My Mom’s Boyfriend fucked me hard
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Boarding flight 253 for Denver, the loudspeaker
screamed. I hurriedly gathered my things and moved
toward the gate. It had been 5 years since I had seen
my Mom and her husband. I had been studying in Hawaii.

My longtime dream had finally come true of becoming
doctor. I had completed my residency and now I was a
full fledged pediatrician. I am hoping to start my
own practice in Denver. But that’s not what this
story is all about. I want to share with you an
incident that happened to me when I was 15 years old.

This is not a sick perverted story but… maybe
you’ll think so, and my feelings are mixed about the
whole thing, especially since I will be seeing Joe
again soon, (Mom’s husband).

My Dad died when I was 6, Mom had given birth to me
when she was 18. She had a promising career as a
beauty pageant contestant, but I guess that just
wasn’t meant to be. She has never made me feel bad
because she had me, because my Mom is a survivor and
has always wanted nothing but the best for me. I know
she loved me and always made me feel special.

Mom had become a registered Nurse while my Dad was
alive and she went on to become a Doctors assistant.
I really respected Mom for her moxy and wanted to be
like her.

I have finally arrived I thought to myself as we
lifted off the runway streaking upward into the blue
sky inside the jumbo jet.

The story I want to tell you about all started when I
was 15. Mom had basically stayed unattached since
Dad died. She was too involved with making a living
for us and raising me. She kept a very close watch
over me and protected me from everything. She had
enrolled me in a Catholic School down the street. We
lived in a very affluent neighborhood and were highly

About two months before my 15th birthday, Mom had
started dating a fellow she had met at a doctors
gathering at the hospital. He was a well to do real
estate developer. I encouraged Mom to start dating,
she had been alone long enough.

It certainly wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive
that she didn’t date, she was stunning. Tall, about
5’9″, long brown hair and the class of a aristocrat.

Well this Joe must have been pretty special because I
saw a change in Mom’s demeanor after she met him, I
could tell she really liked him. Anyhow,
she informed me that she was going to have dinner with
him and wanted me to join them and meet him. I was
thrilled, I couldn’t wait to meet the person that made
Mom happier and more radiant than I had seen her in

Finally, Friday night came and Mom picked me up after
work and after she changed into fresh clothes we left
for the restaurant. I was impressed when we arrived.

It was a French upscale restaurant with a beautiful
atmosphere. When we entered, all eyes turned to us.
Oh, by the way, not only was Mom stunning, but I’m
not bad to look at either.

As we entered, Mom spotted Joe and he got up to greet

Wow, I thought. He was really a handsome man.
Immediately I knew that he and Mom made a great

Mom introduced me.

“Joe, this is my pride and joy, Susan.”

“Hello Susan,” Joe responded with a bit of a foreign
accent. Something like Omar the actor.

I liked being referred to by my proper name. So many
people called me Susie, or honey or some other
condescending name like “young lady” or something.

Joe treated me with respect. I liked that.

As he reached out his hand to shake mine I know my
face flushed. I was embarrassed.

We ended up having a great dinner, we talked for a
couple hours and it was really great having conver-
sation with an adult man. It almost seemed like a

On the way home Mom couldn’t wait to ask how I liked
him. She was pleased when I said I thought he was
great and that I thought they made a great couple.
I knew Mom really like him.

“Well, tell me Mom?”

“Tell you what Susan?”

“Well, are there any special plans in the future.”

Mom just blushed and giggled like a teenager.

She said, “Well, who knows, we will just have to wait
and see.”

Chapter 2

It was the night of my 15th birthday party and I was
so excited when I came home. Mom had invited 20 of my
best girlfriends from school. Her and Joe had worked
hard on making this a really special time for me. We
had a wonderful time of fun and games and the presents
were special as well.

Finally though, it came to the end of the evening and
everyone left. After cleaning up Mom and Joe presented
me with their gift. I was shocked to open the envelope
and there was a check for $10,000 designated for my
college tuition to Medical School. I was flabbergasted,
I didn’t know what to say.

They were so pleased that I was happy. I grabbed Mom
and hugged her so tight I about squeezed her to death.

She whispered, “I was not the only one who gave you the
gift Susan.”

With that I turned and threw my arms around Joe as well
thanking him gratefully. He leaned over and kissed me
on the cheek. “We’re so glad to help you get a head
start on your dream Susan,” he said.

I was really growing to like Joe a lot.

Joe left about 11 and Mom and I finished cleaning up.

“You know Mom,” I said. “I really don’t know what to
say. I am so shocked.”

“That’s OK Susan, we both love you and want the best
for you.”

Now, this is where the story changes pace.

It was about a week later and I had just walked in the
door after school when the phone rang.

“Hi honey,” the voice on the other end said.

“Hi Mom, what’s up?”

“Listen Susan, I’m going to be delayed at the hospital
for about two hours, Joe is supposed to be coming over
to pick me up for dinner, will you call him and tell
him I’ll be late?”

“Sure, no problem.”

