Schoolgirl in the forest 4.
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A knock at the door interrupted this tender moment and
Terri reluctantly pulled herself away to answer it.

She opened the door to find a rather unassuming young
man looking back at her.

“Hello, Ms. Jackson, my name is Gregory and I’ll be
escorting you and taking charge of your continued
training for your internship. Please, follow me.”
Gregory stole a brief look at the family he was
breaking up. He silently appreciated Amber’s lovely
young form as she took up position to be taken doggy
style. He also took in Terri’s shapely curves as she
strutted out the door and off to his waiting car.
Gregory certainly didn’t regret this assignment, and he
looked forward to his training sessions with his latest
charge. He paused only a moment longer to watch the
expression of joy and wonder flash over Amber’s face as
she felt her nether lips parted and her father’s hard
shaft fill her. Gregory shut the door on the couple,
savoring the moans and grunts of the incestuous pair.

Terri was already sitting in the car by the time
Gregory had made it back to the curb. He didn’t waist
any time getting under way, and the pair was soon on
their way to the airport.

“Are you ready for you’re new job, Terri?” Gregory
asked, he wanted to bask in the subservient Terri for a

“I don’t know, Master. I’m still a new sex toy, and I
haven’t been able to practice too much. I’m just glad
to have you to teach me, Master. I can barely wait for
you to help me improve my techniques so that I can use
my every hole for a man’s pleasure. I still need more
training on anal and oral sex, Master, since most men
prefer my pussy.” Terri replied. She cringed inside as
she waited for his reply. She was concerned about her
sexual training, especially the areas that she hadn’t
covered very well. Terri was also finding it hard to
keep herself from wetting her panties. She’d already
been aroused this morning and she hadn’t been used yet
to take the edge off her standard arousal.

“Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to fix that.
Now, please open the glove compartment and put on the
headset you find there.” Gregory ordered. He knew what
was about to be done to Terri, he regretted not having
to time to fully enjoy her currently subservient state
of mind, but there was too little time.

“Oh, Master, what am I going to be changed to now?”
Terri asked, her voice brimming with excitement.

She didn’t know it but part of her conditioning was a
desire to be reprogrammed if ordered to. It didn’t
change the reality of her feelings though, and she
eagerly put the headset on.

“You’ll see, Terri, now please begin.” Gregory ordered.
He was gratified to hear Terri moan in pleasure a
moment later as her mind was slowly being turned to a
compliant mush so it could be reshaped again in the
image that would be needed for her current task. She
would still be in her post programming haze until
they’d reach the DC apartment and could begin her
mission. Gregory wished once more that he could enjoy
her as she now was, but he’d have his chance to use her
lovely little form soon enough and he contented himself
with that.


A cool air-conditioned breeze dancing over her naked
flesh woke Terri up the next morning. Her mind quickly
flashed back to the day before, and was surprised that
Gregory hadn’t taken advantage of her as she shuffled
around in her post conditioning state. It took her only
another moment to realize that she was thinking clearly
again. She tested herself, thinking of Gregory, and was
pleasantly surprised to find that no thoughts of
subservience or sexual preparation filled her mind.
Satisfied with that she pulled herself out of bed and
strolled over to the bathroom. Terri showered and put
on a robe that was left hanging inside of the bathroom

“Ah, I’m glad to see you finally decided to get up.
Feel free to have breakfast and then we’ll begin.”

Gregory greeted. He was sitting on a couch in the
living room, smiling at the alluring form of his charge
in the form-fitting robe.

Terri nodded timidly at him and proceeded over to the
kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal and a glass of
juice for herself. She had already been given a tour of
her new home last night, and she remembered it fully.
She looked over to her apparent keeper as she ate. “So
what’s you’re nasty plan for me now?”

Gregory flinched at her tone, he had expected it
though. Every one of his other charges was the same

He regretted that he wasn’t even allowed to keep one
fully subservient girl with him, just to shield him
from all of the feminine griping he had to endure in
the course of his work.

“Well, Terri, I think you’re fully aware of you’re

“Yeah, I’m supposed to help you bastdards convert some
senator that’s trying to stop you’re depraved
organization.” Terri spat out. She was finding her
venting most rewarding. She’d been forced to endure a
lot over the last few months, even if she’d been warped
into accepting it. Now that she was thinking and
speaking freely again, she was more than happy to let
her keeper know just how displeased she was.

“Good enough, though being too negative could force me
to recommend harsher treatment when you finish your
current task.” Gregory replied. He was in control here,
even if it was necessary for Terri to have her full
faculties at the ready. Gregory was more than willing
to do just as he threatened.

“So what, you’ll turn me back into a little sex toy?”
Terri scoffed.

“There are worse fates then that, surely I don’t have
to enlighten you. Suffice to say, if you resist to
strongly, or compromise this mission, you will find
yourself in a fate worse than being a willing sex
slave, Terri. Now, please finish your meal so we can
get to work.” Gregory finished. The worst fear was
always those conjured in the mind of the victim. If
Terri was sufficiently creative, her own fears would be
enough to control her, and if not Gregory would have
plenty of examples to fill in for her imagination. She
wouldn’t be the first of the Council’s servants to be

Terri decided to turn her attention back to her
breakfast with that rebuke. She did understand her

She hadn’t been placed here randomly and her
controllers wouldn’t just let her go. Terri even
expected that there were limits on her behavior and
likely even compulsions as well, even if she wasn’t
aware of them yet. For now, she didn’t figure it was
her best choice to lash out too much. There was still a
glimmer of hope in the immediate future, and only by
getting her keeper to let down his guard would she have
any chance to escape.

Terri finished her breakfast and Gregory motioned her
out to the living area. “Please disrobe and lean over
the table here, Terri. Prepare your pussy as well.”

