The End of the Innocence 2.
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I awoke slowly, opening my eyes to the now familiar haze of blue and
white sunlight that filtered through our tent walls. I was lying on my left
side, facing the outer wall of the tent, on the side where the morning sun
struck it. It was brighter than usual, probably because it was later in the
morning than usual. I had no idea what time it might be, and didn’t care.

The familiar sounds of birds outside, and other campers doing things
and talking, filtered into my ears along with a new sound: gentle snoring.
It was the snoring that reminded me that I wasn’t alone. Hazily I
remembered the night before, and felt that languid sense of delicious
relaxation you sometimes get when you’ve slept soundly. I lay there for a
while just taking it all in, before being unable to resist turning over and
seeing what was on the other side.

What was there was the nude body of a young girl whose name I knew was
Laura, but that’s nearly all I knew about her. She lay only a foot away
from me, in the middle of our cramped tent space, on her side and facing
Jerry who lay sleeping on his side facing the far wall. They were no longer
touching in the spoon from last night, but were about a foot apart. I was
the first one up, and I took advantage of that to just look and think and
savor the situation as best I could.

Her face was away from me and I couldn’t see it, being partially hidden
in a tangle of blondish brown hair. She looked blonder than I remembered
last night. Her body was tanned but not darkly, and the outline of the
two-piece suit she wore on the beach was evident on her back and around her
hips. Except for the tiny blonde hairs that could only be seen if you
looked very closely, her body was smoothly shaped, rising over the beautiful
mounds of her ass to taper off into two perfect legs and two pretty feet
with white soles. It was a sight to make your heart soar, and it almost
made me sigh out loud.

Too many woman believe themselves to be ugly or just ordinary if they
don’t qualify as the perfect centerfold model. Laura probably didn’t think
of herself as exceptionally attractive. But this isn’t true — I’ve tried
to tell so many women I know how beautiful and sexy they really are, even
without being perfect, but the words somehow can’t even begin to convey the
full truth of it. The female body is a poem to a heterosexual man, and in
the words of the philosopher whose name I can’t remember, it “proves the
existence of God”.

As I observed the proof that lay so near to me, I watched the rise and
fall of her chest, and became aware that it synchonized perfectly to the
sounds of the snoring. It was her and not Jerry. For some reason, which I
will try to explain in a moment, this was a profound revelation to me. I
had not known before this that girls were even capable of snoring — the
sound was so rude that I had thought these angelic creatures incapable of

You see, in order for the ordinary reader to understand what I was
feeling then, I need to explain that I had grown up as an only child
somewhat isolated from the real world. My mother was a strictly correct
lady, who taught me by her example and her words that the world of women
was one of stern but gentle beings standing high on alabaster pedestals,
striving always for a state of moral perfection. (True, she once admitted,
might be a few bad apples that had fallen from their lofty perches, but in
doing so they had fallen from the community of real women and were to be
avoided by any decent person). Yes, she said as she explained the “birds and
bees” to me in junior high school, women do have sex; but no woman enjoys it
for itself, only to reproduce the species or sometimes to please the animal
appetites of the man she loves. Sex is simply too dirty and too crude to be
actually enjoyed by any woman worthy of a decent man’s attention. Any woman
who shows an interest is a fallen one, pretending, in a game of manipulation
to gain advantage of you, probably for money.
My later experiences had cast some doubt on this bleak view of human
sexuality. I didn’t really believe it, but had never had the experiences
necessary to break it’s cold, clammy grip on my subconcious. Heretofore my
sexual encounters had been mostly with fairly passive partners, or in a few
cases disagreeable ones. How could I be sure those who seemed to enjoy it
weren’t pretending?

So why was her gentle snoring such a revelation? Because in some
simple way in made her a human being. Not an alabaster-pedestalled angel,
nor a fallen woman in league with the devil — but simply a human just like
Jerry and I. Only someone as inexperienced with women as me could have
needed such an odd trigger to discover such an obvious truth.

So I lay and watched and absorbed these thoughts until the snoring
faded and she stirred as if beginning to awaken. A fact about me is that I
am almost always horny in the morning, and studying the naked form of the
sleeping Laura hadn’t done anything to diminish that tendency. Indeed, my
well-used member had recovered it’s verve from the exertions of the night
before, and already was semi-erect. Her ass crack was inviting, and I
snuggled up fully against her just as I had just before falling asleep,
being careful to fit my warm cock along the valley between her cheeks.

For a minute or two she didn’t react and I thought she was still
asleep, so I just selfishly enjoyed the feel of her body as my cock finished
becoming fully erect trapped in it’s fleshy female straightjacket.

The first motion from her that indicated she was awake was a pressing
of her ass tighter against my loins. A lovely positive response to my mood,
or maybe just a assertion of hers, but certainly she was not pretending. My
heart started pounding more quickly in my chest.
I responded to her response my pressing even tighter against her. My
cock was now very tightly trapped, but the sensation was pleasure not pain.
We lay that way for a few moments, then without moving any other part of her
body she began gently working her hips up and down in a small motion,
rubbing my hard cock and sending sensations of delight all through me. The
desire and arousal that had been mostly below my waist now began to spread
through my whole body.

Then suddenly she shifted away from me and out of contact, sliding over
about a foot to the prone form of Jerry and spooning herself against him as
she had been the night before. I was surprised and disappointed, and it
spoke to my secret insecurities that I thought she might be choosing him
over me.

But she wasn’t — her hand reached back and touched me, and with a
pulling motion she signified she wanted me back in position. I slid over
and sandwiched her against him, a position she obviously loved to be in.
She was the meat and we were the bread, and it was a delightfully tight

I had again placed my cock in it’s former position, and again she rubbed
back against me. My face was in her hair, and I took advantage of that
position to shower some kisses on the back of her neck, before I saw some
motion and looked up to see her arm snaking over Jerry’s waist and down
towards his private parts. I couldn’t see, but I knew from the slight
flexing of her arm muscles that she was holding and carressing his cock to a
state of hardness, while waking him up as sweetly as possible at the same

We lay like that, almost motionless, for some languid minutes. But the
lack of apparant motion belied what was going on, for we were three fully
awake and aroused sexual partners, subtly stimulating each other’s genitals
in preparation for more strenuous action.

Eventually, she stopped stroking him, satisfied by the feel of it that
stage of her mission was successfully accomplished. She then pressed her
rear strongly against me, pushing me back a bit, then pulled away to get a
little separation. Into the gap she placed her hand on my hard, hot cock
and guided it not between her cheeks but into the tiny triangle of space
between the lips of her pussy and her closed upper thighs. I fit there
snugly, with the top of my cock flush against her labia, and the tip poking
all the way through to the other side, probably making it appear to someone
looking from her front that she had a short thick stubby little cock right
under her pubic patch.

Now she could get some direct stimulation too, and I proceeded to give
it to her, sawing my cock slowly and gently back and forth, being sure to
keep the top ridge rubbing against her labia. I could feel the heat, and
the wetness beginning to seep out there. I kissed her shoulders and neck
some more, for good measure. I liked being so near to her I could smell the
milky scent of her skin and the traces of shampoo on her hair.

No words had been spoken thoughout all this, we had communicated by feel
and instinct alone. But to carry out her desires fully, she needed to give
Jerry some instruction:
“Turn over” she whispered to him. (We could all hear the noises of other
people around us outside the tent going about daily activities, and none of
us wanted to attract attention with any obvious sexual sounds, so we kept as
quiet as we could).
He did, and was face to face with her. I could see the smile on his
face as he turned. As they looked at one anothers eyes (I wished selfishly
that I was able to look at her face) she moved her hand down and again began
fondling his cock. But this time, she pulled him forward towards the spot
where I was located, and urged his hard long dick up underneath mine and
into the little love nest formed by her closed thighs. He didn’t resist,
and I soon felt his velvet hardness sliding along the underside of mine. He
pressed as close as he could, and his cock tip protruded until it nuzzled up
against my ball sack. It was not an unpleasant sensation. My own tip
rested in the meeting place of his pubic hair and hers.

So we lay for another few moments, bathing in the lustful sensations
Laura’s sexual creativity had made for us. Until I kissed her neck again,
and began to gently move my cock back and forth. This time, my genitals
were sandwiched between his and hers, just like her body was sandwiched
between Jerry and I. I was the motion man, neither of the others moved. I
felt like I was fucking them both simultaneously, and the thought sent a
wicked thrill through my whole body.

The only other movement was Jerry’s, as he brought his hand up to her
chest and began to pinch and fondle her nipples. Obviously, she had
sensitive breasts, because shortly this action along with my cock rubbing
on her pussy lips pulled a whispered moan of lust and approval from deep in
her throat.

We kept it up for a while, but she had other ideas. We were just
passively letting her be the director, and she was doing an excellent job.
Her next instruction to Jerry was a whispered:
“Let me suck you.”
He pulled his cock from it’s warm nest under mine, and slid up towards
the head of the tent until his loins aligned with her face. From behind her
I turned my head up to see her take his red cock with the velvet purple head
and insert it between her lips. He sighed, and I could hear a wet suckling
sound as she started a motion of her lips and tongue.
She sucked strongly for a minute or two, only pausing to take the cock
from her mouth and whisper to me:
“Put yours inside me.”
From our position, this was in fact easier said than done. I could only
think of two possibilities — folding both her legs upward into a sitting
position and coming in from the bottom; or turning her torso slightly,
scissoring her kegs, and putting it in from the side. I chose the former,
hoping for a deeper penetration.
She complied easily as I withdrew my cock, noticing the wetness that
covered the top of it, and moved her legs for her. I then laid down back
into position behind her, and manuevered my cockhead up to her labia. I
teasingly rubbed it back and forth on her lips a few times, then inserted it
into it’s favorite place. There was nothing difficult about the
penetration, and I slowly slid it as far as I could, until again the
roundness of her ass seated firmly into the indention of my loins.

