Schoolgirl in the forest 3.
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“That’s a good choice, I’ve only had sex six times so
I’m still fairly tight.” Terri replied as she
unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock, already
hard for her. As soon as she had heard his request she
felt a switch flip in her mind, and Terri felt her
pussy readying itself to be used. She realized what
that meant, that she was a self-lubricating sex toy.
Terri didn’t even feel any real sexual excitement like
she had before, it was all oddly clinical, even the
realization that she had to wet her pussy to be fucked.
While she stood there letting her interior warm up
Terri had the chance to ask another question. “Why did
you do this to me?”

“Beyond that fact that you are such a lovely young
thing, we do have a mission for you to perform, though
this is hardly the time to go into such things, Terri.
Suffice to say, we have enough pretty girls here to
serve our whims, but your family and their connections
provide us with an invaluable resource, one that you
will help us exploit.” The old man replied as Terri
straddled her next sexual partner.

Terri listened intently to his answer as she moved
herself into position kneeling around her partner’s
waist, her slit position just above his waiting shaft.
She didn’t wait for instruction, knowing what she had
to do, and quickly reached between her legs to grab the
waiting member and direct it inside her. Terri took a
moment to appreciate the feeling of his shaft as she
grasped it, never before had she actually wrapped her
fingers around a man’s cock. In her calmed stated all
she could do was note its dimensions and feel before
she sent it towards its goal. Terri ran it back and
forth over her engorged lips for a moment before
finding her entrance and sinking the stiff cock into
her well-lubricated pussy. She let out a short gasp as
she impaled herself, taking in the filling sensation
with her calm detachment still reigning.

Terri was rewarded with a satisfied groan from her
partner as she filled herself with his member. Finally,
she felt his crotch hairs tickling her now bare pussy
lips and leaned forward, looking into her partner’s
eyes as she began massaging his shaft with her inner
muscles. “Is this pussy meeting you’re expectations?”

“Very much so, feel free to begin riding me and
continue your conversation.”

“Thank you, and please tell me if there’s anything more
you’d like this body to do for you.” Terri replied as
she began her work of fucking his cock. She felt oddly
detached to the task, and once she had set up a rhythm
that her partner clearly was enjoying she turned back
to the old man to ask another question as she bounced
dutifully on her partner’s shaft.

“What’s going to happen to me and my family?” Terri
asked, her words punctuated by occasionally
uncontrolled gasps and pants as she continued to fuck

“Well, dear, that depends on your father. Certainly,
the rest of your family will be placed firmly under our
control as well, but your father holds the key to what
their future holds. Though again, you’ll find that out
in due course. Regardless, you’re fate is already set,
though we shall discuss that later as I have said.” The
old man took another puff from his cigar and continued.
“I suppose next you’ll want to know how we did this to
you. Well, I can’t say all the particulars, Coach
Brookes knows the full techniques best among us, but I
can tell you the basics. On the surface, you’re
controlled by a special form of hypnotic subliminal
that is attached to every TV and radio signal and part
of everything running from a loud speaker. All this
does is makes you pliant, and unwilling, even unable to
leave this town or contact anyone outside. You also
won’t notice anything strange, it’ll simply pass by as
some unremarkable event in your perception. After that,
we use special equipment to condition your mind, retune
your responses so you’ll behave just as we want you too
at all times, even think what we want you to, when we
want you to. That’s where you’re at now, fully
conditioned, and you’ll do anything we ask of you, no
matter how much you don’t want to.”

Even as she continued fucking her partner, with part of
her mind concentrating fully on the union of pussy and
cock and her role to pleasure him, Terri felt a spark
of outrage at that suggestion a momentary, almost
foolhardy confidence she had to express. “You can’t,
you may be able to make me some kind of sex toy, but
there are some things even you can’t make me do!”

Terri felt a little foolish as soon as she said that,
realizing the audacity of her defiant comment as she
dutifully fucked a man she didn’t even know. Certainly,
if they could do this much to her, make her fall this
far, she didn’t even want to think of how much more
they could make her do, and she had been stupid enough
to challenge them and their abilities.

“We shall have to see about that, Terri, and before
this night is over, you’ll see that you don’t have any
control at all now. You are our pet now, and while we
are very generous, you will serve our purposes, no
matter what you’re true wishes are.” The old man smiled
and chuckled as Terri let out another sexual gasp as
she continued fucking one of the administrators of


The evening continued like that as Terri serviced the
rest of the group. She fucked two more of them and
sucked off or ate out the rest. With her mouth occupied
most of the time, the group went on with their normal
business, which was quite a litany of just whom and
what was under their control. As Terri dutifully served
their sexual whims, she also contemplated what that
meant. From their conversation, there was hardly a
major business or government they didn’t have their
hands in, to one degree or another, all that remained
was how they planned to finish gaining control. In her
calmed state, Terri couldn’t work up much concern, but
she still felt bothered by the conversation, and the
final truth that what little hope she had of escape was
waning fast.

Finally, the last member of the group gasped in release
as Terri skillfully sucked him off. As she felt his
seed splashing against the back of her throat, a wave
of pleasure swept through her. She pulled back from the
man she had just serviced and leaned against the side
of his chair as the torrent gripped her. Terri drew in
a deep breath as she shivered in the wake of a massive
orgasm. Everything washed away in that blast of pure
ecstasy, leaving Terri nearly catatonic for a few
minutes as her reward was dealt out.

As her thoughts slowly returned, Terri again felt the
wonderful pride of service. It was still a peculiar
feeling to her, but she couldn’t help but feel a sense
of grand accomplishment at being able to bring sexual
pleasure to all of the people in that room. As they
finalized their business, Terri simply stood proudly in
the corner, reveling in her successes of the evening,
and all of the experiences she had just had serving
these people. She also took the opportunity to review
her performance, and seek out ways to improve, even as
she had over the course of the evening. Terri cursed
her conditioning for not including more extensive
training in how to give the most of her body when
called upon.

“Ah, Terri, I believe we have just about finished for
the evening, and so I present you with your next task.”

