Bi Times in LA
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I had only just turned 24 when I came across to LA to try out as a Kicker
for a gridiron team. I’d been playing Australian Rules football in
Melbourne and was considered one of the better kicks in the game, an
American talent scout had seen me on the TV and made me a very attractive
offer, if I made the grade. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh around 175lb (87kg)
and in my code of football we play four 25-minute quarters with no play
stoppages except for the blood rule and stretcher cases. During the game I
run about 12 miles, frequently get tackled from any direction, and wear no
padding. I was supremely fit and had no doubts regarding my ability to make
the grade, in any position.

I was initially accommodated in a huge apartment with two other hopefuls,
Paul a white 20 year-old from Texas, and David a 27 year-old African
American from Chicago. I’m an Aboriginal Australian, although my skin is
quite pale due to my grandmother & mother being of northern European
extraction, and was immediately comfortable in the company of either,
although they both seemed to have Reservations about each other.

It turned out David had a few friends in LA and I quickly developed a large
social circle, people of varying ages from 10 year-olds to 80 year-olds.
Being Australian and able to trace my family occupation of the same area of
land back for more than 40,000 years generated great curiosity & respect
from the older folk. Quite often their eyes would become misty as I
recounted the various attempts made by the English to eliminate my race
from the face of the earth. There was often outrage when they heard that my
people had no legal rights and were not even considered citizens of
Australia until a little over 30 years ago. I think it was these stories
that convinced everyone that I was Black, even the gang-bangers who had
initially spat at me and openly displayed their handguns to me started to
treat me with respect and call me mate.

After about 6 weeks Paul was told he wouldn’t be required and was sent back
to Texas, nobody moved into his room and things started to become much more
relaxed, four of David’s friends, Leo, Jazz, Eddie & Jo were coming over
regularly, we were going out, having parties and generally just having’ a
good time. One night the six of us were out at a bar when Dave, Jazz & I
spotted 3 hot chicks by themselves we started talking to them, bought them
a couple of drinks and then invited them back to the apartment, we left the
other 3 trying to crack onto a group of five girls and caught 2 cabs
home. Cherie started sucking me off in the back of the cab so I knew things
were going to get pretty hot, because Dave was sitting beside her and had 2
fingers in her pussy whilst Anne just watched from the front seat.

Apparently Jazz was also getting blown by Sue in the other Cab.

Once we were inside I went to put on some music, Jazz made for the sofa,
and Dave went to make some coffee, after finally finding the massive attack
CD I looked up and saw Sue on her hands and knees with at least 8 inches of
very fat black cock hanging out of her mouth joining her to Jazz. She
turned her eyes and saw me staring and tried to take some more into her
mouth, she gagged and saliva flowed over her bottom lip and hung from her
chin like cum, she then pulled her mouth fully off Jazz’s dick and I almost
fell over when I saw she’d had at least another five inches in her mouth.
This dick was incredible it was at least 13 inches long and as thick as my
wrist, it didn’t seem to be fully hard which gave it a certain flexibility
that Sue seemed grateful for. Embarrassed at staring I went to the kitchen
to see how the coffee was coming along, again I was surprised there naked
squatting on the floor fingering her clean shaved pussy while she sucked
Dave’s Cock was MY Girl Cherie. Anne was licking and sucking Dave’s nipples
while she rubbed her hand over his hard lower belly and kept telling him to
“shoot his hot cum all over that cheap little slut”, Cherie was like a
machine bobbing up and down at a frenetic pace swallowing

Dave’s cock to the base the pulling off so that just the head was in her
mouth then back down again. Dave’s cock looked to be about the same size as
mine and it was shining like black glass from Cherie’s saliva. Eventually
we all ended up on the floor in the lounge room, each of us fucked all 3 of
the girls in every hole, except Jazz he couldn’t get his huge dick up Anne
or Sues arse, and when he put it Cherie’s arse we all watched as she
started to groan and grunt louder with each thrust, he didn’t get the whole
thing in her only about 7 or 8 inches and Cherie was almost screaming so he
pulled out and wanked into her mouth. We told the girls we had violated our
curfew by going out and if they were there in the morning we’d be fined,
then we put them in a cab at about 4:30am and sent them home, we then all
went to separate bedrooms.

