An Elf Maiden’s Christmas
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The spirit of Naar floated helplessly in the darkness of space, his
soul a cloud of ethereal, black smoke. He watched angrily as the
universe was consumed by the Light of Ishir and Kai, their benevolent
gazes bringing new life to the worlds he had purified with fire and
death. At the Dark God’s side floated Gwena, an Elf girl who had
succumbed to Naar’s evil power.

*This Light, this goodness sickens me,* snarled Naar mentally to his
disembodied slave.

*Is there any way we can halt its advance?* asked Gwena meekly.

*Yes, we must purge it one world at a time, weakening the Light gods’
power until we can emerge once more to claim what is mine,* replied

*Where shall we start, dread lord?* inquired Gwena eagerly.

*There, that little speck. I sense a great force of goodness and
peace at the planet’s northern pole. You will go there, possess a
vessel, and destroy the Light anyway you can,* commanded Naar.

*I obey, master* acknowledged Gwena, her gaseous form narrowing to a
thin stream before it shot down to a blue-green planet named Earth.

Tifa straightened her slim shoulders back, then adjusted her green
skirt and tunic one more time before leaving her new quarters to
assemble with the rest of the new toy assemblers. The young elf girl
merged with the long line of elfin females quietly rushing to the
gathering chamber ahead. Tifa brushed a stray lock of red hair out of
her lovely face, then moved into place in the third row of the
assembly. The group of elf girls stood silently at attention, their
green clothing spotless and orderly. A tall elf woman entered the
chamber, then walked proudly to the podium placed on a raised dais in
front of the assembled girls. The woman was dressed in a neat black
business jacket, white blouse, and knee-length skirt. Silky black
hose covered her long legs, while her feet were encased in polished
black stiletto heels. The elf woman slid her right hand over her
slicked-back raven hair that ended in a tightly coiled ponytail.

“Good morning, ladies. My name is Eva. I will be your supervisor as
you begin your first day on the assembly line. Our leader, Mr. Claus,
has placed a great deal of faith in every one of you. I expect you to
live up to Mr. Claus’ expectations and perform your duties efficiently
and quickly. Christmas is almost upon us, we have to meet our
production deadlines. Now go to your individual team leaders and make
the best toys you can,” said the elf woman crisply.

The gathered elf girls broke from their orderly lines to proceed to
their work assignments. Tifa left the chamber, traveled down several
long hallways, then descended one level to the electronics assembly
area. The petite elf girl approached her team leader, a stern old elf
woman named Sharon.

“Who are you?” snapped Sharon when she saw Tifa approaching.

“My name is Tifa. I’m a grade six assembler,” replied the fiery-maned
girl quickly.

“Grade six? A beginner, huh? Go over to section thirteen to screw on
case lids,” ordered Sharon with an abrupt raising of her right arm.

Tifa nodded her acceptance, then hastily went to the indicated post.
She picked up a motorized screwdriver from the small worktable in
front of her, then fastened screws into the case holes of the VCR that
rolled in front of her and stopped. Tifa barely got all the screws in
place before the VCR rolled away to her left to be replaced by another
unsealed unit. The beautiful young elf girl screwed the second case
into place, slowly learning a style that allowed her to move smoothly
from one unit to the next. Dozens, then hundreds of VCRs passed
beneath Tifa, the repetitive procedure making her mind fuzzy and
unfocused as she screwed the same holes again and again with her
motorized screwdriver.

Gwena hovered invisibly over the assembly area, her gaseous form so
spread out that she was transparent. She searched the laboring elf
workers until she found one particularly bored and drowsy elf girl.
The female’s mind was open and unshielded as Gwena poured down and
engulfed the slim young girl. Tifa coughed briefly, then became
dizzy, her thin body swooning next to the rolling assembly line. She
missed one VCR, then two, the line finally stopping when she failed to
screw four cases. A nearby co-worker squeezed Tifa’s right arm in
concern until team leader Sharon marched forward to see what was

“What’s going on? You failed to complete your work,” admonished
Sharon crossly.