The old man snapped his fingers and a side door open.
Terri looked over to see her younger sister, Amber,
being wheeled into the room on a gurney. She looked
pleasantly asleep, still dressed in her normal daily
clothes, with one of Brookes’ special headsets over her

Terri gasped with shock as she followed her sister’s
sleeping form as it was pushed across the room. She had
realized that this would be her fate, but to be brought
face to face with the reality was something beyond her
ability to control. Even against the calm shield that
still held her in check, Terri could feel a strong
sense of fear, anguish and anger. She fell to her knees
with a wail. “Please don’t do this to her!”

“We, have little choice, dear, in fact though, you are
going to be responsible for her conditioning. You
should be pleased, by doing this, you will be helping
to solidify your own conditioning. Normally, we
wouldn’t do this, but you are so very important, that
we need to be sure you’re completely under control
before we send you on your way. Now, please step up to
the panel on the side of her bed and we can begin
building Amber’s new life.” The old man explained,
watching with satisfaction as he saw Terri regain more
control with every expression of her importance.

Terri noticed it as well, though she couldn’t help it.
The need to serve and please were now rooted in her
being, even against an act like this. She couldn’t stop
herself. Terri walked over to the computer panel as
instructed and looked down, at both her sister’s sweet
face and the control’s that would change her forever,
make Amber a slave just like she had become. Even as
she knew this, and tried to fight against her need to
obey her new masters, Terri laid her hands upon the
controls and waited diligently for the instructions
that would create Amber’s new existence.

“Good, Terri, and now we shall prepare our
demonstration for tomorrow.” The old man continued,
laying out for Terri just what her family’s fate would
be the next day. Terri grimaced inside with the
entirety of the events, but worked away, transforming
her sister as instructed and preparing herself for her
own duties in the demonstration.


“How do you expect me to believe anything you just
said?” Mark Jackson scoffed at the improbable tale he
had just heard. “If I believed a word of it, I’d have
to arrest you right now, not even to speak of helping

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Jackson. Truly, I am,
though that doesn’t change anything. Please remember I
said we needed your assistance, I never implied you had
a choice in the matter.” The old cigar smoking man

“Who do you think you are? I think it’d be best if you
leave, now.” Mark ordered. He had taken his fill of
this unannounced guest. Mark still didn’t know what
possessed him to let the man in originally, but he had
run out of patience.

“I am the man at the head of our little group, Mr.
Jackson, and I am fully able to choose my own comings
and goings and I am not yet finished here. You see, I
do still need your help, and I’m ready to demonstrate
just how compliant you can become when you need to be.
Please ask your daughters to come down here.”

The old man commanded, taking a puff from his cigar,
smiling at the uncomfortable cringe it elicited from
his nominal host.

“Amber, Terri, come down here please!” Mark yelled out
before he had a chance to think. He didn’t understand
what possessed him to do it, even as he was still
intent on throwing the old man out.

Terri and Amber trampled down the stairs a moment
later, both now eager to obey. Terri knew what awaited
them, dreading it even as she felt the unsaitable urge
to obey and serve that caused her to rush downstairs.
Amber didn’t know anything of her current state yet, in
fact she existed in an odd haze that clouded her
perceptions, until she heard the call to come
downstairs. Her own need to serve was rooted now as
well, even if she didn’t realize it yet and it helped
spur her down the stairs. Both girls were in bathrobes,
though only Terri knew what they were both wearing
underneath. In fact she had picked out both outfits the
night before, and couldn’t suppress her pride at just
how sexy she looked in the lingerie.

“Hello, girls, I’m afraid your father has decided he
needs a demonstration of my position and his own.

Please, disrobe and come into the middle of the room.”
The old man commanded.

Both girls complied instantly, dropping their robes at
the foot of the stairs and walking into the middle of
the living room. Terri was dressed in a sheer black
teddy that clung to her curves and presented her assets
wonderfully. It was also crotchless at Terri’s
insistence, so that her pussy would be readily
accessible for use. As she took her place in the middle
of the room, Terri stood proudly at attention and
dutifully prepared her body for use, still amazed that
her conditioning allowed her to lubricate herself by
will alone.

Amber was completely shocked by her own actions, and by
what she was wearing. She was wearing much the same
garment as Terri had the night before, though Amber
didn’t know it. The only difference was that, like
Terri’s, her panties were crotchless. Amber couldn’t
remember putting these clothes on, nor could she figure
out what possessed her to do it in the first place. As
she took her place beside Terri, Amber realized that
she was putting on quite a display for her own father
and a complete stranger. Yet all she could do was fall
into a strange attention, pressing her chest outward
and spreading her legs just enough to give an
unfettered view of her uncovered mound.

“What’s happening to me?” Amber finally cried after she
had taken her position and found herself unable to do
anything but stand there displaying her lovely young
body. She could feel the cool air in the room flow over
her naked flesh and looked down to see her nipples
poking out of the shear top as they felt the cold as

Terri waited a moment until the old man gave her a nod
and she was allowed to assume her roll. “You’re being
turned into a sex toy, Amber, just like I was.”

“No, please, I don’t want to.” Amber cried again. She
looked over at Terri to see her worst fears confirmed.

Terri looked perfectly like a teen seductress, and
Amber shuddered as Terri smiled back, an expression
strangely melding sisterly joy and sexual desire. Amber
turned away, closing her eyes from the awful truth,
unwilling to accept what had already been said of her

Terri walked up behind Amber and ran her hands up and
down Amber’s sides and finally cupped her breasts. “But
Amber, you have such a lovely body, it’d be terrible
waste not to have it enjoyed by the world.”

“Terri, stop it. Leave your sister alone.” Mark
ordered, finally able to rouse himself from his shock
at his daughter’s behavior. Still, he felt restrained,
even pacified more than he would normally expect.
Finally, he felt a twinge of excitement at seeing his
two lovely daughters like this, both sexily clad in
revealing clothing, and giving him a full view of their
youthful charms. He had felt that before, though he had
always been able to suppress it before. This time he
couldn’t, even though he wished otherwise, just for the
sake of decency.

“But, Daddy, you have to admit that Amber is just a
little sexpot, I mean what able man wouldn’t want to
make use of a body like this? You’d like to do her
right now wouldn’t you, Daddy?” Terri teased as she
continued to caress her sister’s body. She knew just
what she was doing, just what was going to happen.

Terri hated herself for what she had to do, but it
didn’t change anything, even the satisfaction at doing
fulfilling her task remained unaltered as she debased
her sister.

