Dod’s Mum
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I arrive at my friend Dod’s house but he’s not home, and his mum answers the door, who I’ve always sort of had a crush on, secretly. She lets me in and tells me that Dod will be home in about an hour, but I’m welcome to sit and wait and watch some TV with her. So I say ok, shyly, then follow her into the living room and onto the couch, where there’s a half empty glass of wine and a book that she’s been reading, which she tells me, a bit embarrassed, is a romance novel. She sits and I sit at the other end of the couch and she switches on the TV. It’s a gameshow and we watch for a while, her laughing every now again which makes me crush on her even more, because her laugh is like a song, and I watch her more than the show. She sips on her wine as well, her lips lovely and red against the glass.
At some point she looks sideways at me and tilts her head, and asks if I have a girlfriend. I say no, and blush, and she asks why? I’m a cute guy. She seems to move closer to me a little as I mumble, Dod’s always been good with girls, not me. He’s sporty, and popular. She smiles and looks at me with diamond green eyes, like a cat, saying that not all girls like the sporty guys. Some like the sensitive ones, too.
I begin to ask her what she means but suddenly she is leaning in to me with her hands on my face, and I can barely talk, and she’s looking at me curiously, sideways, telling me that I am a good looking boy, and then she kisses me, on the lips, softly.
I can’t even think, but I kiss her back and almost melt into her, the warmth of her breasts against my chest, her heart beating against mine. Then she stops, telling me she’s sorry, she doesn’t know what she was thinking. It’s just been hard.. the divorce.. she’s been very lonely.
I say meekly it’s ok, everybody gets lonely sometimes, and she smiles her lovely smile at me again and tells me that I am the sweetest person she knows, then asks me, her face laced with mischief, if I’ve ever fucked a girl before.
The words catch me out and my cheeks go bright red. I shake my head, embarrassed. I know I should have by now.
Then she says, do you want to? And I nod, well, of course, yes, it would be nice, one day. But then she says, no, I mean.. do you want to.. now? With me?
Immediately my silent answer is yes, but I can’t get words out, my head spins, so I ask dumbly about Dod and she says we’ve still got time, he’s usually late anyway.
So she stands, quickly, eagerly, and takes me by the hand. I follow her down the hall, somewhat reluctantly, insecure, but my breath shallow and tingles on my skin. In the bedroom, she closes the door and then stands in front of me in her day dress, her brown hair flecked with grey but long and pretty. I stand there awkwardly like a store manikin, not sure how to pose myself, and then she slowly starts to undress, slipping the straps of the day dress off her freckled shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, swirling around her ankles like a yellow, flowery ghost. She stands half naked in front of me, smiling, her bare breasts full, her pink nipples erect. I stare at her for a moment in awe, my dick starting to get hard and straining against the fabric of my jeans. She is beautiful.
She tells me that she knew I always had a crush on her. She asks me if I’ve ever thought about fucking her. I can only swallow in response, my face hot. She steps towards me, her hands going for my belt. She unbuckles it with ease and slides my jeans down. She drops to her knees and frees my dick from its linen prison which springs forth, eager, and she is too, quickly enveloping it with her mouth, soft lips parting, allowing the member to slide inside, almost the way to the back of her throat, where she gurgles and slides it back, and then swallows it fully again. She looks up at me with those eyes as I watch my dick disappear between her lips, her tongue running along the shaft as it passes, one hand softly squeezing my balls, the other creeping back to my ass, pulling me into her, deeper. My legs start to shake and I close my eyes as she fucks me with her mouth, my hand going to her hair and entwining it between my fingers, telling her with a hoarse whisper, I’m going to cum, oh god, I’m going to cum..
She slides her mouth all the way off my dick and I let out a gasp, no, come back, I’m close, but instead she wraps her palm around my throbbing dick, and starts to jerk it, her thumb massaging the tip as it oozes pre-cum which she takes the time to taste. She strokes me faster, her eyes locked to mine as she tells me to cum, cum on her, and I lose all sense of space and time as the orgasm hits, my body shudders with pleasure as thick ropes of viscous white splashes her cheeks and hits her lips, which she wipes at with a finger and then sucks clean, doing the same with the cum that dribbles down her chest. She stands and takes my shaking hands, and puts them on both of her breasts, telling me to play with them, so I squeeze them and roll my fingers across her nipples, and she lets out a moan so I must be doing it right. Then she tells me she wants me to suck them so I lean in, tentatively at first, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking on it, softly, she puts a hand around my neck and tells me harder, so I do, my face pressed against her chest, the nipple erect and salty against my tongue. I feel my dick getting hard again as she moans once more, telling me now that she wants me to fuck her, and I say that I’m not sure that I’m ready yet but she reaches down and caresses my cock until it hardens like a rock, throbbing beneath her touch. She steps back and her face is full of lust, pulling down her panties and stepping out of them and I see her vagina pink, wet and glistening, a small tuft of pubic hear just above it. She turns around and bends over the end of the bed, spreading her legs, her face down on the mattress, she hands reaching back and spreading her ass with her fingers, wide.
I step forward, my dick in my hand, and I bend my knees a little and find the wetness of her opening with the tip of my cock, red and swollen. I push against it, unsure, but it doesn’t take much to slip between the moistened folds and she gasps as I slide inside. I feel her muscles contract around my cock and it’s the best thing I’ve ever felt, I tell her she feels amazing, and she tells me that so do I. I begin to move my hips back and forwards, slowly and unevenly at first, but soon I find a rhythm, sliding in and out, her wetness dripping down the inside of her thighs as my hands go her hips and she moans and tells me to fuck her deeper, faster. So I stand on the tips of my toes for leverage and push her down hard against the mattress and she gasps almost without breath as I pile-drive her now, hard and deep, faster, feeling the orgasm inside me build again as she exclaims with her face crushed into the mattress that she’s going to cum, to cum with her, to cum in her so I do, a noise leaving my mouth that I’d never heard before as I shoot my load inside, thick and hot, filling her until it joins with the juices on her legs and they become indistinguishable from each other, kind of like our two bodies, meshed and joined as one. I collapse next to her on the mattress and she reaches out and plays with my softening cock until it gets hard again, putting me in her mouth and again I ejaculate, this time with her swallowing it all, and her licking her lips like she’s just had dessert. Then we lie there for a little while longer and eventually she smiles at me and says that she wants to have a shower, and that I should have one too.
She hops off the bed, still reminding me of a cat, her ass wiggling as she leaves the room, like a fleshy beacon for me to follow, and I suddenly think about pushing up against the shower wall and fucking her against the glass, so I jump off the bed as well, eagerly, my dick beginning to harden once more.

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