My Shame – chapter 1.
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My name is Susan and I want to tell you what happened to me
recently. I’m doing this because right now I feel guilt, and remorse,
and most of all because I can’t tell my husband, Peter (not his real
name), but I have to tell someone. Maybe publishing this anonymously
on the web will help cleanse the shame I feel right now. Please do not
think I am writing this to boast about what I did or at the time
wanted. This is a true story and my name really is Susan, but I have
changed other details to remain anonymous.

I live in a major city, lets say, Orlando, Florida. Peter is a
Physician, specializing in facial reconstructive surgery. We are very
well off, residing in a secure, guarded, and private development. The
average cost of a house where I live is in excess of one million
dollars. I married Peter when I was nineteen and have never had to
work or want for anything. My marriage is strong and I love Peter
dearly, but I must admit I become very bored with life at times. Life
with Peter is very structured and always run by the clock. We even
make love on schedule. I have often wondered what it would be like to
have a different lover, who would do different things, other than what
Peter and I do. With Peter our love making is always the same. Not
that it isn’t wonderful, but I always know what to expect. The entire
session may last fifteen minutes, with Peter always on top, and always
climaxing on schedule. I wish sometimes that I could be on top, or
that he would mount me from behind, with my bottom raised high, or
that I could take him in my mouth. Well, I guess I don’t have to
wonder anymore and in some ways I’m glad of what happened. And I guess
also that my shame is somewhat mixed with thoughts of doing it again.
Anyway, this is my story and I hope writing it to so many people
purges the unpleasant feelings that I’ve been getting lately.

Chapter 2. Massage by Paul

About six weeks ago, I was having my hair done at a private
salon. On the way out I picked up a brochure laying on the desk that
advertised other personal services offered the select clients of the
salon. I didn’t read it until I got home, made myself a drink, and
curled up on the couch to relax. Most of the advertising was about
things like weight loss programs, facial treatments, nail clinics, and
so on. One, though, stood out by itself. “Massage by Paul, a
personalized experience”. I wondered what personalized meant. A
massage sounded really interesting. I had never had one before and as
I thought about it, the prospect of a man, a stranger, touching my
back and legs, sounded somewhat appealing. After all, massages were
perfectly legitimate and quite acceptable in upper class circles. I
wondered where the massage clinic was and decided to write and request
more information.

Two weeks went by and I received a small package from “Massage
by Paul”, containing a write-up of Paul’s credentials and a glossy
color brochure of services and prices. Paul was a licensed, registered
masseuse, and a registered nurse. His business had been in operation
for about one year and his clientele was limited to a small select
group of upper class women. The brochure listed three basic packages.
The first was titled “Pamper”, and included a forty-five minute
massage, in the clinic, at a cost of two hundred dollars. The second
package was called “Pamper Plus”, and included a one and a half hour
massage, a pedicure, and fingernail treatment, a therapy pool session,
and a facial. The cost was stated as five hundred dollars. The last
package was the “Wellness Treatment”, and included a wellness exam,
facial, nail treatment, massage, and specialized options, and could be
scheduled at the clinic or at the clients home. The cost for the
complete treatment, with options, was fifteen hundred dollars. The
brochure really sparked my interest, and I pondered and fantasized on
all the possibilities offered. I didn’t worry about the cost. I had my
own banking account and even the expensive “Wellness Treatment” would
not pose any financial problems. The more I thought about a good
massage, the more convinced I became that I should try it. I was a
little scared, but after all, other ladies probably did this all the
time. Why should I deny myself of a little pampering and pleasure. And
I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong, because massages were quite
acceptable in today’s society. I wondered whether or not I should tell
Peter about what I planned to do. I decided that it was no different
than going to the beauty salon and Peter had no interest in that kind
of thing. He really didn’t need to know. There was a telephone number
at the bottom of the brochure and while I was still excited about the
idea, I decided to call. On the second ring the telephone was answered
and a pleasant sounding woman said, “Massage by Paul, may I help you?”
I told her I was interested in scheduling an appointment for a
massage. She asked, ” May I have your name please”, and when I told
her she put me on hold. After about one minute she came back on the
line and said my name was already listed as a part of the special
client list that Paul maintained and how could they be of help. I told
her I received Paul’s brochure and I was interested in one of the
packages, but I wasn’t sure which one. She replied that since this was
the first time I contacted the clinic, that “I would highly recommend
the ‘Wellness Treatment’ because Paul will learn more details about
you and could better serve you later.” She asked would I like to come
to the clinic or would I like Paul to visit my home. I hadn’t
considered having the massage at home, although it did seem logical to
be in one’s own private quarters, rather than a place filled with
people, with the constant interruptions of telephones, messages,
questions, and so on. I said, “Yes, I think that it would be more
convenient if Paul would come to my home and I will go with your
suggestion for the ‘Wellness Treatment’ package.”. Paul’s schedule
had a free morning on the following Monday, she said, would that be
suitable. I told her that was perfect and she confirmed that Paul
would be at my home at 8:00am. I told her I had never had a massage
before and was there anything I needed to do in preparation. She said
that a nice hot shower before the session would help me relax and
soften the skin. I thanked her and hung up the phone. I had done it
and I practically ran around the large home, trying to figure out the
best place for the massage. My mind even considered the bedroom, and
then I thought that might be pushing it somewhat, and I quickly
discarded the idea. I was so excited at the thought of another man
touching me and the idea that I would be practically naked. What would
I wear, I thought. A bra and panties. That seemed to be too personal
and I ran to my bedroom to look at the possible clothes I should wear.
A thought then ran through my head of what it might be like if I had
no clothes on at all. I shivered with excitement and immediately
chastised myself for letting my mind run into forbidden territory. I
was a married woman of three years, had everything I could possible
dream of, and I had no right in entertaining such evil thoughts. I
would have a relaxing massage and that would be the end of it.

Chapter 3. Anticipation

Peter came home at his scheduled time and announced that he was going
to attend a two day seminar in NewYork on Monday and Tuesday. He would
catch the early bird shuttle flight Monday morning and return home on
Tuesday night. He had done this several times in the past, so it was
no surprise to me when he told me this time. I told him that I
understood and I hoped he enjoyed the seminar. I felt a little guilty
that he would be away when I planned my Monday massage, but it quickly
disappeared, and I convinced myself that it would probably be safer.
There would be no fear of Peter suddenly coming home early, even
though that rarely happened. Or if he decided to take the day off,
which never happened. In any case, I felt calmer about the situation
and relaxed my inner thoughts and fears.

