Schoolgirl in the forest 2.
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She couldn’t deny that she wanted him insider her,
plunging into her depths, while at the same time she
wished she had the strength to resist that need. He
held back however, and Terri could barely contain
herself as she felt him gently caressing her engorged
flesh with his tip. She found herself humping back
against him, moving her hips to force him inside. Terri
needed to be filled, and groaned in frustration as she
felt Brookes slip his head just insider her and then
pull back as she moved her hips to impale herself.

She was barely controlling herself now, grinding and
wiggling her hips back at her coach to get him to sink
himself into her, all the while unable to move either
her feet or her hands.

Finally, Terri turned her head to look at Brookes. She
couldn’t speak but she pleaded with her eyes. She
looked into the eyes of a predator, and shuddered
momentarily as she watched a smile cross Brookes’ face.

The tide of unfulfilled sexual need reasserted itself a
moment later and Terri resumed her lustful begging and
her attempts to impale herself on his ready shaft. With
their eyes locked together, Terri felt her coach firmly
grasp her hips and a moment later press forward. Her
eyes only fluttered as she let out an impassioned moan
as she felt her inner folds parted. Terri had never
felt such a wondrous entry in all her previous
encounters. Her entire body cried out in relief as she
felt herself filled with Brookes’ shaft. He was
certainly thicker than any boy she had taken before,
and Terri knew she was more aroused then she had ever
been. That reality played at the edge of her senses as
she took in the full length of her coach’s member
inside her eagerly waiting pussy.

As Terri felt him fully within her she clamped down on
his shaft and wiggled her hips as much as she could,
amazed at the sensation of being so wonderfully filled.
She squealed with delight as she felt his shaft twitch
insider her in response. All thoughts of decency were
gone, she was involved now like she had never been
before, and it had overwhelmed Terri’s entire being. It
was certainly an odd sight in that moment, watching a
formerly modest girl squealing with delight as she
wiggled her hips back against an impaling shaft was she
held herself up on a naked girl in front of her.

Terri continued like this for a few minutes before a
new sensation rose to a crescendo inside her. She was
filled, fuller than she had ever been, and even with
that wondrous feeling an itch was growing within her.

Her squeals of delight quickly turned to groans of
frustration again as she tried to elicit more than just
a twitch from the wondrous shaft within her. Terri
continued wiggling her hips, but she couldn’t move her
feet, and couldn’t generate any really movement against
her coach’s member. She turned to Brookes again, nearly
crying with frustration as the need within her beat at
her senses.

Terri was rewarded a moment later with a clamping of
her hips and a careful withdrawal of the shaft. Terri
was nearly as ecstatic to have her coach pulling out as
she was when he trust inside, but she feared he
wouldn’t continue. Even as she reveled in the wondrous
sensation of cock moving within her, she turned her
head to plead with her partner, begging for him to
continue. The strange need to be ravished was burning
even brighter now that her passage had been fully
speared once, leaving Terri yearning to be have her
body fully used.

Brookes held himself just at her entrance again,
leaving just his head within her quivering loins. Terri
was nearly beside herself with anguish. The need he had
filled within her had doubled or more and she was
nearly overcome with desire. Terri fought against his
steady hands trying to push back against his shaft and
force it inside her again, all the while pleading with
him in whimpers and doe eyed expressions. For a
disconcerting moment Terri reflected on her behavior,
remembering that her dog had behaved much the same when
she had gone into heat. Then she felt a foreign quiver
of arousal from the very same thought, looking forward
to being used just like a bitch in heat.

That disturbing thought was purged as she felt her
coach take mercy on her and plunge his shaft inside

Terri cried out again in thanks, absorbed by the nearly
soul splitting sensation of being filled. She had never
felt this kind of need before, and couldn’t contain
herself as they set up a rhythm. Terri joyously pressed
herself back against her coach as he pistoned within
her. They had wasted precious little time building a
fast rhythm and Terri let herself be swept away by the
sensation sparked within her with every filling trust.
Terri felt a strange spiritual fulfillment with every
thrust of her coach’s shaft within her, exemplified
every time he made a moan or a grunt as she met his
trusts with total enthusiasm. Not only was Terri
immersed in the wonderful coupling, she felt an alien
pride course through her at her ability to please her

