Degraded wife
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Teri Watson sat on the bed and trembled. She was still partially clad, with her sheer up-lift bra and her brief panties and half-slip, but the way the men were looking at her told her that she would not be like that for long.
All around the bed, the men gathered, standing around, their hands in their pockets, grinning at her maliciously. Gary, her husband, stood at the foot of the bed. He was the only one not grinning. His eyes were dark with anger and there was a scowl on his mouth.
Though Teri tried not to look down her eyes kept darting to their crotches, and in the pants of every man standing around her was a bulge. She shivered to think what was causing that bulge.
She knew that her own shapely form and lovely face was to blame, as well as the predicament she was in. Her hands crossed over her cleavage, and she tucked her shapely legs underneath her, to make herself as little provocative as possible.
“So,” snarled Gary finally, “You still haven’t learned who’s boss. You refused to give me a blow-job when I wanted one.”
Teri’s eyes looked at the smirks on the men’s faces when he said this, and she thought she saw a bulge in some of their pants twitch as her husband mentioned the word blow-job.
“But Gary,” she whimpered in fear, “there were people around. I wouldn’t refuse you, except that everyone would have seen.”
“Maybe one or two people,” replied Gary, still angry, “but now you’re going to blow me, right now, and you’re going to have a regular audience.”
Teri gasped as she watched her husband unzip his fly and pull his pants down. There was a bulge in his briefs, and when he pulled them off his fat organ jumped out at his fearful wife. It was not fully erect yet, but it was on the way.
It sort of hung in a thick curve, with the head round and red, like an apple. To his wife, it had never seemed more menacing, and she watched it bounce and quiver as he grabbed her arm and pulled her over to him.
“Now suck me off!” he demanded, shoving her head forward.
She took the organ in her shaking hands, and began to raise it to her sweet mouth. Out of the corners of her eyes, she could see the men watching in anticipation.
“And after you’re done with me,” said Gary, “I promised the boys a little fun.”
Teri knew exactly what he meant as the men placed their hands on her soft body and began peeling off her last remnants of clothing. DR. G. WATSON, that was what the sign on the door read as Teri pushed it open and walked into the small, homey, office. She always got a thrill when she saw her husband’s name on the door like that, even though he had had his own practice for over two years now.
It was furnished in warm, early American style, with wood and designed fabrics. There was wood paneling on the walls and a few antique swords and fire-arms hanging here and there. It gave it a truly, authentic look.
She had helped him decorate the room. It was a hobby of hers. His office had been one of her best achievements.
There were no patients in the waiting room now, office hours were almost over and the few remaining patients were in the inner offices. As Teri walked in, the cute, curly-haired nurse was just leaving.
“Hi, Mrs. Watson,” said the nurse cheerfully, “your husband should be done in about forty-five minutes.”
“Thanks. Adrian,” said Teri. She looked at Adrian and appreciated her attractive face and open smile.
Adrian had been with Gary from the beginning. She was bright, efficient and attractive.
She had bright eyes, a cute nose and a nice figure. Her legs were nice and long, but Teri had never seen just how good they looked as she always wore uniforms with pants.
In fact, the good-looking nurses Gary, her husband, hired was one of the things that bothered her. Adrian had been there from the start, and it had bothered Teri to think that her husband was with her all day, but once she got to know the nurse, and saw that business and leisure did not mix, she relaxed.
But there had been many part-time nurses that had worked in her husband’s office. He had a hard time keeping them because he was very demanding and a bit blunt with their incompetence at times.
They had all been pretty, and young, and Teri worried sometimes. After all, Gary was still an attractive man, even though he was in his mid-thirties, and he would be a real catch for some lithe, young thing.
He had admitted to her laughingly one day, that he purposely chose pretty nurses because it was good for business. His patients much preferred to talk to a pretty girl than an ugly or plain one, and this made their visit to his office more enjoyable. Therefore, they were more likely to return in the future. He had also insured her that nothing went on between him and his nurses.