“I’m sorry, I’m feeling faint,” replied Tifa as she held her left hand
to her pale brow.

Sharon yanked Tifa’s hand away from her forehead, then touched it
herself with her own wrinkled palm.

“You do feel a little flushed. Go back to your quarters and rest for
the remainder of the work cycle. I’ll check in on you later to see if
you can work a late shift,” said Sharon with a frown.

“Yes, ma’am,” agreed Tifa before she stumbled out of the crowded
assembly room. The young elf girl slowly went back to her small room,
then carefully locked the only door.

“A body, at last!” purred Gwena as she slid her small hands down
Tifa’s flat belly to her graceful hips. The possessed elf girl
quickly took off her tunic and skirt, leaving only her white cotton
panties, ankle socks, and green shoes. Gwena looked at her new face
from the mirror framed over Tifa’s underwear cabinet, adjusting the
green pointed cap rakishly over her short straight red hair. She
squeezed her young, just budding breasts together, then pouted her
delicate, unpainted lips.

“I’m hot!” smiled Gwena happily, her hands roving down to caress her
own tight, small buttocks. The partially naked elf girl leaned back
against the wall, watching herself in the mirror as she fondled her
own tits, pinching the little pink nipples until they hardened. Gwena
licked her sensuous lips, then placed her hands over her crotch,
slowly rubbing her pussy until a small stain appeared on the fabric of
her panties. Gwena moaned softly, pulling the front of her panties
aside with her left hand as her right slid up and down her moist cunt,
teasing it into arousal. She gazed at herself in the mirror, her eyes
narrowed and smoldering with lust while she fingered her own pussy,
made it hot with desire. The elf girl inserted a finger into her
quivering vagina, pushing the digit deep into her melting love tunnel.
Gwena gasped with remembered ecstasy, every sensation from Tifa’s body
awakening a memory of a prior sexual experience. Gwena’s finger moved
faster inside her slit, the member thrust in and out, honey dripping
from the pumping digit. The elf girl shoved a second finger inside
her twat with the first, both probes moving together, rhythmically
fucking her clenching hole. Gwena’s hips gyrated erotically, her
small, round ass smacking the cement wall of the bedroom as she
groaned with each shove of her long fingers. Gwena’s legs became
weak, she shuddered as an orgasm built inside her stomach, expanding
out to pour from her trembling cunt.

Sharon the team leader crashed through the door just as Tifa climaxed,
her closed lips shaking while a thick stream of pussy juice poured
down her bare thighs.

“So this is what you’re doing!” snarled Sharon, her grey eyes burning
with fury.

Before Gwena could spin a lie, the old elf woman grabbed Tifa’s left
wrist and dragged the bare-breasted girl to her small bed. Sharon sat
down heavily, draped Tifa over her legs, then began spanking the elf
girl sharply across the buttocks. Tifa squeaked with each skin
searing slap, but Gwena reveled in the pain, the old woman’s punishing
touch sent shivers of delight over the elf girl’s ass and up her
spine. Fresh juices slid out of Tifa’s pussy to fall against Sharon’s
upper legs.

“Wicked, lustful child!” exclaimed Sharon, her eyes shocked and
dismayed at the sight of Tifa’s continued arousal. The old elf woman
redoubled her spanking, her palm lashing out to smack Tifa’s lovely
ass until it glowed cherry-red with abuse. Tifa writhed under
Sharon’s ministrations, her cries barely disguising Gwena’s erotic
bliss. Sharon ripped off Tifa’s drenched white panties, then renewed
her correctional onslaught. The spanking dragged on for ten, then
twenty minutes, Tifa’s ass becoming purple with bruises while an
increasing torrent of vaginal fluid spurted out onto Sharon’s lap.

“Disgusting little whore!” spat Sharon before she yanked painfully
back on Tifa’s short red hair.

“Mistress, please!” begged Tifa, tears glimmering in her wide green
eyes to contrast the wanton smile adorning her full lips.