There was nothing to do now but, quite frankly, to fuck and suck until
our orgasms exploded within us. She had the problem of keeping up
concentration on him as I fucked her, and we all were apparantly determined
to try and keep as quiet as possible. Nevertheless, from within the tent
the quiet subtle sounds of sex were unmistakable: The wet suckling of her
mouth on his cock, and her pussy on mine. The breathing was regular but
getting heavier.
I just lay there and humped steadily, as minutes passed and the sounds
kept delighting my ears. The sugary pleasure on my cock kept building, and
I wondered if I’d be able to hold out long enough for her to cum before I
did — always a goal of mine.
The answer was soon in coming, as I heard the suckling stop and a
series of small grunts come from her, which she obviously was trying to keep
under control. Her body shook, and the now familar hunches of her loins
started coming in waves. The view I had from behind of her cumming was
grand, and I paused in my stroking to enjoy it.
(Laura was, by far, the most easily orgasmic woman I had ever met. Most
women, before her and after her, take much more work and time than she did
to achieve release. I suppose it’s an anatomic, or maybe a mental thing.)
The hunches and quivering stopped, and she let out a pathetically
satisfied sigh. I resumed pumping, unable to control my wayward loins.
She too resumed her sucking, generously giving him pleasure even after hers
had passed for the moment.
It wasn’t long before I reached the point of no return. I just pushed
in as far as I could, and managed a whispered “I’m cumming” before the juice
spurted out of me and into her steamy tunnel. I’m not going to try to
describe the orgasm — you either have experienced some like it, or you are
too young to be reading this. Suffice it to say it stiffened my muscles for
a few seconds, flooded my mind with a wave of ecstacy, then died away as I
relaxed gasping a little for breath.
I lay there, and she lay there — only one more to go. I once again
heard the suckling, which seemed louder now and more determined. Shortly,
he whispered:
“Here it comes.” and this was followed by a cessation of noise. Her
sucking stopped, and so did his breathing.
I knew at that moment his hot salty sperm was pulsing into her mouth.
After maybe ten seconds, Jerry let out a loud exhalation of breath.
Followed by some ragged breathing as he began coming down.

We all lay still for a minute or two. Breathing all around returned to
normal. And from the stillness she whispered:

“Damn that was beautiful.”


After that, we all slowly dragged ourselves up, put on some clothes,
took a really very badly needed shower, and sat down for a breakfast of
Jerry’s fixing. It was about noon, on the first full day of our being

Real life intruded, and things needed to be done. Laura had to find a
pay phone and call Molly, her travelling companion, to let her know she was
alive and well. The plan had been for Laura to be absent to give Molly and
Pedro, her new-found beau, some time to make love. Eventually, after
midnight, Laura was to return to the room to sleep. Having not returned,
Molly was left to wonder whether Laura’s luck had been good, or worry that
it had been very, very bad. Laura said when she returned that she had
assured Molly that her luck had been unbelievably good, which brought a
smile from us. Molly and Pedro offered to meet us at the beach, and of
course we agreed.

We met later that afternoon. Molly was a dark-haired and rather
stoutly built girl, about Laura’s age and with an attractive shape that
probably wouldn’t last as she got older. Her face was not nearly as nice as
Laura’s, but I don’t believe in judging people by their appearance. What
did strike me was that Molly was quite hairy, in opposition to Laura’s
shaven smoothness. One could see the curls of black pubic hair peeking from
around the edges of Molly’s one-piece suit, a defect she must have know
about but didn’t care to correct. Her underarms were unshaven also.
Pedro was a bit of a surprise. I expected a tall dark Latin lover
type, but he was small and somewhat thin. He was dark and Latino, however,
and spoke English in a way that let you know immediately it wasn’t his
native language.

After these descriptions, you may be thinking that later on all five of
us are going to get it on in an orgy later in this story. Forget it. Don’t
you remember I told you up front this wasn’t a made-up erotic fantasy? Not
that that kind of thing couldn’t happen, but it’s pretty rare in the real
world. In fact, the thought never really crossed our minds, but joking on
the drive over to the beach Jerry had asked why Laura had passed on a
threesome with Molly and Pedro only to find us. Laura smiled, but told us
Molly was the possessive type, so much so that she didn’t want Laura to even
be around Pedro very much. In the phone call, Molly had seemed a little
relieved that Laura had found a companion elsewhere and wouldn’t be any
competition for her.

However, we all got along quite well. The public beach at Key West is
not really what you’d expect: a long wide strip of perfect white sand
bordering a crystal blue sea. The sea is crystal blue and beautiful all
right, but the beach was (I don’t know if it has changed) narrow,
yellow-brown, and partially covered with seaweed. We saw more than one
tourist family drive up, look around, and depart disappointed and
complaining. But the real beauty is just beneath the water, and Jerry and I
had nearly burned backs from all the snorkling we had done all week looking
at the fantastic array of coral and sea life. Laura and Molly didn’t know
this, and we loaned them our gear and let them paddle around fascinated.
Pedro didn’t seem to care much. He wasn’t very talkative.

I was, at that time, a devoted amateur photographer, and had brought
both my 35mm Minoltas with an array of lenses to document our trip. I
wanted badly to document Laura, but she was exceedingly camera-shy, and I
was too much of a gentleman to force it. I did sneak one candid shot of
her, under one of the concrete sunshades they have there, looking out at the
ocean. But it’s a distant shot, and you see her face only in profile.
Still, I have it to this day.
Molly and Pedro weren’t shy, and posed for me. It’s from this picture
that I wrote my descriptions above. Without that picture I’d never really
remember what they looked like. They do play a minor role in this tale,
however, which is why I introduced them to you.

The day passed pleasantly. I do remember sitting on the beach with
Jerry, looking at some dolphins play out in the ocean, when I noticed Molly
and Laura talking together under the sunshade about twenty feet away. I
couldn’t make out the words, except for a rather loud “Really?!?” from
Molly, and she looked over at us. I imagine Laura had told her of the true
nature of our companionship.

Molly had brought a large bag of essentials for Laura, at her request.
Laura said was just being her generous self, giving Molly and Pedro the full
use of the their room even though she was paying for part of it. Of course,
Laura asked us if she could keep on hanging out with us. Ah, why the fuck
not? we replied. That silly little phrase was becoming something of a
battle cry. I was amazed and thrilled she would want to move in with us, in
that tiny tent, giving up a comfortable hotel room.

Later, I sat and talked with Laura as Jerry and Molly paddled about
over the shallow reef (we only had two sets of masks and snorkles). Laura
was, as I guessed, a student at Florida State, but I would have never
guessed her major: mathematics. Here was no airhead looking for a husband.
Her ambition? To go into astronomy when she graduated. You should know
about me, that I am attracted emotionally to intelligent women. I admit, I
was feeling an attraction to her; an attraction that given our circumstances
might turn out to be troublesome.

Talk turned to sex, and she explained the outlines of her history to
me. She had entered college a virgin and a confirmed “good girl”, having
learned at her mother’s knee that was the only acceptable way to be. I
could relate to that. But once she did let go a little and discovered how
“wonderful” (her word) it really was, she regretted having started so late,
as she said. She had just recently turned 21.

She now considered herself an adventurer, determined on a philosophy of
liberation, and seeking to find the boundaries of her sexuality. She didn’t
have a boyfriend, and didn’t want to be tied down by anyone at this point.
I returned the favor and told her about myself. In particular, I made
it clear that Jerry and I were nothing but friends, and that in fact I had
never even had any bisexual leanings that I knew of. She then confessed the
obvious, that the scene of two men having sex had been a secret fantasy of
her even while a virgin, and it “always got her off”. She didn’t know why.
Still, having some free time due to Molly’s involvement, she had wandered
into the movie arcade last night on a whim to satisfy her curiosity about
how it might really look. Her seeming casualness had been just a cover for
the nervousness she really felt being there.
I told her I thought she might have been lucky that we turned out to be
the nice guys we really were.
She admitted going with us was stupid. She said she was tempted by
Jerry’s offer, but would have declined out of common sense except the movie
had gotten her horny and that made the offer “irresistable”. I knew the
feeling, and wondered aloud if, since males were often guilty of “thinking
with their dicks” if girls also had a similar problem.
She allowed that sometimes, she did.
“So what now?” I asked when the conversation flagged.
She looked at me with an expression impossible to adequately describe,
and said,
“There are a lot of combinations three people can get into.”
“Yes” I replied. And she said,
“I want to try them all”.


We wound up the day on the dock at sunset, watching the crowd watch
the fiery sun decend into the Gulf of Mexico. I really can’t remember any
particular moment when I have felt more alive than right then. None of the
three of us did much talking, we just sat and sipped our beers and took it
all in. I had already photographed this scene several times earlier and
hadn’t bothered to bring the camera now, but I wished I had so I could defy
Laura’s camera shyness and immortalize her glowing in the last light of the
setting sun.
There amongst the tourist families with their kids, the carribean
musicians making steel-jacketed rhythms, and the smells of the street
vendors’ food, I found myself unable to stop thinking about sex. The events
of the last night and morning had, rather than burn me out, just whetted an
appetite for more. I remembered the look of Laura as she rode Jerry, and
the way she hunched her loins when she came. The feel of both his lips and
her pussy on me, and the languid motions as we all shifted positions to
change or increase our mutual pleasure. The remembrance stirred me greatly
and made my cock down below long to be touched.
As the last deep blues of the sunset turned to blackness, the question
arose as to what we wanted to do next. I wasn’t interested in much of
anything except returning to our love nest and resuming our tryst, but I
didn’t say that. Jerry did.
“Well, we could always just go back to the camp and hang out.”
“I second that proposal. Especially the hanging out.” Laura replied
with a smile at her own little joke.
“Third, and carried.” I said, very happy that my co-conspirators were,
despite their casualness about it all day, just as eager as I was. It’s not
often you’re lucky enough to get three people together with such compatible
personalities and mutual interests as we were then. Sexual experimentation
was our main interest, the rest of the day was basically just to pass time
and recharge our batteries. We all three were laid back enough for the
threesome to hang together without tension, at least for a little while.
But my own few twinges of insecurity and jealousy and gradually increasing
attraction towards Laura (but not Jerry) let me know that this kind of
arrangement was way too unstable to do anything but collapse if given time.

“Might as well get started early. I feel real energetic.” said Laura as
we walked to the car, she being nothing if not honest. I wondered what
exactly was on her mind, or in her plans, but didn’t ask.

We piled in my little car again, Laura in the back, and I headed the
four or so miles across the island to our campground. We didn’t do any
smoking, but after about a mile I noticed a tanned feminine arm snaking it’s
way between the two bucket seats and towards Jerry’s crotch. The fingers
undid his zipper, and fished inside. He said nothing, nor made any move, he
just sat and watched.
I kept glancing between the road and Jerry, seeing the fingers kneading
and caressing inside the zipper. Pretty soon they brought forth their
prize: a fully erect male penis. Laura pulled it out from inside his
shorts, pointed it straight up, and proceeded to stroke and fondle it slowly
but effectively. Jerry made no particular motion or sound in response, but
it was obvious he was enjoying the delicious feelings.
I got hard too, and felt my own cock just to rearrange it to be more
comfortable in my pants. I got a real charge out of the wantoness of it,
and felt no jealousy towards his luck at being the passenger rather than the
driver. Luckily, though, it wasn’t a long drive.
I pulled up near the tent, and Laura released her prize. He tucked it
back in somehow, and we wasted no time getting into our tent.
We were early this time, but the tents around us seemed deserted,
probably our neighbors were out doing something. I only gave it passing
thought, because in fact we all were too horny to care. Apparantly, my
companions had been thinking lusty thoughts throughout the day as I had.

