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Today was my birthday. I just turned 18. We had a great birthday party
and I got a lot of presents, including a new two piece swim suit. I loved
the way all the boys at the party looked at me when we were swimming. I
think they like my long, smooth legs.

Before going to bed tonight I took a long hot shower. After drying off
I stand in front of the mirror looking at my body. My breasts are small,
just starting to grow. They’re a little sore to touch right now but Daddy
says that will go away. I touch my nipples making them stand up. It feels
good to touch them. They get so hard! And are so pink!

I look down between my legs where hair is starting to grow, nice and
red like the hair on my head. I spread my legs apart, looking at my
private parts. I wonder what it would feel like to have a man’s cock in
there as my fingers spreads my slit open. They taught us all about
intercourse in school but I can’t imagine what it would feel like. I
think my pussy hair looks nice, long straight strands just along the
opening. I stick my finger between my cunny lips, feel myself. I find
that special place that feels so good.

My 19 year old brother Billy knocks at the door, needing to go. I slip
my panties and T-shirt on, rub my nipples again getting them real hard,
open the door. He looks so funny when he sees me dressed like this! His
eyes bulge out looking at my little tits, my nipples visible through the
shirt. I know he looks at my ass as I walk down the hall.

In my bedroom I close the door, get under the covers. My hand cups my
pussy again, rubbing it. I get my panties off, rub my slit more. My other
hand rubs my erect nipples. Mmmmmmm, that feels good. I spread my legs,
touch my thighs, then find that special spot again. I think it’s my
clitoris but I’m not sure. It feels REAL good as I rub it.

I’m panting, gasping as I play with my pussy. I can’t stick my finger
up inside because it hurts, but massaging the outside is great fun! Oh
boy! I feel it, it’s so good! It feels like electricity is running all
over me! Ohhhhhhh, I like that! My nipples tingle, my body shudders.
Ummmmm, boy that’s great! I like masturbating. My pussy gets wet and
feels like it’s on fire!

I didn’t know about masturbating until my friend Sherry showed me how
to do it. Sherry is a year older than me, her breasts much bigger
already. One day we were changing to swim when no one else was home. I
was staring at her pussy hair. Mine didn’t have hair there then. She
smiled at me and asked me if I ever played with myself. I told her I
didn’t know what that was, so she showed me, sticking her hand between
her legs and rubbing herself. She almost collapsed when she orgasmed. (I
think that’s what she called it.) Then she hugged me. It felt good with
her breasts pressed against me.

She asked me if I wanted her to show me how to do it. I said yes. We
went back to my bedroom and I laid down on the bed. Sherry pushed my legs
apart. Gosh! When her hand first touched my pussy I thought I’d die! It
felt so good! Her fingers rubbed in my slit, and when they touched my
clit I thought I’d explode! She rubbed it until I DID explode, just like
she had!

After she asked me to suck her tits. She has real pretty breasts so I
did. Her nipples felt nice in my mouth. She put my hand between her legs
and I felt her pussy. It was hot and real wet, just like mine gets. I
rubbed her too until she exploded again. Then we just laid there
together, touching each other all over. I really liked her buttocks, so
soft to feel. Mine’s kinda flat, not so round like hers, but she told me
she liked it too. We forgot all about swimming.

A week later we got in bed together again. This time she really
surprised me! She spread my legs apart then started LICKING my pussy! I
thought that was gross until her tongue licked over my clit. Then I went
wild! I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth onto my cunt even more! I
couldn’t BELIEVE how good it felt as she licked me all over!

She made me cum two or three times that day. Then I licked her pussy
for her. It tasted kinda funny at first but I got to like it, kinda
tingly. She smelled nice though. I licked her between her legs until she
exploded too. Then I laid next to her, feeling her breasts with my hands.

I sucked them again, too. When she sucked my nipples it felt real nice.
We’ve had sex together a lot since then. I wish Sherry was here tonight
to lick my pussy for me.

