Auntie Is Our Slave
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“Oh yes! Mike, fuck me good!”

Jane Seabring was a beautiful woman. She was at her most beautiful when she was gasping with passion, the way she was now. “You’re fucking me so hard!”

Mike Seabring was Jane’s sister’s son. He was a dark, handsome teenager, and Jane had seduced him several months before. Since then they had been fucking regularly. Her nephew wasn’t the first teen Jane had seduced, but he was the best-looking and the best lover, and he certainly had the longest, fattest cock. But today was different, Mike had taken charge from the moment he had come in. He had made jokes about Jane giving him a blowjob or letting him fuck her up the ass, things she would never do. Then he had thrown her down on the bed, yanked the simple dress she was wearing up around her waist, shredded her panties and rammed his hard cock up inside her. He hadn’t even taken down his pants, just unzipped them and pulled out his long, fat cock.

“You like it this way, Aunt Jane?” Mike asked, biting and licking at Jane’s silky sweet throat while he pummeled her cunt with his cock. “You like getting fucked fast and hard?”

“I like getting fucked every way by you!” Jane gasped. She couldn’t believe how excited Mike’s brutal fucking was making her. “Fuck me anyway you want to, darling, and I’ll love every second of it!”

Mike squeezed Jane’s pert, silky tits through the thin cotton of her dress. He crushed the fleshy mounds in his fingers until Jane whimpered with pain. And he fucked her harder than ever, whipping his cock into her as though he wanted to fuck her through the floor.

Jane stared at him in shock, unable to believe that her nephew was fucking her so savagely.

But her cunt was slimy with fuck-cream. It pulled and twisted around Mike’s thick cock as though it wanted to tear it off and keep it inside her forever. Her ass arched up off the bed to meet every brutal thrust of his cock. Jane was soaked in sweat and panting with delight. He was fucking her until it hurt badly, and she was climaxing like she never had before.

Jane couldn’t understand what was wrong with her.

“You really love cock, don’t you?” Mike asked. He bit her throat and Jane squealed in pain. He ground his teeth together until she was sure he was drawing blood. “It turns you on getting a hard cock shoved up your hot pussy, doesn’t it?”

“Yes!” Jane whimpered. She wrapped her long, sexy legs around her nephew’s powerful asscheeks and urged him deeper and harder into her cunt. “I love hot, hard cock! You’re driving me crazy!”

Mike grabbed the collar of Jane’s dress and tore it down, revealing the full, upthrust cones of her tits. Jane hardly had time to recover from the shock of him ripping her dress before he plunged his mouth over the sharp brown cap of one nipple. She screamed in pain and surprise when he bit down on the stiff, tender bud of flesh.

“Mike it hurts!” she shrieked. “Stop! Softer! Mike, you’re biting off my nipple!”

“Shit!” Mike shouted, switching from one tit to the other. His hand came up and crushed the tit he had just spit from his mouth. He squeezed it until silky skin bulged up between his fingers. “You can’t get enough of shit like this! I bet you could fuck cock all day long! Tell me, Aunt Jane, you’d love to spend all day just fucking cock, wouldn’t you?”

Jane clawed at her nephew’s back. She couldn’t imagine how she must look, her dress hiked up around her waist and shredded down around her tits, her legs thrown up while a fully clothed guy pounded his hard cock inside her. Just the thought of how cheap she must look made Jane disgusted, made her pussy clench around Mike’s bludgeoning cock with the power of another climax.

“I would love it!” she hissed.

Mike grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, then crushed his lips against hers. The helplessness of having her hands held tightly in place turned Jane on even more.

Mike was doing something to her hands, but Jane wasn’t sure what it was. Too much of her attention was being taken up by what his cock was doing to her pussy, by the dirty, exciting things he was saying to her. Later, when she could think straight again, Jane knew she was going to have to tell Mike that this could never happen again. She wasn’t just some willing, brainless whore he could throw down and fuck whenever he wanted. She was his aunt, after all, and a beautiful, intelligent woman. He shouldn’t call her names and treat her like some common slut. But right now she was too excited to even try to regain control of the situation.

“Eat them up!” she gasped. She had never imagined having sex with a woman. The very idea revolted her. “And have them eat me up too! Stick my face right into their furry little pussies and drink out all their sweet cream!”

Her legs wrapped even more tightly around Mike’s muscular ass, her hips surging up off the bed in an even more frenzied attempt to meet his shattering fuck-thrusts. Jane felt dirty and slutty and vile. She also felt sexier than she ever had before. When Mike bit her tin again, she arched her back up off the bed, pressing the silky cones right into his hungry mouth.

“What if the guys wanted, you to suck their cocks? What if the girls wanted you to suck their assholes? You’d do that too, wouldn’t you, Aunt Jane?” Mike crushed her tits together and bit both her nipples at the same time. He gnawed on them as though he wanted to chew them away completely. “What if the guys wanted to stick their cocks up your tight, hot ass? What if the girls wanted to piss all over your pretty face? You’d love that, too, wouldn’t you?”

Jane couldn’t believe the disgusting things her nephew was saying to her. He was discussing the most perverted acts imaginable.

“Please don’t say such shameful things to me, Mike,” she murmured, her voice shaking from the cock-pounding he was giving her. “I’m your aunt, not some common slut. Come on, lover, can’t you be nicer, can’t you be sweet for your aunt?”

“What if the guys wanted to fuck your tits?” Mike asked, smashing his lips to hers and mauling her sensitive tits with his strong hands. “What if the girls wanted to fuck you with big rubber cocks? What if they wanted to shit on you and make you rub it all over your sweet, sexy body? You’d love all of that, wouldn’t you, whore?”

Jane tried to bring her hands down to grab her nephews back. Another orgasm was exploding through her. She cried out in surprise when she realized that her teenage nephew had bound her hands to the head of the bed. She couldn’t turn her head to look because of the way his lips were crushing down over hers, but she knew that some thin strap was circling both her wrists, holding them high above her head.

“What are you doing, Mike?” she gasped around his questing tongue and squirming lips. “What kind of game are you playing with me, Mike?”

“This isn’t a game, this is your sweetest drew,” Mike said. He grabbed her tight, firm ass and pulled her up savagely at his brutal cock thrusts. “Now tell me how you’d love getting fucked by dildos, getting pissed on and fucked up your ass and down your throat. Tell me how much you’d love a cock sliding between these pretty tits, how turned on you’d be rubbing big, smelly turds all over your sweet body. Tell me how much you’d love it!”

For the first time Jane felt frightened. She had the sudden, sinking feeling that for the first time in her life she had met a guy who wouldn’t let her call all the shots. She had never kept one guy for as long as she had kept her nephew, and she wondered if that had been her mistake. She knew for certain that this would have to be the last time the two of them were together.

“Mike, let me go!” she cried, whipping her head from side to side, keeping her mouth away from his. “This has gone too far! Untie my hands and get out of here!”

“You’d do all that shit for me, wouldn’t you?” Mike asked, grabbing Jane behind her knees and rolling her up until her silky thighs pressed down on either side of her head. “You’d fuck anything alive as long as you kept getting your fix of my cock, wouldn’t you? You’d do any fucking thing I told you, wouldn’t you, Aunt Jane?”

“No!” Jane screamed.

Mike fucked her more savagely than ever, making the bed shake and sway with every hammering thrust. Jane’s sleek body was bent double beneath him. The room was filled with the sweaty sounds of their bodies slamming together.

“Tell me you’d do it for me, whore!” Mike screamed, tangling his hands in her long, silky hair and holding her head tightly in place while he crushed his lips to hers.

“No!” Jane gasped. She writhed desperately beneath the strong body of her nephew.

Mike bit her face, bit her calves and her feet.

He fucked his cock into her until she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t move. The wet sloshing of Mike’s prick in her pussy and the meaty impact of his hard crotch into her soft ass were the only things she could hear. Mike’s pistoning cock and devouring mouth were the only things she could feel.

“No!” she whimpered, knowing the degrading admission he wanted her to make, knowing it was the truth, knowing too that to admit it would be to put herself in the power of a man for the first time in her life. “No, no, no, no, no!”

She was cuming as she had never cum before.

Mike bit her calves so hard that he left teeth prints. He fucked her cunt so savagely that pain flowered up her back with every thundering impact. Jane gasped and pleaded incoherently, nearly out of her mind with pleasure. She was being brutalized by a teenager and it was driving her wild with passion.

“You love it!” Mike growled, drooling spit all over Jane’s beautiful face. “Tell me what you’ll do to keep this cock in your cunt!”

Jane panted wildly, feeling defiled beyond hope of redemption by what her nephew was doing to her. Her cunt was boiling, her body writhing out of control. Mike’s spit dribbled all over her face, even between her parted lips, and Jane made no attempt to escape it. She loved the handsome teenager’s spit. She loved every part of him.

“Yes!” she whimpered, hating herself for admitting such a terrible thing but able to deny him no longer. “Anything for you, darling! Cocks up my ass! Cocks down my throat! Luscious cocks between my pretty tits! I’d let the girls fuck me!”

“And piss in your face?” Mike asked with an evil smile. “And rub their shit all over your body?”

As he asked the question he pulled his cock out of her cunt. Jane stared at the big prick as it jerked about above her. It was longer and harder than she had ever seen it before, dripping with her pussy cream and his pre-cum.

“Yes!” she cried, feeling the loss of his cock inside her like a physical blow. “I’d drink their piss! I’d rub their shit all over! Wouldn’t I look pretty covered in shit? Wouldn’t I?”

“You sure would,” Mike said with a grin. “You want this back inside you?”

“Please, lover!” Jane whimpered. “Please, my darling, darling, Mike!”

“All right,” he said. “Let’s have some fun.”


Jane screamed when he slotted his big cock against the tiny bud of his asshole. She screamed far more wildly when he staffed pushing it inside her.

Mike’s cock was slick with her pussy-cream. But it didn’t help enough to stop the tearing, unbearable pain of having his huge cock forced up her virgin asshole. Jane’s sleek little body went rigid beneath her nephew’s powerful frame. Her big gray eyes glazed over with pain. With her arms tied to the head of the bed and her legs forced up on either side of her head there was nothing she could do to fight against the ferocious anal rape.

Mike’s cock was ten inches long. When just the fist-sized head of his prick popped through the frantically resisting outer ring of Jane’s asshole, the dazed beauty felt as if her insides were crammed full of unwanted fuck-meat. By the time he had fucked three inches of his thick cock up her tiny shitter the lubrication her cunt had provided had been used up. His cock fucked deeper into her moist asshole, spearing her guts with a far bigger object that she had ever shit out.

“You love it, don’t you?” Mike groaned as he buried his cock up his beautiful aunt’s virgin shitter. “I’m going to give you every inch. And then I’m going to fuck you with it. That’s going to be the best part of all.”

The muscles that ringed Jane’s virgin asshole fought a desperate battle against the huge log of fuck-meat that was pushing inside her. One by one they collapsed, worn down by the force of Mike’s strong body driving his hard cock inside her. The pain was unbearable.

“Tell me you love it,” he said, burying the last two inches of his ten-inch cock up her tiny asshole. “Tell me you love it, Aunt Jane, or I’ll leave here and never fuck you again.”

Jane thought of the guy’s handsome face and long, strong cock. It was hard to think at all through the horrible pain that was burning in her shitter, shooting up her back and rolling through her stomach. His balls were nestled in the crack of her ass and she knew that he had stabbed all ten inches of his cock up inside her. She wanted to tell him to go away, to leave her alone. But her clit was still burning. Tears ran down her beautiful face as she cried at the pain he was causing her. But she couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving her forever.

“I love it!” she gasped, the pain from her torn shit-chute making her twitch and shudder. “I love your big, sweet cock fucking my dirty asshole! Please don’t leave me alone!”

“Squeeze your asshole around my cock, Aunt Jane,” Mike said, and leaned back to watch. “Squeeze your tight, hot ass around my cock.”

Jane cried with shame and pain, but she did as Mike told her. Her asshole was shell-shocked from the horrible assault Mike’s cock had just committed on it. Flexing it made her shiver with agony. His fat prick felt like a baseball bat shoved up inside her. She could feel the head of his cock deep inside her stomach. But each time she squeezed her asshole tight around his prick her cunt flexed along with it, and by the time she had tightened her asshole five times her pussy exploded with pleasure.

Slowly at first, and then with greater speed, Mike began to move his cock back and forth through his aunt’s clasping asshole. The sight of her straining shitter tightening and relaxing around the huge stalk of his cock was almost more exciting than Mike could stand. When he pulled his cock back out of her asshole, he could see brown and red stains.

“Hey, Aunt Jane, looks like I tore your asshole a little.” Mike jerked his cock back until only the bulging prick-head was still lodged inside her tiny, ravaged asshole. “Yeah, you’re painting my cock a real pretty shade of red. I’m going to really tear you up now.”

Jane screamed when Mike slammed his cock back inside her. She tossed her head from side to side, shaking uncontrollably in hellish agony. Mike fucked her ass as hard and fast as he had fucked her pussy. He hammered her tiny shitter until the dark sheath was soaked with blood and fuck-lube. Every muscle in Jane’s svelte body went tight with strain as her nephew tore into her helpless asshole.

She felt paralyzed. She felt completely violated. Mike was driving his cock into the most private part of her body. He was fucking her against her will, fucking her with the sole intention of hurting her while giving himself pleasure. Jane felt as though her nephew was stabbing her to death with his fat log of a cock. She could feel every brutal fuck thrust deep inside her body. She could feel her asshole being torn and stretched loose with every savage thrust.

“Too much!” Mike gasped, hammering her helpless, sexy body relentlessly into the bed. “Your asshole is skinning me alive! I’ve never felt anything that fucking tight and hot.”

Jane gasped with relief when her nephew pulled his cock from her asshole, but she cried out in shame and fear when she saw his wagging, slimy prick. It was painted with her blood and smeared with her shit. Fuck tube bubbled from the tip and dripped onto her silky thighs in venomous-looking strands. Mike’s giant cock looked like an instrument of torture. It looked like a murder weapon.

Mike stood up over her, letting her legs fall back against the bed. Then he sat down on her pert, thrusting tits and slapped his cock against Jane’s beautiful face.

“Tell me you want to suck my cock,” he said. He rubbed his filthy cock over her face with one hand, reached behind him with the other and stabbed two fingers deep into Jane’s cunt and his thumb into her stretched, bleeding asshole. “Come on, Aunt Jane. If you want to keep this prick, you’re going to have to clean it.”

Jane tried to turn her face away from the stinking, dripping cock. Mike laughed at her, smearing her shit and blood all over her beautiful face. Jane had never sucked a cock in her life. The very idea made her want to retch. The reality, in the shape of the cock that had just torn her virgin asshole to pieces, brought the vomit rumbling up from her stomach in an unstoppable wave.

She turned her head and threw up. Her svelte, sexy body convulsed as she emptied her stomach onto the bed beside her. Mike just laughed at her, rubbing the tip of his tacky cock right into the quivering holes of her nostrils. Jane kept retching even after she had emptied her stomach, dry-heaving until she felt weak and helpless. She turned her face back up toward her nephew to beg for mercy. And he shoved his cock down her throat.

There was no tenderness, no consideration for how much he might be hurting her. Mike raised up on his knees, angled his cock right down at her throat and then fed her every gruesome, ghastly inch.

Jane’s lush lips were pulled tight around the huge stalk of her nephew’s cock. Blood and shit smeared her lips as Mike pushed his prick deeper and deeper into her gullet. Jane’s big gray eyes went wide with panic as the fat head of his cock touched the back of her throat. She could barely breathe around the huge log of fuck-flesh that stuffed her mouth.

