Auntie in the middle
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It was nearly three in the morning when Linda Hawkins woke up, her fingers urgently brushing her hot cunt. Her lush tits rose and fell rapidly with excitement. She pricked up her ears. No sound from the living room, where her nephew slept on the sofa. And complete silence from the bedroom next door, where Linda’s fifteen-year-old niece slept.
The schoolteacher moaned and rubbed her hand lasciviously over her throbbing hot pussy. Her skin ached in torment. Two years, she thought frantically, two long years since I’ve had sex! Why should she fingerfuck herself when there was a beautifully muscled young boy just a few yards away? For the last three days, since Jack’s arrival, she’d been hypnotized by the massive bulge in his tight pants. God, what a prick her nephew must have! If she could just get her hands and lips on the hot meat for a few thrilling minutes. If she could only ram it deep into her burning, madly sucking cunt, every loving young inch!
Panting, the tail brunette got out of bed, stark naked. Her burning skin shivered with fear and excitement as she padded to her bedroom door. She opened it a few inches and peered into the darkness of the living room. She could see his powerful young body sprawled out beneath a sheet on the sofa. Oh, sweet young cock and balls! thought Linda feverishly, her cunt seeping juices freely.
The big-breasted brunette hesitated, squeezing her swollen tits in her fingers. For two years, her wildly passionate urges had been bottled up dangerously. Her own sister’s son! If she could only stroke that thrilling young prick in her eager fingers just once.
Moving in a daze, Linda padded over to where her nephew lay sleeping. To hell with caution! the schoolteacher told herself frantically. With trembling fingers, she reached down and flung back the sheet.
“Oh Lord,” Linda murmured lustfully. His long young cock dangled thickly over his balls, beneath his heavy bush. Her nephew murmured sleepily, but Linda had already dropped to her knees and was hefting his warm prick in her fingers, moaning softly. Quickly, the meat began to stiffen in her jerking fist. A moment later her nephew’s eyes opened and widened as he stared down at his aunt.
“Christ, Aunt Linda!” he blurted out, “What are you doing?”
“Shhhhh!” Linda said quickly, glancing toward the bedroom where her niece slept. His prick was getting rock-hard in her hot fist, pulsating with raw sex. At twenty-eight, the voluptuous brunette had never had a eight-year-old boy, but she knew they had tons of thick boiling come at that age, could spurt out load after load. The thought made her mind whirl.
“Listen, Jack,” she whispered urgently. “I’m so hot I could die! You don’t know what it’s like, being a healthy, frustrated woman. Night after night, dreaming about beautiful boys like you – I’m going crazy!” She stroked his gorged meat lovingly as she talked. “Be good to me, darling. Help me out, Jack. Come on into my bedroom.”
Startled, her nephew gazed down at her. His huge prick pounded wildly in her silken fingers. Christ, she looked different with her hair down and naked! Normally his aunt wore her hair primly coiled up, and plain glasses obscured her lustrous brown eyes. Nor could you guess what her lusciously curved tits and shapely ass looked like when she wore one of her prim schoolteacher dresses. But this brunette, with her long hair shimmering down and her creamy tits panting, was a knockout. Jesus, he might come in her soft fist any second.
“Okay, Aunt Linda,” he said hoarsely.
He climbed off the sofa and followed her into her bedroom. Her velvety ass bounced and swayed above her long legs, and a wild urge shuddered through the eighteen-year-old’s surging hot prick. Jesus, what a beautiful piece of ass!
“Sit on the edge of the bed,” Linda whispered eagerly.
He was barely seated when the frenzied brunette hunched between his legs on the floor and thrust his fat prick deep in her mouth. Moaning happily, Linda sucked long and slow on his pulsing cock. While one of her hands jerked the base of his shaft, feeling it ripple with power, the other hand gently squeezed his balls, jiggling them form side to side. She wanted him to come in her mouth the first time, yearned to lick up every molten drop of his young cream.