Sherry brought her little sister over one day with her. Cindy is a
year younger than me, and real pretty. We all went to my room and
undressed. I really liked Cindy’s flat chest. It was so smooth! She has
tiny little nipples that get real hard. And her legs! Oh, they were nice!
When she spread them for me I thought I’d die! Her little cunny was flat
too, and no hair yet, not even any fuzz! Sherry spread her sister’s pussy
lips open and showed me her cherry. It looked so sweet, pink and
glistening. I licked Cindy’s pussy for her until she exploded, then I
licked Sherry’s. Then Cindy licked mine for me while Sherry sucked on my
nipples. That was some day!

I always have to go pee after playing with myself. I leave my panties
off since my long T-shirt covers me OK. I go to the bathroom and pee.
Wiping my pussy dry feels good too. Walking back to my room I hear Billy
moaning… I push his door open a little. GOD! He’s lying on his bed
naked with his legs spread wide! And his hand is moving up and down on
his cock!

Sherry told me that boys masturbate too, but I’ve never seen that
until now. I haven’t even seen Billy’s cock since we were real young!
Just LOOK at the size of that thing! God! Could THAT fit inside me? Billy
suddenly groans. OH GEEZ! That must be his SPERM shooting out! Wow! It
gets all over his stiff prick and tummy! I walk into his room but he
doesn’t notice at first. He’s just lying there breathing hard, just like
I do after I bring myself off.

Oh WOW! He has a LOT of hair around his cock! Even more than Sherry
has on her pussy. His cock looks softer now than it did before. I reach
down to touch it. He jumps in surprise as my fingers contact his soft
prick. He looks at me in shock but I tell him I want to feel it. He moves
his hand away, letting me wrap mine around his cock. It’s so slippery
with his sperm all over it! I rub it up and down just like he did. It’s
getting hard again! Look at how big the top gets! I wonder how it tastes?
Anything like pussy?

I sit down and lean over, close my mouth over his cock. Ummmm. Nice.
So hard. His sperm tastes salty but I like it. He’s groaning as I lick
his prick. He says it feels real good. And it looks good to me sticking
up through all that hair. My hand goes under his cock. This must be his,
uh, balls. They feel firm and soft at the same time. His, uh, scrotum is
hairy too but feels nice. OH GEEZ! His SPERM is shooting out again, into
my mouth! I have to swallow fast but it tastes so good! Almost as good as
Sherry’s pussy!

I lick up the last drop, sit up and smile at him. He’s still in shock!
I want him to lick my pussy. I stand, take off my shirt. He stares at my
tiny breasts, then looks down at my pussy. I kneel on the bed, spread my
legs and put his hand on me. I don’t think he’s ever felt a girl before
because he hurts me. I stop him, pull his hand away. I lie down next to
him, tell him I want him to lick my cunny.

He looks puzzled but kneels over me, looking at me. I spread my pussy
lips for him, show him where to lick. Billy stares at my tits, puts his
hands on them as he bends down to lick between my legs. I have to tell
him not to squeeze my breasts so hard that it hurts. He gently touches
them. Oh GOD! His tongue feels good on my clit! My brother licks me until
I cum again!

He falls on top of me. I feel his prick pressing against my cunt. NO!
Before I can stop him he jams it in! OUCCCCH! THAT HURTS! OHHHHHH! I feel
his cock pumping in and out of me. Hmmmmmm. It feels good now, like I’m
all stretched out. I hug him as he does it to me, bucking hard. It feels
sooooo good, his prick stretching me wide!

Every time he shoves it into my pussy his crotch bone hits my clit.
Mmmmm, that’s nice! OHHHHH! My body quakes as I cum again! Then I feel
Billy tense up, grunting over and over. I know his sperm is rushing into
me, my cunt feels wet and warm. He falls on top of me. I feel his cock
slip out, then push him off. I squeeze my legs together, my pussy

I get up, put my shirt back on and go back to my bedroom. In bed I put
my hand between my legs, feel Billy’s sperm leaking out of me. I lick it
off my hand, tasting it and myself at the same time. The next day Billy
finds it hard to look at me. Sherry and Cindy come over and I tell them
what happened. Sherry tells me that when I sucked Billy’s prick that was
a ‘blow job.’ And when he put his cock in my cunt that’s called
‘fucking.’ I like fucking. And I liked Billy’s prick in my mouth.

