Celebrity in Jeapordy
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It was about four o’clock in the afternoon now and Calvin was heading back to his apartment in NY city. Just as he was swiping his card through the receiver, he opened the door and saw a woman with dark hair talking to the bell boy she turned around and it was Elaine from Seinfeld. Elaine was about six years younger than Calvin but he has a fetish for her. She was wearing a black skirt down to her knees and a grey fuzzy sweater. She sees him and says hi. She walks into the elevator and so does Calvin. Which floor she asks. Calvin says floor 3. She says I’m on floor 17 way up there and smiles. Calvin smiles back. He pecks Elaine on the cheek and she looks at him in shock and says what are you doing? Calvin replies, I’m sorry I was out of line. Elaine turns around and looks at the elevator buttons. Calvin is sad but hears the elevator stop. He looks to see what is going on and Elaine attacks him. She makes out with Calvin furiously and starts to take off all of his clothes. I am a huge fan of yours that’s why I kissed you said Calvin.
Well I am taking your clothes off because your hot said Elaine. Fair enough said Calvin. Do me in the but said Elaine. What said Calvin? Do me in the poop shoot said Elaine. I like getting butt fucked she said plainly. You do? Calvin asked. Oh yes it really turns on men I think. Okay whatever you say said Calvin, you are my idol and all. Elaine lifted her black business skirt and bent over so she was in the doggy style position kneeling on the elevator floor. Calvin saw her nice white juicy ass and almost had a heart attack. Her ass looked so priceless it was going to be like banging a goddess. Calvin held his limp 3 inch penis in his left hand and slowly incerted his dick in her tight ass as his dick got harder and wider. As he was inserting his dick in Elaine’s ass she would yelp and say ouch but it was all good because she would reach back and touch his hip to egg him on. Once Calvin was behind Elaine on his knees in a tight position with his hard dick inside her golden plump ass he started to move in very slowly. Each centimeter he went in deeper he felt better. So did she from her nervous twicthes. Every time Calvin moved deeper in her body would contract and her veins would sizzle in a good way. Her ass was so tight and hot. Calvin couldn’t believe he was in Elaine from Seinfeld’s ass and not to mention banging his idol. After this impediment, Calvin removed his hard Johnson from her ass and started teasing her ass with his dick by touching the end of his hard cock to her ass hole and feeling her ass with his hard cock. She flipped around faster than a bullet and said, take me now. Her skirt and grey sweater still on. Calvin was lying on the ground with his belly up and she slid onto his dick herself.
Next, Calvin couldn’t believe what she did. She lay her body down on Calvin’s body so they were belly to belly and put her face right up to his. Is the sweater itchy she asked? Kind of Calvin said. Elaine took off the sweater and her black victoria secret bra. Elaine had b cup tits, but it was Elaine so Calvin didn’t mind. She lay back down on Calvin and his bulging dick was still as deep in her pussy as could possibly be. She started kissing his lips and they started to peck each other on the lips. She put her head down to Calvin’s left and he was holding her tight chiseled lower back with his left hand and his right hand was on her left ass cheek. You are so amazing she said. Thanks, but you’re my idol he said this is like a dream come true for me. After he said that she really got turned on and still lying close to his body was sliding up and down his dick with her pussy. The only thing that could make this better is if Cher were here Calvin said. Cher? Said Elaine puzzled? She reached for the button on the elevator and got up extremely quick. Put her clothes back on and rushed out the door leaving him skimpy on the floor. I was kidding Calvin said.
After dressed again Calvin went back down to floor three and went into his room. Flopping onto his bed and turning on the TV to watch Comedy Central Presents he turned on Seinfeld. Immediately he changed the channel and got to Gabriel Iglesias.

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