blue light
flashing and siren blaring. “I’ll lose my license,” Tim gulped. “Got to shake this asshole!” Knowing she couldn’t talk her cousin out of this madness, Sue gritted
her teeth and held on for dear life. They swung around one corner, then
another. The lights of the highway appeared. Tim drove like a bat out
of hell toward them, planning to outrun the cop. Tim’s car vaulted off the ramp onto the highway. From there he swerved
to the fast lane, streaking past the rest of the traffic. Within seconds, the cop’s blue light flashed in the rearview mirror
again. But he wasn’t gaining on them. For the first time, Sue forgot
about her safety and began wondering if they could really get away with
this. “Leave the bastard in your dust, Timmy,” she urged her cousin. “Shake
him and we’ll celebrate–my treat.” She didn’t leave much to Tim’s imagination, prying one of his hands off
the steering wheel and sliding it under her skirt. Her cunt throbbed
through her damp panties, letting him know how hot it was for his big
prick. “Hope you fuck as super as you can drive,” she purred. Then Sue put her foot on top of Tim’s, pressing down the accelerator.
It took all of his skill to keep the car under control. Then, suddenly,
there was a sort of high-speed calm. The cop’s blue light had just
vanished. “Turn off the highway and we can get away clean,” Sue eagerly
suggested. “Look, there’s an off-ramp. Quick!” Her cousin took her advice and soon they were sailing across an access
strip onto an unlighted country road. “Thanks, Sue,” Tim sighed with relief. “Never could’ve done it without
you.” “You can thank me later,” Sue seductively answered. “After we’ve, uh,
celebrated. Now why don’t you find someplace nice ‘n quiet where we can
pick up where we left off at the drive-in?” But she was just too horny to wait. Unzipping his pants, she reached in
for that big cock she craved. To her disappointment, his prick was
soft. Tim had been too worried about losing his license. Sue knew she
could put that out of his mind right quick. “Mmmm, tastes even better
than it did the first time,” Sue slurped. “Bet by the time you find a
place to park I’ll have your cock hard as a rock.” She swallowed all of her cousin’s limp cock-meat, rolling it between
her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Then she played with his balls,
running her middle finger up into the hairy crack of his ass. Soon Sue
thought she felt Tim’s cockhead stirring at the entrance of her throat. The car bounced over rocks and through ruts to several hundred yards
away from the road. When she glanced up Sue saw the shadowy outline of
trees in the night sky. In the distance she even heard a coyote howl. “Well, back to nature, huh,” Sue joked, trying to keep things light so
Tim would forget about the pressure of the chase. But Tim’s cock had fallen back on soft times now. Sue wondered if she
should even bother sucking it again. Could be it was time for something
more drastic. She’d read about it in one of her dad’s girlie magazines
and this seemed as good a time as any to try it out. “Ever had a tit-fuck, Timmy?” she boldly asked her cousin. He didn’t answer. It was as though he were in a trance. “I’ve got a nice pair of tits, if I do say so myself,” Sue went on,
unbuttoning her blouse. She wore a bra, but it wasn’t much. She unfastened the front clasp. Her
tits were firm, the nipples pink and plump, resembling ripe
strawberries. “Like ’em?” she asked Tim, again hopeful. His cock didn’t stiffen but his eyes bulged and that was enough for
Sue. “Just lean against the door,” she said. “I’ll get down on your prick
with my nice, soft titties and … well … you’ll see.” Sue reached for her cousin’s chest and gently pushed him back. Then she
eased down toward his crotch, a tit in each hand. She closed them
around his cock and balls, feeling his pulse beat in his groin. “Get hard for me,” she crooned. “Get your cock hard for me, Timmy.” “G-guess I’m still kinda in shock from what happened,” Tim finally
stammered. “M-maybe it’s just too soon for me to …” “Relax, Timmy,” Sue coaxed. “I know you’ve got another hard-on for me.
Just close your eyes and think about how good my titties feel on your
cock. And how much better my tight pussy’ll feel when you’re hard again
and you can finally fuck me.” She expertly massaged his prick with her tits, doing what she’d read
about in the magazine. God, she thought, if only his cock got as stiff
for her as her nipples already were for him. And then she felt the reaction she’d been seeking. Tim’s hips lurched,
pushing his cock-meat farther up between Sue’s squeezing tits. But,
most telling, was the abrupt and muscular growth of his tit-rubbed
prick. “You’re getting there, Timmy,” Sue purred. “I can feel your cock
getting so hard between my titties. You want to fuck me, don’t you,
Timmy?” “Tell me about your cunt while your tits are on my prick, Sue. Talk
real dirty to me, Sue.” Steadily stroking his stiffening cock with the pillows of her tits, Sue
told her cousin, “You’ll be surprised when you see my pussy. It’s so
hairy! Hair grows all the way up my tummy and into my ass.” With his eyes still closed, Tim moaned. “Mmmm, I can almost see it.” “I’ve got a real wet cunt,” Sue continued. “When I play with myself,
the pussy juice runs down my fingers. It’ll give your big cock a real
smooth fuck, Timmy. Smooth but tight.” “God, Sue, just listening to you talk is better than watching that
porno movie,” Tim panted. “Can you feel my cock between your titties
now? It’s hard as a rock.” “Oooooh, is it!” Sue exclaimed. “Let’s not wait a minute longer.” She released his prick from her tits. He had ten inches of throbbing
prickmeat, a tool just made for busting a cherry. Now it was Sue’s turn to lean back. Already nude from the waist up, she
raised her parted knees and rumpled her skirt around her waist. Her
skimpy panties clung to her cunt like a second skin, drenched by her
leaking pussy juice. And, spreading out from the elastic which strained
at her inner thighs, was more than a hint of cunt hair. “Show it to me, baby. Show me your pussy,” Tim rasped. She peeled away the panties and her hairy cunt bristled in total
