Goodbye – erotic story
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They had been together for a year and a half, and been quite happy
during that time. They were a good match in most respects and were
attracted to each other both sexually, emotionally, and intellectually.
But sometimes, these three things aren’t enough to make a relationship
last, no matter how much two people care for one another. Sometimes
distance has a way of changing things…
She was a year younger than him, and his equal in every respect
except for age. To be totally honest, she loved him with all her heart.
He was sweet, kind, cute, good with sons, funny, etc. etc. But
since he had gone off to an out-of-state college, things had changed.
Yes, her feelings for him remained the same, but circumstances
were different. They couldn’t talk on the phone very often because of
long-distance bills, he didn’t come home often, and she just didn’t think
she was high on his list of priorities anymore. And to top it all of, she
was so lonely. She was beginning to want someone else.
Some say if you really love someone, you can tolerate anything to
make it work. In some cases that’s true, but in others, it most
definitely isn’t. She had always sworn to him and herself that she
would be honest and break things off if she ever had feelings for
another man. Well, as much as she loved her boyfriend, she felt she
needed someone WITH her, someone who could physically be there,
someone who made it clear she was his priority. And those were the
few things her boyfriend COULDN’T give her. She vowed to talk to
him the next time they were together and set things straight. Their
relationship just good for her anymore, and she didn’t think it was
good for HIM, either. Breaking it off would be hard-especially since
they’d been together a year and a half… But it would be the best thing
for both of them, regardless of how painful it would be initially. She
knew there was a part of her that would always love him, but they had
TRIED, and it just wasn’t working anymore. Better that they parted
while they were still friends, rather than waiting until disaster struck.
Friday came, and his parents were gone for the weekend. He
called her and asked if she would stay with him at his folks’ house.
She said yes unhesitatingly.
She picked him up from the train station. When they first spotted
each other, they hugged for what seemed an eternity. He finally pulled
back, and placing his hands on either side of her face, he looked at her,
memorizing her familiar features. He was glad to be with her again.
On the drive back to his house, though, he noticed she was
unnaturally quiet. He kept asking her what was wrong, but she kept
answering that everything was just fine. He knew she was lying, but
much experience with her had taught him there was nothing he could
say or do to force it out of her until she was good and ready. So he
settled for saying nothing, merely stroking his hand up and down her
thigh absentmindedly.
They reached his house just as the sky was darkening into inky
twilight. He held her hand as they walked up the steps. When she
closed the door behind her, he reached out and wrapped his arms
around her, pulling her in close to him. Before his mouth could inch
any nearer, she pushed him away, saying, “We need to talk.”
Surprised, but still unfazed, he nodded his head in agreement and
followed her into the living room. She cleared her throat before
settling down onto the couch. He sat down beside her. She moved
away a bit, his proximity distracting her. He looked at her, puzzled
and a little hurt by her odd behavior. But still he waited-the ball was
in her court now.
Feeling her courage swiftly flee in the face of his comfortable
nearness, she plunged right in. She spoke haltingly, but firmly, telling
him of all her feelings and thoughts of the recent months. She told
him of her loneliness, of her need for someone who would be there
literally at her side, of her love for him, and her realization that they
couldn’t last any longer. She could see by the expression on his face
that he didn’t believe her-he thought she could never, would never,
leave him. She tried to convince him of her seriousness, but though he
attempted to believe and accept her words, she knew him far too well
to be fooled. She sighed, unable to think of what she should or could
say to convince him of her seriousness. Well, there was nothing else
she could say.
When he reached his hands out to draw her near him, she didn’t
resist. And when their bodies were close, she kissed him, knowing this
would be the last time she would do it. Her mouth was warm and soft
and hungry against his. As always, the chemistry between them was
strong, and the fire quickly ignited. But tonight they made love, their
hands and mouths and bodies tender and gentle. Before she knew it,
he was removing her clothes, one-by-one, and gazing down at her with
that combination of warm affection and hot lust that always undid her.
She arched her back, crying out softly as his mouth closed around the
peak of her nipple. It had been so long… Despite everything else that
HAD changed, THIS hadn’t. Her hands threaded through his hair as he
gently suctioned her nipples. And when her small hands pushed him
onto his back on the floor, before finding their way down to his
hardened cock, he uttered not a single protest. He throbbed under her
touch. Groaning, he clasped her head to him as her mouth enveloped
his cock in its wet warmth, sucking and stretching and licking him in
that way only HER mouth did. There would be time later to straighten
out this nonsense about her breaking up with him. For the moment,
his body had missed her touch too much. He moaned hoarsely as she
kissed his mouth and he tasted his own juices. Finally, when neither
of them could wait any longer, he slid into her tight, wet warmth, and
began to thrust. The pleasure was as sweet and unbearable as it had
always been, and very soon, he was climaxing as he felt her pussy grip
him in the middle of her own climax. Exhausted, they pulled
themselves up and collapsed on his old bed. They talked and made
love through the night, stopping to eat and shower together somewhere
in that time. Very early morning found the two lovers curled up
against each other, though one was awake.
She would have to leave him-there was no other choice… But she
loved him so much. Salty tears slipped down her face and landed on
his bare shoulders as she leaned over him, taking in the details of his
peaceful form. Her lips were tender and loving as they lingered on his
mouth. But he remained sleepily impervious to her tears, and when he
woke later that morning and found her gone, the tears had disappeared
as well.
He woke slowly, lazily, throwing out an arm to clasp her to him.
Finding nothing, he sat up and looked over at her side, but she was
gone. He called out, checking the bathroom and the kitchen. But she
was gone. Finally he understood the enormity of what she had tried to
tell him the night before, and he realized it really was over. Lonelier
and emptier than he could recall ever having been, he sat on his bed,
clutching the pillow she had slept on to his face, trying to inhale her
essence. If there had been an observer, he/she would have found him
in the same position several hours later.

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