I fucked a pretty teen
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Not many folks know about fixers. Those that
think they do, usually don’t. They have the wrong
idea. People think fixers kill people, or maybe
break their legs. I don’t want to say we NEVER
get rough, but most of what we do is pretty
routine, and even boring.

Say some little starlet is photographed
coming out of some gay bar with her girlfriend.
Okay, we can fix her up with a young stud and a
traffic ticket at the same time somewhere a
hundred miles away. Or say some stud celeb wants
to sneak out with his little girlfriend. We get
one of our impersonators and stage a big show.
The paparazzi chase US, and HE gets to fuck on the

We can’t fix everything. We can’t bring
people back to life. We can’t un-admit something
after a celeb has confessed to it.

One of the most important tools in fixing is
information. Everyone has something they don’t
want someone to find out about. I get a lot of
information, from a lot of places. People like
telling me things. I always make it worth their
while. Sometimes I pay cash. Sometimes I trade
information. Sometimes there are other rewards.

Saturday night was Dave’s turn. He had
helped me a lot recently. I wanted to reward him
with a special treat. One thing a fixer is good
at is knowing what people want. I knew what Dave
wanted. She was sitting in the back seat of my
Lexus. Dressed in her tight Gap jeans and
Hilfiger t-shirt, she looked like any pretty
teenage girl.

I could see her in the mirror. She was
hunched against the door. She looked awful cute
even with her face in a scowl. I knew she was not
happy about being Dave’s reward. She had to lie
to Justin, her boyfriend, to go on this date. She
didn’t know anything about Dave except she had to
be “very nice” to him. She was not happy about
it. She needed my help. This is how she had to
pay for it.

We pulled up in front of Dave’s place. My
windows are tinted, and it was dark. He opened
the front door.

“Hey, Dave!” I greeted him, “Get in back.”

He closed the front door. Opening the back
door he slid in. He saw the girl. I could tell
he was surprised. He forgot to close the door!

“I think you know Miss Spears,” I said.
“Britney, this is Dave.”

Britney seemed to be sitting on her hands.
She twisted on the seat. As she wiggled away from
him, Dave saw the handcuffs. Britney’s wrists
were handcuffed behind her!

“Dave?” I said. He was staring. He was
probably getting a hard-on. I couldn’t blame him.

“Dave? Hello? Close the door, Dave!”

Dave recovered quickly. He pulled the door
closed. He looked at me. He had a grin on his
face. I had told him to get ready for a night of
sex with a pretty girl. I bet he didn’t expect
Britney Spears!

“Hello, Brit!” he said, grinning at her. She
looked out the window and rolled her eyes. Dave
slid closer to her. She was smaller and thinner
than he expected. She looked much younger. Her
breasts made rounded bulges high on her chest.
Her jeans clung to her slender, shapely hips.

Dave slipped his arm around her shoulders.

“What are you DOING?” Britney whined. Dave
pulled her against him. Her wrists were cuffed
behind her. She could not push him away. She
twisted her shoulders, trying to squirm away from

“Britney!” I said. I was leaning over the
seat watching her. She looked up at me. Her big,
beautiful eyes were wide. Her soft, smooth lips
were pursed in a pout.

“You have to be nice to Dave,” I said.

“Yeah!” Dave chimed in. He bent down and put
his face next to Britney’s. She turned away,
toward to window, tossing her hair. The hand that
was holding her against him caressed her shoulder.
She grimaced as Dave kissed her cheek.

“Brit!” I raised my voice. “I’m not going to
tell you again. If you aren’t going to be nice,
our little deal is off.

Britney closed her eyes. She turned back
from the window. Dave nuzzled her cheek again.

“Kiss him, Brit,” I ordered. Her eyes popped
open. So did her mouth. Dave quickly put his
mouth over hers for an instant before she twisted

“Don’t,” she whimpered.

“Brit,” I said. “You’re not going to get an
‘A’ in heavy petting if you can’t pass basic

Dave was nuzzling Britney’s smooth face. Her
soft hair brushed against him. His free hand
reached across Britney’s body. He pulled her
closer. She squirmed in his arms. There was no
escape. She was cuffed, held in place by the seat
belt. She could not escape from Dave. Even if
she could, she knew she had to do what I told her.

“Kiss him, Brit,” I ordered.

She turned back from the window. She was
facing me, but her eyes were looking down. Dave
leaned over her. She took a deep breath. Then
she closed her eyes. She turned her head toward
Dave. She tilted it back and to the side.