exposure. At the center of the fur, slightly separated pussy-lips
formed a pink groove. Then Sue reached down and pulled them apart,
spreading her thighs so one leg was up on the dashboard and the other
hooked over the backrest of the front seat. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Her cousin was up on his knees, dropping his pants. His revived hard-on
jutted at a sharp angle from his crotch. Now Tim moved toward Sue,
straightening out his prick with his hand on the way so the head took
aim on the yawning target of her pussy. Sue was convinced she was finally going to lose her cherry. Nothing
would stop Tim from fucking her now. He reached her. She replaced his hand on his cock with her own and
guided his meat’s blunt tip along the slit of her cunt from her clit to
her asshole, then back up again to the midpoint. “Gonna put it in me now,” Sue said breathlessly. “Your cock in my cunt,
Timmy. Your big cock in my hairy cunt. Fucking, fucking, fucking me!” Her wrist jerked. Tim’s cockhead passed between her slippery pussy-lips
into her even wetter cunt-gash. The walls of her cunt automatically
collapsed around his prick, turning on the squeezing female warmth. “Deeper, deeper!” Sue urged. “Give me your whole cock!” She reached down past the root of her cousin’s prick and grabbed his
balls. Tim’s hips lurched and she could feel inch after inch of his
massive hard-on sinking into her cunt. All of a sudden, though, Tim’s cock couldn’t enter Sue’s pussy any
farther. It was blocked by a stubborn obstacle within. Sue, of course,
knew exactly what it was. Her damned cherry was holding out on her
until the last. Tim, on the other hand, was in the dark about what kept his cock from
entering his cousin’s pussy. He asked about it, saying that her cunt
had pinched his cock. Sue wondered if she should tell Tim the truth. It would be kind of
embarrassing to admit she was cherry after the way she’d come on to
him. But, then again, maybe he’d get a kick out of busting her cherry. Well, she had to do something. Tim started pulling his pinched cock out
of her resisting cunt to relieve the pressure. Sue’d never get her
cherry popped this way! “Damn, girl! Your pussy’s like a virgin’s. If I didn’t know better, I’d
swear you’re still cherry.” Without pausing to think any more, Sue blurted out, “I am!” “What?” her startled cousin gulped. “What did you say?” After taking the deepest breath of her life, Sue anxiously confessed,
“This is my first fuck. My cherry needs to be popped–and I was
counting on you to do it.” She paused, drawing another deep breath.
“Please, Timmy, please. Please pop my cherry for me! And Sue’s heart sank, when her cousin haltingly answered, “Jeez, I
dunno. This is … well … more than I guess I bargained for.” “What about Patty Rockwell?” Sue said, naming one of her friends who
claimed to have fucked Tim. “Wasn’t she cherry when you fucked her?” “Uh, I don’t know nothin’ about that,” Tim muttered. “You can’t do this to me,” Sue said frantically. “Don’t leave me out on
a limb like this!” “You should’ve told me you were cherry,” Tim uneasily replied. “A guy
likes to know what he’s getting into.” He paused, then picked up steam.
“When my cock’s halfway up your pussy you tell me you just happen to be
cherry. I mean, shit! I’m a sensitive guy. You’re fucking with my mind
here.” “I’ll tell you what you can go fuck, then,” Sue angrily snapped.
“Yourself!” She glared at the boy. Then, determined to get some relief, she stuffed
three fingers into her cunt and cluster-fucked herself with them right
before her astonished cousin. “Ooooooh, feels soooo goooooood,” she moaned, adding her thumb to her
clit. “Jesus, Sue, I dunno what you’re trying to prove, but … Goddamn!” Tim choked, his eyes never leaving her finger-fucked pussy. As he
watched, his cock stiffened to full strength again. Sue noticed her cousin’s revived hard-on. “Go ahead, give yourself a
hand-job for all I care. Beat your meat while I finger-fuck my pussy
and we’ll be even.” Tim knew she was mocking him, but he couldn’t keep his hand off his
throbbing cock. He began to stroke, his jerking motions matching the
tempo of Sue’s fingers. She’d already climaxed more than once when he finally came. The jizz
spurted from his jacked-off prick, flying across the car to land
between Sue’s thighs. She rubbed it all over her pussy until the hair
was lathered, climaxing still while Tim’s drained prick drooped and
dribbled with exhaustion. “Guess I didn’t need you, after all,” Sue said. “Take me home now!” Not a word passed between Sue and Tim during their long ride back to
town. Maybe he wanted to say he was sorry, and Sue knew she certainly
wasn’t as tough as she was pretending to be. But they both had their
pride. Then, at last, they’d pulled in front of Sue’s house. Saying nothing,
she got out of the car and slammed the door. Tim roared away. Their
date was officially over and there stood Sue, still a virgin. That’s when she noticed the light on inside the house and realized her
father was still up. When he asked her if she’d had a good time, the
way he did after all her dates, would she just lie and go on to bed? Or
would this be the time she found the nerve to share some of her inner
feelings and hope her dad understood? Sue was still trying to make up her mind as she walked up the steps. Chapter 2
Walt Jordan knew how much his wife hated these magazines. That’s why he
kept them stashed away, only reading them when Linda wasn’t around. “Mmmm, look at this one,” he murmured now, holding a magazine open so
the center-fold dangled before his eyes. It was a close-up shot of a spread-legged model’s yawning pussy. This
cunt was fingered open, like the girl was playing with herself. As he stared at the glossy cunt, Walt felt his pulse quicken and his
hard-on throbbed. These magazines always made his cock so stiff that he
felt like a horny kid again. Sometimes he even whipped it out and
jerked off. Indeed, Walt was thinking about this now when he heard the front door
opening. Sue was home from her date, he realized. And the telltale
bulge at the crotch of his pants was enormous, refusing to go away.
