A Different Story
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When the story I’m about to tell you happened, I was just
twenty-one, engaged to be married, and desperately unhappy. Jeff and
I had been engaged for six months and I knew that I’d made a major
mistake but I didn’t have any idea of what to do about it. The
wedding was planned for October and it was already late September.
Both families were terribly pleased with the match and I felt as if I
was on a train rushing toward a river crossing, knowing that the
bridge was out.

I’d grown up in a very sheltered environment, the youngest
child, and only daughter, of a wealthy family. My parents were in
their 40s when I was born and my mother had given up hope of having a
daughter. So they doted on me and my three older brothers were very
protective. Jeff had taken over the role of protector soon after we
started dating during my junior (his senior) year.

Before you can understand how I felt, you need to know a
little more about me. When I was thirteen, I spent the summer at a
camp in Maine and had a wonderful time once I got over being homesick.
I developed a crush on one of the counselors, a college girl. She was
one of those big tan athletic girls that California seems to churn out
like hotcakes. At the time, I was a skinny little redheaded kid with
green eyes and lots of freckles. Diana, the counselor, realized how I
felt after she caught me spying on her when she was in the shower and
she sat me down and had a long talk with me. She told me my feelings
weren’t bad, just inappropriate at that time and in that place. The
talk didn’t make my crush go away, but it made me feel better about

When I got back home I surpressed my feelings about other
girls and conformed. After all, I was in junior high and conformity
was the name of the game. And conformity ruled my life through high
school and college. I met Jeff and fell in love, or convinced myself
that I had, and eventually we got engaged. Jeff treated me like a
prize that he’d won in a game, a game that I didn’t understand. I had
grown into quite a beauty, something that I was quite aware of but
took no special pride in – it was just a lucky combination of genes.

At twenty-one, I was tall, lithe, and athletic. I still had
the freckles, but they didn’t seem to be the plague they had been in
junior high. Other things drew attention away from them – my long
sleek legs, my high firm breasts, and my tight butt. I played soccer,
basketball, and softball in high school, but in college I concentrated
on basketball because several schools offered me athletic scholarships
in that sport. I would have preferred soccer, but I knew I wasn’t
good enough to play soccer at the college level.

In September, Jeff made plans to drive down to Long Island to
visit one of his frat brothers who had just gotten married. He asked
me to go along and I didn’t have an excuse so I went. It turned out
to be the best decision I ever made. Not that it seemed that way at
the time. We had a nice visit with Jeff’s friend and his wife. They
seemed happy and we had a good time. We stayed late and it was almost
midnight on Saturday when we finally started back. Jeff was hungry,
so we stopped at an all-night diner on the island.

There was a yellow bus in the parking lot along with a few
cars, but the place wasn’t too crowded. There was a girl’s high
school soccer team in the diner and a dozen other people scattered
among the booths and tables. The soccer team, according to snatches
of conversation I overheard, was on it’s way home from a tournament
and had been delayed because of problems with the bus.

Well, to make a long story shorter, the diner was held up by
four men wearing stocking masks and carrying sawed-off shotguns. They
herded everyone into one corner of the diner and demanded that all
wallets, purses, and jewelery be deposited in a pillowcase. One of
them was cleaning out the register while another passed around the
pillow case. A third waited by the door and the fourth, the leader,
stood on a table and kept watch over everyone. When they had
everything I thought they’d leave, but the leader had other ideas. He
glanced around and called out to one of his friends – something about
seeing something he’d always wanted to see. His friend snickered and
said, “Yeah, I’d like to see that too.”

He looked us over slowly and then said, “I’ve always wanted to
see two women go at it. Two real women.” And he pointed at one of
the soccer players, a tall blonde with a nice body and long pretty
legs. “You, get over here and start undressing.” She glanced at her
coach with a frightened look and then moved forward slowly, coming to
a stop near the table he’d indicated. She stood there for a moment
and then crouched to untie her sneakers. The leader looked around
again, but I didn’t shrink back like I might have done if I wasn’t
already convinced that he’d made up his mind already to chose me.

Sure enough, his glance came to rest on me and he said, “Okay,
red, get your ass up here and start undressing.