She gagged again as Mike pushed his cock into the tight, wet tunnel of her throat. She struggled desperately, but with her hands tied and Mike’s weight on top of her there was nothing she could do.

Jane retched again and again, gagging helplessly both from the pressure of her nephew’s huge cock forcing its way deep into her throat and in response to the awful, filthy things she was tasting. There was a greasy taste that Jane knew must be pre-cum. There was the thick, sharp taste of her own blood. The worst was the base, thick taste of shit. The fact that it was her own shit she was tasting only made Jane that much sicker.

She couldn’t breathe and it felt as though her throat was being scoured with sandpaper. When her nose began to itch, she opened her eyes and gasped in shock and shame when she saw that it was Mike’s cock-hair that was tickling her. A moment later her face was buried in his musty crotch, and his hairy, heavy balls were draped over her chin. There were ten inches of hard, male cock buried down her throat.

“Tell me how much you love sucking my cock,” Mike said, squirming his ass round on Jane’s crushed tits, making his cock wiggle around inside the tight confines of Jane’s raw throat. “Tell me how much you love sucking my cock and I’ll pull back and let you use your pretty tongue and lips on it.”

Jane couldn’t breathe. Her tiny, sexy body heaved beneath her nephew, but she couldn’t dislodge him from on top of her. She couldn’t breathe, and she was beginning to feel faint from the lack of oxygen. Mike kept squirming around on top of her and driving his fingers into her cunt and asshole. There was an almost painful burning in Jane’s pussy. She was sickened at the thought that she might climax while this horror was going on.

“Love it!” she moaned around the lip-splitting shaft of her nephew’s hard cock. “Love your big, sweet cock! Love sucking your pretty cock!”

The burning in her cunt got worse, and Jane rubbed her long, shapely legs together. Mike added a third finger to the two he was already plunging into her cunt and hooked his thumb even deeper inside her asshole. Jane’s asshole felt more sensitive than it ever had before, and the movement of Mike’s thumb inside it kept her jerking and twitching like a child needing to go to the bathroom.

“You know what to do now, don’t you?” Mike asked, pulling his cock back out of Jane’s throat. “Lick and kiss and make me real happy, all right?”

Jane whimpered in disgust and excitement and went to work on his thick cock. Her spit had already washed off most of the blood and shit. There was a steady drip of pre-cum, though, and the taste of it filled Jane’s mouth like a salty film. She locked her lips around the two or three inches of cock Mike left inside her mouth. She lashed her tongue all over the bulging head of his cock, even teasing it into the tiny hole of his piss-slit.

“Fuck!” Mike hissed, plunging his fingers into Jane’s fiery cunt and twitching asshole. “You’re making me cum, Aunt Jane! That mouth of yours is something else! Here it is, whore! Start swallowing!”

Jane had never tasted jism before. Mike’s cock belched a huge glob of it onto her tongue, then fired a thick, gluey streamer right down her throat. Jane gagged, choking on the sudden mouthful of stringy goo that Mike’s cock was pouring into her. She snorted and cum dribbled out of her nose. She coughed and cum sprayed up out of her mouth. Mike poured even more inside her, clogging her throat and mouth with huge dollops of creamy jism.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and dribbled the last of his jism onto her nose and into her eyes. He rubbed his cock clean across her forehead, then leaned back to watch her try to deal with the massive load of cum he had fed her.

Jane’s beautiful face was completely soiled. Silvery jism was rolling down her cheeks. There were streaks of shit and blood on her face. Her nose, eyes, and even her forehead were spotted with jism.

Jane’s throat worked on the bulging mouthful of cum she was holding behind her lips. Mike watched with delight as she gulped his jism down.

“You love it, Aunt Jane,” he said, holding his still-hard cock in one hand while he relentlessly finger-fucked her pussy and asshole with the other. “You could fuck and suck an army of guys and love every minute of it.”

“Oh shit!” Jane gasped. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming again! I’m cumming again! What are you doing to me, Mike? What are you turning me into?”

“A piss-drinker right now,” Mike said with a grin and let loose a hot blast of piss right into Jane’s face.

Jane screamed with shock and shame when the firehose blast of piss splashed her face. Then she clamped her mouth tightly shut and tried to hold her breath. She already had a mouthful of Mike’s pin, and it was the most foul thing she had ever, tasted. It was salty and burning. Jane had no choice but to drink it down. When she did her stomach rolled in protest — and her cunt explodcd with passion.

“Open your mouth, whore,” Mike said, driving four fingers into her cunt while he ground his thumb into her injured shitter. “Come on, you sexy old slut, open your mouth and drink down some more sweet piss!”

Jane did as her nephew commanded. Mike washed her face with his piss, directing the spray over her cheeks and forehead, even up into her hair. Then he pointed it back at her open mouth and filled her up with piss. In that instant piss was splashing back out of Jane’s mouth almost as fast as it was spraying in.

Finally the piss stopped splashing into her mouth. Jane obediently swallowed the last of it, feeling a sunburst pleasure flashing through her swampy pussy.

Mike used her silky hair to wipe his cock clean, then jumped off the bed. He tore the rest of her dress off her when he did, leaving her completely naked.

Mike looked down on his aunt, his cock rock-hard and dripping again in appreciation of what he was seeing. Jane Seabring was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Jane had the kind of face men die for and kill for. Her nose was long and straight. Her mouth was wide and full-lipped. There always seemed to be a sexy smirk on her face. Her eyes were devastating. They were gray, wide, deep and mysterious. Her eyes smoldered.

Her hair was something else. It was a brown that was almost red and it flowed in a silky stream all the way down to her sexy ass. Mike had stayed awake on a lot of nights dreaming up things he could do with that long, sexy hair.

Jane was only a fraction of an inch over five feet tall, but every inch seemed to have been invented with nothing but sex in mind. Her legs were long and slender, perfectly shaped. Her tits were like two perky pears, upthrust and sharp nippled, big for a woman as small as she. Her ass was absolutely perfect. She was thin almost to the point of being skinny, but that only made her sexy ass and big tits that much sexier.

Mike thought it was a fucking shame his Aunt Jane had never used her slinky body to service a full-grown man. So did his dad, and that was part of the reason Mike was doing the things he was.


“What are you doing to me?” Jane asked as Mike stared down at her.

She was still gasping far breath, her hips bucking slowly off the bed. Her ass burned as though it was on fire, but somehow that pain was making her cunt tinge with pleasure. Her inner thighs were damp with pussy-cream. Her beautiful face was stained with jism and soaked with piss. Her sleek body was burning with a kind of lust she had never felt before. She still couldn’t understand what was happening to her. “You’re a horny old slut, Aunt Jane,” Mike said with a shrug, walking to the bedroom door. “And you’ve got some fucking screwy ideas about things. You’re almost thirty and you’re still fucking around with kids. I want to see just how much you like that hot flesh.”

“What do you mean?” Jane asked, having the terrible feeling that she knew the answer.

“You said you could fuck teenage cock and suck teenage cunt all day long. We’re going to see whether or not you were just fucking bragging.” Mike opened the bedroom door. “Only this time you won’t be calling the shots. The kids will. Don’t worry, you’ll still love it, you nasty old slut.”

“Mike, please don’t!” Jane cried as he stepped out the door. “I’ve always been nice to you, haven’t I?”

But Mike was gone from the room. An instant later someone else stepped in, and Jane screamed when she saw her.

“We’re being nice to you, too,” Marcia, Jane’s niece and Mike’s sister, said. “You’re just going to have to learn some things before you understand that.”

“Marcia!” Jane whimpered. She burned with shame at the way she must look, tied down on the filthy bed, her legs spread wide and her face dirty with Mike’s cum. “Please let me go! I don’t know what Mike told you, but I swear he was lying! Please, he hurt me so bad!”

“And you loved it.” Marcia stopped at the foot of the bed and started undressing. She was wearing a tight white halter and a pair of cutoff jeans. In a moment she was wearing nothing. “You know, I’ve been jealous ever since you and Mike started fucking. I’m not sure if I was more jealous of you or him.”

Marcia was almost six feet tall. Her blonde hair splashed around broad shoulders that were just the start of a stunning figure. Marcia had big, firm tits with bright pink nipples. Her waist was narrow though, and her ass was teenage tight. Her cunt was pink and beautiful, framed by a golden bush of pussy-hair. Marcia’s face looked a lot like Jane’s but her figure was pure teenage perfection.

“I’m going to make a meal of you, Aunt Jane,” Marcia whispered, crawling up between Jane’s long, shapely legs. “I’ve wanted to eat you up my whole life. I just hope you taste as good as you look.”

“No, please, no!” Jane cried weakly. She tried to bring her legs together but Marcia was already between them. The willowy blonde shoved her thighs even wider apart, pinning them with her forearms as she ran her fingers over Jane’s damp pussy. “This is unnatural! It’s perverted! Please don’t make me do it!”

“You’re perverted,” Marcia said, teasing the tips of her fingernails over the tender lips of Jane’s pussy. “But I’ll make you a deal, Aunt Jane. If you aren’t begging for more in ten minutes, I’ll leave you alone. You won’t ever have to mess with a girl again.”

Jane craned her neck up to watch as her gorgeous niece lowered her face toward her cunt. The buzzing inside Jane’s pussy was still going on, and she had to admit that the sight of her teenage niece’s super sexy body had sent strange chills running through her. It disgusted her to realize that the sight of a beautiful girl could make her excited.

Marcia smiled as she rubbed her pretty face gently against the outer folds of Jane’s pussy. She turned her face this way and that, barely brushing her silky skin against the heated folds of cunt-flesh. Jane’s breath shuddered in and out as Marcia teased her. She stared down at the sexy girl with wide, frightened eyes.

Marcia scratched lightly at the outer lips, of Jane’s cunt. She lowered her face farther and nudged her nose gently between the swollen folds of fuck-flesh. With a quick dip of her head she took a tiny nip at the skin high on Jane’s right inner thigh. Jane gasped with surprise, bucking her ass off the soft bed and into her niece’s waiting face.

Marcia backed off, laughing at her aunt’s reaction. Then the beautiful teenager was back to work, this time lathing her pretty pink tongue over the silky brown hair of Jane’s pussy mound.

“I love your pussy, Aunt Jane,” Marcia said. She licked lower, sponging her talented tongue over Jane’s silky inner thighs. “I’ve had sex with a lot of girls, but never with an older woman like you. And never with anyone as beautiful as you. Why you’re almost as beautiful as me, aren’t you? Almost, but not quite. Say that, Aunt Jane. Say that you’re almost as beautiful as me.”

Jane dropped her head back against the bed, unable to bear the look of mocking superiority her beautiful niece was wearing.

“Tell me,” Marcia said, rubbing the flat of her hand over Jane’s swollen cunt-lips. “It’s the truth and we both know it. You might as well tell me.”

Jane uttered a single, small moan of passion, then clamped her mouth tightly shut. Marcia was an expert at stimulating a pussy, and Jane could feel tremors of pure sexual excitement washing through her marshy cunt.

Marcia whipped her tongue up and down Jane’s inner thighs while she rubbed her palms over Jane’s cunt-lips. She followed the tendons that lined Jane’s inner thighs all the way up to the edges of her pussy, then whisked her tongue back down her aunt’s legs. All the time the flats of her hands rubbed over Jane’s pussy, moving quickly, then slowly, sometimes rubbing the whole pooching cunt mound, other times massaging just a tiny piece of pussy-flesh. Jane fought with every ounce of self-control she possessed to keep her ass flat against the bed, to keep her mouth tightly shut to the moans of pleasure that fought to bubble forth.

“Come on, Aunt Jane,” Marcia said. “Tell me how much you love what I’m doing to you. Tell me how beautiful you think I am.”

Marcia flicked her tongue over the lips of Jane’s cunt for the first time. The sleek beauty thought she was going to lose her mind.

Then Marcia poked a single finger deep inside Jane’s squirming pussy, and she could keep still no longer.

Marcia giggled as Jane’s hips bucked up off the bed. She followed the movement easily, drawing her tongue gently, teasingly, over Jane’s heated pussy. She wiggled her finger deep inside Jane’s cunt, scratching at her pussy-lips with the other fingers of that hand. She used her free hand to scratch lightly up and down Jane’s asscrack. The combination of sensations drove the beautiful older woman crazy.

“I am beautiful!” she cried out, squirming under the expert manipulation of her gorgeous tormentor. “I’m a beautiful woman! I’m one of the most beautiful women in the whole town!”

“What else?” Marcia asked, pulling on Jane’s pussy-lips with both hands now, working them this way and that while she tickled her tongue over the interior of her cunt. “Say the rest, Aunt Jane. You know that it’s the truth, you beautiful old bitch!”

Marcia’s mouth and hands were everywhere, doing everything. Marcia bit her inner thighs, then washed her tongue over Jane’s pussy. She yanked on Jane’s cunt-lips until the older woman cried out in pain, then plunged a finger so deep inside her cunt that Jane felt as though she had been impaled on a spear. Marcia strummed her fingernails over the tiny bud of Jane’s clit and the captive beauty exploded with one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had.

“I’m not as beautiful as you!” Jane cried, whipping her head from side to side, bucking her ass almost a foot off the bed. “You know I’m not! You’re so perfect! You’ve got such beautiful blonde hair and such big, bouncy tits! You’re so tall and so tanned! You look like a centerfold!”

“So do you, Aunt Jane,” Marcia said, sounding pleased with herself. She drove her tongue deep inside Jane’s cunt for the first time and set off a firecracker string of climaxes inside the helplessly aroused beauty. “Just not quite as hot a one. I mean, everybody can’t be the most beautiful, can they? Second best isn’t so bad, is it?”

When Jane didn’t answer, Marcia pinched her ass with both hands, driving her sharp fingernails into Jane’s tender, creamy-ass-flesh.

“No!” Jane cried out, squirming with both lust and agony. “No, it isn’t so bad being second best, Marcia! Especially to someone as beautiful as you! I’ve always thought you were beautiful! I’ve always wished you could be mine!”

Marcia laughed out loud and attacked Jane’s cunt. She bit at the outer folds of Jane’s pussy until Jane was bucking and twisting madly under her touch. The bites were just hard enough to drive Jane mad with tickling, gnawing pleasure. Marcia stuck two fingers into Jane’s pussy and swished them back and forth.

“I could tell,” Marcia said, raising her pussy drenched face from between Jane’s widespread legs. “You’ve always looked at me that way. Watching my ass. Looking at my tits instead of my face. But now you’re mine. That’s even better, isn’t it? Because now that you belong to me, you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. I’ll just tell you and you can do it. Right?”

“Right!” Jane gasped, urging her hips up off the bed, driving her swampy pussy at Marcia’s talented mouth and hands. “I’m yours now! You’re so beautiful! You’re so good! Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

Marcia smiled mockingly up at her beautiful, sex-mad aunt. She whipped her tongue over Jane’s clit with strokes that came from every direction, at every possible speed. She pulled at Jane’s cunt-lips with one hand and spiked two fingers from the other deep inside the humid depths of Jane’s pussy. When she dragged those fingers out she scratched teasingly at the supersensitive flesh of Jane’s cunt. In moments she had her sexy aunt whimpering her way through another powerful orgasm. Jane stared down at her with lost, loving eyes.

“Now you better understand what we’re talking about here,” Marcia said, raising her head from Jane’s cunt once more. Her beautiful features were frosted with so much pussy-cream that she looked as though she had been smeared with a whole stick of butter. “I’m not just talking about fun girl-games. I might want to hurt you real bad. I might want to give you to my friends. If you want to be my pet, Aunt Jane, you’re going to have to do everything I tell you. You’re going to have to suffer. I’ll want to make you suffer a lot. Do you understand?”