Walt laid the magazine over the embarrassing mound just as his daughter
walked in. “Have a good time, honey?” he said characteristically. Sue shrugged, started to say something, then swallowed. Then she blurt
out, “Daddy, could I talk to you about something? Something kinda
personal?” “Well … it’s pretty late, princess,” Walt haltingly answered. “It’s real important, Daddy. And now’s the best time, with no one else
around. I don’t think I could talk about this with anybody else but
you.” Walt was, of course, flattered. He just wished he could give his full
attention to his little girl, without this stubborn hard-on distracting
him. Sue couldn’t help noticing his uneasiness. “Something wrong, Daddy?” “No, I’m fine,” Wait lied. “Just sit down, honey, relax, and tell your
old dad what’s on your mind.” Sue sagged onto the sofa across from him. And suddenly there was an
additional distraction for Walt. The way his daughter sat he could see
right up her skirt. “This isn’t easy for me to admit, so I better just start talking before
I lose my nerve,” Sue said, almost breathless. “Daddy, I think there
must be something wrong with me when it comes to boys. They just don’t
like me the way I wish they would.” Walt tried to say the right thing. “You mean they don’t respect you?” “I dunno,” Sue sighed. “Maybe they respect me too much. I can’t get
them to … to …” She nervously shifted her legs. Unable to resist a peak, Walt looked
for a flash of her panties. But they weren’t there. Instead, he
glimpsed the lush growth of her young but hairy pussy! “Let me put it this way, Daddy,” Sue now said. “I’m tired of being just
a little girl. But I can’t get any guys I know to understand how
important it is for me to grow up. They’ll only go so far and then …” Her voice trailed off again, as she thought of yet another way to
express herself. Her skirt bunched up on her thighs, giving her father
an even better hint of the curly treasure at her pantyless crotch. Then Sue braced herself and said, “Just answer this yes or no for me,
Daddy. It’s super important to me. Was Mom a virgin when you met her?” “Wh-what?” Walt gulped. “You haven’t even been listening to me, have you, Daddy?” “Of course, I’ve been paying attention,” Walt falsely insisted, hoping
that Sue would repeat the whole question. She did. “Well, then yes or no, Daddy? Was Mom a virgin when you met
her?” “Yes,” Walt answered on the spur of the moment, guessing that this was
what Sue wanted to hear. “Your mother was a virgin.” Sue leaned forward, her skirt shrinking farther up her parted thighs.
God, Walt thought, look at that hairy, young pussy. “Well, so am I!” Sue intensely declared. “I’m a virgin, too, Daddy. And
… and …” She was gasping for air. Walt thought he could see her thighs quiver. “I don’t want to be a virgin anymore, Daddy! I have too much to offer
to stay cherry anymore.” Now Walt was listening to her every word. He couldn’t believe what he
heard. And, automatically, he connected it with the tempting, young
pussy that showed so invitingly between his daughter’s legs. “Then you were the first guy who Mom ever … well, pardon my language,
Daddy, but you fucked Mom first, didn’t you?” Not even thinking about it, Walt nodded, as if in a trance. But even
with his head bobbing, he never took his eyes off the curly magic at
the center of Sue’s thighs. “Did Mom seduce you, Daddy?” Sue went on. “How did she get your cock in
her cunt the first time?” Before Walt could collect his wits enough to answer, his cock betrayed
him with a totally reckless response. Lurching as if it were determined
to bust out of his pants, it sent the magazine that had concealed his
crotch skittering to the floor. The magazine had fallen open to the split beaver centerfold. Sue’s eyes moved from the naked model toward Wait’s lap. The bulge that
tented his pants left nothing to her imagination. A hard-on! Sue’s
pussy spasmed and she realized that she wasn’t wearing panties. She
also became aware of how far her skirt had ridden up her parted thighs. Next, Sue attempted to make eye-contact with her dad. He was staring at
her cunt. The girlie magazine may have turned her father on in the first place,
but Sue knew she was the one who kept his cock so hard now. And, God,
did it seem like such a big, big cock. Sue couldn’t help yearning to
see it. “Why don’t we act it out, Daddy? You tell me how Mom seduced you the
first time you fucked, and I’ll pretend I’m her. Just tell me what to
do and it’ll happen all over again, except it’ll be me instead of Mom.” His voice sounded distant, as if it were indeed coming out of the past.
“I knew your mother wanted me to fuck her, but I was afraid to get too
involved,” Walt eerily recalled. “But one night, Linda spilled
something on her dress–” “Like this?” Sue cut in, grabbing a half a cup of cold coffee from the
end table and fumbling it. Walt stiffly nodded and went on. “She said she had to get out of her
things and dry herself off. I was supposed to look the other way.” Sue was already on her feet, unzipping her skirt. Then she began
wriggling out of it. “But you peeked, didn’t you, Daddy?” “That’s what she really wanted. I knew it all along,” Walt said in his
faraway voice. “So you weren’t surprised when she came over to you, half-undressed,
and asked you if you liked what you saw?” Sue suggested, guessing at
what had happened. Now Sue stood directly in front of her seated father, her exposed cunt
level with his bulging eyes. She ran her hands down into the hollows of
her crotch, pressing with her fingertips just enough to make her pussy
lips separate. “Well, do you like what you see now as much as you did then, Daddy?”