It took forever for Monday to arrive, and when it finally did,
I was so nervous I could hardly sit still. Peter was up very early and
said his good-byes, with his usual formality, leaving precisely on
schedule at 5:45am. I still hadn’t decided what clothes to wear, and I
looked once more in my clothes closet. I finally settled on wearing my
house robe, with a bikini underneath. I thought wearing a bikini would
add more dignity to the situation, and both the masseuse Paul and I
would be more comfortable. It seemed to take forever for eight
o’clock, and the closer it got the more butterflies I felt. You would
have thought I was a young school girl waiting to attend her first
prom. I couldn’t sit down and constantly looked through the front
window for Paul’s car to arrive. At about ten minutes to eight, I ran
to my bedroom and removed the bikini, and quickly put on a new blue
colored frilly bra and matching panties. I did that on impulse,
wanting this stranger, Paul, to see me in my in my most intimate
undergarments. I stood in front of a full length mirror and wondered
what men found so attractive in me, because I knew and enjoyed the
many glances men gave me when I was in public. I am of average
height, 5’8″, slim, weighing 114 pounds; a true blond with short hair.
My breasts are on the small side but firm and pointed. My areola’s are
bright pink, almost red, and extend separately from my breast; my
nipples are large and very sensitive. I have a very slim waist leading
to my bottom, which I think points out to far, but apparently men like
that, from what I have read. I have long legs, well proportioned to
the rest of my body. In general I am considered very attractive and
well distributed. Sometimes when men look at me, I know they are
trying to see through my clothes and to be honest, there are times I
wish they could. I put my robe back on and hurried back to the living
room for Paul’s arrival.

Chapter 4. The Arrival

At about eight ten, the front doorbell rang, and I quickly ran
to answer it. I didn’t look through the peep hole, but instead
unbolted and opened the door. A very tall, well built, and extremely
good looking black man stood in the entry way. Before I could speak,
he said, “Miss Susan? I am Paul and I believe we have an appointment.”
I was shocked and momentary speechless. I had never imagined that Paul
the Masseuse would be a black man. I recovered quickly and said. “Yes,
I am Susan. Won’t you please come in.” Paul walked in and followed me
to the living room. I gestured for him to sit down on a sofa while I
sat in a single straight back chair opposite. He was completely
hairless. His head was clean shaven, and there was no visible hair on
the exposed portion of his chest. His skin was very black and almost
had a shine to it. His arms were also hairless. I was fascinated, and
quite impressed with the perfection of the man sitting opposite me.
Paul spoke, “Miss Susan, where can we set up the massage table. While
my assistant is doing that, we can have an informative chat.” I had
tried to figure out the best place for the massage, and had given up,
hoping the masseuse would make the proper suggestion, so I responded
by asking Paul where he thought might be the best place. Paul said
that a bedroom with adjoining bathroom would probably be suitable. His
voice was gentle and low, and reassuring. I began to relax a little
and let my masseuse help me with certain decisions. “Would you show me
a bedroom Miss Susan,” Paul asked. He followed me through several
rooms and down a long hallway, to the master bedroom. He looked around
and said the room was perfect and he would excuse himself for a moment
to instruct his assistant as to the setting up of the equipment. I led
Paul back to the front door and went back to the living room area to
wait for him. Shortly I heard the front door open and a folded type of
table was carried in by Paul and another impressive looking black man.
Paul returned alone after a few minutes and sat down on the sofa
again. He said, “Miss Susan, may I ask you some personal question, to
help me determine your treatment? And please remember that I am a
registered nurse, so there is no reason to be nervous.” I said I felt
quite relaxed and that I would try to answer his questions accurately.

He started by asking the usual questions, such as height, weight, did
I have any major diseases, past operations, broken bones, muscle
aches, and so on. But in between the general questions, a few were not
so easy to answer. When was the last time I had a complete physical?
“About a year ago,” I said. Another question. Are you on any kind of
birth control regiment. I told him I was on the pill. How is my
present sexual relationship with my husband, he asked. I started to
answer quickly that it was great, but then in mid sentence, I admitted
it was terrible. Paul then asked would I like to get started. I said
that yes I was ready, and I really was. I wanted his large hands to
touch me. We walked to the bedroom.