I dialed the phone and finally Joe’s answering machine
answered. Shoot, I must have missed him I thought to
myself. When the greeting was over, I left a message
telling Joe that if he got this message that Mom would
be a couple of hours late and to come over later to
pick her up. With that I pulled my white blouse out
of my pleated plaid Catholic School skirt and began
going up the steps when the doorbell rang. I ran over
to the door and opened it and their stood Joe with a
bouquet of roses in his hand.

“Hi Susan, I’m here to pick up your mother for dinner.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Joe, I tried to call you at home but
you were already gone. Mom has been delayed for about
two hours at the hospital.”

“Oh,” Joe replied.

“I’m sorry Joe I said, I’m so rude. Come on in.”

Joe stepped in and I took the roses from him and walked
over to the sink, grabbed a vase and ran some water
in it for the flowers.

“They’re beautiful Joe,” I said.

“Thank you Susan, I hope your Mom likes them.”

“Oh, I’m sure she will Joe. She likes everything you

“She does, does she,” Joe replied half laughing.

I was facing the sink working on the flowers when I
felt Joe place both hands on my shoulders and begin
massaging them.

“Does that feel good Susan?” Joe asked.

“Well, ah, well yes, I guess so.” I was surprised, I
really didn’t know what to say to him.

“Good,” Joe responded as he massaged methodically. I
had to admit, it really did feel great, his hands were
so strong and at the same time, so gentle.

I finished with the flowers and sat the vase aside and
placed my hand on the ledge of the sink as Joe
continued to rub his fingers deeply into my shoulders
with a massaging motion that caused my head to spin.

It felt great.

“Ah Joe, well I really have some homework to do, and

“Just relax Susan, you will have plenty of time for
homework. When is the last time you had a good
shoulder rub?”

“Well, actually, never,” I replied. I felt so stupid.

“All right then, just relax and enjoy.”

I didn’t argue, actually, I really didn’t know what to
do. I had never, and I mean never, had a boy or man
or anybody else for that matter, touch me.

Then Joe moved his hands from my shoulders to the side
of my head and began to rub my temples. I thought my
knees would collapse. I got light headed and started
to weave back and forth.

Joe took his left arm and quickly put it around my

“You OK?” Joe asked with a concerned voice.

“Yes, I think so,” I replied. “I just got really dizzy
there for a moment.”

Joe half laughed, “You sure you’re OK?”

“Yes, I think so,” I said again.

Then with one arm around my waist and one hand still
massaging my right temple he lowered his head to my
neck and gently kissed me. I felt a wave of elec-
tricity shoot through my body and I thought I would

“What are you doing?” I asked half scared to death.

“Nothing Susan, nothing.”

He kissed me again as his arm tighten around my waist.

“I think I better go upstairs Joe,” I said in a
panicked voice.

“Relax Susan, do you think I’m going to hurt you?”

“Well, I don’t know Joe….. are you?”

“Of course not Susan, I wouldn’t think of it.”

Then he bent over and kissed the other side of my neck,
this time he lingered and lightly ran his tongue over
the skin. I shuttered all over.

“Now, doesn’t that feel good Susan?”

I didn’t reply.

I could feel his warm breath against my neck and it
was driving me crazy. I began to squirm to try and
get out of his grasp but it was to no avail. He held
me tight as he continued.

Joe then began moving his hand back and forth across
my stomach as he continued to massage my temple and
kissed my neck. My knees had all but given out by
this time and I was just hanging there with my hands
on the sink and my back against Joe. I wasn’t sure
what I was feeling, but it sure was different.

As Joe rubbed my stomach, he began to unbutton the
bottom buttons of my blouse.

I was too weak and memorized to do anything and he
obviously could sense that, because he was really bold
in his movements.

When he finally reached the button at my belly button,
he moved his hand underneath my blouse and placed his
big hand against my skin. Shivers ran up and down my
spine as he ran his fingers lightly over the skin. My
head was spinning, I really just didn’t know what to
do. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t know how to
stop it.

“You’re beautiful Susan, Joe whispered in my ear.
You’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever
known.” he said quietly.

Woman I thought. I’m no woman.

Or am I? Right then I wasn’t sure about anything.

Joe continued rubbing me and moved his right hand
from my temple to my stomach as well. With one hand
he rubbed and with the other he continued his pursuit
of unbuttoning my blouse.

I was starting to panic now, as I struggled to try and
get loose from his grasp.

“Joe please…” I said with a soft voice. “Please let
me go.”

Joe didn’t answer, but kept rubbing and moving his
hand upward in the process. By now he had my blouse
completely unbuttoned.

Then with one clean motion, he turned me around and
pinned my back to the sink. He looked me straight in
the eye as his body pushed against mine and then he
took both hands, put them on each side of my head,
moved his head forward and placed his lips directly on
mine. I began to struggle to get loose but I had no
room to move. His lips burned against mine as he
continued to kiss me passionately.

I had never been kissed before, and the sensation was,
well all I can say is… unbelievable.

With his lips still pressed tightly against mine, Joe
took his hands and moved them to my shoulders, placed
them under my blouse and began to push. I was limp
and it really didn’t take much effort for him to push
it over my shoulder and down my arms till it fell in a
pile onto the floor.