she purred. “B-beautiful,” Walt stammered. “What a beautiful cunt.” “You can taste it if you want to,” Sue boldly offered. “Here, let me
show you.” She took her father’s head and pressed his face against her thrusting
crotch. Right away she could feel his mouth on her cunt. His lips and
tongue moved on her pussy-lips, gash and clit. “Yes, eat it, Daddy. Eat my hairy cunt,” Sue urged. “Eat it the way you
ate Mom’s cunt on the night you popped her cherry.” Walt’s tongue hardened and surged into Sue’s juicy cunt-gash. The walls
of her pussy closed around the wad of cockmeat and tugged rhythmically. “You’re gonna make me come, Daddy. Come right away. My pussy’s coming
in your mouth,” Sue moaned, her hips rolling. “Just fuck my pussy a
little deeper with your tongue.” Her father’s tongue began moving in and out of her climaxing cunt,
spooning Sue’s cum into his mouth. Walt’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he
gulped down the seemingly endless supply of female nectar. While her dad continued feasting on her pussy, she reached down to his
lap. All it took was the slightest yank at his swollen crotch and his
fly seemed to unzip itself. The column of cockmeat awaiting her was
long and thick, the balls round and churning. “I’m gonna make you come, too, Daddy,” she promised. “Just keep eating
my pussy and before you know it we’ll both be coming together.” She stepped up the tempo of the hand-job to match the movement of
Walt’s tongue in her cunt. Sue knew she was near results when she heard
the springs in the chair squeaking from her father’s squirming. “Come, Daddy, come!” “Ooooh, Jesus, am I!” Walt groaned into the slice of her pussy. His prick lurched in her sliding grip, then Sue felt the hot cream
seeping down her fingers. Sue brought her sticky fingers to her mouth
and sampled them. The flavor of her father’s jizz was different than
her cousin Tim’s cum. It was a lot more tangy–almost spicy.
Immediately, Sue craved more. “Can you get another hard-on for me, Daddy?” she asked. “Wh-what for?” Walt stuttered. Instead of answering with words, Sue licked her lips with the universal
sign of hunger, then made exaggerated sucking sounds. In short, she
made it clear to Walt that she wanted to clamp a blow-job on his big
cock. “I-I can’t let you do it, baby,” Walt stuttered. “We’ve gone too far
already.” “I’ll bet you didn’t stop Mom from sucking your cock on the night you
took her cherry.” “Wh-what makes you think that?” “Just stands to reason. If you want a guy to fuck your pussy, no
quicker way to get him in the mood than by having him fuck your mouth
first.” “You sound like you’re speaking from experience.” “Sure, I’ve sucked my share of pricks,” Sue frankly admitted. “But you’re still cherry–” “Try and try again,” Sue chuckled. “But why me? Your own father!” “I’m tired of striking out, Daddy. And since when could you ever say no
to me when there was something I really wanted? If a blow-job worked
for Mom, it ought to work for me.” Then Sue had knelt before her father’s chair. She lowered her head to
his lap and her mouth enclosed his semi-stiff cock. As he felt her oral warmth around his cock-meat, Walt closed his eyes.
Hot blood surged through his veins, channeled directly to his crotch.
Despite his misgivings about incest, his prick was rigid again. She
tugged at the growing cockshaft with her lips and caressed it with her
squirming tongue. “Oh, that’s the way, baby. Suck it, suck it. Suck daddy’s cock as deep
as you can,” Walt heard himself say. Walt’s hips began to roll. Next, as if on their own, his hands grasped
Sue’s head so he could guide her auctioning mouth. He worked her mouth
back and forth along his long, thick prick, turning the blow-job into a
mouth-fuck. “Jesus,” he muttered, his eyes still closed. “I don’t believe this is
happening.” He finally looked and saw there was no doubt about the way his cock
went in and out of Sue’s mouth. Walt had never seen her look more
beautiful than she did now, while she sucked his prick. There was no way he’d pull out now. He was hooked. But Walt thought he
should warn his daughter before his sucked cock erupted. He felt the
rising tide in his loins. “Gonna come!” he said breathlessly, announcing his second climax of the
evening. “Come even more than I did before!” His crotch bucked and he forced Sue’s face against the surging crux of
his loins. This jammed his big prick to the depths of her throat. He
might as well have been pissing in his daughter’s mouth, he came so
much. Could she, would she, drink all of his jizz? he wondered. Sue’s cheeks had started to swell with excess jism as his cock
continued to spurt. Walt did his best to make sure his daughter
swallowed every bit of his load by using another reference to his wife. “Your mother drank all of my cum the first time she blew me!” Walt
blurted out to Sue. “After that my cock was so hard I had to fuck her!” Walt could see his daughter’s eyes dancing as he felt the deepest,
longest swallow he could imagine around every inch of his creaming
cock. Her ballooned cheeks flattened back down and by the time Walt’s
balls were drained, she’d devoured almost every drop of his cum. “God, you did it,” Walt muttered in awe. Sue let his sticky prick slide from her mouth. “Anything Mom can do, I
can do too.” She smiled as she spoke and silvery beads of jizz trickled from the
corners of her girlish grin. Once again, she was the most beautiful
creature her father had ever seen. She hummed as she peeled away her blouse and bra, doing the bump and
grind like a teenaged stripper. When she was in her birthday suit she
kept up the act, and it was quite a show. Indeed, Sue’s performance
surprised even her. “Jesus, where’d you learn how to do that?” her father rasped. “Just making it up while I go along,” Sue admitted. “Wanna see more?” Walt hungrily panted that he did. Sue moved the rippling play of her youthful muscles from her titties
down to her stomach. Suddenly she was a belly dancer. Her navel was a
