Lust of a Dress Shop Owner
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Since my husband left, I have run my business alone. It
is a shop in our high street, which sells women’s
clothing. I stock smart dresses, casual wear and
underwear too. Although I am not cheap, I think I have
established a reputation among the local women for good
value for money. Perhaps the personal service I give
each customer helps.

Since being alone, I have not had time to form any
relationships with other men. I just throw myself into
my work. I must admit that sometimes when their customer
is a young girl, I do try to get a glimpse into the
changing room. Just to admire the beauty you understand.

Wednesday started the same as any other. Several regular
customers, some passing trade and a couple of window
shoppers, who tried everything on, then bought nothing.
I was just tidying up after one of these at about 5pm,
when a very attractive woman of about forty came in
accompanied by a pretty young girl of about sixteen. I
decided they were mother and daughter, and left them to
browse in peace.

I could not help noticing how attentive they were to
each other, holding up garments and pointing out
different outfits. They looked so attractive and so
happy; I felt a pang of envy. I went over to them and
introduced myself, “Hello, I am Carol Castleford,” I

“Can I help you?” The woman answered.

“I am Pam Bennett and this is my daughter, Wendy. We are
looking for a new dress for Wendy, something sexy for a
party we are giving at the weekend.”

“First let me look at you, Wendy,” I said, “I must get
an idea of what will suit you and what your size is.”

Wendy turned and walked up and down, like a model, so
that I could have a good look at her. I felt my cheeks
flush, as I realised what a stunner she was. Women had
never attracted me sexually, but this girl was something
special. She was tall and slender, but with a curvy
figure. Her blonde hair framed the sweetest innocent
face. As she noticed me staring, she smiled widely. “I
think I am going to enjoy this, I cannot think why we
haven’t been here before,” She laughed.

Pam looked on indulgently. I thought she wouldn’t have
been so content if she could have known what I was
thinking about her daughter. However she suddenly spoke,
“Carol, I notice it is getting close to closing time. I
wonder if you would mind us staying for a while.”

“Of course,” I replied. “That way I can really spend
some time with you both and you can choose something
really good.” I went across to the shop door, locked it
and pulled the blind down. ”

Thank you so much,” said Pam, “Now we can relax and
enjoy ourselves, knowing we will not be disturbed.”

Wendy had been looking at the clothes on display. She
picked out two dresses to try on, and went into the
changing room. I stood beside Pam’s chair. “Wendy wants
to make an impression at the party,” said Pam. “I want
her to have something especially sexy.”

“I am sure she will be the belle of the ball,” I

Just then Wendy came out wearing along red dress. It had
a plunging neckline and the skirt was split to the
thigh. She looked ravishing and I felt another flush as
I saw the upper curves of her breasts and the long
muscular legs from ankle to hip.

“That looks quite lovely,” said Pam. “Except that I can
see your bra straps.”

She turned to me, “Do you think Wendy should wear it
without a bra, Carol?”

I swallowed, “That would be best, I agree,” I said.
“Underwear always spoils the line.” The mere thought of
seeing her in that dress without a bra made my mouth

I was startled to hear Pam say, “Carol, would you be a
dear and help Wendy to get the right look. Don’t bother
with the changing room. It is only us here.”

I dazedly found myself going over to the youngster. I
stood behind her and undid the zip at the back of the
dress and let it fall to the ground. The girl stood
there in front of her mother and me in just bra and
panties. “Now take off her bra, please, Carol,”
instructed Pam.

I released the catch between her shoulder blades and
taking a deep breath, I let it go. Her flawless back was
in my sight, her skin creamy and smooth.

“Now the panties, Carol,” Pam obviously hadn’t realised
the effect her daughter was having on me. I bent and
slipped the panties down, to find a perfect little round
bottom inches from my face. Did I detect a faint musky

“Turn around, darling,” Wendy told her daughter.

My hands flew up to my mouth to stop the gasp I could
not help making. They both laughed to see my reaction.
“It is okay,” said Pam, “She always has that effect on
people who see her body for the first time. Isn’t she
the most perfect thing?”

And she was! Even in front of her mother, I could not
risk losing this chance to inspect a beautiful teenaged
girl’s body. I let my eyes travel over the young girl-
flesh. The tiny pink feet, slim calves and long smooth
thighs. A perfect triangle of silky fur, a flat belly
with its dimpled bellybutton and two wonderful high firm
breasts. Her nipples were brownish pink and puffy and I
could only imagine what they would look like when her
excitement made them erect. This lovely body was
surmounted by that wonderful virginal face.

As I stood there staring with my mouth open, Pam said,
“Wendy, darling, I think Carol likes you!”

That ironic remark broke the ice and we all laughed.
“Now try the dress, dear.”

I helped Wendy to put on the red dress again. She
certainly looked more sexy without underwear, but there
was still one thing missing. Did I dare mention it?
“Pam,” I hesitated, then seeing Pam’s encouraging smile,
“It would be even more perfect if her nipples were

“Of course, how clever you are, Carol,” She agreed and
told her daughter to play with her nipples to excite

“Oh Mum,” the girl said, “You know it is more exciting
to have someone else do it for me. Couldn’t we ask Carol
to do it?”

