Sex and Feet
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It all started at a big campout with my parent’s friends’ families that they hold every year but luckily not too many families go so it isnt too crowded and is usually the same crowd of people every year so me and the other k**s basically grew up together. Since everybody knew each other I always had a small crush on one girl named maralee, both our families were native american so our families were always a little closer, and it never really meant anything until the summer between freshman and sophmore year of high school. I hadnt seen her in a while and on the first day of camp I saw her and was shocked when I saw her. She was about 5’4″, thick in a nice athletic way, had a beautiful natural face that a lot of natives have to where they don’t need makeup to be drop dead gorgeous, nice somewhat small C cups and had the most perfect ass ever! I also have a small fetish for feet and her feet were awesome they were around a size 8 with just perfect toes not too long but not too stubby either. She was a year older than me but I was still taller and more filled out though I’m not fat.

At this point I’d never had sex before but was in a great relationship with my right hand but I knew somehow during this camping trip I had to fuck her! We all said hello and when she came up to hug me I had a slight erection from seeing her nice ass come out of the truck with running shorts on that she had to have felt through my basketball shorts, I’m by no means large but my little guy will get the job done anyways back to the hug, while we were hugging i could also feel her nice tits up against my chest and could feel her nipples poking through her shirt against my chest so i had to guess was it just the breeze or was she turned on? After that we all got settled down and set up we started to hang out all the little k**s went and played the parents all sat down around the canpfire and talked while all the teenagers played boardgames and would just hang out. When we were all hanging out I started to flirt with maralee just a little bit to where no one else really noticed but her. Later in the day I was going to go walk my little trail again and when i started walking I got a little ways before i started to hear someone running to catch up with me, IT WAS MARALEE!!!
I immediately got a little aroused when she caught up with me and asked if she could walk wih me I of course said sure and we started talking about random stuff, school, new movies that were out, then she suddenly just asked “So do you have a girlfriend?” I responded with a no and I asked her if she did and she said no. I got really happy when she said that and had to try to control my excitement but me being me i burst out a big SWEET!! When she said it. She asked if that was a good thing and i just kinda shrugged it off and she seemed to forget about it until a little bit later when she asked “So have you ever fucked a girl?” I was just too shocked to answer until i managed to stammer out a no and then i got the courage to ask if she ever did which she replied with a no but then she said that she had done blowjobs on her one boyfriend in freshman year!

Again I was too shocked to answer when she stopped me and then grabbed me and kissed me! She was a great kisser but I hadn’t had much experience up to that point with it so I felt like an idiot trying to keep up with her. Then I realised how awesome of a time I was going to have this camping trip when I felt her grab my dick through my shorts! I took that as a greenlight so I put my hands on her amazing ass and started to massage it and I slowly started slide my hand up her ass to her waistband and right as soon as I got my fingers in her waistband she stopped me and pushed me away and grabbed my shorts and boxers and pullled them down and my hard cock sprung out and almost hit her in the face. She told me that at least I wasn’t like her last boyfriend who has a mike&ike for a penis then she began to slowly lick up and down my shaft and stroke my cock, luckily I wacked off enough to gain a good endurance or else I would have came as soon as she touched my dick. Finally she put my dick in her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth each time getting my cock farther down her throat. After a couple of bobs she got my dick all the way in her throat and started to gag on my dick, I thought it was the greatest thing ever till she stopped sucking for a second to pull off her shirt and sure enough she had no bra on to support her nice perky tits which when she continued sucking started to drool over which looked so fucking hot! After a couple of minutes I said I had to cum, she then pulled my dick out of her mouth and jacked me off and sucked on my balls till I blew a huge load all over her tits which she scooped up with her fingers and ate all of my cum and once they were clean I sucked on her tits for a little bit getting her hot and bothered. After I was done with her tits she stood up and I pulled her shorts down and almost got my dick in her pussy when she stopped me, pulled her beautiful ass cheeks apart showing her nice little brown asshole and pussy and said “Don’t worry you’ll get this all tonight!”. As soon as she said that I was hard again and my dick was still out so she asked me what she could without full on sex to get me off so I didn’t have to walk in to camp with a raging erection showing and I thought about it and wondered if she would think it’s weird that I had a foot fetish so I got up the courage to ask her if I could suck her toes and get a footjob. She looked kinda shocked and I thought that I had blew it right there and she’d think I was weird. She managed to surprise me again when she sat on a rock pulled off her shoes and socks and said get to sucking. Now I’m not super weird and like the smell of feet or whatever I just like the way they look when girls are giving guys footjobs and sucking them. So I knelt down and start to suck her beautiful little toes one by one and licking the soles of her feet and she was telling me she loved this because her feet are super ticklish and she kept giggling when I was sucking her toes then I got done and she was an expert with her feet and stroked my dick perfectly and then she showed how flexible she was when she got her mouth up to my dick and started sucking while she was giving me a footjob! Needless to say she made me cum fast and when I was about to cum she told me to cum on her feet and when I did I blew another huge load covering all ten of her toes and she sat there and licked veryone of them clean and ate another whole load of my cum! After we finished we had to hurry up back to camp as we were about ten minutes late and when our parents asked where we were we told them we saw some elk and sat there to watch them which got my dad super excited because he loves to hunt elk.