Chapter 5. Exposure

A table was set up in an open area. The table was about two feet wide
and about six feet long. It was padded with soft looking leather and
had indents where a persons legs would go and a small elevated
headrest section. At the end of the table Paul’s assistant stood and
smiled. Paul said, “Miss Susan I would like you to meet Jerome. He
will be assisting me during your treatment session.” Jerome, like Paul
was very dark skinned, and also had his head shaved. He appeared to be
very muscular under his shirt. His hands, although large, had long
feminine looking fingers. I said hello to Jerome, and continued
standing where I was, waiting for Paul to say something. I did not
anticipate that two men would be looking at my semi nude, and
intimately clothed body, and the mere thought of this send a shiver of
pleasure throughout me. Paul asked, “Miss Susan, we are ready to
start. Do you need to use the bathroom before we start?” I said I did,
and went into the master bedroom bathroom. I didn’t bother to close
the door, although they couldn’t see the toilet located around the
corner. I felt that if they were going to touch my semi exposed body,
going to the toilet, in their presence would not be so improper.
Actually, it was one step closer in my mind to revealing myself
completely to them. I desired this, but could think of no easy way to
make it happen. And the thought of the two men hearing me urinate, for
some reason excited me, probably because it would be associated with
my naked mid-section and their close proximity. I opened my robe and
pulled my panties down. When I sat down to relieve myself, I noticed
that the crotch area of my panties had a wet stain on them that was
quite visible. There would be no doubt that the two men would see this
and the thought further excited me. After urinating I wiped myself
with tissue paper and confirmed that my vagina was indeed wet. Even
with the action of wiping myself, a sensation causing a wave of heat
radiated from my loins. The feelings were beyond any I experienced
with Peter, and I knew I was close to the start of something powerful.
I considered changing panties, and decided that I would let them see
me in this condition, and anyway I would probably continue to secrete.
With Peter I would get wet, but this usually happened after he started
to penetrate me. The wetness I felt then, was new to me, and I
wondered if other women reacted in the same way. I returned to the
bedroom but did not fasten the front of my robe. I held it partially
closed with my hands. I wanted to take it off and show myself to the
two men. Paul asked if I was feeling comfortable and would I get onto
the table and lay face down. I moved next to the bed and removed my
robe, folded it, and placed it on the bed. I turned and faced both of
them, feeling very exposed and vulnerable. I was experiencing a
release of suppressed, pent up desires, and an abandonment of deeply
placed restrictive morals. It was like a volcano erupting forth hot
trapped lava, as boundaries previously unscathed, came tumbling down.
Instinctively I knew that my dear husband Peter should have pierced my
veil of womanhood, to it’s totality. I was left to guide myself to
fulfillment and at that moment I resented Peter for not exploring my
womanhood and my sexual awareness. For putting me in a position that
craved the attention of others, was forgivable, but not trying or
exploring the depth of my passion and love, was not. There was no
stopping now, as my body mirrored my emotions, and I sensed and felt
my nipples growing and pushing at the thin covering of my bra. I
walked over to the table and slid myself onto the soft leather
surface, face down. I positioned my legs in the recesses for them,
which spread them open to a considerable degree. Both men were
extremely well muscled and well proportioned. Paul stepped to the head
of the table, while Jerome went to the other end. I laid my head down
sideways on the comfortable headrest and felt Paul’s gentle hands on
my shoulders. Jerome started to rub the back of my legs, with gentle
squeezes, and circular pushes. Paul moved his expert hands up and down
my back, stopping just short of my panties. The feeling of hands,
men’s hands, over my body was exquisite. I could feel the wetness
between my legs growing larger. My breasts felt like they were
swelling, and I wished I wasn’t wearing my bra or panties. The two men
continued their ministrations on my arms, neck, legs, and feet. I felt
wonderful, but still I wanted to be totally naked. My inhibitions were
replaced with desires of wanting to exhibit. Would they like what they
saw? Would they look at my private parts with want and desire, the way
I looked and wanted theirs. I was growing more and more wanton of
pleasures I had never dreamt of. I wondered what would happen next and
who should initiate the direction. I decided I didn’t care any longer,
and that I would do anything to entice the two black Adonis’s to look
at my totally naked body. I shuttered with the thought of their eyes
looking at my breasts and vagina. It was all I could do not to yell
out my thoughts. My thoughts were bringing me to a state of arousal
never attained before. I was flushing with desire for these two men to
look at me and open me with their eyes. At times Paul would move
around the table to lift an arm, or probe a back muscle, and the bulge
in his pants would be only inches from my face. I wanted to reach out
and touch him, but I was too shy and thought that it might ruin the
present wonderful feelings they were giving me, by creating an
impropriety. Jerome moved up my legs, but always stopped short of my
bottom. The two men, as if by signal, one moving up from my feet, the
other moving down from my shoulders, joined at the edges of my
panties. I exhaled air and heard myself moan as they gently kneaded my
lower back and upper leg areas. I was loosing control of my feelings
and emotions and heard myself say, “My undergarments feel so
confining. Can I take them off?” “Of course”, Paul said, in a low
relaxed voice. I slid off the table and stood between the two men. I
caught Jerome’s quick glance to my crotch area. I was wet and it
showed about half way up the front of my panties, and was spreading
rapidly. I was overcome with wanton desire to remove my intimate outer
garments, ands let the taboos of inhibition be cast aside. A feeling
was growing inside my body, producing such pleasure I had difficulty
standing. With both hands I reached up to my front bra hook. I turned
my head to look a Jerome’s face His eyes were riveted on my chest
area. I unhooked the bra closure and pulled each lacy coup from it’s
breast. I saw and heard Jerome suck in air. My breast mounds stood out
smartly, capped by swollen and protruding pink areolas. My nipples
were hard and extended. Two men were looking at my naked breasts and I
started to lose myself to my pleasure. Lowering my gaze to Jerome’s
shorts, I watched in fascination as his manhood hardened and grew
erect. Something was building inside me, a feeling that was slowly and
steadily looking for release. I turned my head to my left to Paul’s
smiling face. With trembling hands, I slipped my fingers under my
panty hem, and slowly brought down my last barrier of inhibition.
Looking down at Paul’s shorts, I gasped, as I saw an enormous and
growing protrusion. As I stepped out of my wet panties, my legs
quivered and I had to grasp the side of the table for support. Still
watching Paul’s unfolding erection, the feeling of pleasure coursing
through my body erupted, and I experienced my first true orgasm, with
two strangers watching me have it. I was so exposed, both in body and
of what was happening, that the orgasm peaked, producing a series of
body shutters, and ending in a slow trickle of juices down my inner
thighs. I stood head down, between the two men, feeling their eyes
search my naked body, and the fluid which was still coming from the
lips between my legs. Jerome stepped close to me with a small piece of
tissue paper, and when I didn’t immediately take it, he knelt down in
front of me. He reached out his hand to my knee and began to wipe my
release. I squatted slightly, with knees pointing outward, to give him
access to my wet vagina. He moved the tissue paper up one thigh and
down the other, but avoided the source of the wetness. Feeling waves
of pleasure again rising within me, desperately wanting for him to see
all of me, I reached down with both hands, and spread my vaginal lips
wide. He was looking directly at my open vagina, and I moaned loudly,
as I approached another orgasm. Carefully pointing the tissue with an
extended finger he reached shakily to my wet vagina, and touched it’s
lower openness. I lost myself to a body shaking climax and had to
reach out to Jerome’s shoulders for support. My vaginal lips closed to
the pointed finger, and I tried to lower myself further to it. He
moved slowly up my slit that now was opening to it’s touch. In one
continuous movement he completed the length of my passage sliding out
over my hooded clitoris. I was flushed with heat and twitching with
the release of orgasmic waves of pleasure. More fluids ran down my
legs as Jerome continued to stair at my open womanhood. Jerome reached
out slowly with his hand to touch me and my climax came down as
quickly as it arose. It was replaced by shame and embarrassment, and
before his touch reached the parting between my legs, I ran to the
bathroom, trying to cover my nakedness with my hands.

