Cindy catching me with Larry

Never could I have imagined how much more pleasure and excitement I’d feel
when I let myself by used and taken as people looked on. Being the
cocksucker always turned me on, especially when I sat and talked with the
guy I was with, both of us knowing I would suck his cock. Then when Larry
first pissed in my mouth, I was sure it couldn’t ever be any better.
That’s what I thought until Cindy saw how much I liked being watched as
Larry pissed in my mouth one afternoon.

As I walked from the car towards Larry’s apartment, I heard a voice call my
name from the right. It was Cindy and she motioned for me to come over. I
knew I’d have to face her sooner or later, I just hoped she hadn’t told the
world that she had seen me suck Larry’s cock and watched him piss in my
mouth. This was it now, I wondered what she would say.

Surprisingly, she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek as I walked through
the door.

“Come on!” she said to me excitedly. “We can do lines while we talk.”

After passing the mirror and doing two huge lines she had put out, I sat
back and looked at her.

“Cindy.” I said. “About the other day.”

“You were unbelievable.” she interuppted. “You knew I was there and it
made you really get into it. Have you let anyone watch before?”

Surprised wasn’t the word. She blew me away with her answer. Not only was
it ok, but fantastic, especially how much she liked knowing I knew I was
being watched.

“No. You’re right though! Something happened to me when I knew you were
watching. I loved it. I loved putting on a show.” I admitted.

“Will you do it again, for me.” she asked.

“Sure.” I replied. “But I don’t know about Larry.”

“Not with Larry, he’ll never know.” she said.

“With who, you?” I said, thinking that maybe she wanted me to let her piss
in my mouth.

“With someone you never met. Someone I’ll get for you who you’ll let do
whatever they want to you all night.” she told me. “Maybe two or three if
you want.”

“Sounds exciting.” I said. “And you want to watch!”

“Me and some friends.” she replied.

“Friends!” I said warily. “I don’t want anyone else to know about me.”

“No they won’t.” she said excitedly. “You can wear a mask like the Lone
Ranger’s and nobody will recognize you.”

“Are you sure?” I questioned.

“Of course not. But the fun part is that you’ll know who they are the
whole time. Think of the turn on you’ll get all night. You know they’re
all there for the same reason, to watch some guy suck cock and get pissed
on. You know they’ll all get turned on just thinking about seeing a guy
who wants to be used like that.” Cindy excitedly explained.

“That is a nice thought.” I said, smiling. “What a turn on. Especially if
I know them.” I added.

Cindy came up with the idea of dying my hair another color with something
that would easily wash away, and came to my apartment the afternoon of our
first show. She would return later and pick me up so my car wouldn’t be
recognized that night, then bring me home when it was over. I tried to get
her to tell me who was coming but she said I’d find out.

“Don’t speak because someone might recognize your voice.” she said as she
parked the car in front of her house. “Especially don’t let on if you see
someone you know. Just be the slut whore that you are and have a good

“I wonder how it’ll be.” I said to her somewhat timidly.

“You’re going to love it, you wait!” she assured me.

In a room off the big entertainment room in the basement, I put on the mask
and took off my clothes, then waited for Cindy. It seemed like I waited
for an eternity, when Cindy walked in through the door and saw I was ready.
She turned and went back into the other room and I heard her say, “The
sorry slut you’ve all been waiting to see is ready. Don’t feel bad when
you see how much he gets used. He loves it!”

Taking my arm, she led me to the center of the room onto a platform, raised
a foot or so to give everyone a good look, and sorrounded with arm chairs
and a couch. She left me alone standing naked for inspection it seemed,
the chairs and couch were full of people.

“This is what a guy who lets people do whatever they want to him looks
like.” Cindy told the crowd. “Look at him. A sorry slut.”

Any fear I had earlier immediately dissappeared, replaced now with a lusty
desire brought on by listening to her words. How fucking exciting this is
going to be, I thought as I stood naked looking about the room. I wanted
to see if I recognized any of them sitting around me, knowing if I did it
would make it more exciting.

Taking a quick count, I came up with twelve sitting there. I didn’t know
if there was anyone else in another room or upstairs, but I knew there were
at least twelve, eight women and four men.

Three of the men were strangers but the fourth I knew quite well. In fact
he was one of my closest friends. I can’t wait to see him and look at him
later, I thought, I’ll really get off being with him and think if he only
knew it was me.

All of the women that were there knew me. They were Cindy’s friends who
I’d met many times, especially two of them who I’d gone out with and fucked
quite a few times. I was still fucking them every once in a while. Wow!
What a fucking turn on this is going to be, I said to myself.