Jane wanted to cry. She wanted to beg her cruel, beautiful niece for mercy. She wanted to somehow stop the things that were happening to her. Less than an hour before she had been in control of her life, a woman who was always in charge of everything. Now she was tied to her bed, soaked with piss, brought to helpless, senseless orgasms by her own niece. She thought of the ways Marcia would hurt her, thought of how degrading it would be to have to perform for the girl’s teenage friends like a trained animal.

“I understand,” she whispered, not able to meet the masterful stare of her teenage niece. “If I belong to you, then you can do whatever you want to with me. I’ll try to like it when you hurt me. And I’ll be nice to your friends. I’ll do whatever you want me to with them.”

“You’re saying you’re my slave then?” Marcia asked, a bright smile on her beautiful face as she brought Jane to one squirming, whimpering orgasm after another. “You’re saying that you’re my little sex pet, right?”

“Right!” Jane cried, climaxes tumbling together inside her until she thrashed and wiggled uncontrollably. “Right! I’m your pet! I’m your slave! You can do anything to me you want!”

“Right now I want to fuck you,” Marcia said, climbing up between Jane’s legs.


Marcia held herself up over Jane’s squirming body for a moment and looked down at her sensual aunt. Even with all the sucking she had done, Jane’s crotch was awash with pussycream. Her cunt-hair was frosted silver, her sleek inner thighs looked like they had been varnished. The bed underneath her ass was so soaked that it squished when Jane bucked back against it. Jane’s nipples, were hard and her tits were heaving. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed with lust.

Marcia was pleased. Aunt Jane was a beauty, she was a slut and she was submissive. Marcia couldn’t have asked for anything more. She locked her legs around her aunt’s silky thigh, drove her knee against her aunt’s messy pussy, and started fucking.

“Oh, Marcia!” Jane whined, another orgasm battering its way through her squirming, sweat soaked body. “You’re so pretty! So beautiful! Oh, take me! Take me! Take me anyway you want!”

“Kiss me, slut!” Marcia growled, plastering her lips down over Jane’s. She rubbed her leaking pussy all over her bound aunt’s silky leg. “Mmmm, you’re so pretty, Aunt Jane! I think I’ll just eat you up! Eat you up alive!”

Jane whimpered in mixed pain and pleasure as Marcia crushed her lips flat against her teeth. Jane burned with shame at being kissed, mauled and fucked by a teenage girl. There was something especially perverted about having her sexy niece bumping away on her leg, forcing her tongue deep into her throat.

Jane’s feelings of degradation did nothing to stop the fires that were raging inside her sleek, squirming body. She rose up off the bed, pushing her swollen, swampy cunt into her niece’s banging knee. She wrapped her free leg around the tight, sexy bubble of Marcia’s ass, urging her on. She met Marcia’s tongue with her own, surrendering her luscious mouth to the whims of the sultry blonde. She wished that her hands were free so that she could pull Marcia even tighter.

Marcia laughed at Jane’s eager show of submission. She ground her mouth against Jane’s until the older beauty cried out in pain. She sucked Jane’s tongue into her mouth and bit it, then jerked her head back until she had stretched Jane’s tongue as far past her lips as it would go.

Her hands found Jane’s perky, pointed tits and she grabbed them like handles, squeezed them like tubes of toothpaste. She wrenched them back and forth across Jane’s chest and slobbered her way across Jane’s elegant face. She never stopped driving her knee into Jane’s dripping pussy, or rubbing her own marshy cunt all over Jane’s silky smooth leg.

Jane felt as though she was being overwhelmed by her sexy niece. Her right leg was soaked with Marcia’s cunt-cream. She could tell by the frantic way the teenage beauty was bucking and grinding against her that she was cumming strongly. Tiny orgasms flared through Jane’s pussy, too, beating from her inflamed cunt by the steady pounding of Marcia’s knee against her swollen pussy-lips.

Pain burned through her tits as Marcia tore at them with her fingernails and crushed them with her hands. Jane’s face was soaked with Marcia’s spit. The sultry blonde seemed to take great delight in drooling all over her captive aunt’s beautiful face. She bit Jane’s lips, tongued her fluttering eyelids, nibbled her way over her cheeks and thrust her tongue deep into her ears.

Jane held her face still, passively submissive to her niece’s desires. She wasn’t sure she would have stopped Marcia even if she could. The blonde teenager was so masterful and sexy, and Jane felt so weak and helpless. It almost seemed right for her to be Marcia’s slave.

“Suck my tits, Aunt Jane!” Marcia gasped, lifting up over Jane’s lean, sexy body and pushing her big tits into her face. She whipped her knee from side to side against the swampy pocket of Jane’s cunt, driving her sexy aunt wild with passion. “Suck on my tits just like a pretty little baby!”

Jane felt like a baby as Marcia buried her face under the satiny pillows of her tits. Marcia’s tits were like two warm, water filled balloons. They were so large that Jane’s face was completely buried in the cleavage. Jane opened her mouth without question, washing her tongue over the silky skin. And when Marcia popped one of her nipples into Jane’s mouth, she sucked on it just as though she was a hungry baby.

“Ohhh, so good, Aunt Jane!” Marcia’s voice was thick with lust as well as mockery. “Suck my tit! Oh, your mouth is so good!”

Marcia humped Jane’s leg frantically, driving and smearing her dripping cunt all over Jane’s creamy skin. Streams of cunt-cream rolled down Jane’s firm thighs, soaking the bed underneath her leg. Marcia’s knee was sloppy with Jane’s pussy-juice, too. The teenage girl whipped her knee up into the soft pocket of Jane’s pussy so powerfully that she jarred the breath from the bound beauty and sent waves of smashing pain through her swampy cunt. Pussy-cream splattered with every bruising impact.

Jane writhed beneath the bucking girl, helpless to do anything but take the abuse Marcia was dealing out. She whipped her tongue over the stiff, thick nipple that filled her mouth, hollowing her elegant cheeks as she sucked it to even greater erection. Marcia pulled that tit free and replaced it with the other. Jane sucked the new nipple with even greater, fervor, bathing it lovingly in her spit. The sensation was like nothing Jane had ever felt before. It made her sick. It also made her hot.

Marcia threw her head back as orgasms blazed through her sensuous body. Jane’s mouth on her tits turned her on so much that she felt light-headed. She swung her shoulders from side to side, slapping Jane’s face with the big, firm mounds. She made Jane kiss and lick her big tits while she whipped them around. The wet brush of Jane’s tongue, the moist pucker of her lips, and the liquid suction of her mouth drove Marcia wild. It made her crave the touch of her aunt’s mouth in far more intimate places.

Jane cried out as Marcia pulled up off her. She cried out in terror and revulsion when the stacked blonde straddled her head. Drops of pussy-cream splattered down on her face and Jane reacted as though she had been burned with add. She knew what Marcia was going to make her do. It would be the ultimate perversion to have to suck another woman’s cunt.

Marcia lowered herself on Jane’s beautiful face.

Jane watched the pink, juice-frosted cum as it came toward her. She had never seen a pussy so close, and it shocked her just how beautiful it was. She smelled it, and the heady, damp aroma made her head swim. A moment later it was plastered wetly to her face.

Jane closed her lips tightly out of panic, but Marcia reached back and twisted her nipples into corkscrews until Jane opened up. The helpless beauty had known that she wouldn’t be able to refuse her niece’s wishes. Her first taste of cunt made her sleek body twist and thrash with revulsion. It wasn’t anything like a cock. It was soft and wet and seemed to cover her whole face at once.

Marcia laughed, grinding her pussy relentlessly down on Jane’s gorgeous, captive face.

“Don’t you like my pussy, Aunt Jane?” Marcia asked, wiggling slowly back and forth, smearing her juicy pussy all over Jane’s face. “You’re going to suck it anyway. First give my pussy a kiss.”

Marcia sliced her fingernails into Jane’s stiff nipples until the bound beauty thought she was going to tear them off. Jane puckered and smacked, puckered and smacked, planting quick wet kisses everywhere she could reach on Marcia’s moist pink pussy. The sexy blonde atop her moaned long and low with pleasure.

“That’s it, Aunt Jane!” she gasped, rubbing her pussy all over Jane’s face. She wrapped her hands in Jane’s long, silky hair and used it as a rein to pull her beautiful aunt’s face tight against her dripping cunt. “You’re doing that so nice. You look so pretty with a pussy on your face. Now French-kiss it! Come on, pretty slave girl, stick your tongue way up inside me!”

The thought of eating out another woman still made Jane’s stomach turn. She fought to control her gagging as she parted her moist lips and hesitantly teased her tongue out over the velvety folds of Marcia’s pussy. To her shock and dismay she found the taste rather appealing. She thought sadly that she must be every bit the slut that her niece and nephew treated her like.

“Oh, you dirty old slut!” Marcia gasped, yanking on Jane’s hair until the captive beauty thought she was going to pull it out at the roots. “That’s so good. You really know how to use that tongue, don’t you? Use your lips now, and your teeth. Eat me out, Aunt Jane! Make me cum until I drown you in crew!”

Jane cried out in pain as her niece pounded her cunt and ass into her face. Her scalp burned as though it were on fire from the way Marcia was yanking her hair. Jane ignored the pain and drove her tongue deep inside Marcia’s burning cunt. She dragged her lips over the outside while she plunged her tongue as deep into her niece’s pussy as she could reach.

Marcia moaned and bounced her ass powerfully down on top of Jane’s face. Jane’s head was driven relentlessly into the bed. She was almost smothered by the humid gag of Marcia’s cunt. She stared up the length of her niece’s tanned, perfect body, watching the expression of pure animal lust that flushed her face. Somehow knowing that she was turning on Marcia so much made Jane hot too. Her own cunt spasmed with every thrust of her tongue and brush of her lips over her niece’s pretty pink pussy.

Jane found the nubbin of Marcia’s clit and attacked it with gusto, whipping her tongue over it, then pulling at it with her lips, then going back to tongue-lashing it again. Marcia’s nostrils flared, her tits heaved and her head rolled on her shoulders as a powerful climax shook her body. She thumped her lush bronze asscheeks into Jane’s face until the older woman thought that she was going to crack her skull.

Cunt-cream gushed from Marcia’s fuck-hole so thick and copious that it drenched Jane’s waiting face. Pussy-cream poured down Jane’s throat, ran down her cheeks and up into her nose. All that Jane could taste or smell was pussy. Even her ears filled with the sticky goo. It was as though she had been plunged into a world of steaming hot cunt.

“That’s it, that’s it, that’s it!” Marcia gasped endlessly, smearing her cunt all over Jane’s face while she banged her ass down with savage force. There was a dreamy, ecstatic expression on her beautiful face. “That’s it! Making me cum! Making me cum! Oh, what a pretty pussycat you are!”

Marcia climaxed a dozen times, bathing Jane’s face in her fuck-juices. She slammed Jane’s head down into the bed until Jane was rattled almost senseless. She pulled at Jane’s hair until strands came loose in her hands. Jane continued to serve her, slavishly, willingly, and before long something happened that forever shattered the beautiful captive’s will.

She came.

The orgasm was powerful enough to make Jane buck her hips high off the bed in a desperate, vain search for something to give it pleasure. Pussy-cream glistened on her cunt-lips and smeared her inner thighs. She fell back to the bed whimpering with shame and sexual desire.

“Such a silly slut,” Marcia said with a giggle, laughing at Jane’s passion as she pulled even more savagely at her hair. “Such a sweet little slave, cumming from the thrill of doing such a good job. Here’s a present for you, Aunt Jane. A little pissy present.”

Jane gagged as her niece’s hot piss filled her mouth. Marcia held her head firmly in place, and it was swallow or drown for her miserable captive aunt. Marcia’s piss tasted even worse than her brother’s. Every swallow made Jane want to throw up, but there was nothing left in her stomach. And Marcia was especially cruel.

She held back the flow of her piss, splashing just enough to keep Jane busy swallowing but never enough to make her choke. Jane was forced to drink down every drop of her piss.

She tried to tell herself that after Marcia got through with her everything would be over. Mike and Marcia would go home and Jane would never let them get near her again. She knew it was a lie.

“So sweet,” Marcia said teasingly. She lifted herself off her aunt and laughed at the sight of Jane’s classically beautiful face soaked in cunt cream. “Now it’s time for some real fun, Aunt Jane. Are you ready?”

Before Jane could answer, Marcia pounded her fist into the quivering flat of her stomach. Jane cried out in agony. Marcia slammed her fist once into each of Jane’s perky tits, smashing them flat against her chest. Then she hit Jane right on the point of her chin, and the world went hazy, tilting at weird angles. The pain was excruciating.

Marcia freed Jane’s hands, but the older woman was in far too much pain to make use of her freedom. Before she knew what was happening Marcia had yanked her off the bed. The impact with the floor stunned Jane further. Marcia was on top of her in an instant, jerking her head back by a handful of her silky, beautiful hair, then slamming her forehead into the floor. She pounded Jane’s head into the floor three times before the tortured, beautiful woman passed out.


When Jane woke up, Marcia was still with her. But Jane wasn’t in her bed anymore. She was on the floor, the furniture all pushed against the walls to leave a wide square area in the center of the room empty. Empty, that was, except for her. She was lying right at its center, like an exhibit in a museum.

She was also bound, and in the most horrible way imaginable. She looked up at Marcia, who was standing by the door. Marcia was dressed again, in sexy black silk shorts and a thin cotton tank top that hugged her full tits like a second skin. Jane was still naked. She hadn’t even been given ropes to bind her. She was tied with her own hair.

Jane was lying on her back. Her long, beautiful hair had been separated into two long braids. One braid trailed down over each shoulder. The end of the right braid tied her right wrist to her right ankle. The braid on the left did the same to the other side. Her arms were pulled down painfully over her legs. Her knees were pressed up into her armpits. The worst pain of all came from the hellish strain of having her hair used as rope.

That was also the cause of Jane’s deepest humiliation and despair. Her hair, her long, silky beautiful hair, the thing about herself that she had always been proudest of, was now the source of another desecration. She cried over the way it was knotted around her wrists and ankles. It seemed that Marcia and Mike wouldn’t be satisfied until they had broken her completely, crushed the last of her pride and will power and reduced her to nothing more than a groveling, mindless slut.

“Please, Marcia,” she said, her voice soft and despairing. “Please let me go. I’ll do anything you want, but this hurts so much. And my hair hurts so bad. Please don’t hurt my hair.”

“You really love that long pretty hair, don’t you?” Marcia asked, a bitchy smile on her face. She closed her hand around the doorknob. “I’m going to have such fun with it. I’m going to play so many wild games. I might even shave you bald.”

“Please,” Jane pleaded sadly. She tried to pull her knees back farther to relieve some of the stress from her hair, but it was no use. “I never thought you could be so cruel.”

“Surprise,” Marcia said with a smirk. She opened the door. “And now for some more of what you were begging for earlier. Let’s see just how many cocks it takes to calm your slutty ass down.”

A guy Jane had never seen before walked into the room. His clothes were still on, but as he walked through the door he unzipped his pants and pulled out a long, thin cock that was just starting to get hard. Sane wanted to die from the shame of being displayed so wantonly in front of a stranger, but she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off him. He was blonde and good looking, and his cock was like a spear, long and thin with a pointed head.

“Look at her,” Marcia said with a giggle.

“Aunt Jane’s mouth is watering for your cock.”

“It ain’t her mouth that’s going to get it, though,” the guy said, winking at Marcia. “You were right, she sure is a fucking looker. Almost as good as you, Marcia.”

“Almost,” Marcia said. “You better get started, Ted. There’s a lot of guys waiting.”

“You ain’t shitting,” Ted said with a grin. “All twelve of us. And there’s not a limp cock or dry pussy in the crowd.”