6. Solace

I sat on the toilet and let my embarrassment bring me to
tears. I bent over while sitting and covered my nakedness with my arms
and knees. I was lost and didn’t know what to do, my shame of wanton
lust, now overruling my desires. I wanted to run out and hide, but I
would have to face the two black strangers again. Just at that moment
I heard a gentle knock at the bathroom entrance. It was Paul, “Are you
okay Miss Susan?” When I didn’t answer right away, he walked in
carrying my robe. He placed it around my shoulders and wrapped it
around my shaking body. It felt warm and encompassing. It absorbed
some of the shame and allowed me to speak. “I’m so terrible sorry.
I’ve never done anything like that before. What you must think of me.
Please forgive me.” It came out like a torrent, and Paul reached out
to touch my chin and said, “Miss Susan. What I saw just a few minutes
ago was wonderful. I am so honored to have seen you come out of a very
dark place. You were absolutely beautiful.” His words were very
confusing. I thought that I had done something very bad and he was
telling me it was wonderful. “Miss Susan.” he said softly and
reassuringly, “You are extremely beautiful, and what you did was
beautiful. Please do not feel ashamed. I only wish that I could have
been more a part of it.” Paul’s words brought me back, at least to a
point that I started to question myself. His hand lifted my chin and I
felt myself smile. I asked him, “How could any man want a woman so
much out of control? I mean, I couldn’t stop myself, and I did this in
front of strangers.” “Miss Susan. What happened to you was very
normal. You chose to find your true inner feeling with someone who
wouldn’t stop you. You had to do it and I’m so glad you chose us to be
with you. You are a beautiful, fantastic woman, who now can feel proud
of herself for releasing the true passion inside you.” I started to
feel so much better and my smile grew and warmed. “Miss Susan. Why not
let us pamper you, and complete this treatment. Cover yourself with
whatever makes you comfortable and please do not let this bother you.
I’ll wait for you by the table.” Paul left the bathroom and I sat
there wondering what to do. A few minutes later I walked out of the
bathroom and took my robe off and placed it on the bed. Without
looking at either man I walked over to the table and slid myself on
it. I was still totally nude, but I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. I
began to relax.