From another room I saw a guy come in and walk to the platform and stand
in front of me.

“Take my clothes off slut.” he said to me.

I stripped him naked and he had me kneel and suck his cock. He grabbed my
head as he began pumping his cock into my mouth, slowly at first, then with
one sudden thrust, drove his cock down my throat and pumped fast and hard.
My arms hung at my sides limply, as was my entire body, giving no
resistance, free to be tossed about or taken. It had to be this way. I
had to totally let go.

My body totally relaxed, my mind concentrated on feeling my mouth and
throat as they were being stretched and filled repeatedly with cock. I
loved the way I felt when I let myself go like this, just enjoy the feeling
of what was being done to me, loving the thought of being the one to be

After he came in my mouth, the girls had me open my mouth so they could see
his cum. What a turn on, especially showing the two I went out with.

Two more guys came up together right away and had me kneel as they took
turns fucking my mouth and throat. As they started to cum in my mouth, a
third man joined them, standing behind them undressing, waiting until they
both had cum and left.

His cock is pretty big, I thought as I watched him approach.

“Open wide.” he said. “Tilt back and look at my cock.”

I knew what was next. It was time for them to see someone piss in my

This is the ultimate turn on, I thought as he streamed piss into my mouth,
being watched by a bunch of people and put on a show for them, kneel and
have my mouth pissed into for them. I swallowed some and let some run out
my mouth down my face and body. From what I heard, they all were loving

When he finished I saw the three I’d sucked earlier standing in line behind
him, waiting their turn.

One after the other squirted their piss into my mouth and on my face as the
people around us cheered and laughed, calling me a sluty piss sucker and
toilet mouth. They have no idea how much they turned me on.

When it was over I told Cindy I’d stop by and visit tomorrow.

When I rang Cindy’s doorbell, I was let in by Kelly, one of her friends who
I immediately recognized from the night before. With Cindy was another of
her friends Jill, she too had been there. We went to the living room and
sat down, Cindy immediately asked me to help her in the kitchen.

“This is a good test.” she said to me. “If they don’t recognize you no one

“We’ll see.” I said.

“How did you like it?” Cindy asked, meaning last night.

“I never imagined it would be that incredible.” I answered.

“We’ll do it again, soon.” she said.

As I sat talking to the girls, who are quite beautiful I might add, it
turned me on so much thinking about what I’d done in front of them.

“Should we tell him about last night?” Cindy asked them with a bit of
excitement in her voice.

“Go ahead.” Jill to her.

“No, you tell him.” Cindy said.

“Tell me what?” I asked pretending total oblivion.

“Well.” Jill began. “Last night a few of us came over and Cindy told us
she had a friend coming by.”

“To put on a show.” Kelly added.

“A show for the girls!” I teased.

“Yes the girls and some brought their boyfriends too.” Kelly quickly

“Go on.” I said, showing interest in their story.

Kelly began. “Cindy’s friend was a guy who did things, or rather had
things done to him, and liked doing it when people watched.”

“Things?” I asked.

“Things.” Kelly said. ”

“Things like…” I edged her on.

“Things like sucking another guy’s cock.” Kelly told me.

“And letting them push their cock down his throat.” Jill joined in.

“And showing everybody his mouth full of cum too!” Cindy added.

“No shit!” I said with bit of surprise and interest as well. “What else?”

“The best part was when he let them piss in his mouth, all four of them and
one after the other.” Kelly said excitedly, looking at each one of us as
she spoke.

“Really! How’d you girls like it?” I asked with much more interest than
they could have imagined.

“We loved it!” the three of them said all at once.

“I can’t imagine why he’d allow himself to be used like that. Letting
those guy’s stick their cocks in him the way they did.” Jill said.

“The way they did?” I said inquisitvely.

“Yea, they grabbed his head and started fucking him in the mouth, hard too!
And he didn’t even move. They pushed their cocks all the way in his mouth
and down his throat I’m sure, and he just stayed there and never moved,
just let them fuck away at his face.” Kelly told me.

“Sorry I missed it!” I said to them, chuckling to myself as I got so turned
on listening to them.

“He’s coming next week.” Jill said. “You can come with me if you want.”

“Only if I think it’ll get you turned on so much that you’ll have to fuck
me.” I said, smiling and teasing.

“You’ll probably get real horny yourself.” Kelly said.

“Yea, so horny that you’ll want to help him out too!” Cindy teased.

“Wouldn’t that be great!” Jill said. “If we asked you nice, would you get
up there with him and suck some cock so we could watch!”

“And I’ll piss in your mouth!” Kelly jumped in.

