Bi Times in LA

I had only just turned 24 when I came across to LA to try out as a Kicker for a gridiron team. I’d been playing Australian Rules football in Melbourne and was considered one of the better kicks in the game, an American talent scout had seen me on the TV and made me a […]

Tina’s Secret

Last summer, I came home after finishing the second semester of my sophomore year at the University of Connecticut. Once I was home, I fell into my old routines, hanging out with the usual crowd who were also home for the summer from their various schools. Through a friend, I “met” a girl named Rebecca, […]

I want you to watch as another man plays with my cunt

“Honey, we need to talk. Please don’t say anything because I promised myself that I would finally tell you what I have been wanting to say for years and I am scared to death to say it. Once you hear it, it can never be unsaid and everything concerning our life together hangs on your […]

Sex with my gorgeous neighbour

Hi dear sir, this is Raj from Belgavi (North Karnataka) I am a regular reader of these stories here, I am narrating a story which happened a month back during lockdown. I am 37 separated and living alone I am self employed, I am 5.7 feet tall not very fair but normal complection with a […]