Teenage years were hard
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My name’s Sandi, and I want to tell you about some of the horny
adventures I’ve had. This one’s about when I left school and got
a job in an office. Unfortunately some of what REALLY happened
is probably a bit too naughty to tell you, so I’ve had to miss
it out! Still, even without it, I think that you’ll find this a
pretty horny story!

When I first left school I got a job as a filing assistant in a
firm nearby. Most of the people there were a bit older than me
and I felt a bit out of place at the beginning, especially as the
boss was a man of about 50 who definitely didn’t hold with young
girls going round in tiny skirts and high heels! Fortunately,
about a month after I started, he got a transfer and was replaced
by a younger man who took an instant shine to me!

Part of my job involved putting records into a big filing rack
in an archive room which was separate from the main office. The
shelves went from the floor nearly up to the ceiling and I was
always bending right down or climbing up on steps to put the
files away. I soon noticed that the new boss, who was called
Mike, kept coming into the archive to ask me some question or
another whenever I went in there, and I could feel his eyes on
my fanny whenever I bent over or was up the ladder. What was
worse was that with all the bending and stretching, my little
knickers always seemed to end up riding up into my bum crach, and
I was always finding out that my cunt lips had been peeking out
for all to see for half the morning.

Still, Mike was married, and I was sure that he’d never try
anything on, although after a while I started wondering what he
would be like in bed. Things came to a head when I finished with
my boyfriend so I wasn’t even getting my regular shaftings to
keep my tight little pussy feeling wanted. About a week later,
my boss asked some of us to come in on a Saturday to catch up
with the work. Seeing as I now had a lot of time on my hands, I
agreed, and that Saturday I arrived at work, dressed in a nice
short skirt. I went straight into the archive and started to get
on with my work. Sure enough, after half an hour, my knickers had
ridden right up my bum crack. Added to that, it was a blazing hot
day outside, and I was boiling, so off came the knickers, leaving
my cunt open to the cool fresh air.

As I got on with my work, I started to daydream about Mike,
wondering what his cock would feel like inside me, and what it
would be like to be fucked by the boss. Pretty soon, what with
me not having been shafted for a while, I could feel my cunt
juicing up, my little pink lips getting more and more engorged
and a musky aroma wafting up from my snatch. Eventually, I just
had to stop working and give myself a little stroke. I sat down
on a chair, and spread my legs wide before starting to fondle my
labia, tuggling and stroking them until they had become full and
stiff. My clit was throbbing and ripe for some attention so,
holding myself open with one hand, I started to run my fingers
up and down my slit, dipping them into my hole then stroking
their way back up my folds until they found my stiff bud, which
I caressed a bit before working my way down again, pausing
occasionally to push two fingers inside myself. Pretty soon, I
was lost in another world, as my probing fingers stirred my
throbbing cunt to orgasm. Panting furiously, I rubbed at my
sensitive clit, and, biting at my lower lip to stifle the moans
of pleasure, I came, clamping my thighs round my hand as my cunt
pulsated with waves of orgasm.

I waited a few minutes to recover, then carried on with my work.
Even though I had just come, I still didn’t feel satisfied, and
I knew that nothing would satiate my lust except the feel of a
real cock thrusting into me. As I was working, I heard someone
come into the room behind me. Thinking it was Mike, I turned
around to see a woman I did not recognise, looking up at me. It
was obvious that she could see up my skirt, and she had a slight
smile on her face as she said “I’m sorry if I surprised you. I’m
looking for Mike, do you know where he is?”. I replied “No, sorry
I don’t. I can find him for you if you like, though – who should
I say wants him?” “Tell him it’s his wife, Alison” she said, “You
must be Sandi, right?” “Yes. How did you know?” I asked. She
replied “Mike talks about you quite a lot.” There was something
in her voice as she said that which made me wonder whether there
wasn’t more to this situation that I thought. “Shall I go and
find him for you, then?” I asked her, anxious to find out what
was going on. “Oh, no, I wouldn’t bother. He’s expecting me
anyway, and he’ll find me when he comes looking.” I offered her
a coffee, and when she accepted, I went out to the machine and
got us a cup each. As I was walking back, I tried to figure out
what was going on – it was almost as if they had some plan which
involved me. I told myself not to be so silly, and went back into
the archive room with the coffees.

When I got there, Alison had her back to me, with one foot up on
the chair: it looked as if she was adjusting her stockings or
something, but I wasn’t sure. As she heard me open the door, she
stood up again and turned round. “Why don’t you take a break for
a minute” she said, “then you can tell me a bit about yourself.”.
Completely forgetting that I wasn’t wearing any knickers, I sat
down on a crate opposite her, and took a sip of my coffee. I
nearly spat it out again as I noticed that Alison was not wearing
any knickers either. Her skirt was quite high on her thighs, and
I could see that she had big cunt lips which protruded from her
snatch. She obviously realised what I was looking at, and
misunderstood my surprise for shock. “What’s the matter?”, she
said, “I often don’t wear panties when it’s hot – I find them so
unconfortable. I know you aren’t wearing any at the moment,
either, are you?”. As she said this she was staring intently at
my crotch between my thighs, which were slightly spread. I don’t
know what came over me then – suddenly I felt so horny and
uninhibited, I just stood up, undid my skirt and let it fall to
the floor before walking over to her and saying “Yes, mine’s so
hot and wet, it really needs some attention. Lick it for me,
please!” She stayed sitting down, and pulled me towards her, then
lowered her face to my bush.

