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Extreme oral submission – sucking, drinking cum and piss, licking arse
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Debs was an absolute oral whore – she was always desperate to use her
mouth, and never, ever refused to blow or rim me, no matter when or where
we were.

She wasn’t always like this; when we first went out together in college,
(I was her first boyfriend – at 16!), she was a little more reserved. Once
we’d …

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BBW Nurses – I was sent to Haiti to help
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I opened the big metal door, leading to the flight deck. I could still feel the jet wash from the plane that just took off. I crossed the flight deck to the helicopter. I put on the head phones and tossed my gear on the seat next to me. I gave the pilot, the thumbs up. I closed my eyes …

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THE BOSS’S SLUT – Bitches In Heat
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It was clear to me just how much Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn discussed things related to me the very next weekend when I was once again invited to share an intimate weekend with them at their estate.

I arrived well after Mr. Woodburn, wanting to finish up some office issues so the weekend could be relaxing. Arriving by taxi, I …

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Margo’s Own Sex Story
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We started kissing and, of course, I let him fondle my breasts. I wasn’t sure how much he knew about my willingness to do other things, but he put his hand on my leg and I allowed him to reach up under my skirt and rub my thigh at the edge of my panties. That’s when I turned slightly and …

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