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Life was busy with new work for the both Sue and me.
Her big sexual experience with the Englishman had begun
to fade and we didn’t have any new experiences for

Sue was dressing as sharp as ever, complementing her
petite 5’4″ body. Her skirts were well above the knee,
and most always, those firm 34B tits without a bra.

Our friend Sandy had now taken a new view of Sue, as he
had detected the distinct scent of sex on her when she
had returned home from her liaison with Geoffrey. She,
nor I, had expected Sandy to be visiting when she came
home that night after seducing Geoffrey. There was no
doubt he had his suspicions about what had gone on
before she came home. Hell, she had dried cum in her
hair and smelled like great sex.

Maybe he mentioned what he had observed to Keith, the
friend we had met him with, maybe not, but Keith was
also paying dear attention to Sue. Her subtle
innocents, but sexy demeanor commanded the attention of

Submissive as she was, Sue was growing stronger in
expressing what she wanted sexually. Her desires and
her attention soon turned to Keith. At six feet tall,
with dark hair, handsome face and build, his friendly
wit was all too much for Sue; she informed me she
wanted “To do him.”

“Would that be okay with you?” she wanted to know.

“Damn, I’ve seen this coming. I thought you were
thinking about it Sue.”

It had been a toss up between Sandy and Keith. She had
been leading them both on for some time. I had seen
the Coy smiles, and the suggestive poses here and

“Only if I can be there when it goes down” I told her.

“Maybe not the first time, Jess. If there is a second
time, then we’ll see, okay?” Sue sounded very sure of
herself here.

“Alright Sue, when?”

We were going to a party at Keith’s apartment that
weekend. Sue wanted to hit on him at the party, stay
late and let him know what she wanted. I knew what he
wanted, he had paid a lot of attention to Sue and had
always chatted with her like she was the best woman on
earth. Hell, he was in for a big treat and it was just
what he wanted.

Sue worn a silky red gown that clung to her body and
showed every curve. You could see a hint of the lacy
pushup bra when she moved just the right way. Since
she was wearing thigh high hose you could also see the
deep V of her French cut panties, in front, her mound
showed through the material if she leaned back. She
looked hot.

During the party Sue did very little to attract
attention to herself. In contrast, other women,
married and single, paid much attention to Keith
thought the night. Sue must have been supremely
confident as she appeared indifferent to the affections
given to Keith by the other women. After one dance
with Sue everything changed and I knew she had clued
him in. He looked at me knowingly and questioningly, I
just nodded with a smile. It was set. The thought
occurred to me that this was a conquest for Sue. She
would have the prize, for herself.

As the hour grew late and all the guests had left, Sue
suggested I pick her up in the morning, not too early.

It was with trepidation that I approached the door to
Keith’s apartment the next morning to pick up my wife.
Did she have a good time? What would happen next?

Keith answered the door after some time and greeted me.

“You’re too early.” He laughed. “Come on in.”

Sue shortly appeared from the bedroom and said, “I’ll
be ready in a minute, Jess.”

Christ, she was trashed, I wondered if they had slept
at all.

As we left the driveway I wanted to know, “How was it.”

“Great Jess, just great” Sue responded.

I reached for her pussy under the long gown she was
wearing, she spread her legs to accommodate me. She
wasn’t wearing her panties, her pussy was still wet and
slippery. They must have fucked that morning.

“Tell me all about it” I said.

“Yes, okay, after you left he kissed me and felt me up
in the front room” Sue was smiling at me. “He asked me
to show him what I had. So I stood back and pulled my
gown off and turned around for him”

Sue said she couldn’t wait and they headed to the
bedroom, where she did a little strip of her lacy
underwear and thigh high hose for him. “He stripped
his clothes off and sat at the edge of the bed watching
me move around and play with myself.”

“He has a nice long cock and it got hard right away so
I knelt in front of him and sucked him into my mouth,
licking the underside, the way you like it Jess.”

“Did he cum in your mouth?” I wanted to hear all the

“No he didn’t, he has incredible control, he only came
three times, twice last night and once this morning and
we fucked for hours!” Sue exclaimed. “I had him in me
for hours, Jess, he goes a long time.”

Sue told me all the details as we drove home. After
she had sucked on him, she climbed on him and sat down
on his cock while he played with her tits. After a
while she got off and laid back on the bed. She held
her legs up and apart so he would enter her. He then
slid his cock up and down her slit until she urged him
to put it in. Keith screwed her slowly, deliciously
gentle for a long time and Sue said they took a break
after she had a powerful orgasm.

She had thought they would go to sleep when they went
back into the bedroom but Keith had started playing
with her pussy. She then pushed him back on the bed
and straddling him put his cock in her. He had finally
cum while she was telling him how good his cock felt in

Sue always made her lover feel special, like this was
the last, best cock on earth. She really threw herself
into getting fucked, abandoning herself to the
pleasure. Here she had given and taken.

