My Friends the Allens – Two on One
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Tanya, naked, turned over on the bed and looked across the
room at me. She rolled onto her back with her legs bent,
feet close together, knees far apart. Between her open thighs,
her pussy was small and pink, the fine blonde hairs matted
and damp. She grinned at me wickedly and her left hand
caressed her upper thighs.

The door had been ajar when I rang Jake’s doorbell. “Who is
it?” her voice had called from inside. “It’s me,” I said.
“C’mon in,” she called back. And I went in and found them
face down and naked on Jake’s bed, Jake asleep or dead, Tanya
turning over to show me the slickness of her cunt. The room
was full of books and partly-disassembled electronics. It
smelled of sex.

“Jake and I were just fucking,” Tanya said as I walked over to
the bed, “and he fell asleep. I was touching myself when you
rang the bell.” And she grinned even wider, and slipped a
finger down between her thighs, into the pink wetness.

I smiled back. “You’re in a mood today, aren’t you?”

“God, yes,” she said, and wriggled her hips. “Why don’t you
take off your clothes?”

I stripped quickly and sat down on the bed sideways, my legs
crossed. My cock was comfortably erect in my lap; I put my
fingers around the base of it and squeezed gently. It felt
good. Tanya looked into my eyes, her fingers moving slowly
between her legs. She licked her lips.

Jake stirred next to her. “Mrmmph,” he said, and turned
halfway over. Tanya bent her head down and kissed him on
the mouth, a long luxurious kiss, sliding her tongue between
his lips and holding his head with the hand that wasn’t down
at her pussy. I traced the veins of my cock. Jake turned
onto his back and opened his eyes.

“Oh, hi, man!” he said. His cock lay between his legs like
a sleeping snake, limp and meaty, beginning to stiffen from
Tanya’s kiss. His body was long and pale.

“Hi, Jake. I just came over to see if the schematic was

“Uh-huh,” he said sleepily, “‘nother five ten minutes work
left. I got distracted.” He looked up at Tanya. She
scratched her fingernails down over his pale stomach and
grasped his penis. It quickly came erect, filling her hand.
He sighed. I admired Tanya’s body, and imagined her mouth
around my cock.

“Doesn’t Jake have a gorgeous prick?” Tanya asked me, kneading
and squeezing it with her fingers.

“Enough to give any normal guy a complex,” I said, stroking my
own a little harder with my hand.

Jake laughed. “Patty Allen’s favorite fuck has NOTHING to
complain about,” he said. Tanya’s fingers moved down to press
the base of his enormous member and stroke his balls. He
spread his legs farther apart and sighed. The three of us
lay there for a minute, breathing together, Tanya’s hand
around the head of Jake’s penis as she and I touched ourselves
and she grinned at me. I wanted to come inside her.

She sat up straighter on the bed, and moved her hand from her
thighs into my lap. She touched my hip, and gently took my
hand off of my cock. Her fingers on my glans were wet with
her pussy juices. Once, twice, she stroked her hands up and
down Jakes’s cock and mine in unison. I gasped.

“You take this one,” she said softly to me, opening the hand
that circled Jake’s big pale penis. Her other hand squeezed
me again.

“I don’t — uh…”

“Come on,” she said, “I’m not asking you to suck him or
anything.” And she leered at me, “Although I remember you
liked HIM sucking YOUR prick not too long ago.” Sitting up,
her big heavy breasts were succulent curves.

“I thought it was you,” I said.

“You thought it was me,” she licked her lips, “You’ve never
been in my mouth.” Her lips were deep red, and very moist.
“Do you want to be in my mouth?” Her hand on my cock was
insistent, maddening.

Now truth to tell I was curious about Jake’s cock, that big
veiny thing that looks so good pushing into an open cunt.
Tanya took my hand and guided it over, and I took the base
of the shaft in my fingers. It was hot and alive, solid
but yielding. It felt a lot like my own cock, and by habit,
not thinking very hard because of Tanya’s hand in my lap,
I began to stroke it, as if I were masturbating myself.

Tanya’s fingers on my penis mirrored what I was doing to
Jake, and for many long breaths I moved my fist around him,
and Tanya’s moved hers around me, and I felt the cum gathering
at the base of my shaft. Jake’s cock was thick and ridged,
very hard. It felt good to squeeze it, and to hear Jake gasp
as he lay back on the bed. His hips began to move. I felt
the wiry hair of his crotch at the bottom of my strokes.
Then Tanya bent over and took my cock into her mouth.

Now it was like I was masturbating with Tanya’s mouth; I
touched the smooth top of his penis with my fingers, and
Tanya’s lips caressed my glans. I pressed my fist down
around his throbbing shaft, and she took me deep into her
throat, her tongue pulsing and sliding over the thin skin.
I moaned and my hips rocked, driving myself into her head.
She squeezed my balls and sucked my cock, and Jake’s big
hard member twitched in my hand. I stroked him faster and
faster, and Tanya’s mouth moved up and down and I yelled
AH AH AH into the musky air and tried not to come.

Tanya took her mouth off of me in a long wet kiss that made
God — made me groan, and squeezed me and squeezed me in her
fist and licked my balls with her tongue and I came yelling
and my cum soaked her hand and my groin, and I squeezed Jake’s
cock and he grunted and pulsed and he came on my hand in
long hot white streams of ahhhh of semen and I fell back
onto the sheets, my hand trailing cum over all our bodies.
Tanya smiled and kissed my cock and lay back down.

When my heart had slowed down a little, I opened my eyes
again. Tanya, looking very smug, had her arms above her
head, her breasts thrust out, lying back relaxed with her
thighs apart. Jake touched his fingers to the pool of cum
on the bed, and smeared some over her hip. The sheets were
quite a mess. Tanya grinned.

“Now,” she said, “now you guys can do me with your hands and
your mouths, and the first guy that gets hard enough can fuck
me.” And she closed her eyes. Jake chuckled and looked over
at me. I smiled back.

I squeezed Tanya’s big heavy tits in my hands and sucked on
her nipples. Jake put his hands under her on the globes of
her ass, and teased her clit with his tongue. I kissed her
neck, then opened her mouth with my tongue in a deep soul-kiss,
and she shuddered and came as Jake ate her.

Size isn’t everything; I won the erection contest, and I slid
into her hot pink pussy as Jake suckled her breasts. Fucking
Tanya was very good. And if there were more than two hands
on my ass as I shot my cum into her, well what the hell. Who’s

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