Still, it perturbed her, especially at moments like now, when she poked her head into the back room to see what was going on.
The new nurse, Gina, was bending over, getting something out of one of the lower cabinets. The fabric of her uniform was stretched tightly across her small, firm ass, and Teri could see her brief panties clearly. Even the little daisies on them.
It bothered her to think that Gary saw this all day. He probably had seen the panties enough to count each daisy on them, both front and back. As she was thinking this, Gina stood up and turned around.
Hello, Mrs. Waston,” she smiled, “How are you today?”
Teri looked at her pretty face and her cute, almost impish smile. Gina was a provocative mixture of woman and little girl. Perhaps it was due to her size, for she was short and petite, with a tiny, little-girl’s voice.
“Fine,” she smiled back, “Is Gary busy?”
“Yes,” answered the nurse, “he’s with Mrs. Finklestein. She’s real fussy. He has to give her his undivided attention. But he should be done in a few minutes. Why don’t you sit down?”
Mrs. Watson plopped in a chair and watched the new girl go about her work. Gary had said that she was efficient, and she looked it. She was typing up some forms and Teri studied her bust. It was not nearly as big as her own, but there was something there, and it seemed that she was not wearing a bra. It was hard to tell, as the top of the uniform was not tight, but Teri seemed to see nipple points poking against the material.
Her body, as a whole, was slender and healthy looking, with a streak of vitality and effervescence running through it that seemed to make her bubble when she talked. Her face was pretty, with a pug-nose, big eyes and short hair. All in all, she was very attractive.
Teri hoped silently that she did not work out.
Before she knew it, Gary appeared.
“Mrs. Finklestein is done,” he told Gina, “Get rid of her. Hi, dear.”
He leaned over and pecked her on the cheek… “What’s up?” he asked.
“I thought we could go out to dinner,” suggested Teri.
“Okay,” said Gary, “but I’ve still got about half an hour of work here. So relax and I’ll try and hurry,”
Then he was gone, rushing to another one of his patients. Teri sat in the chair and endured another thirty minutes of the smart, perky nurse and then Gary was done. He washed his hands, grabbed his coat and they walked for the door.
“Make sure you close up tight,” he said to Gina, “Get the cards ready for tomorrow, check the cash… ”
“And make sure the alarm is on when you leave,” grinned Gina, “I know, I know.”
“Terrific girl there,” commented Gary as they got into the car.
“Just how terrific?” asked Teri as he started the automobile up.
“And just what is that supposed to mean?” asked her husband.
“Well,” replied Teri, “I can see she wears clean underwear, but does she have a tight pussy, or is she great at giving head?”
“Good God,” said Gary, “are you going to start with that again? Every time I get a new nurse, it’s the same thing. Can’t we go and have a peaceful dinner for once?”
“Of course,” answered Teri, “I didn’t start. You were the one that said she was terrific, not me.”
“I meant as far as her work,” said Gary, “and you know it.”
“I was simply wondering what her work consisted of,” Teri stated.
“I give up,” moaned Gary and he shut up and concentrated completely on his driving.
In a short while, they were seated in the restaurant, with Gary drinking a Tom Collins and Teri sipping a martini. They were able to have two drinks before dinner came and Gary was feeling kind of horny as he looked at his pretty wife.
Teri was just thirty-three, but she looked like a twenty year old. She had strawberry blonde hair, that she wore in a sort of Dutch-boy cut, with big bangs. It served to accent her fantastic face, with its small nose with a slight rise at the tip, her wide, cat-like eyes and beautiful, petulant lips.
She was wearing one of her sexier tops, some sort of Danskin with no back and a deep plunge in the front. Over it she was wearing a loose blouse, but the front was not buttoned, allowing her firm bosom to reveal itself.
She was wearing a light bra, but the material was sheer and allowed her nipples to stick through. The air-conditioning in the restaurant caused the small nubs to protrude from her tits, making them visible through the sheer top “You know,” said Gary moving next to her and wrapping his arm around her. With all of your talk about screwing and jobs you got me a little hot.”