I wanted to resist, honest I did, but I just couldn’t.
I can’t tell you why, but I couldn’t.

Then Joe placed his hands on my back and began to pull
me closer to him, still kissing me.

My mind was racing, by head was spinning, and my legs
were so weak I didn’t even know they were still
attached to my hips.

As Joe continued to kiss me he began to run his tongue
over my slightly parted lips, I opened my mouth slight-
ly and he inserted his tongue inside, moving it in and
out gently. I heard myself begin to make little moaning
noises, I didn’t know where they were coming from but
they were there.

I was so enthralled with Joe’s lips on mine that I
hardly noticed this fingers fumbling at the snap on my
white lacy bra until I felt it unsnap and come apart.

“Mmmmm,” I tried to protest but I couldn’t speak, I
tried to move my arms but Joe had them securely pinned
against my side with his own arms as they were around
my back. I tried to kick myself free but he had one
leg between my legs and I only kicked at air.

Finally he took his mouth off of mine.

“Joe stop!” I screamed. “Stop right now! I’m going to
tell my Mom.”

Joe looked me straight in the eyes and with a very
stern look on his face he said, “Susan, shut up and
relax, I’m not going to tell you twice.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know if I should fear him or
respect him. His voice was so commanding yet, so gentle
and reassuring. “Did you understand me Susan?” Joe

Stunned, I just looked at him and nodded my head.

“Remember Susan, I won’t tell you twice.” With that
Joe moved backward one step and as he did he pulled
my bra away from my body and dropped it to the floor.

There I stood, for the first time ever in my life,
bare-chested in front of another human being.

“Your breasts are very beautiful Susan,” Joe said in
a very matter of fact tone of voice.

Well I knew they weren’t the biggest in the world but
being the size of two oranges obviously didn’t seem to
make a difference to Joe as he stood there and ogled

Chapter 3

My eyes were half closed, mostly out of embarrassment,
and my head was turned downward.

“Look up here at me Susan,” Joe said.

As I did, he was smiling.

“Your breasts are beautiful Susan, you have nothing to
be embarrassed about.”

I wondered how he knew what I was thinking.

Then he reached out his hand and with his forefinger
and thumb he placed them on my little nipple and
slightly squeezed. I thought I had been sitting in
the electric chair as a charge went racing through my
body from my breast to my feet and back to my brain in
a millisecond.

“Oh gawd!”, I cried out; my eyes closed and my head
flung backwards and my knees buckled.

Joe steadied me with his left arm as he continued to
squeeze my nipple. Then he took his hand and encompass-
ed my breast and gently squeezed it.

“Open your eyes and look at me Susan,” Joe commanded.

I opened my eyes and Joe was staring lovingly into

“Do you like that Susan,” Joe asked?

No words would come out of my mouth. I was speechless.

“Just shake your head Susan, yes or no?”

I closed my eyes again and opened them and then nodded
my head … yes.

A big smile came over Joe’s face as he said, “Good.”

I wasn’t ready for what came next, (as though I had
been ready for anything up to this point).

Joe leaned his head over and placed his warm lips
directly around my nipple and he started to suck.

“Oh god!” I heard myself moan. “Oh gawd!”

As Joe sucked on one breast his free hand was rolling
my other nipple between thumb and forefinger. I wish
I could describe the sensation that was happening, but
no words that I can think of would describe it.

Then without any warning Joe pulled away, took me by
the elbows and led me over to a kitchen chair where he
sat me down. He just stood in front of me as I looked
up into his face.

“You’re a beautiful young woman Susan. Very beautiful.”

His words just made me melt as I sat there with my
breasts bare to the world. Then he took two fingers on
his right hand, put them in his mouth where he wet
them, pulled them out and reached over and grasped my
nipples with them. Hot waves shot through my body as
he rolled the nipples between his fingers. I just
continued to look him in the eyes as he continued.
Then unconsciously I took my hands and placed them on
his hands as he continued.

Joe smiled.

Then without any hesitation, Joe took his right hand
and lifted it to my lips. I opened my mouth and he
placed two fingers inside and told me to suck them and
get them wet.

I did.

Then he pulled them out and placed them on my nipples
again. It was a different kind of sensation knowing
it was my saliva that was making my nipple feel this
way. I continued to look into his face as he removed
his right hand from my breast and moved it directly
to his zipper and with one clean motion he unzipped
his pants, placed his hand inside and pulled out his

My eyes about bugged out of my head. I had never seen
a man’s penis before. I had seen a 5 year-old’s who
I baby-sat for but he was only about 3 inches long.

This on the other hand was huge. I sat there mesmerized
by it and Joe just looked down at me smiling while he
held it with his right hand.

Oh gawd I thought, what does this mean. Joe took a
step toward me with that big thing in his hand and as
he got closer he aimed it at my breast, then he took
it and rubbed the end of my nipple.