“Master Claus will sort you out, evil child!” threatened Sharon before
she pushed Tifa off of her cum-stained skirt, then bent down slowly to
retrieve the young girl’s discarded skirt and tunic.

“Cover yourself up before you go to see our master,” ordered Sharon,
disgust blatant in her sharp gaze while she guarded Tifa’s
preparations. Gwena gloated at her victory, now she would encounter
the source of the Light and destroy it for her Dark Lord.

“Master Claus?” inquired Sharon respectfully from the open doorway.
“May I trouble you for a moment?”

“Come in, team leader Sharon. I just need to finish one more database
update,” replied Santa Claus from his desk, his elderly face bathed in
the light of a computer monitor. Sharon pushed Tifa forward, then
followed the girl closely from behind.

“Margaret Weis, nice. Christian Slater, naughty. Nikki Dial, very
naughty, but I’ll give her a present anyway,” chuckled Santa while he
tapped computer keys swiftly.

“This low grade worker has been engaging in activities unbecoming of
an elf in your service,” reported Sharon indignantly. “I respectfully
request that she be discharged and sent back to our homeland for

“This must be serious,” frowned Santa just before he saved his work
and swivelled his large, cushioned chair around to face the two elfin

“May I present my case to you in private, master?” requested Tifa
hesitantly. “There are extenuating circumstances surrounding my
recent behavior.”

“Very well. Mistress Sharon, you will return to your work area until
I summon for you,” commanded Claus with a nod.

“As you wish,” replied Sharon with a low bow before she retreated from
the room.

“Sit, child. Tell me your side of the story,” invited Claus with a
beckoning gesture to one of the chairs facing his polished oak desk.

Tifa sat carefully within the chair to Santa’s right, then crossed her
slim legs delicately.

“Master, ever since I arrived here, I’ve begun feeling things, things
I’ve never experienced before,” said Tifa in a soft, confused voice.

“What kinds of things?” probed Santa, his fingers steepled together
over his immense belly.

“When I first saw you, when you addressed the newly arrived workers, I
felt something I’d never felt before, a warm, fluttering heat in my
stomach,” replied Tifa with a bright red blush.

Santa coughed in embarrassment, his own white skin flushed under his
large beard and thick white eyebrows.

“As I saw you again and again, heard your voice addressing us all, the
feelings grew, until I felt a nice warmth between my legs,” admitted
the young girl, her gaze focused on the rug under her small feet.

“When Mistress Sharon found me in my room, I was touching my special
place, thinking about you, how I wanted you to touch me there,”
whispered Tifa, her lips trembling with guilt.

Santa coughed again, perspiration gathering on his forehead.

“Uh, my dear, these feelings are normal in a young girl like yourself.
You are young for an elf, you still have much to learn and experience
about life. If you promise not to let these feelings of yours
interfere with your work, I think that I can let this incident pass.
I need all the able bodies I can find to get the toys ready for
Christmas, I need you to focus on your job,” said Santa, his eyes
fixed on Tifa’s.

“I will if you do something for me, master,” purred Gwena within
Tifa’s luscious body. “Make love to me, just once.”

“What?! Impossible! I’m married!” choked Santa.

“Just once, master,” smiled Tifa seductively as she pulled off her
tunic, then slipped off her green skirt. Santa’s eyes bulged with the
sight of Tifa’s small, tempting breasts and flat stomach. Gwena took
off her panties, then threw them onto Santa’s gaping face. The
underwear fell onto Santa’s nose just before Gwena crawled onto the
desk and sat down on her tight ass, spreading out her legs to bare her
red-bushed pussy at the sweating fat man.

“Lick my cunt, master. Stick your wet tongue into my hot fuck hole,”
begged Gwena huskily, her tits pert and firm.

“, put your clothes back on,” groaned Santa, the scent of Tifa’s
panties still lingering within his nostrils.