Pam turned to me, pointed at Wendy and said, “Do you

In no way did I mind.

I went and stood behind the young girl, where she was
standing facing a mirror. I saw my own hands slipping
under her arms and the fingers slowly moving up to the
mounds under her dress. I was just about to cup the
breasts, when I heard Pam’s voice. “No, Carol, take the
dress off first.”

I swallowed nervously; this was rapidly getting out of
hand. I released the zip and the dress fell in a puddle
around Wendy’s feet. Now I was standing behind the
nymphet, looking at her totally naked body in the
mirror. Once again my hands crept around the slim body
and this time I grasped the perfect flesh of her breasts
in my eager hands. I weighed them in my hands. They felt
so firm and heavy. Wendy leaned her head back and I
gently kissed the smiling lips.

She responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth. I
realised how hungry I was and how long it had been since
I had had sex, except of course for masturbation.

Now consumed with lust I grasped the proud nipples
between fingers and thumbs and squeezed the puffy flesh.
Our kiss went on and on. I forgot about the mother
watching me ravage her daughter, all I thought of was my
own gratification.

Oh, how I wanted that girl.

Suddenly I heard a soft clapping. I remembered where I
was and let the body in my arms go. What was the penalty
for lesbian rape, I wondered? But then I saw the proud
smile on Pam’s attractive face. “Why don’t you lie down
together on the sofa?” she suggested. “You would both be
much more comfortable there.”

I took her daughter by the hand and led her over to the
sofa I keep for customers. Gently I laid my baby lover
down and knelt beside her. Pam moved her chair to come
and sit beside us where she could see every detail of
our lovemaking.

I had no inhibitions left and again took possession of
the darling’s mouth with mine. I adored kissing the
young girl’s sweet lips and gloried in the flow of her
saliva into my mouth as her tongue played with mine. I
had one hand under Wendy’s head and with the other I
spread the beautiful legs.

Reluctantly, I let go of the kiss and moved between the
spread thighs. For the first time ever, I looked at the
vulva of a young girl.

First there were hairless skin coloured labia majora.
Then long straight pink labia minora, at the junction of
which lay a fold of soft skin, hiding her clitoris.
Blonde fur covered her mons, leading to the flat belly,
with the creamy hills of breast-flesh beyond.

I was surprised to see the mother’s hands caressing the
daughter’s perfect breasts. Pam was watching intently as
I moved my hands to either side of the cunt. I felt I
was performing some test. As I opened her daughter’s
pussy, I saw out of the corner of my eye, Pam nodding in

As the lips parted, I heard the moisture make a soft
sound, and I saw the pink interior of her vaginal hole.
I moved my fingers to my lover’s clitoral hood, and
using the technique I employ on myself, I freed her
clit. It nestled there, a precious pink pearl just
inches away from my eyes.

I looked up at Pam, silently asking permission to
continue doing her daughter. She understood and
whispered, “Yes, fuck her, Carol, make my darling come.”

I dipped my head and slipped my tongue into her inviting
hole. The taste was sublime. Metallic with a sweet
aftertaste. I renewed my assault on the lovely flesh
before me. I drank her cunt-juice and making my tongue
as long as I could I rammed it up deep into her vaginal

By this time Wendy was writhing in the ecstasy I was
giving her. As I tongue fucked her, I reached my fingers
to her clitoris and gently frigged the sensitive bud.
She came in a flood, bathing my lower face with her
juices. As I sat back I saw that daughter and mother
were kissing passionately. Now I understood the intimacy
of their relationship.

I had enjoyed the session so well, I could not resist
giving Wendy the red dress, I wanted her to look her
best for the party they were planning. Pam surprised me
by asking, “Carol, we would be honoured if you would
come to our party. I think you will enjoy it.”

Of course I accepted. If their friends were of anything
like the hostesses it should be a riotous occasion.

On Saturday evening, I presented myself at the door of
their comfortable home. Pam kissed me and welcomed me to
her party. She took my hand and led me to a sitting
room, where there were several women and two girls.
Wendy came to me, looking a million dollars in the red
dress. She kissed me on the lips in front of all the

“Everyone,” she said loudly, “This is the wonderful
person who gave me this dress, isn’t she lovely?”

They all clustered round congratulating me on my taste.
I was given a drink and looked around. I recognised one
woman, my doctor, Helen Harrison. So I had someone to
talk to. “What do you think of our little Wendy?” she
asked me.

“I think she is lovely,” I said.

Helen told me she had had the pleasure of examining her
and that from a medical point of view, Wendy had the
most perfect body she had ever seen. I laughed, “And
from a fashion viewpoint, I would say she is perfect

“Have you seen that other girl?” asked Helen.

“Isn’t she a little hornbag? Pam has promised us a treat
later. I do hope it includes that honey.”