As Laura zipped up the door and pulled the flaps down for privacy, I lit
the candle, and Jerry lit the pipe. We passed it slowly, sitting in a tight
circle with knees touching, inhaling deeply, not speaking much but all
savoring the anticipation of the sensual delights to come. As the drugs
mellowed us out, removing what few inhibitions we might have had left, I had
the revelation that anticipation is a form of foreplay — not be be rushed
but enjoyed like every part of sex.

When the pot was gone, the fondling started. Jerry and I were already
hard and ready, and probably Laura was wet. But we took our time, as
t-shirts were removed bareing torsos. Hands reached to carress breasts and
finger nipples — not all just Laura’s. As I leaned over to take her left
nipple into my mouth, she was playing with Jerry’s nipples as he slid closer
to her to make it easier to reach both of them. After a good solid licking
and sucking, I moved up to lick her ear. This made her quiver a bit, and
she turned to kiss me. We exchanged tongues lustfully, swirling deeply in
each others’ mouth.
She broke the kiss and turned to Jerry, and they kissed equally
lustily. I could see the movement inside their cheeks as their tongues
intertwined. I reached over and tweaked her pointy nipples as they kissed.
When they separated, Laura placed a hand under each of our chins, and pushed
us together. She wanted us to kiss.
Jerry leaned, and I just was too mellow to care. Our lips met, and his
tongue slid inside my mouth. I kissed him back, and could hear Laura murmur
her approval. I told myself I was doing it for her. But it wasn’t
repulsive, kissing him, it just wasn’t nearly as exciting as kissing a woman
was to me.

Following our kiss, the general consensus was that we should all be
naked. Bottoms were peeled off, as were underwear. Seconds later, our
clothes lay in a pile, and we three were as naked as the day we were born.
It felt liberating to be that way, not only because my long-hard cock could
finally bob free, but also because it was hot in that tent — it hadn’t had
a chance to cool off much from the heat of the day. A sheen of sweat had
already started to form on us, and it made our skins seem a bit shiny in the

We paused in the action to take in the scene. All three of us were
voyeurs, so we just looked each other’s naked bodies over. Laura took it a
step further, spreading her knees wider to give us a view of her treasures.
It was only fair, as by nature our gentials were fully in view but hers were
hidden unless revealed by her actions.
Her labia were puffed out and glistening wet, and she emphasized this
by holding her lips apart and running a finger through her slit, gathering
juice on her fingertip. She offered the wet digit to my lips, and I licked
and then sucked her whole finger like it was a miniature cock.
Always considerate and generous, she withdrew the finger, lubed it up
again, and offered it to Jerry. He too gave it a good sucking before she
eventually withdrew it.

It’s a fact of every threesome in the real world, that there are
awkward moments, and one came on us now. No one was really sure what the
others wanted in the way of a configuration, although everyone wanted to
do something sexy. After a few moments, Jerry came though in his role of
prodder, inviting Laura to take control.
“Any special requests?” He asked her.
She didn’t answer quickly, and seem to ponder before saying
“You won’t be mad if I tell will you?”
“Of course not.” I said, not really knowing.
“Well, if you don’t want to, say so, but I really want to see two guys
really fucking.”
“You mean up the ass?” Jerry asked. She nodded yes.
We really didn’t respond, so she continued:
“It’s OK if you don’t, I know you guys really aren’t gay or anything.”
Tension, a stranger since earliy last night, rose slightly.
Jerry looked at me and could tell I wasn’t real keen on this proposal,
so he let me off the hook by asking:
“How about if we try a little 69?”
“Oooo that would be nice!” replied Laura, and they looked at me.
The tension melted away.
“Sure, why not?” I said.

“Why don’t you lay down here on your side, sweetie?” she suggested.
I lay down, my cock still very hard and longing for attention. Without
instruction, Jerry moved over and lay down on his side in front of me. His
face was in front of my cock, and my cock was in front of his face. I could
feel his hand take me, and he slid over a little closer.
I reached forward and took his cock, holding it by the base. It was the
first time in my life I had ever touched another man’s genitals. Like mine,
it was warm, hard, yet velvety smooth. I felt him pull me and I shifted
forward towards his face, then felt the gentle warmth as his mouth enclosed
my most sensitive body part.
I was the moment of truth. I felt within me a kind of quiet surrender,
then extending my tongue I swirled it around the head of his cock. It
tasted salty and felt smooth and warm. I licked around the head a bit, then
curling my lips over my teeth I inserted him in my mouth. I was a strange
feeling but not unpleasant. I was just giving, and receiving, pleasure.
It would be a lie to say that either his sucking of my cock or my
sucking of his was a huge thrill. Like last night, the actual feel of his
oral attentions was pleasant, but too soft to be truly thrilling. And my
attentions to him were too new, and I was too inexperienced, to have the
kind of confidence it takes to just lose yourself in it. Still, I gave the
kind of blowjob I like to get, all lips and tongue, alternating between
deep sucking and external licking. I felt not the slightest twinge of shame
or guilt, a little to my surprise.

Behind me was Laura, watching with interest. I couldn’t see what she
was doing, but I felt her hand touch my back and side, and begin carressing
me tenderly.
“This is so beautiful” she said, “Thank you, thank you.”
That word again: beautiful. She used it this morning. I had thought
of sex as many things, including fun, nasty, forbidden, delightful,
sensuous, naughty; but never beautiful. It was another new concept to me:
sex might be more than a wicked forbidden thrill.

But now was not a time for concepts. The feeling down below was sweet,
but I knew it would be a long time before it could build to the kind of
intensity that would cause me to cum. Still I lapped and licked and sucked
on my friend’s organ of pleasure. I knew Laura was watching, and I wanted
to please her so I put on a little show by taking him out of my mouth, and
looking up at her, then licking all around the head. This made her murmur
“Can I get in on this?” she asked, out of the blue.
Jerry kept on sucking me, so I took advantage of his silence to assert
myself for the first time since our little couplings began, what, only last
night?. Anyway, I knew what I wanted.
“How about if you get in here between Jerry and me, and you eat him
while I eat you?” I suggested.
“Oh yes, sounds grand to me.” was her reply.

I shifted myself back to make way for her. Jerry removed me from his
mouth and we all tried shifting around to accomodate what I think is called
a daisy-chain. The idea was for Jerry to suck me, me to suck Laura, and
Laura to suck Jerry all in a circle. A kind of three-way sixty-nine.
It sounds sexy but it is hard to get into position for. Jerry and I
formed a V shape, with his head at the point of the V, next to my cock.
Between the arms of the V Laura tried to fit in facing both of us, making a
triangle. But it was awkward to get her pussy where I could reach it
comfortably while at the same time she could reach his cock. We struggled
so much that we’d have laughed over it had we been less horny. Funny how
sex is such a serious business once the genitals get sufficiently enflamed.
I solved it by suggesting she turn around. That placed her in a more
natural position to get to him, and she could raise her upper leg to give me
access to her pussy. After a bit of shuffling and adjusting, we got where
we could give and receive pleasure without straining.
Her ass was more or less in my face. I rested my cheek on her lower
thigh, and inhaled the powerful musky aroma of a fully aroused female.
There must be some scent that women excrete that attracts men — I know it
attracts me. I love eating pussy more that any sex act except actually
cumming inside a woman. I never pass up an opportunity, which is why I had
suggested this form of coupling.

Of course, she was extremely wet. I kissed around on her thighs by way
of a little teasing, then began licking my way towards her slit. She wanted
me, because she shifted slightly towards me. I as got close, I felt the
sweet warmth of Jerry’s mouth close over my cock again. I welcomed it as my
tongue made it’s first long swipe up her slit. It was still a bit awkward
compared to licking a woman on her back, but this was only a minor
inconvience. The indecribable lustiness of her taste filled both my tongue
and my nostrils, making me want to dive deep in and never come out.
I am not being immodest when I say I am very good at pleasing a woman
with my mouth. I knew enough even back then to understand that every woman
is different, and you have to begin by experimenting to find where her sweet
spots are. I licked her labia, and inserted my tongue into her hole. All
the while, Jerry was doing his licking and sucking thing. Fortunantly, he
was not masturbating me with his hand, as he had done last night, else I
might have been unable to prevent cumming sooner than I wanted to.
Laura had a prominent clitoris. Many women have hidden ones, but hers
was easy to find and projected somewhat from the top of her slit. (This may
have been the reason for her easily achieved orgasms, but I don’t know for
sure). I didn’t know how sensitive she was, so I licked around it, then
gently on it. Then a little harder, waiting to feel a reaction from her.
When she pressed forward, not pulled away, I knew I was at the right spot
with approximately the right pressure.
I didn’t stay there, preferring to leave and lick elsewhere, then
return. The same teasing that Jerry was doing to me, varying the pressure
and style of his sucking and licking.
The tent once again was filled with the gentle sounds of sex in
progress, this time the wet sucking sounds of three people giving head to
one another. The taste, the feel, the sounds, the smells — all wonderful,
all delightful, all — beautiful. Three soul mates lost in a world of the
other’s bodies.

We sucked, licked, tongued, kissed. Over and over. I began to insert
my finger into her vagina, to increase the pleasure for her. I put it as
deep as possible, and begin finger-fucking as I licked. She moaned around
Jerry’s cock. Everyone knew that by concentrating on one spot, he or she
could bring on an orgasm, but we all wanted to prolong the pleasure and not
end it, until the urge because unbearable.

One time as I flicked her clit, she stopped sucking and said “Right
there! Don’t stop!”
I licked it again and again, this time knowing she was close. Soon her
sucking of Jerry stopped, and she moaned a little high-pitched moan that
signified her cumming was soon to be. Her body seemed to stiffen, and her
hips thrust forward. I could feel the tiniest little flutter deep inside
her on my fingertip. She stayed stiff for what seemed forever, maybe
fifteen seconds.
Then she exhaled and relaxed suddenly. I removed my finger and
inserted my tongue into her hole to see if she tasted different. Not
really, but very very strong and delicious.
As I lay there, Jerry resumed sucking. I don’t think she was doing him
at the time, as she was still recovering. I let him, but simply lay there
myself looking at her enchanting pussy in the dim light, the wetness shining
on her thighs and the curly wet matted hair mixing with the still dry upper
parts of her pubic patch. The lewdness and delightful nastiness of the
situation filled my mind, and I revelled in it.