Chapter 8. My Treatment

Paul and Jerome started on my back and legs in earnest. Oils
were rubbed in everywhere, muscles were expertly massaged. My feet
were manipulated and squeezed, producing a total body relaxation. No
hands probed near my private parts, but my buttocks were rubbed, and
moved vigorously. I felt wonderful, and with each passing minute, my
shame became more distant. Little sexual fantasies started creeping
into my relaxed mine. What if a finger should go between my butt
cheeks? What if two strong hands should spread my cheeks wide for
their inspection? Would I mind? No one’s finger came close to my rear
canal and no strong hands spread me. But I was starting to wish they
would, and I tried to stop these thoughts, but they continued to
surface more and more. No impropriety occurred, no fingers slipped in
wet places. I was given a facial and my toes a pedicure. My hair was
brushed, my fingers massaged, my shoulders rubbed. It was a glorious
complete feeling and I drifted off to a special far away place,
letting the two men minister to my body.
They continued the massage, but always stopped short of touching my
exposed bottom, as though there was an invisible line preventing their
fingers from crossing. I couldn’t believe how bold I was becoming, as
I heard myself say, “Please touch me all over.” Slowly I felt Jerome’s
slender fingers moving up my legs to finally touch my uplifted bottom.
He gently massaged each cheek while Paul’s hands pushed and probed my
lower back. I moaned again and with each exhalation of breadth,
continued to moan. Probing fingers reached between my cheeks but
stopped short of touching my private parts. I was beginning to breathe
more rapidly and I wanted more. Jerome moved his attentions back down
my legs and Paul moved up my back and gently massaged my neck and
scalp. I heard Paul softly say, “We will be conducting a wellness exam
now, Miss Susan. This will require touching your female private parts.
Will this be okay?” I said, “Please do whatever you want.” Paul said,
“Please turn over now, and don’t be afraid to let yourself enjoy this
part of the treatment”. I was so desirous of these two men to touch me
everywhere, that I almost had a climax when I heard what he said. They
were going to touch me where I needed it most. I rolled over and heard
Jerome exhale rapidly, as I saw his eyes roaming from my breasts to
the juncture between my legs. I knew I must be very wet, and it must
have shown. I laid my head back on the headrest and adjusted my legs
to fit into the leg recesses. Paul then said, “Close your eyes Miss
Susan, and relax please.” I was still breathing faster than normal and
I closed my eyes in anticipation of what was to come. I felt my legs
coming apart slowly, as the lower half of the table was being pulled
apart, hinged somewhere near my bottom. Paul put a hand under my head
to lift it slightly while he removed the headrest. When he laid my
head back my neck was at the front padded edge of the table and my
head hung at a backwards angle. It was not uncomfortable and somehow
made me feel more vulnerable. I wanted to feel this way. Jerome had
finished spreading the table apart and my legs were open wide. I was
very exposed and I was ready to be touched again. I moaned. I heard
Paul slide something out from the head of the table. He gently took my
arms and pulled them toward him above my head to softly padded and
elevated supports. At the end of each support was a handle that I
wrapped my fingers around to grip. I felt the leg supports raise at my
knee joint, drawing my knees up and back towards my bottom. At the
same time my legs were pivoted outward. Jerome asked, “Miss Susan,
does that feel comfortable?” I said, “You can spread them wider.” I
was in the same position I would be in if I were being given a pelvic
exam, except my legs were totally supported. I had never exposed
myself to a man before, even a doctor. Peter had made sure my doctor
was a woman. Jerome asked if the position was wide enough, and I
moaned, “Yes”. Paul put his fingers on my neck and I felt a flood of
pleasure surge through my body. I felt a true orgasm, for the first
time in my life. What I had felt with Peter, was only the prelude to
the feeling I experienced just then, and I arched my chest upwards,
and clenched my teeth. One of my hands let go of the handle and found
Paul’s side above his shorts. I quickly pulled it back to re-clutch
the handle. Paul massaged and probed my neck and whispered softly, “Do
not be afraid to respond to us Miss Susan. You may do anything you
like or desire. This treatment is for you.” At that moment I opened my
eyes and saw the front of Paul’s shorts. The enormity of his erection
showing through the front of his shorts caused a load moan to escape
my lips. I felt fingers touch my inner thighs and I stiffened with yet
another orgasm, stronger than before. Paul’s gentle probing fingers
moved down my chest to touch my right breast. His fingers made small
circles and pushes, working slowly inward to my areola. Jerome moved
cautiously up my spread inner thighs and reached my now very wet
vagina. I knew my vaginal lips were already open wide, and I started
to grunt with each fast breadth, waiting for his touch. Just as Paul
reached my protruding areola and engorged extended nipple with fingers
that began to squeeze, I felt a slender finger slid deeply into my
vagina. I cried out with pleasure and erupted with a steadily
increasing orgasm. Paul was now using one hand to squeeze around the
areola, while two fingers from his other hand clasped and rolled my
nipple. I bucked upward on the table to take more of the finger deeply
implanted within me. My other breast was being fondled now and I felt
the finger in me withdraw to be replaced by two fingers. I was still
yelling and my orgasm was still increasing. Both men stopped what they
were doing and I pleaded, “Please don’t stop.” Paul answered, “Miss
Susan, have you ever had a cleansing enema?” My orgasm subsided enough
for me to answer, “I have never had an enema. Please don’t stop. Do
anything you want to me. But please don’t stop.” I heard Jerome open
something and ask Paul, “What size should we use?” And Paul answered,
“Try the large one, I think she will enjoy it.” This talk alone almost
brought me to another orgasm and I waited greedily for them to violate
my exposed body. Paul asked, “Would you like to watch the insertion,
Miss Susan?” I replied, still breathing rapidly, “Oh yes, please.”
Paul refastened a headrest, and elevated the front portion of the
table to raise my upper body almost vertical. I saw that my bottom
hung out slightly over the table edge. Jerome swung a one foot square
mirror up from under the table and positioned it at an angle for me to
see my exposed private parts in their entirety. I could see that my
vaginal lips were fully open and strands of sticky mucous looking
liquid stretched across the opening in several places. Jerome attached
to the table a large shiny looking basin below my bottom. He inserted
a rod into a hole and hooked a bag of white looking liquid to the
pole, such that it was about two feet above the table where my legs
and bottom were being supported. I moaned aloud again at the thought
of what would happen next. Jerome shorts also had the projected bulge
of a fully erect penis. My lust and desire to be totally violated by
these virulent black me gave me the courage to speak. “Please take of
your shorts. I want to see all of you.” Jerome promptly turned and
pulled his shorts off. When he turned to face me I saw an incredibly
beautiful organ. His penis was not much bigger in diameter than
Peter’s, but it was very, very long and it curved like a banana,
upward to his stomach. I began to pant like a dog and my tongue
extended from my mouth to wet my lips. Jerome said, “Do you like it
Miss Susan?” I answered, “Oh Jerome, it’s so beautiful. Can I have
it?” Paul spoke up quickly, “Shortly, you can have whatever you want.”
I moaned loudly and watched Paul pull his shorts off. He had the an
enormously fat and long penis. It’s head was bulbous, and hiding under
uncircumcised skin. Paul’s erection stood almost straight out.
Although it may have been shorter than Jerome’s, it was so fat that I
couldn’t imagine it fitting in any woman’s vagina. Jerome stepped
forward with a long fat rubber looking tube, that had a narrow tip
that expanded quickly to a size about as thick as his penis. The tube