circular blur, dancing just above the bristling triangle of her hairy
cunt. “Now for the best part,” Sue crooned. She spread her thighs, arching back at the waist. Her hairy pussy
jumped out at the center of her loins, moving this way and then that
way. During the process, she was slowly backing toward the sofa. When
she arrived, her ass sank into the cushions. One leg lazily hooked over
the armrest, the other reached out to the coffee table. She ran her hands along her naked body, caressing her tits before
reaching the curly nest of her spread crotch. She fingered her pussy-
lips apart, revealing the maximum amount of her gash’s inner pink. “This is it, Daddy,” Sue called. “Don’t let me stay cherry any longer
than you have to. Fuck me … fuck me … fuck me!” Walt’s cock throbbed as if it might bust. He was afraid to touch it,
worrying that even the slightest stimulation might make him come before
he’d tested his daughter’s luscious cunt. He went to her, dipping his knees to line up her waiting pussy with his
untouched hard-on. The swollen cockhead approached the gap of her
pussy-lips. All he had to do was thrust his crotch at the proper angle,
and … and … He was fucking her. Fucking his own virgin daughter. Chapter 3
“Deeper, Daddy, deeper,” Sue urged. “Put your whole cock in my cunt.” “I’m trying, baby, but your cherry’s in the way,” a puffing Walt
answered. “Goddamn it, Daddy! If your big cock doesn’t get the job done, I’m
scared I’ll stay cherry forever.” “Let me give it another push!” Sue scissored her father’s midsection, clamping him with her slender,
strong, young thighs. At the same time, Walt set his cock in her pussy
for another lunge. “When I count to three, Daddy, you push and I’ll pull. One … two …” Walt gritted his teeth, while Sue took a deep breath before the final
number. They both knew this would hurt her, but there was no avoiding
pain if she was going to lose her cherry. “Three, Daddy, three!” Wait’s crotch bucked as he bore down. Sue’s crotch jumped, her ass
leaving the sofa. In midair, cock and pussy trembled in straining
contact, the former halfway inside the latter. But it went no farther,
no matter how much father and daughter tried. Their loins flexed, their asscheeks clenched. Their breath came in
gusts, while beads of sweat creased their red faces. All of Walt’s
strength and willpower was channeled to his prick, all of Sue’s to her
cunt. But it was no use. “Hurts … hurts too much,” she groaned, hating to give in. Her ass sank back into the sofa, her cunt losing a lot of her father’s
cock in the process. Shit, she thought, why was it so hard to lose her
damned cherry? What kind of screwed-up chick was she, anyway? Indeed, she was so discouraged that she was almost ready to give up,
when her father said, “Your mother’s cherry gave me this kind of
battle, too.” Sue’s heart pounded with hope. “But you told me you popped hers,
Daddy.” “She, uh, did most of it herself,” Walt said after a long pause, his
voice faint. “What, Daddy, what? What did Mom do to her pussy so you could finally
fuck her?” Sue anxiously quizzed. “Maybe you’re better off staying a virgin.” “That’s like saying I’d be better off dead,” Sue countered. “Tell me,
Daddy, tell me!” “You don’t know what you’d be letting yourself in for, darling.” “Try me.” Walt could see that Sue wasn’t about to leave it alone. What’s more, he
had the potential solution to her problem dangling on the tip of his tongue. All he had to do was gather the nerve to spit it out. “Your mother … she used her hand,” he said. “How many fingers, Daddy?” Sue eagerly asked, already sliding her pussy
away from her father’s cock. “Started with just one,” Walt replied, as if in a trance. “Like this?” Sue said, probing her pussy with her middle finger. Walt nodded. “And then, Daddy? What did Mom do to her cherry pussy next?” “Put two more fingers in with the first one,” Walt answered, breathing
the words. She immediately made the addition to her cunt. She’d had this many
fingers in there before without even testing her cherry, so she knew
there had to be a lot more involved. “The thumb. Now she used her thumb,” Walt said. Sue squirmed it into her pussy, the fit was getting tighter. Obviously,
her smallest finger also belonged in her pussy too and quickly, she had
accomplished the task. “Okay, Daddy, tell me more,” Sue now panted. Walt looked down at his daughter’s hand in her cunt and knew he had to
make the decision whether to tell her the rest. The wrinkles in his
brow clearly indicated second thoughts. “You owe this to me, Daddy!” Sue impatiently demanded. “I jacked you
off while you ate my pussy. I sucked your cock and swallowed your cum.
Now you’ve got to see this through.” “And if I don’t?” Walt choked, testing himself, his daughter and the
situation to the limit. “You’ve already raped me in the eyes of the law,” Sue threatened. “The
cops won’t care whether or not you actually popped my cherry.” “It’s my word against yours,” Walt croaked. “And who do you think they’ll believe, Daddy?” Sue snapped. She didn’t
like what she was having to do, but was convinced it was necessary. Walt knew he was beaten. Even if his daughter had come on to him like a
whore, the burden of proof would be on him if she started talking. For
if there was one crime where a man was guilty the minute he was
accused, incest was it. Sue had enough on him to send him to jail for
years. He gulped, “Make a fist.” Sue’s eyes lit up. “In my pussy?” “As deep in there as you can get it.” Sue forced her hand inside her cunt to the wrist, wincing. Then she
clenched her teeth, as she began clustering her knuckles within her
straining cunt. “Oh, God,” she moaned, “no cock could ever feel this big.” Her stretched pussy-lips quivered around her wrist. Her belly heaved.
Between the parted cheeks of her ass her asshole bulged with the
extreme pressure. “Push, baby, push!” Walt instructed. “Oooooh, it hurts. Hurts so much,” Sue whimpered, the veins along her
forearm standing out. “With a cherry as stubborn as yours, fist-fucking’s what it takes.