I’ll never forget the look of surrender on
Britney’s face as she waited for Dave’s kiss. She
looked so young, so helpless, so beautiful, so

Britney twitched as Dave’s lips met hers. I
watched him kiss her. He was gentle. It looked
as if he was being very thorough. Her full lips
were soft. He could taste her, her lipstick, her
young mouth. His free hand moved around her body,
gently caressing her back.

“That’s better,” I said as Dave broke the
kiss. Britney’s face was flushed. She seemed to
be breathing heavily. I turned and slid behind
the wheel. I adjusted the mirror so I could see
them. They kissed again as I pulled out and
headed for the freeway.

Dave and Britney were putting on quite a show
in the back seat. Whenever we passed a street
light I could see them. Dave had his arms around
Britney. He was kissing and nuzzling her. I
could see his arms moving behind her as he held
her against him. Just before we pulled on to the
freeway we stopped for a long light.

Britney’s head was back, resting on the seat
back. Her head was turned away. I could see the
side of her face. Her ear and her chin were
smooth and white. Dave was nuzzling her neck. I
watched Dave’s lips slide slowly over Britney’s
soft, smooth skin. He still had his arm around
Britney’s shoulders. His other hand moved from
her back. I watched it slide around. His fingers
spread over the bulges in Britney’s smooth, thin
blouse. I saw her squirm as Dave traced the sharp
bulges of her breasts.

The light changed. I moved onto the freeway.
I watched Dave and Britney as much as I could.
Dave was kissing her and feeling her up. She
seemed to be submitting to his kisses. His hand
was caressing and cupping the front of her top.
He could feel the thin material slide over
Britney’s smooth, thin bra. He felt her flesh
yield under the gentle pressure of his caresses.
He felt the small bulges of her nipples.

It was almost forty miles to the lake house.
After I turned off the freeway it was harder to
see what was happening. There was a farmer light
at the turnoff. I slowed and looked in the
mirror. Britney was twisting and squirming in
Dave’s arms. I could hear her whimper. Then the
light fell on her face. Dave was wet kissing her.
I could see Britney’s mouth open for his tongue.
His hand was stroking and caressing her breast.
Both her breasts looked swollen. Even in the dim
light I could the little bulges her nipple made.

I watched them kiss. Dave moved his lips to
her neck. Britney writhed, breathing hard. I saw
her face. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was
open slightly. I could see her perfect white
front teeth, even in the dim light. Then we
pulled out into the darkness.

There was a gas station at the turnoff. I
pulled in. I didn’t need gas. I let old Jake
shuffle out anyway.

“No gas,” I said. “Could you wipe off the

Jake glared at me. He didn’t like being
disturbed. He knew me though. There was often
something for a dirty old man to look at. Jake
wrung out his rag and bent over the hood. I could
see the old man’s eyes widen.

I glanced in the mirror. Dave was still
working Britney over. I could see his hand
massaging her ripe young breasts through her top.
His other hand was holding her head while he
wet-kissed her. Britney was squirming and
wriggling. They looked almost like lovers making

Jake was in his sixties. He was not very
cool. I figured he didn’t know who Britney Spears
was. She was just a very pretty teenage girl to
him. Jake had an eye for pretty teenage girls.

Jake shuffled back into the station. He
would jerk off the rest of his shift, picturing
himself in Dave’s place, kissing and feeling a
smooth, sweet little girl.

A few more minutes down the rough, graveled
road and we arrived at the lake house. I went
around and opened Britney’s door. She sat
sullenly while Dave unfastened her seat belt.

“Come on!” I urged. Dave helped, pushing
Britney’s legs out the door. I pulled the
handcuffed girl to her feet. She twisted, trying
to keep her balance so she wouldn’t rub against
me. Dave slipped out behind her. He reached down
to take her elbow. She frowned and twisted away,
but Dave grabbed her. She struggled. Her thin
wrists twisted in the handcuffs. Dave took her
arm. He pulled her against him possessively.
Britney looked up at me, her big eyes wide. Her
pretty cheeks were framed in her quivering brown
hair. It was frazzled from making out with Dave.
Her top was all wrinkled where Dave hand been
feeling her up. She had a pleading look on her

She looked so small and helpless sanding
there all alone with her thin arms cuffed behind
her. Dave, standing beside her, seemed twice a
tall. He was looking down at her. He had a
hungry look on his face. I almost felt sorry for
Britney. She was usually surrounded by
chaperones, security and bodyguards. It was
always, “Yes, Miss Spears,” and “No, Miss Spears,”
and “Whatever you say, Miss Spears.” Now, here she
was, being led off in handcuffs to spend a
romantic evening submitting to Dave’s sexual

I locked the car while Dave led Britney up
the walk to the house. Dave had slipped his hand
under Britney’s hair, holding her neck. She was
no longer resisting. She walked beside him. I
could see her small white hands dangling from the
shiny cuffs behind her back.