Jane started crying as the guy stepped-up to her. In her whole life Jane had only fucked four carefully selected guys. Now in one hellish night her niece and nephew were going to force her to triple, or perhaps even quadruple that total.

Her cunt began to twitch and burn.

“Don’t worry, lady,” Ted said, dropping between her widespread legs and slapping his hardening cock down on the silky mound of her pussy. “It’s not going to hurt. Not for a while anyway. Shit, you’re every bit the beauty Mike’s dad said you were.”

For an instant Jane wondered why this teenage guy would be talking about her to her brother. Then he stabbed his cock between her spread cunt-lips and she stopped thinking about anything at all.

“Shit, she’s hot!” Ted shouted as he fucked her pussy with one sure, swift stroke. “Never fucked a pussy this tight and hot before.”

Jane whimpered at the way the guy talked about her to her niece. She shut her eyes tight against the pain of his sudden, brutal thrust and tried to blank her mind of the humiliation she was suffering.

Ted leaned over her body, planting his elbows on either side of her head. Jane didn’t try to turn away when he plastered his mouth over hers. She parted her lips submissively when he pushed his tongue against them. He kissed her roughly, crushing her lips and using his tongue to probe her mouth.

He used her cunt as though it belonged to him too. After his first jolting thrust he ground his ass around in wide, clumsy circles, driving his cock as deep into Jane’s tiny cunt as it could possibly go. He seemed to be savoring the tight, wet grip of her pussy. Jane squeezed her cunt tight around his cock, trying to give him the pleasure that would make him cum.

“Sweet bitch!” he gasped into her open mouth, biting playfully at her lush lips. “You love it, don’t you? Your dirty little cunt’s going wild on my big prick!”

Jane’s sleek little body shook with the force of her crying. Still she nodded and tried to smile for the handsome blonde teenager whose cock was buried deep inside hex. She knew that her only hope of surviving a twelve-person gang-rape with her body and mind intact was to make each attacker climax as quickly as possible.

Ted pulled his cock out a few inches, then fucked it back inside her. He dropped his head to her perky, pointed tits and licked his way down the center of her silky cleavage. He rubbed his hands over Jane’s face, smearing his dirty palms over her lips, probing her ears and nose with his fingers. Jane lay almost still beneath him, the cruel bondage she was sealed in keeping her from squirming with the pleasure and discomfort she was feeling. The only movements she made were those that Ted’s short, jolting fuck-strokes forced from her. Even those hurt terribly.

“Beautiful, just beautiful!” Ted groaned, pumping his cock in her cunt while he nibbled on her upthrust, stiff-nippled tits. “Beautiful legs, sweet little pussy, pretty tits and the most beautiful fucking face I’ve ever seen! You’re pretty all over, lady! Now how about you use that pretty mouth to suck my fingers?”

Marcia laughed, and when Jane glanced in her direction she saw that her teenage niece was rubbing her cunt through the silky shorts she was wearing. Still Jane passively opened her mouth when Ted pushed his fingers against her lips. She whipped her tongue over his fingers and he looked up from his tit-sucking to laugh at the slavish work of her mouth on his dirty hands.

Ted groaned with excitement again and pumped his cock faster into Jane’s tight, moist pussy. He gave her longer strokes with each thrust. Jane grunted with every jarring impact. He dropped his face, back against her tits, gnawing and licking at the satiny, heated mounds of flesh.

Jane found herself getting more and more excited. She pulled her head first to one side and then to the other, hoping that the pain that burned through her scalp would chase away the shameful, unwanted pleasure that was gusting through her cunt. The pain only seemed to make her more excited. Ted bit down hard on the silky inner curve of her right tit and Jane couldn’t keep a gasp of pleasure from escaping her lips.

“Stick a teenage cock inside you and you just cum all over yourself, don’t you, slut?”

“Yes!” Jane moaned. “It turns me on so much! I am a slut! A dirty-minded old whore! I’m cumming! Oh, you’re beautiful, you’re making me cum!”

“Ain’t that a coincidence?” Ted said with a laugh, fucking his cock so brutally into Jane’s sleek, bound body that he was pushing her across the floor. “So am I.”

He drilled his cock inside her, his long, skinny prick stabbing her cervix with every thundering plunge. He rubbed his spit-soaked hands all over her face, smearing her perfect features until they glistened. He snapped at her tits like a wild dog, biting mouthfuls of her silky tit-flesh until the creamy cones were traced all over with faint red bite marks.

Jane cried out with passion and shame, flexing her cunt powerfully around his piercing cock. Her pussy was like a burning house and her clit a can of gasoline at its center. She was sure her svelte, sexy body would explode any second. The pain from her abused tits, her bludgeoned cunt, and the horrible bondage she was in only seemed to be making her hotter.

“Here it is, you sweet little slut!” Ted shouted as his cum started jetting up inside Jane’s pussy. “I’m going to soak your little cunt with my cum!”

The top of Jane’s head felt like it was exploding as Ted spurted his jism deep inside her pussy. She could feel his gluey cum splattering against her cervix. His long cock pushed his thick wads of cum to the deepest recesses of her spasming pussy. He seemed to cum forever, splashing her insides with quarts of steaming fuck-slime.

When he finally pulled out, Jane felt bloated with cum. He laid his thin cock on her flat, shuddering stomach and spurted twice, weakly, on her silky skin. Jane whimpered with disgust and shame when his cum drooled into the tiny cup of her navel.

“Real good, Jane,” Ted said, wiping his cock clean on first one and then the other of Jane’s quivering, creamy inner thighs. “You might not like grown-ups, but you’ve got fucking teenagers down to a science. There are a lot of guys outside who are going to be fucking happy to get to know you.”

Jane cried, but the passion that was blustering through her pussy didn’t diminish at all.

“So you’re Jane,” the next guy said as he walked into the room. He didn’t take his clothes off either, just unzipped his fly and pulled out a cock that was about five inches long and very thick. “Mike said you were a sexy slut, but he sure didn’t prepare me for you. Fuck, you’re almost as sexy as Marcia!”

“Almost,” Marcia said again. She shut the door behind the guy. “Put on a better show, this time, Aunt Jane. You were kind of a dead fuck with Ted.”

“Ted’s kind of a dead fuck himself the way I hear it,” the new guy said with a grin, dropping between Jane’s legs and stuffing his fat cock into her cunt. “My name’s Bob, Jane. I think I can get you moving some.”

Jane squealed with unexpected pleasure when Bob plugged her dripping pussy with his stubby cock. She hadn’t expected a five-inch prick to feel so good, but the unnatural width of Bob’s cock more than made up for its lack of length. It stretched her cunt in strange ways, and rubbed her clit more thoroughly than any cock that had ever fucked her. She squeezed her sloppy pussy tight around it, urging him on.

“The girls really love my cock,” Bob said. He settled his hands on Jane’s pointy tits, crushing them flat against her chest. “I think you love it too, don’t you, Jane?”

Jane burned with shame at the guy’s easy assurance that she was nothing but a slut who would respond eagerly to everything he did to her. She couldn’t keep herself from nodding, though. She knew that it was what he wanted, and besides, her cunt was clenching with the excitement of having his short, thick cock stuffed inside it.

“It’s wonderful!” she sighed, staring up at him with loving pleasure even when he leaned almost all his weight on top of her perky tits. “It’s making me feel things I’ve never felt before!”

“Don’t worry, you will again,” Bob said, pushing himself up off her tits and pulling his cock back until only the tip of its head was still trapped between her painfully stretched cuntlips. “Three or four times just tonight.”

Jane moaned in fear and lust at the thought that the guys were going to take more than one turn pleasuring themselves on her sexy, helpless body. She moaned louder when Bob fucked her, plugging her stretched cunt full with his thick cock.

Bob did push-ups on Jane’s sleek, bound body. His hands crushed Jane’s tits flat, crushed her body to the floor. His arms bent and straightened as he fucked his cock into her juicy pussy.

Jane couldn’t breathe with a hundred and fifty pounds of teenager doing push-ups on her tits. She felt her ribs sway and creak every time Bob lifted himself off her. Her tits felt as though they had been flattened by a steamroller. Worse yet, to keep his balance, Bob had to dig his fingernails into the silky cones. The pain made Jane scream.

But it didn’t stop her cunt from responding to the steady pounding of his stubby cock. Her clit buzzed with the friction of Bob’s fat cock against it. Her cunt squeezed around the short stalk of prick with great strength. Pussy-cream ran down the crack of her ass, carrying with it some of the clotted jism Ted had spurted inside her. She climaxed before Bob had fucked into her a dozen times.

Moments later he was cumming too, splashing her sloppy cunt with another load of cock-slime. He stopped doing push-ups as he came. He dropped himself over Jane’s body instead. The dazed beauty kissed and licked at his sweaty face in gratitude. His cum was watery and it filled Jane’s cunt with a wet, slick sensation. She came a second time as it squished inside her spasming pussy.

“Pretty good, Jane,” Bob said, puffing his cock from her swampy cunt. He smiled as he watched his and Ted’s jism drooling from her swollen pink cunt lips. “But you’ll really have fun when I fuck that tight asshole. Until then, have a little taste of my cock to remember me by.”

Bob knelt by Jane’s head and flopped his softening cock against her lips. She opened her mouth dutifully and sucked in his prick. She shivered with the degradation of what she was doing, cleaning a guy’s cock of his cum, another guy’s cum and her own pussy-cream. It made her feel unclean, like nothing but a jism depository for any horny teenager who wanted a pretty bitch with a tight hole to stick his cock inside.

“That was a little bit better,” Marcia said, a disappointed look on her beautiful face. “Let’s see how you do on Bruno, though. I think you’re really going to love him.”

Bruno was a monster. He was over, six feet tall, over two hundred pounds. He stripped off his shirt when he walked into the room, then unzipped his dirty jeans and hauled out a filthy cock that was bigger than Mike’s.

“Don’t worry, you dumb slut,” Marcia said, seeing her aunt’s fear.

Bruno smiled. “Shit, you didn’t tell me how fucking tiny she is. Can’t be much over five feet tall. I might rip her up with my big cock.”

“Mike fucked her, you should be able to,” Marcia said with a shrug. “Besides, who cares if you do? She’ll heal.”

“Okay,” Bruno said with a wide smile, going for Jane. “She sure packs a lot of sex into that sweet body. This is going to be real fun!”

Jane screamed in agony when the hulking teenager grabbed her by her right arm and leg and flipped her over on her face. It felt as though all the hair on the right side of her head had been yanked out at the roots, as though both her arm and leg had been broken. When he dropped her on her face, pain flowed through her nose and forehead, banged through her knees and shoulders. Jane was so dazed that for a few seconds she didn’t realize why the guy would have done such a thing. When she did, she screamed even louder.

The side of her face was pressed hard against the floor. Her shoulders were braced against the floor too, as were her knees. Her ass was thrust high in the air by the position she was forced into. And her creamy, perfect asscheeks were spread wide by the way her legs were spread out and up. She knew, even before Bruno pushed the fat bead of his cock against the tiny ring of her asshole, that he was going to fuck her shitter.

“No, please, no; please, no!” Jane cried madly, trembling with fear and pain as Bruno leaned his weight on his cock. “I’ve only been fucked there once! It’s so tiny and you’re so big! Please fuck my pussy! My pussy is so sweet! Please! You’re so big!”

“Almost a foot,” Bruno said proudly, holding his cock with one hand and Jane’s hips with the other as he tried to force his giant cock up her straining asshole. “And you’ve got one tiny asshole there. That’ll just make things nicer, trust me. Besides, your pussy’s a fucking mess. It looks like you’ve taken on a bunch of teenage guys or something.”

Bruno and Marcia laughed and Jane cried. Marcia stepped away from the door to get a closer look at Bruno’s cock splitting open Jane’s tiny asshole. Marcia diddled her cunt madly through the silky shorts as she watched Jane’s shit-chute being assaulted by Bruno’s huge cock. His big prick seemed to shorten as it met with the resistance of Jane’s tight shitter. But slowly, surely, he was wearing down the stubborn asshole. The outer ring of muscles was tiring, starting to give way before the relentless advance of his huge cock.

Jane shrieked with pain when the fat head of Bruno’s cock fucked into her ass. As soon as it did, he grabbed her around her tiny waist with both hands and jolted her back toward him. With one savage, mining thrust, he buried every inch of his foot-long cock tip Jane’s tiny asshole.

Jane’s eyes glazed over. Her lips parted limply and she drooled all over the carpet. She took quick, shallow breaths, panting almost like a dog. Her soft, rounded asscheeks tensed until they were as hard as concrete. Her cunt even flexed tightly shut, squeezing out long, gooey streamers of Ted’s and Bob’s jism.

“Tight!” Bruno gasped, throwing back his head and tightening his hands around her tiny waist until he squeezed the breath right out of her. “So tight! So good! I don’t even think she tore!”

Bruno was wrong. Jane could feel a sticky wetness inside her where his brutal fucking had torn her open. It was just a tiny split where her tight asshole couldn’t stretch far enough or fast enough to accept the unnatural penetration of such an immense log of fuck-meat. It lubricated the tiny channel of her shitter. When Bruno dragged his cock back out of her and it was stained red with her blood, he yelled in triumph and fucked it back in.

Jane moaned incoherently, barely conscious after the two killing thrusts of Bruno’s massive cock up her tiny ass.

“The silly little slut’s passing out on you!” Marcia exclaimed, seeing Jane’s eyes roll up in their sockets. “Shit, I didn’t want to dirty her up for the others, but she’s damn well going to stay awake for this.”

Jane heard Marcia’s words as though from very far away. A moment later she was snapped back to full reality as burning, stinking piss splashed down onto her face. She blinked her eyes shut as piss soaked her head, but not before she saw Marcia squatting over her, emptying her bladder. Bruno laughed wildly at the sight of Marcia pissing on her beautiful aunt.

Bruno groaned with pleasure at the sexy spectacle he was watching. He pounded his huge cock into Jane’s stretched, bleeding shitter, flattening her tiny body under his hulking frame. It felt to the dazed, degraded beauty that his cock was fucking up between her lungs, fucking up into her throat. Her back felt broken from the awful pressure of his cock.

Marcia wiggled her hips, making sure that her spray of piss soaked every inch of Jane’s beautiful, gasping face.

“Piss-head!” Bruno shouted, releasing Jane’s waist to slap her sexy, spread ass with his powerful hands. “Shake your ass, piss-head! Shake your slutty little ass and make me cum!”

Jane barely heard the things Bruno was shouting at her. She knew enough to hump her ass back against him, though, ignoring the killing agony that shot through her bowed, bound body. Her ass looked sexy as hell as it pumped back and forth on the ruining stalk of Bruno’s cock. It jiggled with the punishing collisions of his body against hers and flexed with muscular contractions that showed off just how toned and perfectly rounded it was. It looked even sexier splotched with Bruno’s big handprints, and it soon bare dozens of them in bright red as Bruno brutally slapped her.

Marcia dropped to her knees and rubbed her dripping cunt all over Jane’s piss-soaked face. The smell of her cunt, trapped and dripping so long in her silk shorts, was so powerful that it made Jane swoon. Jane couldn’t reach Marcia’s pussy with her mouth because of the way she was bound, but the sexy teenager didn’t seem to care. She rubbed her steaming cunt all over Jane’s face, smearing her perfect features with sticky cunt-cream.

“Too much!” Bruno shouted, pounding Jane’s asscheeks with his hands, her asshole with his cock. “Too fucking much! Get ready for some cum, you sweet old slut! I’m going to cream your tight asshole!”