“Please, fuck me,” pleaded Gwena, her thin arms wrapping around
Santa’s bulging neck while her long legs pressed against Claus’ ribs.

Santa inhaled the rich musk coming from Tifa’s open pussy, the folds
of cunt flesh slick with her sweet juices. Her cunt begged to be
sucked, to be devoured by a hungry mouth. The naked elf girl pressed
her young tits against Santa’s face, the flesh soft and warm with the
heat of her sensual body. Despite his conscious decision to reject
the horny elf girl, Santa ran his tongue up the cleft between Tifa’s
breasts, his teeth nibbled on her little pink nipples until she panted
with lust.

“Yes, suck my titties,” encouraged Gwena as she searched the desk with
her eyes, seeking anything that could be used as a weapon.

Santa sucked wetly on Tifa’s small breasts, his lips latched onto her
silky flesh and suckled the little mounds until they dripped with
saliva. Gwena moaned deeply, urging the fat man on as her green eyes
focused on a shining, silver letter opener. Smiling cruelly to
herself, Gwena began reaching out with her left hand while Santa
licked down her bare stomach to her musky crotch.

“I haven’t tasted a young pussy in decades,” growled Claus before he
pushed his hairy face into Tifa’s pussy, his tongue sliding obscenely
within her moist vagina.

Gwena groaned with feigned pleasure, wriggling her cunt against
Santa’s mouth while her hand inched closer to the sharp opener lying
on the desktop.

Santa pushed Tifa back onto the desk, prying her thighs apart so he
could lick her inner flesh, then suck lewdly on her dripping slit.
Gwena cursed as she lay on her back, her fingers desperately grasping
for the unseen weapon. The old man slid his tongue up and down Tifa’s
cunt, circling her clit until it grew hard and glistening. Gwena
gasped despite herself, waves of lost ecstasy washing over her mind.
Tifa’s pussy trembled under Santa’s oral attentions, honey flowed
freely from her young womb, quickly lapped up by the sex-crazed fat
man. Gwena pinched her right nipple with her right hand while her
left hand finally found the letter opener. An orgasm built within
Tifa’s naked, quivering body just as she raised the opener over her
head and prepared to plunge it into Santa’s skull.

“Santa! You’re late for the inspection!” declared Mrs. Claus as she
charged into the dimly-lit office. Her eyes widened in surprise at
the sight of her elderly husband eating out a young elf girl’s cunt
upon the desktop. Santa’s head shot up from Tifa’s crotch, his lips
and chin stained with her clinging pussy fluids.

“Mr. Claus, you march right out of here!” ordered Mrs. Claus sharply,
acid dripping from her voice.

“Yes, ma’am,” nodded Santa hastily before he grabbed his red snow hat
and waddled out of the sex-reeking office.

“Ah, another young elf bitch who thinks she can move up in the
organization by having sex with the boss,” said Mrs. Claus with a
mournful shake of her gray-haired head. “When will you little sluts

“It’s not what you think,” retorted Gwena hastily while she prepared
to throw the letter opener at the old crone’s head.

“I suppose I’ll just have to make another example,” shrugged Mrs.
Claus as she withdrew a silenced pistol from her apron and aimed it at
Tifa’s bare chest.

“Oh, shit,” murmured Gwena just before a bullet smashed into her
lovely chest, ripping an ugly hole into her heart before it exited out
her back.

*You failed me, again,* said Naar softly, his glowing red eyes locked
on Gwena’s free-floating essence.

*Forgive me, lord! Let me try again!* begged Gwena pathetically.

*No,* replied Naar before he invoked a spirit wrack, ripping Gwena’s
essence into minuscule little shards of vapor. The elf girl spirit’s
screams of agony soothed Naar’s troubled mind as he slowly floated
away from Earth, back to the empty void of outer space.

*We failed to destroy the Light here, but there will be other
opportunities, other worlds to purify,* mumbled the dread god as he
dragged Gwena’s splintering spirit after him, sending bolts of purple
lightning into her consciousness, making her beg for release.

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