“Oh, you’ve been thinking about humping that little nurse, huh,” snapped Teri.
“No,” answered Gary in disgust, “I was thinking about slipping it to you. I can feel your lips around my cock right now.”
“Don’t talk like that here,” she warned him, “people might hear you.”
“How can they?” asked Gary, “I’m practically whispering in your ear.”
He was also glancing down the front of her top, and though the material did not allow for a look at’ her naked tits, it did reveal the tantalizing beginning of her cleavage.
“Mmmm,” he whispered, “what a pair of tits you have.”
He tried to give her a quick squeeze, but her hand blocked his and placed it on the table. He reached over and took her other hand, under the table and laid it on his leg.
Teri was shocked to feel something hot and rubbery under his pants. His dick was semi-erect and was slithering down his pants leg. She could not believe that he was so hot. He always seemed to want it at the wrong times and at the wrong places.
“Not now,” hissed Teri, as she pulled her hand away.
“Just a little,” asked Gary, “I don’t expect to lay you on the table, but how about if we feel each other up a bit during dinner?”
His hand was already on her thigh, and rubbing and moving towards her crotch. His touch sort of thrilled her, but she had said no. As he touched her soft mound, she clamped her legs.tightly together and he was forced to stop.
“Damn you,” he said, and downed his drink in defeat.
All the way home in the car, Teri could feel him looking at her and longing for her. She knew what to expect when they got home, and she was not mistaken. As soon as they closed the front door, Gary grabbed her and pulled her onto the couch.
“Alright,” he said, “we’re alone now. How about a little fun?”
“Here?” she answered, “in the living room?”
“Why not?” answered her husband, slipping his hand under her loose skirt and sliding up along her smooth, tapered legs.
“It’s just not the right place,” she responded, pulling free from his grasp. “If you must satisfy yourself, we’ll go to the bed room.”
The way his wife said this made Gary feel so shitty that he wanted to forget all about it, but the burning in his groin would not let him stop.
“Okay, you win,” said Gary and he followed her up into the bed room.
She was already in the room, slipping her panty-hose off her feet and removing her skirt.
“Let me help you with that,” offered Gary, and he wrapped his hands around her waist and grabbed hold of the skirt.
“I’m quite capable of doing it myself,” she replied, and pulled off the garment and then slipped out of her top.
She looked delicious in her silk panties and thin bra, and Gary felt his dick harden almost instantly at the sight of her graceful body.
“You are terrific looking,” he said as he grabbed her and began kissing her neck.
“As good as the part-time nurse?” asked his wife as she stood there.
“Damn it,” snapped Gary, “Let’s drop it, Teri, I’m only interested in you.”
“If you say so,” yawned the blonde.
Gary moved her over to the bed and they both tumbled down onto it, falling next to each other as Gary held her. She felt so good in his arms, warm, soft and delightful. He let his hands roam over her smooth back and along her arms.
Then they reached around and took hold of her ass. He gripped his fingers into her soft buttocks and squeezed, thrilling to the way her flesh felt. It was incredibly pliant and hot, and it made his dick quiver in his pants.
Teri just lay there and let him fondle her body. She could feel his stiff dick pressing against her leg through his pants and it gave her a shiver. She loved the sight and touch of the long tool, but for some reason, Gary himself could never get her really hot.
She got passionate alright, but not really burning, the way she wanted to be, the way she had imagined it would be when she was married. She wanted intense orgasms that left her limp with satisfaction, but she ended up with only getting mild climaxes every once in awhile.
Gary reached down and pulled his pants off, having already kicked off his shoes, and tore his shirt and underwear off as well. He placed his naked body next to her partially naked one, and reached around behind her and unclasped her bra.
He pulled the article of clothing off her and flung it behind him, as he watched her tits hang in front of his face, the nipples hard and swollen. She had a lovely pair of tits, just big enough to get a hold of, but not so big that they flopped and hung on her chest.