Jane screamed with agony as Bruno’s salty jism blistered its way up her wounded shit-chute. His cum spurted deep inside her, burping her torn, tender ass-flesh. The pain was so intense that Jane whipped her ass from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape the bitter agony. That only made Bruno more excited, and he fucked his cock into her asshole with blinding speed, filling her up with his scummy fuck-slime.

When it was over, Jane was limp on the floor. The way she was hog-tied kept her ass high in the air, but there was no movement from the broken beauty. Jism leaked from her cunt and asshole, mixed with a little blood now that Bruno had ripped her shitter. Her face was pressed into a puddle of piss and glistening with cunt-cream. She looked as though she had been fucked almost, to death.

And she had barely even got started.

Bruno wrote his name on one creamy asscheek, using his still-hard cock and the blood from Jane’s torn asshole. He wiped off the rest of the jism, shit and blood by underlining what he had written.

“Wish I’d been dirty enough to write compliments in front of my name,” Bruno said with a little shrug as Marcia pulled up her silk shorts and walked him back to the door.

“Don’t worry,” Marcia said, giving his huge cock an affectionate squeeze, “you’ll get plenty more chances before the night’s over.”


The girl’s name was Margot. She knocked Jane back onto her back with a brutal kick to the soft hollow of her stomach. When Jane crashed back to the floor, she was writhing in agony. Margot, who was a voluptuous brunette with enormous tits, cursed her for being a baby, spit on her face, then skinned out of her jeans and straddled her head.

“I guess even an idiotic, tiny tits whore like you must know what, to do now,” she said before she sat on Jane’s face. “The happier you make me the less you get hurt. Don’t worry about making me so happy that I don’t hurt you at all, because trust me, honey, that ain’t going to happen.”

The girl’s weight on Jane’s head pulled her hair even tighter and caused Jane to squirm in agony. The girl’s cunt was a cesspool compared to Marcia’s baby pink pussy. The girl was a lot heavier than Marcia too, her weight enough to make Jane’s head throb with pain.

Jane gagged at her first taste of Margot’s cunt. It tasted cheesy and foul. There was the stink of piss and an aftertaste of old jism. Margo laughed at the sound of Jane’s gagging and pressed down even harder with her cunt. Her pussy was spread out over the center of Jane’s face, trapping the bound beauty’s lips and nose inside. Jane stared up into the dirty crack of the girl’s ass. Margot’s dark, hanging pussy-lips were spread out over Jane’s cheeks.

“Not doing much for me yet, you sorry whore!” Margot gasped, and slammed her fist into the soft hollow of Jane’s stomach, in the exact same spot she had kicked only moments before. “I’d just hate to fuck you up so bad that nobody else would want to touch you for a long time, but I get pretty cranky when I don’t get what I want.”

Jane heard the note of eager cruelty in the girl’s voice. Margot’s filthy pussy had started dripping when she smashed her fist into Jane’s stomach. Now she raked her long, sharp fingernails up Jane’s sleek, soft flanks, and her cuntlips fluttered against Jane’s cheeks. Jane stabbed her tongue as deep into Margot’s hot pussy as she could, trying desperately to get the girl to stop torturing her. She suspected, though, that whatever she did, Margot was going to want to hurt her badly.

“That’s a little better,” the big girl said, rocking her ass back and forth against Jane’s pretty, trapped face. “I knew you weren’t completely stupid.”

Jane whipped her tongue deep inside the girl’s cheesy cunt. She kissed and nibbled at her foul tasting pussy-flesh, trying to excite her to the point where she wouldn’t think of dishing out more torture. Jane could barely breathe submerged in Margot’s big, damp cunt, but she attacked the foul-tasting fuck-hole as though she had never been hungrier for anything in her life.

Margot grabbed a handful of Jane’s cunt-hair and yanked it out by the roots. Jane screamed up into the big girl’s cunt at the sudden, tearing agony, and a moment later her face was soaked with cunt-cream. Margot howled with ecstasy, sounding more like a bear than a girl, and snatched out another handful of Jane’s pussy hair to make her scream again.

“That’s it, you dumb cunt!” Margot bellowed, smacking her ass against Jane’s face until she knocked the sultry brunette silly. “You’re making me cum, you worthless piece of sewage! Scream again, pretty little whore!”

Margot clawed at Jane’s pretty, upthrust tits. Jane shrieked in agony, trapped helplessly under the bucking, grinding teenager. It felt as though Margot was ripping her tits to shreds. The big girl caught Jane’s nipples between her fingernails and sawed until Jane broke into a cold sweat from the awful agony she was suffering.

Margot’s fetid pussy-slime was pouring onto Jane’s beautiful face. It poured into her open mouth, making her choke and gag. It ran down her cheeks and chin in sticky, greasy waves. It filled her nose and ears and stung her eyes. Margot’s cunt was the most awful thing Jane had ever tasted, and she was being immersed in it completely.

“Shit, Marcia, couldn’t you have found a slut with bigger tits?” Margot asked as she hooked her hands into claws and jerked up on Jane’s firm, proud tits. “This sorry slut doesn’t even have two good, handfuls!”

“You’ve got big hands,” Marcia said a little coldly. “And leave some for the others. It’s only fair that everyone gets a turn with her before she’s ruined.”

“Fuck that!” Margot barked. With a quick shift of her hips she pulled her pussy off Jane’s mouth and slid her asscrack over the tortured beauty’s pussy-soaked face. “This cunt loves everything I’m doing to her. She’s a little bitch, but she moves like a slut with stamina. I just want her to know what life’s going to be like from now on.”

Jane didn’t have to be told what to do. She teased her tongue out over her lips, gagging repeatedly from the smell of Margot’s asscrack and the thought that she was going to have to kiss and lick it. Her first taste made her stomach convulse, but there was nothing inside it to come up. She dry-heaved again and again, her svelte body twitching with the force of her sickness.

Margot raked her sharp fingernails up the center of Jane’s flat stomach. She left ten bright red gashes behind her, and they took a long time to fade from Jane’s tanned skin. Before they had, Margot added ten more alongside them.

Jane lashed her tongue over the big girl’s asscrack. Her dazed mind exploded with horror at what she was doing, but the thought that her actions might stop Margot’s torture kept her going. Margot’s asscrack was damp and filthy. Jane’s tongue dragged through sludge that was almost an eighth of an inch thick. What little self-respect Jane had left was ground to dust by the realization of what she was licking up, but she kept her tongue moving until Margot’s asscrack was clean. By that time Jane’s face was smeared with slit, her mouth was coated with shit, and her nose was buried in shit.

“Shit, I’m cumming again!” Margot screamed, rubbing her ass all over Jane’s shit streaked face. “Marcia, your slut aunt is making me cum by just licking my asshole!”

Margot balled her hands into fists and pounded on Jane’s captive, sexy body. She flattened Jane’s pretty tits, slammed her fists into her flat stomach. Her cunt gushed fuck-cream into the hollow of Jane’s delicate white throat. Jane felt the world spinning away from her as Margot beat her savagely. She wondered if Marcia was going to let the awful girl beat her to death. She almost wished she would.

A moment later she wished so even more.

“Here’s a present for you,” Margot said, trapping Jane’s head tightly between her meaty thighs and lifting her ass a few inches off Jane’s beautiful, fouled face. “You did real good for a piece of shit cocksucker, so I’m going to give you a piece of shit for a reward.”

Jane screamed as she watched Margot’s asshole flex and dilate. She tried to fight her way out from under the girl, even tied hand and foot by her hair as she was. She would have been willing to tear out every strand of her treasured hair to escape the ultimate desecration the big brunette was going to heap on her. But her struggles were hopeless. She was trapped. The first turd dropped wetly down right on the tip of Jane’s nose.

Jane tried to clamp her mouth shut, but Margot caught her jaws in one powerful hand and forced them even wider open. She wiggled her ass into place over Jane’s parted lips, grunting as she forced a second turd from her body.

“No!” Jane shrieked, her mind overloading like a computer that had been fed far too much information and received a power surge to boot. “No! Marcia, help me? You don’t know what she’s doing! Marcia! Please, oh, please, oh, please! Not this! Not this!”

“Yeah, this, scrawny tits!” Margot grunted, dropping a fat turd right between Jane’s moist, parted lips. “Chew it up and swallow it, dream girl! Fuck, I really love making the pretty ones feel like animals!”

Margot dropped another turd on Jane’s cheek, then swung off her face and looked down at her. Jane’s beautiful, elegant face was a filthy mess. Her mouth was still open, the dirty brown turd Margot had dropped there visible between her lips. Every inch of her face was smeared with the shit that had lined Margot’s asscrack. The other two turds were piled onto Jane’s nose and cheeks like big brown slugs.

“Beautiful,” Margot said, and she used her grip on Jane’s jaw to make the bound, helpless beauty chew up the turd that filled her mouth. Then she crammed the second turd, between Jane’s shit-plastered lips and made her eat it. And then she did the same with the third, pausing only to wipe it all over Jane’s face before she pushed it into her mouth. “Such a pretty bitch. You loved eating my shit, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I loved it,” Jane said. She stared up at Margot with wide, blank eyes. “It tasted so good. Can I have some more?”

“Maybe after I eat dinner,” Margot said with a coarse laugh, puffing up her jeans. Before she left the room she kicked Jane brutally a half dozen times, then spit in her open mouth.

Jane was past wishing she was dead now. As far as she considered she was dead. She had been stabbed to death by three hard-cocked guys, smothered by a girl’s cunt and asshole, and buried under a stinking mound of shit.

“Shit,” the next guy said as he stepped into the room. “Somebody really did a number on her. It was that fucking Margot, wasn’t it? She always goes too tar with everything.”

“No sense of timing,” Marcia said with a frown. “You want to build up to the really rough stuff, not start out with it. And I must admit that I would have liked to have been the first one to shit-bomb Aunt Jane.”

“Here, beautiful,” the guy said with a smirk, straddling Jane and slapping his hard cock against her shit-streaked chin. “I’ll do you a little favor and let you get the taste of the dirty bitch’s shit out of your mouth. Give me a nice blow-job and I might even give you some tasty cum to suck on.”

Jane slurped the new guy’s cock into her mouth without question. Her elegant cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to his hard prick. She whipped her tongue over his cockhead, rolling the bulging head of his cock, from side to side inside her hard-sucking mouth. The guy reached back to finger her cunt, and Jane exploded with a thundering climax. What destroyed her frazzled mind even more was the fact that it had been what Margot had done to her that had excited her to the point where she could climax so easily.

The guy came quickly, filling her mouth with his gooey fuck-slime. Jane held it in her mouth, letting his spurting cock fill her until her cheeks bulged. When he pulled his prick back out of her mouth, a thick strand of jism connected it to her lips. Jane opened her mouth, revealing the brimming pool of cum she was holding inside. Then she swallowed it down, bringing a groan of pleasure from the guy and a chuckle from Marcia. She gobbled down the strand of cum that connected the guy’s cock to her lips, too, then planted a wet, lingering kiss on the head of his cock.

“That was great, baby,” the guy said, standing up. “I kind of hate to do this, but you’re already pretty scummy, so I guess it won’t hurt.”

Jane watched him fingering his still-hard cock. When he started pissing, she wasn’t surprised. He soaked her face with his piss. Jane kept her mouth open because she knew it would turn him on and make Marcia happy. She drank down steaming mouthfuls of piss, grateful to the guy for giving her his cock to suck. When he flicked the last of his piss down onto her, she climaxed, hunching her dripping pussy on nothing but air.

“What’s your name?” she asked as the guy walked away from her.

“Roger,” the guy said, turning back toward her. “Why you asking?”

“I’m going to fuck you so good later,” Jane whispered, tears running down her beautiful, fouled face. “I’m going to make you cum like you’ve never cum before!”

“Great,” Roger said, then turned to Marcia. “You’ve got a special one there, babe. We’re going to have some fun tonight.”

“Don’t you know it,” Marcia said, letting him out and the next guy in.

The new guy was named Trevor. He smiled sweetly at Jane before he slipped between her spread legs. His cock was a solid seven inches, and Jane whimpered with pleasure when he stabbed it up inside her cunt. Her pussy was starting to get sore, but it was also excited from the cocksucking she had just been forced to perform.

“Having fun?” he asked her, fucking his cock rapidly into her sloppy pussy. “Have you had enough cock-meat yet?”

“No!” Jane whispered, rocking her hips slightly to meet the guy’s punishing thrusts. Her cunt was taking a real beating from the guy’s hard fucking. But the pain was turning her on. “Never enough, Trevor, my love! Never hard enough or fast enough or long enough! Fuck me! Fuck me as hard and fast as you can!”

Trevor smiled even wider and hammered his cock into her bound, helpless body. He smashed her flat against the floor, crashing his lean hard body down into her small soft one until every violent collision threatened to knock her unconscious. The room was filled with the sounds of their bodies slamming together and the wet suctioning of her cunt being fucked by his prick.

Jane gasped with pain and passion. She went limp beneath the brutally fucking guy, letting him have his way with her. Her cunt was spasming around his ravaging cock. Her clit felt bruised and swollen, and yet it was still burning, hot for more.

Trevor dropped his mouth to her tits and bit her perky stiff nipples as hard as he could. Jane climaxed, slamming her head back against the floor, unmindful of the agony that tore through her scalp.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, her voice breaking every time Trevor pounded his body against hers and fucked his hard cock in. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me forever!”

“Bitch!” Trevor shouted back, all pretense of friendliness gone now as he demolished her sultry, lust-maddened body. “You having a good time yet, bitch? I’m going to fuck you until you don’t even know your fucking name anymore!”

Jane shrieked like a madwoman when Trevor spurted his jism up inside her. He lifted his head from her tits and crushed his lips to hers. While his cock splashed her cunt with a fresh load of jism, he force-fed her his spit.

Jane climaxed again and again. Her bound body trembled uncontrollably. Sweat glistened on every inch of her creamy, silky skin.

“I’m going to piss all over you,” Trevor said, puffing his dripping cock from her pussy. “Are you going to cum some more while I piss on you? Answer me, you old bitch! I’m asking you a fucking question!”

Jane barely heard him speaking. Her cunt was in convulsions of painful ecstasy. Her mind was clouded with the lust Trevor’s brutal fucking had caused. She looked at his dripping, soggy cock and spit dribbled from the corners of her pretty mouth. She was drooling for the guy’s hard prick.

“Piss all over me!” she cried at last, humping her sexy ass off the floor in spite of the pain it caused her. “I’ll cum so much! I’ll cum so good!”

Trevor smiled. A moment later a hot stream of piss arched up and out from his pussy drenched cock. Jane watched with perverted fascination as the piss curved high over her body. It hit her in the forehead with a loud splash. Jane came, her mouth open and her tongue wagging for a drink.

Trevor wagged his cock from side to side. He pissed on her face, teasingly keeping the burning yellow stream away from her open, begging mouth. He pissed on her perky tits, turned on by the way the stinking yellow stream flowed down the center of her cleavage. He pissed on the shuddering flesh of her belly. He pissed on her inner thighs and all over the backs of her long, lean legs. When his piss-stream weakened, he even aimed his cock at the soles of her feet and soaked them, too.

“What a sleazy whore,” Trevor said as he walked out. “Kind of a degenerate slut if you ask me, but she is damned fine looking.”

“Almost as good as me,” Marcia said, letting Trevor out and Cecil in.

“You smell like a fucking sewer,” Cecil said to Jane. He spit in her face, wagging his fat, hard cock back and forth. “You look like a piece of shit! Do you really think I’m going to stick my cock in a dirty cunt like you?”

“Please!” Jane moaned. “I’ll be good for you! I’ll make you cum any way you want to!”

Jane was in real pain now. Her ass and cunt throbbed with agony. Her arms and legs were cramping badly from the unnatural positions they had been held in, for so long. Most of her slender, sexy body ached from the beating Margot had given her.