Being so turned on I said, “You can piss in my mouth now if you want. All
three of you.”

“I’ll call your bluff!” Jill said. “Come on.” She got up and headed for
the bathroom.

“We’ll see who’s bluffing.” I said, getting up and chasing after her.

Jill didn’t know it, but I was taking off my clothes as I followed. When I
walked into the bathroom after her I was totally naked. I smiled and
pulled back the shower curtain, then got in and knelt in the tub.

“Ready!” I said.

Cindy and Kelly were now standing next to Jill, telling her to do it.

Kelly said to Cindy, “I bet he won’t go through with it.”

“I bet he will.” Cindy said back with authority.

“No fucking way.” Kelly said.

“I’ll suck your pussy if he doesn’t.” Cindy said to her. “But if he does,
you’ll suck mine.”

“I thought you sucked pussy.” Kelly said to Cindy. “Now I’m sure you do.”

“And I like it too.” Cindy quickly replied. “And you’re going to like
sucking on mine.”

Jill stood listening quietly, then looked down at me. “I think I’d like to
see them suck on each other’s pussy.”

“I know I would.” I said agreably.

With that Jill pulled off her jeans and off came her panties. Kelly and
Cindy said nothing, just looked on.

“Enjoy yourselves girls!” Jill said teasingly to them as she stepped into
the tub.

She squatted over my face and I ran my tongue around her clit a couple of
times then opened wide.

I saw the first stream of piss leave her pussy and moved to be sure it went
in my mouth. Out poured a solid stream, all of it directly into my mouth
as I swallowed, at the same time letting it run out my mouth onto my face.
It felt great, feeling my mouth and face being pissed all over while Cindy
and Kelly watched.

“You know, it’s almost as good as when a guy pisses in your mouth.” I said
as I got up.

All of sudden I realized what I’d said and they picked up on it right away.

“You like it when guys piss in your mouth do you?” they seemed to all say
at once. “Tell us about it.”

Finally I told them that it was me behind the mask last night and the way
they reacted kind of caught me by surprise. They thought I was great and
said they’d pick me up next week.

Kelly made good on her bet and afterwards admitted that sucking Cindy’s
pussy had turned her on and she’d probably do it again. Jill suggested
that now was a good time. Kelly agreed and sucked Jill’s pussy until Jill
covered her face with cum. Kelly said she was hooked.

The next week the girls left their boyfriends at home and I decided the
mask wasn’t necessary. This time was even better than the last, putting on
a show for them. The same guys as last week were there and it was kind of
like having friends back for a gang bang. They seemed to fuck my face with
more lust this week which I thought was nice and even joked a bit with me,
especially when they pissed in my mouth.

All week the girls and I talked freely about the whole thing. Everyone
seemed so casual with the situation we had and that made me like it even
more. It felt so natural for me. And I always got so turned on when I was
with them, thinking about how everybody knew I was going to suck cock and
drink piss for them.

During the week I mentioned how it would be nice if new guy’s would come,
guys I’d never met, especially guys with big cocks, I told them. That got
a good laugh out of them.

“Well I think we’ve got what you asked for.” Cindy said to me as I stepped
up on the platform.

She put a blindfold on me so I couldn’t see and be surprised. When it was
pulled off I was definetly surprised, excitingly surprised.

The first thing I saw was a cock hanging at my face. At first the size of
it was the only thing I could see. It hung longer than any I’d seen and
was black as black could be. I reached out and brought it to my mouth and
started sucking on it. It was so big and soft, I could hardly wait to find
out how big it got when it was hard.

“There’s more!” I heard Kelly say.

She pulled the guy away from me and his cock popped out of my mouth. There
behind him were three other black men, each with a cock bigger than the guy
in front of him.

I don’t know if all black men have big cocks, but these four definitely
did, especially the last guy.

Once again I let my body go limp as I felt their cocks fill my mouth and
throat. Such a feeling, I thought, what cocks. These four can stick me
with their black cocks anytime they like, I thought as I watched their
black hard ons move in and out of my mouth.

The last guy had probably ten inches of cock and very fat as well. I
looked at him standing in front of me and saw the huge black cock he was
about to put in my mouth.

“Shove it all the way.” I said to him.

My head felt like it would explode as his cock drove through my mouth and
into my throat. What a feeling. Talk about being taken. I was being
skewed by a ten inch fat black cock and I loved it.

That’s it for now. Cindy catching me with Larry turned out to be the best
thing that ever happened. For me at least. I suppose if you like the
feeling of a big cock being pushed in your mouth and down your throat, and
if it turns you on to kneel as someone pisses in your mouth, then I suppose
you’d agree.