With both hands, she spread me wide, opening up my little snatch
like a flower, exposing my fleshy folds and clitoris. Her thumbs
slid inside me, making me gasp with pleasure, then she started
to lap at me, slowly running her tongue up my slit, seeking out
my erect clit, then pushing her tongue inside me. I could feel
myself start to fall, and it was only her hands firmly gripping
my mound that stopped me toppling over, I was so light-headed
with the pleasure of being licked out. Her head was bobbing up
and down as she licked me out, and she would occasionally grunt
in pleasure as she nuzzled my juicy cunt. Lifting her head, she
said “Oh God, you taste good! It’s so long since I’ve really
enjoyed a juicy cunt!”. “What about Mike? What if he catches us?”
I gasped, getting a bit worried. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about
that” she replied, “he won’t mind at all.” I still couldn’t put
my finger on it, but there was definitely something going on, but
I was past caring. “Let me lick you out, Alison”, I said. I
hadn’t given a woman a good licking for ages, and I was really
looking forward to tonguing this woman’s love hole. “Mmmmm, that
WOULD be nice.” she murmured, standing up to take off her dress
and bra. When she was completely naked, she lay down on her back
and spread her legs as wide as they would go, exposing a moist
snatch with a tight hole, covered in downy blonde hair.

My mouth was watering as I knelt between her slim thighs and
gently kissed her cunt lips, running my tongue up and down them,
and tantalising her by carefully avoiding her clit. As I licked
her, I could feel her lips get more engorged, and she writhed and
moaned with pleasure. “Lick my clit, Sandi” she begged, “Ohhh,
please, lick me out.” Still I continued to tease her, running my
tongue up and down her pussy lips and the inside of her thighs,
and occasionally pushing it into her hole. She was getting more
and more agitated, pumping her hips up and down, trying to thrust
herself into my face to get my tongue on her clit, but I still
kept on teasing her until the love juice was pouring out of her
and she was crying out for me to make her come. She reached
around her thighs and was holding her lips apart before I
relented and started to plunge my tongue in and out of her hole,
and caress her clit gently in between. “Push your finger into me”
she ordered “I want to feel it inside my cunt”. I eased two
fingers inside her, and started to slip them in and out of her
juicy cunt, while I carried on licking at her throbbing clit.

All this lust had really got me going now, and I still didn’t see
any hope of getting a good dick inside me. I was kneeling there,
licking out Alison’s gorgeous cunt and watching her get hornier
and hornier while my cunt, pointing up in the air, was not
getting any attention at all. I could feel the hot juices
dripping from my hole, and my clit throbbed as I became more and
more rampant, then without any warning, I felt a big thick prick
nudge at my entrance then start to slide slowly in, penetrating
me right up to the hilt. Except that this was like no prick I had
ever felt before – it was so thick, it stretched my cunt to the
limit and, from the way it was stimulating the inside of my cunt
hole, it was obviously nice and chunky. I didn’t even want to
look round, as it started to thrust in and out of me, stretching
the entrance of my cunt so much that I could feel my lips rubbing
against my clit, making me quiver with the waves of bliss that
spread through me. Although I didn’t want to, though, I couldn’t
resist looking round to see what was going on, and I was com-
pletely surprised by what I saw, and it wasn’t the sight of Mike,
buried up to the hilt in my wet snatch, but the three other men
standing there too, all with their stiff dicks in their hands,
and all jerking off for all they were worth.

I was obviously the centre of attention, as Mike carried on
slowly shafting me for all he was worth, thrusting his huge dick
right into me then pulling it all the way out before plunging it
back in up to the hilt again. My cunt was so wet that I could
hear my juices slurping as his cock slid smoothly in and out of
me. I heard Alison, whose cunt was by now soaking wet and ready
for a good shafting itself from the look of it, call out “Come
on then, boys, what about me? Don’t I get to see any of the
action?” There was a bit of a stampede as two of the other guys
rushed over to her. While neither of them was as well equipped
as Mike, they weren’t small either, and I watched as Alison
turned over and knelt up, brazenly presenting her rear to one of
them, holding her bum cheeks apart to bare her wet cunt hole. The
guy behind her, holding the base of his shaft to guide it,
slipped his entire length into her. I needn’t have worried about
what Mike thought about all this – the sight was obviously making
him more and more excited and his thrusts grew deeper and faster,
his balls banging against me as he fucked my cunt. Meanwhile,
Alison had opened her mouth and taken most of the other guy’s
cock into it, and was sucking it like her life depended on it,
while her cunt was receiving the attentions of another bulging

