The Sweet Smell of Lust
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The smell was almost rancid, and David decided to throw
out his latest lab experiment. He only had a single
beaker with the light-blue concoction, and like the
last half dozen tries, was about to be flushed down the
toilet. His current standing in Chemistry deemed a
successful completion to this experiment. Which was
also his entry into the High School Science Fair.

His experiment; to produce an aroma that allowed a
change in mammals behavior. Originally he thought it
was a simple project, yet when setting out to create a
new scent, his experiment became increasingly

So far he was unsuccessful. His only pet, a Hamster by
the name of Fuzzy, never reacted any different than
could be expected. And the only reaction in mammals was
his sister yelling about the awful stench coming from
the basement these last few weeks. David’s mother had
agreed, but the family compromised and they would put
up with it until after the due date of his assignment.

Making his way upstairs, with the unstopped beaker,
David grumbled with disappointment that his “great”
idea was not showing any results. As he passed the
breakfast nook in the kitchen, his sister broke his
thoughts, “What is that?” She asked while pointing
directly at the beaker.

“Toilet water.” Meaning this batch was about to join
the porcelain toilet, as had the last several. He
hadn’t even looked towards his sister as he walked by.

The light blue liquid disappeared down the toilet with
a dismal flush. David sighed and resigned himself to
return to his simple lab in the basement. When he
reached the basement, Kerry his sister was there nosing
about. Something she never did, come into his space,
she always thought of him as childish and his
experiments as “nerdy”.

“Do you have any more of that smell?” He pulled a book
from her hands, annoyed with her.

“What smell?” The question puzzled him. He brushed by
her to sit back on his stool before the unorganized
wooden table.

“That blue one you just had? I liked that one.” She
smiled and brushed a blonde hair from her face. Though
he thought her as irritating, he could not help but
noticed the attractive slim lines to her face, the way
the swell of her breasts pressed against her shirt, or
the way her jeans curved about her hips. But, as a
brother he would never admit this interest to anyone,
especially to himself.

“That one? I thought it stunk worse that the previous
two.” His sisters eyes twinkled. “I threw it all out.”
He turned about, thinking that was the end of the

“Could you make some more Davey?”

Davey? Why was she so interested in some noxious fumes
that he could barely stand? “I suppose so. But why?”
He noticed she was twirling a lock of hair before her
face, almost shyly. David was irritated at his sisters
strange behavior, as well as her invasion into his

“I kind of liked it. Maybe I will use it as perfume.”

She’s gotta be kidding?! No one would get within
thirty feet of her. “I need to get some work done
Kerry. Get out of here!” His voice was beginning to
rise, expecting the same from his normally abrasive
sister. Normally, they could barely stand in the same
room this long without a loud argument erupting.

Surprisingly, she simply put on a pouty face and
disappeared from the basement, allowing her brother to
have the last word. A rarity, the David never enjoyed.

“What is that smell?” David entered the kitchen just
as his mother was coming home from work and asked her

Kerry answered, “David’s newest try. I kind of like
this one don’t you?” He noticed his sister had changed
into her night clothes already, something she never did
until minutes before going to bed. Her long blonde
hair was untidy and she looked like she had already
taken a shower.

“Oh yes. David”, his mother smiled at him, “I don’t
know if you succeeded this time but it does smell…
different.” Kerry nodded enthusiastically. “Not a
good, or bad, smell. Just different.” She hung up her
coat and purse before helping out her daughter with

Still depressed from the failed experiments David
snapped, “Well its gone, I flushed it just like the
rest.” He sat at the table, mentally tired from his
hard work downstairs.

Kerry contributed, “He threw it all away. I asked him
if he could make more.” The two ladies looked
expectantly at him.

“That is a great idea, David why don’t you make more of
that batch? What do you call it?” The two ladies
looked expectantly at him.

The direction of the conversation surprised him, why
did his sister and mother not leave the topic alone.
Besides the last liquid stunk awfully, didn’t they
realize that. “Toilet Water”, he responded thinking of
the only thing that came to him. It really didn’t
matter, since he hadn’t any more. “I don’t have time
to make more, I have to try getting my lab right and I
don’t have many more ideas.”