I caught up with them at the porch. I
unlocked the door and switched on the lights.

Britney looked around uneasily.

“Nice place!” Dave remarked.

“Bring her along!” I said. I led the way
down the hall to my playroom. I reached behind
Britney with the handcuff key. I unlocked her
left cuff. Dave held her arms in front of her
while I re-fastened the cuff. I reached down and
pulled Britney’s slender arms up to the chain
hanging from the ceiling.

“No!” she gasped. She tossed her head. I
felt her pulling at the cuffs, but it was too
late. The cuffs dropped into the clip on the
chain. She seemed to be hanging by her wrists.
They were pulled straight up over her head. Her
feet bore her weight, but only if she stood still.

Britney looked up. Her eyes were wide. She
twisted her wrists and pulled at the cuffs. It
was no use. She looked at Dave. She quickly
looked away. Then she seemed to surrender. She
stopped struggling and stood with her head bent,
her silky hair hanging down.

“I think you should take her clothes off,
don’t you?” I suggested to Dave.

“No!” Britney gasped. Her head popped up,
splashing her hair. She looked at me, her eyes
wide. She realized that she could not stop Dave
from stripping her naked, right there!

Dave moved in front of her. He reached down
and began sliding her top out of her jeans.

Britney grimaced. She twisted, making little
“Oh!” whimpers. Then she twisted wildly, pulling
helplessly at the cuffs, as Dave slid her top up
her body. Her smooth white tummy came into view,
then her thin white bra as her head disappeared.
Dave slid her top up her arms until her hair
tumbled out. He twisted it around the cuffs,
holding it out of the way.

Dave reached for Britney’s bra. It fastened
in front. She grimaced and twisted away. Dave
caught her. He grabbed clasp and opened it. The
cups fell away.

“Nooo!” moaned Britney. She felt the air on
her naked flesh! Dave slid her limp bra up her
arms where it joined her top. Britney twisted
away from Dave, trying to hide her breasts from
him. She just showed them to me. I had heard the
rumors about a boob job. These looked perfect to
me! They were high and firm and very white. With
Britney’s arms up, they seemed higher and fuller.
They were slightly elongated cones. Nicely
rounded at the base, they arced sharply up in a
swollen curve and tapered to prominent, pale
nipples. They shivered stiffly as Britney

I caught her arms halfway between her
shoulder and her elbow. I turned her back toward
Dave. Her arms were thin. Her skin was smooth
and soft. I felt her tremble. I looked over her
shoulder at her bare breasts.

I only had a moment to look. Both breasts
disappeared under Dave’s eager hands.

“Nooo! Nooo!” moaned Britney. I held her
arms as she tried to turn away. She could not
escape. I saw Dave’s hands moving. I saw
glimpses of Britney’s smooth white skin between
his fingers.

“Nooo! No, stop it!” she sobbed.

“Britney!” I made my voice sharp. “Stop
wiggling! Let him touch you!”

“Ohhh!” Britney moaned. She was gasping for
breath. “Please… nooo!”

“Shut up!” I snapped.

I could still hear her breathing. She
stopped wiggling so much. I saw Dave’s fingers
meet at her nipples. They slide gently down her
breasts and back. I could see her smooth, silky,
pale white skin yield to Dave’s big, dark fingers.
I could see her nipples sticking out. She gasped
and twitched whenever he touched them. I was till
holding her arms. I could feel her shivering and
trembling. Poor little girl! Dave had been
kissing and fondling her for almost an hour in the
car. She was probably aroused then. I as sure
she was aroused now. I could tell she hated it.

Finally Dave stopped. He left Britney
hanging, her head down, breathing hard. He pulled
up a chair in front of her. He sat down. He bent
over and took off Britney’s shoes. He slipped her
socks off her little bare feet. He reached for
her jeans. I guess by now Britney knew it was
useless to protest. She choked back a little sob
of embarrassment as Dave unsnapped the catch and
unzipped her jeans. They were tight. Dave had to
work them off her hips, sliding them over her
white panties. He pulled them down her legs.
Reaching behind her knee, he pulled forward and
slipped one leg out, then the other.