The third bloke was looking a bit out of it, so I called him
over, “Stand in front of me”, I said, “Let me suck you off.” He
stood in front of me, with his stiff prick sticking out in front
of him like a flagpole. He moved so that it was in front of my
mouth, and I started to lick his shaft and helmet. He had a nice
loose foreskin, which was covering all but the very tip of his
helmet, and I pushed my tongue inside it and swirled it around
the purple head of his cock, making it twitch and leak a small
drop of come, which I eagerly lapped up. Then I started to get
down to some serious sucking, slowly taking his whole length into
my mouth until his cock head was in the back of my throat. He
started to thrust gently in and out, fucking my mouth. Mike was
still slamming away behind me making the sensations that were
spreading out from my cunt grow stronger and stronger and I knew
that I was about to climax. Suddenly, I felt Mike stiffen and
stop thrusting, then his cock twitched once or twice before
spurting a great rush of come, which splashed into me, followed
by another, then another. Slowly, he pulled out of me, still
pumping his thick come up my eager cunt. As his prick slid out
of me, one last jet shot out over my buttocks, covering them in
his milky sticky come. It was all too much for me, and an my
orgasm rolled over me making me gasp and cry out as the head of
his cock continued to rub against my clit and he thrust the
vibrator in and out of my arse in time with the contractions of
my cunt before finally pulling it out altogether bringing on a
series of smaller climaxes as it slid out of me. I concentrated
on sucking the cock in my mouth, which was tensing up for its own
climax, and as I slid my mouth up and down its length, teasing
the tiny hole in the end with my tongue, he gasped and then I
felt his cock jerk as the first jet of come shot up from his
tight balls and gushed into my mouth. As each spurt came, I
sealed my lips around his shaft to prevent any escaping. As his
prick shrank, I carefully slid it out of my mouth so as to avoid
losing any of his precious spunk. When he had finished, I crawled
over on hands and knees to Alison, who had finished sucking her
guy’s cock and was busy gulping down every last drop of his come.
Putting my face over her bum, inches away from the cock which was
still shafting her, I let the come in my mouth dribble out over
her arse cheeks, running down her bum crack, into her slit and
covering the cock which was sliding greasily in and out of her.
Then, cupping the balls of the bloke who was fucking her, I
squeezed them gently, and fingered Alison’s clit from underneath.
This was enough to finish them both off, and as Alison’s snatch
clenched round the cock inside it, I felt the bloke’s balls
contract as he started to pump his come into her.

Pretty soon afterwards, he withdrew from her, his prick followed
by a rush of come. I rolled Alison over onto her back and
straddled her face with my legs so she could lick up the juices
which covered my cunt while I got down and licked her out. As I
slurped up the juices from her cunt which had mingled with her
lover’s come, I felt her tongue lapping up her husband’s sperm
from my juicy snatch and I squatted even lower so she could get
her tongue right inside me. We must have presented a horny sight,
because I could see out of the corner of my eye that all of the
pricks had stiffened again, and the blokes came over and were
wanking over us as we got on with our all-girl 69. It didn’t take
long for them to start shooting their streams of thick come over
us again, and we were soon rolling around on the floor with our
faces buried in each other’s cunts, our bodies slippery with the
come that had been sprayed all over us.

After that, my heart wasn’t really in my work, so Mike, Alison
and me just got on with enjoying the rest of our Saturday
together! It was then that I discovered that Mike’s wife, Alison,
had confessed her taste for young girls some time before and Mike
had thought that I might just fit the bill, so they had set the
whole thing up, “borrowing” a few friends of Mike’s as well.

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Remember — fun and communication is what we’re all about!
Hi! I’m Sandi, and by now I expect you will have read a bit about
me, so I won’t bore you with the introductions! I thought I’d
tell you about some of the fun that me and my friend Jackie had
when we went on holiday a couple of years ago.

We were both taking our GCSE’s that year, and we had been so busy
preparing for our exams that we had hardly had a chance to get
up to any of our naughty tricks, apart from the occasional
groping session with each other round at Jackie’s. One day, just
before we were due to sit our last exams, Jackie had said to me,
“Why don’t we go away on holiday together and relax after all
this studying?” I thought this was a great idea and together we
hatched a plan to get enough money together to go abroad (but
then you know about that if you’ve read my previous adventures).

We decided on Spain, since it would be nice and hot, and we had
been told that there was plenty of good crumpet out there (male
AND female), so off we went to the travel agents to see what sort
of cancellation offers they had, and came out having booked
ourselves 2 weeks in Majorca (well, it’s nearly Spain!) leaving
the following week. We went home in a state of great excitement
to pack, looking forward to some sea, sun and, well, you can
probably guess the rest!

We arrived in Majorca to be greeted by beautiful hot sunshine,
quite unlike the wind and rain we’d left behind in England, and
we took a taxi to our hotel. When we arrived, we were shown to
our room, which was a nice double one with a balcony overlooking
the swimming pool. Straight away, we started to unpack and get
changed into something a bit cooler. But it wasn’t going to be
as simple as that! I had just taken off my skirt and slipped my
knickers down, and was bending down to take them off completely
when I felt Jackie run a finger along my slit, starting just
below my bum and running it round to my hard little clit. Maybe
it was the fact that I hadn’t had a good shagging in ages, or
perhaps it was the sunshine, but I suddenly felt so horny that
nothing else mattered. Within seconds, my pussy started to juice
up, and my little pink cunt lips started to grow more and more
engorged, pouting wetly. Jackie started to rub her fingers over
my labia, making them stiffen even more and causing my clit to
begin to swell and throb. I sighed in ecstasty and would have
fallen flat on my face on the floor if I hadn’t been facing the
bed at the time. I lay there on my front, my feet on the floor
and my bum just hanging over the edge.

