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But they knew they really had to show up, at least briefly,
at the reception. Having to stand around making small talk while
she was thinking of all the hot fucking that awaited her when the
reception was over made it almost impossible for Randi to keep
cool. She could feel her blood pounding with anticipation.
In the powder room with her cousin Chelsey, who was one of
the bridesmaids, she could hardly keep from blurting it out.
Chelsey was the same age as Randi, and just as gorgeous. She
had raven-black hair and full jutting tits that threatened to
burst through the lacy bodice of her bridesmaid’s dress. Her
mouth was full and sensual, the kind of mouth that made men want
to stick their cocks into it.
From the look in her cousin’s eyes, Randi realized that
Chelsey was no stranger to the kind of feelings she herself was
having. Maybe she’d even like to join them. God, what a wild
idea! Randi thought.
Randi couldn’t control herself any longer. She could only
remember the incredible feeling of two stiff pricks fucking in and
out of her pussy at the same time.
“You know I’m going to another party after this one,” she
whispered to her cousin. “And it’s going to be a lot more fun, if
you know what I mean.”
She knew that Chelsey could see from the look in her eyes
what would be going on at the second party. And Chelsey did.
“Really?” she asked, clearly interested.
“Yeah. You know those great-looking guys? Sam and Brent and
Daryl and Mike? They invited me.”
Chelsey’s eyes grew wider. She realized what Randi was
talking about now and imagined her cousin getting fucked by all
four of them. Obviously there would be room for her too, if she
wanted to come along.
“Sounds a little wild,” she said. “Think they’d invite me
“The more the merrier!” Randi winked. “I’ll ask them.”
The men were only too happy to have Chelsey join them too.
When the reception drew to a close, the six of them went to
Brent’s apartment, which was nearby. Randi’s heart was racing so
fast with excitement that she could barely climb the stairs.
God, can I really take it? she wondered. Being fucked by all
of them? Even with Chelsey here to share it, that’s still a lot
of fucking.
Inside the apartment, the guys quickly broke out the liquor.
They put music on the stereo. Both Randi and Chelsey clearly
enjoyed being the center of attention.
Before they knew it, each of them had become the focus of a
pair of guys. Somehow, Randi guessed it was because Sam and Brent
had already fucked her in the alley that they gravitated to
Chelsey. Daryl and Mike closed in on Randi.
The glass of Scotch she was drinking made her feel warm and
languid. She hardly objected when she felt Mike’s fingers
searching for the zipper on the back of her dress. Daryl was
kissing her and fondling her tits through the front of her dress.
“I hope you don’t mind sharing me,” she whispered to him.
He grinned. “I hope you’ve been eating your Wheaties, baby,
because I can go on and on.”
Randi heard a low moan from Chelsey and glanced over at her
cousin. Both Sam and Brent were undressing her. Sam pulled her
dress and panties down while Brent removed her bra.
Chelsey had a beautiful body, smooth and tanned. Her pear-
shaped tits were firm and round, with thick coral nipples. Her
narrow waist and long legs accentuated the swelling of her hips.
Randi watched the two men pull her down on the sofa. Sam
spread her tawny thighs and began licking her pink, puckering
pussy. Brent cupped both of her young tits in his hands and
kissed and sucked her large nipples until Chelsey began to squirm.
Randi wanted to keep watching, but Daryl and Mike were making
it impossible for her to pay attention to anything but their hands
and mouths. First they sucked her tits, tonguing and gnawing her
tingling nipples until she began to mewl involuntarily. She had
never felt both of her tits being sucked at the same time.
Her cunt flooded with warm juice. Somehow the three of them
slid to the floor, and Daryl got between her spreading thighs. He
began to eat her pussy more heatedly than anybody ever had. First
he slid his tongue deep into her cunt, then pulled it out slowly.
His lips found her already-erect clit and pinched it, then
sucked it sharply. Randi’s body strained and shuddered as sudden
hot arrows of pleasure shot through her. She arched her back and
cried out.
“Unngghhh! Oh God, yes!” she gasped.
Meanwhile, Mike had unbuckled and unzipped his pants. He
pushed them down, and Randi realized that he had a prick that was
nearly as big as her brother’s. It was a huge, swelling hunk of
meat that throbbed to life, rising and twitching.
“Oh gosh, you’ve got a big one,” she murmured, looking up at
“You like it?” he asked grinning.
“Mmmmm!” Randi moaned, caressing the enormous cock with both
hands as she guided the swollen head of his prick between her
puckered wet lips.