You’ve got to punch it in there, sweetheart.” “Oh, Daddy, I’m not sure I can. My pussy’s so tight. My cherry’s so
stubborn.” “You can do it, baby,” Walt urged, so caught up by now in the bizarre
tide of events. “Go ahead and fuck it, honey, fuck it! Fist-fuck your
pussy! Your cherry, young pussy!” She squealed with pain when she jerked her fist toward the untested
depths of her tender pussy. And, in spite of her suffering, once she’d
driven her knuckles forward she didn’t surrender an inch of the hard-
won penetration she’d achieved. It bothered Walt to see his daughter in such agony, but the fact that
she was willing to go this far for him excited him even more. His cock
loomed from his crotch sharply. “Do it again, baby! Fist-fuck your cunt some more. Get that cherry nice
‘n loose for my big cock.” “Whatever you say, Daddy,” Sue panted, expressing her total faith in
her father. Her arm lurched from the elbow on down, driving her fist even deeper
into her cunt. At first she groaned like she was dying, her face a pale
mask of pain. Then, all at once, a smile from nowhere unexpectedly
creased her drawn features and a rosy hue returned to her cheeks. “It’s starting to give, Daddy,” she swooned. “Yes, it’s working! I can
feel my cherry giving way.” “Don’t let up now,” Wait called. “Punch it again, sweetheart.” “Oh, yeah,” Sue answered, driving her knuckles inside her cunt once
more. “Oooooh, yessssss!” “It’s starting to feel good?” Walt expectantly asked. “Soooo goooooood!” Sue cried. “Daddy, I think I can come this way.” “Go for it, honey.” Now, for the first time, Sue’s fist began sliding back and forth in her
pussy like a massive cock. Her cunt had become so wet with arousal that
it rhythmically squished as she fucked herself. “Mmmm, Daddy, it’s building up inside of me. Yes, yes, gonna come!
Come! Come!” Her ass jumped off the sofa when the orgasm hit her. Pumping furiously
in her raised cunt, her fist-fucking knuckles pumped recklessly, as her
crotch bucked in reply to every thrust she delivered into herself. “Damn, baby, you keep this up and you’ll make me come just from
watching you,” Walt rasped, unable to keep his hand from stroking his
rigid prick. “No, Daddy, no, don’t beat off! I want all of your cum in my pussy! And
you know what?” “What, baby, what?” Walt anxiously asked. “I’m ready for your cock in my cunt now. Ready for you to finally fuck
me.” Sue yanked her knuckles from her fist-fucked cunt with a loud pop. When
she straightened out her fingers, they dripped with pussy-juice. She
was tasting them while motioning her father toward her with her other
hand, when Walt stepped into the shadow cast by her open thighs. “Oh, this is it, Daddy. Got to have it now!” Sue bubbled. She drew the rigid column of cockmeat toward the center of her swollen
pussy-lips, forcing her father to his knees. Then she’d made contact,
the blunt tip of Walt’s cock nosing just inside her cunt-gash. Her
pussy was so wet with anticipation that a liquid-pearl of female nectar
slithered along the underside of his father’s cock, all the way down
the shaft to his balls. “Gonna put it in,” Sue repeated. Her hairy crotch jumped up at her father’s loins. His cock sank into
her thrusting cunt–deeper, deeper, until it was buried to the hilt and
Wait’s balls were flush with her ass. “Does it hurt, baby?” father anxiously asked daughter. “Not a bit,” Sue happily reported. “That fist-fuck really did the trick
on my cherry.” Wait began moving his cock in her cunt with short, compact strokes.
Automatically Sue wrapped her legs around his waist, rocking him in the
cradle of her thighs to step up the tempo. And then it happened–the most important event of Sue’s young life.
After all she’d been through to reach this moment, there was virtually
no physical sensation. However, the emotional impact more than made up
for that. Instead of actually feeling her cherry finally being popped,
Sue sensed it. Suddenly she just knew that she was a woman instead of a
girl. “I’m flying!” she cried, a glorious butterfly emerging from her erotic
cocoon. “Then you’re not sorry you had to wait?” Wait asked. “Not as long as it meant getting my cherry taken by my own precious
daddy,” Sue lilted. “Now that’s what I call a fantasy come true. It was
fate I stayed a virgin until now so it could be you who turned me into
a real woman–just like you did with Mom all those years ago.” At the mention of his wife, Walt hurriedly suggested, “Let’s forget
about your mother, baby. It’s just you and me from now on, princess.” “That’s okay, Daddy, you don’t have to make any promises,” Sue
answered. “I’ll understand if you still fuck Mom, too. I won’t be
jealous.” “I’d be if I knew you were fucking anybody else,” Walt said. “I want
you all to myself, just like I don’t want anybody else. We just fuck
each other from here on in. Okay?” “But poor Mom,” Sue said. “What’ll she do?” “Your mother can take care of herself,” Walt insisted. “Take my word
for it.” Sue had started to wonder if her father was keeping something from her
about her mother. But when his big cock started moving in her cunt
again the friction erased everything but fucking from Sue’s
consciousness. Then Walt poured it on even more. “Come for Daddy, princess. Come for
me,” he said, his hand at the top of Sue’s cock-stuffed pussy,
massaging her stiff, little clit. “Oooooh, Daddy, more, more,” Sue begged, her mother’s erotic needs now
the farthest thing from her mind.

“Make me come so hard I can’t stand
it, Daddy.” Walt slid his free hand under her ass and caressed the hairy split.