Jeff tensed and held my hand tightly but I pulled away and
whispered, “Relax, it will be okay. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

I walked over and stood next to the blonde. She was already
down to her bra and panties. She paused and glanced at me. I was
surprised when she smiled shyly. I nodded and smiled in return as I
kicked my shoes off and unsnapped my jeans. My mind was whirling. I
was going to have sex with another woman, something I’d fantasized
about for years, but in my wildest fantasies I’d never pictured doing
it in front of a crowd!

As I pushed my jeans down I glanced at the blonde and
whispered, “What’s your name? Mine is Kate.”

She glanced quickly at the leader and then whispered, “Emma.”

I stepped out of my jeans and then pulled my sweater off over
my head. Emma unhooked her bra and I saw that she had small, pretty
breasts tipped with pointy little pink nipples. I unhooked my bra and
dropped it on top of my jeans, freeing my firm, pear-shaped breasts.
Then I skimmed my panties down and stepped out of them. I glanced at
Emma and saw that she was looking at me. Her pubic mound was covered
by a thick growth of taffy-colored hair. It looked as if it had never
been trimmed, a contrast to my neatly trimmed bush.

The leader looked over and said, “Hurry up, we don’t have all
night. Get up on that table and get going. The table in question was
a big round table that normally seated eight. It was empty except for
a napkin holder, salt and pepper, and a hold for packets of sugar. I
picked them up and carried them to another table, totally consicous of
my nudity but not caring that I was exposed to a bunch of strangers.
When I turned and walked back, Emma was crouched on the table with a
funny look on her face – not frightened, not exactly happy either, but
kind of …… I guess expectant is the best way to put it.

I climbed onto the table and faced Emma, both of us on our
knees. The leader growled at us to hurry up, so I leaned forward and
kissed Emma on the lips. I was surprised when her tongue flickered
out and probed into my mouth. I drew back a little and we stared at
each other in silent wonder for a moment. Then we hugged and kissed,
and everything else faded away as we rubbed against each other. Her
hands glided down across my back and she stroked my buttocks. I
moaned into her mouth, where our tongues were battling each other for
control. I finally surrendered and let her take control. She cupped
my breasts and teased my nipples erect with her thumbs while I moaned
with pleasure.

“Hurry up,” the leader shouted, “Turn around and start eating
each other!”

Emma pulled back and I stretched out on my back. She swung
around and straddled me, positioning herself right over my face. As
she lowered herself onto my mouth I smelled the musky scent of an
aroused woman for the first time in my life and I knew then that Jeff
and I were through, no matter how things turned out. There was no
hesitation on my part, I reached up and grabbed her hips, guiding her
down until I could reach her with my tongue. I ran my tongue the
length of her slit and felt her hips move in my hands. She thrust
forward and pressed herself against my mouth. I pushed her up a
little and began to lick her with hard strokes of my tongue, pushing
it between her labia and marveling at the sensuous slickness of her
inner lips.

At the same time, her tongue was probing timidly at my outer
lips. I moaned and lifted myself a little to show her that I was
enjoying it. I don’t know if this encouragement was the reason, but
her tongue began to move probe deeper and with more force. I paused
for a moment, giving her hips an encouraging squeeze, and glanced
hastily to my left. The others were all standing around watching
avidly. I saw one woman lick her lips and glance nervously at her
husband. Emma’s teammates were all watching too. One girl had her
hand down the front of her sweats. That’s all I had time to see. I
turned my attention back to Emma’s tight, wet cunt and found that she
was now sopping wet. She was delicious – her juices had a tangy sweet
taste that I loved. We continued to eat each other for several
minutes. Then someone shouted, “They’re gone!” I turned my head and
saw that the leader had disappeared from his perch on the next table.

Emma moved away, reluctantly I thought, and I sat up.
Everyone had rushed to the front to see if the robbers had indeed
left. Emma glanced at me and smiled. Then she picked up her panties
and slipped them on. I dressed too, hurriedly as people began to turn
back from the front windows. Someone called the police and the next
few hours were spent down at the police station being interviewed over
and over.

