The Mystery of Lakeview Mall

“The old mall is haunted!” Even by Hazelwood High’s rumor mill standards, this one was dumb. A lot of students liked to talk about it, but very few actually believed it. Still, when your high school is located in a sleepy suburban-at-best town where so little happens that a broken taillight could make the newspaper’s […]

Hairy Mary and Trixie the College Girl

A mature, hirsute lesbian cleaning woman lusts after the young college girls that she sees every day at work. Then before she knows it, she’s experiencing a lustful love session with an 18-year-old freshman lesbian. Mary pulled her beat-up old car in front of her house and stepped out. It had been a long day […]

Cindy catching me with Larry

Never could I have imagined how much more pleasure and excitement I’d feel when I let myself by used and taken as people looked on. Being the cocksucker always turned me on, especially when I sat and talked with the guy I was with, both of us knowing I would suck his cock. Then when […]

Tina’s Secret

Last summer, I came home after finishing the second semester of my sophomore year at the University of Connecticut. Once I was home, I fell into my old routines, hanging out with the usual crowd who were also home for the summer from their various schools. Through a friend, I “met” a girl named Rebecca, […]

Sex with my gorgeous neighbour

Hi dear sir, this is Raj from Belgavi (North Karnataka) I am a regular reader of these stories here, I am narrating a story which happened a month back during lockdown. I am 37 separated and living alone I am self employed, I am 5.7 feet tall not very fair but normal complection with a […]

Old Acquaintances

I always hated shopping for clothes. I always seemed to come back with something I didn’t want. Perhaps this was because I went about it as fast as I could, which was a direct result of hating shopping so much. But here I was in a men’s clothing store looking through a rack of pants […]