Colleen gets educated
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While everyone else remained passed out from the exertion of the
night, the three Mandingos gathered their gear and saddled four
horses. They had decided to desert with this prize white slut and
really show her what penetration was.

While two took care of the gear the third, a giant at nearly seven
feet in height, gathered up the limp Colleen from the middle of the
camp and the bodies. Wrapping her up in a blanket he snuck back
to his companions and passed her up to one of them and proceeded
to climb his own mount.

Slowly and quietly they had the horses creep out of the camp area
and continued at this slow pace until they felt that they were out of
earshot. Then they went on their way, not yet knowing where they
should go, but simply to find an isolated place where they could
have their way with Colleen’s treasures.

They had been traveling for well over six hours by the time Colleen
started to stir from her slumber. She looked up to see the face of a
very dark negro and was taken aback, until she remembered him
from one of the Cavalry men that had rescued her from the Dog
Soldiers. She smiled up at him but got no response. She looked
around and saw only two others from the Cavalry Company.

At first she thought that maybe Sergeant Washington had decided
to have them escort her back to Colorado Springs. Then it dawned
on her that these were the three Mandingos with those monstrous
cocks. She also noticed that all she had on was a blanket over her
naked young body. Wiping her face with her hand showed that she
was still covered with dry cum from the negros that she had sex
with the previous night. She gathered that these three kidnapped
her away from her last rescuers for their own purpose. Not that she
really minded, she had hoped that they would have joined the others
last night, but they never moved. Their giant tools taunting her
through those events, but never once did they approach her then.

Looking up through the forest canopy she could tell that it must be
late morning, which meant that they must have been riding for
hours by then. When they finally stopped for something to eat, one
of them approached her with a new set of Army clothe. His name
was Samual and he could speak English. As Colleen dropped the
blanket to the ground to change, her modesty had totally
evaporated by now, and she hoping for some sign of interest from

Samual explained to her that the other two didn’t understand her
language, so she needed to speak to him directly. Looking from
one to the other as she slipped on the shirt and pulled it tight in
trying to button it up she carried on with a frank discussion with her


“Don’t you find me beautiful, Samual?” She asked, confused as to
why they wouldn’t have sex with her.

“Very butiful ma’am.” He retorted.

“Then why won’t you have sex with me?” She continued along this

Samual passed on her question to his companions. All three broke
into a thunderous laughter. He then turned back to Colleen and

“We have been specially trained in this Ma’am. But we don’
perform on comman’ no mor’.”

“I understood that Samual. But you can have me whenever you
want.” She told him. “You know that don’t you?”

“We’se gonna have yuh anyway ma’am.”

And with that he left her alone and rejoined his friends at the fire
some nourishment. She washed herself up as best as she could
under the circumstances and finished dressing. Once dressed
Colleen joined them and accepted a cup of coffee from the one
named Jericho. She learned from Samual that the giant one was
named Kikoo. The white slaver had never broken him to accept his
white name.

Kikoo stood at almost seven feet tall, with very muscular arms.
Samual told her that he was so strong that he once lifted a pony off
of the ground. Colleen gasped at such a feet, and she could only
imagine the musculature under that shirt. The Cavalry even had to
supply him with a huge horse to ride for no other could have
supported his weight for the long patrols that they engaged in.

After a couple of hours of rest they got back on their horses and
gave the spare for her to ride on and went off. Continuing to put as
much distance between themselves and Sergeant Washington’s
Company. They rode the rest of the day nonstop until it started to
get to dark to continue safely.

At this point they stopped and made camp. But again Colleen was
being disappointed from the lack of attention from these studs. She
unbuttoned the shirt to loosen it, it was so tight that it made
breathing difficult. She unclasped the top four which created a
deep cleavage of her breast. Liking how this looked, she left it like

that from then on.

‘Maybe this will encourage them.’ She thought.

But still nothing happened that night. When they woke the next
morning they ate a hearty breakfast and took to the trails once
more. They rode for another six hours before stopping to rest the
horses. Colleen approached Kikoo and pressed her body to his for
a feel of what lie beneath. He simply brushed her away and
returned to his mount. Colleen was disappointed at his rebuff, but
she did get to feel his chest and she was excited by how hard it was.

