A handsome black Gym owner succumbs to the please of two pretty girls
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“Please, Mark, we really need to work out tonight,”
pleaded Cindy!

Mark looked at the two women and said, “you guys know
the rules, the gym closes at ten sharp!

“Just for a little while,” begged Jill?!?

Mark, the manager of the Suburban Gym, was about ready
to begin his own workout when these two dingbats showed
up just as he was closing up. “Oh well, come on in, I
was just going to work out myself, and I could use a
spotter,” he said, giving in to their pleas!

Both girls rushed in past him and headed for the locker
room to change. Mark, shaking his head, locked the
doors and went back into the gym to start his workout.
He was just finishing up his warm ups when the two
women came out of the locker room.

Looking them over, Mark had to admit that they were two
of the best conditioned ladies he’d seen lately, and
they really did workout, unlike a lot of the other
female members who seemed to use the club as a social
gathering spot rather than a serious workout gym.

Both of them eschewed the fancy workout gear for the
more mundane if more practical tee shirts and plain
old gym shorts. Even the baggy clothes couldn’t hide
the fantastic bodies the girls had developed, much like
that of champion swimmers. Not bulging, but more smooth
with good definition. The one named Cindy, had down
right big boobs, probably D-cups, and while her friend
Jill was smaller, but she made up for it with quality
over quantity!

Getting his mind back to track, Mark hopped on a sta-
tionary bike and set the timer for ten minutes. This
gave him plenty of time to watch the two women do
their workout. Both of them, after some pre stretching,
moved over to the arm curl machines and started doing
their sets.

Watching them groan and strain to complete their curls,
Mark got a good view of their chests trying to push
through the thin cotton shirts. Cindy’s nipples seemed
especially excited by the exercise, as her nubs popped
through the skintight material!

Mark was getting the unmistakable sensation of a hardon
growing between his legs! Moving from the bike, he set
up the leg press machine at 250 lbs. and started his
first set.

Over at the curl machine, Jill asked Cindy, “Have you
ever thought about what it would be like to be with

Jill, still staring at the well built manager,
answered, “Who hasn’t, with a body like that, he’s a
girl’s wet dream!”

Cindy laughed and said, “You know what they say about
black guys, don’t you?!?” Jill gave a wicked laugh and
held her hands about a foot apart and nodded, and both
of them burst out in playful laughter!

The free weights were at the far end of the room, and
Mark was busy getting ready to do his bench presses.
With 300 lbs. on the bar, he thought it best if he ask
one of the girls to spot for him. “Hey,” he yelled out,
“could one of you come down here and do a little spot-
ting for me?”

“Sure,” called back Cindy, and she and Jill both came
over to watch as Mark began doing his first set, which
caused the muscles in his arms and chest to bulge out
with each repetition.

Jill was standing next to the bench when she noticed
Mark’s hard-on. Giving the eye to Cindy, she reached
down and just barley brushed the front of Mark’s

If Cindy hadn’t been there to help him, Mark would have
dropped the barbell on his neck!

When he looked up, he saw that Jill had removed her
shirt and was naked from the waist up! Giving up all
pretenses, she rubbed up and down the length of Mark’s
erection through his shorts.

Totally taken by surprise, he was further stunned to
see Cindy taking off all of her clothing! Cindy had a
magnificent body, and her breasts seemed to defy
gravity! Leaning over she offered a big nipple for
Mark to suck on.

As he started to suck, he felt Jill removing his shorts
and jock, exposing his stiff pole!

Jill let out a low groan and quickly took the dark
purple head into her mouth. Cindy pulled her nipple
from his mouth and straddled his head with her legs,
and then slowly pushed her shaved wet cunt onto his
mouth and ordered, “Eat me handsome!” through gritted

Mark opened his mouth and let his tongue slide out
into her hot cunt slit, and while he had eaten a lot
of pussy in his day, he had never sucked on one as
sweet as this one! Her cunt was shaved smooth, so her
puffy lips were completely exposed to his mouth.
Finding her clit, he sucked and nibbled on it, causing
Cindy to jerk a little every time he flicked across it.

Jill, on the other hand, was busy trying to fit as much
of his monster into her mouth as she could! The black
pecker, as thick as her wrist, stood atop two huge
balls in a tight sac.

Cupping them in her right hand, she could feel them
tightening as his cum approached! Knowing what was to
come she jumping up, practically ripping off her
shorts and stood over Mark’s erection with her legs
spread wide apart, ready to ride the big pecker deep
inside her!

Reaching down she held the monster straight up, so it’s
head was aimed directly at her cunt opening. “I’m going
to ride your fucking pecker you black stud man,” she
said, while lowering her pussy onto the egg sized

With excruciating slowness, Jill settled down over the
throbbing black pole, with every inch deeper, Jill had
a mini orgasm! Her cunt had never been stretched like
this before, and it strained to let the big cock invade
it’s moist interior.

“He’s so fucking big,” groaned Jill! “My cunt is so
full I can’t believe it!” She sat still; Jill had all
ten inches buried up to her pussy lips, while slowly
tightening and untightening her cunt muscles, she felt
a huge orgasm rip through her crotch again! “Jesus
Christ I’m cumming,” she screamed, “I’m not even moving
and that black pecker is making me cum all over the

Cindy was fast approaching her own orgasm, but held
off, wanting to ride the monster dick too! “Get off
him,” Cindy ordered her friend, “I want some of that
black meat for myself!” she urged.

With shaky legs, Jill slid off Mark and slumped to the
floor, totally dazed from her experience!

Now Mark decided to take over the show, pushing Cindy
off his face, he stood up, his pecker now obscenely
sticking out in front of him! He laid Cindy down of
the mat, and quickly mounted her, sticking his tool
just inside her wet lips. “You ready sweetheart?’ Mark

When she nodded her head, Mark plunged all the way in
with one hard shove! A scream of agony and ecstasy
filled the room, as Cindy cried out, from the onslaught
that her tight pussy was taking!

Mark pounded his cock in and out of her cunt grunting
in his passion, Cindy began thrusting to meet his
strokes. “Fuck me,” she cried out, “fuck me harder!”

Both off them were now on the same train, the one
racing through their loins!

As Mark erupted his hot cum in deep gushes, Cindy
wrapped her legs around his back, trying to pull him
in even farther!

Hearing Mark grunt as his cum spewed into her, sent
Cindy over her own orgasmic cliff! Her cunt tried
futilely to hold onto the monster that was mercilessly
ramming it! “God, I’m cumming so hard,” she screamed,
her whole body shaking as her orgasm sent a tidal wave
through her pussy!

Afterward all three of them just lay together, slowly
regaining their senses as well as their strength. Jill
was the first one to speak, saying, “That was the best
fuck I’ve ever had!”

The other two quickly agreed with her assessment! Mark
looking at his watch said, “I guess you could say you
“came” at the right time!

They all laughed and headed off to the showers arm in

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