Amber could only whimper at the treatment she was
receiving. She could scarcely believe that Terri was
handling her so passionately, or that her body was
responding. It right to have others caressing her
breasts, Amber thought, surprised that such a notion
occurred to her. She couldn’t deny it, though she
tried, finally, she accepted the idea and pressed her
pert young flesh into her sister’s accepting hands.

“No, I don’t, I couldn’t, even though she is such a
sexy young woman. If she wasn’t my daughter I’d split
her wonderful cunt open with my cock right now.” Mark
clamped his mouth shut at that small admission, not
believing what he had just said, or the instant
reaction in his own pants at his words. With just that
simple thought, a floodgate of perverted images
involving Amber filled his mind.

Amber herself felt a strange sensation flood over her
at her father’s words as well. He had said she was
sexy, and suddenly she felt proud of it. “Oh, god,
Daddy, you think I’m sexy? That is so cool. Haven’t I
ever turned you on before?”

“Oh, sweetie, of course you have. Like when your little
nipples poke through your nightshirts on cold mornings,
or the way you wiggles you hot little ass always makes
me want to fuck you.” Mark replied, shocked at his
admission, and unable to deny the fact that he was
aroused now as well.

“Daddy, that’s so sweet.” Amber replied. She didn’t
know what had came over her, but she really liked
hearing all this dirty talk from her own father. In
fact, she was becoming aroused, something that was
still a novel sensation in it’s own right. Amber was
still a virgin, though she wasn’t uninformed about sex
completely. She just hadn’t been inclined to pursue it
before, beyond a few exploratory sessions of heavy
petting. Now all that was behind her, and her body was
alighting with new sensations, new needs, and Amber was
completely unable to suppress any of them.

“Don’t you think, Daddy would like to see more of
you’re sexily little body, Amber? Why don’t you show
him your cute little titties.” Terri suggested as she
continued. Amber complied without hesitation, pulling
off her top with nearly reckless abandon.

“Do you like my little titties, Daddy?” Amber asked as
she waved her bare chest from side to side only a few
feet in front of her leering father. Her breasts were
still small, though perfectly rounded and tipped with
two lovely pink nipples that quickly hardened in the
cool living room air. Amber could scarcely believe
herself, being this bold just wasn’t normal, but she
felt so right like this, nearly naked, presenting her
youthful body to her father. Only the smallest part of
her mind considered where this would lead, and all she
could do was shudder in anticipation.

“They are just perfect, angel, I’d just love to suck on
them.” Mark answered. He licked his lips hungrily as
her two sweet little orbs danced before him just out of
reach. His thoughts of resistance were gone, all he
wanted was to assault the wondrous girl if front of

Amber giggled and then bent over, giving her father a
full view of her pussy through her crotchless
underwear. As she did so, she ran her hand over her
exposed mound, surprised that she didn’t have any hair
there, but she was pleased by that fact, that her mound
was properly clean. Amber didn’t know why, remembering
her own pleasure not long ago at the hair that had been
growing there. A small part of her realized that she
had been prepared for this fate, the thought disturbed
her, but she felt thankful that she had been well
prepared to be enjoyed as well. What good was a sex
slave if she wasn’t ready to be fucked?

“Oh, Daddy, can you believe this little pussy is
waiting to be fucked for the first time? It feels so
empty right now, aching for a cock to make me a woman.
It’s all hot and wet to, just ready to be used. Will
you use me, Daddy?” Amber pleaded with her final words.
Her arousal was beyond control or comprehension, all
that remained inside her was an undeniable need to be
used. Finished with her pussy display she turned back
around, her eyes burning with lust and desire as she
looked to her father. She shivered inside as her look
was so graciously returned. Amber could hardly wait to
be used, to be initiated in her new existence as a sex
toy. She stole a glance down to her father’s crotch,
pleased to see the outline of his erect shaft waiting
just below the surface. Amber shivered in anticipation
at being speared with it, barely able to control her

Terri stood only a few feet away watching with dismay
as Amber acted out her program with perfect accuracy. A
small tear fell from her eyes as she watched, breaking
her look of a proud sister. Terri knew she had been the
one to do this to her sister, but the worst was yet to
come, and she hated herself for being so weak. It had
been her hands on the controls that had chanced her
sister from a carefree teenager into this sex crazed
slave, Terri rationally knew she had no choice, but she
still lamented her own weakness. She had been too weak
to save her sister, and now they were both caught in
this evil web.

“Detach, both of you.” The old man spoke from his seat.

Amber felt a shudder pass through her a moment later, a
veil seemed to lift from her thoughts and she was able
to think normally again. She nearly screamed in shock
as she stood there, kneading her own naked breasts as
she danced a seductive sexual dance right in front of
her father. Amber couldn’t believe what she had just
been saying, or doing. She had just invited her father
to fuck her, and she couldn’t understand what possessed
her to do it. Amber remembered what Terri had said
about becoming a sex toy, and she realized that she’d
just given a demonstration. She turned to Terri then
and gave her sister a forlorn, almost terrified look as
she continued presenting her body to their father.

“What is you’re purpose, Amber?” Terri asked coldly.
She didn’t know where the words came from, but realized
it was her own conditioning, her part of this little

“To serve, to be used, my body exists to bring pleasure
to my masters. I am to seek my Masters’ desires and
find reward in pleasing them.” Amber answered with a
reverence she didn’t feel. The words scared her,
telling her that even now, with her mind free she was
still a slave.

“Terri please, let me go! I don’t want to do this.”
Amber pleaded, her voice sweet and sultry, providing no
contrast to her continuing erotic dance.

“She’s not the one in control my dear, and I couldn’t
let a lovely little thing like you go. Please, come
over here and prepare me while I finish my discussion
with your father.” The old man said.

“Please, no, Mister.” Amber replied as she stopped her
gyrations and strolled over to the old man. She found
her hands going to his crotch and pulling his shaft
free. Amber looked at it in awe for a moment, being her
first shaft, before she began to gently caress it’s
length with her delicate fingers. She somehow knew that
it was important not to over-stimulate him, but Amber
didn’t want to consider the reasons for it.