Sue said she didn’t think she could cum again when
Keith went to work on her once more, but he was able to
coax her to another orgasm. He had cum shortly after
her and pulling out of her, sprayed his cum on her
belly and between her tits. They fell asleep with
Keith rubbing his cum into her skin.

“When I woke up Keith was behind me on his side playing
with my pussy and he slipped his dick into me while we
lay like spoons. He pushed in and out of me slowly,
teasingly, again and again. We came together and this
time I could feel his cock spurt into me. It felt
great. I laid still and I could feel him filling me.”

We heard the doorbell ring and knew it was you. He is
a very good lover, Jess.” Sue let out a sigh and we
were silent for the rest of the drive home.

“Oh, Jess, I told him to come up tonight for dinner,
you are going to get your wish, he doesn’t mind at all,
you can watch and join in” Sue popped as we pulled in
the driveway.

“God, let’s get in the house and give me some relief

“Okay, and thanks Jess, I really enjoyed it” Sue

What was for dinner, I can’t remember. Everyone was
waiting for someone to make a move. I put music on and
made some drinks. Sue laughed and acted as though this
was just another ordinary night with a guest over for

Finally Sue went into the bathroom and emerged wearing
a black camisole that exposed her buns and made the
most of her high pert breasts. With just a smile at us
she disappeared into the bedroom.

“Lets go for it” I told Keith and we entered the

There were enough candles lit to see everything that
was going on. Keith and I were stripped in no time and
laid on each side of Sue. We wasted no time and there
were hands all over Sue’s body. Feeling her breasts,
slipping hands along side the crotch of the camisole to
access her pussy. Kissing her and feeling her all
over, she began to moan her pleasure. We pulled the
top of the camisole off her shoulders, then down her
legs to see all of her. She was wet and spread her
legs over us to give the maximum access to her slit.
Keith was making circular motions with his fingers on
her clit and I had two fingers in her pussy. This was
the second time that day we had each had the pleasure
of fondling her body and Sue was most willing.

Keith rose and moved between her legs, lowering his
head to her pussy, he licked and suckled her cunt. It
was fascinating to watch Sue raise and buck her hips as
Keith worked on her pussy. In no time Sue was cumming.

“Oh yes, oh yes, it feels so good Keith.”

Keith wanted in her first, he moved up and rubbed his
dick at the entrance to her pussy, feeling her wetness.
Sue reached between her legs and grabbed his cock to
guide it to where she now very much wanted it. As
Keith slid into her he lifted her legs behind the knees
so Sue was totally exposed to him. Her pussy upturned
to met his thrusts, giving herself to him completely.
Keith slowed and ground his meat into her pussy, Sue
shuttered with a hard climax. They laid there for a
minute and Keith started to move in and out of her. I
sat back and watched as his wet dick entered her again
and again. Her sex was wet and making noises now as his
balls slapped her ass with each stroke. Her breathing
was heavy, punctuated by moans and grunts, she was
cumming again.

I wanted a turn, so I pulled at Keith’s shoulder and he
eased himself from a protesting Sue.

Oh, Jess, put it in, now.” Sue urged me to be quick.

Keith held one of her legs as I slipped into her, she
was slippery from her juice and her pussy was on fire.
It was milking me, gripping my cock and she was cumming
again. It was all too much and I unloaded my sperm
into her.

Keith didn’t even pause, as I vacated my spot, he
crawled between her wide spread legs and reentered her.
In two strokes, Sue was grunting out a new climax. Her
pussy was really squishy now, cum and juice, were
running down the crack of her ass to the sheets. Keith
stopped moving in Sue, pulling himself to his knees and
her up into his lap. After wrapping her legs behind
him, Sue began to bounce on his cock in his lap. I
moved behind her and played with her tits and clit with
both my hands.

Shortly she was consumed in a powerful climax, yelling
“Oh god, yes, yes.”

Only then did I notice Keith was pumping his cum into
Sue. I stopped playing with her clit and with my
fingers, felt his cock as it pumped its liquid into
her. They then collapsed backward on the bed, with Sue
laying on top of him, her tits mashed into his chest.

Slowly Keith rolled her over and withdrew from her. Sue
laid there with her legs splayed apart. As Keith had
done, I moved to take her again. She was now loose and
sloppy, and I as entered her, hot cum gushed around my
cock. Sue had sweat beads on her breasts and chest,
her scent filled my nostrils, and she was limp from the
fucking we had given her. Now, I was fucking her, not
making love, just fucking. She was just beginning to
respond as I added my liquid to her already full pussy.

We laid there side by side, spent, when Keith came back
into the room and took Sue’s hand. I could hear them,
in the front room, for the better part of an hour as
Keith brought her to one peak and then another. Sue
had had a great night.

Sometime later they came back to bed and we all slept
until morning. Sue didn’t get up until noon, after
Keith had left, she had been thoroughly fucked by the
two of us and was worn out.

Keith would soon be back, he wanted more of this woman
that fucked with abandon.

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