Suddenly, I was hit by something that has rarely happened to me, before
or since. Unexpectantly, a wave of pleasure shot up my spine and my hips
seemed to push forward on their own. My body was like on remote control; it
stiffened and I began to cum in Jerry’s mouth. I hadn’t felt it coming, yet
it was powerful and joyous. I had no choice but to give in and feel jet
after jet of cum pulse out of my cock.

I relaxed after a few seconds (it only *feels* like minutes!). He had
taken it all in his mouth. I’d have warned him if I’d known, but I didn’t
hear any complaints. Instead we all lay in our little heap without speaking
for a few minutes.

We untangled shortly, and Laura asked me if I had cum. I said yes of
course, for it was true. But I knew Jerry hadn’t, so once again I figured
he would have her to himself for a bit. Why was I always cumming first?
I thought I was pretty good at holding it, but it wasn’t turning out to be
all that true.

“I’ll gladly take care of you sweetie.” was what I heard her say, as
she shifted position on the mattress. “Come fuck me.”.
He got up, and I could see she had aligned herself straight on the
mattress and on her back. Again, I was to be a spectator, so I got out of
the way over to the side of the tent they weren’t on, and just lay there on
my side.
For some reason, I guess my intense state of horniness all throughout
the day, I wasn’t as drained as usual, even though the orgasm had been
pretty intense (which ones aren’t?). I again felt a pang as he got down on
his knees between her spread legs, his hard red cock jutting out proudly,
well sucked and covered still with a sheen of spit. I suppressed the pang
of jealousy, though, by determining to just watch and enjoy it as best I
could, hoping again for sloppy seconds if such were available.

He moved his cock down to her in a smooth sensual motion, bending his
whole body down. He then took the hard tool and starting rubbing it up and
down her wet slit.
“Fuck” he simply said, looking into her eyes.
“Fuck me.” she replied, looking back.
At that word, he shoved his hips forward, sheathing himself in one
smooth stroke. His cock vanished inside her, and his pubic hair pressed
forward till it mingled with hers. He held his upper body up with his arms,
and looked down at her from directly above. She moaned as he slid in as far
as he would go. Her moan made my soft cock jump.

They held still for a few moments, looking into each other’s eyes.
Another pang as I saw this, but still my cock was starting to rise again, so
soon after it’s late emission. I touched it and encouraged it: if I was
going to have to watch them make it, I wanted to be aroused enough to enjoy
it as a voyeur.

Soon he began moving, pulling his cock out very far, until only the
tip was lodged in her, then smoothly sliding it all the way back again.
Holding it in her, then repeating the delicious process. I could see the
pleasure light in both their eyes as the rubbing sent sparks through their
aroused bodies.

She soon began a gentle heaving back at him, matching her pelvic
thrusts to his. As she did this, he dropped down off his arms so that their
chests flattened against one another, and her pointed nipples pressed
against his. She moaned and her arms went around him, then her legs shifted
up and locked around behind his hips.

She held him tight, and this brought a short pause in the action. He
stopped thrusting and they both lay still. Her hips were curved upwards in
a way that looked incredibly sexy to me. I could look underneath them and
see his loins locked with hers so very tightly. He had to be deep inside
her and feeling magnificent.

Soon he couldn’t help but begin moving again. This time, only his ass
moved. Every other part of him and her held perfectly still, her arms and
legs still wrapped around him, his face buried in her loose tangle of hair.
But his ass kept pushing in and out. It was very sexy…and I felt my cock
rise to it’s full extent, although it was rather desensitized compared to
normal. But I was glad to have it, and I played with myself, in order to
maximize my pleasure in watching. It was OK, after all; she had played with
herself twice now as Jerry and I did sex acts in front of her. Now they in
a sense were doing it for me, or at least I liked to think of it that way.

I enjoyed seeing his ass move. It actually looked both cute and sexy.
I even liked the look of his ass cheeks and crack as he fucked her. But I
wanted to see more, so I turned around to get a better view of their point
of coupling. They ignored my motions and continued to hump, as I crawled
down to see underneath their rear ends. Ah! I could see his shaft pulling
out, all covered with shiny juice, and then push back in, then pull back out
again. Her vaginal walls seems to puff out, and pull in with him, as if
they wanted to maintain the maximum contact no matter what he did. I had
seen this in several porno movies, but never were those nearly as — I
searched for the word — as exciting as this.

As their breathing became heavier, and his motions became a little more
insistent, I realized that was the wrong word. Yes, it was exciting, but
the word I really wanted was…beautiful.

It *was* beautiful. It was an act of love. Two people sharing the most
intimate parts of their bodies, willingly, with others whom they choose.
Rubbing areas of incredible sensitivity together until the pleasure of it
becomes unbearable and peaks in a wave of fantastic ecstacy. Pressed
together as tightly as possible. What could be more lovely, more beautiful?
Why was this considered so dirty, so wrong?
I had had these kinds of thoughts many times before, but only in theory.
But now, in the most intense test possible, I really felt it deep within my
soul. I felt the jealousy wash away, and I feeling of tenderness replace
it. Was this how Laura had felt as she carressed us earlier, thanking us
profoundly for providing such a “beautiful” sight for her?
I don’t know, but I felt a change take place within me. I crawled back
up to have my face near theirs, perhaps to carress and encourage them.

As I reached there, I looked at both him and her. Both faces were those
of people in extreme pleasure. I know I looked that way when I was doing it
too. Forget the faked moaning and expressions of the porno magazines and
movies. Real people are often quiet, and often their faces are fairly
neutral as they absorb the gut-wrenching joys of sex. But the very
blankness of the stares, or the tightly shut eyes and opened mouths,
indicate that in their minds the world has shrunk down to the meeting of two
pairs of genitals — nothing else matters or even exists. In that little
world is the most we will ever know of ecstacy in this life.

I thought these thoughts, until suddenly I saw his face rise up, and I
could hear him groan. Held tightly still by her, his hips made one final
inward thrust, looking almost like he wanted his whole lower body to go
inside her. Then he simply held still and stopped breathing. At that
moment, his cock was spurting out the cum his body had made for him today
deep into Laura.
“Yes give it to me” I heard her whisper.

At last he exhaled violently, and gently dropped his head back beside
hers, into her hair.

In the silence that followed, there was no motion. Only the sound of
crickets outside the tent, and the muffled sounds of other people in other
tents carrying on their lives. I thought I should do something, so after a
few minutes I reached over and carressed his back as he lay over her, and
her hair as it flowed all around her face, and told them both how beautiful
their act of love had been.
She smiled at me, and he rolled off her onto the opposite side from
the one I was on.

Gradually, of course, they revived. I don’t know if she came in that
last sequence, but I didn’t see any evidence of it. So if not then that for
the first time would leave her and I the ones with the most elapsed time
between our last orgasms. I can’t imagine why my mind was doing that kind
of calculation as if it mattered, but I remember thinking those thoughts.

Eventually, we all sat up (it was impossible to stand in the tent), and
started talking in dribs and drabs. Not really about sex, but first about
trivial things, like the sea life and weather. I fished out the stash of
pot, and the pipe was produced and lit and slowly and casually it made the
rounds between us. As the drug took effect, conversation turned deeper
(or, at ,least, it seemed to), and we discussed one another’s lives. I
can’t really remember the details of our talk, I just remember feeling so
bonded with these two, so comfortable.
There we were, two friends who had just become, shall we say, incredibly
intimate; and a stranger who was now a friend to us both. All smoking a
controlled substance while seated in a tiny circle knee-to-knee, buck naked
in every detail. Does it get any better than this?

We talked and talked. As we did, the pot wore off gradually and time
passed. But it became evident that we were not done with our exercises for
the night, because talk turned inevitably to sex. It was sort of like
a game of “twenty questions” except far more disorganized. But details of
our experiences, likes, and dislikes were shared by all.
As we learned more about each other, the conversation was explicit. My
reaction was to feel my cock becoming erect again. I didn’t really care, so
what? Laura and Jerry noticed, but didn’t really do anything, and before
long Jerry was in a like condition. We were swollen, but not really rock
hard, having both already experienced two orgasms this day plus two last

Laura had an idea. (Didn’t she always?) Digging in her large bag of
necessities put together by her and Molly earlier in the day, she retrieved
a deck of playing cards. She explained she’d once played a game with a guy
where both would draw a card, and the low card had to do whatever the high
card wanted. As a sexual warm-up, it was a real ice-breaker. Here we
didn’t need to break ice but the game might be fun anyway.
I’m good at making up games, so I on the spot made up a three-way
version of the rules. All three would draw cards, and the high card would
give an order to the low card to do to the middle card. In case of a tie,
the two that tied would draw again. The game was over when we wanted it
to be. Everyone was a winner.

Before we started we finished another pipe. Probably because of that,
the details of the card “game” are a bit, ah, confused in my mind, so I’m
more or less guessing as to the actual sequence of events here, but I assure
you the general gist is right.