Terri wasn’t in the state of mind to question Brookes’
endurance, but she appreciated it. Her pervious
partners had been inexperienced and quick, but Brookes
was skilled and holding his own within her. Terri was
surprised when her coach began a broken rhythm, varying
his strokes and his time fully inside her and paused at
her entrance. She was brought back from the brink with
his first broken thrust, and fumed for a moment before
being lost in the action again. Terri realized he was
helping string her along, keeping her from coming, but
she couldn’t do anything about it. Even as Brookes
broke rhythm, Terri couldn’t help but keep matching
him, squeezing him and wiggling her hips on him when
fully impaled and pushing back against his trusts. Her
own desires and needs kept her going, even as he played
her on the edge.

It wasn’t long before Brookes broken rhythm allowed a
small rational part of Terri to emerge again and fully
appreciate her position. She was appalled at her
behavior, even though she couldn’t help but wiggle her
hips against his impaled shaft as she thought that.
Terri felt like she was of two minds, part sex crazed
slut and part her old self. She couldn’t deny the
sexual flames coursing through her, but she wished she
could stop. Worse yet was the part of her that wanted
to embrace her new depravity. Terri didn’t want to
accept that, even as she could endure being a sexual
plaything, she fought with all her energy against
embracing that state. Occasionally, Brookes would give
her a few dozen rhythmic thrusts and plunge the
thoughtful part of Terri into the background with a
wave of passion. Terri would then be allowed to come
back to feel herself wiggling merrily upon an immobile
shaft or attempting to refill her empty passage. She
nearly cried with anguish both at the frustrating
sexual need and the abasement she was receiving. Yet
Terri couldn’t do anything, even as she wanted to stop
wiggling on his shaft, Brookes left her do so for a
minute. She could only feel deep shame as she squealed
with delight and squirmed on top of the filling shaft,
slowly building until she found herself begging to be
fucked some more.

Then suddenly Terri was pulled away from her
embarrassing predicament again with a newly passionate
round of thrusts from Brookes. Terri swept away her
feeling of shame as her coach played her youthful form
like a fiddle. In only moments, Terri was hanging on
the edge again, moaning and gasping with every trust,
immersed in the sexual embrace, her entire body focused
on one need. Terri didn’t feel her pussy clamp down an
instant later, or hear her cry of release, all she felt
was a wave of pure ecstasy course through her. Terri’s
entire body went limp as her orgasm raced through her
sex-wracked body. She was little more than a quivering
girl, still fully impaled, being held up by her

It was another minute before Terri returned to her
senses, finding herself still involved with her coach
and her breasts both being gently massaged. As the
sexual cloud lifted Terri found herself returning to
her previous passive state. Even though she knew she
should be upset, she still felt oddly at ease with the
acts she had just performed, and even with the shaft
still inside her and the hands on her breasts. In that
instant she realized she was being treated like some
kind of toy, and even though she knew it should bother
her, she didn’t feel any outrage. Instead she found
herself pressing her breasts into the carefully
massaging hands of her coach and began squeezing his
shaft with her inner muscles. Terri thought about that
for a moment, considering herself a well-tuned clock
for her reactions. As she continued to stand there and
quietly pleasure her coach, she tried to assemble
herself, to be outraged, but couldn’t. Each time she
tried, her thoughts returned to how to get her coach to
come with just her pussy. Terri tried to turn her mind
from such thoughts, but she couldn’t, all she could do
was think of different ways to use her pussy’s interior
on him. She continued like this for several minutes,
all the while becoming more concerned with the shaft
still inside her, and just as worried about her growing
inability to turn her thoughts from it. Terri was using
her muscles to the best of her abilities, given her
limited experience. She found different ways to coax
him pop into her head, and she tried each one,
alternating her pulsing interior’s actions as best she

Finally, she felt Brookes begin to twitch inside her
more readily, and Terri focused her entire attention on
her task. With just her pussy, she coaxed him to the
edge and felt him tip over. A moment later Terri found
herself squealing with a strange sense of
accomplishment and delight as she felt her coach’s
shaft pulse within her followed by gushes of liquid
warmth filling the depth of her channel. With her task
finished, Terri’s focus was released and she considered
the moment again. She realized in a moment that she had
just been inseminated. Terri felt her mind grasp for
reaction, and was shocked by an acceptance, she didn’t
know why, but it was somehow right that her coach would
inseminate her and she couldn’t stop from feeling pride
at her own ability to bring her coach off. She wondered
at this for a moment, and at the strange following
thought, that she hoped he would do it again, soon, and
maybe one day get her pregnant.