With a growl Cecil dropped between Jane’s long, shapely legs and fucked his cock inside her. It felt to the beautiful, degraded captive as though she was being stabbed and beaten at the same time. She climaxed twice while he was fucking her, but each new orgasm brought twice as much pain with it as the one before. By the time Cecil splattered his cum deep inside her jism-drenched pussy, Jane was moaning more from pain than she was from ecstasy.

Cecil pissed with his cock still buried inside her wet cunt. Jane screamed as the burning piss sizzled into her inflamed cunt-flesh. Marcia and Cecil both laughed as the gorgeous slave pleaded with the guy to take his piss-gushing cock out of her pussy. He didn’t pull out until he had squirted the last drop of his piss inside her swampy cunt. He wiped his cock clean on the graceful curve of one of Jane’s long, slender arms, then spit into her open, gasping mouth before leaving the room.

Jane was in agony now. Another guy came into the room and flipped her back over on her face and knees. He drove his cock up her fucked-out ass hard. He bit at her back while he fucked her, leaving red teeth marks all aver her creamy shoulder blades. He bit the back of her graceful neck until he drew blood.

Jane thought his name was Tod, but she wasn’t certain. He blasted his jism up her clutching, ravaged shitter, then pulled his cock out of her asshole and pissed all over her sexy back. His piss burned like acid into the abrasions he had just made with his teeth.

Jane climaxed as he pissed on her, but her orgasm was all pain now. She couldn’t even remember what pleasure felt like.

The next guy was named Jason. He fucked her ass, too. Her shit-chute gaped wide open now, dripping blood and great, gooey wads of jism. Jason plunged his cock easily up the reamed-out hole and fucked Jane for almost fifteen minutes before he squirted his cockcream deep inside her.

One more guy fucked her. His name was Larry. His cock had a big curve in it, and when he forced it up her asshole, it tore her again. The pain this time was so bad that Jane howled like a wild dog. The guy just laughed at her and fucked his cock into her harder, riding her like a bitch in heat.

Jane passed out while Larry was fucking her. After he came, he woke her up by standing over her head and pissing down on her face. Jane cried as Larry pissed on her.

The last was a girl. She was very tall and very pretty. She was pale, her hair blonde, her eyes light blue, her skin almost ivory. She hugged Marcia when she stepped inside the door. The two girls kissed, playing their tongues into each other’s mouth.

“Is she good?” the girl asked, rubbing her palms over Marcia’s full, firm tits and wedging her knee between Marcia’s long, lush legs.

“Aunt Jane’s a slut, Barbie,” Marcia said, closing her delicate hands over the willowy blonde’s tight asscheeks. “But she is a beautiful one. And talented. What do you want to do with her?”

“She’s a mess,” Barbie said as she and Marcia undressed each other. “I’m not sure I want to touch her until after we’ve cleaned her up.”

Jane blushed with shame at the girl’s words, surprised to find that she could still be humiliated by the scorn of the teenagers who had enslaved her. She also found herself being turned on by the two beautiful teenagers and what they were doing to each other.

Jane was a mess. Jism dripped from her reamed-out asshole and swollen cunt in thick, greasy strands. There was jism and pussy-cream and shit streaking her beautiful face. Her svelte body was soaked with piss. There were tiny bruises and welts all over her satiny skin from the bites, pinches and punches the guys had dealt her.

“She’s still beautiful,” Barbie said. “She might be more beautiful than ever like this. A stuck-up bitch as elegant as your Aunt Jane needs to look like this. Like she’s been mastered.”

“She wants you, Barbie,” Marcia said with a cruel laugh. “Look at the way the poor slut’s watching you. I bet her pussy’s creaming for you. Let’s make love while Aunt Jane watches. Let’s drive her out of her slutty mind.”

“Good idea,” Barbie said, taking Marcia into her arms. “Watch us, Jane. And cum for us. We want to hear you cumming while we get each other off.”

Jane cried as the two beautiful girls sank to the floor in each other’s arms. Tears of frustrated, burning lust ran down her scummy, pretty cheeks as she watched them eat each other, finger-fuck each other, and climax again and again as they rolled across the floor.

But she never looked away from them. And she came almost as many times as they did.


After they had brought each other to a dozen climaxes Barbie and Marcia untied Jane’s long, silky hair and pulled her to her feet. The two tall girls towered over Jane. She could barely stand, and they had to drag her into the bathroom.

Jane didn’t even think about fighting the girls or trying to escape. She was completely at their mercy.

They dropped her in the bathtub like a bag of dirty laundry, then filled up the tub with steaming hot water. The two girls washed Jane, giggling as they teased her to orgasms with their agile fingers. Jane cried in despair as they made her cum against her will. It was as though she had no free will any longer. The night of raw, violent sex had reduced her to a mindless sex puppet who the girls could make climax on command.

After they cleaned Jane’s sexy body they dressed her in the sexiest dress she owned. It was white silk, with a dip in the front that revealed the creamy upper slopes of her tits and a back that dipped almost all the way to her perfect ass. The girls pulled the thin shoulder straps down until they hugged the slender curves of Jane’s upper arms. A black choker and a pair of spiked heels were the only other clothing they gave her before they marched her out of the bedroom.

“She’s all dressed up! You going to a party or something, bitch?”

“What a whore!” Margot growled. “You fucked everybody in this room, cunt! What kind of a sleazy, nympho slut would do something like that?”

The other guys shouted at Jane, too, making fun of her as Barbie and Marcia led her through the living room. They were sprawled all over her living room, drinking liquor and eating food from her kitchen. They had turned the sofa and all the chairs in one direction, so they faced the counter of the little bar that sat in the corner of the room. It was to the bar that Marcia and Barbie led her. Jane hung her head the whole trip, quivering with fear, shame and lust at the way the guys talked about her.

“Where’s Mike?” she asked Marcia, her voice soft and respectful but still cracking with fear that she would be punished for having the presumption to ask a question.

“Right there,” Mike said. A moment later there was a sharp crack of leather. “I got you what you begged for, Aunt Jane. All the hot cock and steaming wet pussy you could handle. Now you’re going to have to pay for it. Now you’re going to have to learn a few lessons.”

“That’s right,” Marcia said. She pulled Jane’s hands forward, one to either side of the post that rose from the end of the counter to the ceiling. Marcia pulled Jane’s long, silky hair over her shoulder and looped it around her wrists, tying her to the post. “You’ve always wanted to call the shots, Aunt Jane. That’s why we’re going to turn things around a little,” Mike said, walking in front of her white Marcia and Barbie bound her arms around the post with Jane’s beautiful hair. “You’ve got a stuck-up face and a slinky body, Aunt Jane. It’s going to be a trip seeing you begging for mercy. We’re going to make a whole different kind of bitch out of you.”

Jane stared at the whip in her handsome nephew’s hand. It was a cat, nine separate, cruel lashes dangling from the end of its strip of leather. She tugged hopelessly at her hands, but her efforts only pulled her hair painfully and caused the tightly wrapped strands to bite into her wrists.

“Please, Mike,” she whispered, her voice cracking as tears flowed down her beautiful cheeks. “You don’t need to hurt me. I fucked all your friends, didn’t I? I’ll do it again if you want. Please don’t whip me. Please don’t hurt me like that!”

Mike smirked and walked back around behind her. Jane kept pleading, crying harder and harder until her wards were nothing but gibberish. The gang of guys laughed at her and called her names, but Jane couldn’t stop herself. The threat of the whip had broken her completely. She offered to do anything to escape the torture that was coming.

Mike stood behind her, looking at her gorgeous back and listening to her pitiful begging. For two years Aunt Jane had told him when he could fuck her and how he could fuck her. It had been beyond a teenage guy’s wildest dreams to get to fuck an older woman as beautiful as Jane, but it had always bothered him that she was the one who decided everything they did. And as much of a dream as having a woman as mature and sexy as Jane for a lover was, the idea of having her as his personal, groveling slave was a million times better.

In the dress she was wearing, Jane’s back was revealed all the way to the upper slopes of her tight ass. Mike grabbed the back of her dress and ripped it down farther, revealing her perfect, pear-shaped ass. Jane screamed in fear when he did, and that turned him on so much that he knew he couldn’t wait any longer to start her beating.

“Ten guys, Aunt Jane,” Mike said, cocking his whip arm, relishing every instant of his gorgeous aunt’s terror. “Ten lashes each. You can count, can’t you, fucker? Tell us how many lashes that adds up to.”

“A hundred!” Jane whimpered, her sleek, sexy body trembling with the force of her crying. “Please, Mike! Please, baby, don’t hurt me! Please don’t do this!”

“You’re going to love it, cunt!” Margot growled, stepping around in front of Jane with Barbie and Marcia. Jane cried out in fear and despair when she saw the three candles the girl was holding. “And while the guys are whipping your worthless ass, we girls are going to be making you fed real good too.”

Mike lashed the whip forward.

Jane shrieked in agony, sagging against the post she was bound to. The whip had bit across the small of her back, each cruel strand biting deep into her creamy flesh. Mike drew the whip back and watched with delight as the bright welts that crossed her lower back faded slowly to an angry red. Jane whimpered as the pain from the lash burned its way through her nervous system. She held herself tense against the post, waiting for the next lash to come.

Mike lashed her shoulders, bringing the whip up overhand. The tails whipped over Jane’s shoulder, leaving bright red welts over her right arm and graceful throat. Then Mike laid the whip against her ass, making the tight asscheeks jiggle. Jane almost collapsed from the terrible pain the first three lashes had caused her. She pressed her forehead against the post, trying to block from her mind the awful thing that was happening to her.

“Look at that pretty ass shake!” Cecil shouted. “Hit her again! Slap the shit out of the sexy slut!”

Mike lashed her again, striping her flawless back with lines of fire. It felt as though someone was pouring lines of gasoline on her tender flesh, then lighting them with a match. Jane felt the world spinning away from her and knew she would never survive a hundred lashes. She started to sag against the post, then shot back upright when Mike thrashed her sexy ass again.

Margot grabbed her by her jaw and mashed their lips together. Jane didn’t even try to resist as the big girl whipped her tongue deep into her mouth. Jane accepted the brutal kiss as her due, even when Margot caught her lips between her teeth and bit down until Jane thought the teenage girl was going to tear them away.

Mike hit her again and again, criss-crossing her firm ass and long, flawless back with a roadmap of angry red welts. The bottom of her dress was shredded by the time he hit her ten times, revealing most of her long, slender legs. Every inch of Jane’s back and legs felt as though they had been doused with acid. The knowledge that her long, shapely legs were now revealed for beating made her wish for death.

She screamed with fresh terror when Margot stepped away from her and lit the three big, long candles. Jane watched the flames at the ends of the candles. When hot wax bubbled at the end of the long tapers, she cried like a lost soul, knowing what the girls were going to do to her.

“Bruno,” Mike said, staggering back away from his squirming, sexy aunt. “You want the next go, big buddy?”

“Fuck yes,” Bruno said, scrambling off the soda where he had been sitting and grabbing the whip from Mike’s hand. “Get ready, Jane. You ain’t going to get no love taps from me.”

Mike had varied his strokes with the whip. He had hit her hard and soft, hit her from the tops of her quivering thighs all the way to her sexy shoulders. Bruno swung the whip as though he was cutting down a tree. Jane shrieked as the first lash cut deep into her ass. Before her first scream had died away Bruno had hit her again, just as hard, in just the same place.

“Nooooooooo!” Jane screamed, her eyes rolling. She twisted and bucked, her hair tearing, her svelte body gyrating in a hopeless, maddened attempt at escape.

Mike lashed her ass again. This blow was so hard that it knocked Jane into the post. Her pert ass was stained such a bright red that it looked as though it had been painted.

“Agggghhhhh!” Jane screamed, bouncing off the pole and jerking at her hair as though she would have been willing to tear herself bald to escape the whip.

Mike whipped her again. And again. And again.

Jane’s slim, supple body was twisting and bucking in an outrageous display of raw sensuality. She looked like the world’s most talented and beautiful stripper as she squirmed and thrashed her way through a doomed attempt to escape the torture of the whip.

Jane wasn’t sure what she was feeling anymore. She knew she was being punished, that she had done something wrong and that she was being taught a lesson. Tears soaked her face as she begged incoherently for mercy. The whole back of her body burned so intensely now that the sensation was almost beyond pain, almost in a world of sheer, overwhelming sensation.

“Don’t cry, pretty Jane,” Barbie said. Jane looked up at the tall, pale blonde and marveled at how beautiful she was. “Here, let me give you a kiss.”

Jane moaned with pleasure as Barbie’s soft lips brushed hers. She whimpered with delight as Barbie’s wet, questing tongue pushed past her lips, wiggled deep into her mouth.

Suddenly there was a terrible burning on her shoulder, and Jane cried out in pain. Barbie drilled her tongue even deeper into Jane’s mouth, pressing her hand over Jane’s tits, and the beautiful captive cried with pleasure and agony. When Barbie broke the kiss Jane saw that the willowy blonde had dropped burning wax all over her shoulders. Droplets of wax were hardening on her creamy skin. The pain was awful, but the brush of Barbie’s mouth and the press of her hand were wonderful.

Bruno hit her again. And again. When he drew the whip back there were tiny drops of blood on its cruel lashes. He brought it back around even harder, lashing Jane’s sexy, tortured ass for the tenth time. Barbie moved the candle up the soft slope of Jane’s shoulder letting burning not wax fall on the tender skin of Jane’s long, graceful throat. At the same time she washed her tongue over Jane’s burning face. The bound, beaten beauty felt as though she was going to explode.

“Ohhhhhh!” she screamed, spit drooling from her lush lips, her big eyes glazing over. An orgasm was ripping its way through her sleek, tortured body. “Oh! Oh! Oh! No! No! Not happening!”

It felt as though there was a chainsaw deep inside her cunt. Jane hugged the pole, humping it as though it were a giant cock that was fucking her whole body. Pussy-cream streamed down her quivering thighs. Pussy-cream splattered straight down from her pussy, too, plopping to the floor beneath her. She stared lovingly at Barbie, thrusting her beaten ass back at the whip. The pain and the degradation were too much for her.

“The sexy slut’s cumming!” Cecil shouted as he took the whip from Bruno. “Look at the way her pussy’s dripping! Here, you beautiful whore! You love it so much we’re going to whip you some more!”

Cecil snapped the whip against the trembling flesh of Jane’s upper thighs. The silky dress shredded under the vicious curling of the whip. He snapped the whip against her blazing red ass, then lashed it across the small of her back. His cock was wagging around, hard and dripping, as he flogged her sexy body. He hit her ten times so quickly that Jane couldn’t tell one blow from the next.

Margot grabbed the front of Jane’s dress and ripped it down, revealing the upthrust cones of Jane’s perky tits. She laid her black candle right on top of the rubbery nipple of Jane’s right tit, letting the wax drool down without cooling at all. Marcia held her candle just above Jane’s beautiful face. Jane screamed in fear when the hot wax splattered on to her cheeks and nose and forehead. She screamed in terror when Marcia touched the open flame to her hair, burning strands and filling the room with a stinking smoke.

But none of it stopped the agonizing orgasm that was tearing through her body.

Jane couldn’t stop squirming. Her cunt was snapping open and shut like a clam. Pussycream was pouring out of her cunt to drench her inner thighs and soak the floor beneath her. Jane was caught in a world of pain and degradation, but it was making her so hot that she could barely stand it.

Then another guy was whipping her. Jane wasn’t sure which one it was. Her ass was a bloody mess now, and her upper thighs and lower back were bleeding too. This guy aimed the whip lower, scoring her perfectly turned calves and the tender backs of her knees. Jane sagged against the post, beaten insensible. She was staying on her feet by pure instinct now, every ounce of strength beaten from her body.