My jaw almost fell to the floor as I felt a drop of
warm liquid ooze out from the end of his penis and
smear against my skin. I looked down at the drop of
liquid as it glistened on the end of my nipple, Joe
continued to rub his penis over by breast and I thought
I would die. Then he moved his penis to the other
breast and repeated the indiscretion. As I watched in
awe I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Then Joe moved again and with penis in hand, he
directed to the middle of my breasts and then up
toward my face.

There he stood with that enormous pole pointing
directly at my mouth.

Oh gawd I thought, now what?

“Stick out your tongue Susan,” he quietly said.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Stick out your tongue Susan, NOW!”

Slowly, I stuck my tongue out. Joe took his penis and
gently rubbed it against my it. I could taste the
warm salty liquid that was on the end of it as I just
sat there looking up at him. He continued to rub his
big thing over the end of my tongue and I felt a
strange twinge in my lower belly.

“Susan?” Joe said.

“What?” I answered.

“Have you ever see a man and woman make love?”

“No!” I responded in a shocked voice.

“Well tonight about midnight, I will be bringing your
Mom home from our date, I want you to hide yourself
at the top of the stairs and watch your mother and me.
Do you understand me?”

“I don’t know if I can Joe.”

“You can Susan, and you will.”

Just then the lights flashed into the driveway, I knew
it was Mom. I jumped up, grabbed my blouse and bra and
ran upstairs to my bedroom. I threw my housecoat on
and jumped on the bed with a book.

I heard Mom and Joe downstairs talking and then Mom
came upstairs to change. On her way back down stairs
she stopped by my room and knocked.

“Susan, you in there?”

“Yeah Mom, come in.”

She came over and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.
“I hope Joe wasn’t too much of a pain while he was
waiting for me?”

“No Mom, it was OK, I’ve just been studying.” I had
never lied to my mother before now, and to this day I
can’t figure out what compelled me to do so then.

She kissed me again and told me not to wait up, that
they would be late.

Chapter 4

All night I debated whether I should do what Joe asked.
I was so confused over what happened earlier that my
mind was racing. I looked at the clock, it said 10:30,
later it was 11:00, oh gawd, what was I going to do, I
looked again it was 11:45!

I turned my light off, I was going to try to sleep,
that was all there was to it.

I heard the front door open and then close, then I
heard voices, I looked at the clock. It was 12:05.
I wasn’t going to get out of bed. I wasn’t, honest.
But I couldn’t help myself. I slipped out of bed and
walked quietly to the top of the steps and sat down.

From where I was sitting I could see through the
banisters and down into the living room. There on
the sofa was Mom and Joe. They were talking and
laughing as they sipped on a glass of wine. Then
Joe looked up quickly and caught a glimpse of me at
the top of the stairs.

Then he got up and went over to the stereo and put
on a tape. It was one of those soft tapes by Whitney
Houston. She was singing some slow song about love.
Joe walked over to the sofa, put out his hand to Mom
and she responded by putting her hand in his. He
pulled her from the couch and they began to dance.

Joe made sure that Mom’s back was to me and that he
could look up and see me. Then while they were dancing
he lowered his hands from Mom’s back down to her butt.
He began rubbing it with both hands. I could feel my
face flush with embarrassment, as I moved my hand to
my cheek I felt how hot it was.

Then Joe began to gather Mom’s dress in his hands and
slowly pulled it up toward her waist as they continued
to dance. Mom had her head on Joe’s shoulder and
didn’t seem to mind what he was doing.

I watched as the dress was slowly gathered up exposing
her beautiful shapely legs. They were tanned and bare.
No reason to wear stockings in this weather. Then the
dress was finally at Mom’s butt as he continued to
pull it up to and then over it and around her waist.

Then Joe moved one hand down to Mom’s butt and began
to caress it softly. Mom just didn’t seem to mind this,
I couldn’t understand why she didn’t stop him. Then I
was shocked to see him take his hand and slide it under
the waist band of her pink silk panties. I wanted to
leave, I didn’t want to watch anymore, but I couldn’t
get up enough strength to leave. I continued to watch.

Joe was now rubbing Mom’s butt furiously up and down,
back and forth. Then he moved his hand lower and Mom
opened her legs a little wider as he rubbed real low
and seemed to put his hand between her legs from

Mom’s legs seemed to get weak at this point and Joe
held her up. Then he moved his hand back up to her
waist band and put his thumb into it and began to push
them down. The panties slid over Mom’s butt and down
to the top of her legs. I had never seen my mother’s
behind before, but I had to admit, it was beautiful.
Shapely and round. She must have been a stunning
beauty contestant.

Joe then continued his caressing her as he helped her
wiggle out of the panties. It was then that I saw Mom
move her hands from behind Joe’s back to his front. I
couldn’t make out what she was doing until she fell
to her knees, and then I saw that huge monster again.

What was she doing? I wondered. Mom took both hands
and put them around Joe’s huge pole and began to stroke
it back and forth then. Oh my gawd! Then she moved her
face toward it and took it into her mouth. This must
have done something to Joe, because his head went back
and he moaned loudly.

Mom continued to suck on him for two or three minutes,
Joe was really enjoying it … but so was Mom.