Then he touched the pucker of her asshole and Sue had no doubt what she
wanted him to do. “Finger-fuck my ass!” she urgently hissed. Her father immediately probed her tight ass-chute. “Suck my titties!” she blurted out. Walt’s mouth was there. He drew a nipple almost to his throat, bathing
it with spit while he swirled his tongue around the erect bud. If ever a female body had been presented with a recipe for orgasm, this
was it for Sue. She could have climaxed at any point during the last
few moments, but she had purposely held back–saving her come until
she’d been overwhelmed. Now her father devastated her with his flawless
fucking, sucking, fingering technique. Now she didn’t merely just want
to come–she had to! It was as if her very existence depended on it. “Jesus fucking Christ!” Sue wailed. It was a three-pronged orgasm, the shooting pangs of released passion
produced with equal force by her sucked tits, probed asshole, and
fucked and fingered cunt. The vibrations flowed directly to her soul. “Oh, Daddy, it feels so good I can’t stand it!” Sue wailed some more. Walt sank his teeth into the soft flesh around Sue’s nipple. Down
below, he twisted her clit around double and added a third finger to
her asshole, reaching all the way to her gurgling bowels so her shit
seeped down his knuckles. How long, Sue wondered, could she take it? Surely her capacity for
coming had some limit. But would she recognize when that point had been
reached? “Oh, Daddy, fuck me till you kill me!” she cried fearlessly. “I’ve got something better for you than that, baby,” Walt told her.
“Just hang on.” Now he stopped what he’d been doing to her tits, asshole and clit. His
hands were on her legs, pushing them back over her head, jack-knifing
her naked body so he drilled her pussy with cock-thrusts which angled
straight down into her. “Rip me, Daddy, rip me!” Sue cried. But then, all at once, Walt let go of her legs. His upper body flopped
between them, the muscles abruptly slack, while his breath wheezed in
Sue’s ear. His cock remained hard, but, still hitting Sue’s pussy, it
ceased to move inside her. “Daddy, you all right?” Sue asked, concerned by this sudden change in
her father’s behavior. Walt just laughed. And then Sue knew what it was all about. “Oh, Daddy, why didn’t you tell me you were going to come?” Sue sighed
with relief when she felt the sticky rush of liquid heat at the depths
of her cunt. “I thought you’d had a heart attack or something.” “Sweetheart, it’s more like I’m gonna live forever as long as I’ve got
my little girl to fuck,” Walt answered, his gushing prick continuing to
unload in his daughter’s teenaged pussy. “Right on,” Sue sighed. She lay back on the sofa concentrating entirely on the jizz which
flooded her cunt. God, Sue thought, she’d never felt so full of
anything in her life. By now her father’s prick had stopped spurting, but Sue used the
youthful muscles of her cunt to milk the dregs from his balls. She
wanted every drop of jizz she could get in her pussy, even though there
was so much that she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it all inside
for long. She soon felt the excess cream leaking from her cunt into the crack of
her ass. She released her pussy’s hold on her father’s cock and allowed
his cock to slip out of her cunt-gash. An overflowing river of cum
followed. Without even having to think about it, Sue placed her hand between her
legs and spread the escaping jism from thigh to thigh across the dense
beard of her hairy cunt. Then she smeared her father’s cock-juice as
far up as her navel, and back down into the crack of her ass. She wound up probing her asshole with a slippery finger, rubbing her
clit with the slimy heel of her other hand. There was no way she’d stop
until she’d made herself climax one last time. “The frosting on my cake,” she called it when she’d brought this final
orgasm upon herself. As he watched her, saw her dripping with his cum, her father could only
nod in awe and wonder if his life would ever be the same. Chapter 4
Linda Jordan awoke with something very much like a hangover, although
she hadn’t had a single drink the night before. Her scrambled senses
were the result of events, not alcohol. And now, sitting up in bed with
her fingers pressing her throbbing temples, Linda reviewed what had
happened. It had started late yesterday afternoon. After completing her household
tasks, Linda felt herself slipping out of her normal role–wife and
mother–into her other identity, the one she preferred. This second
half was the exact opposite of the respectable face she presented to
her family and friends. In short, her personality became dominated by a
single characteristic–fucking. Lots of women had affairs. But Linda cheated with a significant
difference. The difference was society’s most forbidden area of
sexuality–incest. For, whenever she got the chance, Linda Jordan was fucking her own
nephew, her brother Roy’s teenaged son, Tim. Linda supposed that her husband probably suspected something by now,
but she didn’t care as long as Walt couldn’t pin down the truth about
her secret lover. She just wished Walt would find somebody for himself
and then their marriage would be perfect. Or so she’d thought until
last night … Horny as hell, Linda had called Tim to let her nephew know she wanted
him to fuck her. But, for a change, the boy hadn’t jumped at the
chance. After a lot of stalling, he admitted he had a date with a girl
his own age. Consumed by jealousy, Linda had slipped away from home and followed
him. Then she received the shock of her life. “Sue!” she gasped when she saw her own daughter getting into Tim’s car. The cousins had met on a street corner, sneaking around just as Tim and
Linda did. Linda drove back home in a daze, tortured by visions of the kids
fucking. She went straight to bed, hoping that when she woke up it
would’ve all been just a bad dream. Then, hours later, she awakened to
hear daughter and husband talking. Linda listened in, not knowing what
she expected to hear. But nothing could’ve prepared her for what
followed. Sue had told Walt she was still a virgin, then, incredibly, had
actually asked him for advice on how to lose her cherry. Walt hemmed
and hawed, but took the bait. By now Linda was out in the dark hallway, spying. To her amazement, she
was used by her daughter as a basis for comparison in the discussion
with Walt, and he went right along with it. He told Sue that, yes, he’d