Instead, she found herself studying his shaft. Amber
didn’t know why, but she found the old man’s member
fascinating, and studiously examined every vein and
bump with a determination she had never felt towards

Meanwhile, Mark was sitting back, nearly catatonic. The
reality of his behavior and his daughters stunned him,
that he was only moment away from taking his youngest
daughters virginity disturbed him greatly.

Just as disturbing was the fact that he was still
sitting there, unmoving as Amber began caressing the
old man’s cock. Mark knew he should be tearing him
apart, but yet he felt the same strange calmness flow
over him as before. All he could do was sit and watch
his nearly naked daughter perform her first official
act as a sex slave to this evil man.

“Now, Mr. Jackson, I think you’re fully aware of you’re
position in these negotiations. I need you to arrange
an internship for young Terri here with Senator Philip
Summers, a good friend of yours, I believe.”

The old man said. He smiled wickedly as Amber continued
her adoring maintenance of his hard shaft.

“Why?” Mark uttered. His restraint was on in full
force, keeping a litany of insults and threats

“Well, seeing as you’re clearly under my control now,
I’ll tell you as much as I can at this point, Mr.

Jackson. Mr. Summers has been a very steadfast opponent
of our interests. He doesn’t realize out extent or our
plans yet, but his position does allow him many
luxuries that most men lack. While we do maintain
ourselves rather discretely outside of this little
community, our larger plans are rather hard to conceal
from someone in his position. He has also proven very
resistant to our normal forms of persuasion, and
infiltration. Simply put, your daughter will be able to
get closer than any of our previous agents, and
eliminate a threat to our interests.” The old man

“What will become of us?” Mark asked, again his
unnatural restraint keeping him from expressing his
true feelings for the loathsome man in front of him.

“That depends, Mr. Jackson. You’re family is now fully
members of our little community, and I’m content to let
you remain so. Little Amber here will still go to
school, and you’ll still have you’re job. Certainly,
Amber will now be willing sharing her charms with any
male who wishes, even you if you so desire. You will
also be able to enjoy any unclaimed women in our little
community at your leisure. You will, of course, present
yourself for use by any of the women in our
administrative board. If you resist too effectively, we
will be forced to deal more harshly with you. So long
as you cooperate, Mr. Jackson, you’ll be able to enjoy
a wonderfully decadent existence.” The old man said.
“Now, I think I will allow myself a little indulgence
with this lovely young lady. Please enjoy your other
daughter, Mr. Jackson, she is quite the little number
herself. You should be proud to have fathered such
wonderful examples of feminine beauty, and be glad to
have the opportunity to sample in your creation.”

Amber felt a pat on her head and she looked up into the
old man’s weathered face. She returned suddenly to
reality, realizing that she had just been worshiping
his cock and that he was likely going to use it on her
in only moments.

“Oh, little one, prepare yourself for me, please and
lay down on the floor.” The old man commanded with a
surprisingly gentle tone.

“Please, Master, don’t make me do this. I don’t want to
loose my virginity like this.” Amber pleaded, her tone
sweet and lovely, lacking even the edge of a pleading
tone. Amber realized with a start that she had called
him Master, something that surprised her even as she
began to follow his commands. She had barely spoken
when she felt the ache between her legs returned with a
surprising vengeance. Amber was oddly disconnected from
the arousal though, she felt the need, the aching of
her loins to be filled, but only as an echo of their
previous intensity. Still, she dutifully obeyed,
placing herself on the floor and spreading her legs
widely. Amber looked up with what she knew was a look
of sexual need, even though the feelings were only skin
deep. Her body was ready to be used, and complicit in
the act even if her mind didn’t reflect that desire.
Amber looked up at the old man as he casually undressed
before her. He had a rather well kept body beneath his
weather face, and Amber had little else to do except
take him in. Her final attention turned to his bouncing
and ready shaft, the same shaft she had only moments
before been worshiping.

Amber realized with dismay that she would soon be able
to compare how differently a cock felt to her hands and
her pussy.

The old man looked down at the panting young form of
his latest pet. He took personal pleasure in breaking
in as many of the young fillies as he could, and this
one was certainly no exception. “Why, dear, I wouldn’t
dream of depriving you of this great pleasure of life.”

With that he descended upon her, moving between her
spread legs and positioning himself directly above her.
Amber looked up into his eyes, the look of a predator
enjoying his prey dancing on his face. She pushed
herself up and kissed him, surprised at committing such
an intimate act. Her lips parted and their tongues
danced for a moment. Amber tasted the disgusting
foulness of cigar as she did so, but couldn’t stop
herself. The embrace ended after only a moment and his
attention turned to the moment at hand. Amber could
feel his shaft dancing across her thighs, slowly moving
closer to her entrance. Her hand moved down between her
legs and clasped him. Her hands caressed him for a
moment then directed him to her entrance, rubbing the
head of his shaft across her waiting nether lips.

“Oh, Master, this body awaits your blessing. Please,
enjoy this virgin flesh.” Amber said. She couldn’t
believe she had just said that, even as she felt the
head of his shaft waiting at her gates. Amber knew her
pussy had prepared itself to be used, that even as she
lamented her fate her body was about to throw itself at
her rapist and Master.

“Why thank you, dear. I believe I will.”

With that the old man thrust forward with a determined
strength. Amber gasped as she felt her tender flesh
give way to his shaft. She followed the novel sensation
as he split open her virgin path, barely registering
the demise of her maidenhood. Finally, she felt his
hairy sack rest against her lower lips and his shaft
pulsed fully within her. Amber began to tense her
vaginal walls, helping to keep his stay within her
pleasurable. She could scarcely believe that she was
about to be fucked, that she had a man’s cock resting
inside her. Alien thoughts paraded through her mind in
the moment after her impalement. Amber realized how
much of an honor it was to have a cock inside her. She
didn’t know why, exactly, but it was. She also knew it
was her purpose to please her Master, to use her body
in any way necessary to do so. Yet even with these
thoughts, Amber remembered how wrong such things were,
that she was being raped in front of her sister and
father. She felt anger and subservience in equal
measure, and she could only watch as her body followed
a path that she only wished she could resist.