Her nipples were bronze buttons that adorned the tips, and right now they were rockhard and ready for action.
Gary could tell because he was flicking and rubbing the sensitive nubs. He ran his flat palm over them, feeling them pressing against his skin, thrilling to their firmness as well as their coolness.
As he pressed his palms against them, he pushed forward with his hands and grabbed each of the fleshy mounds. He cupped a tit in each hand now, as Teri’s body grew tense with pleasure.
He began to squeeze and fondle them, grabbing and pulling lightly at her knockers and twisting them as he did so. They were wonderfully firm and responsive to his tuggings and he noticed that Teri was getting turned on as well.
The blonde was starting to enjoy his manipulation, and she enjoyed his fondling and massaging of her tits in his strong hands. His fingers felt wonderful digging into her flesh. She loved it when Gary acted powerful and really went to work on her body. He so rarely did this, however, that she was twice as excited when he did.
Now he was giving her chest a good work-over. He was really hot, and grabbing and pulling on as much of her tits as he could manage. The soft, pink globes flattened and twisted in his grip and he had the nipples protruding from between his fingers now.
The nubs were hard and burning, and he removed his hands from the mounds to go to work on them. He knew Teri liked it when he worked over her nipples, so he grabbed one of the fleshy protrusions between his thumb and index finger and gave a firm pinch.
“Ohhh,” groaned Teri in delight.
Gary smiled maliciously and pinched her again, this time a little, harder than previously.
“Ohhh,” she said again, this time a little louder as he grew rougher with her buds.
He knew that this was just the sort of treatment that she wanted, and he tweaked and nipped at her tender nipples with both hands now, making his wife wriggle and squirm on the bed.
The tips of her breasts felt fine between his fingers. It was incredibly erotic to feel the hard nipples compressing in his grasp, and then jumping back out against his fingers, begging for more. They never lost their shape or firmness, no matter how he pinched or twisted them, and he was doing plenty of that. The bronze pebbles were being mercilessly yanked and squeezed by him as he sought to arouse his wife.
Teri was beginning to feel a yearning in her loins, a direct response to the tugging on her nipples. Her buds were very sensitive, and pinching them never failed to arouse her.
She reached down and touched the head of her husband’s dick. Gary seemed to jump a foot into the air as she did this. The tip of his dick was hot, like fire, and it was red and inflamed with lust.
His rod jerked and kicked against Teri’s squirming body, smashing against her smooth thigh and leaving a clear trail of pre-come on her leg and hip. His balls were already aching him, and his wife hadn’t even started to touch his tool. The fact of the matter was that sex with Teri only an occasional ‘thing.
His wife never really seemed to want to screw or even fool around, and he had to just about beg her every time he wanted to fuck her. Or else he had to buy her some sort of gift so that she would do what he wanted.
Now, however, Teri was starting to get really hot, something she rarely did, and he was going to take full advantage of it. He pushed his rod against her hand and began to rub it back and forth along her leg, making her sticky and wet. Teri finally grasped the cock firmly in her hand, more to keep its leaking head away from her leg than to please Gary, but with the first touch she received such a heated response, that she was inspired to fondle the dick some more.
His dick was unusually hard and big tonight, and she thought that it might be nice to have it stuffed into her cunt, so she began a slow, rhythmic pumping of his hot rod. Her fingers held it gingerly, as her hand slid up and down its entire length, even slipping up over the head, and rubbing her palm roughly against the sensitive tip.
“Ahhh,” gasped Gary as she stroked his glans, “That’s the way, Teri. Beat me off good.”
She delighted in the way Gary’s body bucked and writhed when she worked on the tip of his prick, so she made sure she rubbed and fondled the head often, making his tool hotter and hotter with each touch.
The friction she was causing on the head was almost hurting Gary, but it also felt so good at the same time, that he could not even think of asking her to stop. With each stroke, it felt as if his balls were being drawn up into his cock and he could not help but grunt over and over again as she touched him.