was about a foot long and had a mushroom looking bulb at the other
end. A tube was unwrapped from the hanging liquid filled bag, and
attached to the fat tube, near the round mushroom section. Jerome
said then, “Miss Susan, I’m going to insert this in your rectum. At
first it may feel uncomfortable, but that will be replaced quickly
with pleasure. The more you relax the more pleasure you will feel Are
you ready?” I nodded vigorously, yes. I was ready then for anything
these men would want to do to me. Paul had a jar and reached in to
smear his fingers with a white sticky jell. I couldn’t stop looking at
his penis and it’s size. I was panting again and I opened my mouth to
let my tongue stick out. I don’t know why I did that, but it seemed
very natural. Paul moved closed to my side and I watched through my
mirror as his fingers touched my puckered opening to spread the
lubricant. I was very hot again, moaning and panting with pleasure. My
eyelids started to close but the view in the mirror kept them open. I
pushed downward with my stomach muscles to unpucker my pink rectal bud
and capture a finger. He must have recognized this action because he
slowly inserted his index finger in as far as it would go. I started
another orgasm, as I watched and felt his finger move in and out of my
virginal hole. I was so hot the slight discomfort and tightness I
felt, actually added to my mounting pleasure. I could also see more
juices forming at my open vagina. I could even start to smell the
juices and my orgasm continued and grew. Paul removed his jell covered
finger and Jerome pushed the small tube end into my lubricated rectum.
I was still orgasming and began to growl with waves of pleasure. I
watched as the tube was pushed in to it’s full diameter and the waves
of pleasure increased. It was slid in slowly about half it’s length
and I tried to move my bottom rhythmically as if the tube was a penis.
Paul moved to the head of the table and lowered me back down to a
laying position. He removed the headrest again and my head extended
backwards. I moved my arms back to the holding pegs and felt Paul’s
hands move to my breasts again. I felt the warmness of liquid entering
my insides. Jerome was massaging my lower stomach to aid the filling
solution. I started to buck my rear end to take more of the tube.
Jerome spoke then, “I’m going to remove the tube now, and I want you
to push out all of the liquid.” “Please don’t” I said, “It feels too
good.” He answered, “Don’t worry Miss Susan, there is more to come.” I
felt the tube being pulled out and I flushed with heat and desire. I
pushed to evacuate the liquid and heard the rushing sound of
everything coming out. Jerome left quickly and I heard the toilet
being flushed. I couldn’t wait for him to return, I was so full of
lust and pleasure. Paul’s hands had inflamed my breasts, and the
rubbing and squeezing of my nipples, kept me at climax. I reached out
with my hands to find Paul’s penis. I grabbed it and felt it’s
tremendous size and worked my fingers up to the head bulb. I stroked
and opened my eyes to found that the skin covering the head could be
pulled down, exposing the purplish head to the ridge area that
separated head from shaft. I pulled the exposed head to my mouth and
licked it. My tongue found the hole in the swelled head and spread
it’s wide opening to allow entry to a short depth. It was full with
sticky pre-cum and I lapped at it to draw it all out The taste was so
sexually delicious, I started a higher level orgasm, that felt like
burning all over my body. Paul increased his massaging of a breast and
I felt a pressure at my rectum as the tube was being inserted again. I
pushed hard with my pelvis to capture the moving tube and I felt it go
deeper and deeper. I took the engorged penis head into my mouth and
kept the skin covering pulled back to expose all of the gland to my
tongue. I tasted more pre-cum as I milked the length of the fat penis
with my other hand. The tube stopped as I felt the fattened mushroom
bulb push against my stretched opening. Pressure increased and with a
quick sharp pain it entered to slip in and allow my stretched bud lips
to close snugly over the small fill tube. The tube was captured within
me. I felt a warm slow trickle of liquid far up in my insides. I
sucked the bloated penis head further into my mouth, letting my tongue
explore the gland ridge that separated the head from the shaft. I was
experiencing a continuos wave of heat surging from my breasts to my
loins, and my orgasm continued to increase in intensity. Just when I
thought I couldn’t take anymore, when my grunts became high pitched
and urgent, I felt a warm tongue trace my vaginal lips, flicking
itself in to my wet hole. I raised my hips to make Jerome’s tongue go
deeper as he probed it’s full length up inside me. Paul was slowly
pumping his fattened penis deeper into my mouth, and by holding the
shaft firmly with both hands, the foreskin gland covering slid
partially back and forth over my tongue. Jerome’s tongue and mouth
moved up to capture and draw in my clitoris. A finger slid up into my
vagina and found an inner wall to rub against, instantly increasing my
steady orgasm to yet higher, uncontrollable flushes. I could feel my
belly bloating with warm liquid, as I swallowed ever increasing
amounts of pre-cum. I reached one hand down the long swelling penis
shaft and cupped Paul’s sack, to finger the orbs inside. I felt my
orgasm reaching a point of explosion, while Paul’s scrotal sack began
to tighten, drawing up close to the connected shaft. Jerome now had my
clitoris sucked deep in his mouth and his tongue probed under
forbidden folds. Both my nipples were being squeezed and rolled
harder, and my head felt a roaring sound engulfing all senses,
drowning out my own yelps and the groans of the two men. At the same
time as my vagina spasmed and felt as if it were squirting liquid, my
hand on Paul’s cupped scrotal sack felt the first contraction of
ejaculation, shooting up the long fattened shaft and erupting through
the gland hole into the back of my mouth. I swallowed quickly the
first thin load of remaining pre-cum and thicker sperm enriched
ejaculate. As if on it’s own the engorged penis head lodged itself
further in my mouth and filled the opening of my throat, just in time
for me to receive a second larger rocketing load of salty thick semen.
My body was twitching and I became faint with release, as if
everything inside me was exploding outwards. I pulled back sharply on
Paul’s foreskin and felt an instant response as the thick penis pushed
deeper into my throat, erupting with a third load of viscous fluid. I
stopped my swallowing contractions as more blasts of semen pumped down
my throat. I was beyond any reflex to gag, I had stopped breathing, as
load after load of ejaculate pumped into my stomach, as if to replace
the fluids I was sure were jetting out from my vagina. I can’t
remember when this all ended, or when the penis in my mouth withdrew,
or the sucking of my clitoris stopped, or even the tube from my bud
hole removed. I lay there in a semi-continuos state, barely
registering the activities around me. I did feel a distant release of
abdominal pressure as I evacuated the liquid in my bowels. I thought I
could feel myself being washed between my legs, my vaginal lips being
pulled, my clitoris being rubbed. I think my face was washed, my lips
cleaned, my cheeks wiped. There were hands all over my body, gently
massaging my skin, cleaning it, rubbing my breasts. I was in a
different place than reality. I distantly thought and smelled fragrant
oils being rubbed in everywhere. I was turned over and the back of my
wracked body rejuvenated with expert hands and oil. Hands spread my
legs, fingers spread my buns to massage and oil. At times I thought I
was asleep, drifting close to awareness, only to drift off again to
somewhere distant and pleasant. I thought my hair was being combed, my
fingernails being filed, my toes being manicured. I don’t know how
long I drifted in and out of reality, but I did know that my body was
totally given over to the ministrations of my two men. It was theirs
to do with as they pleased and I had no fears of what they would do.
My arms were flexible to their placements, my legs free to move. I was
like a baby in her mother’s arms, drawing in the aroma of love around
me, and succumbing to any touch or probing they desired. The passage
of time was not evident to me.

