Like a Rag Doll
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My name is Traci. I am 24 years old, white, petite and
attractive. Dark brown silky hair, just past my
shoulders, and my body measures 32c-23-34. Shapely, with
not too much on top, but a firm, well shaped behind that
has always saved me from being overlooked.

I stand just 5’3 and weigh 102 lbs. I have always been
more “soft and feminine” than tomboyish, so the idea of
me ever being involved in a fight with another girl never
crossed my mind. With my big brown eyes, my friends (who
nicknamed me “Bambi”) would be shocked to hear what
happened to me a year and a half ago. I was even more
shocked at how it changed my life, revealing something in
me I never understood, never knew existed.

I was at a club with a couple of friends, and it was
late, past midnight. I had accepted some dances with a
couple of guys, and my two girlfriends were off flirting
and having a grand time, and we would meet every so often
and compare notes.

Having to pee badly, I excused myself from a nice, good
looking guy who was talking to me, and went to the
ladies’ room. For once, it wasn’t crowded, and two girls
were leaving as I walked in, leaving me and one other
girl who was coming in behind me. As I as about to enter
the stall, a long, slender arm came in front of me.

“That stall is mine,” a voice said. I turned and saw a
blonde girl about five inches taller than me, in a very
short red tube dress and high heels. She had a killer
body, and long blonde hair, and this beautiful but
menacing smile, her deep blue eyes penetrated me with
such intensity that it startled me.

I just thought, “bitch” and smiled, moving to the only
other stall there. She stuck her arm in front of that

“And that one is out of order,” she said.

My mouth fell open. What was this?

“What’s your problem?” I said, pushing her hand away.

“Tell you what,” she said, glaring at me, “I’ll let you
use this one.” Then, she gripped my arm, swung the stall
door open, and shoved me inside so hard I was slammed up
against the partition.

“Hey, shit!” I started to say, stunned, but before I
could figure out what was up, this girl grabbed my hair
and, and with the other hand, slapped my face forward and
backward, twice, leaving my eyes filled with tears and my
cheeks humming with pain.

“I saw you throwing your pretty little ass at my
boyfriend, slut!” She gripped my neck now, holding me
against the partition, and she was clutching one of my
breasts through thin fabric of my light blue slipdress.

So that was it! “No… listen… I… wasn’t… I didn’t

“Bullshit!” She slapped me again, and I tried to fend off
the backslap by putting my hand up and kicking out at
her. I caught the inside of her calf, which only pissed
her off more. This angry girl drove her knee up, right
between my legs, catching me square in the middle of my
mound, which wasn’t very well defended by a pair of white
lace cotton panties.

I moaned and doubled over, clutching at my aching pussy,
my head was against her shoulder, and she grabbed my hair
again and yanked my head back, slapped me once more, so
hard this time my head spun. I blindly stuck my hands out
to push her away, my vision blurry, but she only used
that to grab both my wrists and pull me away from the

“Get on the floor, cunt!” she barked at me. I hesitated,
still in disbelief at what was happening, but she pulled
hard on one wrist and twisted me around so my arm was
wrenched behind my back. Then, she easily forced me to my
knees in front of the toilet.

My head swam in panic and pain. Why wasn’t anyone coming
in to help me? I had no time to think of any more than
that, because this cat-quick, powerful girl yanked my
dress up onto my back just then and delivered several
swift kicks to my pantied ass, the toe of her shoe
connecting painfully, causing me to fall forward over the
toilet bowl.

I cried out, and managed, “Pleeease.stop!” I think I was
trying to say I was sorry when she kicked me in the side.
I grunted in pain, trying to gather my breath, and
started to roll over onto the floor. I had planned to
just curl up in a ball until someone came in to stop this
wild bitch. She pulled me back to my kneeled-over
position at the toilet.

“You’re not going anywhere, cutie-pie.” Then I felt her
pull my dress up and pull my panties down. I was panting
with fear now. She stood over me, straddling me, as I
started to sob softly, my voice ragged with pain and
shock. I could feel her legs on either side of me, and I
just stared down into the bowl, praying it would end. She
stroked my hair mockingly.

“Awww..poor little doll,” she said, “didn’t get to fuck
the stud and then got her pretty ass beat by the better

“N-no..I wasn’t trying-”

“Shuttup, whore!” She smacked the side of my head
viciously with her open palm, and I whimpered, my tears
falling into the toilet water.

“My my,” she cooed, “what a pretty ass.” I felt her hand
on my bare butt just then I froze, my breath strangled in
my throat. The next thing I saw was a pair of black lace
panties being dropped in front of me, by the toilet seat.
Then I felt the short hairs of her pussy against my ass,
humping. She was rubbing herself on me,and I could feel
her wetness on the soft skin of my ass.

“Ohhh yeahhhh,” she whispered, her breath starting to
pant now. She gripped my shoulders and started riding me
like a pony. I was helpless, trembling fiercely and
deathly afraid to try to stop her because I knew she
would beat me senseless.