She also felt a strange desire to improve her
technique, to make herself the best sex partner she
could so that more men would use her this way. Terri
knew she shouldn’t want that. She had just been used as
some kind of human toy, and she found herself wanting
more. All her beliefs seamed to be in shambles, and
Terri didn’t understand, but she could feel new desires
and needs course through her. All she knew was that she
had been changed, and as Brookes pulled himself out of
her well used passage, Terri was stunned by her growing
desire to be used the same way again. Even more
worrisome for her was the next stream of thoughts that
flooded her mind as she stood back at attention as her
coach pulled away.

Terri realized that she was a toy, and would be from
then on. It was her purpose in life to be used. Terri
shivered at the thought, her passivity preventing her
instinctive dread from being anything more than a
shadow. The new thoughts were part of her identity,
even as her old self remained. Terri would remain,
unable to stop herself, or surrender to her fate,
because it was more enjoyable for her partners. Terri
felt an odd quiver of excitement at that, the thought
of being used and knowing it was wrong, but having no
choice. Terri wanted to fight these new ideas, but they
were already a part of her. Even as she struggled with
her new identity, she had it reaffirmed when she found
herself aroused at the thought of being wildly fucked
by every man and boy in the school. Terri surprised
herself at her growing desire to masturbate, right then
in the open, and she grew even more excited by the idea
of bringing herself naked flesh to release in front of
anyone who would watch. She was stunned at this strange
notion but couldn’t help but acknowledge the growing
heat from her loins generated by thoughts of pleasuring
her nude form in front of her parents or the whole
school. Terri was awash in her new self, her old
personality suppressed by conditioning and mediation,
unable to mount anything but a muted defense against
the onslaught. Terri was becoming a living sex toy, and
quickly coming to embrace that reality.

“Very good, Terri, I’m glad to see you progress so
fast. Now, practice is over, so shower up and go home.”
Brookes commented.

Terri felt herself glow with pride at her coach’s
compliments. She still felt strange at her reaction,
but couldn’t suppress the feelings of appropriateness
at her new attitude. She didn’t linger however, and
skipped off to the showers, oddly content with the
world. As she went to clean up, Terri couldn’t help but
regret that she would have to wash away the seed now
dribbling from her pussy. It seamed an odd waste
somehow, to have to wash away the coach’s seed after
doing so much to receive it. Terri surprised herself a
moment later when she reached down and scooped as much
of Brookes’ seed into her hand as possible and then
licked it up. Again it was something she would never
have considered doing before, but it seemed the only
right thing to do. Terri found the taste strange but
compelling, and her heart raced at the thought of how
she’d get more in the future.

The locker room was normal this evening, and Terri
simply showered and went home, as did the other girls.

Terri found herself disappointed, but unable to do
anything about it more than appreciatively study the
naked forms of her squad mates as they showered. Once
home she had another short and polite conversation with
her parents and went off to study. It wasn’t until she
was nearly ready for bed that the veil of meditation
induced calm washed away and Terri could again combat
the new thoughts bouncing around in her head.

The first thing she felt was fear and shock, her entire
life was being perverted, and Terri didn’t have any
idea how to stop it. Even free of her earlier calm, the
new dictates entered into her mind remained, and Terri
shuddered every time she realized her thoughts were
turning to sex again. It wasn’t just the idle fantasies
she had indulged in before, but more focused, explicit
consideration of her new sexual identity.

Before long Terri was sobbing as she masturbated,
unable to keep her hands away from her aching mound.

She was loosing control, and she couldn’t do anything
to change it.


Wendy met her again the next morning, and after a quick
exchange of mournful looks they simply hugged for a few
minutes as Terri let out a few more casual sobs. Terri
was crying for more than just her new fate.

