Me and my Ex-wife at the ABS
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It all started when the ex-wife was looking through my phone, I had recently snapped a picture of myself sucking cock at the ABS and she saw it. She didn’t bring up the subject for a few days probably pondering her play.

One Friday evening we go out for drinks and after a round or 2 she says “I want to suck cock”. I replied wow, ok let’s go in the bathroom or the car, I think she’s feeling frisky. She replies “no not yours, take me to where you had that cock in your mouth coming through the hole”. Shocked, to say the least, but feeling my cock get bigger I didn’t deny it, just gave an ok, let’s go. She nodded and gave a stern “yup, I’m ready”.

We’re on Long Island and for those of you who know Babylon, I take her to one of the ABS, not too many cars but enough of them. She’s nervous and so am I, me at the unexpected events that are about to come.

We walk in hand in hand and it’s dark. As our eyes adjust I take her to the right and she sees a couch with a tv showing gay porn, a small room to the side, and a few booths. She asked if I’ve been here before, I said sorry but yes I have. She looks at me and takes her shirt then her lacey bra off and she sits on the couch, DD tits all out and exposed for everyone, now what she says. With that, I take my cock out and tell her to blow me, with enthusiasm she does but I stop her after a minute and tell her it’s not mine she came to suck and I walk away telling her to stay. I wanted to see who would hit on her and what would she do. If she would suck someone without me standing there. No one takes the bait. We sat for an hour or so and I finally tell her let’s go into the smaller room, she walks in first and I have her strip, and as I’m stripping I see out of the corner of my eye a nice looking black guy nervously looking at me, without her seeing I wave to him to come over. He walks in the room and I shut the door, she turns around full naked, DDs swaying and says oh hi! I tell him to take his cock out she wants to suck you.

With a big smile, she gets on her knees and shyly licks the head of his cock, licking further and sexier each time. I’m hard and staring at her, I’m staring at his big 8-inch dark cock practically drooling. She sees me looking and tells me to get on my knees, I so wanted her to tell me! She continues telling me to lick him, to suck him, she says “I know you want to”. And I did. Oh man I wanted to suck his cock after seeing it. I wanted to suck cock in front of her too, I wanted her to see.

I start sucking his cock and she is whispering how hot that looks. She rubs her pussy and I can hear it’s wetness. She even puts a hand on my head to make me suck him! I slide off and with my lips going down the side of his cock she joins me! What is going on, we’re both sucking a cock together. A thick, smooth, cut delicious cock. We kissed, we suck him taking turns, our saliva mixing all over his cock. His cock is so wet I know exactly where it needs to go. When we arrived our goal was for her to give a bj, that was it, we’ve passed that line. I want him to fuck her. I guide her to the chair to lean on and tell him to stick his cock into her pussy. She does have a great ass and her pussy is so wet right now mixing in with his wet cock he slides right into her. I move for a better view eventually standing in front of her so she can blow me while she’s being fucked by this beautiful black cock.

I want to lick her pussy while she’s being fucked so I sit underneath them and do just that. So close to this cock fucking her pussy, the sound, the scent, hearing the moans from her is amazing! As he’s going pumping away he slips out of her and in his thrust forward I wrap my lips around his cock, a few quick sucks before he goes back in, tasting her pussy on his cock He’s got her hips in his grasp and he’s pumping away, in and out, slamming her. I can see his balls starting to get tense, he’s going to blow soon. With that he tells us he’s going to cum and he looks me in the eyes and asks where do you want me to cum on your wife, she hears this and interrupts “anywhere but inside me”. You know where he’s going to cum now, inside her! He starts his “I’m going to cum thrusts” and I slap his ass encouraging him to go harder, deeper, to keep going, but I don’t release my hand from his ass, I’m pushing him in deeper to cum in her.

He gives a hard thrust and she’s moaning for all to hear and he pulls her in hard letting out a nice ahhhhh I’m cumming! He gives a few more thrusts making sure each burst is inside of her and honestly she’s loving it. He pulls out and his cum starts leaking out, that’s when I jump in behind her and slide my cock in her used pussy using his cum as lube and I start thrusting, fucking her with another man’s cum inside her, I’m not going to last long and I want to cum. Again she’s moaning and I ask her if I can shoot my load into her to mix with his and she encourages me, yes cum in me, cum in my already filled pussy. I can’t hold it and I shoot one of the best loads I’ve ever had deep inside of her. Shaking and relieved we both enjoy our climax still connected. We’re soaked, cum is dripping down her leg and down my balls.

As I pull out I watch both loads ooze out onto the floor and I say to her we’ll be back, she replied “yeah but next time it won’t be me getting fucked”!

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