The beginning of my cuckold life
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After 15 years of marriage I decided I didn’t want any more children so I have a vasectomy and at the same time I got diagnosed with high blood pressure. I then developed erectile dysfunction and couldn’t always have my weekly fuck with my wife. We started including sex toys to our relationship and I’m always very good at giving oral.

The kids have got older so she’s got a part-time cleaning job. I didn’t notice that she was dressing a lot sexier, wearing stockings that showed off a lovely legs and she also had very nice 36b breasts. She then started going out in the evenings that she’s very rarely did and also started drinking alcohol again this was unusual.

One particular night she’s gone out saying she’s going bingo. But at 12 she still wasn’t home so I went to bed. Around 1 am I heard a come through the door and come upstairs to the bedroom. I can’t he was pissed I pretended to be asleep. I could see that she had taken her dress off and she clearly had no knickers on with stockings.

She got into bed asked me if I was asleep and I didn’t respond she then started cuddling me and running her legs up my body. I didn’t send it to wake up and said to her where the hell have you been and what have you been up to, she just smiled and said wouldn’t you like tonight. I turned over and laying on my back all of a suddenly, she jumps on me sat on my face she was very wet between her legs and I could taste come.

I pushed her off and went to the toilet I was in utter shock what she had just done. Whilst I was in the in the bathroom, I came over feeling very horny and I got a hard on for some reason. I had enjoyed what she just done. I got back into bed and to my surprise she went down on me and gave me the best blowjob she ever given me. I came loads all the way down her throat and she swallowed it all she had never done that.

After about 10 minutes I was hard again and we had a really good fucking sex session.

The following morning, she wouldn’t discuss it with me. Over the next few years you kept going out once or twice a month coming home with a wet pussy. I asked her on a number of occasions who she was fucking and she just enjoyed it and said that she didn’t have the courage to go off with anyone else but she used to go into the public toilets and masturbate for coming home just to wind me up. We went for a ritual every time she came home, she would sit on my face and I would lick her out and I loved it but she would never tell me the details of what she got up to. She then bought this big black dildo got me to start using it on her. On one occasion she said I bet you would like to see if that was a real black cock fucking me wouldn’t you. She just laughed. One evening she went up to bed early and I was watching a film about an hour later I went back up to bed and I can see issues using a toy under the covers. To my knowledge she told me that she would I’ve never used it on her own she wouldn’t do it in front of me, it was always me and user it on her.

Pulled off the covers from her and say what the fuck are you doing. She said well it’s the only thing that gets me off because your little dick never gets hard and when it does your cock is just too small. At least he has stopped using it was trying to put it away and I just said to him fuck show me. So she did this dildo must have been at least 12 inches long for the first time I witnessed you put all of it inside of her and she was loving it after she had an orgasm I thought that was the end of it she didn’t ask me to give us a lubrication and for the first time I witnessed her sticking it in her ass and again she loved it. Again, the following day she wouldn’t talk about it.

About one week later it was a very hot and she was wearing a summer short dress with no bra and we need up taking the dog for a walk in the park. Whilst we were in the park, she started talking about she was horny she was feeling as she said when she gets back home, she’s going to give Blackie a good working out Blackie was the name of her black dildo. When no one was looking she lifted up her dress show me she wasn’t wearing any knickers and got me too finger her against the tree and then she ended up Cumming. When we got back home, she had a bath dressed very sexy sexually the kids were at my mums so we have the house to ourselves. Came downstairs and was lying on the settee and she then said to me go upstairs and get me Blackie and some lubrication. Came back downstairs and started using it and she just took it off the fucking self.

She gave me such a good show and she must have been using it on her pussy and her ass for over an hour. Get told me saying I bet you would like to see a real man fucking I just said you wouldn’t even tell me what you do when you go out let alone show me. She just said I like tormenting and I know you get off on it.

One evening she was getting ready to go to her cleaning job I’m without her knowledge I was spying on her watching what she was wearing she was wearing stockings and underwear that I’ve never seen before.

What do you came home that night from work I confronted her and for the first time she admitted that her boss wanted to fuck her in the office today but she said she wouldn’t do it in the office it will have to be a hotel but she said they had a good kiss and cuddle. He said she’d range to go to hotel with him Saturday night and she want she been out all night.

On Saturday evening when she was getting ready a visit this guy, she wouldn’t let me see her getting dressed you went into the bathroom and lock door.

Following day when she came home, she told me all details of what you’ve done to her and he had fucked the shit out of her.

This one on for a few months if you would like to come home and tell me the gory details and we would always have great sex afterwards.

She’s in stop seeing him and all went quiet for a little while then she told me very excited was going to see a 21-year-old. A rumour has it he has a huge cock.

When she came home last night she got undressed and I can see dry cum her neck, tits and stockings. You tell me the rumours about black guys was correct I went a black guy she said yes you had a huge cock and fucking destroyed my pussy and ass she didn’t show me both and she would redraw if you don’t got out a brand new black dildo that was even bigger than the one she had had before and started using it on herself in front of me. She started showing me all sorts of positions that she done with Delroy I thought there’s no way she’s going to be able to take that huge dildo but still all of it probably because her pussy and arse was already soaking wet with his cum.

She continued to see Delroy for the next few weeks seen in more and more didn’t bought me something to wear my she was out fucking with Delroy. It was a cock cage she said I need to lock you up before I go out so that you. He then placed it on me and lost it and then put the key in her purse I said you can’t leave me like this and you just smiled and walked out the door. Came home a few hours later saying she had a lot of cocks at night but wanted more. She then started using both of her dildos on herself and inserted one in her ass and one in a pussy at this point I said can you unlock my cage and she said no she can send you masturbating but would not unlock me then fell asleep asleep and I ended up having to wear it all night without even give coming.

The next few weeks it’s the same ritual she would lock me up in my cage come home masturbate but not undo me at that point I said enough is enough when is it about time I witnessed Delroy fuck her and she said that would never happen. She didn’t feel pregnant with his baby and we separated and she moved out the marital home. To be continued

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