My Date With Granny
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Due to recent breakins my grandmother asked me to spend the weekend with her. I had no problem with this since I would be home alone anyway. I packed up my bag and left out. During the drive over there I decided to stop and freshen up. I always had a thing for my huge granny and I love to impress her. I pulled into the driveway and saw that huge ass bent over pulling weeds in the Garden. I got out of my car and gave her a hug. She hugged me rather tight and pressed those huge double E breasts up against me. They were so saggy that I felt them up against my dick and I loved every second of it. I went inside and told her to get ready because we were going out tonight.
“You taking Granny out on a date?” she asked in a flirtatious tone.
“Hell yea….we’re going to have a ball together.” I shot back with a wink. She went upstairs and got dressed and I hopped in the shower and did the same. I put on a tight burgundy polo shirt that showed off my large chest and arms, with fitted jeans, and a Kango hat. I didn’t wear a fitted because I wanted to dress a little older if you catch my drift. I sprayed some cologone and sat on the couch to wait for her. She came downstairs in a tight red skirt, 5 inch open toed heels, and she even added a few streaks of red in her hair. I couldn’t help but stare at her freshly painted toes.
“You like the polish huh?’ she said with a smile
“No…..I love it!” I shot back
“I thought you would. You ready to go?” She asked
“Yep lets hit the road gorgoeus” We got in the car and began laughing and talking and catching up on old times. After bout fifteen minutes we arrived at her favorite restaraunt….Olive Garden. She loved Itilian food. We sat down and I ordered a bottle of wine and a salad. Right after the waitor left I felt it! Grandma had placed her foot on my dick. She began stroking my dick with her foot under the table! I was in pure heaven.
“I don’t want you to think Granny is crazy but I haven’t been out with a man in years. For one night only I’m not your Granny, I’m your date. How does that sound?” She asked with a smile.
“Sounds like I’m the luckiest man here” I responded. She smiled again and began sipping her wine. We shared some more laughs, ate our food and left out. I didn’t want the night to end so I took her to one of my favorite night clubs. After waiting on the long line we finally got in and we both hit the bar. We had a few drinks and hit the dance floor. I got behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist. She began grinding and gyrating up against my dick. I held her close and whispered in her ear while kissing her neck. We danced almost the entire night without leaving the dancefloor. Neither one of us wanted the night to end. We danced to R.Kelly, 50 Cent, and a little Marvin Gaye. My hold on her got tighter and tighter. Once the bartender made his last call we both had one more drink then headed out. We left out and I drove us back to her house.
“Did you have a good time tonight Gram?”
“Only the best thanks to my handsome date” she responded.
“My feet are killing me from all the dancing!” She said while kicking her shoes off.
“Would a foot massage help? I asked hoping to get my hands on those massive feet.
“Anything to get your hand on old Granny huh?” she said. I winked and sat down on the couch. She sat on the other end and placed her foot ontop of my dick. It felt great! I rubbed and massaged her feet for about fifteen minutes. Her skirt then rose up and I saw it. I now had a perfect view of my Granny’s hairy pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties! I was now as hard as a rock. I knew she saw me looking but when I looked up I noticed that she was asleep! I knew that this was my only chance! I began licking the bottoms of her feet and sucking her toes. I loved every second of it. I began to lick and suck on every toe of both feet. I pulled my dick out and slid it between her feet and pumped faster and faster harder and harder then I stopped and began stroking my dick while sucking her toes.
“You really love Granny’s Toes dont ya?”
My heart dropped…..My heart began racing a mile a minute, and I was speechless.
“I’m sorry Gram I…. I didn’t mean….I thought…..” I didn’t know what to say.
“Don’t stop…Granny Likes it baby.” She said with a wink.
That was all I needed to hear. I began to nurse on the bottoms of her feet. While I sucked her toes she let out a loud moan..
“uhhhhhhhhhh…..Ohhhh shit! Dont stop! Granny loves the way you suck her toes!” She yelled. She then began to play with her pussy. Once I saw this I started to stroke my dick. We were both really turned on. When she couldn’t take anymore she stood up ripped off her skirt and led me upstairs to her bedroom. In front of me was this huge ass that I had only fantasized about. Once we got up to her bedroom she began to kiss me passionatly. She slid her tongue in my mouth and I returned the favor.While kissing I reached back and gave that huge ass a squeeze. I then began to suck on those huge breasts of hers.
“OOH YES…..I LIKE IT…SUCK ON GRANNYS TITTIES BABY!” She yelled loudly. She laid back on the bed and I spread her legs apart. I slid my rock hard dick inside and began to fuck her while sucking on her toes. Again she started to yell. “OH BABY THATS IT! SUCK GRANDMAS TOES WHILE YOU FUCK THAT PUSSY! OOH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD! DON’T STOP PLEASE DONT STOP!” she screamed. We then began to suck her toes together. Our tongues danced across her toes and I began to fuck my grandmother harder and harder, faster and faster, I
“OH YES CUM ON GRANNY’S FEET” I pulled out and came all over her feet and toes while I rammed my tongue down her throat. We then held each other for the rest of the night. We repeated this over and over again that night. It was mindblowing! Love my Grandmother so much. Even until this day we meet up and have date night.

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