At about 8 that morning Dave knocked on my door and asked if I was going to
join him for our customary 2-hour morning gym session, I still felt a bit
drunk from last nights activities so I told him no, and rolled over to try
and sleep off the fuzziness. I woke again about 15 minutes later and my
bladder felt like it would burst, I could hear the shower running and that
was making it worse so I got out of bed and went to have a piss. The toilet
& shower were in the same room and I saw Jazz in the shower as soon as I
opened the door, he was standing under the stream of water with his huge
cock in his hand slowly wanking it and just smiled and turned to face the
wall when I entered. The toilet is directly opposite the shower so I had my
back turned as I stood to piss, as soon as I started to relax I realised I
also needed to have a crap so I turned around and sat down. Jazz glanced
over his shoulder & saw me sitting so he turned to face me again, I
couldn’t help it I had to look straight at that dick I found it
fascinating, it was harder and longer than it had been when I walked in and
it shon like a black beacon under the stream of water . Jazz stopped
wanking and held it up against his flat stomach, the big fat head finished
about 5 inches above his navel and his hand couldn’t encircle it, I looked
at Jazz’s face and he was staring at me I then looked back at his dick and
he was wanking it again but he was no longer in the shower stream and had
moved toward me. My mouth was dry and I started to feel hot, I could hear
my heart beating in my ears and I was unconsciously licking my lips as I
stared at his beautiful dick. I looked at Jazz again and this time he
spoke, “big isn’t it” he said, “mate it’s fucking enormous I’ve never seen
anything like it” I replied, Jazz chuckled and took another step out of the
shower towards me, “it’s ok to touch it if you want” he said as he stood in
front of me with his gorgeous cock hanging stiff at a 45 degree angle.

I reached out and put my palm under the big head I gently lifted it and was
amazed by the warmth and weight, it jumped in my hand and I instinctively
grabbed hold and Jazz gave a little grunt and said “Go on pull it for
me”. I began to slide my hands up and down his cock and he started to back
away, as if I was in a trance I followed him never letting go of his cock
until we were both in the shower, “go on big fella, make me cum” Jazz said
as he leaned back against the wall of the shower and thrust his hips
forward making his massive cock seem even larger. It was like I was
possessed my hands were flying in a blur up & down his huge cock, the
shower stream acting as a fine lubricant. After a while my arms became
tired and I stopped to rest and sit with my back against the side wall of
the shower, Jazz followed me and stood right up against me so his cock
pressed against my face he then began to rock back and forth rubbing the
underside against my forehead while he pushed down with his hand, basically
fucking my head. With each backstroke he wiped the fat head down my face to
my chin the up again leaving a slime trail of precum on my face. I hadn’t
intended on sucking him but the desire was overwhelming and I opened my
mouth as wide as I could the next time his cock slid over my lips, Jazz
immediately pushed forward and my head bumped against the wall with nowhere
to go as four or five inches of his huge rubbery cock filled my mouth.

I’m bisexual and have been involved in a lot of 3-somes where I’ve sucked
dick, I can comfortably deepthroat 8 inches most probably a lot more but up
until now 8 inches was the biggest I’d encountered.

I wanted to get as much of Jazz’s dick in my mouth as possible but it was
taking up too much room for me to salivate properly and with nothing to
lubricate it a cock that size doesn’t slide into your throat with ease. I
pushed him back and told him I wanted to try and swallow his beautiful cock
but I needed to get it wet so it would slide easier, Jazz backed into the
shower stream and I followed on my hands & knees. With the water to help
lubricate I was able to get about 7 inches of Jazz’s cock into my mouth and
throat, the huge head was actually entering my throat and I could swallow
on it which drove Jazz wild but it still wasn’t slick enough to slide into
my throat. I couldn’t get in the water stream as I’d probably drown so I
kept taking the big dick out of my mouth smearing the precum and my saliva
all over it taking a mouthful of water to lubricate my mouth then trying
again. Jazz was really getting into it, and his cock was harder and longer
than I’d ever seen it before and he was jabbing his hips and bashing the
fat head of his cock into my throat opening. I suggested we get out of the
shower and grease his cock with some cooking oil in an attempt to swallow
the whole thing.

We laid a couple of towels on the sofa and Jazz sat down I got between his
legs poured some cooking oil into my hands and started to wank the gorgeous
black cock which was as long as my forearm and as thick as my wrist, it had
a soft spongy surface over a hard but flexible core and it felt fantastic
in my hands.