She picked herself up off the ground and joined the others as they
too were mounting their horses. And so it went for the next three
more days. No physical contact with her was ever made during this
whole time. For the first time, since her initial kidnapping, her
female body couldn’t entice these three men. She was starting to
get discouraged, thinking that she may never get to feel their bodies
next to hers.

On the fifth day they came upon a cliff face and followed along it
for a couple of miles, when Jericho noticed an opening. They
stopped to investigate. Kikoo and Colleen waiting by the horses,
Samual and Jericho went inside this cave and looked around. They
emerged after a few minutes and signaled them to join them.
Jericho helped her down from her horse and grabbed the reins of all
four horses and led them away to tie them down for the night.

Colleen couldn’t help but think that there was something familiar
about this place, but she just couldn’t place it. Kikoo pointed to
cave to Colleen and she followed his silent directions. Once inside
Colleen knew where they were.

She had come full circle back to the Ferguson’s hideout. There was
the cot where they had her tied down for the ram and they had
raped her. Rather then feel any revulsion at being there she actually

was finding it memorable to have returned where most of her sexual
education had begun. She was slightly pushed aside as the two
Blackmen wanted to enter as well. Jericho soon joined them.

He mentioned to his compatriots, in their language, about the coral
that he had found nearby. Then looking around took notice that the
cave seemed to have been occupied recently. Colleen notice the
worried look on their faces about the possible occupants of the

“It’s all right,” she tried to reassure them. “This is where my
kidnappers took me. They’re dead now, remember.”

Samual asked her. “Are yuh shure ma’am?”

“Yes, yes I’m quite sure.” She responded.

Samual relayed the information to his friends. They all relaxed and
settled down for the night. They built a big fire, knowing that it
wouldn’t be seen and enjoyed a hot meal of mutton that Jericho had
slaughtered from the coral. Colleen silently hoped that it wasn’t her

ram lover.

After this hearty meal, the three mandigos got together to
conference. It wouldn’t have helped her if she tried to eavesdrop
for she knew that they would be talking their own language, so she
just patiently sat on the cot, her cot. After a few more minutes, the

three men got up and approached her.

“T’is time ma’am.” Samual told her dispassionately.

It took her a few seconds to understand what he meant by that.
Then a smile crossed her lips as she figured out the meaning.
Jericho held out his hand to her and assisted her to her feet. Once
up she slowly started to undo the remainder of her shirt button and
removed the shirt. There she was bare-breasted before them, and it
excited her. Next, she unfastened her pant buttons and squeezed
her legs out of those as well. She was now completely naked and
enjoying the gleeful look on her lovers to be.

The three men followed her example and began stripping down as
well. She liked the look of Samual and Jericho, but what she was
really looking forward to was the giant Kikoo. When he finally
removed his shirt she could only gasp at the washboard stomach
that he had. It looked so hard that she was sure that it would
scrape her skin. The three mandigos smiled at her reaction.

Samual had the shortest cock of the three, only fourteen inches, and
he approached her first. He cupped her tits in his hands and
lowering his head sucked in the nipple, one at a time. He slipped
his other hand to her groin and inserted his middle finger into her
wet womb. Pulling it out he showed how wet and ready the white
girl was to his friends. This brought out some derogatory
comments and laughter from them all.

He continued his ministrations for a little while longer and then,
finally laid her down on the cot. Colleen had been waiting for this
moment ever since she first glimpsed their manhood days ago. As
Samual placed the head of his cock at her pussy entrance, Colleen
couldn’t help but compare its size to that of the ram. They were
almost the same she felt.

Samual was the first to be surprised to find that the girl’s pussy was

already stretched out and that his cockhead slipped into her with
very little resistance. Not that he minded, breaking in a new girl
was always a pain. Both for him and her, but not this time, and he
was glad.

He continued to push more of his prick into her willing body as
Colleen wrapped her legs around his waist in pleasure.

“OH yes that feels so niccce!” She lisped. “Samual go deeper

Samual complied and stuffed twelve hard inches into her on his next
stroke with a loud grunt.

“Unghh!” Was all that she could voice.