That night we were all sitting around the campfire and of course I sat next to maralee and as we were sitting there she took off her shoes and socks and basically started to tease me with her toes wiggling them and showing them off which got me rock solid but I learned quickly and was wearing jeans which hid my boner and I just said it was because it was getting kinda cold. As the fire started to die down and slowly people started to go to bed and soon it was just me and maralee out there and I said we had to make it look like we actually went to bed so I told her to go lay in her tent for twenty minutes and then come back out and I would meet her and then we could screw around. So we both went to bed and I slipped out of my tent a little early with a blanket and layed it in the flatebed of my dad’s truck and waited and I saw her coming out of her tent wearing only a wife beater whcih showed off her brown nipples perfectly, a black thong which barely covered her pussy and left her perfect native tan ass cheeks bouncing every time she took a step and her flip flops which I loved to see her in. I only had my boxers and a white undershirt and some sneakers so I got up to go get her and when I did firstthing I did was pick her up and hold her so her legs were around my waist and I carried her over to the truck laid her down on her back so her legs were hanging off the end and first thing she did was kick off her flip flops and told me to suck her toes and I did and of course she gets giggly again so I got done with that then from her feet I kissed my way up her perfect long toned and tan legs all the way up to her pussy. I quickly pulled her thong off and started to lick and kiss around her pussy which got her so wet I could see a line of juice running down into the blanket and she smelt so sweet and musky. I was getting her so horny she started to wiggle and trying to just ram her pussy into my mouth and she finally asked “PLEASE LICK MY PUSSY!” as soon as she said that I plunged my tongue into her tight wet hole, she tasted anazing, then she arched her back and tried not to scream and wake everyone up. Still a small moan escaped and I took my tongue out, found her clit, and took that little bead and sucked it into my mouth and statred licking it as much as I could and she started to moan quietly, still trying to stay quiet till finally she told me to put it in. So I got up there picked her up around her waist and moved her farther in the back and picked her legs up and put them over my shoulders and slowly started to put my dick in and knowing she was a virgin slowly went in, waited for her to adjust then push in a little more and then I stopped at her hymen, asked if she really wanted this, and to answer she slammed her ass onto my dick and popped her cherry herself! I heard a little pop and she somehow stayed quiet and I sat there for while hugging her while she was crying till I asked her if I could keep going she nodded yes and I slowly kept pushing till I was completely in. It was so fucking tight and I told her I was gonna start thrusting in and out, she just told me to go slow. So I slowly pulled out about halfway and went back in and did this a couple of times till she started to lightly push back on my dick and I soowly gained speed and she started pushing back more till im slamming her pussy and she’s pushing just as hard back and trying as hard as she could not to be loud then after a couple of minutes I told her I was gonna cum and she said to cum inside her! So I finally was gonna cum, I shot another huge load inside her and as soon as I did I sent her over the edge and she came and her pussy made sure it got every last drop of cum out of me, as soon as I pulled out she stuck her finger in her pussy and started eating the cum she scooped out and watching her I got hard again and she came over and pushed flat on my back in the truck and got on her knees over my cock. She looked like she was going to sit on me and I was gonna get to fuck her pussy again! But then I saw her spit in her hand and rub it on my dick so I looked at my dick when she was guiding it in with her hand she was aiming for her asshole! I wasn’t expecting anal for the first time so I was really surprised but just shut up and let her get it in and do it on her own pace. Sure enough I just pushed when she told me to and in a minute or two I was buried in her asshole! It was tighter than her pussy and felt amazing she was on top and started crouching on her feetand pushing up making her feet look so hot. Just like her pussy we started slow but soon enough she gained pace and we were slamming into each other I was able to get up on my elbows and suck her tits while I was fucking her. The campfire was out so we were going by the moonlight and while we were fucking I just noticed how utterly beautiful her sweaty chest and legs looked in the light and something in me went off and I pounded her as hard as I could and at that point we didn’t care how loud we were she was screaming and I was groaning pretty good too and I pulled out right as I was about to cum and I stood up and kept her knelt down and came all over face and tits we checked to see if anyone woke up and no one did, so she slowly scooped all my cum up and ate it all! After she finished we just laid out there in each others arms for a good twenty minutes, then I helped her get dressed with what clothes she did have to put on, gave her once last kiss for the night and we both went to bed.

The next morning we woke up and and as everyone was milling about we looked at each other and as soon as I saw her I had to go put on some jeans to hide my bulge. I went to go on my walk and maralee came along we managed to fuck one goodtime and I sadly had to come on her not in her but I wasn’t too sad and we kept meeting every night and we went on walks at least three times a day and tried lots of stuff over the trip. The last day we did our usual three fucks a day and we were happy because we thought nobody noticed and that last night we were in the middle of fucking when we heard someone walking out of their tent so we both ducked down into my dad’s truck and tried to hide. We heard the footsteps getting closer and we knew we were caught so we just wanted to know by who so someone came around the back of the truck and it was maralee’s little s****r marissa who was gonna be a freshman that fall and she asked what we were doing. Maralee just said”You know what we’re doing so go back to bed!” marissa asked “Can I Join?”

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