During the first few draws, we took it slowly. The “orders” were
pretty mild, kisses, ear licks, and toe sucks were among them. I remember
being told to suck Laura’s big toe, then later when I won over Jerry I made
him to the same to her. Giggles followed both performances. Later she lost
and had to suck our toes. She was a good sport and dove right to it.
But of course, as the game went on things got more serious, as first
Jerry, then I licked and sucked Laura’s nipples on orders from the other.
This was followed by a round of nipple-sucking by myself to both partners,
and Jerry to me. Having my nipples sucked and licked was a strange and
unique sensation, sort of sharp but not overly exciting.
The first serious sexual order was by Jerry to Laura for her to suck
my cock for thirty seconds. She bent over and did it without any
hesitation, and this really got me very hard. I won and Jerry lost the
next draw, and I ordered him to lick her pussy. As she leaned back and
he leaned in, the level of arousal increased another notch. I lost
the next (I think) and Laura had me suck Jerry. I already had earlier,
so it was no problem now. His cock stiffened in my mouth in the half
minute or so that I licked him.
I wanted to lose and be ordered to lick her, but the next time I lost
and Jerry won, I was ordered to insert my finger in her pussy instead. I
did, and felt how wet she was. She looked into my eyes as I fingered her,
and this thrilled me more that all the sex play that had preceeded it.
This order started a round of fingering. I ordered Laura to finger
Jerry’s cock then jack him. She protested that was two orders so I just
told her to finger him, which she did. Then, when she won and I lost, she
asked us if we had any lubricant. I didn’t, but Jerry had brought along a
tube of KY, so he said yes. She ordered me to get the lube and use it
on my finger, then put it up Jerry’s ass. I looked at him, and he just
crawled over to his bag in the corner and fished out the tube and handed
it to me. That was enough answer to my unspoken question, as was his
assuming a position on his knees with his ass to me. I thought all this
looked more than just willing on his part, so I spurted some in his
crack and some on my finger, and probed for the opening.
It wasn’t hard to find, and as I was probing Laura put her face up
close so she could see the penetration. I had never put my finger in
anyone’s rear, but I had had a few rectal exams so I knew it was possible
and didn’t really hurt. It turned me on to see how eager she was to see it,
so I pressed inward with my index finger, and although his ass resisted a
little I slid it on inside. The inside of his rectum felt warm and smooth,
and I could feel the muscles trying to expel me. But I worked the finger in
and out a bit, causing what sounded like a little growl to come not from his
throat but hers.
After a while, no longer than we had spent on any other order, I
pulled out the finger. We went back to the game, but some kind of barrier
was broken. Next, by luck or what, I was ordered to do Laura. She didn’t
protest, but just bent over like Jerry had. I lubed up my finger again and
put lots of KY on her asshole — I feared hurting her. I was glad my
fingernails were cut short. Funny I didn’t really worry about Jerry as much
when I did him. But indeed after very slowly pressing inward I found my
fingertip inside her ass too. I pushed it in so slowly, ready to quit if
she made a single cross sound, but instead she murmured approval. So I
ended up moving the finger around and up inside her too. Her rectum felt
exactly like Jerry’s, except a bit tighter.
Sure enough, you guessed it, after another round or two it was my turn.
I had no fear, but bent over and offered them my ass willingly. It felt kind
of thrilling to be a little submissive and do it. I waited, then felt the
cold KY on my ass, followed by Laura’s fingertip pressing at my entrance. I
willed my ass to relax, and it did enough to let her in. She pressed in so
far I could feel her knuckle pop past my ass ring before an involuntary
contracting of my rectal muscles tried to force the invader out. She didn’t
get forced out but pushed in deeper. The feeling to me was surprisingly
intense, as my muscles pushed as if taking a shit, but the result was a high
ringing kind of pleasure radiating out all over my loins. I wondered if the
others had felt this way too. It was very sensual — I hadn’t known so many
sex nerves were located in my ass.

She withdrew and we tried to play a few more hands but we ended the
game by mutual consent with me on my back and Laura under orders from Jerry
licking my cock while on her knees. Without orders, she bent my legs up,
squirted some more KY on my ass, and inserted a finger again. Then she went
back to sucking me. This time the feeling was incredible, and I remember
begging her not to stop.
Jerry moved behind her, and inserted his hard cock in her pussy. She
stopped sucking just long enough to tell him to fuck her, then returned
her attention to me.

We were now linked in another combination. I had my eyes closed to
concentrate on the pleasure, but I could feel in her motion a gentle rocking
that was the effect of Jerry’s thrusts behind her. This went on for a bit,
then she stopped sucking and asked him to put his finger up in her ass.
Silence for a few seconds, followed by a moan from Laura.
“I never knew it could feel so gooood.” she whispered.

The motion resumed. I knew he had a finger in her ass. She had her
index finger in mine. I had nothing to do but lay back and enjoy it, so
that’s what I did.
The feeling grew and grew, but as I neared the point where I felt like
I could cum, her attention to me began to get erratic. Her finger stayed in
my rear but stopped moving, and her oral work slowed and then stopped. Even
as far gone as I was I thought that this might be a good thing, because it’s
never entirely safe to have a sensitive and important body part inside the
mouth of anyone who’s having an orgasm.
And orgasm she did, very strongly it seemed. She moaned and gasped,
and rocked her body. Jerry must have noticed her cumming but kept on
thrusting (unlike me who likes to stop as my partner cums). I opened my
eyes and watched. The look on her face was intense — it reminded me of the
look of the girl on the magazine who had both holes stuffed.

I had been pretty near, and my cock longed for attention so it could
resume it’s climb to orgasm. She held still for a half a minute or so, and
while Jerry had slowed his motion he still was putting it to her.
Gamely, she recovered a bit and again took my cock in her mouth. Her
finger was pulled from my ass, but the sucking was harder now, and I could
feel her tongue swirling around my cockhead. She also began to move her
hand up and down my cock as if she was masturbating me as she sucked.
That did it. The feelings of pleasure peaked, and I rolled over the
top of the joy curve. I did manage to warn her by saying “here it comes”,
but she didn’t do anything except keep on sucking. As the first spurt came
from my cock, she stopped and just held it there, in her mouth. I spurted a
few more times, and then quit. The truth was, I just didn’t have much cum
left to give her.
The orgasm was nice, but it was the kind of one you have when you’re
pretty drained. As good as it feels, there’s a kind of warning in it that
tells you that after this, it’s quitting time.

And indeed my cock shrank pretty rapidly as I came down. She kissed it
once and let it go. Jerry was still fucking, but I was too exhausted to
even really care. I lay passively there as he pulled out, put her down on
her back. and then mounted her from the side. I believe that in that
position she reached down and began to work her clit as he continued to move
in and out.
Several minutes later, both began to buck and thrash, and mutual moans
and groans indicated they got their final cums too, seemingly at about the
same time.

Surely it was long after midnight as we all fell asleep in a heap of
tangled sweaty flesh.



“Do men or women have the stronger sex drive?” I once asked a
girlfriend of mine.
“Women.” she replied, “But they hide it more.”
“Why do they hide it?” I asked.
“Because if you knew how strong it really was, you’d be scared”.
— The Author

I slept more fitfully than you’d think, given the exhaustion that our
midnight excesses had induced in me. As a result, I was the last to
awaken to another bright semi-tropical morning.
The birds sang again outside our thin little blue-and-white shelter.
Inside, I was aware of motion, but instead of sex it was just Laura
balancing on her butt, pulling on some pants. Jerry was nowhere to be seen.
I just lay there, torn between a slight disappointment and an equal measure
of relief that no sexual activity seemed to be on the agenda for the second
morning of our togetherness. In truth, physically I was feeling a bit burned
Laura, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, looked down at me and noticed my
eyes open. She offered me a quick kiss on the lips, and said she needed to
get cleaned up. It was a need I felt also, and asked her to wait. She
replied in the affirmative and, unzipping the door, crawled out to where
Jerry was apparantly working towards fixing breakfast.
I moved quickly, and soon we were all together for eggs, sausage,
bacon, and cheese grits. Everyone had a hearty appetite.

Following breakfast, we all grabbed towels and a change of clothes, and
trooped as a threesome to the bathhouse. It was an interesting journey,
because our neighbors were all home at their campsites. I suspected the
closest ones to our tent, one a couple and another consisting of three guys,
had heard our nocturnal noises and knew what was going on.
And indeed we got some looks. The men especially looking Laura over,
as I noticed out of the corner of my eyes. I didn’t feel the slightest bit
ashamed, in fact, I was proud to be known as the lover of my two companions.
My soul felt very alive as we walked down the pathway, and even more so as I
moved my bowels, and then took a long lazy shower. I hadn’t known before
just how much joy a human can receive from his or her body, but now every
physical act seemed a connection to an animal nature I had been too busy, or
too inhibited, to notice.
Feeling clean and happy, we again all piled into my car to venture
forth into another day.

A day which passed much as the last had, with the three of us along
with Molly and Pedro playing tourist. I don’t remember the details, I think
we toured a lighthouse, spent a great deal of time at the beach, and later
ate a fine meal at a restaurant whose name I now can’t remember.
The amazing thing, which I didn’t think about at the time, was the easy
cameraderie between the three of us (Molly and Pedro apart). The fact that
we were still almost stangers, and had engaged in very intimate acts that
might make some people uncomfortable the day after, never seemingly entered
our minds.

As the night came on, we found ourselves (all five of us) riding around
in Molly’s car. As we passed one of the many strip clubs, Molly wanted to
go in and satisfy her curiousity, having never been in one before. We all
agreed, and so found ourselves seated at a table in a fairly small and
fairly empty room, watching a girl about our age perform topless on a small
stage in front of about six admiring men. They were all down close to the
stage, and a band of empty tables separated them from us, seated as we were
rather further back.
The girl was attractive, but no more than average in the breast area.
She gyrated to the music, but the look on her face said clearly she’d rather
be somewhere else. Her admirers apparantly were too dense to notice this,
or just didn’t care, as they encouraged her and one or two even reached up
to push folded money into her g-string.
We munched on nachos and sipped beer, and I reflected that while this
appeared to be sexual, in fact it was a financial transaction. The men
simply paid for the show, and she was interested only in the money, and just
did whatever it took to keep it coming her way. I didn’t then and don’t now
see what the attraction is to either party in this, but of the two the
female side seems slightly more sensible.
It would be different if the girl truly enjoyed exhibiting herself and
found that a turnon, and I suppose a few indeed do. But I suspect the
general run of strippers are just actresses, some better and some worse.
Following the dance, there was a pause and she walked down off the stage
and proceeded to tour the tables that had occupants, obviously soliciting
contributions. When she came to us I handed her a few dollars, rather
foolishly I suppose, but I felt some sympathy for her plight. I don’t think
either of our two female companions approved of my donation.

The next girl was much sexier. She was both pretty and well-endowed,
enough so that Laura asked aloud if we thought they were all natural. No
one did. Still, her act had more verve and vigor, and she seemed to be more
into it. The men whooped and stuffed more dollars. Gradually, too, more
tables began to be filled as more patrons came in. Most were men, but there
were some couples also. What could other women find appealing here, unless
they were bi or lesbian? I guessed they were just with their boyfriends.
As the act went on, Laura whispered in my ear the question of whether
this made me hot. I whispered back the truth, which was not much. She also
asked Jerry and I didn’t hear what he replied but I think it was along the
same lines as my answer.
Pedro, on the other hand, seemed transfixed. This was impossible not to
notice, and it seemed to make Molly uncomfortable. So she soon suggested we
leave, which we did. But once back in the car, the two of them sat closer
together and from the back seat we observed arms crossing the median between
the two front seats, aiming rather lower than higher. When we got back to
where my car had been left, we excused ourselves and let the two now hot
lovers ride off to their urgently desired fate.

For ourselves, Laura said she wanted to dance. So we set off in search
of a dance club, which was not hard to find down on Duvall street.

Before leaving the car for the short walk, we fortified ourselves with
another pipe of pot. Jerry also rolled a joint and put it in his shirt
pocket, in case of need later. I should remind the reader that such drug
use was common at that time in that place. Police were seldom seen and the
attitude seemed to be “no harm, no foul”. We never felt in danger of
arrest, nor did we feel we were even getting away with anything. People of
all sexes and many ages could be seen openly smoking any hour of the night.