Terri moved into position before she even realized what
she had been ordered to do. She cringed a bit as she
flattened her breasts on the cool glass surface of the
coffee table. Her pussy responded a moment later as
well, prepping itself for use.

“Are you looking for a little doggy sex in the morning,
asshole, maybe you want me to bark for you too like a
good little pet.” Terri commented sarcastically as she
looked over to her keeper. Even as the venom dripped
from her tongue her continued obedience to orders sunk
in as well. Terri realized that she may be free of mind
for the purposes of her task, but she was no less the
slave of these monsters.

“Sorry, my dear, but as much as I will enjoy fully
exploring your lovely body, I have other tasks I must
attend to, and other charges that must be looked in
on.” Gregory ran a casual hand over Terri’s exposed
lower back and over her nicely shaped rear. “Actually,
I’m going to outfit you with your new training
supplies, since you won’t be as well tended to as you
were in Morningwood. Please present your ass and pussy
for entry, Terri.”

“And just what’s that supposed to mean?” Terri asked as
she shifted her rear, arching her back and spreading
her ass cheeks. Terri also began to relax her sphincter
for entry. Her anger seethed within her at every
compliant act. Terri tried to fight it, but her body
seemed to have a mind of it’s own, one that listened
only to Gregory. She knew she was ready for sex too,
her body was fully aroused, and her pussy dripped in
anticipation of being split wide.

“Well, my dear little pet, you still have many things
to learn as you were telling me yourself on the trip
here. I’m just here to help you fulfill you potential.”
Gregory said.

A moment later, Terri felt something probing her pussy
gates. Instinctively she arched her back further and
wiggled her hips till she was able to lodge the tip of
the probe within her. An agonized moan of pleasure
passed her lips a moment later as her pussy was impaled
on the device.

“Bastard! Get that thing out of me!” Terri screamed a
moment later, trying to compensate for the feelings of
fulfillment and completion hammering away at her
senses. The old drives were still there, she realized,
barely concealed below the surface, requiring only her
own arousal to be brought back. Even as she screamed at
her keeper, her pussy was merrily massaging the device
within her, her hips quaking ever so slightly in a
motion designed to stimulate a cock while resting
inside her.

Gregory pulled the device back and was gratified to
feel Terri try to follow as it slowly excited her
steaming interior. He then pumped the probe into her
aching loins, prompting more moans and gasps of sexual
excitement from his charge. “Now, Terri, I think though
protest to much. Those are the sounds of a woman fully
enjoying the pleasures of the flesh.”

“Uh, bastard! I, uh, didn’t want to be turned, uh, into
a, whore, uh.” Terri panted with every filling trust of
the offending device. It truly did feel wonderful. Part
of her even enjoyed it, but the humiliation was total
as well. Here she was acting like a bitch in heat all
at the command of the slimy man standing behind her,
and there wasn’t anything she could do aside from
giving her keeper a tongue-lashing.

Terri gasped again a moment later when Gregory withdrew
the device fully from her pussy and traced up her inner
crevice to the puckered whole above. Terri realized
what was going to happen only a moment before she felt
her muscles fully relax and the device slid deeply into
her bowels. A grunt of discomfort flew out of her as
the device rested within her. Terri truly hadn’t been
used much analy, and even in her previously subservient
state of mind she hadn’t found it to be a very alluring

Before Terri could stage another protest, she felt
another probe slide into her still dripping pussy. This
one vibrated slightly, just enough to keep her mentally
off balance as she tried to fight off the wonderfully
pleasant feelings coming from her quivering pussy.

“I hope you don’t mind, Terri but I really don’t have
time for extended conversation on your position in the
universe. Perhaps later we can discuss it, now please
open your mouth wide.” Gregory commented as he slid in
front of her.

Terri looked up to see a dildo like device in his hand.
“Ooh, and now you’re really going to shut me up huh?”

Gregory didn’t pause for a reply, instead he drove the
phallus into Terri’s waiting mouth and down her throat.
She’d had some practice doing this before, so he knew
she’d be able to handle herself. She looked up at him
with a look of utter contempt even as he could see her
suck dutifully on the dildo and her tongue dart over
its surface.

“Don’t worry, Terri, this is just an outfitting
session. Just relax and enjoy.”

Terri wondered what he meant for a moment before she
felt a strange sensation of being even more filled came
from between her legs. Her pussy cried out in a mix of
ecstasy and wonder as she felt the device within her
expand to mammoth proportions. The phallus seemed to
grow without end, penetrating to the furthest depths of
her pussy, where most of her partners never reached,
and its width grew as well. Terri felt she was going to
explode as the device seemed to stretch the walls of
her tender tunnel to there limit.

Her mind focused on relaxing her channel as much as
possible, a necessity that she couldn’t explain, only
one she had to comply with.

Terri grunted a moment later with a similar sensation
in her ass. The shaft in her mouth seemed to expand as
well. Soon Terri was moaning like a stuffed pig, with
all of her holes filled to nearly beyond capacity.

