She sucked and drank like a thirsty tiger
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It was decided they would meet on neutral ground.

Hawaii was the ideal spot, for it was almost – not quite – but almost right
smack in the middle of their homelands. Besides, it was winter and plane
tickets were cheap. A small, isolated and sparsely populated island was
chosen – far way from the typical tourists spots. A single standing, lone
beach house had been carefully selected, with a bedroom view of the ocean and
a private beach.

Neither of them had been to Hawaii and this added to the mystique and
mysterious nature of the event. Ami had it easy, she simply told her family
she was meeting an Australian female pen pal there for a vacation. No one
suspected a thing and no one feared she was in any danger – as if it were a
strange man.

Sasha, on the other hand, had a decision to make – she could either be
upfront and tell her husband that she was going to meet Ami – or lie and say
she was meeting her old childhood friend, Karin, who had moved to California
four years ago. She wanted to be honest with Brian, but was afraid that if he
became upset He wouldn’t let her go. Then, the unexpected happened.

One night, during dinner, Brian asked, “How’s your little girlfriend doing,
the American girl?”

“Oh, she’s fine,” Sasha said casually. “Just fine.”

“You two still write?” He hadn’t asked about Ami in a long time.

“Oh, sure, you know. . .writing stuff and all. We are helping each other out
with our novels. She is a great editor and. . .”

Brian laughed. “Sasha, I meant, do you still write?” He winked.

“Yes.” Sasha smiled to herself as she thought of just this afternoon – what
a wonderful thing had finally happened. After weeks of fear and frustration,
Sasha had finally found the courage and the trust to “let go” with Ami over
the phone. It was after that they decided they had to meet.

“Why don’t you go visit her? You are due a holiday.” He said it so matter-

Sasha almost dropped her fork. Brian was not the kind to share. What was he
saying? Had he read her mind? Had he lost his?

“You MUST be joking,” she said, trying not to look guilty.

“No, Sasha, I’m not. I think you should take the opportunity and see the
United States. You know I have to go on that business trip for two weeks, why
sit here alone?””But, you aren’t…”

“Jealous? Why? Should I be?” He looked at her “funny.”

“No, not at all. It’s just a girlie thing, just our fantasies at play,
besides she is very much in love with her boyfriend.”

“Go make your fantasies come true,” he said. “Not everyone gets the chance.”

Sasha got up and ran to kiss him.

He barely managed to whisper, “Just make sure you come back.”


Ami stood on the porch of the beach house. She was wearing a loose, sheer
floral skirt, a black tank top, sandals and a straw hat. Because of
complications with the plane schedules, she had to arrive the day before
Sasha. She hoped Sasha was able to find her way here.

After all, she had to catch two boats, a bus and a taxi. She had spent the
night before watching the sunset and drinking a beer. Her stomach was in
knots. Would she be able to go through with it finally after all these
months? All the weeks of erotic e-mails, internet chats and phone

Then she saw the taxi. It approached in a cloud of sand, coming down the
deserted road. Ami put her hands over her eyes, trying to take deep breaths,
trying to remain calm.

Sasha got out of the vehicle with a suitcase and a flight bag. She was
wearing khaki shorts and a sleeveless white blouse. Her “Aloha” flowers were
still around her neck. Ami couldn’t quite see her face because of her dark

She walked up to the porch and they stood before each other. There was a
moment of silence. Then Sasha dropped her luggage and both of them screamed
as they embraced and swung each other around.

“You look just like I pictured!” Sasha said.”So, do you! Only better!”

“Oh, it is so wonderful to see you in the flesh!”

“Pinch me, Sweetie – I am real.” They giggled and pinched each other and then
they hugged again. A long, slow hug.

Neither of them spoke. They could only feel each other’s warmth through their
clothes. They stood like that for what seemed like hours. Ami took Sasha by
the hand and led her in the house.