Once it was slippery all over I again put it in my mouth, Jazz was sitting
on the edge of the sofa and I angled his cock down and tilted my head back
as far as I could to make a straight a passage for that monster into my
throat. I moved up to the point that I’d reached in the shower and stopped
to adjust my jaw. Jazz grabbed the base of his cock with his left hand and
squeezed, instantly it became harder and pressed more insistently against
the sides of my throat he then grabbed the back of my head with his right
hand and pulled my head up as he pushed down with his enormous cock. The
cooking oil had worked and all of his massive 13 + inch cock slid into my
throat, he held me tight with both hands behind my head as I fought off the
fears of suffocation. After holding me with his entire massive cock in my
throat for about 30 seconds he realised I wasn’t going to try and escape
and let go of my head, I didn’t move I just knelt there feeling the pulse
of his incredible cock in my throat with his every heartbeat. I sucked that
gorgeous cock for more than an hour in every room in the apartment. I’d
move back so just the head was in my mouth to breathe then swallow the
whole thing again sliding up and down so the head never left my throat
except for the breaths. I was on my knees in front of Jazz with his cock in
my throat and him bending his knees and then straitening them fucking his
cock into my mouth the door opened and in Walked David with Leo Eddie and
Jo. Jazz was close to Cumming and didn’t want me getting off his dick so he
folded his arms behind my head and pushed his full length into my throat
and held me there. Dave, Eddie, Leo & Jo just walked over to the sofa and
sat down to watch the show.

After about 5 minutes everyone was naked, Jazz was flat on his back on the
floor with me kneeling between his legs fucking his massive cock with my
throat, the 4 others were sitting on the sofa offering encouragement and
wanking furiously Jazz quickly stood up dragging me with him, his cock
still deep in my throat, he put his hands behind my to hold it still and
started to fuck his full length into my mouth & throat, I was struggling
for breath and beginning to panic when Jazz drove his entire cock all the
way down my throat, he held me tight against him and I felt his enormous
cock swell even further then twitch and stiffen and I knew he had started
to cum. I felt 2 bursts deep in my throat then he started to pull back the
3rd burst came just as his cockhead exited my throat I was gasping for
breath and inhaled half of his load this made me cough and the cum flew out
of my nose onto his thick shiny black cock, I suddenly realised my mouth
was full of cum and closed to spit it out, just then another blast of cum
flew from the fat head of Jazz’s cock towards my eye I recoiled and turned
my head and somehow swallowed the mouthful of strong smelling cum, it slid
down the back of my tongue slowly and I could feel and taste it all the
way, I opened my mouth to try and cough it up but as soon as I opened it
Jazz had his cock there and fired another thick stream onto my tongue he
then pushed back into my mouth and pumped another stream as he continued on
down into my throat pushing all his cum before him using it as lubricant.

The other guys were now all standing up cheering and puling their rock hard
cocks, precum was flowing freely and I could feel it splatter against my
skin frequently. Jazz pulled his cum-slick ” hard cock from my throat and
left just the head resting heavily on my tongue, I opened my mouth and
extended my tongue as Jazz grabbed the very base of his cock and started to
work the last drops of cum up its still impressive length and deposit them
on my tongue. He then backed away & told me to show everyone the cum on my
tongue. I turned to show Leo and he stepped forward and pushed his cock
into my mouth using Jazz’s last drops of cum as lubricant he slid straight
into my throat he grabbed my head and fucked into me like a dog the others
had formed a line behind him and Jazz was back on the sofa wanking with oil
getting hard again. Leo pulled his cock from my mouth and fired a hot
stream of cum right into my eye he the pushed me to the floor and turned
over, I felt 2 more blasts of cum against my back then bum cheeks, then I
felt the head of Leo’s cock press hard against my arsehole as he blasted 3
more shots pushing further into my cum lubricated arse with each shot, by
the time he finished cumming his whole cock was buried deep in my arse.

As soon as Leo pulled out Jo shoved his 9 inch cock in and Dave presented
my mouth with a cock only marginally smaller than Jazz’s. Jo was really
slamming into me jamming his cock in as hard as he could while Dave rocked
back and forth sliding his big cock in & out of my mouth & throat. Jo
slammed into me as hard as he could then grabbed my hips and pulled me onto
his cock even harder, I felt his cock twitch then the warmth of his cum as
it splashed my insides I felt this about 20 times and couldn’t believe he’d
cum so much when he pulled out I could feel his and Leo’s cum running down
the backs of my thighs, Jo wiped his slimy dick across my arse cheeks then
lay down to watch me suck Dave.

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