She looked up to her keeper with a look of pure need,
pleading with him, though even she wasn’t sure just
what she wanted. Release from this torment to be
certain, but there were many different paths for that
release, and Terri was beyond deciding which path to

“I’m sorry for any discomfort, but this is necessary to
calibrate your training. The devices that are so
carefully exploring your dimensions will help me
determine just what additional work you need. I realize
you’ll be sore for a few days, but don’t worry, with a
little hard work you’ll be able accept even larger
cocks in the future.” Gregory took a seat in front of
his moaning charge. “While we’re waiting for the probes
to finish, I’ll go outline your training. We don’t know
much about the senator personally, he’s been very good
about keeping his private life private. He’s single and
unmarried, we also haven’t been able to locate any past
lovers, which is part of the reason for you’re
extensive training. What records we do have, suggests
that he likes younger women, though we realize you may
be a bit too young for his tastes outright, but the
rest of your profile matches with our records
perfectly. Most of your mission has already been
conditioned into you, so there’s no need to worry about
it, but your phy
sical condition requires more attention. Since we don’t
know the senator’s dimensions, you need to be ready to
take all sizes with skill. You will need to be tight
and capable for even the smallest cocks, and we’ll be
sure you’re ready. As you’ve already noticed the
devices within you can change their size, they also
have sophisticated sensors to track every bit of
pressure applied to its surface. After each session
you’re technique and general quality will be analyzed
and your next session will be programmed in to respond
to any deficiencies. We’ve also provided a laptop for
you so you can see in real time just how your technique
is progressing.”

Gregory stood up and pulled another device around so
Terri could see it. It was a strange skeletal structure
with several arms. “This is the ultimate in sexual
training devices. It is an artificial partner, linked
to both the computer and the penetrating devices. It
also has many other sophisticated sensors to gauge
other aspects of your performance. It has optical and
voice recognition sensors so it can act autonomously
and under direction. This little toy will help you tone
your lovely little form into a perfect sex machine.”

Terri looked up in both horror and wonder at the device
before her. She was still fully involved with the other
devices still splitting her open. Terri could hardly
believe her life had come to this. Tears began to slide
down her face as she looked into the face of her
tormentor. He let her sob as she was making her latest
steps down the path of complete enslavement.


The next several days were spent in a near haze for
Terri. Every moment of the day at least one of her
holes were filled. By the end of the third day it had
almost became routine to be walking around the
apartment with a dildo pulsing away inside her pussy or
ass. She hadn’t seen Gregory since the first day.

He’d taken a few notes on the readings the nearly
splitting experiment he’d done and then set off to take
care of other business.

Perhaps the oddest thing in her new days were her
meetings with the machine. It was an insatiable lover,
calling on Terri hour after hour to practice. The
device was an almost living mockery of science fiction
robots in its behavior to it’s subject.

“Slave Terri, please assume missionary position on
living room carpet and prepare for vaginal training.”

The robot crackled. Its voice was deep and masculine
with only a slight edge of its speech synthesizer being

Terri obeyed as quickly as she could. She followed its
orders as dutifully as from any man, even though
mentally she still rebelled at the thought of
essentially making love to a robot. Terri quickly
assumed the proscribed position, arousing herself and
spreading her legs. She watched as the robot rolled
between her legs and pulled out a dildo tipped arm and
pointing it towards her waiting pussy lips.

“Can’t get enough of me can you, you rusting piece of
junk.” Terri spat as her body finished its preparations
for use.

“Slave Terri, please assume proper dialog for sexual
encounters.” The robot buzzed.

“Yes, Master, please forgive me.” Terri pouted. Inside
she still yearned to tear the wire framed training
device limb from limb even as her hips lifted to meet
its probing phallus. Being used by dozens of men had
been bad enough but this was even worse. Terri had
begun to feel like nothing more than sexual toy
herself, beyond the implanted feelings. At times like
this she felt like a machine being tuned up, not even
important enough to be given human attention.

“Please enjoy this slave, Master.” Terri moaned as the
tip of the robot’s dildo parted her outer lips. She
began to feel her consciousness slip away, replaced by
a combination of lust and concentration. Free thoughts
impeded proper performance, and she had been well
conditioned to seek optimal performance. A part of her
always managed to stay latched just barely outside the
inner storms of servitude and arousal, and truly
appreciate that she was making passionate love to a
robot. It was the hardest part of her new training, and
something that she couldn’t really accept.

“Ohh, God.” Terri gasped as she felt the thick shaft
fill her now eager pussy. Her earlier training at
Morningwood was not lost, though she had to admit that
she was allowed to enjoy more of the sensations
generated in her liaisons now. Terri immediately
concentrated on the shaft within her, caressing it with
her inner folds and slightly bucking her hips. The
robot was giving her a large size for training this
time, filling her to the depths of her channel and just
wide enough to be stretch her comfortable.

“Fuck me, Master, use me like the whore I am.” Terri
cried out, her pleas answered a moment later with a
precise fucking motion from the shaft within her. Terri
didn’t miss a beat, being sure to return every thrust
fully and dutifully, welcoming every slap of the
artificial balls below her pussy’s entrance. Her entire
body was alight with arousal, and enjoying the feeling
of the hard dildo moving within her.

“Oh, Master, thank you, thank you for filling me with
your wonderful cock. I love being your slave, Master,
thank you for letting me be your whore.” She moaned as
the cadence continued. Today, her language was set to
submissive. Terri found it laughable in a twisted sort
of way, the past two days had given her the opportunity
to be both dominant and partner to her robot lover, at
least that’s what it sounded like.

Suddenly the shaft within her stopped moving and
withdrew. Terri panted for a few moments as the fog of
arousal abated slightly. She knew the session wasn’t
over. Unlike men, this robot didn’t tire, and it would
continue until it deemed the lesson complete and not

“Slave, on your hands and knees like the bitch you
are.” The robot hummed.

Terri dutifully complied, wasting no time repositioning
herself and arching her back for entry. “Yes, Master,
I’m you’re bitch. Fuck your bitch, Master, user her
like the animal she it.” Terri cried. A small part of
her flinched at moments like this knowing just how
completely she had fallen. Still, her aroused flesh was
not easy to tame, and Terri eagerly pushed back against
the plunging phallus. Her entire body rocked with
passion as dildo sank into her. The machine started
thrusting into her and Terri respond in kind, soon her
entire body was rocking back and forth in time with the
pumping shaft while her breasts bounced freely beneath

“Ride me, Master, ride your bitch hard.” Terri screamed
as the tempo increased. Her pants and moans where
quickly replaced by whimpers and whines. She was a
bitch after all, an animal in heat. Her formerly
articulate coaxing turned to barks and growls of
appreciation for the plunging shaft. Terri had done
this before, at the behest of several other partners.
In her old state, she’d enjoyed it, knowing how much
her partners liked her to act like a wild animal. Now
all she could feel was embarrassment and shame as she
behaved like a hopeless slut for her robotic partner.