He then pulled back in preparation for his next surge. With his next
thrust he buried all fourteen inches into Colleen’s cunt. Once his
friends saw that he was now completely inside of her, they started
to beat on anything handy at a steady rhythm. Feeling that his goal
had been reached he then started to fuck her in a rhythmic fashion,
following the beat that his companions were doing.

He would pull his long cock almost completely out of her vagina
before sending it pounding back in. This long in/out stroke was
driving Colleen out of her mind. As she soon came to realize that
these men had been really well trained at this. Samual kept on
fucking her at the same, agonizing pace, making sure that his cock
would be rubbing her clit with each move.

Because of this, Colleen had her first orgasm within two inward
strokes. She couldn’t believe it. If she got one this early, then
night was going to be an exhausting one indeed. Samual’s slow
pace allowed him to remain stiff inside of her for well over twenty
minutes and Colleen was enjoying every second of it.

When he finally came, it was with such gusto that he was pushing
her body up the cot and the other two had to come to hold her in
place. So much jism was being delivered into her, that some of it
was actually seeping out of her pussy passed the cock plugging it.

All in all Colleen experienced over twenty orgasms with this first
negro lover with two more to cum. And those two had even bigger
cocks than Samual, but she was ready for them. In fact, she
couldn’t wait!

Having finished with her cunt, Samual slowly pulled out his long
staff from her tunnel until it plopped out. He then brought it up to
her chest and started slapping her nipples with his heavy meat,
leaving streaks of his and her juices all over them. He continued
moving up to her face and proceeded to slap her cheeks with his
now semi hard prick.

Colleen was actually enjoying this mild form of humiliation. So
much so that she managed to trap Samual’s cock in her lips and
proceed to lick it clean of her own juices. While Samual was
getting himself cleaned off by her, Jericho had assumed his position
at her cunt entrance and inserted himself inside of her.

Colleen moaned around Samual’s cock when she felt Jericho’s
longer cock. If memory served right, she remembered that his was
even longer, probably sixteen inches and thick to boot. She thought
that Samual had filled her, but here was another that was trying to
stretch her cunt even wider. Despite her well lubricated pussy,
Jericho was having a harder time for she was so tight for his prick.

The friction that this created across her pussy lips caused another
powerful orgasm to hit her. It was so powerful that she
unintentionally bit down on Samual’s proud cock still in her mouth.
He let out a yell of pain and pulled out suddenly, slapping her hard
across the cheek as reprisal. She in turn yelped at the stunning

“I’m sorry Samual. It was an accident I assure you.” Colleen
pleaded to him.

Samual looked over to Jericho and saw his larger cock stuffed into
their white bitch and accepted her plea. He could see how much his
friend was stretching her pussy lips and realized that she had
reacted to its penetration. So he returned his prick to her face
which he was glad to see her take back into her mouth.

Though his cock was partly limp, it was still bigger than any of the
others she had had in the past weeks. The feeling of this limp cock
inside her mouth was a new feeling. A feeling that Colleen found
very exciting in itself.

All the while, Jericho continued plunging his own tool into her
pussy. He had already managed to stuff half of it into her, and still

Colleen’s pussy lip hadn’t stretched out enough to subdue the
friction of his cock against her vaginal walls. He also reached for
her tits and started rubbing them and pinching her nipples while
watching his friend, Samual, getting a limp blowjob.

As with Samual’s fuck, Jericho was slowly shoving and pulling back
out his cock making sure that it would make contact with her clit at
each passage. Colleen was gasping for air with each fuck stroke as
she kept Samual’s great member tightly between her lips, sucking
on the succulent meat.

Eventually Samual tired of this game and pulled away from her,
taking his cock with him. He settled down in the corner to watch
his companions perform on her. With Samual out of his way now,
Jericho draped himself completely over Colleen’s body which made
his task of driving his sixteen inches deep in her womb. This also
gave him the opportunity to invade her mouth with his tongue,
something his previous mistress taught him while still a slave.

Colleen welcomed his invading tongue and returned the action with
her own tongue slipping past his lips. She sucked on his invading
presence and hugged him tightly to her body, wanting to get more
of his penis inside of her young cunt.

It had taken a while, but her pussy was now stretched enough to
permit him to finally get all of his staff inside of her. This was
first time in a long time that he had had his tool buried to the hilt.