Sherry and Cindy and I get so hot talking about it that we strip off
our clothes and get in bed together. I lie on top of Sherry, suck her
titties as I rub my pussy against hers. Her hair tickles me. In no time
we both explode together. Then I lick Cindy’s pussy for her.

We hear Billy come in, go to his room. We giggle as we walk down the
hall naked together. Billy gawks at us, staring at Sherry’s nice breasts,
looking down at her hairy pussy. We kinda pose for him, spreading our
legs and pushing our tits together. Cindy is especially sexy, spreading
her pussy lips for Billy. We go over to my brother, take off his shirt,
then push him back on the bed as we get his jeans and shorts off. His
prick jumps up at us, twitches as Sherry touches it.

“Boy it’s hard,” she says. I lick it then Sherry does. Billy stares at
us. He almost explodes when Cindy licks his, uh, balls.

Sherry lies down and spreads her legs. I lick her pussy while touching
Billy’s cock. Billy’s playing with Cindy’s little cunny, his prick
getting real hard. I move over when Sherry pulls Billy on top of her.
Cindy actually screams along with her sister when Billy rams his cock
into Sherry’s cunny. I hug Cindy and finger her juicy little pussy as we
watch Billy fuck her sister, his sperm finally squirting into her.
THere’s so much, it bubbles out around his cock as he continues to pump
it in her hard.

Sherry is crying, blood leaking from her slit onto the bed. She
doesn’t have an orgasm so Cindy and I give her one. Cindy won’t let Billy
fuck her but likes to play with his prick after, even sucks it until her
mouth gets filled with sperm. The next time Billy fucks Sherry she does
cum. Then he fucks me too. Cindy never lets him fuck her. But he fucks
Sherry and me a lot, and feeds Cindy lots of his sperm.

One night, I’m looking at my body in my dresser mirror. My tits have
grown a little and don’t hurt anymore. They’re not as big as Sherry’s but
my nipples are puffier. They stick out a lot when I rub them. My cunny is
covered with thin fine hair now, too. I like to twirl it between my
fingers, then rub my clit. Billy likes it too. He always licks my pussy
before fucking it. His cock feels so good sliding in and out of my tight
little cunny. Big as he is, my brother is nowhere as big as the naked
guys I’ve seen in his porno magazine collection. Lately, when Billy’s
fucking me, I often I wonder what a real big adult prick would feel like
stretching my little pussy.

I hear Daddy in the shower. Poor Daddy. Momma left years ago and he’s
never had a girlfriend. I guess he jacks off a lot. Bet he has a nice
cock… like those men in Billy’s magazines. I decide to find out. I walk
to the bathroom naked, open the door.

He’s in the shower and doesn’t hear me. I walk in, step into the
shower with him. He turns around, surprised to see me. WOW! He has a big
hairy cock, and monster balls! Bet they make a lot of sperm! I grab his

“That’s nice, Daddy,” I tell him, stroking it.

GOD! My hand hardly fits around it! It’s SO MUCH bigger than Billy’s!
It gets hard real fast as I jack him off. Daddy can’t hardly talk, not
knowing what to do. I kneel down, stare at his prick and balls. Then I
open my mouth and suck him in. He groans as I lick his cock head. That’s
all that will fit in my mouth! Ummmm, it’s so smooth and soft. I jack him
off as I suck him. It only takes a minute before he explodes, his sperm
so good to swallow! I grasp his muscular thighs as I drink his sperm.

Daddy still doesn’t now what to do as I stand up, rub his still hard
cock on my cunny. Ohhhhh, that feels so nice! I rub my breasts against
his firm body. Finally his hands massage my ass as we kiss. He’s a GOOD

He picks me up, carries me to his bed, our wet bodies soaking the
sheets. He WANTS me! He pushes my legs apart, jabs his cock into my cunt.