I was still holding Britney’s arms. She was
trembling and taking quick shallow little breaths.
I saw Dave’s hands circle her waist just above her
panties. Britney made little “Uhn” sounds as
Dave’s fingers caressed her. I released Britney’s
arms. I reached up and unlocked the cuffs, one at
a time, Slipping Britney’s bra and top off her
arms before locking hem again. Then I clipped the
cuffs lower on the chain. Finally I knelt behind
her with the leg spreader.

I eyed Britney’s smooth young legs as I
reached down and grabbed her ankles. She had
great feet! I wanted to feel them, but I had to
hold on. Dave was sliding her panties down!

The elastic flipped off her buttocks. There
they were, two pure white rounded globes, inches
from my lips! Britney was dancing, twisting and
pulling her feet against my hands. She was
gasping and making little sobbing squeaking
sounds. Her bare legs flexed and her buttocks
shivered, but she could not keep her panties from
sliding down. Dave held her legs. I was ready
with the leg spreader.

Britney let out a long, wailing sob as she
felt the steel cuffs forcing her slender ankles
apart. I went all the way, about four feet.
Britney was hanging like a slender, squirming
upside down “Y.” She was stark naked. She was
almost hanging by her wrists. She could support
her weight on her widely spread legs, but only if
she held still. Dancing and twisting would hurt
her wrists.

Dave stood up. He stepped back in front of
Britney to admire her. I took a last, loving look
at that smooth, sweet young ass. With her legs
spread so wide, her crack opened slightly. It was
all I could do not to press a finger up between
those two delicious pieces of meat. Then I walked
around Britney and joined Dave.

He was looking down feasting his eyes.
Britney was naked, spread out, every part of her
beautiful teenage body in full view. She glared
at Dave. The angry, defiant look on her pretty
face amazed me. She was totally at Dave’s mercy.
Every part of her body, her arms, legs, thighs,
breasts, to say nothing of her ass and cunt, were
totally accessible. Dave could touch, fondle,
kiss and lick anywhere. She could not stop him,
resist, or escape.

I was getting hard just looking. Her body
was perfect! She looked young, but not immature.
Her waist curved gently in, then embraced her
hips. They were just wide enough to be enticing.
Her tummy was flat and smooth, plunging down to
her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Her hips
rocked as though she could feel my eyes on her.
Her legs were spread wide. I could see the folds
of her cunt.

Dave moved the chair in front of Britney.

“Time to get to know you better, Brit,” he

What are you going to do?” she whined. She
twisted until the cuffs pulled her wrists. Then
she fell back. Her eyes were wide.

Dave sat in the chair. He moved it closer.
His head was level with Britney’s naked breasts.
His legs extended between her thighs. I could see
his pants tenting over his erection. It almost
touched her slit! I sat down on the couch behind
Dave where I could see everything.

Dave reached out. Britney squirmed as he
caught her left breast in his big hand. He held
it, moving it from side to side. He ran his
fingers over it, inspecting it as though it were a

“Don’t!” she gasped. Then she caught her
breath as Dave’s fingers brushed her stiff nipple.

I watched her grimace and writhe as he did
the same with her other breast. I guess he was
looking for the implants. All he found was the
smooth, silky, firm young flesh of a growing
teenage girl. Her skin was smooth and pale. It
looked almost transparent. It seemed unblemished
by scars or marks of any kind.

Dave slid his hands around Britney’s bare
body to her back. He pulled her toward him as he
put his face between her breasts. Britney
grimaced. I heard her catch her breath as Dave’s
lips touched her chest. He rocked his head,
nuzzling her silky soft skin. Then he moved his
head over. His lips dragged up onto Britney’s
right breast.

“Unh….OH! Unnnn…” she moaned. She
twitched and flinched, but Dave’s hands held her
against his mouth. He lowered his head, kissing
the underside of her breast. He moved his head
across, rubbing his lips up and down the side.
Her breasts shivered as she squirmed. Dave moved
back across and nuzzled her left breast.

Britney was whimpering and breathing hard.
Her head fell back, her eyes closed. The way her
lips parted, showing her pretty teeth, made her
look very sexy. I could tell she was feeling
pretty sexy, even though she didn’t want to. Dave
was kissing all over her bare breasts but avoiding
her nipples on purpose. They were sticking out.
They looked stiff and erect. Her breasts
themselves looked stiff and erect.

