A Reluctant Master
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Karen collapsed on top of me as our orgasms faded. I wrapped my
arms around her, cradling her head in my hand as she gave my
collarbone a tired kiss. We panted in and out of sync for a
time, coming back down.

“Ooohhhhhhh, thank you, Pete. I know you were ready well before
I was – thank you for waiting.”

I hummed happily and replied, “For you I’d do anything; it isn’t
that hard really-”

“Well, still there, but I’d say it’ll be gone in another
minute,” she retorted, clenching her pussy around my softening
prick. We laughed for a second, then rested in the afterglow.

Then she asked.


“Huh?” I snapped out of my daze and tried to backtrack to what
my wife was talking about.

“Peter, you said you’d do anything for me.” Karen looked up
into my eyes, suddenly very serious and just a little worried.
That sobered me up completely. “Is that true?”

I didn’t snap off an immediate response, but looked back at her
for a moment with concern as I weighed this question. “Yes,” I
replied firmly. “Anything. I’d rob, lie, cheat, kill and die
for you if necessary – you’re more important to me than anything
else in life.”

Karen moved her arms up to hug me and I enclosed her in a strong
embrace again. “Oh, Pete. I love you too – more than

A breath.

“And I have something to ask of you – it’s nothing illegal, but
you might…it may…I don’t know…” She was getting nervous

I moved my hands to her head and made her look me in the eye.
“Ask. If it’s in my power, I’ll do it. I can’t guarantee I’ll
like it – scrubbing the bathroom down comes to mind as a
distasteful chore – but I’ll do it for you anyway.”

The look she gave me was worth bathroom duties for several
eternities. She smiled, full of love for me and of admiration
that I loved her this much. Her eyes were getting glassy from
moisture, and she sniffed. “Thank you. Even before I ask,
thank you for listening. But, even so, I’m not sure if you’ll
want to do this; it’s a little weird.”

Ah. ‘Weird’ – she probably wanted something kinky in the bed
next time; big deal. She’d indulged me with things
occasionally. I’ll fulfil this for her, no problem.

Or so I thought.

“Peter, I…I want you to hurt me.”

* * *

“Hurt? What, like rough sex?”

“Um…not quite. I want you to punish me; spank me.”

I understood what was required to grant the request, but I was
having trouble figuring out WHY. “Why? Did you do something

The moment was broken in Karen’s mind, apparently. “Forget it –
I shouldn’t have asked – it’s silly.” She hurriedly moved to
get up. To hide her embarrassment, I imagine.

I hugged her, holding her on my chest. “It’s not, or you
wouldn’t have asked. Now explain what you want from me.”

Kar looked wretched, her eyes avoiding my gaze, her body
squirming in my embrace. “Well…I want you to dominate me.”

“What? How?”

She finally looked me in the eye. “Pete, do you know what
dominance and submission is all about?”

“Vaguely. It’s about one person getting off on controlling
another, right? The dominant needs to master others. The
submissive is the opposite – they derive pleasure from being
told what to do; to be a slave.”

“Yes. And I never told you this, but I’m a sub.”


“Short for submissive. Before we met…well, you know you were
kind of a ‘transitional man’ for me, right?”

I nodded at the memory of our early days together, back in
college. “Yeah, you were dumped rather heavily and at first we
were just friends; I was the cry-on shoulder.”

“Yeah. Well, that guy that dumped me; he and I had a D&S
relationship; he was my master.”

“What? You? Miss My-Way-or-the-Highway?”

She closed her eyes and nodded. “Yes, I know I’m a strong-
willed person, but that’s only at most times. There’s a side to
me that likes to relinquish control; to let someone else take

I thought about that; Karen had gotten her MBA a year ago, and
already had made her way into lower management. I’d completed
my Masters of Engineering two years ago, but hadn’t advanced as
far as her; it wasn’t really my desire to administrate. My
wife, on the other hand, was *driven*.

Usually. I also remembered days when we would get home from
work and Kar would simply flop down on the couch, ask me to fix
‘something’ for dinner, relinquish the TV remote and watch
*anything* I felt like, and so forth. It was as if she was
burnt out, and just needed to rest on autopilot for a while.

“Okay, I can see that; some days being in charge all the time
wears on you and you need a break?”

Her hug tightened a little. “Exactly, love. And that break
also applies to the bedroom; sometimes I just want to follow
someone else’s lead.”

“Want to? But we’ve been married two years now, and been a
couple for another year or two before that – you’ve never said
anything about this before-”

“I know. I should have said something, but at first I thought
it might scare you off – ‘yuck, she’s a kink freak’. And later
on, it seemed worse; by the time we got married, it felt like it
was too late, you’d be offended that I’d kept this secret from

I stroked her cheek. “Never. It sounds a little unusual to me,
but I’d never think less of you – even if…oh, you had a thing
for…” I rolled my eyes, trying to think of the weirdest, most
kinky thing I imagine. “I dunno, you liked lesbian bestiality:
you could only get off while licking a female dog’s cunt!”

We both burst out laughing at the ludicrous idea I had come up
with. “All right, all right! I’ll remember that your mind is
as open as the Russian steppes!” She calmed down and gave me an
affectionate peck on the chin. “And thank you understanding,
and for caring enough to want to.” We cuddled a little more.

Then I got to thinking. “So, what’s necessary for me to be
your…what would I be called?”


“As in DeLuise?!?”

Kar gave me an amused but exasperated sigh. “As in dominator.
Other terms are ‘top’ – as in ‘he’s my top’ – or simply

“Ah, I like the last one.”

“Thought you would.”

“And what would your master do?”

