Eating Aunt Betsy
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I was mowing my Aunt Betsy’s lawn when I got the hard-
on. Aunt Betsy is my Mom’s youngest sister by 10
years, a stone fox if ever there was one. She’s 27,
has had three husbands (all rich) and is pretty well-
off herself, thanks to some fine settlements. She pays
me a good wage to mow her grass because she believes
in keeping it in the family. Oh, does she ever!

Betsy was sunning herself by the pool when I was
cutting her lawn. I was shirtless and wearing cutoffs.
She was nude and since I was family, she didn’t cover
up when I walked over to tell her I was finished
mowing, but then, I didn’t cover the fucking bulge my
hard-on made in my shorts, either. Not that I wanted
to hide my excitement from my fuck-fantasy Aunt. I had
beaten the bishop for years over her, thinking how I
wanted to poke her pussy.

I suppose Betsy was horny that particular day because
it wasn’t the first time I’d ever been hard in front
of her but it was the first time she had ever
mentioned it.

“Bill, do you have something in your pocket?” she
asked me.

“No,” I answered. To satisfy her curiosity, she
reached up and ran her fingertips over the bulge, the
well-manicured fingernails scraping the area and
giving me quite a start.

“Now what on earth do you intend to do with this?” she
asked, giving it a firm squeeze. She gave me a wicked,
sexy smile and I just turned red. I thought she would
try to do more, and I was hoping she would pull it
out, but she stopped and told me to rub some oil on

She rolled onto her stomach and I squirted some stuff
on her back. By the time I got to her firm butt, I was
sweating bullets, not only from the heat, but also
because I was so damn horny. Her tanned cheeks were a
perfect golden brown, firm and supple as I worked the
oil into her skin. Betsy moaned and spread her legs,
revealing the swollen lips of her pussy and the pink
rosette of her asshole. I kneaded her thighs and
calves but my eyes never left her pussy.

Aunt Betsy rolled over onto her back. Take your shorts
off,” she told me. Nobody questions a rich relative’s
orders, so I quickly got naked. Betsy told me to stand
behind the head of the chaise and oil her front
because she wanted to check out my family jewels. I
stood over her head, my cock sticking out above her
face as I reached down to rub oil on my aunt’s tits.
She, in turn, took hold of my dick and started
rubbing. Her nipples were stiff and her tits were soft
yet firm. I rubbed down her torso as she rubbed my

“I’m… Augh!” I started cumming before I could even
tell her I was cumming. She pointed my dick so that
all my cum squirted over her tits and stomach. She
sure knew how to pull my dick off and squeeze my balls
to milk out my cum. Betsy started rubbing my stuff
into her skin like lotion. Then she spread her legs
wide and looked at me.

“My turn, now, sweetie, get down and eat me,” she told

I wasn’t about to tell her I hadn’t done that before
and that I’d never wanted to eat pussy. Like I said,
rich relative. Too, she’d just gotten me off. So, II
went for it.

Aunt Betsy’s light brown muff hair was trimmed and
sparse, a bikini cut, even though she didn’t wear a
bikini. I could plainly see the dewy drops of cunt
juice on her dark lips, and her big clit, long and
thick, jutted from the top of her slit.

I held and lifted her legs and moved toward her slice.
The smell of my aunt in heat made my tongue hard and
it slipped between the spicy folds of her cunt and was
almost pulled inside, like a hand had grabbed it. My
nose was rubbing against her clit and she started
humping against my face. Seemed like she was cumming
within seconds and she was holding my head so I
couldn’t back off. Hot, tarty pussy juice filled my
mouth and I realized pussy wasn’t bad.

“Well, what’s this?” I managed to look up to see Judy,
a 22-year-old I’d met before, standing beside Betsy
watching the action. Judy was as naked as we were,
more so because even her pussy was shaved bare. Judy
is a knockout, too, with auburn hair and green eyes.

She reached down and squeezed Betsy’s left tit. “Hmm,
Judy, Sweetheart, I was just so-o-o hot and you
weren’t here, so my nephew helped me out.”

“Is he a good pussyeater?” Judy asked.

“Not bad for a man, but nobody eats pussy as good as
you!” That’s how I found out that Judy and my Aunt
Betsy were lovers.

“Thanks, Betsy,” Judy said, licking a stiff nipple on
my aunt’s boob. “Hmm, tastes like…” Judy licked her

“I jacked his spunk out,” Betsy said. “Taste good? I’m
not surprised. Good tasting cum runs in our family.”

Judy walked around behind me and reached for my newly-
hard prick. “Wanna fuck me?” she asked, although I
suspect she already knew the answer. In a minute I was
lying down and Judy’s hairless twat was sliding down
my cock while Aunt Betsy sat her wet cunt on my face.
By then I was not only used to the flavor, but I was
eager to lap it up. I felt Judy tonguing my aunt’s ass
and sometimes dipping in for a taste of cunt.

Here I was fucking a woman I barely knew who was my
aunt’s lover while I was eating my aunt’s juicy split.
Who woulda thought? Not me. Judy had a hot, tight cunt
and she fucked really good. Even though sounds were
muffled, I could tell the two of them were kissing and
probably feeling each other’s tits. My nose burrowed
into Betsy’s butthole.

Judy and Betsy both ran their fingers over my sweaty
chest and stomach, and I could feel them probing their
pussies alongside my cock and my tongue.

Judy climbed off before I came, leaving my dick
swollen, red and wet. Betsy got off my face and kissed
Judy. “Jack him off, Judy,” Betsy told her. “He shoots
off real nice.”

Judy knelt and started beating my meat. Her grip
wasn’t as experienced as Betsy, but Judy started
licking at my cockhead and her finger probed my
asshole. My aunt knelt beside her lover, fingering
Judy’s twat, and watched my face.

When I came, Judy oohed when I spurted and she licked
up the splotches of cum.

“Well?” Aunt Betsy asked Judy, “Should we keep him

“Do you think he’ll be able to satisfy both of us?”

“Judy, if you instruct him to eat pussy, all I want
him to do is eat me. You can have his cock. A young
man shouldn’t fuck his aunt.”

So now I’m on my aunt’s staff as a gardener. I take
care of her bush, fuck Judy and have a good time.

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