“Hang on a minute, Sandi”, said Jackie, “I’ve got a surprise for
you.” Then she went over to her suitcase and started rummaging
around in it. She was behind me, so I couldn’t see what she was
up to, but it wasn’t long before I found out! She walked back,
and started working her fingers along my slit, thrusting inside
my hole every now and then, really getting me steamed up. Then,
all of a sudden, I felt my cunt get stretched wide open as she
thrust something up me. I craned round to see her shoving one end
of her huge double dildo into me. I should have guessed what it
was, after all I’d bought it for her as a joke Christmas present,
but right now it was me that was getting all of the benefit from

Then, as I craned my head round to watch, Jackie stood up on
tiptoe and held the end of the dildo to the opening of her cunt,
then lowered herself gently on to it, so she was straddling my
legs. The movement of her slipping onto the thick shaft that was
buried inside me made great waves of pleasure spread from my
cunt, and I moaned as she carried on impaling herself on her end
of the dildo. Because I had my legs closed around it, the
stimulation my cunt was getting was even better than usual, and
as Jackie started to pump it in and out of me I knew I couldn’t
hold out long. She was crying out in ecstasy as the thick shaft
slid in and out of her and I had my face buried in the bedclothes
as the force of her thrusts pushed me back and forth on the bed,
which was rubbing my mound and clit up against the side of the
bed. My cunt started to contract round the dildo that was buried
inside me, clenching it as the waves of orgasm started to flow
from my juicy snatch. Then I cried out as my clit throbbed with
the force of my climax while Jackie kept on pumping away at my

Just as I finished climaxing, I heard the door latch click. I
looked round to see the door opening and the maid looking in with
an expression of complete shock on her face. It was quite obvious
that she had never seen anybody being fucked before, let alone
two horny teenage girls like us. She stood there at the door for
an eternity before muttering what sounded like an apology in
Spanish before popping her head back round the door and closing

Jackie grinned and said, “Well, I bet she wasn’t expecting to see
this! I wonder what she’s thinking now?”. I replied, “Well, if
I was her, I’d be wondering how to get in on all the fun!”. We
both laughed and Jackie said “Come on then, last one in the pool
gets to do all the licking tonight!” before climbing off me,
leaving the dildo sticking obscenely out of my cunt like a
flagpole. Carefully, I stood up and pulled it out of me, and made
a big show out of licking Jackie’s end. “Mmmm, well if this is
anything to go by, Jackie, you can just rush on down there and
I’ll follow you. I’d be quite happy to spend all night licking
you out the way this tastes!” With that, I started to get my
bikini on: I’d brought the skimpiest one I could find, and it
barely covered my cunt, and had a thin string that went up my bum
crack, with a top that pushed my firm tits up and together.

Five minutes later, we came out, and I locked the room as Jackie
started to walk down the corridor. As I walked down after her she
suddenly stopped and put her finger to her lips. “Shhh”, she
whispered, and pointed to a door which was slightly ajar, “That
maid’s in there, and I don’t think she’s making beds!”. We both
peered through the crack and there was the maid who had come in
on our sex session, lying back on the bed, with her black dress
up round her waist and both hands obviously busy with her snatch.
Every now and then a little whimper escaped her lips as she tried
to bring herself off.

Before I could stop her, Jackie had barged into the room and as
I followed her in, she had gone straight over to the surprised
maid and, lifting her legs apart, had dived between them and was
licking and slurping away at her cunt. As I walked over to the
bed, I nearly tripped over the maid’s knickers, where they had
been flung aside in her haste to start playing with herself. She
was obviously so surprised by the speed of Jackie’s arrival that
she didn’t have time to protest, and pretty soon she was really
getting into it.

Standing there behind Jackie, watching her gorgeous bum, barely
covered by her skimpy bikini bottoms, I started getting all
turned on again, and before I could stop myself, I had rushed
forward and pulled them down to expose her juicy cunt and soft
white arse. Holding her cunt lips apart with one hand, I started
fingering her snatch with the other. She was still so wet from
having had the dildo up her that I managed to slip first one,
then two, and finally three fingers up inside her hole, working
them in and out of her.

The maid was becoming more and more excited by what was being
done to her, and she was thrashing up and down as Jackie carried
on nuzzling her soaking gash with her tongue and lips, pushing
her fingers inside her tight cunt hole, then suddenly she came,
crying out in Spanish as she shook with the sensations that
Jackie was stimulating inside her. As she climaxed, Jackie
started to pant as the attention I was giving to her gash started
to bring her to orgasm. Panting and bucking her arse as she came,
she carried on licking the maid’s juicy cunt until her climax hit
her and all she could do was to lie quivering on the bed. I think
the maid must have become a bit embarrassed about what was going
on, because she started to try and get up from the bed. Jackie
climbed out from between her thighs and said “What time do you
come off duty?” before she had a chance to go. The maid replied,
“At eight o’clock, after the dinner is being served”. “See you
in our room at eight, then. Do you understand?”, said Jackie,
giving her a big wink, and reaching down to grope her sopping
snatch one last time. “Oh yes” replied the maid, nodding
urgently, “I understand good!” and quickly got up off the bed,
adjusting her skirt and starting to tidy up as Jackie and me went
out of the room.