Karen’s eyebrows shrugged as she shook her head a little.
“Well, whatever he – you – would want to. Sex your way – oh,
and this sort of thing isn’t always just sex; many doms have
their subs do the housework, and suchlike. It’s a chance to
further exert control, and it’s a great chance to find flaws in
the sub’s behaviour and punish her for it.”


“Yes, punishment is a big thing in a D&S relationship; it’s the
point where the sub is really shown that her dom is in charge.”

I wasn’t so eager about this. “And what’s done for punishment?”

“Relax, nothing that bad,” she said, calming the concerns that
she knew I had. “A dom could merely withhold something from his
sub – ‘No sex all day for breaking that plate, and if you
masturbate, I’ll know and punish you even worse!'”

“Heh; that sounds evil. I dunno if I could enforce that, though
– it’d mean no sex for me, too!”

“Or you could restrain me.” Funny how she’d already shifted the
tense from ‘the dom and the sub’ to ‘you and me’. “It could be
as simple as cuffing my hands behind my back for a while. Or as
elaborate as chaining me up so my toes just touch the floor,
using a bar to spread my legs apart, putting nipple clamps on my
breasts, filling my mouth with a ball gag, and sliding a butt
plug up my ass.” Karen’s voice was getting a little soft, her
eyes unfocused as she apparently looked back down memory lane.
“Then stuffing my pussy with a large, humming vibrator. And
then leaving me like that for an hour with the warning to keep
the dildo in my pussy, even though it’s so long only half of it
is inside me.” I felt her pussy clench around my cock.

“Reliving glory days, darling?”

She snapped out of her reverie. “Oh! Um…heh.” She was
blushing. “Sorry,” she whispered, “I know you don’t like this

I pushed her head up and kissed her. “No, you only know I’ve
never shown an interest in this stuff.”

“You mean…”

“No, I’m not a closet dominator, waiting to whisk you off to my
secret dungeon. But as you said, I’m very open minded – we do
have an unfinished basement.”

My wife gave me another thankful look. “Oh, I love you.” Her
hug said the same thing.

“As well you should…slave.” Karen tensed up at my last word,
the muscles in her cunt doing wonderful things to my manhood.

My mind started racing ahead, laying track for a plan. “So I
take it you’re also into bondage from that lavish description
you gave earlier. Something from your past? You never did
answer your master’s question.” Her quick intake of breath told
me I was having the desired effect.

“Yes. I thought back to one time that Dave, the guy I-”

“Yeah-yeah; I know – you really liked being trussed up like

“Well, yes and no. Obviously it was uncomfortable, and
humiliating a little. But those feelings actually excited me –
that’s the appeal of being a sub: the thrill.

“And of course, I was being stimulated sexually the entire time
of my punishment.” Another clench on my hardening prick. “I
lost track how many times I came in that hour.”

“Sounds like an expensive kink.” I could tell Karen was getting
worried, even if I couldn’t see her.

I smiled. “But…bondage and restraint is more a state of mind,
isn’t it? I could, oh…I dunno-” I hugged my wife to me,
shifted us to one side of the bed and rolled us over, placing
her under me. “Simply hold you down forcefully while I have my
way, couldn’t I?” I moved her arms above her head, holding her
slim wrists in my hands.

Karen’s eyes burned with excitement. She swallowed nervously,
and bit her lip slightly. “Um, Pete? It’s getting late – we
both have to work tomorrow. Sleep-”

“Is going to be denied you for a while, slave. This little sub
of mine is going to be reminded that when her master asks a
question, it should be answered and not ignored and pushed

Kar was breathing heavily, and I could feel her nipples pressing
into my chest. As I began to shift my cock within her
moistening pussy, I told her “And my punishment for this slave
is going to be a long, hard fuck.”

“How long?”

“Until I decide you’ve had enough – should you pass out, I’ll
wait until you wake tomorrow morning and carry on where I left
off.” She gasped, part from the thrill, and part as I plunged
my cock fully into her cunt.

As she started the climb to the first of several orgasms that
night, Karen looked me in the eye, tears of happiness welling
up, and whispered. “Thank you.”

I grinned evilly. “‘Thank you,’ WHAT?”

“Thank you, Pete?”

“No.” I thrust harder to emphasise that.

“Thank you, sir?”

Now she was teasing me, so I let go of her hands and pinched her
nipples. She half-gasped, half-cried out at that. “One last
try, slave.”

She paused, almost afraid to say it, in case it turned out to
not be true. I nodded to reassure her. “Thank you…. Master?”

I smiled, twisted the engorged nubbins in my grasp, and shifted
the path of my prick to brush the top of her cunt walls and that
glorious knot of nerves. She bridged herself, shoulders and
feet holding both our bodies up as she orgasmed.

* * *

In the end, Karen outlasted me. After another hour I simply
didn’t have the strength to fuck, even if my cock was still
capable. She gave me a hint of what was available to me by
suggesting that my slave clean her master up. I assented and
she licked my cock clean as I flopped back on the bed. She
dutifully sucked me off, as she would sometimes do when I
deserved a treat, and surprised me by swallowing my load.

As she snuggled up alongside me, I thanked her for everything:
the blow job, the late-night bout of sex, and most of all for
trusting me enough to reveal her secret fantasies and asking me
to help her fulfil them.

But could I? This past hour was exhausting mentally as well as
physically; I was normally a caring, gentle lover – I’d follow
her lead as we built slowly to a fever pitch. I enjoyed giving
Karen a long, relaxing massage before we made love. I had to
remember to be hard, strong and controlling with her.

“What have you gotten yourself into now, Petey boy,” I asked
myself as I lapsed off into slumber.

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