Terri continued like this for some time, occasionally
changing position and behavior at the behest of her
mechanical trainer. Every thrust stoked her passion
further and it wasn’t long before even her few free
thoughts were focused, even yearning for the next
filling motion of her partners shaft. The fact that her
partner was no more than a tool of her keepers melted
away to her bodies needs. The shaft moving within her
was all that mattered, no matter what it was attached

By the end, Terri was on her back again, panting and
crying with joy as her pussy continued to practice its
technique on the plunging dildo. She felt its pace
quicken, mimicking the behavior of a human lover, and
Terri brought her full attention to its final thrusts.
Her entire body ached for release as she thrust back
against the plunging shaft. Everything focused on the
enter and retreat within her aching depths, each time
pushing Terri’s writhing flesh one step closer to

Terri cried out with the final plunge into her depths,
her pussy squeezing down on the dildo within her as she
felt it pulse against her tender interior. The familiar
sensation of her depths filling with a man’s seeds
spurred her final release. Terri laid there on her
back, quivering and moaning with pure bliss, her naked
flesh sheening with sweat. The familiar rush of
fulfillment flooded Terri’s being. Rationally she knew
just what her partner was, but her conditioned mind
didn’t care about reality. Terri luxuriated in the
feeling of warmth in the depths of her pussy, evidence
that she had succeeded in fulfilling her purpose of
receiving a man’s seed. As her orgasm receded, her
inner pride took center stage as she sat up. Terri
beamed with a sense of accomplishment as she lapped up
the remains of her lovemaking. She knew it was a semen
substitute used by the robot for realism, but it didn’t
matter. To Terri it was a man’s seed, and the fact that
it was running out of her pussy was a sign of
fulfilling her ultimate purpose.

“Thank you for honoring your humble slave, Master. I
eagerly await your next use of my body.” Terri chimed,
completing her session with the robot trainer.

“Good, Slave Terri, I will analyze your performance for
our next session.” The robot hummed and then drove off
into its corner.

“Bastards!” Terri yelled out to no one in particular as
she recovered mentally. She didn’t know how much more
of this she could take before going stir crazy. It was
only the glimmer of hope that Senator Summers provided
that kept her from completely surrendering, from
completely giving in to her fate. Terri knew if she
failed, all was lost, both for herself and her family,
and that the rest of her life would be spent as a
sexual puppet.


“Good morning, Ms. Jackson, the senator is ready to see
you. Please follow me.” An office aid directed Terri
towards the door to Senator Summers’ private office.

Terri braced her self for her first meeting. Here was
the man she was to convert or the man who could free
her. She didn’t know what to expect for a man that had
an organization capable of fully enslaving anyone
trembling with fear. Terri had gotten up this morning
as energetically as she had been in a long time,
anticipating this very meeting. Her outfit was fairly
conservative, if flattering, nothing more than a full
length skirt and a simple long sleeved blouse, though
every contour had been carefully tailored to exemplify
her youthful frame. On her way to the office, Terri
noticed several men give her a healthy looking over and
she found herself appreciating their attention, even to
the point of taking on a very sexy walk down the
streets and corridors. It was a near instinctual
behavior now, even as she tried to stop herself, it
required her complete concentration not to strut her
stuff. Terri knew why she behaved that way, though, the
good senator had apparently appreciated women who
weren’t afraid to f
launt their sex appeal, and thus Terri found herself
doing such things.

The aid opened the door and Terri casually strutted
into the office, and looked into the eyes of her

Instantly her heart melted, Senator Summers was the
perfect man, everything she had ever wanted. Terri
turned his every flaw into a virtue, from his slightly
balding brown hair to his need for a few hours at the
gym, all elements of his wonderful essence. For a
moment she just stood there taking in the awesome
presence of the senator, wishing she could spread give
herself to him right then.

“Good morning, Terri. Are you alright?” Rob asked as he
looked over his new intern. He’d been more than a
little concerned about her after Mark had arranged the
internship. Rob didn’t know what was up, but he just
had a strange feeling about the whole deal, though most
of his concerns left him as he took his own
appreciation of his stunning new intern. He could
scarcely believe she was just out of high school, given
how old she looked and the way she carried herself.

“Yes, Mr. Summers, I’m just still getting used to all
this. I didn’t really know what to expect. Thanks for
letting me intern with you, I’m ready to help you any
way I can.” Terri beamed, careful not to let her tone
sound too promiscuous, while still leaving a suggestive
undertone. In her past encounters, there had never been
any real banter, or gamesmanship in her encounters,
she’d simply hiked up or dropped her skirt and then
fucked like a rabbit until her partner finished. This
was a different game, one that she didn’t really know,
but anticipated that her conditioning had accounted

“I’m glad I could help you, Terri. I was a little
surprised when your father asked for this favor though.

How is the old man doing?” Rob asked, trying to place
the girl in front of him. He always had a knack for
figuring people out quickly, what they wanted and what
they’d do to get it. His instincts were flaring, as
well with this young lady, telling him something that
he didn’t really believe quite yet. Rob considered the
possibility that she was interested in him personally,
it was just something in her look and manner that set
him off. He didn’t know what to do about it, though he
acknowledged the idea had more than a little allure.