She was quickly coming to grips with that, but she
wasn’t prepared for the growing acceptance budding
within her. A small part of her was looking forward to
her next practice and the perversions that would await
her, even as the rest of her was trying to resist.

There wasn’t anything really to say between the two
girls. They both knew the state they were in, and all
they needed was the shoulder to cry on, as there wasn’t
anything else they could expect.

It wasn’t long before the day had to start, however,
and Terri and Wendy parted to go about their daily
classes. Terri drifted solemnly through her routine,
still dreading and anticipating the afternoon’s
activities at practice. She did find it strange that
she was still able to pay attention in class, even take
notes as the day wore on. Terri wondered why they would
care about her education when she as she was being
turned into a living sex toy. Her questions were
routinely interrupted by her classes, a fact she was
almost grateful for in it’s ability to keep her from
considering her circumstances in to great of detail.

Finally, it came time for practice again, and Terri
marched off for another day of humiliation. It didn’t
come however. Aside from the advanced meditation and
the fact that all the girls were nude, practice went on
much like normal. The final aside was the standard
groping of the squad by the coach. Terri found herself
eagerly anticipating his touch as he went around. She
proudly presented her breasts for a quick squeeze by
her coach and didn’t even need to be commanded to
spread her legs for him to cup her mound.

“You’re making fine progress, Terri, you’ll make a
great addition to the squad on Friday.” Brookes told
her as he ran a finger just inside Terri’s slit while
she smiled back. A sense of great accomplishment
coursed through her at those words, and Terri had an
unquenchable desire not to disappoint him.

In her standard meditation calm, Terri took only casual
notice of the routines the squad was practicing.

Their practice shifted from leaning over to present
their pussies to jutting and jiggling their breasts.

Finally, they practiced a fairly lewd sexual dance with
pairs of girls writhing rhythmically against each other
in a complex and thoroughly erotic dance. Terri
couldn’t help but appreciate having Wendy as her
partner. Wendy was a fair skinned, auburn haired girl
with luscious contours that Terri enjoyed exploring as
they danced. Just as much as she enjoyed massaging
Wendy’s lovely form, Terri couldn’t get enough of her
partners soft hands on her own flesh. Just like the
rest of the girls, Terri and Wendy were soon moaning
and whimpering with arousal as their hands caressed
each other, kneading breasts and masturbating their
partner’s aroused pussies.

By the time practice was over, Terri was burning with
desire, and was completely pleased when the coach told
them all to get themselves off and go shower. Still
locked together from their routine, Terri quickly
guided Wendy to the floor and descended between her

“Let me do you first, you’ve been so nice to me.” Terri
said just as she descended on her new friend’s ready
mound. She had never gone down on a girl before, but
she found the act nearly instinctive, her lips and
tongue descending on Wendy’s exposed flesh. Terri
sucked and licked at Wendy, finding herself enjoying
the musky taste of Wendy’s juices as she ran her tongue
through her friends slit.

Wendy only gasped and moaned in gratitude, but that was
enough to fill Terri with a strong feeling of
accomplishment. That spurred her on with even greater
energy and soon Terri sent her friend over the edge
with her loving assault.

Wendy rested for only a moment from her own release
before she aggressively pushed Terri over and they
embraced. Wendy kissed Terri passionately, trading
tongue blows as their breasts mashed against each
other. Without breaking their kiss, Wendy snaked a hand
between Terri’s legs, carefully assaulting her friend’s
enflamed folds. Terri was soon moaning against Wendy’s
lips as the skillful treatment continued, quickly
bringing her to the pinnacle and beyond. For the first
time in days, Terri was of one mind as she shuddered in
orgasm while still locked intimately to her friend. As
their lips still pressed together, Terri thought she
just might be able to get used to this.


The rest of the week followed much like that. The day
was simply classes, followed by a sexually charged
cheerleader practice and finally a quiet evening at
home dealing with the day’s events. Terri was gradually
accepting her new life, even though it was still
disconcerting, but the humiliations were pretty well
buried by Friday, as no one seemed to bring up the fact
that the cheerleading squad practiced lesbian sex in
the nude every afternoon.

