A wife describes her experiences with her new toys
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It had been months since they had seen each other.
Being apart made her take the phrase “war is hell” to
heart. Being the passionate couple that they were, the
separation was more difficult than she had imagined. By
this point, after not seeing her lover for over 6
months, she had made the process of masturbation into
an art form.

When he wrote to tell her that he would have mid-tour
leave, the excitement in her swelled. Immediately they
made plans to meet mid-way between his station and
home. Ireland. Neither had ever been. He found a place
that would provide privacy for the intimate hours that
they planned on sharing. Both were getting excited and
thrilled at the thought of being able to look at each
other face to face and once again share a smile, laugh,
most likely, tears and of course – a bed.

Before meeting him she had been very much sexually
inhibited. She didn’t like sex much. Quickly she began
to realize, as their relationship grew, that it wasn’t
the sex she disliked but the inattentiveness of her
previous partners. The first time she made love to him
it was as if a whole new world had opened up. Out of
nowhere was a man who, for the first time in her life,
doted on her sexually. The first man ever who loved to
give her pleasure without always having to have it


As time went on they fell in love and the sex continued
to get better. Not once did she ever feel that she was
bored or unsatisfied – well, he made SURE of that. The
only thing that bothered her was her lack of interest
in giving blow jobs. She enjoyed sucking on him and
licking him now and again, but could never go the full
course and allow him to cum in her mouth. It bothered
her because she felt that she wasn’t giving him the
same pleasure that he always gave her.

Often they spoke about it, but he always made her feel
like it wasn’t that important to him. He always made
her feel “ok” about it. She knew, however, that he
enjoyed it immensely and needed to find something that
she could do that would pleasure him that she was also
comfortable with.

As time went on they discussed sex a lot. It always
seemed to get them in the mood and inevitably the sex
they would have that afternoon or evening was
fantastic. One night he suggested anal sex. Well, she’d
have none of that but wouldn’t mind helping him out if
he thought that he would enjoy it… and he did – very
much so.

At first she was uncomfortable thinking that she may
hurt him, not to mention the odd sensation of being the
aggressor, something she was not used to at all. Every
time they had sex and he would want her to finger him,
he wanted it deeper and with more fingers – he wanted
to be filled up. He wanted to feel what she felt when
his penis is so deep inside of her and she would moan
with delight.

She tried her best but still didn’t feel like she was
accomplishing what he really wanted. Jokingly one day
she said, “Babe, we need to get a strap-on for me to
use on you!” They both laughed but then looked at each
other quizzically. “Would you be interested in that?”
he asked. She quickly went into her usual shy mode and
said sheepishly, “I don’t know – do you think you’d
like it?”

He was all for trying new and exciting things in the
bedroom. She was much slower to explore. He always made
her feel so comfortable and was patient with her when
trying new techniques. He wanted to be sure that she
was comfortable and relaxed – otherwise he knew that
neither of them would get the full benefits of the


One day they had the chance to chat on-line and had a
hot conversation about sex and fun. They looked online
for toys that he thought she might enjoy while he was
away. It was fun and getting them both hornier than
hell looking at all of the vibrators and dildos
available! She saw a strap-on and suggested that he
take a look. When he found the page and saw what she
was talking about he immediately asked her, “Do you
think you’d really like to try it?”

She said that it could be fun. She was thinking to
herself that this may finally be what he’d been missing
from her. Something that they could enjoy together.
Something that she could give him and feel safe with.
The deal was done and in a week she had a new vibrator
and the dildo and strap on harness.

When she was home alone one night she pulled the
vibrator out of the box and studied it and played with
the controls to see how all of the features worked.
“Wow” she thought, “This thing is the Cadillac of sex
toys!” She giggled to herself at first, but quickly
began to think of him. She undressed, slipped into bed
and lubricated the toy and her clit with some lotion
that she had on her night stand. Just rubbing the
lotion on the vibrator excited her.

It almost felt real – well, the most real that she’d
felt since the beginning of February when he had fucked
her last. Now it was August – so long of a time without
feeling him kiss her, suck on her breasts and nipples
and lick her to an out-of-this-world orgasm…Then
insert himself into her wetness and fuck her until he
came with ecstasy.

Slowly she rubbed the toy across her nipples and then
turned the vibration on low. It felt so good. Warm and
smooth like he was. She brought it down to her crotch
and slowly rubbed it around her clit making herself
even more excited. She inserted the head of the dildo
into herself and then out again. In and out, a little
deeper each time. It was unbelievable how real it felt,
the ridges, the smoothness.

Finally she penetrated all the way and the vibrating
stimulator was now pulsating at her clit. She thrust
her hips in motion with her hand, pushing and pulling
the dildo in and out, coming closer to orgasm with each
movement. This was surreal! Suddenly, almost without
warning – orgasm! She could feel her stomach and vagina
walls contracting fantastically, taking her breath
away. She turned the vibrator off and slowly pulled the
dildo out of herself.

Letting out a huge sigh of sexual satisfaction that
she’d not felt since he last ate her. “That was
AWESOME!” she said to herself out loud. “Still, not as
good as the real thing, but boy, that comes pretty
close!” And she laughed at the pun.

He wrote her email and questioned her about her new toy
and she told him that she really enjoyed it. He was
happy to hear that and she could tell that he was
getting excited at the thought of her using it. She
loved it when he was excited – it turned her on to no
end. He asked her if she had tried on the strap-on
harness and dildo and what she thought about it.

The first time she tried it on she felt awkward. It was
foreign. But the more she thought about it and talked
to him about it, the more excited she got thinking of
the pleasure it would give him. She had seen a video
once that he had downloaded of a woman using a strap-on
with her male partner. As she thought about it, she had
to admit, it did make her hot. Seeing the guy get so
excited and erect really turned her on. “He’ll really
love this!” she thought and she stood with the harness
on and holding the dildo in her hand.


A few weeks later, after having a week’s worth of spicy
emails from him and reading dirty stories that he had
sent her that he had found on the internet, she
returned to the art of masturbation. Her son was home
with her that night so she was uncomfortable using the
vibrator – the only downside to the toy – it wasn’t as
quiet as she had hoped it would be.

So she pulled out the dildo that came with the harness.
She lubricated it with lotion and it too felt smooth
and warm. Not quite as big as the vibrator. It had a
nice natural curve to it though, and it felt so good
when she pushed it deep inside of her. She quickly
brought herself to orgasm twice that night and knew in
that moment that this was what she was looking for.
Something for him. Something that would make him feel
as good as he made her feel.

She couldn’t wait to get to Ireland to see him and
explore his fantasies. She went to sleep dreaming of
the wonderful, passionate, unbridled sex rendezvous to

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