Chapter 7. My Turn

I was aware of being lifted by strong arms, and cradled close to a
muscular chest. Like an infant my lips found a nipple and sucked
gently as it stiffened on my tongue. Movement was evident as I was
being carried somewhere, and lowered to a soft bed. Two muscular
bodies pressed up close to me and sheets were drawn up. Even in my far
away place I could hear myself moaning to the feel of flesh against
flesh. Lips were kissing my cheeks, my nose, my forehead. Lips were
brushing against my lips and tongues slowly entered and retreated from
my mouth. I sucked on them with an urgency as if to draw out
ejaculate. I lay there, still in a distant place and felt hands begin
to roam my body. A hand moved to a breast and another down my stomach.
My breast was encompassed with powerful fingers, but the manipulations
were gentle, coaxing the nipple to full extension. My legs
involuntarily spread open and bent at the knees to give unrestricted
access to probing fingers. A finger snaked it’s way inside parted
vaginal lips, to search my inner recesses, while a thumb rubbed my wet
projecting clitoris, pushing the hood back alternately. My hands
reached to both sides of me to find and wrap fingers around two erect
penises. My left hand had found the banana shaped shaft of Jerome and
my right the fattened, bulbous head and shaft of Paul. I started to
awaken as my senses took control, but a part of me remained in my
distant place, knowing I didn’t have to think about what would happen
next. I was to be loved, violated, saturated with lust, and fulfilled
beyond sensation or feeling. I had already given myself over to the
two strangers in ways I would never had imagined, and now I would do
so again, but with the passion and understanding of a liberated woman.
My sexual virginity had been given freedom. I had been guided and
taught by their taking and removal of my veil of shame, the release of
suppressed desires, needs, taboos, and now I was ready to give them my
complete passion and depth of love. I would do anything they wanted or
needed, without reservation, without shame, and without fear. From
deep within my sub-conscious thoughts, I knew that Jerome had not been
given release. Paul had ejaculated his seed and passion into a wanton
receptacle. Jerome should have the same right. I released Paul’s thick
and hot penis, and started to roll over to Jerome’s side. The finger
probing my vagina pulled out and found a new entry point from my rear
side. I kissed Jerome deeply and pushed my tongue through his parted
lips. I raised to my knees to give myself movement over Jerome’s body.
I licked his lips, his cheeks, his eyes, and darted my tongue up both
nostrils of his wide nose. I wanted to taste more of him. I was his
lover now and would have tucked him inside my womb, if I knew how. My
other lover was busily working my vaginal opening with exquisite
fingers. My hand stroked Jerome’s long penis and he began to buck
upwards. He was moaning heavily as I kissed him hard and passed my
mouth juices to his waiting tongue. I knew he was close to
ejaculation, and I withdrew my hand from his stiffened joint to press
his belly and calm his upward thrusts. Whispering softly to his ear, I
said, “Go easy my darling. Not yet my sweet. I want you in my mouth. I
want to taste you. Please be patient with me.” Jerome moaned with the
passion of true love. He would let subside his wanton lust for the
promise of pleasures to come. It would not be long now, and his
release would be quick, for although he managed to still his imminent
spurting ejaculation, he was close, and stayed close. Jerome could
easily succumb and fall over the edge, but I was determined to
pleasure him to the limit. My mouth left Jerome’s face and started
down his chest with kisses and licking. His taste was strongly
masculine and full of unleashed sexual desire. I found an erect nipple
and paused to suckle and nourish his rising chest. I let my hand find
the long curved penis and slid down to the scrotal sack. It was close
to the shaft, but not fully contracted yet, so I knew I had time to
further explore Jerome’s body. All this I learned from Paul, and all
this would guide me to Jerome’s pleasure. Exquisite feeling were
emanating from between my legs as Paul’s fingers invaded my wet hole.
My clitoris was squeezed and rubbed, producing constant surges of
increasing orgasms. It was no longer a matter of reaching an orgasm,
for the orgasm was continuous, and only varied in degrees of secretal
release, now running steadily down my inner thighs. As my mouth neared
Jerome’s rigid penis, who’s head rested close to his naval, I swung my
leg over and straddled his chest, presenting a wet and fully open
vagina to his mouth. I lowered my pelvic to a waiting tongue, to be
rewarded with it’s insertion inside my parted lips. Jerome’s mouth
sucked hardly on my now extended clitoris, inviting the hood to be
pushed back. Reaching my arms inwardly between Jerome’s raised knees,
I pulled them back, raising his buttocks and rectal hole to my mouth.
I licked around the puckered hole and let my saliva dribble to it’s
center. Jerome was sucking wildly on my small penis appendage, as I
forced my tongue inside his tight bud hole. Rolling my tongue as it
penetrated Jerome’s rectum, I pushed saliva into him, and felt
contractions of my simulated mouthed ejaculation. I sensed Jerome’s
approaching release and lowered his elevated bottom to reach his
swollen penis. My one hand cupped his contracting ball sack, my other
hand grasping the curved penis near it’s base. Quickly I took the
unskinned head gland into my mouth and squeezed up the shaft with my
hand to expunge the flowing pre-cum. I sucked and licked and drank of
the head, not letting it penetrate too deeply in my mouth. I wanted to
savor all of Jerome’s ejaculate before swallowing it. Jerome’s ball
sack tightened and the first squirt of thin liquid was pumped in my
mouth. Jerome tried to penetrate deeper, but I retreated at his
trusts, sucking only the head of his penis. Violent rapid projectiles
of thickening hot cum filled my mouth. I sucked and sucked to ease and
remove the mucous sperm laden ejaculate to the back of my mouth. I
didn’t realize how much liquid was filling me, and the excess spilled
from the sides of my lips. Jerome’s spasms subsided, although I still
sucked more from the fattened head of his curved penis. When finally
the spurting stopped, I withdrew my mouth from the penis head, and
rolled off Jerome to my back on the bed. My mouth was full of hot
salty man seed, and I rolled it around in my mouth and tongue,
exploring the taste. Both my lovers looked at me as I started to
swallow the seed, and moan in pleasure at it acceptance. It took three
gulps to move the ejaculate from my mouth to my warming stomach. I
orgasmed at the taste, feel, and thought of the man seed entering my
insides. I was a fulfilled woman. I had been filled by both my lovers
in my mouth and my insides were satiated and full, but the ache
between my legs promoted a new urgency of fulfillment. I needed to be
filled in my womb.