“Oh, Dad’s enjoying his new position. It’s very
relaxing for him and its done wonders for his
relationship with my sister and I. He hardly spends an
evening out of the house anymore.” Terri smiled. She
giggled a bit inside at her memories of those nights
spent at home with her father, and sometimes other men
or boys as well. Terri idly wondered just how much fun
Rob would be in bed. That thought caught her conscious
mind, settling her wonder about her conditioning. Her
hope in finding salvation from the senator was perhaps
more wishful thinking than she had hoped.

“I’m glad to hear it. Mrs. Andrews here will help get
you to work, and she’ll answer any questions you may
have. If you need to talk to me please let her know and
I’ll squeeze you in a soon as possible. Okay?” Rob
answered. There was definitely something odd about this
girl, he thought and he was going to have to find out
what that was. He had his suspicions and he certainly
wasn’t going to act on them yet. Too many strange
things had been happening to tip his hand now.

“That’s great, Mr. Summers.” Terri chimed. Something in
his voice told her that he was into her, and Terri was
glowing at the prospect. She could hardly wait to
seduce him and let him have his way with her.

“Good, and please call me Rob. If it’s alright with you
I’d like to have lunch on Friday so I can catch up on
how your old man is doing and just what I can do for
you while you’re here.” Rob said.

“Thanks, Rob, I’d love to. I’ll see you then.” Terri
said as she strutted out of the office. She barely
contained her anticipation for that meeting, and the
potential it provided.

As Terri passed the secretary’s desk, she heard Rob
speak. “Please reschedule my Friday afternoon
appointments, Mrs. Andrews, I’ll need to meet with Mr.
Smith and reserve me a table at the Fair Weather Club
for Friday lunch.”

Terri smiled at that, not only was she getting a
personal chance so soon with her darling senator, she
was even being taken to an exclusive club. She could
hardly believe her luck, and her thoughts immediately
took to her methods at her next meeting with the
senator, and how she’d get herself into his bed as
quickly as possible.


Terri looked up from her notes as she heard a knock on
the door. Since meeting with the senator, she found
herself obsessed with him. Over the course of the week,
she sought out every piece of information she could on
him and studied it while doing her normal exercises.
Terri realized her state, even that it had to be
induced by her keepers, but it didn’t matter. She
couldn’t help herself, and she focused nearly all her
energy into preparing herself for her next encounter.

The dildo lodged up her pussy felt strange as she
walked over to the door. She didn’t normally go walking
around like that, but she couldn’t take it out unless
absolutely necessary, just like the one she was
practicing her oral technique with. Even as she looked
out the peephole on the door, she was dutifully running
her tongue over the dildo. One thing she did appreciate
about her training devices was their life like
response, pulsing and twitching just like a real cock
would under this kind of stimulation.

Gregory was at the door, and Terri let him in. She
nodded to him as she shut the door.

“Good Evening, Terri. You may pause your oral training
for the moment. How are you doing?” He asked as he
watched Terri pull the device from her mouth, her
tongue and lips suckling at the false cock until she
pulled it fully away.

“I’m just trying to get myself ready for Rob, you
bastard. I need every moment of my time to hone myself
for him. Why don’t you go pick on one of your other
slaves?” Terri bit back. She felt a visceral hatred for
this man, though now it was being warped around her new
reason for being. Terri was preparing herself for her
senator, and anything that stood in her way or slowed
her down was to be despised.

“I understand, Terri. That’s why I’m here. Please lean
over the couch here, I need to make sure you’re ready
for him.” Gregory asked, enjoying the site of his
charge bending over the couch and arching her back.

There wasn’t any doubt in either of their mind just
what he meant.

“Okay, then, just get it over with.” Terri replied as
she hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. Her pussy
ramped up for a good fucking while it made practice
squeezes on the device currently within her.

“I see you like the senator. Are you looking forward to
your mission now?” Gregory asked as he pulled the dildo
out of Terri’s aching pussy. She gasped slightly as he
pulled it out and moved her hips to keep it inside her
for as long as possible. Gregory dropped the device to
the floor and quickly readied himself and took position
behind Terri.

“Oh, Yes, I can’t wait till I can make love to him.”
Terri replied. She felt Gregory’s cock sliding between
her legs and she shifted her hips to help him move into

“But you aren’t so eager to help me enjoy your body are
you?” Gregory teased as he rested the head of his shaft
just inside Terri’s gates.

“No, you asshole, it’s humiliating how you’ve had me
fucking that machine of yours and how you decided to
put your cock inside me with out so much as a please or
thank you.” Terri snipped at her keeper. Inside she was
aching to be filled. She’d had that dildo inside of her
most of the evening, and now that she was fully aroused
for fucking, her pussy felt wantonly empty.

Gregory smiled at that and shoved his cock forward.
Terri’s long moan of sexual fulfillment gratified him
immensely as he sank to the very depths of her channel.
Finally, his sack slapped up against her nether lips
and Gregory moaned himself, enjoying the sensation of
being encased in a tight responsive pussy. With her
fully impaled, Gregory lifted Terri’s upper body and
helped her get her shirt off. As soon as the garment
hit the floor Terri was stand up with both breasts
being cupped and her pussy filled to capacity.

“You have a very nice set of titties, Terri, and I’m
impressed with your vaginal discipline. The senator
will love you.” Gregory commented as he gently squeezed
on her firm orbs. He so rarely took the time to
appreciate the perfect nature of a woman’s breasts that
he couldn’t help but take the time to admire such fine
specimens as Terri’s pair.

“Thanks.” Terri blushed. She stood there not know quite
what to do as her partner took his time to explore her
breasts. Terri rarely had her tits so carefully
attended to that she found herself luxuriating in the
kneading motions of her keepers hands and gasping at
his occasional tweaking of her fully hardened nipples.
It was such a casual sensation that she couldn’t help
but to enjoy it.