Only a few minutes later, supper was on the table.
David ate heartily, and didn’t notice that his sister
barely touched her food or that no one was speaking.
Mentally, the youth went over the last few tries of his
experiment, and was puzzled that his hypotheses had
been wrong to date. According to his own theories, a
scent was possible within the boundaries of the last
few tries. Again, he was excited at the usage of such
a success on his part; help people stop smoking,
decrease hunger in overweight people, make violent
offenders more agreeable, etc.

He suddenly stopped counting money that he had yet to
earn. Irritated at his own fantasies and disgusted at
his last few failed lab attempts.

When finally David was finished his food, he looked up
to find his sister starring off into space, her hands
below the table. While his mother had unbuttoned the
top of her blouse to gently scratch her nails upon the
skin of her upper chest. Her other hand absentmindedly
eating. Even though the two sets of clothes, the
nipples of both ladies was plainly seen poking through
the fabric, which was so evident that even the normally
preoccupied teen noticed. Kerry was obviously not
wearing any bra beneath her nightshirt. And his
attractive slim mothers much larger breasts appeared to
rise and fall perceptibly with every breath she took.


She shook her head, “Yes dear?” Kerry also returned to
the conversation, her face flush and her hands shaking
slightly. She looked at him peculiar.

“Are you okay?”

“Hum… definitely yes.” Then giggled. A sound David
had never heard from his mother, she also blushed. “I
was thinking that I want you to make more `Toilet
Water’.” She took a bite of food. Kerry looked
expectantly at her younger brother.

“Maybe next week.” He was very puzzled. “After I hand
in my experiment.”

“Why so long?” Asked Kerry.

Before he could say anything, his mother interjected,
“No that is reasonable. After your due date then

That very night, even before he fell asleep, David
heard a noise. A low moan coming from down the hall
from his mothers room. At first he tried to ignore it,
then imagined she was simply having a dream. But,
ultimately he decided to see if she was all right. After
the way the two ladies of the household acted at
supper, he wondered if they had ate something rotten.

Outside his mothers door, he could hear the noise much
easier. A low moan that definitely came from his
mother. She must be sick? In case she was still
asleep, David opened the door to her room slowly, only
enough to peek in.

His mother was alone. She lay in the middle of the
bed, with the covers up to her chin. Her legs were
widely spread beneath the light covering, and her knees
bent. Between the gap of her legs, below her stomach,
her hands were moving beneath the bedspread. David’s
eyes nearly popped when he realized his mother was

Quickly closing the door in case she noticed her only
son, he stood trembling before his single parents room.
He could still picture her face as it was tightly
clenched as if working mightily, which in a way she
was. The movements that he could only guess at,
suggested his mother had both her hands between her
legs while her hips pressed rhythmically upwards. The
glistening of sweat upon her forehead her tongue
whipping out to lick her lips, flashed through his

He was also amazed that he had a hard-on.

Quietly retreating, he stopped before Kerry’s door and
silently opened it. At this point he was wondering why
the two ladies were acting differently this evening.
His sister was not awake, yet neither was she clothed.

Kerry lay naked upon her messy bed, a pillow stuffed
between her legs, and her back to the door. Only her
white buttocks, and back, could be seen. Quickly he
closed the door to his sisters room.

The teen stood bewildered in the hallway for several
minutes, the sound of his mothers self pleasure getting
louder. Why had they acted different at supper? What
changed that caused his mother to act so brazenly
before her children? Why had Kerry been
uncharacteristically docile with him? It didn’t make
sense to the youth.

The next day, everything was normal. So much so, that
he sort of missed the silent attention he was part of
at supper the day before. Kerry had screamed at him to
get out of the bathroom, while his mother scolded both
for not getting along with sister.

It was at school, in his Biology class that a
hypotheses came to him. Why his mother and sister
acted strangely yesterday? The “Toilet Water”! Didn’t
they consistently bring up his experiment, and that
they wanted him to make more of the foul smelling

David’s instructor said, “Some smells get different
reactions to different animals.” David decided to make

Yet, why did his mother and sister display symptoms of
sexual heightened awareness from the smell? It must
have set off some reaction of its own in the chemistry
of their bodies. And what did they have in common?
Their sex, of course! Fuzzy was a male hamster and it
was obvious that the small mammal was not affected by
the scent.

Three o’clock took forever to come around, but when it
did David ran home to start another batch of “Toilet

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