We sqeezed our way in through a narrow oak door into a smallish smokey
room absolutely crammed with a wide variety of strange and interesting
looking people. There was a tiny dance floor, and intensely loud music, but
Laura wasted no time inviting us to dance in any space we could jam
ourselves into.
Now is the time to confess: I don’t dance. I just don’t. I think it
has to do with a lack of confidence due to being ridiculed the first few
times I tried when very young. At any rate, I just don’t get the rhythm
right, am embarrassed, and won’t do it. So, Jerry and Laura (both excellent
dancers) took to the floor while I sat (or stood, until I could miraculously
grab a tiny table) and watched.
This was one of those times when I wished I could dance. They seemed to
be having a great time, and I couldn’t clear my head once again of the silly
jealous thoughts that Jerry was making points while I looked geeky. Those
damned insecurities again!
They did take breaks, and together we drank some, talked (rather, yelled
into each other’s ears), and Jerry even pulled out the joint and we passed
it around betwixt the three of us. We weren’t the only ones — most of the
smoke in the room wasn’t tobacco smoke.
Laura and Jerry also danced with others, of both sexes, and with some
whose gender was hard to determine. Everyone was packed closely, and in the
corners one could make out various interesting public displays of affection.
All-in-all it was a sensual atmosphere.
While I enjoyed the exotic people-watching, I was ready to leave any
time. But my companions danced and danced a good chunk of the night away.

We eventually left, I have no idea what time. I was of course beginning
to feel the tendrils of horniness creep through my loins, anticipating what
delights might lay before us. I was hoping both were in my mood also.
Laura was positively bouncy, a state I had not seen her in. As I drove
us homeward bound (a 10 minute ride at worst), she proceeded to prove she
was more ready for adventure that we had yet seen. Sitting in the back,
but in fact leaning forward so her head was almost between ours (have I
mentioned how small my car was?), she began licking Jerry’s ear. She didn’t
do it demurely — she did it lewdly, with broad strokes of her tongue. This
caused Jerry to turn his head, whereupon she glued her mouth to his in a hot
tongue-duelling kiss.
Damn, once again I was the driver. But she didn’t let that stop her.
Turning to watch the road (difficult, as what I wanted to do was watch them)
I felt a warm tongue on my ear. Yes, it was dear sweet Laura sharing her
attentions, and the thrill of it was electrifying. If you want to get me
going, my ears are a very good place to start.
At the first red light, she took advantage to kiss me, and I returned it
fully. My cock now hardened completely, and I had to move it in my pants
to make it comfortable. As the drive went on, she went from me to Jerry and
back to me, kissing, licking, and feeling our ears, mouths, necks —
anything she could reach. I’d never seen a woman more obviously hot to
trot. If dancing could do that, well, I vowed to take lessons as soon as

We passed a little shopping center, and she broke her seductive
activites to ask that I stop. I did, and she left the car to enter a small
drugstore that was still open. She returned having bought a bottle of clear
liquid. At the car, she stopped while climbing in to kiss Jerry fairly
wildly. The clerk inside watched us wonderingly, perhaps enviously.
“What did you get?” asked Jerry.
“Baby oil.” she replied.
“What for?” he asked with a smile.
“You’ll see.” was all she said.
I drove a bit faster.

In a repeat of last night’s arrival, we wasted little time getting from
the car to the tent, Laura swinging her white plastic bag with the baby oil
in it. I had no idea what I was in for. But I was excited nonetheless. By
the standards of erotic stories, what we were going to do this night is
fairly average, but by the standards of real life (at least, my life) it was
and is pretty extraordinary.

We slowed down once inside, and followed our ritual. A candle and pipe
were lit and shared, and clothes began to be unceremoniously removed. Few
words were spoken, but kisses and carresses did the talking for us. Two
hard, red, horny cocks stood at attention, and two pointy-nippled tits and a
wet pussy signalled their owner was of the same mood as the owners of the

“I’m going to try something.” Laura said to us both, between kisses.
“I’ve never done it but I’ve always wanted to. Tonight is the night, I’m
determined to try.”.
She carressed our cocks lovingly, one in each hand.
“I want you both inside me, at the same time.” she said.
Jerry smiled, and I replied “Just tell us how you want us.”.
“Both of you just lay down together beside each other right now.”.
We both did as she asked, laying ourselves down laterally in the center
of the small tent, heads to the top where the candle sat on it’s tiny table,
and feet to the door. Laura arranged us so that our bodies touched together
at our sides, and our cocks were at the same general level. She then
staddled our legs, and bent her face to our erect members.
There were no more words, just a gentle licking and sucking as she
alternated between Jerry and I. She seemed in no rush, and would hold each
cock up high and inspect it, then lick it, then turn to the other. We both
put our hands under our heads and watched her play with us. Gradually, the
licks turned to sucks as she took us inside her mouth one at a time. She
seemed in some way to be comparing us to make a decision, but in fact we
were (are) remarkably similar in that area of anatomy. Jerry was maybe a
little longer, I a little thicker, both circumcised.
“Dan, baby, I want you inside my pussy.” she said to me.
“Move please.” and she moved Jerry over and placed me more in the center
of the tent space. She then knee-walked up my body until her loins
straddled mine. Taking my hard, longing cock in her hand, wet with her
saliva, she pressed it up to her labia and gently lowered herself onto me.
I felt the warm smooth velvet folds wash over my cockhead, and even
though the view was so great I closed my eyes briefly as a wave of exquisite
sexual pleasure rolled through my body. The warm wet mouth between her legs
moved downward, increasing my pleasure and hers, until I was fairly sheathed
all the way inwards, and our pubic hairs met and intertwined together.

Stop, now, reader, and remember the pleasure that comes from the initial
coupling of two bodies. Are you touching your cock, or your clit now as you
remember? Feels good doesn’t it? But the pleasure you feel touching
yourself isn’t as sweet, as sharp, as lovely and honeyed as the feel of
a hard horny cock sliding into a warm clinging wet pussy. It’s so good it’s
really impossible to fully remember or even describe.

We held still, both savoring the feel of it. She leaned downward, and
pressed her chest to mine, her nipples boring pleasingly into me. She
kissed me briefly, and then rose up to give instructions to Jerry (whom I
had all but forgotten was there):
“Jerry, hon, get out the baby oil and massage us both please.”.
He did as she wanted, pouring the cool oil on her back and legs and
running his hands all over her, kneading and carressing, making her and me
too shine obscenely in the candlelight. She lay still, and so did I, with
my cock buried deep within her. It took some effort not to move, but I
“Now, Jerry. I want you to put your cock in my ass. Please go slow,
I’m a virgin. But I want you in there more than anything.”.

What could I do but lay there and wait, as she did? She lay over me,
our chests glued together, her face to the left side of my head. I could
smell her hair and skin, the lovely scent of a woman. I moved my hands up
to her sides and carressed her gently there.
Jerry spent some time moving down below us, and I really couldn’t see
much of what he was doing. I did feel the cool wash of baby oil flow down
over my hot cock and balls, and between my legs, as he liberally applied it
to her ass crack. I could feel her move slightly as he kneaded something
back there. Then he appeared above us as he got into position, his legs and
feet to the outside of ours, in sort of a squat. It was about to happen. I
felt her body tense, then relax as if by her willpower.
I looked up at him, but his eyes were down, looking at the task at hand.
I wondered if he was experienced at anal sex — I wasn’t. His face had an
expression of intense concentration, as I felt her pussy muscles move and
her body tense again.
“Ok?” he asked,
“Ok, don’t stop.” she replied, next to my ear.
A moment later, she let out a low moaning sound, and I felt the presence
of his cock where we were joined, as a sort of subtle pressure. I guessed
he was pushing his cock in slowly. The movement paused, then started
again. More pressure, and she groaned louder this time.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“Yes, go slow.” she breathed next to me.
He pressed in again, and this time I felt the tip of his cock press
against mine fully at the base. She groaned again, loudly this time.
“Oh, god, YES” she said. “Yes, yes yes”.
I was sure the neighbors could hear her now, but we did not care.
Her muscles began a rippling motion that I could feel distinctly. I
didn’t move my cock, but I could feel the turmoil she was in. I thought
back to the finger in my ass, and could only imagine the unbelivable
intensity of a cock going in there.
“Oh, GOD, further in. Yes, fuck it slow.”.
She was really moaning quite a bit. I was beginning to feel wild with
the need to move, but I held it. I could now distinctly feel Jerry’s cock
sliding ever so slowly into her, rubbing it’s base along my base through the
very thin skin between.
“Wait wait wait” she suddenly gasped, and he stopped. We all lay there
not moving. Her breathing was hard. Ours probably was too.
“Go ahead.” she finally said. It felt like she was tensing up when she
told him to stop, and she had lain there in an effort to get her ass muscles
to relax again. I could feel every motion of her body as it was pressed
tightly to mine.
He pushed in further, and I could feel her pussy tense, relax, tense
again, and relax again. She both moaned and made some little high-pitched
keening sound I can’t describe. He pushed on in relentlessly now, nearing
his goal. My own cock felt so good I was concerned I would cum before he
could even get his all the way into her.
Eventually, he was in her up to the balls. In fact, his balls rested
very near mine as we were both in as deep as possible. We didn’t move,
letting her get accustomed to it, both afraid we might hurt her. She was
silent for a little bit, then:
“God, jesus, mother, fuck, oh god yes, yes, yes, fuck it”.
“It feels like I’m shitting. Oh god.”
“Fuck it. Fuck my ass.”
She seemed outside herself on some wild sexual ride. I’m sure she was.
We were too. But I had my feeling a little under control, and felt I could
in fact move my cock without instantly cumming.
“Go ahead, fuck me Jerry, fuck my ass, fuck it slow.”
He did, moving back so slowly and smoothly, then pushing forwards. On
his first back stroke, he stopped, and moved around, and I felt another
cascade of baby oil. He was lubing up his cock with it again, before
pressing it back in. The in stroke was easier due to the oil, and I felt
him rub deliciously against me.
I had to move too. I started to hump slowly against her, but my
movement was very limited as their weight was on me. I could hear myself
groan at the pleasure. My groan minglde with the sounds coming from Laura,
seemingly from deep inside her as she moaned.
“Yes yes both of you fuck me. Fuck me.” she implored in a strained
voice. I moved in a limited way, but Jerry made long strokes in and out as
he had freedom of movement. We all panted like tired dogs as our legs
tangled together and our loins began to move in disorganized lust.
“It’s so good, so good” she whispered.
“ohhh, fuck yes” I heard him say. She echoed these words. I groaned
and muttered obcenities too.