We weren’t really all that interested in swimming after all that,
but we went down and hung around in the pool, discussing what we
were going to do that evening. Jackie wasn’t sure whether the
maid would come back, but I reckoned that she wouldn’t be able
to resist one of Jackie’s cunt-licking sessions now she’d had a
taster of what was on the way. At about 6 o’clock, we went back
inside to change before we went down and had dinner. We were
sitting in the restaurant when the same maid appeared at out
table, serving the dinner. Jackie gave her bum a sneaky grope
while she was serving up the food, and we were both surprised
when she smirked and patted her cunt through her uniform dress.

When we had finished our meal, we both rushed up to our room to
get ready. I could see that Jackie was as excited about the
evening ahead from the way she ran up the stairs and burst into
the room. We had about half an hour to get ready, and we both
went into the shower to cool off before changing into something
to suit the occasion. When we had finished, Jackie was wearing
a sleeveless T-shirt that exposed the sides of her boobs when she
leaned even slightly forward, not that anybody was going to
notice that, since she was wearing no knickers, and the T-shirt
barely went down over her pubes. I had a pair of shorts on, that
were cut really high at the sides, to show most of my juicy
little bum, and a cut-off T-shirt that just covered my tits,
leaving the bottoms of them peeking out underneath.

We had brought a couple of bottles of wine up with us, and we
decided to have a couple of glasses while we waited for the maid,
who had told us at dinner that she was called Maria, to arrive.
By 10 to 8 we were a little bit drunk, and were falling about on
the bed and giggling as we messed about with each other’s young
bodies. “The trouble is”, slurred Jackie, “that what I REALLY
need right now is some thick stiff dick up me!” “You’ll have to
wait then, Jackie” I replied, “But we’ll go out later and see
what we can find. Me, I’m just looking forward to teaching Maria
how to give a good licking.”. Just as we spoke, there was a
gentle knock on the door. Me and Jackie rushed over to open it,
and Maria walked in. She had obviously come straight up from
work, because she was still wearing her uniform, and she quickly
shut the door behind her. “I must not be seen in the guests’
rooms,” she explained, “or the manager, he will give me the

Jackie went over and poured Maria a glass of wine, while she sat
down on the bed. “I am a little bit, how you say, nervous” she
said to me, “I think you should know I am virgin.”. I gasped,
nearly choking on my wine: it had never occurred to me that
Maria, who looked about 25, might never have known the feeling
of a stiff thick cock sliding up her. “Well in that case,” I
said, “we’ve got lots to show you then!”, then I leaned forwards
and started to unbutton the front of her uniform, to let her
breasts swing free. I was a bit surprised to find that she wasn’t
wearing a bra – her dark juicy tits nestled invitingly and I
couldn’t wait to get my lips round one of her brown nipples. I
carried on unbuttoning her dress, and when it was completely
undone, I opened it up. Maria was by now leaning back on the bed,
and was watching me with a look of interest as I started to
caress her brown body.

Kneeling on the floor between her legs, I took one of her
succulent tits in my hands, and gently started to nibble and suck
on her nipple. She gasped, and almost immediately, the nipple
started to harden and swell. Quickly, I turned my attentions to
the other breast, making Maria moan softly and I could feel her
breathing deepen as she started to relax into it. As I carried
on stimulating her tits, I could feel her pushing up with her
hips to rub her mound against my belly. I could feel my cunt
start to pulse as the blood rushed to it and, glancing sideways,
I saw Jackie sitting on a chair with her legs spread wide,
fingering her wet snatch. Maria still had her knickers on, and
I suddenly got the urge to bury my face in her muff, so I lifted
up her feet so they were on the edge of the bed, and started to
pull her panties down. She soon got the message, and lifted up
her bottom to let me remove them. As I slid them down, she
wriggled so that her head was at the other side of the bed, and
there was room for me to kneel between her warm inviting thighs.
With both thumbs I parted her labia and put my lips to her musky
cunt, inhaling her smell. Then I gently poked my tongue out and
slowly worked it up the length of her snatch, probing and
caressing every warm juicy fold as I made my way to her clit
which by the time I reached it was stiff and protruding. As my
tongue lashed across it, Maria let out a long shuddering moan,
then I felt her stiffen as she came, lifting her arse off the bed
and trembling as she revelled in the sensations my tongue was
giving her.

All this was making me extremely horny, and my cunt needed some
serious attention so, not sure what Maria would make of it, I
climbed onto the bed and straddled her face. Before I could lower
my cunt to her mouth, she said “I am sorry, Jackie, but I have
not done this thing before – I do not know what I must do.”.
“Don’t worry,” I said, “Just stick your tongue out like this”.
I poked out my tongue, making it pointed and stiff, “Then just
let me do all the work.”. Maria stuck out her tongue, and
carefully I lowered my cunt so that it was just pushing at the
entrance to my pussy, then I started to move back and forth a
tiny bit, just enough to have Maria’s tongue rub between my cunt
hold and the tight bud of my clit. “Mmmm”, I heard her say then,
letting her head fall back so she could speak, she said, “Oh,
Sandi, you taste nice. I must lick you some more.”. Well, it was
obvious that Maria was a natural at this sort of thing! Her
tongue started to rasp up and down, and from side to side, first
pushing into me, then licking me in great long strokes, then
probing my crevices. Before long, I could feel my legs trembling
as my climax started. I was desparate for her to lick my clit so
she could bring me off, but she was still working out what was
what, and her tongue carried on stimulating me enough to drive
me crazy with lust, but not enough to make me come.