“Oh, it’s lovely, it’s beautiful. . .the view.” Sasha dragged Ami to the

They stood in the open sliding glass doors and took in the sea with their arms
around each other. It was so natural and comfortable.


Six hours later, after a candlelit dinner and several Pina Colada’s, they
stood there again. It was night. The moon shone brightly on the waves and

“Let’s take a walk,” said Sasha. She knew Ami might be nervous.

“Here, Sweetie, bring your drink.”

After all, Sasha had experimented with women before she married Brian. Ami
was a virgin in this area, and never dreamed of making love to another woman
until she met Sasha by complete accident in a writer’s chat room. Sasha
thought she would never desire another woman again. She had been married
eight years. It had been a long, long time.

They walked hand in hand to the edge of the water. Sasha sat in the sand and
sipped her drink, with her legs spread out before her.

“It’s kind of chilly at night,” Ami said as she sat next to her. Sasha looked
at her. Ami was so beautiful, so kind, so real. Her long, black curls were
blowing in the wind and her dark Mediterranean eyes sparkled. She looked like
an exotic islander woman.

Ami smiled back. She could sense the excitement building as she stared into
Sasha’s bright green eyes. So soothing, her skin so white and soft, her
Australian accent so melodic. . .

It surprised Sasha that Ami made the first move – she reached over and touched
her lightly on the check. She stroked it softly, tenderly, lovingly.

They both knew they had made the right decision.

As they began to kiss, a feeling of heat and passion began to spread through
their bodies like a slow moving brush fire. The kisses began soft and
romantic, growing in intensity as they began to explore each other’s bodies.
They laid back on the sand.

After about an hour of kissing and holding each other, they knew it was time.
Both of them wanted to know each other’s secrets, the mystery unfolded, their
worlds come together at last. Sasha slide Ami’s tank top over her head. She
had on no bra and her breasts were bare in the moonlight. They were erect
from the wind and Sasha’s kisses. Her breasts were full, ripe and ready to
be sucked and fondled. Her nipples were large and brown, as delicious
looking as chocolate.

Sasha took Ami’s right nipple into her mouth and began to suck it gently.
Ami’s breathing was getting deeper and her body began to tense. Sasha then
took Ami’s other nipple into her mouth. It grew even harder on her tongue.
The tiny edges of her tanned nipples resembles little erections. Sasha
swirled her tongue in circular motions as she continued to suck. Ami moaned
softly. Ami’s hands had already made their way to unbutton Sasha’s delicate
top. She quickly unsnapped a delicate, sexy bra and cupped her hands over
Sasha’s wanting breasts. Despite the wind, they felt so warm. Ami leaned
over and teased both nipples with her tongue. She ran her wet tongue in
circles around and around each tip. Sasha watched her, the actual visual
image made her grow even more wet.

Both of the women could feel their sex kittens come alive. The wetness
was oozing, dripping between their legs, as their moist flesh began to throb
and swell.

Ami climbed on top of Sasha. She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down.
Sasha felt her nude body in the sand, in the moonlight and in Ami’s control.
It felt good. Ami ran her hand up Sasha’s thigh until she reached her pink,
hungry lips. She softly stroked her creamy folds as her hands began to glide
more freely, covered with Sasha’s honey. They were both moaning in pure

Again, to Sasha’s delight, Ami took the lead. She gently spread Sasha’s legs
wide open — as wide as they could humanly go. Sasha felt exposed,
vulnerable to Ami, exposed to nature and to the world. It felt great.

“Talk to me,” Ami whispered. “Talk to me like we do on the phone.”

“Baby, lick me. Drink me. I want you inside me. Deep, Ami, deep. Suck my
juices dry. I want your tongue so far inside me I can feel it in my throat.
Suck me, fuck me, make me cum all over your beautiful face. Drink my cum like
a glass of champagne. Get drunk on my cum. Oh Ami, fuck me, sweetheart.”