The old man paused for little more than a few seconds
to luxuriate in Amber’s virgin pussy before beginning
to thrust into the compliant young woman. Amber
whimpered with joy as she felt him moving within her,
affirming her value as a sex slave. She immediately set
her attention on meeting his thrusts, to help him enjoy
their coupling. Amber realized that her detachment from
her body’s pleasure was on purpose, so that she could
focus entirely on her technique. She found herself
being thankful for that, so that she could better serve
her masters. Her own pleasure was unimportant,
secondary to her service. Amber knew she would be
rewarded by her own good performance. If she was a good
partner, she would be allowed to orgasm. What was
important was how well she pleased her master, and
Amber set about to please her current master as best
she could.

It wasn’t long before the pair was lost in wild motion.
Amber was returning the old man’s every thrust, her
pussy caressing him in perfect time to his movements.
Her body was panting and moaning as well,
inarticulately thanking him for his treatment. Inside,
Amber was of two minds, one lamenting her cruel fate
and the other attentively using her youthful body to
please her partner. Amber found herself kissing instead
of crying, moaning instead of screaming, and fucking
instead of running. As the old man pounded into her,
Amber regretted that she couldn’t even be allowed to
enjoy the treatment as much as her body appeared to. A
part of her was thankful for the strange detachment,
but Amber wished that if she had to endure being
treated as a sex toy, that at least she could be
allowed to enjoy it.

“Are you enjoying yourself, dear?” The old man asked as
he continued his assault upon Amber’s responsive form.

“Master, the pleasure of this body is not important.
Are you not enjoying you’re use of me, Master?”

Amber asked, almost scared that she wasn’t performing
well enough. Part of her still wanted to spit in his
face, but the rest of her gave even more heed to her

“Oh, my dear, you are a peach, but I think I can allow
you to enjoy yourself today, and don’t be ashamed to
express yourself.” The old man replied, fully enjoying
his pet.

“Thank you, Master.” Amber moaned as the detachment
fell away. She basked in the wonders of sexual bliss
for a moment before returning attention to her duties.
Even her free mind welcomed the sensations, and allowed
herself to enjoy her first coupling. Amber gasped with
wonder at the first thrust she was allowed to fully
appreciate, barely believing her body could accept
something so large. She was lost in the feelings of
flesh meeting flesh, her entire body nearly encased
between the floor and this man who was using her. Her
body was aching with need, fulfilled only in the
joining of forms she was enjoying with her partner.
Amber had never been prepared for something like this,
and she couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. She
wondered idly if real fucking was like this, or if the
pleasure she now enjoyed was simply part of her
transformation into a sex slave. It didn’t matter
however, all that was important was thrusting into her
now, fulfilling her new purpose in life.

Amber tried to articulate words as they continued to
move in time, but she couldn’t get out more than moans
and gasps as she was filled and emptied over and over.
Her entire existence was being wrapped up in the act,
her every resource being called upon to serve her
master or bask in the pleasure he was stoking within
her. Amber thrust herself back against his every thrust
in thanks and deference to her partner, he was honoring
her and allowing her to fulfill her purpose in life. It
was only right that she be used like this.

She knew loosing her virginity should be special, and
Amber felt proud she had saved herself for her master,
that he could enjoy her virgin flesh. She took pride in
that as she was still being fucked for the first time.
Amber had given something of herself that even Terri
couldn’t have, and she was glad that she could
surrender that prize and happy that Terri had wasted
her virginity instead of giving it to her Master.

Then she felt her partner’s pace quickening, sparking a
new instinct within her. Amber knew that he was coming
close to release, a final affirmation of her
capabilities. She fucked him in earnest now, returning
his every motion with as much gusto as she could. It
was her final chance to prove herself a worthy sex
slave, and Amber could deny her own need to prove it.
The thrusts came faster and faster, and Amber wrapped
herself tightly around her Master in their final
moments. Then she felt the old man stop, fully impaled
within her, and Amber experienced her first
insemination. She reveled in the novel sensation of her
Master’s pulsing cock and the warmth of his seed
spreading through the depth of her recently virgin

“Oh, Master, thank you for honoring this humble slave
with your wondrous seed, and ridding her of her
shameful virginity.” Amber kissed him sweetly on the
lips. Her purpose in life had been fulfilled for the
first time. As she rested with his withering shaft
still inside her, Amber wondered why she had never
before realized how important it was for her to take a
cock within her and accept it’s seed. She knew it
hadn’t seemed important before but now it was her
purpose in life. Tonight she had finally fulfilled it,
and she was already anticipating her next fulfillment
of purpose. Amber realized how shameful her virginity
had been, a symbol of her selfishness. She could
scarcely contain her shame at not having taken a
blessed shaft within her earlier or filling the depths
of her pussy with the wondrous seed of a man, like she
should have. Her earlier pride at giving her master a
virgin pussy turned to dismay at giving him an inferior
product. She could have had her pussy trained, and thus
given her master an even greater experience, but she
had wrongly kept her pussy unblessed by a man’s seed.

By the time the old man had pulled away from her, Amber
was beside herself with anguish. As he rose to dress,
she kneeled before him in full sufferance to his
greatness and the gifts he had given her. “Oh, Master,
please forgive this slave for not having trained
herself before serving you, for forcing upon you a
pussy that had never known a cock, and was not trained
to fully please you.”

The old man looked down with a clear air of surprise.
In all his deflowerings he had never encountered this
reaction by a conditioned girl. “That’s all right,
little one, a virgin pussy is worth far more than a
trained one. Content yourself by serving all you
Masters to come as well as you have served me.”

Amber brightened up. Her master had affirmed her
quality, that she had not been in error before in her
judgement to keep her virginity. Now that she was no
longer a virgin, Amber knew she had to train herself to
become a wonderful toy to be used. She thought to ask
her master, but then realized that she could learn
these things at school, where else would one go to
learn how to fulfill their purpose in life?

With her immediate concerns to her master resolved,
Amber felt her senses open up and she heard the
distinct sounds of lovemaking a few feet away. She
turned to see Terri and their father coupling doggy
style with great finesse. Amber took in the scene with
a small bit of dismay and a great deal of appreciation.
Amber was proud of her sister, their father was
obviously enjoying the coupling, and a slave could do
no better than serve her master well. Amber mindlessly
cupped up the cum of her own master as she watched her
sister fulfill her purpose. Amber hoped her father
wouldn’t be too worn out from using Terri, as Amber
wanted to feel her father’s shaft pounding into her as
well. She didn’t think it fair that Terri get to hog
all of their father’s wondrous seed, Amber wanted some
to fill her pussy as well.