Over the past year, Linda Hawkins had given more than a hundred passionate blowjobs to her healthy young students, savoring every imaginable kind of prick – but every delicious blowjob had taken place only in her mind. And it was this endless fantasizing that now prodded her to nibble and lick and suck feverishly at her own nephew’s burning cock. She longed for it to explode its boiling flood until she gagged with joy on the spurting cream. The idea made her suck his meat fiercely, Jack gasped with wild pleasure.
“Oh, shit, that’s – that’s good, aunt Linda! Christ, that’s fantastic! Ooooooh, shit, what a blowjob! WOW!”
Inspired by his lust and by the heady taste of his hotly throbbing prick, Linda suddenly lifted his cock and ran her hot tongue caressingly along the length of his meat. For a minute she licked at his hairy balls, grasping one at a time in her burning mouth and sucking greedily on it.
“Oh Jesus – what a cocksucker!” Jack groaned cupping her head in both hands. He could feel his load beginning to boil up in a tremendous knot. Gasping, the eighteen-year-old boy began to thrust his hips forward, plunging his meat almost to the hilt in her mouth. Quickly, his aunt whipped her head up and down and then from side to side, shooting ripples of excitement up his cock.
Christ, what would his mother say if she knew he was fucking her beautiful sister in the mouth! The brunette was blowing him in a frenzy of eagerness now, craving his come with animal hunger.
“Coming, coming!” Jack grunted, stroking his bursting prick violently in her mouth. He jerked her head forward at the same time and a wild moan of happiness came up from his aunt’s battered throat. The fiery explosion in her mouth was, a fountain, gushing and spurting its salty flood for almost two minutes. Frantically, the hungry brunette rolled it around her tingling mouth to relish the pungent taste, then swallowed it greedily. She wobbled his balls in her fingers urgently, loving every final drop she coaxed out.
“Jesus!” gasped Jack, stunned at the wild thrill of her eager mouth and tongue. The only blowjob he’d ever gotten before was from a clumsy girl last year, and she wouldn’t even let him come in her mouth. In fact, she hadn’t even screwed him, worked him up to a frenzy and then jerked him off, a consolation prize. But he didn’t dream a blowjob could be this fantastically exciting, especially from his own lust-crazed aunt.
With a final lingering suck, Linda released his prick and sighed with pleasure. She’d never gone down on anyone before, but she’d imagined it so many times in her high-school classroom with boys with big crotches, she’d gotten in years of mental practice. And she’d read up on the subject, extensively, until she was an expert – in theory, anyway. She knew how to get her nephew wildly aroused again in a minute or two.
“All I want to do tonight,” whispered the feverish brunette as she lay beside him on the bed, “is suck and fuck, darling. I want you to suck on my tits, Jack, then I want you to go down on me, suck me off, you beautiful boy. Eat my cunt until I faint. Then fuck me dog style. Start now, darling, suck my tits. Oooooh, that’s it, easy on the bites, mmmmmmmmn, use your tongue, honey. Aaaaaaaa, yes, yes!”
She crooned lewdly as her nephew eagerly sucked on a swollen pink nipple. He cupped a huge burning tit in both hands, squeezing and massaging it as he licked its silken hot flesh with his tongue. Already his long prick was pounding urgently as he slid down over her softly rounded belly, drawing closer to her perfumed pant.
Linda raised her knees high and cupped her nephew’s head in her hands. A glazed smile of sheer lust flitted across her sultry lips. She began to undulate her steaming pussy beneath his face, raising her lush ass-cheeks off the bed in invitation. She’d never had her pussy eaten before, but she’d dreamed of it long enough, craved the hot sensations she’d read about. She loved the vulgar phrases, the obscene pleasure of arousing her nephew with words calculated to get his beautiful young prick rock-hard in seconds.
“Eat it,” Linda moaned, nudging her throbbing hot cunt close to his mouth. “Eat my cunt, darling boy. Aaaaaaagh! Aaaaaaagh! Loveit!”