Terri was actually surprised on Friday when she went to
get ready for the game when she found a cheerleader’s
uniform hanging in her locker. By Thursday, the squad
hadn’t even been dressing for meditation, choosing to
leave the locker room in the nude. Terri quickly donned
the uniform, only after putting it on did she notice
that the skirt was crotchless and she wasn’t wearing
any panties and that she wasn’t wearing any kind of a
bra. She had already gotten used to dressing
thoughtlessly as she hadn’t been wearing panties or
bras since Monday, and had progressively worn more
revealing outfits all week.

Terri was surprised again when they were rushed out to
the field without a meditation period as well. As she
walked onto the football field, Terri felt a familiar
dread pass through her as she anticipated what was
going to happen. The cheerleaders all lined up to be
introduced and Terri felt herself prepare for their
opening greeting. Finally, the loud speaker came to
life and they ran out onto the field as it introduced

“Welcome one and all to the first game of the season
here at Morningwood High. As always we begin the game
with an introduction by our cheerleader squad, lets
give it up for these lovely ladies.”

Terri ran out with the rest of the squad, and as she
passed onto the field, did a series of cartwheels, each
time showing off her naked mound as the crowd cheered
them on. After her cartwheels she ran up into position
on the back row of the two-row formation, facing Wendy.
As the last of the squad fell into place, the front row
of girls leaned over and proudly pulled their skirts up
over the waists, legs spread, so their bushy mounds
were readily seen. Just as the front row showed
themselves off, so did the back row, with every girl
lifting her shirt and casually jiggling their ample
teenage breasts for the roaring crowd. Terri could
hardly believe this was happening, and being in greater
control of her senses she felt a wave of shame course
through her at the wonton display she was making, even
as her fellow cheerleaders did the same. At the same
time, Terri felt a sexual thrill at being ogled by the
crowd, though she wasn’t ready to accept that.

“Aren’t they lovely, folks. Now it’s time to select
possession. Both quarterbacks are ready and the fine
ladies selected are Wendy Shultz from Morningwood and
Amber Horn from Eveningwood. Let’s give the girls a
moment to get ready and then enjoy the show.” Boomed
the loud speakers.

Terri wondered just what was going on as she watched
Wendy run out to the center of the field as a
cheerleader from the other side did the same. The
quarterbacks from both teams and a referee came out as
well. Both girls stripped off their uniforms and leaned
themselves over waist high benches that had been
brought out to the center of the field. Terri watched
in amazement as the referee undid a flap on the front
of his pants and quickly pulled out his hard shaft. He
then proceeded to mount Wendy, wiggled his hips for a
moment and then withdrew and repeated the action with
the other girl. Terri could only wonder what was
happening when the loudspeaker blared out again.

“The referee has declared both girls ready to go and
instructed the quarterbacks to move into position. This
should be an interesting contest as both girls have
records of being able to hold back orgasms, and both
these studs are well endowed. And there’s the signal
from the referee, and the game begins! All that remains
is for one quarterback to bring the opposing teams
cheerleader to orgasm first and gain first possession
of the ball.”

Terri watched in wonder as Wendy was mounted by the
other teams quarterback. On the sidelines as she was,
Terri got an excellent view of her friend getting well
fucked on the field. Widescreen displays on each end of
the field showed the carnal action in full detail, even
the sounds of the competing couples was piped in over
the loudspeakers. Terri had never seen a spectacle like
this before, two naked girls being thoroughly used in
public. She hated to admit it to herself but she wished
it were her up there instead of Wendy. As she watched,
Terri couldn’t help but feel aroused, wishing her own
pussy was being stroked.

Almost as if in answer to a prayer, Terri felt herself
being pushed to the ground and rolled on her back. She
looked up to see the face of a clearly determined
football player looking down at her, and all she could
do was spread her legs and look down with some degree
of trepidation at the cock descending towards her.

“Oh, god, fill me up with that monster!” Terri cried
out, shocking herself with her words and actions.
Still, she couldn’t help but push back against the
invader as it speared her. Terri’s folds were barely
prepared to take in the shaft, but she couldn’t stifle
the moan that passed her lips as she felt her pussy
entered. Her partner paused for a moment as his member
rested fully within her, giving Terri a momentary
chance to think. She could scarcely believe that she
was lying there on a football field being fucked as the
crowd watched. A sexual thrill coursed through her at
the thought, and Terri wrapped her legs around her
partner and gave him a passionate kiss.