Then she took his pants by the waist band and pulled
them off his hips and down his legs until they formed
a heap on the floor. Joe stepped out of them as Mom
continued to suck on him, bobbing her head back and
forth. I could see everything.

Joe made sure that I could by the angle he had
maneuvered himself and Mom to.

Finally Mom moved her mouth off of Joe and looked up
at him. When she did, he bent his knees and sat down
on the floor, he leaned back with his big thing stick-
ing straight up into the air all wet from my mother’s
saliva. Gawd it was huge and shiny.

What I saw next I couldn’t believe. Mom pulled her
dress up over her waist and over her head and threw
it aside. She was stark naked. Then she climbed up
onto Joe’s lap, straddled him and begin to make his
big pole rub against her vagina. She was moving back
and forth and it was rubbing against her all the time.

Then she reached back, and took hold of Joe’s penis
and directed it to the opening in her vagina. I thought
I would faint as she moved backward and the big thing
entered her. She kept moving backward over it until
it totally disappeared into her.

I heard Mom and Joe both moan when it was all the way
in. Then Mom started moving up and down on him as she
leaned over Joe and started to kiss him and he wrapped
his arms around her back and then slid them down to
her behind and began to pull her up and down harder
onto him.

After a few minutes of this I heard them both let out
a cry, almost simultaneously; Mom started going faster.
Then they stopped and Mom collapsed on top of Joe.

Mom laid there on top of Joe for 10 minutes more then
finally got up off Joe and then Joe stood up. They
started to get dressed when Joe looked my way and saw
me again. He knew I had seen everything. I jumped up
and ran to my room. I closed the door quietly, jumped
into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

Chapter 5

“May I get you something to drink?” the polite flight
attendant asked as I awoke from my daydream.

“Yes thank you, I’ll have a Coke.”

Three days had passed since that evening. So that’s
what “making love” is like for adults I thought to
myself. Friday night had been uneventful as Mom and
Joe gone to the movies and were home before I went to
bed. I kissed them both goodnight (not looking Joe in
the eyes of course) and went to bed. I fell asleep
immediately. Mom had told me that we were all going
to Joe’s cabin at the lake that Saturday and we’d
spend the weekend there. Joe had a RV and would pick
us up in the morning about eleven.

About eight that morning I heard the phone ring. Mom
seemed a little agitated by the caller and slammed down
the phone. Then I heard her talking to someone else
and then she hung up.

I got up, went to the bathroom and took a shower, I
was really looking forward to this weekend. I was very
curious to know what Joe had in mind.

Mom met me in the hallway. She really look agitated
and was dressed in her work closes. “Mom? Why are you
dressed like that?” I asked.

“Honey, I’m so upset. I was called into work for at
the last minute. I tried to get out of it but I
couldn’t. Now listen, the weekend isn’t ruined. I
called Joe and he said he would still pick you up
and that I could meet you both there this evening.
That way we can still have part of the weekend, and
you’ll still be able to enjoy Saturday in the

“Mom!” I lamented. “I don’t want to go without you.
Can’t I wait?”

“No honey, it’s OK, besides, you and Joe need to spend
some time together to get to know each other a little
better. Besides honey, I think Joe and I are going to
get married at Christmas time.”

“Oh Mom, I’m so happy for you. That’s great. Sure, I’ll
do what you ask.”

Since nothing had happened since that first time, I
had no reason to believe anything else would happen


At eleven sharp, Joe pulled into the driveway
area with his huge RV. He helped me load all the bags
to the back.

“How are you today Angel?” he asked.

“I’m fine Joe, how about you?”

“I’m, great. Did your Mom tell you the good news.”

“Well sort of,” I said.

“Well, we’ll tell you everything this weekend.”

“Great!” I said excitedly.

It took us about an hour to reach the lake where
Joe’s cabin was. God, it looked more like a full
house than a cabin.

“Put on some coffee,” Joe asked as we were approaching
the driveway. We’ll need it after we take a swim.
“We’ll go into the cabin later. What do you think?”

“Yeah OK, I’m up for a swim,” I said.

I put on the coffee and ran back to the bathroom to
change from my shorts and midi-top to my green bikini.
It was my favorite suit because I looked pretty cute
in it.

Joe and I headed to the lake and jumped in. The water
felt great, especially considering it was close to
90 up there at the lake.

We splashed and played and dunked each other for the
best part of an hour. Then I jumped on Joe’s back in
an attempt to dunk him again, he was so strong it was
virtually impossible to get him down in this position.
He threw me off and then dunked me. He reached down
into the water and pulled me out, I must have looked
like a wet rat. He had me in his arms as he lifted
me out of the water. He pulled me close to him as he
leaned his head over and pressed his lips to mine.

I just lay there like a limp piece of sea weed with my
arms dangling to my side and my legs hanging over Joe’s
strong right arm. His kiss was warm and soft and he
put his tongue in my mouth again.

I pulled away from his lips and pleaded with him to

“Come on Joe, we shouldn’t be doing this. Besides,
you and Mom are getting married.”

“Well Susan, you have to understand, I’m not only
marrying your Mom, but you as well.” With that said
he pulled me up again and kissed me hard this time
almost making me lose my breath.