Wanting to give him a sucking better than any he’d had
before, she lovingly swirled her silky, wet tongue around the
giant head of his cock. Then she kissed the whole rigid shaft, up
and down, giving it tiny love bites that made him whimper and gasp
At the same time, Daryl was gobbling her wet pussy so
passionately that she nearly came unglued. He sucked her cuntlips
into his mouth and flicked her clit so wildly with his tongue that
she was afraid she might come before they even started to really
fuck her. Panting heatedly, she writhed and squirmed on the
carpet, licking Mike’s huge cock and gyrating her tingling cunt up
to Daryl’s face.
“Unnhh! Ohhh! Yes, yes, do it, ungghhh, eat me, God it
feels good, yesss!” she murmured incoherently, getting more out of
control by the second.
But even through the wild hot haze of her own lust, she
realized that if anything, Chelsey was even more aroused than she
was. Her cousin moaned and sighed with frantic need as Brent and
Sam explored her luscious, writhing body. Randi glanced over and
saw them both swarming all over the poor beautiful girl.
Both of them had undressed, and their cocks were stiff and
jerking with lust. They were squeezing and sucking Chelsey’s firm
tits, hand-fucking her glistening pink pussy, and kissing every
inch of her wriggling naked body. Chelsey’s moans of pleasure were
loud and intense.
While Randi watched, Sam got between Chelsey’s tawny thighs
and fucked his rigid cock deep into her pussy. At the same
moment, Brent, crouching by her head, slipped his cock into her
mouth. He held her head and fucked her face rapidly.
“Aanngghhhh!” Chelsey groaned, writhing and squirming
excitedly as the two men began to fuck her more passionately.
Daryl and Mike were watching them too, and the scene excited
them as much as it did Randi. Soon she felt Daryl fucking his
stiff prick into her wet pussy. And Mike’s huge cock pushed
against her lips.
She opened her mouth and took him inside. Mike held the sides
of her head and pushed his prick deep into her throat.
Fortunately, Randi opened up to receive it, but she was still
afraid that he would come, and drown her.
“Umnngggg-ummpfffgghh!” she moaned, feeling swept up in a hot
sexual delirium at the same time by the fierce fucking Daryl was
giving her tingling pussy.
“Hey, Mike!” Daryl panted. “Didn’t it wipe you out watching
what they did to her back in the alley?”
It sure wiped me out! Randi thought. It may have been the
most exciting sexual experience of her life, but recalling it made
her realize how wildly exciting it had been!
She found herself thinking about Mike’s enormous prick, which
he was currently ramming down her throat, being inside her tight
young pussy. She remembered how Billy’s giant cock had almost
split her. The idea of Daryl’s inside her at the same time,
nearly made her faint.
But suddenly Mike withdrew his wet prick from her mouth. He
and Daryl turned her body sideways, so Mike could get behind her.
“I’ll get out so you can get your cock in!” Daryl panted.
“No way we can both go in at once!”
Randi whimpered as Daryl pulled his cock out of her wet
throbbing cunt. Almost immediately, she felt Mike’s probing
underneath her ass and fucking deep into her pussy from behind.
“Unnhhh!” she gasped. “Oh Jesus, it’s so big!”
His hands came up and clutched her aching tits, twirling her
erect nipples in his fingers. She looked down and saw Daryl
trying to get his stiff cock into her tightly-stretched pussy too.
“Oh God, you guys, it’ll never work!” Randi cried.
She couldn’t believe that four guys would try to do this to
her in the same day. She clenched her teeth as Daryl’s thick cock
inched into her cunt next to Mike’s. Her cuntlips stretched, and
she winced.
“Ouch! Ungghhhh! Ohhnnnnnn God, shit, it’s going in!” she
In a few more seconds, both stiff cocks were deep in her
cunt. Randi thought she was going to explode. Her body felt
entirely crammed by the huge pricks. And when they began to fuck
in and out of her, she bit her lower lip and tried not to cry out.
In only a few more seconds, the pleasure became more intense
than the discomfort. She almost dissolved in hot delirious
shivers of bliss. Her luscious body quivered between the two men,
who also were driven wild by the intense sensations.
Chelsey and the two other guys were so fascinated that they
turned to watch. Randi began to moan and whimper uncontrollably
as the two cocks inside her stretched-open pussy fucked into her
again and again.
“Ohhhnnnn God, ohhhnnn God!” she moaned. “Ohhhh yes, fuck me
hard, please, harder! Ungghhh! Oh shit, they’re so big! Unggh!
Ohnngg! Annggghh! Unh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard!”
It was even more intense than the time in the alley. The
three of them were locked together on the carpet, Randi crushed
between the surging hard bodies of the two men as they fucked her
urgently. Suddenly she began to come. The lightning flashes of a
burning orgasm ripped through her squirming flesh.