“Kicking your ass made me hot, little girl..” she said in
a hoarse whisper. All I could do was hang on to the
toilet and rock with her movements as she rubbed her
pussy on my ass. In a few seconds, I felt her shudder.

“Ohhgodddd!” she moaned. “Yessssssssss” Her juices were
all over my ass. She climbed off of me, and I saw her
hand pick up the panties.

“You know, I think I’ll just fucking choke you to death

And that’s when it happened. The stab of fear and
humiliation went through me like a rocket, and my
bladder, which I never got to relieve, opened up. Hot
urine gushed from my pussy and splashed onto the bathroom
floor. I was too weak to move, I just laid there, my ass
in the air, piss dripping from my crotch, sobbing.

“Oh my messy bitch!” she crowed at me. “Your
disgusting.” She pulled my head up by the hair just
before you left. “Remember me, girlie. Don’t ever fuckin
try to steal my man again.” With that, she shoved my head
down against the porcelain, almost splitting my lip.

She slammed the stall door as she exited, leaving me a
beaten, trembling, dripping mess.

After a minute or so, another girl came in and heard me
crying. She helped me up, and helped me clean myself up.
I was so humiliated I could barely speak. My panties were
soaked with my own urine, and I ended up throwing them
away. I got straightened up and found my friends. I told
them a girl slapped me around, but never told them the
other part.

I live in a pretty small town, and I passed each day
after that dreading the fact that I may see her again. I
did see her again, and that next meeting changed my life.


It had been three weeks since the tall blonde at the club
had beaten me up in the ladies room. It had taken me a
couple of days to recuperate from that, both physically
and emotionally, but I never told a soul. It was way too
humiliating, and I didn’t want it getting back to her.

I had a day off and decided to spend it at the beach,
alone, just me and the sun. I was wearing a tiny yellow
two piece t-back, that had a thin ruffled skirt along the
waistband. As petite as I am, I still have a very nice
ass and the guys were gawking as I made my way from the
parking area to the sand. I found a fairly secluded area
and put on some lotion and settled in for a nice day in
the sunshine.

After a while, I got up and took a short walk to splash
my feet in the surf. I hadn’t gone fifty feet when I saw
her. I froze at first. She was with three friends, it
looked like two other females and a guy. She was
standing, wearing this black string bikini that made her
already awesome body look, well, disgustingly beautiful.

I was going to turn and walk the other way, but something
came over me. I wanted to embarrass her in front of her
friends, and let her know how angry I was for what she
did to me. Something told me not to go over there, but I
didn’t listen. She had her back turned when I walked up
and said, “Hey.”

When she turned around, she got this little surprised
smile on her face.

“That really sucked,” I said, “attacking me like that,
without finding out what really happened.” As I spoke, I
saw that menacing look come over her again, and I
realized that this could be a mistake,
wouldn’t try anything in front of these people, would

“Look, girl.whatever your name is-”


“Well, Traci, I’m Janine. Maybe we should talk about this
in private.” She motioned to her friends, and nodded
towards the edge of the woods a little walk away.

“Nope,” I said, “I just want you to know I’m not happy
about it, and your friends should know that you are

She was nodding, regarding me with this smile, her arms
folded. “I’m violent,” she repeated, looking back at her
friends as if I were a complete nut

“Yes, and you should apologize to me.” I noticed suddenly
that I was shaking slightly, and realized why. Her
friends had gathered their things, whispered something to
her, and walked away.
She put her hand on her breast. “Apologize? ME?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered. Her friends were halfway down the
beach. I couldn’t believe what I did next, but it
completely out of character. I swung my open hand at her
to slap her, and it caught the edge of her chin, as she
dodged it just in time.

“You.CUNT!” she hissed, hooking her fingers in the V of
my top. She pulled me to her, and with lightning
quickness drove her fist into my tummy twice. The wind
left me rapidly, and I sank to my knees. I leaned
forward, grabbing her around the waist, and bit her
thigh. I was going to at least put up a fight this
time… or so I thought.

She yelped and quickly slipped around behind me, her knee
in my back. She gripped my hair and bent me like a bow
and the pain coursed through me as my face was tilted
skyward. Next, she administered three vicious slaps to my
face, and with a foot against my back, sent me flying
face first into the sand .

I lifted my face up and spit out some sand, shaking my
head, and was about to get up and run. At this point I
figured there was no point in trying to save my pride.
Her foot came down on my back though, pushing me back
down, and she came straight down on me the next second,
driving her knee into my butt.

I groaned in pain, and had no time to react as her hands
were interlaced around my throat, forcing my head back as
she pinned my pelvis to the sand with her knee.

“Ohh goddd.” I moaned. With that animal-like quickness
again, she untied my top and pulled it from me, exposing
my smallish breasts to the ocean air. I tried to pull her
hands away, but they were moving too fast for me to find
them, and my vision was distorted by the painful backward
craning of my neck.