Being Negro, most whores wouldn’t even let him and his
companions to fuck them. It was nice to have this one so willing.

As with Samual, Jericho managed to control himself sufficiently to
last over twenty minutes before climaxing deep inside of her. And
once again Colleen had experienced multiple orgasms during this
time. From all of this climactic effort she was now so weak that she
was in a complete daze and looked like a rag doll. She didn’t even
have the necessary strength to keep her legs wrapped around his
torso in the final minutes of this fuck.

When he finally came Jericho actually had to pull back to give her
womb the room to take his jism inside of her. As with Samual
earlier, he unloaded a huge amount of juice, enough that it also
seeked escape past his cock. He stayed there until he had relieved
himself completely and then removed his penis from her and joined
Samual for the rest.

This only left Kikoo left to be satisfied. And his cock was of a
monstrous proportion compared to his compadres. It was actually
over eighteen inches in length with a girth of five or six inches. A
tool like that belonged on a horse, not a human being. Even though
it was in its erect state, it was so long that its own weight pulled
downward, almost reaching his knees.

Kikoo looked down at the half conscious girl before him. Looking
over to Samual for directions he got down on his knees and
proceeded to clean out her overflowing pussy of all the juices
seeping out of it. Paying particular attention to her blood engorged
clit. He also indulged himself by sticking one of his giant fingers
into her ass hole which caused Colleen to moan while still in a daze.

Colleen was so dazed that she wasn’t paying any attention to Kikoo
at this time. After the monster fucks that she had just endured with
Samual and Jericho she would need time to recuperate. Time that
Kikoo wasn’t really going to give her.

Unconsciously, Colleen moved slowly to her breast and started
massaging them in unison to his manipulation of her cunt with his
tongue. Once he was satisfied that she was now ready to receive
him he pulled her down the cot by her legs effortlessly. Pulling her
cunt entrance ever so closer to the head of his tool.

Once she was near the edge of the cot, he took hold of his
cockhead and started to rub it erotically over her pussy lips before
inserting it slowly past its crown. He then slowly, agonizingly
proceeded stuffing more and more of his tool inside her. The
length of it made it somewhat awkward that he had to use his hands
to stuff it in at this early stage of the game.

Colleen, though still very weak, was becoming aware of the new
presence at her tunnel entrance. Raising her head, she looked down
to see a black log going inside her young vagina. The sight caused
her to moan loudly in anticipation of the fuck that she was about to

Kikoo continued to stuff his cock into her young body at a slow but
steady pace. Once he had half of it inside of her, he removed his
hands and proceeded without them. He then reached up her body
to cup her small pert tits in each hand.

Colleen loved the feel of his giant hands over her tits. She was just

as suddenly disappointed when she felt him remove them. Looking
at Kikoo to find out why he stopped, she then felt his big hands
under her armpits pulling her up to him. Colleen came to realize
that Kikoo had something new in mind for her.

Kikoo then did the most amazing thing with her. He stood up with
Colleen still impaled on half his cock. Supporting her only by her
shoulders over his shaft. Colleen was amazed at his strength. He
handled her body weight as easily as if it was a rag doll. She on the

other hand was still so weak from her other lovers that her arms
hung limply to her side, as did her legs.

He then pulled her body tight against his own, pressing her breast
to his washboard stomach muscles. She could feel the power that
they presented surging through her sensitive nipples. The next
thing that happened was unexpected to her. Kikoo started to use
her body, as he would’ve used is hand, to jerk himself off in her

She was flabbergasted as to the ease that he was showing in lifting
her and then stroking her downward onto his cock, seemingly with
no effort. It also excited her all the more. Kikoo made especially
sure that her breast and nipples would rub against his muscular
stomach throughout this fucking.

To Colleen, it felt as if she was rubbing herself against a log. That

was how solid his muscles felt as they excited her to no ends. In
the background, Samual and Jericho were reviving their own tools
watching Kikoo perform for them. They could clearly see that he
had already managed to get fourteen of his eighteen inches into her

It amazed them both that this young girl could accommodate such a
mass of meat in her virtually inexperienced pussy. As they
continued to watch as Kikoo continued to use her body to jerk
himself off, still with no sign of strain on him. He would lift her
till her face was level to his. He would give her a deep French kiss,

which Colleen returned, before lowering her back down to his staff.