Meanwhile, Jackie had got up and walked round between me, holding
the dildo. She lay on her front on the bed between Maria’s
thighs, and in between gasps, I said “Don’t hurt her, Jackie.
Remember she’s never been fucked before.” Jackie nodded, and I
went back to concentrating on the exquisite sensations that Maria
was creating in my pussy. I had never been turned on quite so
much without coming, and I could feel my climax rise, then
subside as Maria’s questing tongue first flicked over, then moved
away from my throbbing clit. Then I heard Maria gasp and looked
round to see Jackie slipping two fingers into Maria’s soaking
cunt. Slowly she started to fuck Maria with her fingers, sliding
them in and out before she suddenly pushed them right in. Maria
stiffened, then cried out as Jackie’s fingers took her virginity
then, as Jackie’s lips and tongue joined in on Maria’s cunt, she
purred with pleasure and started to lick my horny snatch again.
Looking up for a moment, Jackie said “It’s just how I lost mine,
and it’s not so bad!”, before picking up the dildo and sliding
the tip into Maria. I could feel Maria move her hips around as
she got used to the feeling of being filled up with a stiff cock,
even if it was a fake one, and before long, Jackie had got most
of Maria’s half of the double dildo into her. Then, squatting
astride Maria’s hips, Jackie placed her end inside the entrance
to her own pussy and in one quick movement slid the whole length
inside her. “Mmmmm, that feels so nice!”, she murmured, and
started to pump herself up and down, holding on to me for
balance. I know what that dildo feels like up me, and I could
imagine what it was doing inside Maria’s tight virgin cunt, while
she moaned and bucked with pleasure while she carried on licking
me out.

Jackie must have already been really turned on, because it wasn’t
long before she was gripping me hard and really thrashing up and
down as her orgasm hit her. All this extra stimulation was
getting to Maria, because I could hear her sharp moans as each
thrust of the dildo drove it deep into her, rubbing her clit
against Jackie’s as their hips thrashed around together. Jackie
must have made an extra big thrust then because Maria’s head came
up and her mouth clamped around my cunt, her tongue lashing
across my clit and labia in a frenzy as she rocked with her
second climax of the evening. It was too much for me, and I let
go with my own orgasm, sobbing and crying out. It was the best
climax I had ever had, washing over me and making me rock and
shudder as each successive wave of pleasure hit me.

I suppose, what with all the noise we were making, somebody had
to have heard us, because for the second time since we had been
there, the door opened and two blokes walked in. Both of them
stood there, their eyes popping out of their heads as they
watched the three of us thrashing on the bed. After all the
sucking and fucking we’d been doing, the smell of sex filled the
room and I could see the bulges in their trousers as they
realised what was going on. “Come on then, lads,”, I called out,
“Are you just going to stand there watching or what?”. I climbed
off Maria, who was still lying totally knackered on the bed, and
wend over to them.

Pushing the door shut behind them, I knelt on the floor and
started to undo the flies of the one nearest me. Pretty soon, I
had his trousers and briefs down round his ankles, and I had his
stiff cock in my hands. It was a long one, but I was surprised
at how slim it was, although it was extremely stiff. His foreskin
had rolled back slightly, exposing his purple helmet. I couldn’t
wait any longer to taste him, so I opened my mouth and gobbled
up his entire length. Then, cupping his balls in my hand and
squeezing and caressing them gently, I started to suck on his
cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth, tickling the helmet and
tracing all the veins with my tongue. His friend struggled out
of his trousers and went round behind me, then without further
ado just slid his cock all the way into me. I could feel from the
way my cunt was stretched open that the prick that was fucking
me was most definitely a good thick one. He started to get into
his stride, pulling his cock right out of me then ramming it all
the way back in until his balls banged against my thighs.

With the sucking I was giving his friend, it wasn’t long before
I felt his cock stiffen and start to shoot come into my mouth.
With each spurt, I gripped his balls and squeezed every last drop
out of him, lapping it up and holding it in my mouth. As he
finished climaxing, the guy shagging my cunt started to pump
spurts of come up me too, grunting and gasping as my pussy walls
sucked him dry. “Come on, Sandi, let’s have some of that come”
said Jackie, who had by now climbed off Maria, and was now lying
beside her, one hand stroking between her legs and one on her own
fanny as she watched me being fucked at both ends. I couldn’t say
anything with my mouth full of semen, so I went over to her and,
holding her cunt lips open, dribbled it into her. “I meant, so
I can taste it!” she laughed. “You can”, I replied, “out of MY
cunt. That’s for Maria – we’ve got to consider her education, you
know!”. Then I climbed onto the bed and lay back, legs spread
wide. Jackie went on all fours over me, so she could start
licking the come that had been pumped into my snatch. She lapped
it up while Maria knelt up on the bed to lick Jackie out, holding
her bum cheeks wide with both hands so she could bury her face
in Jackie’s pussy – she had definitely got a taste for sperm!

