Strip Darts
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Even after all these years, thinking of that wild
night still turns me on. My wife, Laurie, and I had
only been married for six months, although we had been
going together for two years previously. We were high
school sweethearts, getting married two months after
graduating High School.

Laurie was 18 (just like me, although I’m seven months
older than her) and looked hot. She is just slightly
shorter than me (I’m 5’10” and Laurie’s 5’8″) and has
a knockout figure 38C-24-36. 15 years later she still
turns heads in the supermarket! She has soft brown
hair cut fashionably short and the most incredible set
of breasts you’ll ever see. I have brown hair also
and am told that I’m attractive, but, I’m a poor
judge when it comes to men. Suffice it to say that
Laurie picked me, and I’ll always give thanks for

Back then I worked as a Computer Technician, while
Laurie worked in the Deli section of the local super-
market. On one cold evening in November, we were
playing cards with our best friends, Robert and Cindy.
We had lots of fun (as we always do when we get to-
gether), and lots to drink. Our favorite was pina
coladas. We would always fill the blender with ice
and yell “liquefy!” It was one of our favorite
rituals, whenever we got together. (In fact, to this
day, pina coladas just don’t taste the same! Oh well.)

Anyway, we had been playing cards, with Laurie and Rob
as partners, and Cindy and I as partners. I don’t
remember the card game anymore. All I remember was
that 3’s were supposed to be important and that I kept
throwing them out. Consequently, Cindy and I kept
losing, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. All the
drinking we were doing probably had something to do
with it. I even noticed Cindy looking at me kind of
funny. I looked over at Laurie, but she was kind of
tipsy herself and didn’t seem to notice.

After losing yet another hand, I suggested that we
play something else. Rob and Cindy went into another
room and came out with a toy that they had picked up
in a local store.

It was a dart gun that propelled soft “nerf” darts
through the air. Back then this was something new,
and we all thought it was cool. After playfully
shooting it at each other for a while, Rob got an
idea. “Hey guys, let’s play strip darts!”

I looked at Laurie and she looked at me. I shrugged
and said, “I’m game if you are.”

She giggled and said, “Sure. It sound’s like fun!”

We split up into two teams, men against the women.
It took a little time to get the hang of aiming the
dart shooter, but after a while, it got kind of chal-
lenging to dodge those darts!

Laurie hit Rob for the first item, a shoe, while I got
Cindy, also for a shoe. It continued pretty much like
this until I got off Cindy’s shirt.

I stared as she unbuttoned her red shirt to reveal a
lacy white bra underneath. Cindy was as much of a
knockout as Laurie. She was a little smaller on top
34B-24-32 with beautiful blond hair just past her

As she finished taking off her shirt, she said to me,
“Just wait, I’ll get you back!”

“Promises, promises!” I said.

Then Laurie got off Rob’s shirt and Rob responded by
just barely hitting her with a dart and forcing her to
remove her white shirt. Laurie also had on a white
bra, but hers was from Victoria’s Secret. Rob’s
attention was riveted to Laurie’s breasts.

After getting both Rob and I down to our underpants by
jiggling their breasts and making us miss with the
darts, I finally got off Cindy’s pants.

Her panties matched her bra. She looked so sexy in
her underwear, I could barely contain myself. My dick
was raging through my underpants.

Rob then regained his concentration and nicked Laurie
with a dart. As she peeled off her jeans, her tiny
panties that just barely covered her were visible.

We were all getting really hot and horny playing this
naughty game. I wonder if we were sober if we would
have done anything like this. Oh well, we’ll never
know, will we?

Anyway, with the next two darts from me and Rob, we
got both girls out of their bras. Their tits were
stunning. Both Cindy’s and Laurie’s stood proudly at
attention, just like Rob’s and my hard-ons.

Laurie and Cindy were getting distracted by being so
turned on, since none of us had ever done anything
like this before. The girls’ next shots missed, and
then it was my turn.

I took careful aim (as careful as someone in my
alcohol-induced condition could) and hit paydirt.
Cindy tried desperately to jump out of the way, but
she couldn’t and got hit, appropriately, right
between the legs.

I shouted, “All right!”, and Rob high-fived me.
“Let’s see what you have under there Cin!” I said.