Terri was panting with lust and glowing with
fulfillment. With the old man’s suggestion, her father
had descended upon her almost instantly after they got
to watch Amber loose her virginity. Terri had bent over
on her hands and knees and spread her legs without
command, and her father mounted her with his glorious
shaft only a moment later. Now, she was reveling in
being used, in having her pussy filled with cock, that
it was her father’s added a strange sense of taboo and
extra reverence. Terri was in awe that the shaft within
her was the same that had given her life. That she
could accept the same seed that her mother had, filled
Terri with a sense of fulfillment greater than she had
known from her previous couplings. She was even more
determined to make sure her father enjoyed her form at
its best, to thank him for giving her life.

Amber’s situation had faded from Terri’s mind almost
instantly upon being entered. The shaft within her was
more important than any outside concern. Still the
final moment of Amber’s first coupling penetrated
Terri’s sexual focus long enough for Terri to feel
pride in her sister’s ability to please a man. Terri’s
own attention then shifted back to her own busy pussy,
and the honor being bestowed upon it.

It wasn’t long before her hard word was rewarded, and
she felt her depths filled with her father’s seed. Her
pride was bolstered again, proving her worth with every
drop of seed resting within her. As soon as her father
had withdrawn, Terri turned to him hugging and kissing
him in a more daughterly way, aside from her still
rather naked form. “Thank you for using my pussy,
Daddy, I’m so glad you’ve blessed me with your seed.”

Terri saw a momentary look of dismay in her father’s
expression before he turned to the old man. The Old man
had dressed and was now making his way to the door,
leaving Amber still panting on the floor where she had
been used.

“Please, Mr. Jackson, don’t mind me, you have you’re
orders, and until you’re able to arrange an internship
for Terri, you are free to enjoy her when her free time
permits. Now, I’m sure you can entertain yourself for
the evening, good night, Mr. Jackson, girls.” The old
man said and slipped out before Mark even had a chance
to say anything more.

Mark sank back into his seat, his two scantily clad
daughters resting at his feet, all knowing it was only
time before their sexual drives would be fulfilled
again. For the moment they simply rested. Mark
recouping from Terri’s wonderful treatment and knowing
that another uncontrollable urge was coming for him to
fuck his other daughter. Both the girls sat their still
reveling in the seed slowly dripping from their
pussies, proof that they were proper young women,
fulfilling their purpose. Finally, they both knew there
was a fight coming over who would be granted the honor
of taking their father’s shaft next.


Terri grunted shamelessly as she fucked back against
her math teacher shaft. He’d asked her to stay behind
after class, and promptly plunged his hard cock into
her sopping mound as she bent over his desk. It was
just another school day at Morningwood for Terri, she
was still considered a new kid, and that meant both the
blessing and curse of receiving extra attention from
all the men and boys at the school. Terri had already
exercised her pussy twice that morning, once in the
halls before class with an upperclassman and later
during chemistry class with her lab partner. The only
comment she received was that she try to enjoy herself
less quietly so as not to distract the other students
while they worked.

Terri still wasn’t used to the constant use she was
getting. Certainly the sex was all encompassing,
commanding and fulfilling more than she could have
imagined. Yet, Terri when she had a chance to really
reflect on her new existence found it hard to accept
that she would simply lube up and present herself for
fucking at the slightest whim of a passing male. She
had taken to wearing clothes that gave ready access to
her pussy and breasts, most skirts and blouses, so that
her time from command to actual involvement was as
small as possible. Terri found herself taking a
perverse pride in being so readily available, even to
the point of practicing how long it took for her to get
her pussy ready to be fucked. She also found herself
keeping track of every encounter, and reviewing them in
her free time to better her performance. Terri knew
she’d been conditioned to all of this behavior, knew it
was wrong, but she was unable to stifle her new desire
to be used or the pride she took in her performance.

Terri had also taken a prominent role in helping Amber
become the best sex pet she could be as well. Terri
found herself arranging sexual encounters for her
little sister, and observing and coaching Amber from
the side of the bed. She still didn’t believe how much
pride she felt whenever Amber took a man’s seed. Terri
did find that she could talk honestly with Amber, as
much as their new attitudes allowed. Amber was
acclimating much faster than Terri had, even so far as
expressing a strange appreciation for her knew life.

Terri understood in part, as much as she couldn’t admit
it to herself or anyone else, a growing part of her
yearned to be used as a sex toy and was grateful for
this new existence that had been thrust upon her so

These thoughts were far from her mind this afternoon
however, as her entire being focused on the honor being
bestowed upon her eager flesh. Terri moaned and
grunted, even squealing on occasion, all sounds she
knew her math teacher loved to hear. He didn’t like
articulate lovers, rather animalistic ones, as Terri
had learned from other girls and in past encounters,
and Terri was determined not to disappoint. It was her
role in life to be the best partner she could be on
demand. She found her fellow female classmates most
willing to share the various kinks and fetishes of the
faculty and male students. Terri couldn’t get enough of
the information, all learned firsthand from those
telling, her mind absorbing every important detail for
the eventuality of being used by that man. It was a
oddly quiet night several weeks after her induction to
her new life that Terri realized just how completely
her field of study had changed from college bound young
women to the sexual techniques of a school house sex
toy. Her even
ings no longer filled with writing long essays or doing
algebra, rather she spent them either practicing love
making first hand or reviewing previous encounters and
plotting those to come.

It was only on a few quiet lonely nights that Terri had
the fortune to clear her mind of the new drives planted
within her. In those fleeting moments she didn’t know
whether to laugh or cry. Terri realized what she had
become, even that she enjoyed it to increasing degrees.
In part she wanted to surrender to this new fate, it
wasn’t that bad in many ways, and so nearly all
consuming that only on the rarest occasion could she
really reflect on this knew life rather than be awash
in it’s effects. Terri wasn’t ready for that however,
and deep down a fear still brewed about her fate over
the long term. Her father had arranged an internship
for her, as he had been ordered. That left Terri with
an impending reality where she would be the instrument
of destruction for an innocent, perhaps even the one
person who could save her. It was that thought that
kept Terri from giving in to the pleasure and
artificial pride that swelled within her as she lived
her new life. In surrender, she would never find
freedom, and perhaps she still had a chance for that.