“That is really good, I was wondering if anyone was
going to use this poor little cunt of mine again. How
do you like it? Am I nice and tight?” Terri wiggled a
bit against the impaling shaft and smiled wryly to her
partner. She still felt strange, fucking a complete
stranger in public, but Terri was beyond self-control
and she knew it. All that was left was acceptance, and
even the rational part of her had to admit that the
cock stuffed inside her felt wonderful.

“Oh, yeah, baby, real tight.” He answered, sending a
ripple of pride through Terri. She found it hard to
believe it, but she liked being proud of her tight
pussy, and that he was going to enjoy using her body.

“I’m glad you like it, now why don’t you give me a
ride, stud?” Terri hardly believed her language, but
didn’t have time to consider it as her partner eagerly
fulfilled her request. She shuddered with arousal as he
set up a rhythm, quickly building to a hardy pace
thrusting into her. Terri reveled in it, doing her best
to fuck him back, to caress his shaft while it rested
within her, and moan with satisfaction at every filling

Still, every moan or grunt from her partner gave her a
greater thrill than the feelings his shaft generated
inside her. Terri knew that her own pleasure wasn’t
important, not really, only her partner mattered. That
thought cut through her sex-induced haze for a moment
to scare her, even as she pushed back against a
thrusting cock. She realized it was just one more step
along her route to complete conversion, and as much as
she wished otherwise, Terri couldn’t deny the need to
service her partner was even greater than pleasuring

“Oh, God!” Terri moaned as she kept fucking the
football player. She couldn’t deny his ability, and as
sure to let him know with timely exclamations as he
continued to stoke her inner flames. There wasn’t any
question that she was beyond thinking straight, Terri’s
entire focus was on the man she was with. It wasn’t
much longer before she felt the tell tale signs of his
release, and she prepared herself as well. It was odd,
but she a strange sense of control over her own release
as her body continued to be well fucked. Finally, she
sensed it was time and let go of the floodgates.

“I’m cuming!” She screamed as the wave hit her. Terri
clamped down on his shaft a moment later, and was
immensely gratified to hear a groan of release from her
partner. Another wave of sexual ecstasy coursed though
her as she felt spurts of liquid warmth flow into the
depths of her channel. Terri was elated, she had
succeeded again to bring a man off inside her. Her own
pride at that accomplishment nearly boggled Terri, but
she couldn’t deny it. As her partner withdrew and left
his seed inside her, Terri tried to remember something
she had been prouder of than that moment. She couldn’t,
and though it disturbed her, Terri was prouder than she
had ever been that her body could bring men off.

Before her partner completely pulled away from her
Terri expressed her gratitude. “Thank you for using me.
I’m glad you found my pussy worthy of your seed and I
hope you fill it again.”

She was still shocked by her blatant language but
couldn’t help herself, nor could she deny the truth in
what she said. Even as Terri felt his seed dripping
inside her, she hoped to be filled up again, to fulfill
her new needs to be used. She was a sex toy, and was
proud that she was a good one, but Terri felt the need
prove it far and wide. A part of her was still trying
to deny it, but she couldn’t for much longer.

Terri had the chance to see the final struggle between
Wendy and Amber. Both girls were fighting to keep back
their orgasms, but it was clear that Wendy was loosing.
Her entire body language showed that she was on the
brink, as well as the cries and moans escalating over
the loud speakers. Terri silently licked up her
partners remaining seed as she watched the last
moments. It was only a few more rapid thrusts of the
opposing quarterback’s hips and Wendy cried out in
anguished release. Amber followed a moment later,
giving the entire stadium a view of two naked writhing
teenage girl’s orgasming in the center of the field.

A cheer went up over the opposing sides bleachers and
Amber quickly disengaged herself and bowed for the
crowd followed by a presentation of her cum soaked
pussy to her fans. Wendy picked herself up and was half
carried by Morningwood’s quarterback to the
cheerleaders’ benches. Morningwood’s bleachers let up a
strong cheer as well, helping convince Terri that the
show was more important than the victory was.

Wendy was sitting on the bleacher lapping up the
remains of the opposing quarterback’s seed with a proud
look on her face. Terri walked over and gave her a
quick sisterly hug and a brief lover’s kiss.