She glanced at me then, and I suddenly realised that we
were of a like mind and shared an unspoken secret we
both loved young girls! I wondered about the two other
women. Helen told me their names. They were an older
woman called Sophie and her daughter, Angela, a pretty
woman of about forty.

Wendy told us that the girl was Angela’s daughter
Serena. I realised there were five adults and two
youngsters, and we were all female. Suddenly the
atmosphere seemed to be electric with sexual promise.

“Dinner is served,” Pam announced and we all went into a
dining room where a lovely table was laid. We were
served a delicious dinner.

During the meal, we all flirted outrageously with the
two teenagers. I was sitting beside the older woman,
Sophie. I commented to her how much I fancied Serena,
the young girl opposite. “She is lovely,” Sophie said,
“I am so proud to be her grandmother.”

I realised that Angela must be the adolescent’s mother.
I was so turned on to know that there were three
generations of women there. I couldn’t bear the wait to
see what entertainment Pam had laid on for us. We went
back into the other room for coffee and liqueurs.

Pam stood up, “Honoured guests,” she said, “Tonight for
our entertainment and delectation, Wendy and Serena are
going to perform a striptease for us.”

We all applauded as the two youngsters began to dance.
Wendy was wearing the red dress we had chosen together,
she looked so seductive, with her breasts clearly
visible and erect nipples dimpling the surface of the

I think she had opened the slit up the front a little,
as we could see her legs right up to her perfect furry
triangle. Serena was, by way of contrast, wearing a
micro-mini skirt and a cropped top. The skirt suited her
long slender dancer’s legs and we could all see her
muscled flat belly. Her tiny breasts pushed against the
top, promising sexual delights to come.

We five adults sat entranced as the babes moved to the
music. Serena came to the front, only inches from our
hot breath. Wendy stood behind her and slowly lifted the
crop top off her nubile friend’s body. We had a glimpse
of her adolescent conical tits before Wendy put her arms
around her body and cupped them both in her hands.

They swayed there together, for a few moments, then
Serena twisted to face Wendy. She reached around the
body I had enjoyed so much and released the zip. For the
third time, I saw the red dress drop to reveal Wendy’s
sublime nakedness. In her turn she whipped Serena’s
skirt down the dancer’s thighs.

Now both girls’ bodies were totally bare. They sank down
to the carpet together and melted into each other’s
arms. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss and we could
see their tongues duelling. Moving fluidly, the loving
couple moved into a 69. We adults were jostling each
other so as to be able to see the pink tongues entering
the even pinker cunts. Serena favoured the tongue in
hole technique, while agitating Wendy’s clitoris with
her fingers.

Wendy finger fucked her friend, while devouring her
pearly clit with her hungry mouth. They came together
and we saw the pussy juices mixing with saliva as they
sobbed their way through their orgasms. As they relaxed
they laid back with their mouths greasy with each
other’s girl-come. We all applauded. I for one hoped the
entertainment was not over.

The girls had left the room to tidy up, when Pam
announced, “I hope you all enjoyed that as much as they
enjoyed performing for you. Now, I trust you are feeling
horny, as our dancers have told me that they want us all
to go up to my bedroom to enjoy them both properly. I
suggest that as Helen and Carol are new to our little
parties, they should go first.”

Then Sophie and Angela came up to Helen and me, and
quickly stripped us both naked. Then we were led
upstairs to the master bedroom.

There on a big bed lay the teenagers totally naked. They
looked pink and perfect after their shower, and oh so
desirable. With one consent, I went for Serena and Helen
took Wendy in her arms. Sophie, Angela and Pam sat on
chairs pulled up close to watch us feast worshipping
their darlings’ pubescent bodies. Starting with Serena’s
mouth, which I kissed passionately, I used her lovely
body for my pleasure.

She repaid me by responding avidly to every stimulation.
I suckled her delicate breast-flesh before moving south
to feast on her scarlet cunt-meat. She released a flow
of juice deep into my sucking mouth, which I held and
passed to her own mouth, so that she could taste her own

I plunged my index and middle finger deep up into her
vaginal hole and with the other hand popped her clit and
worked it over. I finger fucked her deeply and she came
on my hand. As she came I dipped my head and once more
kissed the moaning mouth. As she thrashed her way
through her orgasm, I came too from the sheer excitement
of making her come so hard. We plateaued together and
lay back exhausted. Beside me the beautiful doctor was
ravishing my erstwhile customer.

I felt eager hands push me aside, as Sophie took my
place. Helen was also replaced by Angela and we watched
as mother and grandmother assuaged their lust on the
young bodies so generously given. That evening each of
we five grown-ups had each of the girls. We enjoyed two
fucks each while each greedy teeny had five! Or if you
include their show fuck, six.

Little did I know when the two new customers walked
into my shop that Wednesday that my life was about to be
transformed. I now have several new friends and often
visit their homes. These visits usually end with me in
bed with one of the teenagers, and sometimes with their
young friends as well. But that as they say is another

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