His burning tongue shot deep into her madly sucking cunt, and the moaning brunette raised her lush ass in a high arc off the bed. Lord, that felt good! Oh God, she could get hooked on this! His nose was rubbing furiously against her swollen clit as he lashed into her pussy with his tongue, and the sensations were so shattering, Linda began to claw at his naked back with her nails.
“Oh, you lovely cuntsucker, you! Oh, Jack, you pussy eater darling. Suck faster, honey, faster! Eat my cunt, honey. yesss!”
His cheeks drenched with her sticky-sweet cunt-juice, Jack licked and sucked at her juicy slit lustfully. He’d had reservations about going down on women, but this was pure boiling honey. Jesus, what a luscious cunt! It was like a wild fiery animal grinding lewdly to his mouth. He clung to her wildly swinging ass-cheeks, hot and silken in his fingers, as he devoured her fiercely sucking, pussy.
“Gonna come.” Linda gasped, her back arched in a sharp bow. Her hot tits panted feverishly as she jerked madly up against his mouth, feeling her loins explode.
“Oh, Jack, Jack! Suck it faster, harder. eat my cunt, darling, eat it. Can’t stop coming! Love it!”
Intent only on the obscene pleasures bursting in her squirming hot cunt, the sobbing brunette crushed her thighs to her nephew’s face and fucked madly at his voracious mouth. Jesus, what a wildcat. Both of them were so wrapped up in their lust, they weren’t aware of anything else. Least of all the fact that the bedroom door was ajar a few inches. And peering through it was Jack’s sister.
The blonde had been awakened ten minutes earlier by the distinct gasps and moans coming loudly through the adjoining bedroom wall. And, knowing her aunt might have brought a man home – although this didn’t seem at all like square Aunt Linda – Sherry told herself it was none of her business. But, Christ, they sounded like they were having such a ball, Sherry just couldn’t restrain herself. She only meant to put her ear to her aunt’s door, just eavesdrop out of burning curiosity. But then she noticed Jack wasn’t on the sofa.
And, gaping with disbelief, Sherry gently opened the bedroom door, seeing a spectacle that filled her with both shock and a fierce excitement.
Jack, her own brother, had his face buried to their aunt’s wildly thrashing crotch. And Aunt Linda was clawing his back in a delirium of lust, jerking her naked ass furiously as her sixten-year-old brother groaned and licked at her squirming pussy. It didn’t seem possible that her own aunt could be speaking, but her voice was clear and unmistakable: “Oh you darling cuntsucker. Jack, oh, honey! Lick deep, darling! Suck my clit, suck it!”
The blonde felt her heart hammering wildly against her ribs. It was obscene beyond anything she could imagine and the most exciting thing she’d ever witnessed. Aunt Linda was actually sexy flaked, not only sexy but ravishing. And as her brother Jack hunched between the moaning brunette’s widely-spread legs, Sherry could see his cock. It looked terribly huge, with a massive knob. And his balls were big too, hairy and gorged.
Confused and shocked, the uppermost emotion in Sherry’s mind was sheer lewd excitement. From the rosy tips of her small firm breasts down to her softly rounded belly and silken tangle of blonde cunt-hairs, the blonde trembled with fear and excitement. Technically, Sherry was a virgin, although she’d fingerfucked herself more than once in the past few months. And now, watching her nakedly thrashing aunt turn over an her belly with her knees folded under her, while her brother knelt upright behind her lush, creamy ass, Sherry felt a violent urge to masturbate.
“Fuck me like a dog,” Linda panted, nudging her heavy ass-checks back toward his hovering prick. “Give it all to me, Jack darling, every hot inch. Ram it to the hilt! Hurry, damnit, I haven’t stopped coming yet!”