This was not the moment for freedom however, with her
twisted set of priorities if she was given the choice
of freedom or taking the seed from the cock moving
within her, Terri wouldn’t think twice about taking her
Math teacher’s seed. He was honoring her, affirming her
worth, and she would unable to insult him at this
moment, by refusing to accept his offering inside her.
Terri was in fact doing everything in her power to make
this encounter one that her partner would not soon
forget. She had been given considerable opportunities
to practice her technique, and she reveled in every
opportunity to prove she could learn from each
encounter. Terri even toyed with her old values, using
them as a strange form of passion booster by imagining
just how lewd a scene she was making and how
inconceivable such an encounter had been for her just
months ago. Terri giggled at the notion, knowing that
the old Terri would never be bent over a school desk
with her blouse open and her skirt flipped over her
waist and being fucked willingly and completely by her
teacher. She quivered at the notion, even feeling a
twinge of regret that she never had this kind of an
opportunity to be used by her former teachers. Still,
it was this teacher, and his thrusting shaft that drew
her in now. It was her reason for being after all.

Finally, Terri felt her partner begin his final frantic
motions, spurring her own course to sexual release.

This man preferred to bring his partner to orgasm right
before he came, and Terri was not about to disappoint
him. She melted her inner detachment, which allowed her
to focus on her technique and method, allowing the
flood of sexual energy to consume her. It took only a
few more thrusts to complete her ascendance, and Terri
let out a scream of release. Her inner flames flared
with wondrous intensity, and Terri quaked with
pleasure. The final affirmation of her performance
followed a moment later as she felt the now familiar
sensation of her pussy depths filling with the warmth
of her partner’s seed. Terri beamed with joy at her
accomplishment, though she knew her work wasn’t quite
finished yet.

This man liked to use his women and then resume his
other business promptly and Terri didn’t want to slow
him down. She gasped as he pulled out of her, and she
quickly turned around and gave him a quick peck on the
cheek in thanks for honoring her pussy with his seed.
With that done, Terri strolled merrily out of the
classroom, content with another job well done. She
still had another class to get to, and she cupped her
mound as she walked over to her next class, being
certain to catch every drop of her latest lover’s seed
as it dripped out of her. Terri still found it strange
that she was so obsessed with not letting a single drop
go or her need to lick the salty mix of juices from her
hands. Regardless, she couldn’t resist the need to do

Terri continued to lap up the evidence of her recent
coupling as she entered her English class. Like any
other class, several of the boys were making good use
of their willing female classmates, though all were
careful not to be too noisy. No one even took much
notice as Terri walked into the classroom with her
breasts still jiggling naked out of her open blouse and
her hand still catching her pussy juices from her
latest encounter. It was at such awe striking moments
that Terri could punch through the veil of her
conditioning and realize just how warped her world had
become when no one even cared take a second glance at
such a lewd display as she was making. She couldn’t
help but feel disappointed, surely she would have
sparked many a wet dream doing this in her old life,
but here it was all too common. Even so, she hoped that
her recently used state wouldn’t turn away any
interested parties as she was already anxious to have
her body ran through its paces again, just like any
good sex toy would want.

It was only a moment before she felt a familiar tap at
her shoulder and she turned around to the smiling face
of the boy sitting behind her. There wasn’t any
question what he wanted and she relaxed and let him
move her into position, pushing aside her chair and
leaning over her desk. Terri happily pulled up her
skirt and spread her legs for him, as her pussy built
back up to a fully ready state, aching to be filled.

The boy didn’t make her wait long, dropping his pants
and bringing his ready shaft to her entrance with
casual speed. Terri moaned thankfully as he pushed into
her a moment later and quickly built up a rhythm in her
warm and eager depths. She squeaked and grunted happily
as she received another wonder fuck, grateful that her
body could be used again so soon.

“Ms. Jackson, please service your lover more quietly,
other students are trying to learn. And be sure that
you’re pulsing your pussy well dear, you know how much
Erin likes that.”

the Teacher scolded after an especially loud squeak
from Terri.

“Sorry, Mrs. Borrow,” Terri replied. Stifling her wish
to vocally express the pleasure she was receiving.

Terri took note of her teacher’s advice as well, being
sure to use her pussy just like her partner preferred.

With that she turned inward and enjoyed herself, and
looked forward to another pleasurable school day.

“Eat up, Terri, we both know you won’t have another
good meal until you get to DC.” Mark said as Terri
toyed with her plate of bacon and eggs. Such
extravagant breakfasts weren’t common in the Jackson
household, but this was a special occasion of a sort.
Terri would be off to her DC and her internship with
Senator Summers.

“I’m just nervous, Daddy.” Terri said. She forced
another bite of egg white down her throat. She was
nervous too, in considerably more ways than she thought
possible. She was being sent to intern with Senator
Summers so she could subvert him, transform him into a
willing aid to the Council, the administrators she had
served at the school so many weeks ago. Terri lamented
that fact, knowing that he was perhaps the last hope of
freedom for her and her family. Still, another level of
conditioning induced concerns bombarded her as well.

“There’s nothing to worry about, Honey, you’re sexual
technique has been improving tremendously in the last
few months. Rob, will love sinking his cock into you’re
well trained little pussy as much as I have. Besides,
you’ll be getting some special training once you get to
DC as well, just in case we missed anything.” Mark
reassured his daughter.

Terri smiled at that. “Yeah, you sure seamed to enjoy
me last night. I thought you’d never go soft, I’m just
glad Amber decided to join in so I could get some

The last evening had been a full-blown orgy, a going
away present of a sort. Her classmates and teachers had
came first, and Terri had spent several hours servicing
all her favorite partners from school. Some other girls
were there as well, to entertain the guests while they
waited to properly wish Terri a bon voyage.

After the official celebration had ended, Terri cleaned
herself up and joined her father. It would likely be
several months before she’d be able to serve him again,
and Terri wanted to leave him looking forward to her
return. Father and daughter coupled incessantly for
several hours, before Amber dutifully arrived to finish
off their father and allow Terri a few hours sleep
before setting off on her trip.