Cindy’s face colored slightly, but she knew she lost
fair and square, so off came her panties to reveal a
beautiful shaved pussy. As she took off the panties,
I noticed a wet spot in them.

“Wow!” was all I could say.

Laurie brought us all back to reality by saying, “Hey,
guys! I’m still out here!” Her voice was tinged with

Rob responded by hitting her with a dart in her left
tit. It appeared that she didn’t really try to get
out of the way after all, even though she was never
willing to admit it afterwards.

Both girls then managed to hit us both on the next
round and then we were all naked. I stared at Cindy’s
hot body while she let her eyes roam mine, settling
on my hard cock.

Laurie was busy looking at Rob with lust in her eyes
while Rob looked all over Laurie and at her pussy,
which was also neatly shaved. For a moment, every-
thing was awkward, with nobody really knowing what to
do next. I mean, I had never cheated on Laurie, and
I was relatively sure that Rob had never cheated on
Cindy either. I don’t think that we expected our-
selves to get as aroused and attracted to each other
as we did at that moment.

Luckily for us guys, the girls looked each other in
the eye, seeming to read each other’s thoughts, and

Cindy began to slowly approach me, while Laurie began
to go toward Rob. When Cindy reached me, she put her
arms around me and pulled me close. Her body was so
warm. As our bodies touched, a spark passed through
us and our lips met. Tentatively at first, then with
more heat and passion, our tongues met. My hands were
on Cindy’s smooth and rounded ass. As we kissed I
massaged her beautiful buns, running a finger up her

She reached around and took my cock in her hand. I
thought I was going to die, it felt so good. I brought
my hand to her smooth pussy and couldn’t believe how
wet she was. As my fingers sought out her clit, she
moaned with pleasure, and held me tighter.

I was afraid that we were going to fall over with
everything that was going on, so I guided her over
to the sofa. As we sat, I saw Laurie and Rob doing
pretty much the same thing that we were doing.

They were kissing hotly and touching each other all
over. I never realized how hot it made me watching
Laurie with another man.

Laurie and Rob also made their way over to sit on the
love seat, or at least Rob did. Laurie knelt at his
feet and took his cock in her mouth, sucking it for
all it was worth.

Meanwhile, I guided Cindy onto her back and made my
way down her body with my mouth. I kissed and sucked
her firm tits and nipples and left a trail of saliva
on her belly, around her belly button, and finally
down over her shaved crotch to her sweet pussy.

As I neared her pussy, her scent intoxicated me. As
my tongue touched her clitoris, I felt her entire body
jerk. She let out a soft cry of joy and encouraged me
to continue.

Believe me, I didn’t need any encouragement. I circled
that clit with my tongue and dipped my tongue into her
vagina. After a short while, I could tell that she
was ready to come. Her breathing was coming in short
gasps and her whole body was trembling.

As she came, I was flooded with her sweet hot juice.
As she calmed down, I looked over at Laurie and Rob.
Laurie was on her back and Rob was fucking her hard
and fast.

She was in ecstasy, moaning for him to give it to her
harder. As I got up, Cindy took my cock in her mouth
and started to expertly suck me off. I was already
hot from going down on her, and knew I couldn’t last

I decided that I wanted to come in her pussy, not her
mouth, so I eased out of her mouth and started towards
her pussy. She seemed slightly disappointed, but as
my cock touched her clitoris, that look went away from
her face, replaced by pure, unbridled lust.

She began meeting my thrusts with her hips, building
toward her second orgasm of the night. We both looked
over at Laurie and Rob as they collapsed on top of
each other, coming at the same time.

This was too much for Cindy and I, and we both began
to come. Spurt after spurt of my come filled Cindy’s
pussy. Cindy held me tight until we were both done.
We laid that way, exhausted for a little while.

Then we all got up, tired, wet, and satisfied.

Cindy had some ready to bake apple turnovers in her
refrigerator, so she made a couple dozen (We were all
real hungry after the hot sex!). We all ate in the
nude, just enjoying each other’s company, sharing the
experience we just had.

Laurie came up to me, put her arms around me, and
said. “I love you sweetheart!”

“I love you too, honey!” I told her. This was just
one of many nights of cards and strip darts, and other
things as well.

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