Chapter 8. Love Me

I lay on my back with my lovers on either side of me. I felt
wet kisses on my face, then my neck, to my rising chest, and finally
to my breasts. Each breast with it’s swollen areola, was drawn into a
warm mouth to be suckled and prodded with tongues. The feeling was
beyond description, and my uterus began a gentle series of
contractions. My right nipple was nibbled and sucked hard, trying to
open the passage to the empty milk sacks. A tingling sensation
radiated throughout each breast mound, and I knew I was close to
producing milk. Jerome’s hand cupped my right breast, squeezing the
mound to a point, and drew in more breast to the back of his mouth. My
nipple was being sucked into the entrance of his throat, and it
throbbed to spill forth imagined nourishing milk. I was yelling now,
“I want you in me. Give me, give me, give me.” I pulled them free of
my inflamed breasts and sat up in bed. Reaching with my hand to
Jerome’s penis I wrapped it in my fingers to confirm it’s new
hardness. I stood up on the bed and moved to stand over Jerome. He had
reached down to stroke his erection and point it upward, asking by
it’s directness, to be inserted. I was facing Jerome’s feet and as I
started to squat down, I said to Paul, “Help me Paul. I want it in my
bottom.” Paul immediately knelt in front of me, between Jerome’s
parted legs, and put his hands under my armpits. As I lowered down
closer to the long penis shaft, I was completely supported by Paul’s
strong hands and arms, my legs needing no effort to control the
position. I felt the penis gland touch my bud, and I reached to grasp
it and rub it’s head across the wetness of my vagina. Jerome trust
upward and gained entry inside my parted vaginal lips, and Paul
quickly raised me up to dislodge him. The feeling of the partial entry
sent shivers of orgasmic release to my open vagina and a fresh flood
of secretions dripped onto the retracting gland head. I wanted him
inside of me, but Paul knew my original plan and expertly kept us
apart. I lowered myself again, this time guiding the wet penis head to
my bud hole, feeling the warm wetness I had given it from my vagina.
Jerome was producing pre-cum that oozed out the gland hole to further
lubricate my tight hole. I pushed down on my stomach muscles to push
the puckered hole outwards and Paul lowered me onto the slippery
shaft. The head went in smoothly to the gland ridge, and I moved my
bottom backward to sit on Jerome’s stomach. Paul lowered my back to
Jerome’s chest and hands clasped and cupped my breasts. I lay my head
on Jerome’s powerful shoulder and cried out in pleasure. Moving my
pelvis downward by pulling on my bend legs, I impaled myself
completely on the shaft. I cried out again in pleasure and through a
husky deep unrecognizable voice said, “Take me Paul. Fuck me darling.”
Paul supported himself with his arms and bent knees between Jerome’s
spread legs and lowered himself closer over me, and I felt the first
probe of his giant penis head against my opened vagina. He let the
head move up and down the parted lips, gathering and spreading my
secretions, spreading his own pre-cum. I felt pressure as the gland
head pushed my lips wider seeking entry. I was locked in place with
Jerome’s shaft deep inside my rear, and could not thrust up to implant
Paul’s member. I heard myself scream, “Put it in. shove it in. Give
me. Give me.” I was sobbing with want and pleasure. Tears were forming
in my closed eyes. My body was wracked with waves of orgasmic heat
and I wanted all of Paul inside me. I reached down to grab hold of
Paul’s fat penis, and wrapped my hand around, pulling the skin
covering back to expose all of the gland. Paul lowered himself and I
felt the head slip into my vagina with great pressure, to lock itself
on the prominent ridge, as it passed the tight outer restriction. His
largest part had traversed the constrictions of my pelvic opening. I
yelled in pleasure and knew that he had gained entry . The rest would
be easy. Like a babies head popping through the pelvic opening, Paul
had gone in reverse and pierced the constrictions of confinement. His
penis shaft was mine to fill me in ways I could not to this day
imagine. Paul lowered his chest against mine, while Jerome removed his
cupped hands from my breast. Paul’s breast pushed gently into my
uplifted mounds, and waves of electric tingling penetrated my nipples.
In a steady downward motion, Paul pushed his fattened shaft a fraction
deeper. I wanted to buck up and have him drive the engorged penis in
to it’s hilt, but I waited in patient fever for my lover to meet my
desires. Again my sweet love pressed deeper, as I felt the fullness of
his manhood. I was yelping and moaning, and pleading, “Give me. Fuck
me. Push deeper. I love you.” Paul answered with passion, “Susan, I am
yours, and I will soon give all I have to you. Work with me baby. Open
yourself to me.” I moaned with understanding and need. I wanted him to
fill me with his manhood and seed. If, at that moment, he wanted me to
conceive, I would gladly have given up everything in my life to carry
his child. I belonged to both Paul and Jerome and would do anything
they asked. I loved them more than myself, or Peter. I was theirs, and
I was for them. With tiny pullbacks to relubricate the thickening
shaft, Paul continued to push into me, filling me anew with
penetrating depth. With each new push I grunted my pleasure and
acceptance, “Oh yes. Yes”. Jerome remained still as if sensing the
impending completion of penetration of the fattened throbbing shaft of
Paul. When I thought I was completely full of him, a new downward
pressure gained deeper entry. I felt his bulbous head deep within me,
probing deeper with each push, moving organs and tissue to lodge
itself deep within my belly. I felt the heat of the gland, and yelped,
moaned, and snorted my pleasure, “Deeper baby. Give me. Give me. Oh,
baby.” Paul continued to withdraw slightly, and push deeper. With each
push I felt the shaft gain deeper entry. Every time I thought I was
full, more of Paul’s penis entered. Somewhere deep inside me Paul’s
swollen penis head invaded new territory. Paul finally stopped his
invading penetration of my stretched vagina, and we lay locked
together in bliss. Neither Paul or Jerome moved, but I wiggled my
pelvis from side to side. Our heat was tremendous, and we laid locked
together in sweat, neither man moving, for a long time. Sometime
later. I reached up my parted legs and wrapped them tightly around
Paul’s rear. He was groaning, and started a very slow, very gentle,
very small, in and out movement. Jerome, deeply imbedded in my rear
could feel the slow responding thrusts through me to Paul. He started
to pull and push carefully with his impaled shaft. I was being taken
by both men and soon I would receive their fluids of passion that
would stay within me, always. Paul began withdrawing his shaft further
on each stroke, to push in again to full depth. Jerome matched Paul’s
thrusts, and in unison, I felt the hard shafts penetrate my inner
being. Paul’s withdrawals became long and the gland ridge found the
tightness of my pelvic opening before once again pistoning home. I
was losing control and I felt the rising, impending release of my two
men’s seed. I started screaming, and I felt the first gush of hot
fluid in my vagina., and Paul’s quick pull back to the shaft head. As
he pushed himself back in I felt Jerome’s first squirt deep within my
rectum. As Paul hot shaft reached it’s base within me a second blast
of sperm entered my inner reaches, to be matched by Jerome voiding
himself of man seed. I continued screaming and must have passed out,
for much is not clear of what happened after this. I do remember
rolling over with the two men, and Jerome pumping me wildly to

When I awoke both men were gone and I lay in bed, with their seed
leaking out of me. It was a divine feeling, and in thinking back, I
should do it again. End.

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