I moved by instinct, unable to stop. The feel of his cock rubbing on
mine, while I was in the hot tight confines of her pussy, was just beyond
the power of words to tell it. We all ground and humped together, all
making quite a lot of noise. It was a wonder the police weren’t called on
Suddenly, she tensed up powerfully, and just outright screamed. I know
it could have been heard all over the campground. Her hips moved
spasmodically, and I knew she was coming. Jerry just kept on pumping, his
face a sweaty mask of pleasure. He really could hardly have stopped if he’d
wanted to. In only a couple more stokes into her now still and supine body,
he stiffened and gritted his teeth, and thrust his loins powerfully
forwards. I could actually feel his cock swell and throb as he obviously
poured out his cum into her bowels.
I should have cum then, but I didn’t. I was still hard as Jerry
slumped down over her, his cock still inside her. Neither moved. I wanted
to but again held still. My throbbing cock wanted but little to cause it to
spurt, but it just lay there and soaked in her juices.
Gradually, the pressure against me lessened, and I knew this was
because he was shrinking. Shortly, he rose up, and deliberatly and slowly
pulled his cock from her. It made a popping sound as it left her ass,
followed somewhat disconcertingly by a series of gaseous farts.
He sat back on the mattress at our feet, but I was in need of an
orgasm, and beyond being shy about it. I starting moving again, under her.
She didn’t respond much, just laying there.
After a bit, she moved, and turned her head and languidly asked me to
keep on fucking her and never, never to stop. She also helped by pulling
her knees up to present a better target for me. I heard Jerry say he needed
to clean up, and I could smell the faint but distinct odor of feces among
the sex scents in the confined tent air. He moved about slowly, obviously
pulling on some garment, and unzipped the tent flap and walked out. Laura
and I didn’t even slow down.
I needed to cum in the worst way, and if you don’t know, having a woman
on top of me is my favorite position. I accordingly wrapped my arms around
her back, held her tight, and did most of the work even though usually it’s
the other way around in that position. Soon I felt the change in pleasure
level that signals orgasm is soon to follow. In short order, I could hold
it no longer and didn’t try: I felt my hips thrust instinctively, and I
groaned into her ear as my cock squirted it’s load deep into her. She just
murmured in acceptance of my liquid gift, and licked my ear as the spurts
began to subside.
“Oh, you stopped.” she whispered in mock disappointment.
We just lay glued together, exchanging a kiss or two but otherwise not
moving. Soon my shrinking cock slipped out from her very sloppy crotch.
Jerry returned, and she sat up and said:
“Oh that was just fucking unbelievable. I can’t believe I waited this
long to try it. I want it again!”.
Jerry and I looked at each other, and said “Well, wait a little bit,
She laughed and replied “Not long I hope. Here, let’s get that pipe out
again, or do you want me to roll a joint?”.
She was fully revived.
“I want to get even kinkier” she said.


For the sequence of events that occurred next, I can only plead
temporary insanity for all of us. This is the first time in this tale that
I’m tempted to gloss over the details. But: in for a dime, in for a dollar;
I’m not going to gloss. We did it, so you are going to get the full

“We need a little pick-me-up” she said after Jerry and I failed to react
with much enthusiasm to her vivacity. I don’t know where she got it, the
time had to be in the wee hours. I’ve noticed that in terms of endurance,
many women put men to shame. Here was a clear case of it.
She fished in her purse, and found a little vial of white powder.
I had never done anything like coke, but I had already tried so many new
things I didn’t shrink from this one. She had a tiny little dipper that she
could fit down into the vial, and she used it to fish up little bits of the
stuff and inhale it up her nose.
“Want some?” she asked.
We answered by moving near her. Jerry dipped and sniffed. The thing
was passed to me, and I just did it. It was simple to do. She took it from
me, and did some more, then Jerry, then I again.
I expected some kind of feeling from it, but nothing happened right
away. She put the vial away, and took to carressing us. Kisses were
exchanged, and as she kissed me deeply, I began to feel a rush from the
drug. Nothing overpowering, just a speed-up of energy.
She turned to Jerry, bent over, and took his cock into her mouth. It
was semi-hard as she did so, and as she sucked it visibly rose to a nice
firm stiffness. I watched and felt myself stirring, but with little visible
effect yet.
She took her mouth from him, and came to me.
“C’mon guys, I need some help here.”.
She sucked me, and it felt good, But I had just cum very powerfully
less than thirty minutes ago, and over the last few days had been far more
active than usual for me. My cock rose, but slowly, and not to it’s full
pride. She asked Jerry for help, and he took me and licked and jacked me
with his hand. This didn’t really help the situation.
She watched and the sight added to her already raging hormones.
“I’ll get him up” she said, and bid me to kneel on my hands and knees.
I did, wondering what would happen.

I was shocked to find her face pressed to my ass crack, and her tongue
licking up and down it. I thought that at least I had fantasized about
every possible perversion, even if I hadn’t seen it, but this was something
entirely new to me at that time. I felt her small hand on my cock, as her
tongue actually started to concentrate on my asshole.
The very thought sent a wicked thrill all through me. Conbined with the
effects of the cocaine, and the feel of her hand, my member quickly pumped
blood to become fully erect. I felt the course of arousal pulse powerfully
inside me. The very delay, and sudden onset of it, made it stronger than
most anything I’d ever felt.
My body came fully back to life, every nerve aware, as she tried to,
incredibly, force her tongue into my ass. This sent a tingle all over my
loins, and reflexively without thinking I tried to relax my rectum to let
her in. For the first time during sex, I wasn’t thinking about anything at
all except the feelings.
It’s hard to really force a soft tongue into a virgin ass, and she
didn’t succeed. But the nastiness of the effort fired all three of us to a
new level.
Not to be outdone, as she pulled back and I felt the cool air invade my
saliva-filled ass crack, Jerry took her place and did the same thing to me.
“Tongue-fuck his ass” I heard her say, in anything but a normal tone of
He tried, hard. His tongue was stronger, and I felt a wicked tingle as
he wiggled it inward. I relaxed and he pushed, but only gained a minimal
entry. Still I groaned with the feeling. Laura spat on her hand, and began
again to masturbate me.
“That got him up!” she exclaimed.
This continued for a bit, then Laura asked “Do me please, please?”.
She turned and raised her ass, and Jerry left me. I looked up, and he
positioned himself behind her and began to lick in her ass crack. As I got
off my knees to get a closer look, he stopped moving up and down and
concentrated on her anus. She reached back and spread her cheeks open for
him, and I could see his face press closer in an effort to get his tongue in
her. She moaned as he worked. I have no idea how much if any he succeeded.

By this time, we had dropped virtually all inhibitions. We were in a
frenzy, to tell the truth, a controlled frenzy but one in which we wanted
somehow to do the nasty, wicked things that had crept in the back of our
minds but we hadn’t dared to acknowledge. There are excuses: the drugs, the
sex that had preceded this, our youth, and the general indulgence of the
AIDS-less decade of the seventies. I only record what happened.

Jerry eventually pulled away, and I took his place. I didn’t even think
about it once, forget twice. I licked lasciviously up and down her crotch,
gathering the copius juices down below on my tongue and beard. When my
tongue passed her asshole I could sense the change of taste. It didn’t seem
revolting, so I too began to lick and probe there. Her moan encouraged me,
and I wildly tried to push my tongue inside her. We were like animals.
Jerry kissed and licked her back, sides, neck and arms as I did my thing.
I couldn’t get my tongue in her ass — I don’t know how all these
heroines in these porn stories I have read since manage to do it so easily.
It was very tight back there, even after she had taken Jerry’s cock earlier
in the night. But I knew from my own experiences it felt good for her as I

Not getting anywhere, I eventually stopped. When I did, she told Jerry,
“Bend over”.
He did, and she got up and just attacked his ass with her mouth. She
kissed all over it, then started to work on his asshole. He had alot of
hair in his ass crack, but she didn’t seem to care. Again she spat on her
hand and reached under and started to jack his cock. I kissed and licked
all over her ears, neck, and back as she concentrated on him.
She stopped after a fairly short time, then licked her finger and
started to insert it into his ass. He wasn’t the only one with an anal
obsession. She fingerfucked him briefly, and then he turned his head to the
side I was on and asked,
“Will you fuck me?”.

“Sure.” I replied, all thoughts of the inhibitions of the last few
nights long gone. Was there anything I wouldn’t do?
“Oh yeah!” Laura exclaimed, her cherished voyeur fantasy about to come
true. But she was too hot to just be a spectator.
“Fuck me in the pussy while he fucks you in the ass.” she suggested to
They said not another word as they arranged their bodies with him over
her, and he bent his hard throbbing cock to her swollen labia. I watched as
he pushed in and she moaned. They lay for only as second or two, then he
put his hands under her thighs and bent her upwards. The purpose of this was
so he could raise up on his own knees while keeping deep inside her. It
looked to me to be so practiced a move that he had done it before, and for
the same reason. Probably so.
I meanwhile knew what was required of me, and I crawled around searching
for the lost bottle of baby oil, which had been discarded in the general
mess. Our little candle had about guttered out, and it was getting dark in
there, but I found it by feel under some clothes, just about the time I was
contemplating looking for the KY instead.
I knew if I thought about anything I might hesitate, so I just crawled
into position, and squatted behind them. Jerry had spread his legs, and the
sight of their position was lewd and nasty in the extreme. I put the head
of the baby oil bottle up to his ass and poured some on it, and then put
some on my hand and worked it all over my cock. I then used my finger to
probe for his asshole, which was not really visible in the gathering
darkness. I found it and pressed it, surprized to feel it give easily and
my finger pop right in. I took my cock with the other hand and guided it
right to where my finger was, then withdrew the finger and put the cockhead
right up where it left. I saw Laura twist her upper body around so she
could try to see what I was doing, but I don’t think she got a good view.
I pressed forward with my hips, and my cock met some resistance but it
quickly gave way, and easier than I ever thought my cockhead slipped up into
an asshole. I had dreamed many times about doing women this way, but it
didn’t matter to me then that it was a man, and even a friend of mine. It
felt really good.
“Fuck me” he encouraged.
Now that the head was in, the hard part was over. All I had to do was
press forward, and I did. His ass was the tightest thing I’d ever been in,
but the resistance only heightened the sensations as I felt his ring go down
my cock as I sank in ever deeper. He was not a virgin, I remember vaguely
Once in all the way, my balls pressed against his ass, I felt the
powerful need to fuck, so I started withdrawing and then stroking inwards.
He muttered not a sound of protest, so I just pushed out and in without
regard for anything but my own body’s needs.
As I humped, he started moving too, and I remembered he was inside Laura
and in a sense I was fucking her through him.
We just did that for a while, no one talking but everyone panting and
moaning. Jerry was getting the best/worst of it, with a cock massaging his
prostate and and a pussy squeezing his cock. No wonder he was the first to