“Well, you’ve become quite the stimulating sexpot
there, Terri. Just being around you is enough to give a
man a week long erection.” Mark said. His eyes tracing
over his daughter nearly naked flesh. Terri had taken
to wearing sexy lingerie as standard nightclothes, so
that she could be ready to entertain a partner at any
time. Mark had certainly made use of this fact many
times since his own conversion. His own previous
aversion to admiring his daughter’s luscious young
bodies had been destroyed. Now Mark couldn’t satisfy
his appetite for his daughters, and made a point of
helping educate them on how to best arouse a man and
make good use of their feminine charms.

“Oh, Daddy, that’s sweet.” Terri giggled, blushing
slightly. A sliver of embarrassment still penetrated
the veil of her condition at times like this. Her near
nudity didn’t concern her anymore, in truth she
appreciated the way her father learned at her displayed
charms. This morning she was wearing a full-length
nightie that was nearly translucent save the ruffled
edges of the plunging neckline and the sleeves. Terri
happily thrust out her pert little breasts for her
father’s attentive eyes, it would be the last chance
for him to appreciate their gentle curves and her
crinkled pink nipples. The notion that disturbed her
was that she truly did find her fathers appreciation
for her new sexual abilities to be sweet.

Still, it was only a fleeting thought, soon replaced by
her new way of thinking.

“Would you like to use me one last time, Daddy? It’ll
be months before you’ll get another chance to use this
tight little pussy and I would love to have you’re big
hard cock inside me one last time before I go.”

Terri offered. She smiled up and her father warmly as
she stood up and hiked up her nightie to expose her
ready pussy. Terri had nearly perfected her ability to
wet herself on demand, and she really did want to get a
good bye ride from her father.

Mark went up behind her and ran a single finger between
Terri’s slickened pussy lips. He beamed with pride, his
daughter had trained herself well in how to serve a
man. Terri whimpered and giggled as she felt her
father’s finger split her tender nether lips.

“I’m sorry, Terri, but you’ve got a flight to catch,
and you can’t be late. Now finish you’re breakfast and
get dressed.” Mark replied. He really did want to have
a final round with his lovely daughter, but there
simply wasn’t time to do it properly, and he preferred
to remember their casual lovemaking of the night before
to a more hurried coupling before she rushed out the
door. “Okay, Daddy, but maybe you should have Amber
look after that cock of yours. It’s just not proper for
an erect cock to go unserved you know.” Terri replied,
hating to see her father tortured by not having his
erection serviced. She quickly finished her breakfast
so she could summon Amber to take care of it.

Her father only smiled at that, and allowed her to go
on her way in silence. Terri, rushed upstairs and sent
Amber down, then went over to her own room to dress.
Her clothes had been carefully selected for this trip.
Rather than the open and revealing outfits Terri had
embraced in her new life, she would have to wear
clothes that wouldn’t have her stand out as the little
sex slave she’d become. Terri didn’t like it though,
she knew these were the very same clothes she had been
wearing only months before when she came to
Morningwood, but that didn’t help. She still got by
with a skirt, but she was being forced to put on a high
collar shirt, bra and panties. Terri knew that this was
so she could blend in, but she also knew that it would
mute the display of her charms and ready access to her
body. Her entire self worth had been wrapped up in her
existence as a sexual object, to be enjoyed in every
way possible, and now she was being asked to behave
like her old self would have. Terri realized she should
be happy about being able to be fully dressed again,
but couldn’t help lament the fact that she wouldn’t be
able to flash her pussy or ample cleavage at passing

She didn’t take long to finish dressing, and promptly
hopped down the stairs. Amber was dutifully sucking
their father’s hardened member, and Terri knew that
they’d be humping like rabbits as soon as she was gone.

As Terri made her way to the door, Amber pulled away
from their father, quickly licking her lips and then
turned to Terri. Amber was dressed in revealing
lingerie as Terri had been, this morning it was a baby
doll outfit like she had worn on her initiation into
her new life. Terri smiled at the alluring figure her
little sister presented, proud that Amber had developed
into a fine sex toy. Terri noticed that Amber was
beaming with arousal as well, her distinctive musk
filled the air and her cute little nipple poked out at
the sheer fabric of her top. Terri put down her bags
and ran over to embrace her darling sibling. Their lips
joined a moment later in an unsisterly intimacy, their
lithe forms grinding into each other. Both sisters had
grown incredibly close since they had become sex toys,
even to sharing a bed at night. Often they cuddled
against each other over night, but at times they found
themselves locked in passion as lovers.

As they kissed, Terri sent a hand to cup Amber’s ass
and then between her legs. As usual, Amber was wearing
crotchless panties and Terri didn’t have any
obstruction to slip her index finger deep into her
sister’s pussy. Amber reflexively squeezed down on the
invader, and Terri moved it in and out a few times.

“I certify this a Grade A pussy. Now Amber, you’d
better keep up with your lessons because I don’t want
to come back and say that this isn’t a Grade A pussy.”
Terri smiled. It was a little routine they now went
through, an affirmation of their sisterly bond, and
their mutual desire to fulfill their reason for being.
It was a tradition they’d established only a few days
into Amber’s training when one of her partners asked
how good she was. Terri proceeded to quickly sink a
finger into Amber’s seething pussy and promptly
certified it ‘Grade A’. Since then it had became a
habit, another reminder of their new reality.

“I won’t let you down, Terri, and I’m sure Daddy will
help keep me purring like a kitten.” Amber smiled.

She hugged Terri once more as the finger slowly exited
her aroused flesh. She fought to hold back a tear as
realization sunk in that Terri was going away, even if
just for a while. Their new life was beyond their
control, but until now, they had all still been a
family and no matter what was said, there wasn’t any
guarantees that Terri would return from her outing, or
that she wouldn’t be changed further in the process.

Mark reached down and hugged Terri and Amber. He knew
it wouldn’t be the same with Terri gone, and he shared
Amber’s fears as well. There wasn’t anything he could
do though, except hope for the best. Mark had tried to
fight his conditioning at first, but he hadn’t been
able to escape before the local authorities had found
him and suppressed his ability to resist below an even
stronger layer of conditioning.

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