“You dirty, sleazy whore.” Margot chuckled, plastering Jane’s stiff nipples with hot wax. All three girls were dripping wax on their crazed captive, covering her tits, shoulders, throat and face in burning wax. “You love it, you worthless cunt! You love every fucking thing we do to you!”

“Love it!” Jane moaned, wrapping her sleek thighs around the post and grinding her swollen, swampy cunt all over it. “Love everything! Please stop! Please, please stop!”

“Let’s paint her face,” Barbie said with a girlish giggle, dripping wax into Jane’s silky cleavage until it looked as though a red river was flowing between her perky tits. “Let’s paint her stuck-up face in wax.”

Marcia laughed at her friend’s suggestion, and the two beautiful girls went to work covering Jane’s elegant face in a coating of green and red wax. They laid their candles flat against Jane’s forehead, and the tortured beauty howled in agony as wax poured down onto her skin. The pain was unbearable, but there was no way for Jane to escape it.

The girls laughed and joked as they rolled their candles over Jane’s face. Each girl coated one of Jane’s cheeks. They took turns on, her nose, working their way toward her chin. They even painted her lips with hot wax. By the time they finished with the beautiful slave her face was painted in red and green wax. And all the time that Marcia and Barbie were waxing Jane’s face Margot was working on the captive beauty’s tits.

Jason and Larry had taken their turns lashing Jane’s sleek, tortured body. Trevor shook his head when the bloodied cat was offered to him, instead picking up another of the toys Mike and Marcia had brought over. It was a short riding crop. He swished it through the air a few times before he stepped up to Jane’s sultry, squirming body.

“Now you’re going to get a real spanking,” he said before he hit her the first time.

Jane screamed as the crop slapped against her welted, bleeding ass. She screamed again as Trevor whipped the backs of her thighs. The way Trevor used the crop made each blow hit with the sharpness of a whip and the pounding of a club.

Margot had tired of covering Jane’s tits with wax. Now she was playing her candle up and down Jane’s creamy flanks, rolling the candle along her tender skin until Jane jerked and twitched in agony. Marcia and Barbie were dribbling wax on Jane’s long, slender arms, her soft, flat stomach, anywhere they had not already marked her with the burning wax. Jane felt as if everything that was happening was very far away. The only thing that seemed close were the ripping orgasms that were causing her cunt to wriggle and leak.

“Take that!” Trevor shouted, pounding the crop against Jane’s ass. “And that! And that! And this!”

On his last blow Trevor slammed the crop into the back of Jane’s head. The blow drove the tortured beauty into the pole with killing force. She wobbled for a moment after she bounced off it, then tumbled to the ground.

“Did he kill her?” Bob asked. He sounded disappointed. He hadn’t had his turn whipping her yet.

“She’s just a lazy fucking cunt!” Margot growled. She touched the burning flame of her candle to Jane’s swollen, dripping cunt. “This ought to fucking wake her up!”

Jane screamed in agony, brought to sudden, pain-drenched awareness by the burning flame that was brushing over her cunt-lips. Her eyes bulged as she scrambled forward. Margot followed her with the flame, waving it all over Jane’s cunt and ass, never letting the flame linger in one spot long enough to do any real damage. She delighted in the maddened horror she had aroused in the broken beauty. After a few moments of chasing her with the flame, she came up with an even better idea.

“Come here,” she said, grabbing Jane and hefting her up into the air. Jane hung for a moment, supported only by Margot’s grip and her bound hair. “Let’s get you on this counter, dumb cunt, and do some real work on you.”

She dropped Jane on the bar like a sack of trash. Jane’s hands were pulled up over her head now, still bound to the post. Her lean, sexy body was stretched out face-down on the counter, the tattered remnants of her pretty dress hanging in rags around her arms and waist.

Bob was the next guy to beat her. He used the crop, and he was able to aim full-strength, overhand swings at her rounded ass and flawless back. Tod used the cat, standing up at the end of the bar and playing the vicious whip all over her ass and legs.

The girls dripped wax onto the welts that covered Jane’s sleek body, bringing cries and frenzied spasms from the woman. Margot took special delight in dripping wax all over the battered, sexy cheeks of Jane’s ass. She even dripped wax between the lush asscheeks, burning the tender inner cheeks of Jane’s ass until the broken beauty begged the guys to kill her.

“Let’s turn her back over,” Ted said, taking the cat from Tod. “I want to whip those pretty tits.”

Jane was too far gone to even beg. She was barely conscious. Her cunt was still spasming, and her long, lean legs rubbed languidly together. When the guys flipped her over, she stared up at Ted. When he brought the cat down across her pert, wax-splattered tits, she only moaned softly and rubbed her legs together harder.

“Dirty whore!” Margot bellowed, pressing her face against Jane’s. She spit on Jane again and again, until the woman’s beautiful face was dripping with drool. “Dirty whore! Dirty whore! Dirty whore!”

It didn’t matter. Jane was climaxing again, burning through an orgasm that felt as though it was filling every inch of her sinuous, writhing body. Her tits felt hot and swollen. Her cunt and asshole felt as though they were on fire. Her stomach felt as though it had been flushed full of something hot and filling. Even her fingers and toes tingled with warmth. Ted was slashing the cat down brutally on her tits and stomach, but even that agony only made her orgasm more powerful.

Awareness slipped away from the bound and tortured beauty, but even after she passed out her cunt leaked and her sexy legs rubbed wetly against each other.

After the last guy had whipped her, all three girls put out their candles by pushing them into the soaked pocket of Jane’s cunt. Each girl fucked her candle inside Jane until they had brought her to another orgasm, laughing with each other at the way they could make their gorgeous slave climax even while she was unconscious.


Jane wasn’t sure how long she had been in slavery in her own house. She thought that it must be at least a week, because the welts from the savage beating the guys had given her on the first day had pretty much healed. Even the cigarette burns she had been given by Margot on the second day had almost completely vanished. Keeping track of her injuries was the only way Jane had left of judging time, because the guys fucked and tortured her to the point of insensibility several times each day.

Jane knew it was morning because she could see the sun rising. The guys had left her in her living room overnight, her hair tied into a ponytail and stretched high above her head. It was threaded through a pulley Tod and Bob had put on the ceiling and pulled so tight that Jane could only touch the floor with the tips of her toes. Her arms were tied behind her back in a way that made her pert tits jut out. She was naked, of course. The only time the guys gave her any clothes to wear was when they wanted the fun of tearing them off her or making her strip like some kind of common slut.

The guys had fucked her in every way imaginable, tortured her in ways that had reduced her to a cowering, obedient fuck-slave. But she had cum through it all.

Jane didn’t know why no one at her office had called to find out what had happened to her. It didn’t really matter. She knew she could never go back to her job.

“Hi, Aunt Jane,” Mike said, walking into the room. He was dressed. The guys seemed to like being dressed around Jane. It was another way they showed her how superior they were to her. “This is your big day, whore. Final exams, then you get your graduation ceremony.”

Mike untied Jane’s hands, then freed her hair from the pulley. He pulled it out of the ponytail it had been tied in, then made her shake it loose over her shoulders. After that he walked across the living room, made himself a drink and sat down. Jane stood uncertainly where he had left her, rubbing her wrists and wondering what was happening. It had been days since she had last been completely free of any bonds. It felt strange to her, and somehow frightening.

She and Mike stared at each other in silence, and as they did Jane felt her cunt start to twitch and moisten. She clamped her silky thighs together, trying to fight off the unwanted fingers of pleasure that were probing through her. Mike saw the movement and smiled.

Mike was the most handsome and Marcia the most beautiful of all the people who had made Jane their slave. Jane always climaxed harder when it was Mike or Marcia who were abusing her sultry body. She was getting excited now just standing naked in front of Mike.

“Just me and Marcia today, Aunt Jane,” Mike said as though he was reading her mind. “Everybody else is at home. We’re going to see how much you’ve learned. If you pass, this could be a big fucking day for you.”

Jane didn’t know what Mike was talking about. There had been a time when that would have bothered her, but now it seemed almost comforting. Mike was just a teenager, and she was almost thirty, but she had grown used to taking orders from him.

“Stick your fingers in your cunt,” Mike said.

“Three, from your right hand.”

With a tiny quaking of pleasure. Jane did as her nephew told her. She scratched the first three fingers of her right hand over her swollen pink pussy-lips, then pushed them slowly inside. The three fingers filled her cunt. She wiggled them around, not sure whether or not Mike wanted her to finger-fuck herself, and not wanting to do anything wrong.

“Move them around a little,” Mike said. “Fuck yourself.”

Jane barely held back a whimper of pleasure as she drove her fingers deep inside her clasping cunt. She wavered on her feet, driven past the point of exhaustion by her full night of standing on tiptoe. It was hard to stand on her rubbery legs, even harder with shuddery fingers of pleasure tickling through her horny cunt.

“Take your fingers out of your cunt,” Mike said after a few moments. “Put them in your mouth and suck them dean.”

Jane moaned in despair and humiliation. Mike was making her perform like some kind of trained animal. She knew that she could never refuse him. Her fingers were damp with pussycream when she pulled them from her cunt. She stuck them in her mouth and tasted her own pussy-juice. The trembling excitement in her pussy increased at the act of self-debasement Mike was forcing her to perform.

“Stick them back in your cunt,” Mike said. “Screw them around hard in there. I really want to see you humping.”

Tern welled in Jane’s eyes as she pushed her fingers up inside her pussy. Her cunt clutched around the fingers like a powerful fist, wringing them as though it wanted to tear them from her hand. Jane couldn’t keep her ass from bucking as she pistoned the three fingers deep into her pussy.

For long moments Mike watched her in silence as she rammed the three fingers into her cunt. The only sounds in the room were the squishing of pussy-cream in Jane’s rapidly juicing cunt and the tiny, bubbling moans of pleasure and humiliation that escaped her sexy lips. Jane’s cunt grabbed at her fingers and her ass circled and thrust in a sensual display of sexual arousal.

“Pull them out,” Mike said. He pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular chest and flat, hard belly. “This time lick them clean. I want to see your tongue wagging, Aunt Jane. You can show me that, can’t you?”

Jane whined as she pulled her fingers from her pussy. Her fingers were dripping with pussy cream. It webbed her fingers together and ran down the back of her hand.

Jane stuck her soft pink tongue out of her mouth and washed it over her fingers. The smell of her cunt was so strong on her hand that it was almost overpowering. The taste was base and heady. It made Jane’s clit throb with excitement. She whipped her tongue down in between each of her fingers, then lovingly licked her way back up. She even licked the back of her hand, catching every single drop of pussy-juice.

“Bend down a little, Aunt Jane. Crouch.” Mike kicked off his shoes as he spoke. “Play with your cunt with one hand and play with your tits with the other. Pinch your nipples hard. Really pull on your cunt-lips.”

Tears ran down Jane’s pretty cheeks. She knew why Mike was doing things this way. She wasn’t bound in any way now. There was no crowd of guys in the room ready to force her to do as they wanted. Mike wanted to show her that she was a willing slave, that she needed the pain and degradation he and the others were giving her.

She crouched, dropping her right hand to her pussy as she worked her left hand over her tits. She pinched her stiff nipples until she cried out in pain, first crushing them between her fingers then driving her nails into them until she broke into a cold, clammy sweat from the pain she was inflicting on herself. She yanked on her swollen pussy-lips, kneading them like big wads of dough. Before long her hand was drenched with pussy-cream once more.

Mike unzipped his pants as Jane mauled her tits and pussy. He pulled out his long, fat cock and stroked it absently as Jane squeezed her tits and masturbated. He was getting off on the miserable expression on his aunt’s beautiful face.

“All you are is an old bitch dog,” he said, and watched the shudder of degraded pleasure that passed through his aunt’s svelte, sexy body. “You’re drooling for cock, aren’t you? Drool on yourself a little, Aunt Jane. I want to see your mouth watering for cock.”

Jane moaned with shame. Then she let spit slide down from the corners of her mouth. Her slender, sultry body trembled at the exertion of staying in the catcher’s crouch. Pussy-cream was splattering down from her spread-open cunt, drenching her hand and soaking the floor beneath her.

“That’s good,” Mike said with a grin. “Now stick out your tongue and pant. Pant just like the bitch dog you are.”

Jane stuck her pink tongue out over her pretty lips and panted just like the sexy bitch dog Mike had turned her into. And she came. She almost toppled over as the orgasm burst through her sexy body. She panted and moaned at the same time, her eyes glazing with the humiliating pleasure that filled her.

“That’s cute,” Mike said mockingly. “Lick your hand clean again, then come over here. Crawl on all fours, Aunt Jane, just like the sexy mutt bitch you are.”

Tears of despair ran down Jane’s beautiful face as she licked her hand clean. The smell and taste of her hot pussy made her climax again, and she whimpered with shame as her cunt cream streamed down her satiny thighs. She crawled to her nephew on all fours, then waited on her hands and knees for his next command.

“Stick your finger up your ass,” he said, skinning off his pants and throwing them across the small of her back.

She moved her right hand back and slowly drove her finger up her ass. Her well-fucked shitter clasped tightly around her finger. She left it there, shaking with excitement and waiting for Mike’s next command.

“Suck it clean,” he said.

Jane pulled her finger from her asshole and stuck it in her mouth. She tasted shit on her finger. It made her gag a few times, but she sucked it until it was clean of every trace of her ass-filth. Pussy-cream was pouring out of her cunt, painting her inner thighs with sticky, nearly transparent fluid.

“Now stick your finger up my ass,” Mike said. “Pull it out and suck it clean.”

Mike leaned back in the chair and spread his legs wide, giving Jane easy access to his asshole. Jane stuck her finger slowly into his shitter. When her finger was fully buried inside him, he teased her by clamping his asshole tight and trapping it inside. When he finally relaxed, Jane pulled her finger free. It was smeared from nail to knuckle with his ass-filth. Jane stuck it into her mouth without hesitation and sucked down every bit of shit. She climaxed while she was doing it.

“Whose shit tasted better?” Mike asked. “Answer me.”

“Yours did,” Jane said, her voice trembling. “That’s right,” Mike said. “Take my cock in your hand. Aim it at your mouth.”

Jane handled Mike’s fat, limp cock as though it were a sacred relic. She aimed it at her mouth and opened her lush lips wide. She stared up at her master with wide, loving eyes.

Mike’s piss streamed out in a powerful burst. It splashed between Jane’s moistly parted lips and quickly filled her mouth to overflowing. She swallowed as fast as she could, guzzling her handsome nephew’s stinking yellow piss. She wasn’t fast enough, though, and soon his burning piss was cascading out over her lips, soaking her chin and splashing down onto her firm, upthrust tits.

The guys hadn’t fed Jane since she had been their captive, and her stomach rolled and gurgled on the quart of piss Mike was squirting down her throat. The smell and taste of piss still made Jane sick, and she had to fight to keep the sour broth down. But her cunt spasmed and another powerful orgasm wracked her slender, sultry body.

“Move my cock around,” Mike said. “Soak yourself in my piss. Take a shower in it.”

Jane whipped Mike’s cock from side to side, letting his piss drench her beautiful face. She played the stream over her shoulders and down onto her tits. She aimed the strewn lower, at her stomach and into the golden brown thatch of her pussy-hair. As his piss-stream weakened, she brought it back up her creamy body, finally aiming it at her mouth once more. Mike dribbled the last of his piss between her lips.

“Shake it,” he said. Jane did as he asked. “Now hold out your hands. Cup them.”