“Yes, my love.” Ami’s head was burrowed deep in-between Sasha’s thighs. She
tried to watch but all she could see was a tangled mess of black tresses.
Ami’s tongue explored her fleshy folds, her love lips, and massaged her jewel
and her finger went in and out of her wet, dripping slit.

She added another finger and continued the in-and-out movement, as her tongue
worked on polishing that jewel to be fit for a princess. Sasha’s juices
flowed out of control, all over Ami’s face, all over the sand. She could
hear Ami drinking her cum as though it were a fine wine. She was sucking,
lapping like a loyal puppy, swallowing and writhing all at the same time. Her
own kitten was leaking all over her legs, her scent sweet and strong. Sasha
could smell Ami in the wind. Her mouth watered.

Ami then took one finger, and put in Sasha’s mouth. Sasha sucked the finger
like she sucked Brian’s cock, but harder, more passionately. She sucked while
Ami continued to lick her clit into a hard, sloppy frenzy. Then Ami took the
wet finger from Sasha’s mouth and slowly slid it into her anus. Sasha gasped
at this sensation. She could feel her muscles gripping Ami’s finger like a
clamp. Although Sasha had experienced anal sex before with Brian, she never
felt a woman in that special spot.

“Ami, that feels sooooo good,” she muttered.

“Want me to?” Ami raised her head from Sasha’s clit. Her eyes were wide and
honest. Pussy juice was dripping from her chin.

“Do what?” Sasha asked, becoming more aroused than ever. Ami couldn’t
possibly mean . . .?

“Lick it.”

“No, Ami. You don’t have to do that!” But Sasha couldn’t help the desire
that crept upon her unexpectedly.

“Have you done that before?”

“Never. You?”


“Talk to me. Tell me your wildest, dirtiest thoughts.”

Sasha began to speak, as Ami spread her cheeks wide open and kissed each one.

“Tongue fuck my ass, Ami. Tongue fuck my asshole, baby. Go deep. Make me
cum in a way I never have.”

Ami stuck her tongue inside Sasha’s most private orifice. She thrusted it in
and out, circling the ridge. Neither one of them was sure if it was the
actual physical act or the thought that they were doing it that made them
excited beyond belief. Sasha moaned in pure delight.

Then Ami replaced her tongue once again with her finger. Her other hand
pumped deep inside Sasha’s vagina. And her mouth covered Sasha’s clitoris
like a blowfish in the nearby ocean.

Sasha laid back as her lower body began to spasm violently, almost painfully,
never ending as Ami never let up. Contractions unlike any other she had ever
experienced. All three orifices being pumped and sucked by a beautiful woman.
The ocean pounding nearby, waves crashing.

After her orgasm began to subside a bit, she sat up and grabbed Ami’s face
and deep kissed her and tasted her own orgasmic secretions in Ami’s mouth.
Their actions became even more frenzied. Ami lay down as Sasha pulled up her
skirt and began to rub her own dripping pussy up and down between Ami’s
thigh’s. Ami felt so wet and soft. Again, she could smell her – she could
smell herself. She pulled Ami’s hips up and sat on Ami’s vulva like she was
sitting on a saddle.

She rode Ami while at the same time stroking her little pearl with her fingers

It was wild, passionate and sexual. They were fucking, riding each other,
pumping and groaning. The sounds of their juices mingling were loud.

“Fuck me, Sasha, Fuck me. Oh God.”

Right before she burst into climax, Sasha jumped off and took Ami’s protruding
middle lip into her mouth. She sucked and drank like a thirsty tiger. The
“Tiger Princess,” as she was often called by Brian.

Sasha could feel the cum spurting out of Ami and into her mouth and down her
throat. It was bizarre, dangerous, sexy and beautiful. Ami’s vagina grabbed
hold of Sasha’s tongue and held it until the last drop of cream poured down
her throat.

The two held each other in the sand, while they kissed and licked each other

This was only the beginning.


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