OHHHHH MYYYYYY! That feels SOOOOO good! Daddy fucks me hard, his cock
stretching my cunny lips out, his crotch ramming onto my clit. He kisses
me and sucks my tits, fucking me fast. OH GOD! I’M GOING TO EXPLODE!
Daddy’s cock plunges deep in me as my body shivers. Then I feel his
massive gobs of sperm explode into me. We fall asleep with his cock still
tucked into my pussy.

In the morning Daddy fucks me again before school. I LOVE his cock!
It’s so big and thick it fills me up and makes me cum again and again.
His sperm stains my panties as it leaks out sitting in class. I can smell
it. I wonder if anyone else can.

After school Sherry and Cindy and I lick each others pussies. Cindy is
fascinated by my daddy’s sperm, dried on my thighs. She licks it off. At
12 she still doesn’t have any tits, but I like her smooth body.

We wait until Daddy gets home. I meet him in the hall, still naked.
His pants bulge as he looks at me. He says he wants to fuck me again. I
tell him I’ve got a little surprise fir him and lead him to my bedroom.
He’s shocked at first when he sees Sherry and Cindy sitting there naked.
Cindy spreads her legs, showing him her still bald cunny.

“Wouldn’t you like to suck her hairless little pussy, Daddy?”, I ask
in my most seductive voice.

Daddy just nods his head, staring at Cindy’s little pink slit like a
starving man. I unzip his pants, take them and his shorts off. I kiss and
suck his big hairy cock. Cindy pushes me aside, sucking Daddy’s cock too.
Daddy turns her around so they can suck each other. He opens his mouth
and covers Cindy’s whole pussy with his lips and sucks hard. Cindy is
squirming her little ass around so hard Daddy has to hold her still with
both hands while he sucks her hot, hairless little hole.

Soon Cindy is so hot she’s moaning and thrashing around like crazy.
Daddy pulls his face away from her pussy and slips his middle finger into
Cindy’s cunt. He tells her she’s very tight and hot. He finger-fucks her
for a while until Cindy is squealing for more. Daddy asks her if she
wants him to put his cock where his finger is. I expect Cindy to refuse
just like she did with my brother, but I get a shock when she spreads her
legs for him and BEGS my daddy to FUCK her! GOD! She must REALLY be

I watch Daddy lie over her and guide his cock to her virgin cunny.
Cindy squeals when he pushes into her then relaxes and moves her little
hips up and down as he fucks her. I watch as his huge cock plunges in and
out of her tiny body. Sherry watches too. We’re both rubbing our pussies
like crazy. This is SO hot!

After a while, Daddy shudders and groans, thrusting his cock real hard
in Cindy’s bulging cunt. His sperm overflows her tiny pussy and squirts
out around his cock, stained pink with her cherry blood. Without taking
his cock out of her tightly-clasping pussy, Daddy rolls over, holding
little Cindy on top of him and fucks her again. Cindy bounces up and down
on him, watching his long thick glistening cock fuck in and out of her
bulging cunt.

A half hour later he fucks Sherry too, making her cum hard just as
Billy gets back from football practice. Daddy watches as my brother fucks
me. Then they double fuck little Cindy until she can hardly stand. Sherry
and I take over and Daddy and Billy fuck us until they can’t get another

That night Daddy fucks me hard in his bed. We sleep together now.
Billy fucks me after school and Daddy fucks me at night, and sometimes in
the morning, too. Sooner or later I’ll get pregnant. I wonder if my baby
will be my brother’s or my father’s? Doesn’t really matter. I just love
their big long cocks in me.

Sherry and Cindy stay here some weekends. I still like to suck
Sherry’s big tits and lick Cindy’s bald cunny for her. Daddy and Billy
like to watch for a while until they’re so horny they can’t stand it any
longer and they fuck us all, one at a time. We do this all weekend.
Sometimes Daddy brings his friends home to fuck us. I love it when that
happens, `cause I get to have two or three cocks in me at once. GOD sex
is GREAT!!!!

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