Thanksgiving Weekend
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Jon was “in charge” that week…we swap back and forth for a
week at a time being the head of the house. Jon was off from work but
I had to go in on midnight shift that Friday night…I knew he had
something planned for me but I didn’t know what it would turn out to
be…he had used me all week long, but nothing too harsh, I woke that
morning to him rubbing me with oil and my pussy was soaked already.

I looked down at his cock and it was hard and full …the head
large and purple.. I had to have it…he was now rubbing my mound.. I
started licking his cock…sucking it down my throat.. he began to
thrust his fingers into my cunt.. just before I knew he would cum…so
I could…he pulled away took some ropes I had not seen at the head of
our bed, put me on my knees at the foot of the bad and tied my arms to
each headpost so I couldn’t go anywhere ..then walked off!

I couldn’t believe it.. I felt sure he’d want to cum any second
but I could hear him making his breakfast and eating.. I was so horny
and wet…I was swearing to pay him back good for this next week when
he came in…I said “Well?”…he came over rubbing his hand up my back
side back.. he bent over and lightly kissed me…” I think you
need to learn to wait” was all he said and walked off. This
continued all day…he would enter not saying a would and begin to
rub me down in oil…then leave…come in and spank my ass until it
was red, hot and my cunt wet…then leave…come in and fuck my ass
or pussy , leave….come in get on the bed and fuck my mouth like it
was my pussy and leave before he came…I would come sometimes and
others be left to try and grind my legs together…in between I’d nap,
I knew I still had to go to work that night…finally at 4pm he came
in and let me loose, I had been there since 9am…he told me to clean
up for work…I was so stiff.. sweaty…my pussy was matted from the
soaking it had gotten and in all that Jon still hadn’t got off.

I showered , got my make-up on and came out to dress…he was
there and had my uniform laid out…my skirt was the one with the
button up slit in the front and back, a white blouse, my sheerest bra
(as much as I sway in it I might as well not have it on;)), my stock-
ings , and a garter…but no panties. I asked where my panties were…
he went to his dresser and pulled out a 4″ vibrator that straps on…
he told me that was all I got..he put it on low and made me put it on
my pussy lips were so full, I felt the vibration against my clit as I
inserted it….it started the warm feelings again. He made me finish
getting dressed and sent me to work, warning me I had best leave my
“friend” in place until he said otherwise..

I got to work ..barely.. the night was like any other.. easy
cause I only had 2 patients…their visitors were all gone by 9:30 p.m.
and I had them medicated in bed by 10…then my mind wandered back to
my pulsating friend.. I could feel how wet my thighs were…while at
my desk I got my hand under my skirt and could feel my sopping wet
uncut bush …my cunt was quaking in small rolling orgasms…All I
could think of was release by Jons stiff cock…I wanted his cock for
everyone of my holes…I forced myself to try to get my paperwork
completed but I kept finding my hands drifting…Finally around
12:30am I noticed none was moving around and I decided to relieve
myself….my dark huge cone shaped nipples were pressing out of my
bra…I unbuttoned the front of my skirt all the way …unstraped
my vibrator and went to work on my clit…I was so involved I never
heard Jon walk up to my desk…..I nearly Jumped out of my skin when
he asked” What do you think you’re doing bitch?” …I couldn’t
respond.. I didn’t know what to do.. I only half believed he was
really there..

He asked me how many patients I had and if any were awake…I
stammered 2.. none are awake….he walked around the desk, took my arm
and led me to an empty room…..he closed the door almost all the way
and put a chair in front of the door…he put me on the edge of the
chair.. he asked what I really wanted…I began to beg him for his
cock.. “Please fuck me…” he pulled open my blouse and pulled my
breasts out of my bra and squeezed my full hard nipples…I almost
came then…he told me to take out his cock….I began to take it out.
..rubbing…then sucking it to its fullest…I felt it growing ..fill-
ing my mouth.. he was literally fucking my face…I could feel it down
my throat… couldn’t get enough.. I thought he was
going to soon cum but he pulled out.. groaning..

He turned me around and told me to watch for anyone coming
toward us…he lifted me up onto the chair and bent me over at the
waist…….he began to finger fuck my pussy..I was squirming , moan-
ing, begging for his cock, pushing back against him trying to feel it
throbbing for me. He had all of his fingers in my cunt, I thought he’d
try to get his whole hand in, I was so soaked I believe he could have
managed it…suddenly he thrust his thumb up my asshole, he was fuck-
ing my ass and pussy back and forth as deep as his fingers and thumb
would go..finally I got what I had wanted..he pulled his hand out of
me and began to rub his cockhead up and down my crack from my asshole
to my clit…he’d slightly dip the head in one of my holes as it
passed by…I was begging.. finally he thrust in my cunt and began
to slam into me fucking me for all I was worth.. I couldn’t help but
to start cumming.. my cunt was milking his cock.. trying to pull it
farther in…just when I thought it couldn’t get anymore intense, Jon
pick up that 4″ vibrator and stuck it up my ass on high…he leaned
forward and covered my mouth as I started screaming so none would
hear..he began to cum finally at this point…his cock just throbbed
and pumped cum in me for I Don’t know how long….

I was a mess, Jon pulled out and let me sit in the chair…I
had our juice all on my legs, garters, ass, cunt…Jon leaned forward
and wiped his cock off on my exposed tits…I was wasted..I couldn’t
do anything but pant for air and enjoy my cunt still quivering…Jon
zipped his pants…kissed me and told me to get back to work…but to
come straight home for him after work and I had best not have cleaned
up either.. I finished the shift but got some strange glances from my
relief …. they obviously could smell the love juices that had drain-
ed out of me all shift;)

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