“I hope you’ve found plenty of material to study on the
good senator.” Gregory commented as he pushed Terri
back over the couch. Before she even had a chance to
reply, he was thrusting into her yielding flesh,
enjoying her trained and controlled pussy. It wasn’t
hard to appreciate Terri either, even untrained, he
suspected that she was a great ride and now she was
near perfection. Gregory regretted that he hadn’t had
the chance to engage her before, but other duties
required attending to, and other pussies required his

“Uh, yes, there’s lots of, uh, information on Rob, uh,
he’s a wonderful and, uh, active Senator.” Terri
grunted as she matched Gregory’s awe striking movements
within her. Her anger had been swept away by arousal
and subservience. All that matter now was the cock
plunging into her, and anything that her keeper wanted
to know.

“Good, I’m sure you’ll have plenty to talk about
tomorrow then, and I certainly hope that Senator
Summers will get a taste of your treasures, Terri. I
know he’ll enjoy them as much as I am.” Gregory said as
he continued riding her. With that he let the
conversation fall away and paid full attention to the
lovely young woman he was currently enjoying.

Terri was thankful for that, allowing her entire focus
to rest on her method, and the pleasure he was sparking
inside her.

It wasn’t long before their coupling became another
wild bout of pants and moans. Terri preferred not to be
an articulate lover, and was grateful that Gregory
seemed to like her that way as well. It was hard to
stay in the mood when constantly debasing herself. The
pair thrust against each other in earnest, both seeking
the same goal, and both expertly handling the other.

Terri soon began to feel her own fires rising and
carefully managed her own arousal to time with

Her attention latched onto the cock moving inside her
and finally she felt him reach towards his own frantic
release. Terri let loose her inner floodgates, allowing
herself to be consumed by sexual ecstasy as her pussy
clamped down on the invader, spasming as only an
orgasming channel can. Her channel filled with
Gregory’s hot seed a moment later, spurring on another
fulfilling wave to course over Terri as she savored the
feeling of being honored.

“Oh, thank you, Master.” Terri panted as she recovered
from her own orgasm.

“Well, you do make quite the little sex toy, Terri. I’m
glad I had the opportunity to enjoy your ripe little
body and I don’t think Senator Summers will be able to
turn you away.” Gregory replied as he pulled her back
against him, cupping her breasts again as he whispered
into her ear. “And don’t worry Terri, as soon as we’ve
finished dealing with the senator, we’ll be placing you
into our general pool. I think we’re looking for
another high quality whore for our DC brothel, and I
hear your sister is doing a fine job entertaining down
there now. I’m sure there would be plenty of demand for
a sisterly duo. Just think of it. All the cocks you
could want with little Amber at your side.”

Terri quivered at the thought. So much honor, so much
pleasure and to be able to watch Amber being used, just
like when they were home. “You’d let me do that? I’ll
be wonderful to serve so many cocks. I’m getting hotter
just thinking about it.”

Gregory smiled again, enjoying just how twisted Terri’s
priorities became when she was in her post orgasmic
state. “Certainly, Terri, we wouldn’t dream of letting
your talents go to waste.”

Terri sighed. Now all she had to do was make love to
Senator Summers and her future was set. Not only would
she get to enjoy Rob, but many other men as well and
she get to do it all with Amber. In that moment, with
Gregory’s seed still dripping from her, Terri couldn’t
think of a more fulfilling future.


Rob took another opportunity to appreciate his guest as
he pulled out a chair for her to sit. No one would
believe Terri was just out of high school the way she
decked herself out today. She was wearing a very sharp,
and form fitting business dress with a skirt that ended
just above the knees. Her hair was pulled into a very
professional looking bun that helped offset her
otherwise youthful features. Rob could hardly blame any
of the men who had leered at her as they entered the
restaurant, he could barely keep his eyes off her as
either. To top it all off, Terri seemed to welcome the
attention, and kept dropping tantalizing comments that
normally would have been encouragements.

“So, your sister Amber is in town. What’s she doing?”
Rob asked as he took his own seat.

“She’s at a special gymnastics camp for the summer.
It’s really exclusive, but Amber just stunned the
admissions board with her performance and they decided
to accept her. I’m hoping to go visit her this weekend
and maybe take in a performance or two myself.” Terri
replied. If only her mission with Rob went well, she
would be able to enjoy her weekend there.

“Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I hope she makes
the most of it.” Rob said. Something in her tone left
him feeling like she wasn’t being fully candid. The
emphasis and phrasing was wrong some how. But it didn’t
matter now, Rob had already taken steps to figure out
exactly what was going on with his new intern.

“I know she will. I just wish I could have been doing
that kind of thing at her age. Still, I am glad to have
my own opportunities, like being at your service, Rob.”
Terri winked and gave him a sly smile. She flushed as
he smiled back. Only another hour of this and maybe she
could get him to cancel his afternoon appointments,
Terri thought. She could barely contain her excitement,
but there was still a good bit of gamesmanship left.

“Well, I’m glad to have such a lovely young woman on
board, Terri. I hope you don’t mind that I took the
liberty of ordering for us already.” Rob said as he
watched the waiter bringing out their meal.

“Of course not, Rob, I’m sure you know just how to
satisfy a woman’s appetites.” Terri commented
confidently. Every intuitive sense told her that he was
into her as much as she wanted him. All that remained
was the final dance, and Terri wanted to keep it short
and sweet.

The waiter casually placed their meals in front of them
and shuffled off to other things. Rob lifted his glass
of wine and looked over to Terri. “A toast, to the
possibilities that await us.”