Britney gasped. Her body twitched. She
moaned faintly, “Unnnn..oo! No! Nooo!” She
squirmed and danced, tossing her hair.

Dave’s lips were wrapped around her right
nipple. He tasted her tense bud. He caressed it,
sliding his hot wet tongue slowly round and round.
He felt Britney’s naked body writhe in his hands.
Her hips pumped and rocked. Dave was turning her

I could tell Britney hated the way Dave was
making her feel. There was nothing she could do
to escape him. I was pretty sure Dave could pet
her all the way to climax. I knew Britney
expected some guy to just fuck her. She had never
dreamed it would be like this!

Dave kept nursing at Britney’s stiff young
nipples. He had his hands on her back holding her
against him. He moved them lower, to her waist,
then to her buttocks. She was already squirming
and dancing, but I saw her hips twist violently as
Dave cupped her ass in his hands.

Dave released her nipple. He looked up at
her. Her breasts were swollen, trembling, her
stiff nipples shiny with his saliva.

“Know what I want, Brit?” he teased. She
didn’t respond. She just hung there, panting.

Dave reached out and stroked her bare tummy
just below her navel.

“Know what I’m going to do?” he repeated.
Britney’s eyes popped open as he touched her. She
looked down at Dave. Her face was so sweet, so
pure. Her expression was fear, arousal,
humiliation. She looked beautiful and very sexy.

“Know what I want?” Dave repeated.

I couldn’t see Dave’s face, but I could
picture the wicked gleam in his eye.

“Oh, please, no!” sobbed Britney. “Please

Dave’s hand moved lower. He was watching
Britney’s face. His fingers followed the gentle
curve of her body to her patch of pubic hair.

“Oh, please (sob) you can’t!”

Britney arched her back in a desperate
attempt to escape Dave’s fingers. He reached
behind her. He spread his hand over her bare
buttocks and pulled her forward.

“Oh, no, Brit!” Dave gloated.

Britney shrieked. She shuddered. Dave’s
hand was under her, between her legs. His fingers
slowly and very gently massaged her. He was
spreading her folds apart.

“Unh…(gasp)…unh…(gasp)…,” she panted.
Her head was back again, eyes closed. I heard the
faint “shtick” as her inner folds parted. She was
already wet!

Dave felt her part for him. Her hot juices
gushed out over his fingers.

“Little Brit is all hot, isn’t she?” Dave

Britney’s hips twisted and pumped
hysterically. They were trapped between Dave’s
hands. He had one hand on her ass. The fingers
of his other hand were in her cunt. His hands
moved togeth. He followed every move.

“You can’t get away from me!” Dave crowed.
“Not ’til I get what I want!”

Her secretions lubricated his fingers. He
gently spread her wet, silky inner folds. His
finger found the entrance to her vagina.

“…Noooo…” Britney moaned.

Dave slowly pressed his finger into Britney.
She was smooth and tight. Maybe even a virgin,
but a smooth, hot fuck in any case.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?”

Dave didn’t expect an answer. To his
surprise, Britney, still sobbing, nodded faintly!

Dave slid his finger out of Britney’s vagina.
He stroked the warm, wet inner folds of her
teenage cunt.

“Yeah, gonna fill you with my cum!” he

“Oh God!” Britney moaned. With her arms
chained over her head and her legs spread wide,
she couldn’t resist Dave in any way. He had one
hand on her ass. His fingers were caressing her
bare buttocks, stroking her smooth, soft, firm
skin. His other hand was between her spread legs.

“Uhn!” Britney grimaced. Her hips twisted.
Dave had found her clit! He caressed it gently
with his fingertip. Britney took several quick
breaths. Her hips rocked and twisted. She was
unable to escape!

“That feel good, Brit?” Dave teased.

Britney didn’t answer. She caught her
breath. She tossed her hair and twisted her hips
in a last futile attempt to escape Dave’s caress.
I could see his finger pressed into Britney’s
folds. He was stroking her about twice a second.
Britney’s beautiful hips were still, caught
between Dave’s hands. The fingers of one hand
caressed the curves of her buttocks while he
finger-fucked her with the other.

Britney hung there motionless. Only her
smooth tummy pumped with her breathing. Dave’s
finger was still flicking over her clit about
twice a second. Suddenly she gasped. Her hips
shuddered, then twisted. Dave followed her,
keeping his finger on her.