Trying to stifle her nervous panting, Sherry watched every movement avidly from the doorway. She thrust her hips out and trailed her fingers down over her silken belly. The blonde bit her lips to suppress a cry as her fingers dipped into her juicy young cunt. She began to stroke her fingers in and out of her throbbing pussy, jerking her softly rounded hips in time to her fucking fingers.
She watched her brother clutch her aunt’s creamy round ass-checks in his hands as he knelt upright behind the moaning brunette. Then Linda was reaching through her spread thighs to seize his gorged prick in her fingers. A moment later she’d nudged the big crimson head into her quivering cunt, and a long dreamy sigh escaped her throat.
“Ooooooh, that’s hot, darling! Oh, that’s a big hunk of meat, Jack. Aaaaaaa, that’s beautiful, honey! Fuck me slowly now, sweetheart. Mmmmmmm, I love your hot prick. I love it! Fuck me, Jack! Oh God, I love hot prick!”
Already her nephew began to feel his fiery load gathering in his loins. Christ, her cunt was hot and juicy! Tight, fantastically tight for her age. Her hot naked ass was squirming passionately in his hands, and the sight of her tiny puckered brown asshole flashed a vicious thought in his mind. Hell, he’d love to, but he didn’t dare risk it yet. Not when he had it made for the next two weeks with his own insatiably hot aunt.
In the doorway, Sherry stepped up the rhythm of her frantic fingers stroking in and out of her virginal cunt. All the fantasies she’d ever aroused herself with, tender, dreamy petting sessions with boys, were a pale echo compared to this wildly exciting, obscene spectacle. Her brother’s pounding prick was really driving her aunt crazy, bringing soft screams of pleasure from her throat. And her aunt’s nakedly wriggling ass was shuddering in a frenzy of desire as Jack fucked her to a powerful, steady rhythm. The heaving brunette was clawing at the sheets beneath her as she drove her lust-maddened cunt feverishly on the boy’s savagely pistoning prick.
“Goddamn, that’s hot cunt!” Jack gasped, slamming his meat into the tight juicy slit to the very hilt. “Christ, I’m gonna come, aunt Linda! Whoooooo, shit! hot ‘n’ juicy!”
Sobbing softly, the blonde in the doorway crammed two fingers up her hot pussy, wing wild fucking motions with her hips. Feverishly aroused, for one insane moment Sherry thought of walking in on than, demanding to be let in on it. Biting herself to stifle her lustful cries, the silken-skinned blonde began to come on her madly fucking fingers. She was burning up with excitement, with pure frantic need, wishing her brother’s massive cock was in her own throbbing tight cunt.
“Shoot it in me!” gasped Linda, squirming her luscious pussy in sucking circles on his spurting prick. “All of it! Fuck it faster! Harder! Cummmmming!”
Jack gushed out thick torrents of sperm for more than a minute, spattering the aching walls of her trembling cunt with boiling wet fire. Her slit sucked fiercely at his quivering meat, lewdly draining every molten drop with slow grinding motions of her drenched pussy.
At last, her perspiring hot ass still shuddering with lingering spasms of joy, the moaning brunette collapsed with a long sigh.
“Oh, honey, I needed that,” Linda moaned, rolling over on her back. A hot glow spread out from her soaked cunt, to every tingling nerve of her body. For a couple of minutes, they both lay panting for breath. Linda caressed his limp cock, knowing it would rise again in a minute or two, wondering if she ought to indulge herself and give him another blowjob. Would he be able to come again after that? When they were eighteen, they were come-factories, able to get their rocks off repeatedly. Too, he was a very good-looking boy, and if she kept him wildly aroused enough, she wouldn’t have to worry about Jack wasting his energy on local young girls. She wanted every inch, every hot pounding inch of his beautiful young cock for herself for the next two weeks.
After two years of waiting, why settle for anything less?
