Month: December 2022

Wife Karen
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My wife Karen and I had been married 4 years when this occured, and its been beautiful ever since. We openly discussed our secret sex fantasies with each other. And thats all they remained until fate made one of them a reality.

We are both in our early 30’s, and both have careers, so we decided on not having children …

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A troubled woman tries to seduce her psychiatrist only to be taught a lesson
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“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked quietly from the
dark leather chair where she was seated. She’d been
sitting silently, relaxed, just watching him for some
time before she finally spoke.

He sat safely behind his oversized desk and looked at
her. Petite. Long blonde hair. Her legs tucked under
herself. She possessed the most kissable lips that …

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Steve’s superheroine wife keeps having “addicents.”
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I just cannot understand why Diana has so many
“accidents” since she has become my wife. Before, she
never … I guess that’s confusing, so let me start

My name is Steve and I’m a retired military officer.
For copyright reasons, I can’t tell you my last name
or Diana’s maiden name. I had been in love with Diana…

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The Sweet Smell of Lust
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The smell was almost rancid, and David decided to throw
out his latest lab experiment. He only had a single
beaker with the light-blue concoction, and like the
last half dozen tries, was about to be flushed down the
toilet. His current standing in Chemistry deemed a
successful completion to this experiment. Which was
also his entry into the High …

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An Elf Maiden’s Christmas
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The spirit of Naar floated helplessly in the darkness of space, his
soul a cloud of ethereal, black smoke. He watched angrily as the
universe was consumed by the Light of Ishir and Kai, their benevolent
gazes bringing new life to the worlds he had purified with fire and
death. At the Dark God’s side floated Gwena, an Elf girl …

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