The Widow’s Pink Panties
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Linda’s eyes were half closed, her enticing mouth was open and her hands were pulling on my thighs.
This widow woman was experiencing a feeling she’d never had before.
My dick was at least two inches longer than Joe’s had been, and half an inch thicker…
Ol’ Fat Boy was driving her into ecstasy.

I was mesmerized just watching her facial expressions, as her head pitched back and forth.
I kept stroking slowly, appreciating the beauty of the body I’d desired to love for fifteen years.
It took less than five minutes for Linda to begin her rise to another orgasm.
Her fingernails dug into my legs, stinging slightly, but exciting me even more.
She jammed her hips upward, taking all my cock and wanting more…

“Oh, Don… I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum hard… Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! HERE IT COMES, BABY!
AHH, AHH, AHH, AHH, AHHHHH… OOOOOHHH, Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh.”

I smiled at her and dropped my torso onto hers.
Our lips met, tongues swapped back and forth.
I opened my eyes a little and saw her tears.
Her arms clung to my head and neck.

My thrusts never stopped as we held each other and kissed.
This was the true meaning of ‘making love’.
When we broke apart, Linda smiled and spoke, “Shit, Don, what in the hell did you do to me?
Never, never have I exploded like that.
But I want to do it again, and again, and again.
My God, what a fuck you just gave me.
Let’s roll over… it’s my turn.
Let me take care of you ”

We managed to re-position without becoming uncoupled.
My dick was lodged deep and her cunt muscles had a death grip on it.

She rode me like a rodeo bronc rider.
Within two minutes, another orgasm wracked her slim, bronzed body.
My hands were full of her medium sized tits, with my thumbs rubbing her nipples hard.
She almost came to a complete stop as her cum started, literally, squirting onto my pubic hair and down across my balls.

I grabbed her waist and held her tight as I pumped against her.
Between my pubic bone slamming against her clit and my shaft hitting all the way to her cervix, she came a third time as my own nuts started their spasms.
It felt as though hot sperm shot my dick completely off as I blasted stream after stream inside her guts.
The lower parts of our bodies were sloppy wet with so much love juices.
It was like someone had poured a gallon of warm cream on our genitals.

We lay still, breathing heavy, but still alive.
I kissed her for a minute, then pushed her lovely face back a few inches.
Looking past her, toward the ceiling, I said, “Joe, ol’ buddy… I just have to tell you, thank you.”

Linda snickered and said, “You’re looking the wrong direction, dear.”
She leaned to the right and looked down, at the floor, “Yes, Joe. Thank you so much.
It’s good that you didn’t talk me into this, years ago, or I might have just left your stinkin’ ass.
Love you, baby.”

My shower was small but both of us fit inside nicely.
We spent as much time holding each other and kissing as we did washing sweat and cum off.

“You know I have to make a phone call when we get through in here.”

“You’re not telling my boys about this, Don… not right now, anyway.”

“Naw, I gotta order more pink panties for you. We can’t have you running around without pink panties.”
“You’re full of shit, who you gonna call?”


“Well, who the hell is Sharon?”

“My girlfriend.”

“Oh… what’cha gonna tell her?”

“Hmmm… let me think… I could tell her I don’t like her pussy, but that would be a lie, she has great pussy.”
I deflected Linda’s fist as it came toward my chest, “WHOA! Take it easy.
I said she had great pussy, but not as fan-fuckin’-tastic as yours.
I’ll just say you and I are shackin’ up, now.”

“I ain’t, fucking, shackin’ up with you.
We made love, then did it again… and did it again.
Come to think of it, how did you get it up over and over?”

I kissed her wet forehead and told her, “It never went down.
You had several orgasms, but I only busted my load once… but, Goddamn it was a good one.
My confession is… I was hoping to get my cock in you today, so I took a Cialis just before you got here.
It’ll be getting hard again in an hour or so.”

“Bet I can get it back up right now.”
She soaped my flaccid dick and my empty balls.
The water was beginning to get cooler as the water heater had begun to struggle to keep up.
Linda rinsed me off, turned off the faucet and dropped to the basin floor.
Her lips took me in and a hungry tongue worked its magic.

Her eyes, literally, smiled up at me as my cock hardened.
With those eyes, her bobbing head, and her hand stroking and twisting at the base of my shaft, I blew another batch of cum onto her tonsils.

She lapped every drop, which was significantly less than the first load.
“That didn’t take long.
In fact, it was the best tasting cum I’ve had since the first one I gave Joe… a looong time ago.
He wasn’t real big on keeping his dick clean and usually had a stale cum taste.”
“I have a feeling it will be a looong time before I’ll have any stale cum… we can agree on that, can’t we?”

“Okay. Now, what about this bitch, Sharon?”

“To start with, she’s not a bitch.
She’s really nice and, under different circumstances, I think you’d like her. I’ve never seen her wear pink panties, though.
I’ll just tell her the truth… I met a woman, I love this woman, and I’m going to marry this woman… if you’ll have me.”

She pushed the shower door open and grabbed a towel.
When she stepped out onto the rug, she bent to dry her feet… or tempt me with her fine ass, I wasn’t sure which.

“I’ll make a deal with you, Don.
If you can get that thing up one more time before I have to go home, and fuck me doggy style, I’ll marry you.
We can get married on Valentines Day.
That will be eight months after Joe died, enough for a decent period of mourning, okay?”

Just staring at her butt cheeks, with that clam winking at me from the gap between her thighs, was already having an effect.
I love Cialis.

Linda had her head on my pillow, moaning with pleasure, as I pumped my piston in and out of her swollen cunt.
It had taken much longer this time, but she’d already cum twice and mine was finally beginning boil in my nuts.
I gripped her hips tightly and jerked her body to mine with each push.
For so many, many years I’d wanted, exactly, what I was getting.

My eyes alternated opening and closing.
Closed, all I could see was fireworks, beautiful, awesome fireworks.
Open, there was her ass, her beautiful, tight ass…
And above that, her slim waist and back.
I leaned down and planted wet kisses all over that back as ropes of warm semen filled her tunnel.
We collapsed onto the sheets and searched each other’s eyes.

“You sure you want to wait ‘til Valentines Day?”

“We’ll wait. But we’ll do a helluva lot of fucking between now and then.
I have to tell my boys, too.
I’m not sure how well they’ll understand, with Joe just being gone a couple of weeks.”

“Alright, listen. We’ll just tell them we’re going to spend some time together.
We both lost our spouses, we both need comforting.
Those boys have known me since they were teenagers.
They like me and they know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, or them.
Sooner or later, one of the will ask if we’re sleeping together.
Tell them ‘no’. It won’t be a lie.
When we’re together, we damn sure ain’t gonna be sleeping.
But, at some point, we’ll explain that, if we do decide to sleep together, it’s nobody’s concern but ours.”

Linda kissed me and told me she loved me.
She played with my cock as we talked for another hour.
“Think we can make it hard one more time?”

“Shit, woman! How in the hell can I marry you on Valentines Day if you fuck me into my own grave before then?”

She threw her right leg over my left one, mashed her pubes against Ol’ Fat Boy and pleaded, “Just once more?
You do owe me, big time, for tearing my pink panties.”

“You won’t be needin’ them, anyway…”

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