“Unnnnnnh…” Britney gasped. She was
breathing hard. Her hips were pumping. It looked
as if she was trying to fuck Dave’s finger.

“No…(gasp) no…(gasp)…” she moaned.

“Gonna cum for me, Brit?” Dave teased. His
hand was still dancing between Britney’s widely
spread thighs. He was still stroking her about
twice a second.

“Nooo…(gasp) P l e a s e…” Britney

“Oh, yes, Brit!” Dave teased. Britney’s hips
were rocking and bucking like an erotic dancer’s.
Dave followed her moves. He was keeping her hot,
wet, stiff little bulb under his finger.
Britney’s folds were swollen and wet. Her juices
poured out over his finger.

Britney let out a little shriek. I saw her
hips shudder. Dave slowed his caresses.

Britney was dancing as much as she could in
her bonds. She was making little “Unh” noises,
trying to catch her breath. I thought she had
come. Then I realized Dave was still caressing
her. She was still responding.

I imagined how it must feel to Britney.
Dave’s finger was moving very very slowly. He was
massaging the shaft of her clit. His fingertip
was stroking her. I could tell she was right on
the edge of a huge orgasm.

Britney’s eyes were wide open. She had a
glazed, far away look. Her mouth was open. I
could hear her panting.

“Bet you’d like me to fuck you, wouldn’t
you?” Dave teased. I saw his hand move as he gave
Britney four or five quick strokes. She gasped.
She put her head back and moaned.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Dave asked.
His finger moved slowly between her folds, gently
caressing the tip of her clit.

“Ohhh…” Britney moaned. Her eyes rolled.
She bit her lip as her body shivered between
Dave’s hands.

“Brit? You want to cum?” Dave asked again.

“Ohhh…” Britney moaned. She was gasping
for breath.

Dave gave Britney four or five more quick
strokes. She caught her breath. Her pretty face
twisted in a grimace.

“Ready to cum, Brit?” Dave asked.

“Ohhh…(gasp)… yes,” Britney whimpered.
Her eyes were closed tightly.

“Want me to fuck you?” Dave asked.

I watched in amazement as Britney nodded

Dave gave her more quick strokes until she
caught her breath. Her body was trembling. Her
mouth was open. Her eyes were closed. Her
nipples were sticking out. Her breasts looked

“Want me to fuck you?” Dave asked.

Britney moaned. Her hips jerked. She

“Oh…(gasp)…oh, yes… fuck me!” she

“What?” Dave asked. I saw his finger very
slowly trace Britney’s swollen bulb. She was
right at the verge of orgasm. It must be
unbearably sensitive. Britney’s hips were rocking

“Ohhhh…fuck me! Ohhh…fuck me!” Britney
moaned. “Oh, god…”

Dave stood up. I did too. Both our pricks
were rock hard. I knelt behind Britney. I could
feel her heat as I slipped the cuffs of the leg
spreader off her ankles. Dave un-clipped the
cuffs from the chain. Britney’s arms dropped.
Dave caught her as she stumbled into his arms.
She moaned. She pressed her face into his shirt.
She rubbed her swollen breasts against him. Her
wrists were still cuffed together in front of her.

Dave led her to the bed. She walked stiffly,
leaning against him. Dave sat on the bed and
lowered Britney beside him. Her eyes were closed.
Her lips were parted slightly. Her breathing was
heavy. Dave slipped the handcuff key into the
right bracelet and released it. He released the
left bracelet. The cuffs fell rattling to the
floor. Britney turned toward Dave. Her arms flew
around his neck. Dave rocked back on the bed as
Britney threw herself onto him. I jumped up. It
looked as if she was attacking him!

I was about to pull her off when I saw her
lips press into Dave’s. She WAS attacking him,
but not the way I thought. Britney climbed over
Dave. Her hands cradled his head as she kissed
him. Her thighs straddled his leg. Her ass
pumped as she rubbed her cunt against him. Dave’s
hands curved around Britney’s back as he held her
against him.

Britney rolled off Dave. She attacked his
pants. I couldn’t see her face, but her hands
were ripping at Dave’s belt. Now DAVE was pumping
his hips. He was unbuttoning his shirt. Britney
finished with his pants. She jerked his shorts
down so hard I heard them rip. Dave’s huge,
swollen cock waved stiffly. Britney rose to her
knees. Her back was to me. She swung her leg
over Dave as if she was mounting a horse.

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