With me in his arms Joe began to walk toward the shore
still holding his kiss to my lips. As we reached the
shore he let me down and put his arm around my back
as we walked toward the RV. When we reached the RV
Joe told me to go inside and change and we would have
something to eat.

I was shaking over what had just taken place as I
groggily walked toward the bedroom and closed the
sliding door behind me. I threw off my bikini, dried
off and put on my blue silk panties. I reached for
my bra when all of a sudden the sliding door opened.

It was Joe, and he walked into the room. I tried to
cover myself with my bra and arms as he walked toward

“Well, well, what do we have here? A beautiful Susan,
almost naked.”

“Joe please leave, please so I can get dressed.”

“No beautiful, I can’t do that. You look too gorgeous.
I just want to feast my eyes on you for a bit.”

He walked over and pulled my arms away from by breasts.

Joe looked me in the eyes and said. “How did you like
the little show I put on for you the other night in
your Living room?”

I blushed as he spoke those words. Somehow I thought
he may have forgotten.

“Well?” he insisted.

“I don’t know Joe,” I replied. He just laughed.

My breasts were sticking straight out because they
were still cold from the lake water. Joe reached
out and touched them and they got goose bumps all over

“Susan?” Joe said. “Can you remember where we left off
the other day in the kitchen?”

I couldn’t say a word. I was dumb struck.

“Well?” he said.

I just looked away.

Then he put his hands in his swim trucks and pushed
them down over his hips, past his thighs and let them
drop to the floor.

“Oh gawd Joe, no please let’s stop right here. Please
leave the room. Don’t bother me until my Mom gets

Joe was standing there naked with his big pole sticking
straight out at me. Without a word he reached out and
took my arms and pulled me toward the bed and laid me
down. I began to cry I was so scared. He leaned over
and kissed me on the eyes and licked my tears with his

“Put your hands over your head Susan,” he commanded.

When I didn’t respond he took my arms and pulled them
over my head and held them together.

“Now hold them like that,” he said. He looked at my
bare breasts; they were hard and sticking straight up.
Just like his penis. Then he leaned over and took one
of my whole breasts in his mouth and began to tease
the nipple with his tongue. I got goose bumps all
over my body with his mouth on me like that.

He continued until I started to feel sensations run
all through my body. I closed my eyes and heard
little mewing moans coming from deep in my throat. I
tried to move my hand from behind my head when he
turned his eyes toward me and shot me a look.

I kept them there.

Then he moved to the other breast and began his assault
on it. I didn’t want this to continue, but there was
nothing I could do to stop him. After he was finished
he began moving down my chest to my stomach and started
kissing it as well, slowly he moved downward. I closed
my eyes, I didn’t want to see. Further and further
down he moved. Then he stretched out real far and put
his lips on my toes and began kissing them one at a
time. Then he worked his way up my legs, inside and
out with little kisses and tongue licks.

Electricity was running through my body at a fevered
pitch. My body, on its’ own, started to move and
wiggle around as he continued. I knew I couldn’t do
anything to stop him … I wasn’t sure I even wanted

He reached my knees and began kissing them on top and
then on the insides. He took his hands and moved them

Then he said, “Susan, pull your feet up under you.”

As I did this, it caused my knees to point straight
up into the air. Then Joe put his hand on them and
pulled them apart. He began to kiss from my knees
downward all around my legs. As he got closer to my
secret place, my body began to shudder from the
sensations that I was feeling as a result of the
kissing that was going on.

Then without warning, Joe placed his mouth directly
on my pussy, and through my panties he blew a mouthful
of warm air. My little ass came up off that bed and I
jerked like a person having a convulsion.

“Oh gawd!” I moaned. “What are you doing?” When I
lifted my butt off the bed Joe quickly moved his hand
under it and pulled me harder against his mouth, he
continued to blow warm air onto me and I thought I
would faint any minute. My head was spinning. Then
a feeling started going through me that I had never
felt before (later I found out it was called an
orgasm), anyhow it was incredible. My whole body
jerked like crazy and I made sounds that I didn’t know
I was capable of making.

When Joe realized it had subsided he then took his
hands and moved them to the waist band of my panties
and pushed them forward. “Lift up your ass Susan.”
I heard him say. I lifted and he pushed them off my
hips and up over my legs over my knees and down the
other side. “Kick them off Susan,” he commanded.

I did as he said.

Then he pushed my knees wide apart and planted his
mouth on my pussy again, only this time he didn’t blow
air onto it, he placed his tongue on it. As soon as
he did, that feeling came over me again and he
continued to lick up and down my pussy till it finally
subsided. As he continued to lick there was a
particular placed that drove me nuts when he touched
it, he took advantage of that by licking it more and
more. I could feel myself gushing juice out of my
hole as he continued to slurp and suck and lick me.

Then he moved his body up beside me as he stretched
out long ways. I opened my eyes and there his big
thing was, right in front of my face. My eyes about
popped out of my head.

“Take it in your hand Susan,” he said quietly,
confidently, “put it in your mouth. Just like your
mother did the other night.