Terri nodded and lifted her glass to meet his,
appreciating the brief chime as they met. She downed
nearly half the glass in one gulp and looked to her
companion and smiled. Terri could hardly believe her
luck, she could scarcely wait to make love to this man
before her. To bask in such greatness was more than she
could have hoped for.

Rob sat back for a moment, sipping at his own glass and
taking another moment to appreciate Terri’s radiance.
He wondered just how much of her was really being
reflected in her outward appearance right now. She was
so lovely, but so unlike any young woman he had know in
the last ten years of his life, so confident and
forward with her intent. Rob couldn’t accept that this
was the real Terri Jackson, and in only moments he’d
know for certain.

Terri wondered why he started to look at her strangely,
studying her like some kind of lab rat. It was only a
moment before she felt the effects of her drink begin
to kick in. Terri had never had much experience
drinking, but she felt something was wrong as her mind
began to fog over. Before she could even raise her
voice in protest, everything seemed to fade into a calm

Rob shot up and grabbed Terri before she fell out of
her chair. Two waiters were there a moment later and
carried the young lady out of the dining room.

“So, is everything in place?” Rob asked another man who
had been sitting behind him before.

“Just as you ordered. We’ll have a complete blood work
and neural scan done on her before the drug can wear
off. What are you going to do with her?” Marcus Smith
replied. He was one of Rob’s oldest compatriots in the
war against the organization. Marcus had helped many of
Rob’s friends and family fade away and out of danger
and now he was going to help unlock another piece of
the puzzle.

Rob picked up Terri’s purse and opened it up. Inside he
found a small pair of headphones with several extra
metal extensions and a small digital sound player.
“What do you make of this?”

“Good God, we are hot today, Rob, that’s got to be one
of their programming devices. Let’s get over to the lab
and test this thing out quick. We’ll have to return it
to Terri before we let her go.” Marcus replied, taking
the device and running down the same path Terri had
just been taken. He did regret that he’d have to
surrender the device so soon, but it was imperative
that Terri believe that her identity hadn’t been
discovered. The entire operation hinged on her not
being aware of the information she was about to reveal.

Rob followed his friend down to the lab. He hadn’t
expected such luck himself, but it concerned him as
well. Not only was Terri certainly a convert but that
meant bad things for the rest of her family as well.

Rob hated to see friends put through this, and he knew
it was his fault Terri was in the state she was in.

The fate of her family worried him as well, and yet he
wouldn’t be able to ask her even if she could tell the
truth. Now all that remained was to determine just what
form her control took.


Rob looked over Terri’s sleeping form with dismay. His
people had been going over her for hours now, and
Marcus had just returned with the preliminary results
from her tests and the little device she had been

“Man, they have fucked her up good. I can hardly
believe they could do this kind of thing so
organically, but damn.” Marcus shook his head as he
handed over the results of the initial blood work and
brain scans.

“Terri’s had high levels of natural endorphins,
adrenaline and hormones coursing though her for months.

Her brain has been completely reconfigured. As far as I
can tell, they’ve completely reworked her thought
patterns from what normal people have. And that device
she was carrying, damn is it nasty. We hooked it up to
one of our prisoners, and his brain essentially turned
to mush. The headset sets up some kind of neural
electric field that basically allows the brain to be
rewired, and then the audio carries your new thought
patterns, just completely reworking beliefs,
priorities, compulsions. I knew they were doing some
nasty shit, but I never imagined they’d gotten this

Rob reviewed the work in silence. It certainly was a
staggering realization. His enemy was more powerful
than they had expected. With this kind of technology
anyone could become one of their puppets and not even
realize it. Something had to be done, and Rob quickly
hatched a plan, darkness fitted these people well, and
Rob was about to try shining some light on them. “Can
you reverse the programming?”

“Sure, eventually, now that I know how they do it. Are
you planning on bringing our good guest back?”

Marcus asked. He appreciated just how Terri had been
modified too. The centers of the brain that had been
stimulated and those reduced led him to one conclusion
of Terri’s role in life aside from her infiltration
duties. He stole a lustful look out at her,
appreciating how enjoyable a partner she would have
been, and slightly regretting that he couldn’t enjoy
her himself.

“No, but I do have an idea.” Rob replied and turned to
his ally to begin his greatest undertaking in
countering the threats against him and all freedom
loving people.


Terri walked into the Organization’s club with great
anticipation. It had taken much begging and a few good
fucks with Gregory to convince him to let her visit
Amber even though she hadn’t yet had the chance to
seduce Rob yet. Terri still wondered about just what
had happened to her at lunch on Friday, but excluding a
few lost hours, she couldn’t find anything out of

“Thank you, Master, it’s so kind of you to let me see
my sister.” Terri chimed as she walked into the lobby.

She couldn’t wait to see Amber again, and maybe even
get a chance to cooperatively serve a man.

“No problem, slut, now please obey the club rules.”
Gregory pointed to a sign over the door. ‘All slaves
must be nude or in costume, leashes preferred.’ the
sign read.

“Of course, Master, forgive me.” Terri begged as she
ripped off her clothes. “Would you like me to wear a
leash, Master?”

“I think so, very fitting to your new life, wouldn’t
you say?” Gregory replied.

Terri pulled a leash and collar off a rack full of
them. “Yes, Master, I am just a slut slave now.”

“Ah, and you do make a fine one. Now, let us take care
of your reunion and the other business at hand. I have
a special present for you.” Gregory said appreciating
the full beauty of his naked slave. Her reconditioning
had fully settled in again, and Terri had returned to a
state of near mindless devotion to her new life. Her
body was still that of a trim teenager, and Terri held
herself proudly, pushing out her breasts and
seductively swaying her hips as she walked into the
main lobby.