Teri knew when to stop, however, for she did not want Gary dropping his load too soon, and getting her all wet and smelly with his semen. Besides, she wanted to be fucked. So she stopped rubbing the dick and pushed Gary flat on his back as she climbed up on top of him.
“Oh, yes, baby,” he groaned as he saw her position her cunt over his upright pecker, “Sit on it.”
Teri did just that, but she did it slowly, so that she could savor every inch as her husband’s dick slid into her. First she just touched the tip to her hot, moist cunt lips, and rubbed it back and forth.
This sent shivers through her body and got the head of the cock nice and wet, too. That way, when she began to slide her spread beaver down on the hot shaft, it poked up easily inside her.
A quarter of an inch at a time, his dick slithered up into her, as she lowered herself down on the impaling dick. Both of them were moaning now, as they thrilled to the dick entering the cunt. To Gary, it felt as if he were sticking his wick into nice, hot pudding, all drippy and wonderful. To Teri, it felt as if a red hot poker was being rammed into her twat, and she heaved with pleasure.
Finally, it was all the way in, and both people remained motionless and enjoyed the feeling of completeness that it brought them. It was Gary that first began to move. Coming out of his lethargy, he began to move his hips back and forth slowly, causing his tool to poke in and out of Teri’s obliging cunt.
The beautiful blonde squirmed and bucked, riding the cock the way a rodeo star rides a horse. Up and down, back and forth, she rocked, driving the dick into every wet corner of her snatch.
Gary began to come to life even more and started shafting the bouncing broad with sharp thrusts, that drove his prick deep into her vagina. He could feel it spreading apart her juicy lips and forcing itself deep into the love channel.
But Teri wanted it deeper and harder, and she began to twist and jump on the pole, forcing it up against her cervix. She felt the padded head of the dick push against her back wall, and the sensation drove her on to greater lust.
She needed to be really rammed by this tool, fucked the way she had never before been fucked by Gary. She wanted to feel the cock really stuffed into her, really tearing apart her pussy, as if her husband had not fucked in years.
What she got were powerful, quick thrusts, but not of the ferocity she desired, and in her frustration, she writhed and grunted on his cock, her face contorted in an unsatisfied grimace.
Her husband took the pained expression to mean that he was being too rough with Teri, and he eased his fucking somewhat, so that she could enjoy it more. And so it went, the blonde wanting a stiff fucking, and the doctor giving her a gentle ramming.
Gary could feel the scum boiling in his nuts and with a few more rapid strokes, he began to come inside his wife’s throbbing pussy. Teri almost sobbed when she felt the first blast of hot sperm in her wet channel. She did not want Gary to come yet. She was still far from orgasm, and she needed that stiff dick to get her there.
But the cock was spitting and jerking into her, sending wad after wad of jism against her walls and cervix, making her sticky and salty inside her cunt. It felt good having the scum dripping in her, but it would have felt wonderful if only he had kept fucking her when he came, instead of lying there and feeling his dick spend itself.
In a minute, it was all over. Teri rolled off him and she could feel the scum dripping out of her still burning cunt.
“That was great, dear,” he lied, the anger of her frustration not even reaching him, as he stretched out on the bed.
Teri said nothing, and felt the fire in her loins still burning, making her cunt hot and wet with desire. She only wished that it had been half as pleasurable for her, but as usual, she was left unsatisfied.
She slipped out of the bed and went downstairs into the living room, where she turned on a small light and dug through the back of the linen closet. She finally found the small, thin box that she had been searching for and pulled it out and lay down on the couch with it.
From the box she produced a slim, white vibrator, that was all shiny and clean. She ran her fingers over it for a moment, her face blank as she stared at it. Then she switched it on and felt the plastic projectile vibrating against her fingers, sending slight through her digits and her hand as well.
The machine was only humming slightly as she touched it to her chest. She placed it in the shallow valley between her breasts and felt the wonderful sensations as it rubbed her cool skin.

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