“I can’t Joe, I can’t, I’ll choke.”

“Do it Susan, do it now.”

I put my hands around it and moved my face toward it.
I approached the tip of it and stuck my tongue out and
licked it. He shuddered.

I did it again and he shuddered again. It made me feel
good to know I could do that to him. Then I opened my
mouth and put the head of his penis all the way in and
closed my mouth over the end of it. Just then Joe
inserted his hard tongue into my pussy hole. It made
me nuts as I pushed my lips further over his penis.

I could feel Joe’s tongue deep inside me as he licked
the inside of my canal. In and out he licked and
pushed his tongue. “Oh gawd no, here it comes again!”
And the feeling overwhelmed me again as his tongue
pistoned in and out of me.

By now I was bobbing my head on and off his penis, I
put as much as I could in my mouth and then would slid
it all the way out and then back in again. Joe’s hips
were jerking as I continued doing this to him.

Joe continued his ritual on my pussy and gave me the
best licking I have had, even to this day. Then Joe
lifted his head and told me to look down at him. I
looked, still with his penis in my mouth.

“Susan,” he said, “take your hands and put them on my
ass and pull me toward you, I’m getting ready to cum
and when I do I want you to keep my cock in your mouth,
don’t take it out, you hear?”

I shook my head …yes.

“Susan, when I cum I’m going to shoot a lot of the
same stuff you tasted the other evening in the kitchen.
You must not let any of it be wasted, you must swallow
hard and fast, you hear?”

Yes… I shook my head in fear. I moved my hands to
his butt and pulled. When I did that his hips began
to jerk and he began to shoot warm creamy liquid into
my mouth.

I tried to swallow like he had told me to, but it was
coming so fast I couldn’t keep up. I was afraid to
stop for fear I would choke so I kept sucking and
swallowing as fast as I could.

Joe was moaning — now licking me harder and harder.
I started to cum again as he kept shooting into my

The harder it came the faster I swallowed. Finally
we were both done and we collapsed together. Me with
his cock still in my mouth, and him with his face
still between my legs. Even though we were panting
for air, we were not willing to change our positions.

Chapter 6

After a few minutes we were back to normal. He told
me to suck on him again and I started sucking on him
like a pacifier. Then I felt Joe take his finger and
slide it into me again. I winced for a moment then I

He was moving it in and out slowly, he would push it
all the way in and then pull it all the way out and
repeat this over and over again. I could feel his
penis starting to get hard again in my mouth as I
sucked slowly and deliberately.

Then I felt Joe take a second finger and try to put
it into my hole. I tightened up because it hurt. “No
Joe,” I pleaded, “that hurts.”

“Susan,” he hissed, “just relax, now, and it won’t
hurt for long.”

I tried the best I could to relax and when I did he
shoved both fingers into me. I grunted because it
hurt, but he wasn’t about to stop. He pushed until
both fingers were in me to the hilt. Then he moved
them around inside me and pulled them out and then
back in again. He did this over and over until they
slid in and out of me easily.

I was amazed at how I had adjusted. Doubtless to say
by now Joe’s cock was big and stiff again, I was
bobbing my mouth on and off of it the way I had learned
watching Mom the other night. And he loved it.

Then Joe pulled it out of my mouth as he pulled his
hips away and changed positions on the bed. My feet
were still under me and my knees were splayed open
wide. Joe crawled over me and got between my legs
and laid his body over mine. He got up on his elbows
and looked into my eyes.

“Very good Susan, you’re very good, I would say a
“natural” actually.”

I didn’t know what that meant.

“Put your arms around my neck Susan and come up here
and kiss me.”

I reached up and put my arms around his neck and
pulled myself up to him and planted my lips on his.
When I was finished he asked how I liked the taste
of my pussy. I giggled.

I kissed him again hard and slid my tongue into his
mouth. Then I pulled away and asked him how he liked
the taste of his cum. He laughed.

“Susan,” he said with a serious tone to his voice.


“I think it’s time.”

“Time for what?” I replied.

“Time for me to fuck you.”

“No Joe, oh gawd no, I can’t get pregnant. Please don’t
do that to me!”

“Don’t worry Susan, I’m fixed.”


“Yes, I had a vasectomy years ago.”

“But Joe, you’re so big, you’ll kill me. Please don’t!”

Joe looked down at me and said. “Susan, read my lips.
I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to fuck you now.”

He moved his hips forward and I felt his big cock brush
against my opening. Then he moved his hand down between
us and took his cock and rubbed it against me, up and
down and especially in that sensitive spot.

“Oh!” I moaned, as his big stiff penis caressed my
soft pussy.

“Relax Susan,” he commanded.

I did the best I could to relax and when I did he
positioned the head of his big thing directly at my
slit and moved his hips forward. I winced as the big
head pierced my tight hole.

“Relax Susan,” he growled. “Relax.”

He pushed the head all the way in. As I relaxed, I
realized it went in easier, so I tried harder.

Then Joe looked me in the face again and said. “How
does it feel now honey?”

“It hurts,” I said.



