he Bar Fantasy (MF, oral ,anal, reluc)
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I glanced up from my drink and saw her across the bar. She was the one
for tonight. Dark brown hair with a few lighter streaks falling just
past her shoulders. Cute face, just a little round in that baby fat
sort of way. Her eyes suggested a small amount of Asian heritage, but
the bright blue color stood out even across the room against her tanned

As she turned to face her friend, my gaze dropped to her breasts,
somewhat contained by a tight, strapless, silver dress but showing
enough to hint at what was below. Not large, but they looked firm and
were still more than enough to give her thin frame an hourglass

After another sip of my drink, I noticed her friends had disappeared.
I downed the rest of my glass and walked over to her.

“So my horoscope told me I’d find true love tomorrow.”

She looked nonplussed. “And…this means what to me?”

“Well, I just wanted to improve my odds by making you the first thing
I see in the morning.”

Before I managed to crack a smile, she looked at me dead on and asked,
“Does that ever work?”

I chuckled and said, “Well, I’ll let you know in the morning.”

She sighed and said, “At least it was original.”

“Yeah… here, let me buy you a drink to make up for it.”

She motioned for me to take a seat. “I suppose. My friends punked
out on me, but I’m not ready to go home yet.”

I don’t know what it is, there’s something about awful lines delivered
well that seems to work for me. Over the next couple of hours, and
several drinks, I discovered that her name was Crista, that she was a
med student, and that her fiancee had just left her that day and,
despite her friends not taking care of her, she wanted to get lit.

It’s like somebody was doing the work for me.

By the time last call came, Crista was very much what you would call
sloppy drunk, her cheeks bright red as she wobbled on her bar stool and

continually fell into me. I paid up both of our tabs, as she wasn’t
quite coherent enough to find her wallet. We stood up, and I said,
“Here, since your friends bailed on you, let me walk you home.
Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Oh Jim, you’re so thoughtful!” she slurred. We stepped outside, the
cool fresh night air a dramatic change from the hot, stuffy, smoky
inside of the bar. She stumbled up the street, leaning on me and yet
dragging me along, cursing her ex-fiancee the whole time. “6 years,
and the bastard left me for his younger sister’s best friend. Just
because she was already out of school and making money hand over fist
instead of ‘dragging him down with med school payments.’ What an
asshole… I hope he gets herpes from the slut!”

We arrived at her door and she fumbled with her keys, dropping them
multiple times before finally managing to get it into the lock. She
turned the key til the deadbolt clicked open, and pushed the door open.
“Well, I’m sorry *hic* Jim, I’m afraid I’m not the one you’re going
to find true love with tomorrow, but maybe if I see you at the bar
again sometime *hic* we’ll see how things go.” She slumped against
the door frame, then regained her balance, stepped back into the
apartment, and started to close the door.

I stuck my foot in the way and shoved the door back open. “Well, you
might be right about one thing, you probably won’t be the true love.
On the other hand, I wasn’t really looking for that kind of lovin’
tonight anyway.”

“Oh, well… um… I’m not really in the mood for sex either…”

I stepped in and closed the door, clicking the deadbolt shut as she
stumbled backwards. “That’s okay, you don’t have to be.”

I jumped forward, grabbing her and cutting off her scream with a deep
kiss. Her hands pushed against my chest, pushing me away as I pulled
down the top of her dress to expose her tits. “We can do this the
easy way or the hard way,” I said as I thumbed one of her nipples,
“you can try to scream and I’ll have to gag you, or you can be quiet
and maybe you’ll enjoy this too.”

I could see that she still wanted to scream, but the shudders as I
stroked her nipples, one and then the other in turn, gave way to
moans. I pulled the dress the rest of the way down and let it pool at
her feet as she gave in, pulling me closer and kissing me more deeply.

I broke the kiss off and pushed Crista down on to her couch, then
unhooked my belt and let my own pants fall down. I walked toward her,
my 7 inches of stiff cock leading the way. “Now remember, no funny
business,” I told her as I put the tip of my cock closer to her mouth.

She hesitated at first, but then as she felt my hands on her head she
reached forward to stroke my shaft as the tip of her tongue gave a few
test flicks. I guided her head toward me and she took my cock into her

mouth, caressing my balls with one hand as she slowly took more and
more of my shaft into her mouth. I reached down and pinched her
nipples, and noticed that her other free hand had moved to rapidly
fingering her clit.

I could smell the scent of her sex as she diddled herself while sucking

me off. I backed away from her, pulling my cock out of her mouth,
trails of saliva and precum stringing from the tip to her lips. “Hmm,
you seem to be enjoying yourself… as long as we’re at it, let’s see
what I can do for you.”

I peeled off my shirt and kneeled in front of the couch. Crista’s
fingers curled their way into my wavy dark hair and pulled me toward
her pussy. I licked all across her shaved skin before moving to lick
up and down her slit. She moaned louder every time my tongue found
its way across her clit, her tight grip in my hair pulling me closer.

I licked and sucked on Crista’s clit more directly now as I felt her
pussy juices flowing freely. My fingers reached in to rub her g-spot
as I licked her, and her moans increased. Before long though I had a
new idea, and I used my fingers to push her juices back toward her ass.

Soon her asshole was just as wet as slick as her pussy, and I easily
pushed a finger deep inside her. She gasped at first but then
returned to her moans, tiny orgasms wracking her body every time my
tongue circled her clit.

Despite her protests, I moved back away from her and pulled her to
stand up. I turned her around, reaching in front of her to grab her
tits as I kissed her neck before pushing her down to lean over the
couch. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her ass before pushing
it in easily thanks to her pussy juices. She gasped more loudly as my
cock spread her tiny hole apart, but then I felt her body start to
convulse again with orgasms.

I started off slowly but soon I was fucking her hard, in and out of
her ass, as Crista went back to rubbing her own clit. It wasn’t long
before the tight grip of her ass came close to pushing me over the
edge. I pulled out and quickly turned Crista around, and she started
pumping away on my shaft until I shot loads of cum across her tits.
After she caught her breath, the tiredness and alcohol seemed to take
effect, and she quietly passed out on the couch.


The next morning, my wife stumbled into the kitchen. “Geez Jim… next
time we do this whole rape fantasy thing, don’t get me so drunk!”

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