She was so intent on this that she was totally unaware of the guy
who I had sucked off coming up behind her. Holding her cunt open
with one hand, he fed the tip of his cock into her. I could see
her face just above me, and from the look of pleasure that passed
across it, she was clearly enjoying her first cock. It was
obviously a tight fit though, because he was having to slip it
in a little bit at a time, although she was soaking wet, but with
each thrust it slid in a little further and Maria uttered a grunt
of satisfaction. I heard the other guy tell his friend to move
over a bit, and he and Maria moved sideways. Then, inches above
my face, while Jackie licked my cunt clean, I watched the cock
that had fucked me so thoroughly slide smoothly into Jackie’s
greasy cunt, then start pumping in and out. Not wanting to miss
out on the action, I pulled Jackie down towards me and started
to lick her clit, while her tongue probed my cunt. The thick
prick shafting her soon had the same effect as it had on me, and
she started to buck, pushing her arse up at her lover, moaning
out and shouting “Fuck me, oh that’s lovely, mmm!” as she came.
The guy fucking her pulled his cock out as her climax finished,
then jerking himself off, he came all over her buttocks and cunt,
letting it drip down over my face. Quickly, I grabbed his cock
and sucked it clean, before starting on her rear.

My attention was diverted by Maria, who was really enjoying her
first fuck, and was crying out in Spanish as the guy shafting her
slid his cock in the last bit and had started to pump away at her
cunt. She was so tight that it didn’t take long for her to start
coming again, and as her pussy contracted and relaxed, it set him
off, and with a couple more thrusts he started coming. Before he
could shoot his sperm inside her, he too pulled out and came over
her bum, shooting jets of thick white come across her cheeks so
they ran down her bum crack. Jackie climbed off me and rushed
round to lick it up before I could get to it, and had slid under
Maria and was licking the come off her while she finished off the
job I had started on Jackie.

What a wonderful start to our holiday!

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My name’s Sandi and I expect that you’ve probably heard all about
me and my adventures by now! My last story was about my holiday
in Majorca that I went on after my exams, and I thought you might
like to hear a bit more about the fun that me and my friend
Jackie had while we were out there.

After a day or two, we had got used to the bright sunshine, and
we started getting down to getting ourselves nicely tanned. Every
afternoon we’d go off and find ourselves a nice quiet secluded
spot, and strip off for an afternoon of nude sunbathing – there’s
nothing I like more than the feeling of warm sun on my pussy!
What with the warm sun and the all-night partying in the bar, we
were too sleepy in the afternoons to be getting up to anything,
so we’d just lie there and soak up the sun, getting up every now
and then for a quick dip and to rub suntan oil over each other.

I was lying there dozing on about the fourth afternoon, when
something woke me up, and I looked across to where Jackie had
been lying, but she had gone, leaving all her things, including
her bikini top. I got up and looked around to see whether she had
gone for a swim, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Then I
heard voices coming from behind a dune and I ran over and
scrambled up to see who it was. There was Jackie, with her bikini
pulled down round her ankles, being shafted by a bloke I had
never seen before. Standing in front of her was another guy who
had his prick in her mouth enjoying being sucked off by my
friend. I wasn’t used to watching Jackie in action from the
sidelines, and I just lay there on the dune, looking over the
brow as she moaned and gasped with the fucking she was getting
at both ends.

The guy behind her had an enormous cock, which was so thick it
was obviously stretching her cunt to the limit, and when he
pulled it out to thrust it back inside her, I gasped as I saw how
long it was – no wonder she was enjoying it so much! As I
watched, I saw him start to come, and his thrusting became faster
and more urgent. Then, grunting with each stroke, he started to
pump his spunk into Jackie’s eager snatch before pulling his
thick shaft out of her, still pumping his hot come as his cock
slid out of her in a rush of juices, and I watched his cock shoot
a last few spurts over her bum cheeks. Even from where I was
watching, I could see that his cock was covered in slippery
juices, and my mouth watered at the thought of sucking that huge
tool back to stiffness, but something made me stay and watch as
Jackie reached round behind her and rubbed the sticky come all
over her arse.

Meanwhile, Jackie had been really sucking on the other guy’s
prick, sliding it in and out of her mouth, licking and nibbling
his shaft, and tickling his helmet with the tip of her tongue.
But before he could come, Jackie slid him out of her mouth and
turned round, lying her face on the warm sand, poking her bum in
the air and spreading her cunt lips as wide as she could with
both hands. “Fuck my cunt,” I could hear her say, “Stick your
cock up me, I want you to come inside me.”. He quickly obliged
and his prick slid easily into her soaking gash before he started
to pump away at her. She looked up and I just heard her say to
the other guy “Come here, and let me taste your come.” He stood
in front of her, holding his still limp prick in his hand, and
she took it into her mouth and started to suck on it. The guy
fucking her from behind was thrusting so hard that with each
stroke her face pushed forwards into the other guy’s groin, and
I could see the guy’s cock harden as she carried on licking and
slurping it. Before too long, he’d had more than he could take,
and he started to spurt into Jackie’s mouth. She had her lips
around the head of his cock as he came, sucking every last drop
of come from him and swallowing every drop.

Watching all this horny action had started to make my own cunt
extremely aroused, and I slipped a hand down the front of my
bikini bottom and started to frig myself. As my juices started
to flow, I slipped a finger inside my love hole, teasing the
entrance with it, then I licked my juices off my finger. That
only made me more horny, and I pulled my bikini bottoms off
before kneeling up just far enough down the dune that they
couldn’t see me. Taking my weight on one elbow, I started
fingering my snatch as I watched Jackie still being fucked. Then
I decided that there was no way I was going to miss out when
there was hot cock on offer, and I scambled round the dune so I
was behind them and crept up behind the guy who was shafting my
friend and lay down on my back between his feet.