“Before I’m done, you are going to be begging me to
fuck you with all the cock I have. Do you believe
that Susan?”

It did something to me when he talked to me that way,
it made me feel like a grown up woman, but I didn’t

He took his hand out from between us and then told me
to wrap my legs around his waist. I pulled my legs
out from under me and wrapped them around him. “Now
hold on tight,” he commanded as he took both hands and
placed them under my behind. Then he gave a push and
I could feel his cock to the hilt inside me. He had
his head beside mine and was whispering in my ear as
he pulled in and out of me. He told me how good it
felt and how beautiful I was and how he loved me.

“Joe,” I said.

“Yes Susan?”

“How big are you?”

“Seven inches.”

Then he whispered in my ear, “That’s right Susan,
seven inches, and then he pushed again and said, now
you have five inside you.”

I grunted, “ughh,” as he pushed his hard meat into me.
I had thought that he was all the way in.

He lay still for a moment until I adjusted, and I did
adjust. Then slowly and methodically Joe began to move
his hips back and forth pulling his cock all the way
out and then pushing all five inches in again. As he
would push he would pull my behind up to him. After
three or four times of this I began to feel the rhythm
and started moving myself in unison.

“Nice,: Joe commented, “real nice. Move that little
pussy up here for me. I love fucking your sweet little
pussy. Do you like it too Susan?”

I didn’t respond and he asked me again.

“Do you like it too Susan?”

This time when he asked it he pulled his stiff penis
almost all the way out. I moved my butt up but he
didn’t come back in.

“I asked you a question Susan, do you like it?”

I wiggled around under him but he wouldn’t come back
in. I was getting antsy now, I had the feeling of him
in me and I wanted it some more. It was beginning to
feel wonderful. I had to admit it.

“Tell me Susan,” he said, “and I’ll give it to you some

Then I shocked even myself, I said, “Yes Joe, I like
it, please give it to me.”

He not only pushed in the five inches but he pushed
another two as well.

“Oh Joe…” I moaned. “Oh Joe…”

He continued to push in and out of me as I moved to
meet him every time he pulled out and then came back
in to me. I was stuffed with him, but it was the most
incredible feeling I had ever had. Joe slowly pulled
his cock out of me and slowly pushed it back in, I was
breathing hard by now and knew that another climax was
not far behind.

“I’m going to really make you cum this time Susan, I’m
going to make you go crazy with this cum. Ok?”

“Ok.” I whispered.

Then Joe pulled out of me again, I just knew that this
was it, when he came back in I was ready to explode.
But to my dismay he didn’t. He just held his position
at the opening of my hole.

“Joe please don’t stop!”

“Tell me what you want Susan darling.”

“Joe you know.”

“No Susan, tell me what you really want.”

“I really want you Joe. Please, don’t make me wait.”

“Tell me Susan what you want me to do to you.”

“I want you to make love to me. Please!”

“No Susan that’s not what I want to hear. I’ll tell
you what Susan, you keep trying and when you get close
I’ll put a little at a time in. If you hit it on the
head I give it all to you. OK?”

I was confused, I didn’t know what he wanted me to
say, but I knew I needed him. Bad.

“I want your penis Joe.”

With that Joe pushed just the head of it in.

“Joe,” I wiggled, “come on!”

“Not yet angel.”

“Joe please do me.”

Joe pushed just a little more in me.

“Joe come on, stop it!”

“Tell me Susan.”

“Tell you what Joe?”

Remember what I told you that you would beg me to do
before I was done with you?

“No Joe, that’s where I draw the line. I won’t say
those words.

Joe pulled back out of me.

“No Joe, no, please don’t.”

“Tell me Susan. Tell me now.”

Then I barley whispered. “Oh Joe fuck me.”

Joe pushed two inches in to me.

“Tell me angel he taunted me.”

“Joe please.”

Tell me Susan.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore, my pussy was dying, it
was throbbing so bad I couldn’t stand it. “Oh Joe,
fuck me,” I said.

“Not yet angel, tell me … again and again, tell me

That was it, he broke me, what choice did I have. “Oh
Joe fuck me, fuck me Joe, fuck my brains out Joe, screw
me like a teenage whore Joe, FUCK ME PLEEEZZE!”

He pushed hard and all seven inches found it’s way
back in. He pulled out and then pushed again. I
started to cum, he knew it and stopped.

“Oh gawd Joe, fuck me fuck me please, fuck me, oh gawd
please fuck me Joe, JUST FUCK ME!”

Joe lunged forward and I thought his cock would come
out my mouth. I started to cum. “OH GAWD!” I screamed,

And he did, did he ever, he drilled me through four
climaxes and finally he started to scream and cum as
well, I could feel his hot cum blasting my insides and
it made me crazy. I came again as I felt his love
juice squirt hard and hot inside my uterus. Joe was
holding hard onto my ass as I squirmed and bucked
through my last climax.

We both collapsed as he planted his lips on mine and
gave me a tremendous kiss. We were panting like dogs
in passion. My head was spinning, my heart was pound-
ing. Oh my God I thought … I’m in love!!!

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