Terri preheated her pussy almost instantly as she
looked in on a sea of writhing flesh that was the
purpose for the club. Girls and women were all about in
some state of throwing themselves upon their current
male partners. Terri could barely keep herself from
joining in, envious that her sister had been able to
enjoy so much cock while she was forced to train with a
machine. Even so, she was proud that Amber had been
such a good slut that she had been called upon for this
duty, to service so many men was an honor few sluts
could hope for.

Terri did take notice of several less than cooperative
slaves, still behaving like the dutiful sex toys they
were becoming, but fighting back as much as they could
with words. Terri wished she had the time to console
them, to let them know how great it was to be a sex
toy, how great it was to be honored with male
attentions. She remembered her own inner struggles, and
she couldn’t understand what had motivated her to
resist. Being a slave was her natural state, and Terri
could no longer comprehend another possibility.

Finally, they arrived in a private room containing
nothing more than two curtained beds. One bed was had
it’s curtains down, hiding someone’s profile, while the
other was open to view and Terri squealed happily at
the sight. Amber was on hands and knees with a man
pumping furiously into her pussy. Her entire body
bounced with every thrust, as Amber grunted in pure
pleasure as she was being well used.

“Hi, Terri!” Amber cried out with joy as she bounced on
the bed. She turned to her partner. “Please slow down,
slave, so I can talk to my sister.”

“Yes, Mistress,” came the immediate response from
Amber’s partner while his trusts slowed to a very
casual pace.

“Oh, Terri, I can’t thank you enough for this slave,
now I can fuck any time I want, even if a Master
doesn’t want me!” Amber chimed.

“I’m glad to see you so happy, and being such a good
slut, but I didn’t do anything, Amber.” Terri replied,
wondering just what Amber was talking about.

“It’s very simply, my little slut, while you didn’t
have the chance to convert the good senator Summers
directly, you led us to his lair. In thanks we’ve given
Amber one of his associates, once Marcus Smith.

Thanks to a little conditioning he’s become a very
attentive slave, and also revealed all of his secrets
to us.

I’m sure he can appreciate his fate, but as you know,
my willing little slave, our programming is impossible
to resist. I haven’t forgotten you either, and you’re
gift is waiting for you on the other bed. Please enjoy
him and your sibling for as long as you like. After
that we’ll introduce you to our regular guests, you’ll
be one of the pleasure slaves here from now on, so
please enjoy yourself.” Gregory explained.

“Oh, Master, thank you, I’m so glad you’re going to let
me serve all this wonderful men. I’ll be a good
pleasure slave, Master, you’ll be proud of me.” Terri
cried out with joy. Everything she wanted was being
handed to her, and she was even being given her own
slave to enjoy. Terri could scarcely believe her good
fortune, and ran over to the other bed to reveal her

Resting on the bed was a fully naked man, his cock
stiff and ready. Terri surveyed him for a moment,
taking in the shear splendor of her own slave. She
swooned as she looked over the body of her former
target, now Rob would serve her, help her to become a
better slave of her own.

Terri climbed the bed and sat on her knees beside him.
She looked him in the eyes, and was met back by a blank
stare followed by a slow awakening of his features.

“This slave awaits your command, Mistress, and your
programming. I have been conditioned to obey your
orders, and accept any dictates from you, though I am
otherwise still former Senator Robert Summers.

Please use me as you wish, and mold me into whatever
shape you like.” Rob said in a strange monotone.

He had been converted the very same evening that he had
let Terri go, and had surrendered his seat immediately
there after. Following that, Rob was taken to a
training center where obedience and basic precepts of
his new life were burrowed into his mind. He still knew
who and what he was, and unless commanded otherwise by
his mistress, would retain that sense of self.

“Oh, Rob, that’s wonderful, isn’t it?” Terri asked as
she ran her fingers over his naked chest, enjoying a
man’s presence like she had never been able to before.
She idly considered what to do with her new slave

“No, Mistress, please let me go, don’t you remember
that they did this to you too? I don’t want to be
you’re slave, I just want to end this madness.” Rob
replied, still relieved to be able to think for
himself, but given what he’d seen done to Terri, he had
little doubt that he wouldn’t himself for much longer.

“I know, Rob, and it’s the most wonderful thing to be a
sex toy. You’ll understand soon, it’s your purpose in
life to bring please to a woman after all. Isn’t it?”
Terri asked, she couldn’t think of anything else a male
slave could be good for aside from servicing women.

“Yes, Mistress, can I serve you now?” Rob found himself
asking, he could almost feel his thoughts shifting with
Terri’s simple statement. Thoughts of escape flew from
his mind, replaced by a need to serve his mistress. Rob
no longer saw Terri as his friend’s daughter, but as
his personal goddess, and he was ecstatic that he would
have the chance to pleasure her. Deep down, he knew
this was all part of his reprogramming, but his efforts
to fight back were nothing against the weight of his
new purpose.

“Good, slave, now I want you to give me an orgasm with
just your tongue.” Terri replied, lying down beside her
new slave.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Rob immediately began to caress
Terri’s body and brought his head between her legs. He
couldn’t think of anything he’d rather be doing than
enjoying the soft feminine musk of his Mistress. It was
important that he serve her, and he was honored to do
it. Rob would never have believed how lucky he felt to
be her slave, though he would always have enjoyed the
position he was taking.

“Oh, that’s a good slave, serve your Mistress.” Terri
moaned as she felt her slave’s tongue caress her
aroused nether lips. She was in heaven, enjoying her
new slave and looking forward to a wonderful future as
a pleasure slave. The occasional exclamations of her
sister only made Terri happier. Not only was she going
to get to serve so many men, her sister would be at her
side all the way. In that moment, Terri smiled, fully
gratified that she’d had the chance to move to a little
town called Morningwood, and given the chance to enjoy
a pleasure filled and honorable life.

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