At one point, about 3 a.m. I think, I had a short break where
I was left alone. I asked for a cup of coffee and a young policewoman
took me down to their canteen and bought me a cup from the vending
machine. Jeff was in there, sitting alone at a table. He walked over
and said, “How could you humiliate me like that?”

I sipped my coffee and glanced around to make sure that the
policewoman was still there in case he lost it completely. “Humiliate
you? I’m sorry, but I was the one that was forced to strip and

He got red in the face and took a step toward me. “But you
enjoyed it, you slut!”

I slipped his ring off and tossed it in his face. “Yes, I
did. She turned me on more than you ever have!” I turned away and
heard him scream with rage. I turned back just in time to see the
policewoman wrestle him to the floor.

She glanced up at me. “You’d better go back upstairs. I’ll
keep this guy here for a few minutes.”

I nodded and went back upstairs to the interview room. I
never saw Jeff again after that night. When the police were finally
done with me, they offered me a ride to the train station or the bus
station. I chose the bus station and the same young policewoman gave
me a ride. She wished me good luck when she dropped me off and I
thanked her and then went inside to get a ticket on the next bus to
Boston. I was going to miss a full day of classes, but I was so tired
and confused that I didn’t really care. The bus ride seemed endless
and I slept fitfully. When I finally got back to my apartment I
collapsed on my bed and fell asleep. I didn’t wake up until my
roommate came in that afternoon. She wanted to know why I was so late
in getting back, so I made up some story about car trouble and that
seemed to satisfy her.

I spent the next few days getting back into the routine of
classes, papers, and all the rest of the rituals of college life.
Then, when I had a chance to think, I stared trying to figure out what
I was going to do. I knew that I wanted to see Emma again. Just to
talk. Trouble was, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to contact
her. All I had was her first name and the name of the high school
that she attended. I knew the school was in New England or upstate
New York, but I didn’t know how to go about finding it.

A couple of weeks passed and then I got a phone call. It was
the policewoman who’d bought me coffee and driven me to the bus
station. She told me her name was Shannon and cautioned me against
mentioning her call to anyone. “I could lose my job. But someone
called here to find out about you and the call came to me. I couldn’t
tell her anything anymore than I can tell you anything about her. But
this person did mention that she’s working after school and Saturdays
at the Eastfield Mall in Holyoke. At a shoe store. She didn’t
mention the name of the store because her mother came in and she had
to hang up. I think you have enough information, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes! Thank you so much! I’ll never forget you.” We
chatted for a few more minutes and promised to keep in touch. That
was on a Thursday afternoon and I thought Saturday would never come!
Holyoke is an hour’s drive from campus and I left Saturday morning at
9:00 so I’d be there when the mall opened. I’d never been there and
got lost, so I didn’t get there until almost 11:00 a.m. I’d debated
quite a bit about what to wear and the decision finally came down to
jeans or a short denim skirt – I wanted to look casual, not like I’d
gone to any trouble or made any special effort. I finally chose the
skirt because I wanted to show off my legs. I’ve always felt that
they’re my best feature and I’m kind of proud of them. All the work
in the gym and the running has paid off.

So I wore a sleeveless top, the short denim skirt, socks, and
running shoes. It was a warm day for October so I just wore a light
jacket which I left in the car. I walked around the mall and checked
out all the shoe stores without seeing Emma. I was bitterly
disappointed, but decided to make the rounds again in case I’d missed
her. This time, I decided to spend at least 15 minutes in each store.
I was in the second store, gazing at a display of black pumps, when I
heard a soft voice behind me say, “May I help you, ma’am?”

I turned and there was Emma. We stared at each other in
silence for a moment and then I said, “Yes, I’d like to try on a pair
of these pumps. Size 7.”

She smiled and gestured at the row of chairs. “Please take a
seat and I’ll get a pair from the back.”

I sat down and watched Emma walk to the back of the store.
She was tall, athletic, very attractive and I felt nothing when I
looked at her. No attraction, no affection. She was just another
nice kid.

When she returned with the shoes I apologized and told her I’d
changed my mind. She nodded. “I thought you might. Take care of
yourself. Bye.” She smiled and turned away. I got up and strolled
back through the mall feeling somewhat sad, but full of hope. I was
young, healthy, and beautiful. The world was full of attractive
women. I’d find one someday.

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