She reached under me and pinched one, then the other
nipple savagely, twisting them until I shrieked. Then,
she was off me, whipping my bikini top against my ass,
thighs, back and head, back and forward, she lashed me
with the tie strings as I twitched in the sand, trying to
cover myself from the stinging blows.

“Janine… more!” I whimpered.

“Janine, please, no more” she mocked me. “You are one
slow learner, aren’t you bitch?” Then she gripped me by
the hair and lifted me. “Up,” she ordered. There was
nothing to do but obey.

I rose shakily to my feet, and Janine grabbed my wrist.
“Come with me, girl, and I don’t want one little peep of
complaining out of you.” She pulled me along like a
scolded child by the wrist, to the edge of the woods,
where we stepped in several yards, shrouded in the cool
green shade of the trees, out of sight of anyone else.

She spun around, with her back to a large tree. “Get on
your knees, Traci, or do you want me to put you there?”
She was capable of doing that, no doubt, so I sank to my
knees in front of her. As much as I hated her, I could
not help but notice what a sleek, magnificent, almost
perfect body she had.

“You wanted a piece of me,” she said smiling down at me,
“you’ll get it.” She stepped closer, her legs spread
slightly, her thighs on either side of my head. She
reached down and grabbed my hair. I looked up, all
ability to resist her drained from me. She owned me, and
we both knew it. She must have seen the look of surrender
in my eyes, because she laughed softly just then.

“You know who you belong to right now, don’t you?” She
said in a low whisper. I still didn’t know entirely what
was in store for me. I hung my head and nodded. She shook
my head with her grip of my hair. “I didn’t hear
anything!” she barked.

“Yes..” I croaked, a sob welling up in my chest.

She turned around then, and leaned against the tree,
jutting her ass out at me. “Take them off,” she ordered.
My heart started to pound wildly. What was she doing?
Then I remembered how she had humped me in the
bathroom.was she going to make me please her like this…
HERE? I couldn’t believe it, and panic started to swirl
in me as I reached up and hooked my fingers in her
bottoms. I lowered them as she commanded, pulling them
down and off her feet. Then I stared at the sand below
me, shivering.

Her hand went back to my head, and pulled me between her
ass cheeks. I whimpered, fear and humiliation seizing me
as I smelled her sex, and the humid muskiness of her ass,
which my nose now nuzzled. I instinctively grabbed onto
her shapely hips for support.

“Eat me, girl,” she commanded. “And you better do me

I thought of pulling my head out and protesting, but I
knew she would beat me. I had to do it. I stuck my tongue
out, and immediately it was drowned in her hot
secretions. I licked her pussy, my eyes shut tight,
trying not to think of what I was doing. The slippery
flesh opened and enveloped my mouth and nose as she
pushed my head in further.

My nose was pressed against her asshole, and she wiggled
her hips slowly as I ate her. I could hear her moaning
and sighing softly as she leaned against the tree, with
me, her slave now, pleasuring her at her whim. With a
fistful of my hair, she moved my mouth just where she
wanted and even pushed it up so that I had to lick and
suck her ass. Her scent was strong — she had been out in
the sun all day–and as humiliated as I was it should
have sickened me, but somehow, it just weakened me, and
made me feel helpless, like some exotic spiked drink.

Finally, she came in a torrent of pussy juice which
lathered most of my face now, and shuddered with a
powerful orgasm as I grunted with effort, my face buried
deep between her ass cheeks.

She pulled my face out and let me rest my face against
her ass, where I panted and caught my breath for almost a
full two minutes.

Finally, she turned around, bent down, and pulled her
bottoms back on.

She took my face in her hand, tilting it up to look at
her, and spoke to me as if I were a pet. I was
mesmerized, totally and utterly captured and helpless to
whatever she wanted, and I knew it. I felt like a slave,
looking up at her queen.

“Good girl,” she cooed. A shiver of surrender went
through me. I had been transformed into her sex toy, and
was helpless to do anything about it. I no longer hated
her, instead I looked up at her with a healthy fear, a
deep submission, and the undeniable feeling that I was
her property. My own pussy was suddenly a swamp of

At that moment, with this beautiful goddess’ nectar
drying on my face and her standing over me, I knew that I
was destiny to be her inferior, to be controlled by her.
I was awed and afraid of her, and yet aroused by her
savage beauty as she stood over me, looking down at me
like she owned me.

As if reading my mind, somehow knowing that I could not
just go on with my life without being on my knees in
front of her again, she spoke slowly, calmly, her eyes
capturing mine as I looked up, meek as a lamb.

“The club… where we first… met.” A small smile crept
over her face as I knew she was recalling the night she
beat me up in the bathroom and left me peeing and half
naked on the floor.

“Yes?” I whispered, my breasts still heaving slightly as
I knelt there, sand sticking to my legs and breasts.

“Be there Friday night, at 9pm. When you see me, come to
my table.”

My heart was on some sort of roller coaster. My mouth was
bone dry, and my head swam with a thousand confused
thoughts. But time stood still when I heard the words
fall out of my mouth:

“Yes, Janine.”

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