“You look proud of yourself.” Terri smiled as she
watched Wendy finish up her licking.

“I know, I can’t help it. I just feel so proud of
myself when I get a guy off.” Wendy tried to be humble
for a moment but couldn’t. “I am just a great sex toy.
My cunt is toned and skilled, I have a perky ripe set
of tits, I am a great cock sucker and I, Wendy Shultz,
am the greatest sex toy at Morningwood and my cunt is
ready for any man, at any time and I’ll give him the
fuck of his life!”

“I know, I feel the same way. I wish some stud would
push me over right now and fill me with his hot
glorious seed.” Terri ran right up to the base of the
bleachers and threw off her clothes. She quickly
started to model her naked form and called out to the
crowd. “I am Terri Jackson, and I am the newest sex toy
at Morningwood High and I just want all of you men to
know that I look forward to using my cunt to bring each
and every one of you off. I’m a tigress waiting to be
broke in, my cunt has only been used six times and my
breasts are still young and perky. Isn’t there a man
among you willing to make use of this fine example of
female perfection? I’m itching for a man to fuck me
right now!”

The crowd cheered but no one made a move towards her
except for Wendy who pulled her back to the
cheerleaders’ bench. Terri was a bit surprised that no
one took her up on her offer, and a bit disappointed as
well. Wendy had to hold her down for a minute to calm
down before she even tried to talk.

“Terri, calm down, they can’t fuck you now.
Cheerleaders are here for the players’ use until after
the game.

Just be glad one of the guys decided to use you
already.” Wendy told her friend.

Terri just shivered for a few minutes as the world went
on around her. She couldn’t believe what she had just
done, calling out to the crowd for someone to fuck her.
It was beyond anything Terri could have imagined in her
worst nightmares, yet still she couldn’t ignore the
fact that she would fuck any man willing right now.

“I can’t believe I just did that, or that I’m thinking
about doing it again after the game. My, god, what’s
going to happen to me?” Terri asked, half in despair
and half in lust, knowing just what was likely to
happen to her. She couldn’t resist her feelings anymore
and she knew that she was going to become a very good
sexual toy in short order if her new desires were met.

Wendy hugged her friend for a moment. “It’s alright,
you can’t help yourself. It’s always the same every
time they use you. After you get their seed inside you
feel on top of the world, then you slowly sink down to
earth and realize what you’ve become. To a degree you
have to accept it, but they keep us from completely
accepting it, at least for me they do. You have to do
that to, or it’ll tear you apart. It sucks, but it’s

Terri simply nodded as they held the embrace. She knew
that was true, but it didn’t make her feel too much
better. Terri was finishing her transformation into a
sex toy and she knew what that meant for her immediate
future and she completely blocked out any thought of
her long-term role in the world. Staying like this for
years was simply more than she could bear at the

The game went on fairly normally from there. Of course
normal is relative. Terri got dressed again, and went
through a good number of cheers as the game was played,
often flashing her breasts or pussy for the crowd when
a strong cheer was needed. The halftime show was a bit
more charged however, and Terri wound herself into a
tizzy of sexual need on the field locked in step with
Wendy. Finally, the game was over, Morningwood had lost
19-18 and the spoils of war were to be split up.

“Okay girls, I want all of you who haven’t been fucked
yet to line up behind me.” Brookes yelled out as the
players walked back to the locker rooms. Terri watched
as about three fourths of the girls lined up behind
him. She wondered what was going on for a moment before
Wendy explained.

“After a game, all the unused girls get sent over to
the winning team to be used as they see fit. If there
aren’t enough, they take their pick of the used girls
like us, but it was a close win tonight and most of the
girls haven’t been used so we’ll get to entertain our
own players.” Wendy explained as Brookes led the
unfucked girls off to the other teams locker room.

Terri felt herself gearing up to be used when the
football coach tapped her on the shoulder. “Terri, the
administrators want you to clean up and head up to
their office right away.”