The moment Linda rolled over on her back, Sherry quietly closed the door and crept back into her own bed. Fear, anger and excitement all struggled for domination in her lovely young body. If Mom or Dad ever found out about Aunt Linda and Sherry’s brother, the hell would never let up. But they were so beautiful and obscenely exciting together, her brother and her sensuous aunt Sherry began to feel a hot urge of anticipation. Why should they have all the fun? Arid why should Sherry have to masturbate when Jack had such a sleek young body, with such a big, thrilling cock? With an effort, the blonde decided not to fingerfuck herself again, no matter how excited she’d become. Reading about it and seeing pictures of it was one thing – seeing the real thing in action was enough to spark a humming urgency in her young flesh that was almost unbearable.
Her aunt had gone so crazy when Jack had gone down on her. Could it possibly feel that good? For a moment, Sherry wondered curiously what it would be like to go down on another girl’s pussy. She’d licked tier own pussy-juice from her fingers whenever she’d fingerfucked herself, and she found the honeyed sweetness fragrant and secretly exciting. Like eating forbidden fruit, doing something deliciously guilty and furtive.
A faint relentless throbbing had begun in Sherry’s virgin-pussy at the thought, but she clenched her fists by her sides as she lay naked and aroused in bed. She’d be damned if she’d masturbate when her on handsome brother was hung like a bull.
Tomorrow, Sherry thought feverishly. When her aunt was teaching at school. She was so horny that the vivid memory of Jack going down on the statuesque brunette, and the lewd display of naked flesh as her own brother fucked her aunt dog-style, the hotly aroused girl decided she’d try anything to satisfy her curiosity.
Even blackmail.
“Ever fuck a girl in the ass?” Linda murmured in her nephew’s ear as she fondled his semi-rigid prick. She knew the effect the obscene phrases were having on his mind, and the brunette felt a perverse sense of enjoyment. It was like leading a double life, or having a split-personality. Outwardly, the lush brunette was a prim high school teacher, not exactly frigid, but hardly encouraging to men her own age. Inwardly and secretly, she’d had dozens of passionate orgies with her healthy young students, and now the buried urges were coming to the surface with dangerous violence. So deeply superimposed were the erotic fantasies on her mind, that the frustrated schoolteacher actually found herself wondering at times what it would be like to be raped – gangbanged was the term high school girls used for mass-rape – by a half-dozen healthy young boys.
Who would tie her down and force her to submit to every bizarre whim and desire. The bottled-up urges of the past few tormented years were expressing themselves now in strange ways. Linda felt that she would never get enough hot, thrilling sex, that she wanted to be fucked in the mouth and between the valley of her creamy big tits, and ravaged brutally in her tender tiny asshole. She wanted to be forced to fuck and suck until every strange urge in her frustrated body was deeply fulfilled, to the point of utter frustration.
“I said,” the naked brunette murmured in her nephew’s ear, “did you ever fuck a girl in the ass?”
Jack swallowed hard with excitement. “No, Aunt Linda. I never did, but you’ve sure got a gorgeous ass. Would you mind?” Linda laughed softly. Not yet. Always hold something back, like a reward. Give him something to look forward to, so he won’t go chasing the young stuff.
“Not right now,” the brunette whispered. “Maybe tomorrow night. Ever tie a girl down and do whatever you wanted to her, while she’s completely helpless?”
“No, but it sounds like fun,” Jack chuckled.
“I’ll just bet,” Linda laughed, shivers of excitement racing through her blood at the idea. To be utterly naked and helpless and feminine beneath that thrilling prick and powerful young body.
“Well get around to that, too,” the madly aroused brunette promised. “We’ve got two weeks together, darling nephew. And believe me, this is one vacation you’ll never forget.”
Neither would the frustrated schoolteacher, but for almost totally different reasons. If Linda Hawkins had even the slightest idea of what was going to happen in the long, tormented nights to come she might have fainted with shock.
Instead, the passionate school teacher raised her silken legs high, locked them around her nephew’s waist, and fucked him until her obscene moans of bliss rang throughout her apartment.

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