What with all the noise Jackie was making, neither of them nor
the other guy who was still recovering on the sand in front of
Jackie realised I was there. I carefully slid between the guy’s
legs until I could see his thick cock plunging in and out of
Jackie’s tight teenage snatch and I lay there for a moment,
enjoying the sight. Then I stuck my tongue out, making it into
a little point then I lifted my head up and gently started to
tickle Jackie’s clit with it. Perhaps it was because she had been
fucked for nearly half an hour without climaxing, or maybe it was
just surprise, but she stiffened and gasped as I lapped at her
little bud. I could see her cunt start to clench around the shaft
that was pumping in and out of her, but the guy was so intent on
the shafting he was giving Jackie, he still hadn’t realised I was
there, so I started licking further and further down Jackie’s
damp slit until my tongue was half on Jackie’s cunt lips and half
on his shaft, which rubbed against my tongue as it slid in and
out of Jackie. Then he must have realised what was going on,
because he paused for a moment, before he started thrusting into
Jackie again.

Each time he pulled out, I could see his helmet almost come right
out of her snatch, and I suddenly had an idea. The next time he
pulled out, I grabbed his prick and pulled it down. It plopped
out of Jackie’s cunt, but he had thrust forwards again before he
realised what was happening, and I put my mouth against it and
pushed it up against Jackie’s slit so it slid along her,
lubricated by her juices, while I tongued the underside, and
cupped his balls in my hand. He only thrusted for a couple more
strokes before I heard Jackie start to cry, “God, I’m coming, put
that cock inside me, oh God!” Just before she came, I pushed the
guy’s cock back up so it was positioned at her hole as he thrust
and it slid back into her while I returned to tonguing her clit.
I watched as she pumped her arse backwards, thrusting the big
cock that was shafting her deeper into her juicy cunt. Then she
came, covering my face in her come and rubbing her clit
frantically against my tongue and lips, and wriggling to push the
prick deeper inside her.

Then it was my turn to be surprised – I felt someone grasp my
legs just below the knees, then spread them wide. Then I felt my
legs being hooked over someone’s shoulders, and something started
to push up against my wet and waiting cunt. With a start, I
realised that the guy who had been lying on the sand recovering
from Jackie’s blow job must have crept round and now that cock
that I had watched penetrating Jackie’s little pussy was now
pushing its way into mine. It was so big that I felt myself being
stretched wider and wider as the head forced its way inside me.
Even though my slit was covered in juices, the cock was so big
that the guy fucking me was having to ease it into me a little
at a time. I felt him start to finger my clit then all of a
sudden, my cunt opened up and his prick slid smoothly into me.
It was huge, at least as big as my favourite vibrator, only this
one was warm and throbbing, and I felt completely filled up by
it – my cunt was stretched as wide as it would go. I felt
completely at his mercy: with my legs over his shoulders, my cunt
was completely exposed and there was nothing I could have done
to stop him fucking me, even if I had wanted to.

By the time he had got his cock up me and was starting to thrust
into my snatch, Jackie’s climax had just about finished, and I
started to lick her gash again, tasting her musky juices and
stimulating her clit back into stiffness. Then I realised that
although Jackie had come, the guy fucking her hadn’t, so I gently
pulled Jackie’s hips forwards and eased his cock out of her hole,
then I took his length in my mouth, and started to suck on him.
This got him pumping again, and I let his cock slide out of my
mouth and held it against Jackie’s slit again, so that the head
slid along her clit with each thrust. I positioned my head so
that every time he thrust, I could lick his helmet and before too
long I felt his thrusts become irregular as his come welled up
from his balls and his cock stiffened even more as he got closer
to coming.

Meanwhile, the guy fucking me was pumping away for all he was
worth, and with every thrust I felt his huge balls bump against
the backs of my thighs. He was starting to pant as well, and the
thought of that gigantic cock pumping its load into me as well
as the fingering my clit was getting started to get me going.
Jackie’s cunt wasn’t missing out either, as the other guy carried
on pumping away at her slit, and I wondered who was going to come
first. I didn’t have to wait long to find out! The guy fucking
me suddenly cried out and I felt him slam his cock right into me
then it just started pumping come into my overfilled pussy. That
was it for me, and my hips bucked towards him and I started to
come as well, trying to hold my head still so I could carry on
licking Jackie and the other guy but it was all too much and I
was moaning and shouting as each spurt of his thick come sprayed
into me and I was rubbing my mouth up and down Jackie’s pussy,
setting her off. Then the other guy started to spurt his load,
which shot all over my face, and I started sucking his helmet to
get as much of his come into my mouth as I could while Jackie
rubbed her cunt against my face to bring herself off again.

As we all finished, Jackie climbed off me and turned round to
lick the come off my face, where it had been sprayed in thick
white strands. Then the guy fucking me pulled out, and I felt the
come he had injected up me start to dribble out. It wasn’t long
before Jackie realised what she was missing out on, and she was
straight in there, lapping up every last drop.

Well, after that lot we were too exhausted to do anything for the
rest of the day, so after a quick dip to wash off any come we’d
missed on each other, we went and lay down to continue our
interrupted sunbathing.

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