“Awwww god, Awwwww god.” he started repeating. I’d never heard him so
distraught. I just kept up my rhythm. Laura put her hands on his hips and
“Squirt me baby, cum in it, juice my split.”
“Aggggg” he moaned has he pushed forward. I felt his ass tighten
ferociously on me as he came. I held on as he thrashed some. Laura moaned
too. Eventually, after a half a minute or so, he stopped moving and
I pulled out, my cock still very hard. It would not be truthful to say
that the result was a pleasing smell, or that my cock was totally clean.
Jerry pulled off Laura, and sat back with a dazed look on his face.
Laura sat up too, and grabbed the baby oil and searched in her purse and
extracted a kleenex or two. She then doused my cock with the oil, and
rubbed it clean with the tissues.
She had not cum.
She lay back down, bent her legs way up in the air, exposing her bottom,
and said to me rather fiercely,
“Fuck my ass”.
I bent down to it, moving forward cock in hard. She still had the oil
bottle, and poured it down on her own ass, and worked her finger into her
asshole to lubricate it.
When I got close to her, she took my cockhead and placed it up to her
anus. To do this, she had to bend up so much that her feet were
practically on my shoulders. The light was almost gone, but I could see the
sheen of sweat on our bodies.
I pressed in, slowly and gently, unlike I had with Jerry. Even in my
sexual frenzy I didn’t want to hurt her. She didn’t protest at all, and I
pressed with more force. Suddenly, my cock popped into her.
“Ahhhh.” She moaned “I just love it when your cock forces my ass.”
I pressed in deeper, my cock practically on fire. If possible, she was
tighter than Jerry had been. But her ass felt the same inside — a tight,
tight ring followed my smooth velvety walls. Eventually I stopped when
there was no more of me to push inside. My loins pressed tightly to hers.
There was a slight pleasure pause, and I gathered my strength to start
stroking. I felt my cum was not far off. She used the time to stretch her
hand down to her pussy, and start working her fingers over her clit. I was
clear neither of us had much intention of doing anything other than cumming
as soon as the feeling took us.
After only about thirty seconds (I guess) of steady stroking, she came
first. Her finger was a blur as she moaned in a higher and higher pitch
until she started hunching up against me. I held on, then starting fucking
again, but this time the feel was too much for me and my body did it’s
thing, forcing my hips forward and stiffening as my cock pulsed and throbbed
out every last drop of my remaining juice into her ass, to mingle with
Jerry’s cum already in there.

I gasped and reeled, falling forward on her. She reached up and
carressed my back as I lay there, feeling my cock rapidly shrinking. Soon,
without any motion from me, it was forced back out of her ass by the motion
of her muscles. I kissed her gently, and rolled aside.
Incredibly, she wanted more.
“Jerry baby give me some head” she called. But he wasn’t there.
Neither of us had noticed him leave — that’s how far gone we had been.
So, gamely, I bent down to it. I crawled between her legs and began to
lick and probe her pussy. As soon as I touched her hard clit she made it
clear she didn’t want to be teased.
“Right there, and don’t stop”.
I did my duty, and that’s about what it felt like at that point. All
arousal had been forced out of me, and I was tired now. But she had a need
and I responded, licking her clit like a kitten laps up milk. Not sparing
the force, figuring if it’s too much she’ll tell me.
This went on for a while. I remember feeling a straining of my neck
muscles as I licked, but I kept it up with a sense of determination to
please her.
As she began to respond with a tensing of her body and little motions of
her hips — sure signs a woman is getting close — Jerry appeared again at
the tent door.
“Jesus” he said, coming inside, not figuring on the sex still going on
after all we had already done.
He hadn’t even finishing zipping up the flap before she arched her back
and started rubbing furiously against my face.
“Ohhhhhh” she moaned, and her body did some rapid spasms. I didn’t stop
licking, waiting for her to tell me. She flopped down, then arched again
and cried out louder. I held to her hips as she hunched against my face.
She arched powerfully, strongly, only her neck and feet seemed to be
touching the floor. After a moment of this, she fell back down gasping for
breath. My cum-covered face was left high but not dry as she fell away from

I tiredly lay down where I was, resting my head on her stomach. She lay
still. It was over.

Gradually, we came to our senses. Jerry already had, and was laid out
in a sleeping position. I looked around and could see the faint light of
dawn on the sunward side of the tent. Laura just looked up at the ceiling,
and then in a gesture I still don’t understand, she put her hands over her
face and she clearly but softly
“Oh my god, Oh my god.”.
Was she transported by pleasure? Or suddenly ashamed of the excesses we
had just forced ourselves into? I don’t know.
At any rate I climbed up beside her and don’t remember anything else
until afternoon of the new day, when we awoke.



Only in fiction does the piper not have to be paid. Fortunantly for us
the bill was alot smaller this time than it could have been.

We did awaken, and pull on clothes, and slowly arise and do our morning
things (although it was past lunchtime).
The piper announced himself unpleasantly to me as I did my morning piss,
with a burning sensation as I urinated. When we got back for something to
eat, which Jerry was somewhat lazily preparing as was his duty, I mentioned
it to him out of Laura’s earshot. He had, after all, been an orderly in a
hospital and was thinking of becoming a male nurse. He told me most likely
I had a urinary tract infection (UTI for short). We’d best be seeing a
doctor if we could find one for some antibiotics. He said he had no
symptoms, and asked me if I’d washed off after our anal sex last night. Of
course I hadn’t, and so I was too blame for my fix, he said.
Later, Laura was not so shy as me.
“Does it burn when you pee?” she asked Jerry.
“Nope” he said, “But Dan there has the same problem.”.
I felt a stupid kind of kinship with her, somehow.

Jerry found a public health clinic on the island, by looking in the
yellow pages at the public payphone, and we went there. All we got was a
prescription for some pills to take for a week, and advice to drink water
and urinate after sex. I suppose they had seen everything at least twice at
that clinic.

Later on during the day, we just hung around the campground. Laura and
I felt pretty shitty, and I seemed to be running a little fever. Soon Molly
drove up, sans Pedro. She was not in a good mood, and poured out her
troubles to her friend Laura. I was not a party to the conversation, and
didn’t hear it in detail, but I do remember words like “Dickhead”, “Prick”,
“Asshole”, and “Shitheel” played a prominant role. Apparantly, from what I
could figure, Pedro was history and lucky not to have been terminated with
extreme prejudice. I didn’t then and don’t now know the details.

But the inevitable upshot of all these changes was the Laura decided to
return to her and Molly’s hotel room for the next night, the last night here
for Jerry and I. For me, it was sad but just as well, I felt somewhat out
of the action anyway. But I’d liked to have spent more time with her, just

In fact, what I really would have liked was one last time to make love
to her one on one. We had had some incredible sex, but I missed the
sensation of just slowly enjoying the feelings in intimate contact with her
and her alone. But it was not to be.

Later, we fixed some simple supper and they ate with us, and then after
darkness fell, Molly and Laura drove off to the hotel. I didn’t feel like
doing anything in particular, so I got out the fuel oil lantern, lit it, and
read. Once in a while I stopped to consider how very different this night
was from the three that preceded it.
I went to bed, and tried to sleep, but in fact I slept fitfully. I
think — no I’m sure — I missed Laura. Jerry was friendly but a non-factor
in all of this. He didn’t talk about her or seem to miss her at all. I
think for him it was just a fun and interesting three-night stand. I was
glad he didn’t seem interested in continuing any activity with me.

The next morning we packed and started to drive off, but I didn’t want
to leave without saying goodbye. I searched the usual places, the beach,
the parking lot by Duvall street, and the hotel. Not finding them, I drove
around the island searching. Jerry was perplexed but patient. I finally
spotted Molly’s green Gremlin (no kiddin’) at a Burger King.

They were inside, sitting at a booth eating a whopper with fries. We
went in to say goodbye. Laura was glad to see us, and both stood to give us
hugs. Laura and I exchanged addresses — I gave her my phone number, she
said she didn’t know what hers would be till she got back this semester.
They invited us to eat with them but Jerry said “we better be going” and I
didn’t argue.
When Laura hugged Jerry, she kissed him on the mouth, lingering there
beyond what was merely friendly. Then, turning to me, she hugged me tight
in a full body hug, and kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue go inside
my open mouth, and I returned the favor, right there in the middle of the
tourist families with their kids at the Burger King at lunchtime. The kiss
lasted longer than you’d think, till we both heard Molly say “whoa”. We
broke apart, she returned to her seat and I and Jerry to the door to leave.
The tourist parents tried not to stare, but they were looking curiously
at us to be sure, like the campground neighbors had.
As we walked out, I turned for one last look. She turned and waved, and
I waved back.

It was the last I ever saw of her.

On the way home, I only remember lots of sleeping and waking and
driving. I think Jerry did most of the driving part. I kept dozing and
remembering the feel and smell and taste of her. We drove straight through,
in time for me to get some sleep before Monday and work.

That morning as I walked in, our secretary/bookeeper noticed my tan, and
asked if I had had a good time.
“Yes indeed.” I replied.
She said,
“I like the beard. It makes you look much older.”.


Since you’ve read this far, you must be as interested in the story and
the characters as in the sex. So, I’ll wrap up the loose ends for you.

When I turned over my rolls of film for development, I had them make
three copies. One for me, one for Jerry, and the other I sent to the
address Laura had given me, with a note asking her to write back. Sadly, I
never heard anything from her. I waited, and contemplated ways to get in
touch over and over, but never really did anything about it.

Where is she now? Alive or dead, nearly twenty years later? I have no
clue. I imagine that she’s older, married, with children, and would prefer
to forget those youthful indescretions; except maybe in the solitary moments
of a quiet life when the dark sweet joys of memory dance again.

Jerry? He moved away from our town a year after our trip, and
eventually became an LPN. I heard later he found the man of his dreams and
settled down somewhere in the Bay area of California. He was the first, and
last man I ever have had sexual contact with.

As for myself, the beard seemed to work wonders. More and better women
seemed miraculously to be attracted to me, and some five interesting years
later (there are a few more good stories there) I met the woman who
eventually became my wife. I’m married, with two kids, and two cats, living
right now in suburbia, hoping to move out into the country sometime soon.

Of course, it wasn’t the beard; it was the emotional and sexual maturity
I had been kickstarted into, with the help of Laura and Jerry. Still, I
have that same beard to this day, kept trimmed about to the length it was
upon my return, differing only in the gray hairs now making their

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