“Unnnggmmmmmmmieeeee!” she squealed as the shocks wracked her
body. “Ohhnnn God, oh Jeeesus, yesss, unnngghhiieeeee!”
Both Daryl and Mike rammed their cocks up into her and
groaned as their cum began to shoot into her. Randi could feel
the warm jets jerking up into her. She dissolved into fresh waves
of orgasm, undulating helplessly as the blissful spasms shook her
Finally, the three of them lay slumped and sweating on the
carpet, unable to move. The sweet throbbing seemed to flood
Randi’s entire body. She could still feel the pulsing of the two
cocks embedded in her ravished cunt.
“How about you, baby?” Brent asked Chelsey. “You think you
could handle it like that?”
Through the lust-fogged slits of her half-opened eyes, Randi
could see her cousin’s mischievous smile. She realized she was
seeing a side of Chelsey that she had not known about.
“Wouldn’t you both rather have your own hole?” Chelsey asked,
looking up alluringly at Brent from under her long black
“I think I could go for that, ” Sam said, grinning.
“Wait a minute,” Brent said. “Didn’t she ask me first?”
With Chelsey looking on wryly, they flipped a coin to see who
would get her ass. Brent won the toss.
“You’ll just have to wait your turn,” he said to his buddy.
“Now don’t you worry, Sam. I promise you’ll have a good time
too,” Chelsey said as she rolled over on top of him.
Lowering herself onto Sam’s upstanding prick, and gasping
with pleasure, she glanced back over her shoulder at Brent.
“Go into the kitchen and get something greasy,” she murmured
sexily. “Butter or something. You know.”
Randi’s eyes got wider and her ears burned as she watched.
She could feel her own blood heat up and race again.
Chelsey was fucking Sam skillfully, dangling her beautiful
young tits in his face. She whimpered with lust as he grabbed
them and sucked her sensitive nipples into his hungry mouth. His
cock fucked into her wet, warm pussy so frantically that Randi
thought he might come before Brent even returned from the kitchen.
Daryl and Mike sprawled next to Randi on the carpet,
seemingly as fascinated as she was by the scene. She saw that
their pricks had become stiff again as they watched Sam fucking
Chelsey. Brent reappeared from the kitchen.
He had found a bottle of cooking oil. He unscrewed the cap
and knelt down behind Chelsey, whose beautiful pale ass was
jiggling each time Sam fucked her pussy. Within seconds, he had
his fingers greased with oil.
“Ungghh!” Chelsey groaned as he slipped them into her asshole
and began to hand-fuck her, opening her up.
She threw her head back and sighed, her mouth slack with
passion. Randi could hardly believe her own sexual excitement.
Her pussy was throbbing and wet, still oozing the cum that Daryl
and Mike had shot into her. She reached down and rubbed her clit
rapidly, her eyes going glassy as she watched Bret stab his stiff
ramrod of a cock with the oil.
“Ready, baby?” Brent asked as he began guiding his shiny,
greased cock toward Chelsey’s pale round ass.
“Ohhh yesss!” Chelsey hissed with lust. “Get it in me quick!
Shove it in me hard, please!”
Randi clenched her teeth as she saw the glistening bulbous
head of his prick push against Chelsey’s tiny reddish asshole. It
slipped inside.
Brent held her hips steady and kept pushing until the whole
shaft of his stiff cock was sunk deep in Chelsey’s ass. Chelsey
bit her lip and nearly swooned. From the look on her cousin’s
face, Randi gathered that the sensations were nearly unbearable.
But then both men began to fuck Chelsey at the same time,
their big hard cocks sliding in and out of her ass and pussy.
Chelsey began to mewl and gasp incoherently. Her body moved in
rhythm with their thrusts. She jammed her impaled crotch back and
down onto their jabbing pricks, groaning and panting deliriously
as they began to fuck her more roughly.
“Ohhhh shit!” she cried out, wincing as Brent fucked his cock
into her ass. “Unnnggowwchhh!”
“Don’t you want it hard?” he panted, crouched over her
writhing body and burying his cock deep inside her asshole with
each fierce thrust.
At the same time, Sam was fucking into her cunt with sharp,
plunging strokes. Chelsey was whimpering and shuddering and
moaning from the incredible fucking they were giving her.
“Yes!” she moaned through clenched teeth. “Yes, do it hard!”
Randi was amazed, but so hot and aroused that she could
barely stand it. She felt on the verge of coming herself just
from watching Chelsey being double-fucked. Her hand moved more
rapidly in her soupy cunt.