popped her mother’s cherry. “The damned liar,” Linda murmured from afar. Finally, Walt and Sue got around to fucking. But Sue’s virgin pussy was
too tight. Walt persuaded her to fist-fuck her cunt to loosen her
cherry, lying that her mother had done the same thing. As she eavesdropped, Linda guessed her husband must be drawing on those
sleazy magazines he was always reading to come up with the crap he was
feeding their impressionable daughter. In any case, Sue fist-fucked her
pussy into readiness and Walt did the rest. “Well, at least the little bitch didn’t fuck Tim like I thought,” Linda
mumbled, shuffling like a zombie back to bed. Sleep came with surprising ease to Linda. But then she’d dreamed of her
husband and daughter sucking and fucking. It was a long, long night,
leaving Linda exhausted when morning arrived. “Got to do something,” Linda told herself as she now sat up in bed, her
emotions churning. “Can’t let Walt get away with this.” She dwelled on the lies her husband had told their daughter. He’d set
himself up as such a stud. But, as far as Linda was concerned, he’d
been a dud in bed. If Sue was going to fuck around, she deserved
someone better. So Linda spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon thinking
about how to approach Sue with some motherly advice. Her daughter had
become quite a beautiful girl and one feature in particular stood out. “Sue’s pussy looks just like mine,” Linda said proudly to herself. “We
could be twins down there instead of mother and daughter.” This observation made Linda’s own cunt spasm and moisten. She began
playing with it, imagining that it was her little girl’s identical
cunt. Then she turned the fantasy around, pretending that the stroking
fingers on her cunt were Sue’s. And, in her giddy flight of fancy, she’d lost track of time. School had
been out for a half an hour, long enough for either of the kids to come
home … Sue entered the house through the back door. She’d seen her brother
after school and Bud had told her he’d be late, so she’d have the place
to herself, if their Mom wasn’t around. Sue wanted to go to her room and daydream about losing her cherry to
her hung dad the night before. And then she wanted to think of a way to
get him alone again this evening for more fucking to satisfy the
permanent craving her cunt had for his big cock. But then Sue heard the moans, the desperate, choking moans. Sue
reluctantly went to her parents’ bedroom.

The door was ajar and, hoping
it wasn’t serious, she peeked inside. And froze. Sue saw her naked mother on the bed. Linda’s legs were spread in the
direction of the door. Her whole hand was swallowed by the hairy jaws
of her pussy, her ass rising and falling while she finger-fucked
herself. Reeling with shock, Sue knew she should leave and let her horny mother
have her privacy. But she didn’t budge an inch. Then she heard her mother murmur, “Oh, Sue, if only you were really
here with me. I’d make you forget all about your father.” After practically strangling on her disbelief, Sue collected her wits
enough to realize what had happened. Her mother had seen them last
night! The possibility of participating in all-female sex had never
occurred to Sue before. But, she reasoned, now that she was no longer a
virgin, wasn’t it time to move on to new things? Her excited pussy
relayed the answer to her brain–yes, yes, yes! Sue stripped as fast as she could, shedding her jeans, top and bra.
Then she tip-toed into the room in just her panties, which were soaked
at the clinging crotch. “You don’t have to pretend anymore, Mom,” she purred, nearing the bed. Linda abruptly stared. There, in the flesh, stood the object of her
fantasy. Her all-but-naked daughter smiled down, tugging her panties
into the slice of her cunt, so hair and pussy lips spilled from either
side of the cinching ribbon. “My God!” Linda gulped. “Where did you come from?” “School’s out,” Sue chuckled. She worked the trapped panties between her pussy lips, her escaping
honey glistening inside of her thighs. She could smell the funky aroma
of her own cunt and knew her mother could smell it too. “Y-you’re not just teasing me, are you?” Linda stammered. “Try me, Mom.” “I-I’m not sure how,” Linda admitted. “Today’s the first time I ever
thought of doing anything like this. Believe me, I’m no lesbian–but
the way I feel now–” “Same here,” Sue cut in, “Just do what comes naturally, Mom. We’ll
teach each other.” Linda hesitated. Sue began peeling the sopping panties away from her cunt. All that
pussy hair bristled in gradual exposure until she was stark naked
before her mother. Next Sue got onto the bed, spreading her legs directly across from her
mother. The women were looking straight at one another’s wide-open
cunts. It was like staring into mirrors for each of them, their pussies
were so similar. Like a reflection of one another, each fingered her pussy-lips even
farther apart. Identical beads of female honey trickled from their
yawning pussy slits, into the cracks of their asses.

Then mother and daughter were both rubbing their clits with their
thumbs. Their hips began to roll, lifting and lowering their asses with
repeating frequency. “Ooooh, feels so good,” they moaned in a shared voice, watching one
another passionately. It became clear that if they kept this up they’d climax together before
long. So they continued, massaging their erect clits and adding some
rhythmically probing fingers in their squashing cunts. Now Sue watched her mother’s ass rise high in the air, knowing her own
ass was doing the same. Flexing thumbs pressed clits to the pelvic
bone. Each cunt was stuffed by three wriggling fingers apiece. “Ooooh, it’s here!” mother and daughter swooned in unison. Each clung to her climax for as long as the other one kept coming.
Then, with silent communication, they relaxed and let their asses sink
back into the mattress. When their hands left their juicy cunts, each
tasted her sticky fingers. “You know, Mom,” said Sue, “we could be doing this to each other
instead of ourselves.” Linda giggled like a schoolgirl, “To tell you the truth, I was hoping
for something better than that. I was hoping you’d do something to me I
could never do to myself.” “Name it!” Sue eagerly volunteered. “Do I really have to tell you?” Linda anxiously panted. “Eat your pussy, Mom?” Linda nodded so eagerly that her neck cracked. “Under one condition,” Sue slyly answered. “You eat my pussy, too, Mom.

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