Me and my Ex-wife at the ABS

It all started when the ex-wife was looking through my phone, I had recently snapped a picture of myself sucking cock at the ABS and she saw it. She didn’t bring up the subject for a few days probably pondering her play. One Friday evening we go out for drinks and after a round or […]

Play Eros 2.

Life was busy with new work for the both Sue and me. Her big sexual experience with the Englishman had begun to fade and we didn’t have any new experiences for sometime. Sue was dressing as sharp as ever, complementing her petite 5’4″ body. Her skirts were well above the knee, and most always, those […]

Dod’s Mum

I arrive at my friend Dod’s house but he’s not home, and his mum answers the door, who I’ve always sort of had a crush on, secretly. She lets me in and tells me that Dod will be home in about an hour, but I’m welcome to sit and wait and watch some TV with […]