Suddenly Mike was next to her, spreading her thighs and
rolling her onto her back. He slid his arms under her legs,
raising them high in the air, then fucked his massive cock as far
into her hungry wet pussy as it would go.
“Anngghhh!” Randi gasped as she felt the huge cock fill her
He began to fuck her almost as roughly as the two guys were
fucking Chelsey. His gigantic cock hammered into her tight pussy,
pinning her squirming ass to the carpet. Randi yelped softly and
bucked with excitement under his piercing thrusts.
“Yes, yes, yes!” she panted in his ear. “God, I’m going to
She turned her head to watch Chelsey, seeing her cousin
nearly crushed between the two striving men. She knew all three
of them were about to explode with killing orgasms. Chelsey’s
beautiful face was torn with excruciating pleasure. She panted
and gasped wildly.
“Unngghh-unghh, yes God, oh God hard, yes, harder! Ungghhh-
now! Auunngghiieeee!”
The two men groaned and came at the same time Chelsey did.
They fucked their cocks deep into her and grunted as the cum shot
out of them. All three of their bodies thrashed and squirmed
together as their cries of passion mingled in Randi’s ears.
And then without warning, Randi was overflowing with a hot,
tumultuous orgasm herself. The wrenching spasms shook her young
body, tearing cries of ecstasy from her throat.
“Anngghiiieeeee!” she cried out, jerking her body under
Mike’s ferocious thrusts.
She felt his cock spurting into her moments after her own
climax. Several seconds later he released her legs, letting them
drop to the floor.
Randi glanced over at Chelsey, who was still pinned between
Sam and Brent. All three of them were gasping and panting, unable
to believe the storm of fucking they had just weathered. Chelsey
winced and clenched her teeth as the two men finally pulled their
shrinking cocks out of her body.
“Shit, you two girls are something else!” Mike moaned.
“Where did you learn to party?”
Randi felt herself blushing.
“I can’t speak for her,” she said, indicating Chelsey, “but
I’ve learned everything I know right here. I never realized
fucking could be this-exciting!”
Chelsey looked dazed. Randi went over to her and put her arm
around her.
“You okay?” she asked.
“Shit, I’ve never been fucked like that!” Chelsey murmured,
her eyes still glazed.
“You wanted it, didn’t you?” Randi asked.
Chelsey smiled. “I never had so much fun in my life.”
Chelsey nodded slowly. “If I knew it was that good, I
would’ve done it a long time ago.”
Randi found it hard to believe. Sure, it was exciting, but
it looked like it hurt like hell. Those guys had really fucked
her rough.
Sitting there with her arm around the girl made Randi feel
odd. She looked down at her cousin’s luscious tits. All of a
sudden, she felt an irresistible urge to touch them. Even to put
her mouth on them.
She had never felt anything like it.
She reached down and cupped one of Chelsey’s full tits in her
hand. With her thumb, she brushed the girl’s soft nipple.
Chelsey looked over at her, parting her lips, her eyes glowing.
“I feel so bruised, after that!” she whispered. “Would you
lick my nipples? Just to make them feel better!”
Randi could feel the pulse hammering behind her ears again.
She was getting wildly aroused, and didn’t know why. Chelsey lay
on her back on the carpet, pulling Randi down next to her.
“Lick them and suck them!” she murmured, her breath warm and
moist against Randi’s cheek. “Please, Randi, please!”
Randi’s mouth was only inches away from her cousin’s
succulent puffy nipples. She bent lower, extending her tongue.
Chelsey sighed softly as the tip of Randi’s tongue touched the
center of her left nipple.
Randi coiled her tongue around the large bud, then drew it
into her mouth. She sucked it gently, then more urgently, feeling
Chelsey respond and hearing her cousin’s moans grow louder.
“Oh God, yes, that feels so good! Ahhnnnnnn!” Chelsey moaned,
arching her back and pushing her tit into Randi’s mouth. “Ohhhh,
you know how to suck me! It feels so good!”
Randi found that she was very aroused. She sucked both of
Chelsey’s nipples until they were stiff and pointing, and Chelsey
was squirming excitedly under her. Chelsey’s hands stroked
Randi’s naked body too, squeezing her tits and probing her wet
Soon the two girls were embracing and pressing their hot
bodies together, kissing passionately, moaning, and fingerfucking
one another. The four men watched with hypnotic fascination,
their cocks swelling and throbbing as Randi and Chelsey grew even
more bold.
“Oh God, I never thought I’d be doing this!” Randi whispered
to her cousin, rubbing Chelsey’s hard clit and making Chelsey
whimper uncontrollably.
“Oh, baby, me either!” Chelsey panted. “I’m going to come if
you keep it up!”