Terri set off for the shower without thinking. She
didn’t even know where she was going or who these
administrators were, but the ache of sexual need was
being stoked again within her. Terri didn’t dwell on it
much however, rather she quickly stripped and gave
herself a thorough shower, cleaning ever inch of her
body. She washed out her well used slit and surprised
herself when she gave herself an enema, but again she
didn’t dwell on the reasons for her actions. Terri
simply did them, unthinkingly. As she was finishing she
felt a strange distaste for the matted hairs covering
her mound. Terri realized where this notion was coming
from but she couldn’t stifle it either. Rather she
lathered her crotch and removed every unsightly hair.
As she finished Terri looked down for a moment
appreciating the simple form of her feminine slit.

Now that she was cleaned up she went back to her locker
and found a rather reveling piece of lingerie hanging
there. It was a sheer baby doll outfit, creamy white,
with frilly sleeves and panties. Terri had never worn
anything like it, and while a part of her realized that
she was wrapping herself as a gift, a sexual thrill
coursed through her at the thought of wearing it.

Without a moment’s hesitation she pulled on the
lingerie and quickly ran over to a full-length mirror
to see how she looked. Terri gasped with surprise and
satisfaction. The sheer material hugged her curves, and
though covering her normally private parts, everything
could be seen through the nearly translucent fabric.

Terri modeled in front of the mirror for a few moments,
running her hands over her body, enjoying the feeling
of silk clinging to her breasts. She may have been a
sexual plaything, but she was proud to be such a lovely

Terri knew she couldn’t delay long, and found herself
strolling quickly towards an unknown destination.

She walked proudly, swaying her hips and pushing
forward her breasts as she found her destination.

Finally, she reached a door deep inside the school and
opened it. Terri quickly walked in and took in the
surroundings. The room had the feel of a large
Victorian study, with bookshelves lining the walls and
ornate furniture scattered about. A range of out of
place things were there as well, mostly beds and padded
benches, as well as a few devices of strange design
with handing straps and bars that Terri didn’t

Centered in the room, just off from the door was a semi
circle of chairs, and a dozen people sitting in them.

Eight were men, for were women, and each looked middle
aged or better, all looked up expectantly as Terri came
in, taking momentary leave of their cigars, drinks, and
conversation. Centered amongst them was one truly
elderly man with grayed, thinning hair and a heavily
wrinkled face accentuated by two hawk like eyes that
cut Terri straight through to her soul as he puffed
merrily on a cigar.

“My, my, you were right, Walter, she will do nicely for
her task.” The old man spoke appreciatively to one of
the men to his right. “Please dear, give us a quick

Terri quickly did as she was told, gracefully doing a
full turn to show off her body.

“Simply lovely, and her performance during the game was
a testament to Brookes’ new training method.

We will have to let him take a reward for his good
work.” The old man continued. “Now, dear, I will allow
you a rare sufferance, an ability to speak your true
mind for as long as you are in our presence this

You may ask anything you wish, tell us anything you
wish, but you will remain calm and respectful of your
duties as well. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir, I do.” Terri replied, a strange feeling
wracking her brain a moment later. In that instant, the
fog seemed to lift from her thoughts and she realized
fully and completely just what had happened and her
current predicament. Still, standing there nearly naked
in front of this assembly, Terri couldn’t summon the
ability to cover herself, and that reinforced for her
the certainty of her position.

“Sir, can I please cover myself decently?” Terri asked,
surprised and glad that she had said just what she
wanted to, even though she couldn’t make a move to
fulfill her own desires.

“I think not, in fact I think you’ve been rather
impolite in leaving your lovely young form covered this
much in our presence.” The old man replied, sipping
from his glass as he continued to study the girl
presented before him.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Terri replied, and before she knew it,
she was gently pulling down her panties and pulling off
her top. Now she was standing completely naked before
them, and she simply stood at attention for them,
pressing her breasts forward and parting her legs
slightly. “Is this better?”

“Much, now, please go about serving the members of our
little council as you ask your questions.” The old man

“Yes, sir.” Terri answered, surprised at her own calm
obedience. She chalked it up to t he commands she had
been given. She was quite unable to gather up any real
resistance, but she did feel strange acting like this.
Terri quickly walked over to the man on the right end
of the group and presented herself. “How do you wish to
use me?”

“I think a good fuck with you riding my cock would be
good. I’m very interested to try out such an
underutilized pussy.” He replied and folded back his

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