Colleen no longer had any sense of time as this went on. But her
cunt kept on reacting as it has over the past many days. She had
orgasm after orgasm. Her juices could be seen streaking down the
length of her limp legs, to drip off of the tip of her toes. She was
exhausted that she was no longer aware of when she was having an

Kikoo continued to jerk himself off into her until he, amazingly,
managed to get his full eighteen inches inside her pussy. Once he
felt that happen he stopped. Leaving her completely impaled on his
shaft. As a joke he took his hands off her shoulders and showed his
friends that his cock was the only thing holding her up. Colleen’s
feet were over a foot off the ground. At this sight they all broke
out laughing.

Colleen passed out at this point, not from pain, but from the
overdose of pleasure that she had received. Kikoo didn’t really care
whether or not she was conscious for this, he was only interested in
gratifying himself at this time. An so he proceeded to continue with
his jerking himself off with her.

Samual then had an idea. Getting up he joined the standing couple
and, placing an empty crate on the ground, placed himself behind
Colleen. He then nudged Kikoo to have him stop for a second.
This gave him the time necessary to insert is ‘smaller’ cock at the
entrance of her ass. Using his hands he pulled her ass cheeks apart
and managed to get the first couple of inches in.

Then on his signal Kikoo resumed his work, this time working
Samual’s cock in her ass at the same time. The initial pain from this

large penetration brought Colleen back to a waking state. She
could only manage to grunt with each deeper thrust in her
forbidden channel.

He fact that her cunt was still overstuffed with Kikoo’s monster
cock didn’t dissipate the discomfort that she was feeling from
Samual’s invasion. Samual reached around her body and began to
massage her breast savagely. His excitement was mounting past his
well disciplined training. Once he managed to have four or five
inches in her ass Colleen could literally feel both cocks rubbing
against each other through the thin membrane that separated them.

This cock rubbing sensation didn’t go unnoticed to the two Negros
either. The feeling was an exciting new experience to them both.
For once they lost their self control and increased the tempo of their

fucking. Kikoo was now shoving poor Colleen’s body down on
their shafts so hard that tears were pouring out of her eyes.

For the first time since Jeremiah Ferguson had violently broken her
hymen, she wasn’t enjoying her fucking. With Kikoo’s eighteen
inches imbedded in her pussy, and Samual finally managing to get
his full fourteen inches in her ass, they all stopped moving at this
point. Savoring this exquisite sensation.

Colleen couldn’t believe that her small body, compared to theirs,
actually managed to take in a combined thirty inches of cock flesh.
Nothing in Dr. Mike’s medical books ever suggested that such a
thing was possible. But here she was, living proof that it could be

By now the pain in her ass had subsided sufficiently so that her
body was now accepting it with the same pleasurable feeling that
she had felt before, if not somewhat more engorged.

Kikoo had now been supporting her off of the ground for the past
fifteen minutes, and the physical exertion was beginning to show on
him. For the first time in his memory, Samual was seeing Kikoo
falter while fucking. He knew that it wasn’t the girl’s weight that
had caused this, but rather her stamina had won over his brute

So Samual began helping his cohort in jerking Colleen’s body up,
off their cocks and back down again. Colleen was still the limp rag
she was when Kikoo first picked her up from the cot. She even had
a problem keeping her head up straight as they continued fucking
her mercilessly.

Then unexpectedly she heard a loud grunt escape Kikoo’s throat as
she felt his powerful loins drive up into her as he came in a
tremendous torrent deep inside of her. By now Colleen was
immune to her own orgasm. Having had so many, so fast, she now
was no longer even conscious of them. But it was quite obvious
that she was as her juices could been seen flowing down her inner
thighs each time.

This fucking had gone on so long, and she had had so many
orgasms that there was actually a puddle of her own juices on the
ground beneath her dangling feet.

Feeling his friend cumming deep inside her cunt through the thin
membrane managed to trigger Samual’s own climax. Two monster
cocks cumming simultaneously in a small, young white girl. If ever
a mob got whiff of this they would all be hunted to the ends of the
Earth and hung, this they all realized.

They also knew that before they left they would have to kill her to
keep their secret.

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