“I am going to keep it up,” Randi said. “I’m going to eat
you and I’m going to suck your beautiful pussy and make you scream
and come.”
She kissed her way down the girl’s silky voluptuous body,
pushing open Chelsey’s thighs and staring at the long wet pink
gash of the girl’s cunt. She had never seen a pussy up close
before. It shocked her that she was about to kiss it.
But nothing could stop her. She extended her tongue and slid
it deep into Chelsey’s buttery cunt, tasting Chelsey’s fuckjuices
intermingled with Sam’s cum. The sensations only heightened her
Chelsey shuddered with pleasure. The men were so aroused
that Daryl and Brent could no longer stand it. Daryl got down on
the floor next to Chelsey’s head and guided his stiff cock into
her mouth. She began to suck him eagerly.
Bret approached Randi from behind, slipping his cock into her
pussy and fucking her slowly while she ate Chelsey’s steaming
cunt. It didn’t take long for all of them to get out of control.
Randi’s gentle licking became hot, passionate slurping and
She used her hand too, fucking Chelsey with two fingers while
her lips tore at the girl’s swollen clit. Chelsey thrashed about
and pumped frantically with her hips. At the same time, she
sucked Daryl’s pumping cock as if there were no tomorrow.
Brent’s cock fucked up into Randi’s pulsing pussy from
behind, making her gag softly with bliss as the hot spasms shook
her young body. Being a part of the squirming mass of four fucking
bodies made her delirious with sexual excitement.
The bright-red puckered ring of Chelsey’s asshole, which
Randi had just watched Brent fucking so fiercely, was just below
her hand. She couldn’t resist the urge to insert one finger into
it. At the same time, she sucked Chelsey’s taut clit sharply.
Chelsey groaned and undulated spastically as the shock of
another killing orgasm hit her.
“Auunngggyyiiieee!” she wailed, nearly choking as Daryl’s
cock began spewing cum into her mouth at the same moment.
Almost at the same second, Randi felt Brent’s stabbing prick
squirt into her cunt, and the sensation was enough to trigger a
wild climax of her own. Her shuddering body quivered with intense
“Ohhhnnnn-oh God, yessss, ohhgggnnnn!” she moaned as she felt
it course through her body.
Tangled in a heap of panting, squirming bodies, the four of
them moaned and gasped until the last quiver of pleasure had left
them. Then they slowly came apart. Randi could hardly believe
what she had just gone through.
Gosh, it just gets wilder and wilder, she thought. She was
about to drag herself across the room and pull on her clothes when
Sam suddenly grabbed her. He pulled her down on her back on the
floor and began exploring her naked body eagerly with his mouth
and hands.
His cock was as hard as a rock. She could feel it twitching
and pulsing against her thigh. His mouth on her sore nipples was
rough and searching.
But in spite of her exhaustion, Randi could feel her body
beginning to respond again.
“Don’t you guys ever get enough?” she asked as he slid
between her open thighs.
“Not of you, honey!” he panted.
“Unhh!” she gasped as he fucked his stiff cock deep into her
ravaged pussy. “I guess I should-ungghh-be flattered.”
“Christ, you’re gorgeous!” he cried, spearing her again with
his rigid prick.
Randi just relaxed and let herself be frantically fucked.
Sam lifted her legs high in the air with his arms so that he could
get deeper penetration. Bent nearly double, Randi whimpered and
squealed softly as he pinned her squirming ass to the carpet with
his fierce thrusts.
It was almost a relief to be fucked in the usual way for
once. She found herself really enjoying it. Sam’s fingers dug
into her flesh, and she raked his back with her fingernails.
“Oh Jesus, Sam, it’s so deep-ungghhh!” she panted, feeling
the head of his cock stab deep into her.
And then she was coming, spilling over with hot spasms that
wrenched her doubled-over body. The muscles in her pussy squeezed
his cock sharply, and Sam grunted as his cum shot out. They were
locked together, rocking back and forth, groaning loudly as the
pleasure swelled in them.
“Ohhhnnnnn-oh God, yessssss!” Randi moaned as her orgasm
waned. “God, I’ve never been fucked so much in my life!”
“You can say that again, honey!” Chelsey murmured.
Randi glanced over to see her cousin getting fucked again,
this time by Mike, whose huge cock make Chelsey wince each time he
buried it deep in her cunt. She watched while they picked up the
tempo, then came together in a moaning, thrashing collision.
Finally everyone was so tired they could barely move.
Slowly, they drew on their clothes. The men drove the women back
to Randi’s parents’ house. Both Randi and Chelsey took showers.
They were both so exhausted that they fell asleep watching

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