Jane did as Mike ordered, and he turned around on the chair. He spread his asscheeks wide and started grunting, and Jane knew what was coming next. An orgasm exploded inside her quivering, sexy body as the first turd plopped out of his asshole and into her waiting hands.

The turd was long and brown and smelly. Another, smaller turd fell on top of it. Then Mike farted, long and loud, right into Jane’s face. The last turd was another big one, trailing halfway down Jane’s wrists. Mike kept his asscheeks spread after he was finished shitting.

“Hold onto what you’ve got,” he said. “And stick your, face between my asscheeks. I don’t have any toilet paper out here, so I guess you’re going to have to do. Lick me clean, Aunt Jane. Do a good job, too, ass-licker.”

Careful not to drop Mike’s turds, Jane leaned forward and pushed her face between his powerful asscheeks. As soon as her pretty face was wedged into his asscrack, Mike let go of his asscheeks, letting them clamp tightly around her head. Jane almost swooned from the rank odor of Mike’s ass. She could feel the shit as it smeared her cheeks and chin.

She stuck her tongue out and quickly licked every inch of Mike’s asscrack. She washed his ass thoroughly, not wanting to miss one bit of his shit. The thick, sludgy taste of his shit made her sick, but it didn’t stop the squirming and dripping of her pussy.

When she was done with his asscrack, she stiffened her pretty pink tongue and drove it as far up his asshole as she could. His shitter was so thick with shit that Jane gagged, but she cleaned it until there wasn’t a trace of filth inside for as far as her tongue could reach. A burning climax shot through her pussy as she licked the last of his shit away.

“Get your face out of my ass,” he said, then clenched his asscheeks tight so Jane had to struggle to pull herself free.

Mike turned around and looked at her. Jane’s beautiful face was smeared with his shit. There was a look of pure sickness on her face. There was also a shine of lusting excitement more powerful than he had ever seen.

“You look good with my shit smeared all over you,” Mike said. “Lean back now. Lie down on your back and rub my shit all over your slutty body. I want you covered in my shit, Aunt Jane. I want you to push it in your ears and down your mouth. I want you to rub it on your pussy. I even want you to stick my shit up your ass. You’d like that too, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Mike,” Jane said. She carefully sat back so she wouldn’t drop his shit, then spread out on the floor. Mike stood over her, stroking his hardening cock.

Mike stared down at his aunt, hardly believing what he had turned her into in such a short period of time. A week before she had been a take-charge, hard-assed bitch. Now she was a groveling, mindless fuck-doll, just a sexy body and three hot, wet fuck-holes.

Jane dumped his shit between her tits and Mike almost came. Her body was so perfect, her face so haughty and beautiful. To see her with a pile of shit between her creamy tits was almost too much to take.

Jane stared up at her nephew. She looked at his big stiff cock and his handsome face. She didn’t know which one she loved more. She rubbed her palms over the pile of shit that lay in her cleavage, then slowly, lovingly, spread it all over her sexy body.

The shit was damp and sticky. Jane wiped it over the perky mounds of her tits and down across the trembling flat plain of her stomach. She wiped shit up her long, slender arms and pressed it into her sexy shoulders. She rubbed shit into her creamy soft flanks and down into the curly bush of her cunt-hair.

The stink was terrible. It made Jane gag. All she could smell was slut. The feel of the shit on her silky skin made her gasp with humiliation. It was like being plastered in mud, except Jane knew that it wasn’t mud she was rubbing all over her sultry body. It was shit, the shit that her teenage nephew had made her catch in her hands.

Mike stood over her, jacking his cock faster and harder as Jane smeared his shit all over her body. His cock was throbbing and leaking, spilling sticky lines of fuck lube down onto Jane’s scummy, beautiful, upturned face. Mike crouched down a little so that he could point his jerking cock right at his gorgeous aunt’s shit smeared face. When he came, he wanted to give her a full jism facial.

Jane watched her nephew’s delicious cock, her cunt tingling and dripping with lust. She smeared shit over her graceful throat and up over her elegant face. She rubbed one big turd all over her face, making sure to smear it into her ears and nose and even her mouth, just as Mike had told her. Jane even stuck out her tongue and spread shit over it until it was caked with heavy, wadded waste.

An orgasm knifed through her sleek body, making her writhe on the floor in a sexy display of perverted lust. She clamped her hands over the swollen lips of her pussy, caking them with shit. Then she pushed her fingers up inside her cunt, forcing Mike’s shit deep inside her body. Jane’s cunt clasped on her shitty fingers, pulling the shit free while her pussy-juices washed her hand clean.

“Oh shit!” Mike gasped, watching in disbelief as Jane grabbed the last turd from between her tits and stuffed it up inside her cunt. He could hardly believe how thoroughly he had debased the beautiful woman. “I’m cumming, slut! I’m cumming all over your slit-licking face!”

Jane watched as Mike’s first long, fat wad of jism erupted from his rock-hard cock. It splashed across her shit-plastered face like a party streamer, marking her from forehead to chin. Mike milked his cock again, and another heavy glob of cum squirted between Jane’s lush, parted lips. Jane climaxed as her nephew splattered her face with his cock-slime. She thrust three fingers from each hand deep into her cunt, stirring the turd she had stuffed inside her into a soupy brawn broth.

“Lick your fingers now, Aunt Jane!” Mike shouted, showering her face in jism. “Lick your shitty fingers until they’re nice and clean!”

Jane bucked and writhed across the floor, driving six fingers deep inside her pussy. Her cunt-lips were gripping bet fingers as though they were never going to let them go. Pussycream was running like a waterfall down her flexing asscrack. Her pussy-cream was mixed with the thick brown broth her cunt had ground Mike’s shit into. Her velvety inner thighs were smeared with shit and cunt-juice.

“Lick your fingers, Aunt Jane,” Mike said. “Lick your fingers clean!”

With a whimper, Jane snatched her hands from her cunt and plunged her fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them with slurping sounds, whipping her shitty tongue over her filthy hands. Rivers of spit ran down from the corners of her mouth. Even without her hands working on it, her cunt was snapping on air and gushing pussy-slime. She was climaxing wildly, climaxing constantly.

“Good job, sewer-slut,” Mike said, picking up his clothes and walking out of the room without another glance in Jane’s direction. “Your turn, Marcia. But I think you’re going to have to clean her up a little first.”


But Marcia didn’t clean Jane at all. The first thing she made Jane do was roll over on all fours, and then the cruel girl rode her around the room. She rode her around for almost twenty minutes, fingering her own cunt and rubbing her ass all over Jane’s back while the smaller woman had to carry her around. By the time Marcia dismounted, Jane’s back was dripping with the girl’s pussy-cream. It dripped down her creamy tanned sides like water from a roof after a heavy rain.

“You’re sure a squalid slut,” Marcia said with a witchy smile, looking her aunt over. Marcia was dressed in a short white smock that didn’t quite cover her lush ass or golden-furred pussy. “Sit in that big easy chair, Aunt Jane. And hang your legs over the arms.”

Jane cried in despair at the girl’s mocking words, but she crawled on all fours to the chair, then climbed wearily up into it. To hook her long, slender legs over the arms of the chair she had to spread them wide, baring her cunt and asshole to her niece. It still embarrassed her to display herself so shamelessly, even though she had been forced to do so dozens of times.

“The first thing we’re going to do,” Marcia said, pulling some things out of the right pocket of the smock, “is shave that hot cunt. You look just like a pretty little girl, Aunt Jane. You act just like a pretty little girl too. And, pretty little girls don’t have all that nasty old cunt-hair, do they?”

Marcia shook the can of shaving cream a few times, then pointed it right down at Jane’s silky brown cunt-bush. Jane squealed and humped her hips back against the chair when Marcia squirted shaving cream down into the already gooey hole of her pussy. She needed desperately to clamp her hands over her cunt and grind out the tickling pleasure that was driving her wild. She knew that Marcia would be angry if she did, so she grabbed her tits instead, squeezing and pulling them with frantic passion.

Marcia buried Jane’s cunt-bush under a mountain of shaving cream. She drew trails of shaving cream down Jane’s silky thighs and over her perfectly turned calves. She filled the tiny cup of Jane’s navel with shaving cream, then covered the whole flat, shuddering plain of her belly with the white fluff. She capped Jane’s tits in white, then blasted the gasping, squirming beauty right in the face. She poked the nozzle into Jane’s ears, up her nostrils. She even pushed it between her beautiful aunt’s parted lips and filled up Jane’s mouth with shaving cream.

Jane gagged on the shaving cream. It was like being in an isolation tank. She couldn’t hear or see or smell. Until she swallowed the shaving cream Marcia had spilled in her mouth, she couldn’t even breathe. There was something both terribly frightening and exciting about having no idea what was going on around her. She felt something cold and thick push up between her swollen pussy-lips, and it was only when Marcia pushed the plunger and squirted her full of shaving cream that Jane realized it was the can her cruel niece had pushed up inside her.

Jane’s cunt squeezed tightly around the shaving cream as it shot up inside her. Runny white fluff poured back out of her, over the metal can and her niece’s slender wrist. Marcia pushed the can deeper inside her, wiggling it around as he filled Jane with shaving cream. Jane’s helplessly aroused pussy flexed and shimmied around the can and the cream in a maddened display of ecstasy.

“That’s it, pretty little baby,” Marcia said tauntingly, watching the shaving cream squeeze back out of her slave aunt’s madly flexing pussy. “You love it, don’t you? You’re going to look so pretty all white and clean down here.”

Jane gasped with shock as Marcia dragged the razor over the plump mound of her cunt. The scrape of the sharp metal against her soft white skin filled Jane with shame and terror.

An orgasm blazed through her. Shaving cream and pussy-juice squeezed out of her pussy, running all over her niece’s hand. Marcia was fucking the whole can up inside her cunt, still pressing the button that sent fluffy shaving cream squirting deep inside Jane’s most secret places. Jane gasped as the cool cream flushed deep inside her blazing hot clit. She could almost hear the sizzle of the cold crew and her volcanic cunt-flesh. It was like nothing she had ever felt before it made her climax harder than she ever had before.

Marcia had to stop shaving her for a minute as Jane’s ass arched high off the easy chair. Her hands gripped the arms of the chair until her nails dug through the fabric. The firm muscles in her long, lean legs stood out like steel cords as she jerked her shimmering ass a foot off the seat of the chair. Marcia followed her easily with the can, squirting every last drop of cream deep inside her. Jane’s orgasm seemed ta go on forever, breaking and building and breaking again until it left her limp and exhausted, sweat glistening on every inch of her creamy, silky body.

Finally she fell back into the chair, random twitches and shivers running through her body. Her head dropped against the back of the chair, shaving cream sliding slowly across her aristocratic features. Marcia dragged the razor down over her pussy mound, pulling the can of shaving cream out of her cunt. She dropped the can as she shaved Jane’s plump pussy mound. Then, without warning, she balled her hand into a fist and drove it inside Jane’s twitching, heaving cunt.

Jane’s knuckles went white on the arms of the chair. Her slender legs gripped, the chair until it creaked. She shook her head, shedding much of the shaving cream Marcia had covered her face with. When her eyes were clear and she could stare down at her beautiful niece, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She didn’t want to believe it. Marcia’s whole hand was buried inside her cunt.

With her left hand she was finishing the job of shaving Jane’s pussy. The silky brown hair that had crowned her cunt since childhood was almost gone. The skin below was so pink and fresh-looking that it shocked the beleaguered captive beauty. She stared at the way her swollen pink cunt-lips wiggled around her niece’s wrist and her shock grew.

“Do you like that, baby?” Marcia asked, a mocking gleam in her bright blue eyes. “Do you like your pussy all bare and pretty? Tell me you like that. Come on, pretty little slut, tell me that you like having your nasty pussy all shaved and pretty.”

Marcia worked her fist slowly and deliberately in Jane’s cunt. She fucked her fist slowly back and forth, turned her wrist so that she could grind her knuckles against every inch of Jane’s overloaded fuck-pocket.

Jane gasped in shock and passion, unable to believe that her pretty pussy could accept such a huge intrusion. She felt as if she had a baseball bat inside her. The pain was incredible, but she couldn’t deny that it felt good. The degradation of having a fist shoved up inside her was more exciting yet.

“I like it!” Jane gasped, her big gray eyes filling with tears as she stared down at her shaved pink pussy. Her cunt-lips fluttered around Marcia’s wrist. “I like having all that nasty hair shaved off my dirty pussy! Thank you!”

“And what about my fists pretty whore?” Marcia asked, tossing the razor aside and kneading her cunt with one hand while she pound her fist slowly inside Jane’s. “Do you like having my whole big fist twisting around inside your scummy cunt-hole? Tell me how much you like having my fist twisting around inside your dirty pussy.” Jane’s cunt was gobbling at the fist Marcia stick inside her. Pussy-cream belched out over the beautiful blonde’s wrist and ran up her forearm in greasy rivers. Marcia made sure that her knuckles rubbed hard against Jane’s clit, bruising and exciting her at the same time. Jane’s eyes glazed with shock and hurt as she watched her stretched cunt-lips quivering around her niece’s forearm. An orgasm blew through her broken, beautiful body, making her tremble and moan.

“I love your fist stuck up inside my dirty girl cunt!” she mewled, her voice like that of a child. Her beautiful face glowed with passion and her sultry body squirmed and gyrated. “I can feel your whole hand up inside me! It’s so big! It feels so good! Can I please have your hand inside my scummy cunt forever? Please? Please?”

“No,” Marcia said cruelly, and pulled her fist out of Jane’s spasming cunt. Her hand was frosted with cunt-cream, but there wasn’t a trace of blood on her knuckles. She pushed her fist against Jane’s face. “See, bitch? My hand is bigger than any big old man’s cock, and it didn’t tear you. You don’t have to be afraid of getting fucked by anything, do you?”

Jane didn’t answer. She was too busy rubbing her beautiful, scummy face all over Marcia’s cunt-juice-soaked hand. Her tongue flickered out over her trembling pink lips, lapping at the slimy cream that coated her niece’s fingers.

Marcia sighed, then giggled, rubbing her cunt drenched hand all over Jane’s pretty, pale face. She stripped off her smock, revealing her perfect tanned body. By the time she dropped the white smock onto the floor Jane had licked every bit of pussy-cream off her hand and wrist.

“Get up,” Marcia said, stepping back away from Jane and standing with her hands on her hips. “Stand up, you sorry slut, and look me in the eye.”

It was hard for Jane to pull her spread legs back over the arms of the chair. She didn’t seem to have any strength left in her worn down, fucked-out body. It was even harder to meet Marcia’s stare when she stood up in front of her. She felt shabby next to the teenage blonde.

“Look at you,” Marcia said with a disgusted sneer. “You’re such a worthless cunt. You’re all covered in shit and piss. Your scummy cunt juices all the time. You’re always dripping cum from your cunt and asshole. Half the time you’re drooling it from your mouth. What kind of silly slut let’s all that shit happen to her?”

“I’m sorry,” Jane whimpered. She knew how sluttish she must look. The shame of having her beautiful niece inspect her was almost too much for her to take. “I can’t help it! I-I love it!”

“I know you do, slut,” Marcia said, a lusty growl in her voice. “Come here and give me a kiss.”

The blonde wrapped the sultry brunette in her arms and crushed their bodies together. She clamped her lips over Jane’s, pushing her tongue deep inside Jane’s mouth. Jane leaned against her strong, sexy niece, letting the girl crush her body and smash her lips. It felt so good to be trapped in Marcia’s arms, to have their lips pressed together and Marcia’s tongue probing deep inside her mouth.

“Did you like it when I kissed you?” Marcia asked, licking the tip of Jane’s nose as she broke their kiss.

“I loved you kissing me,” Jane said dreamily. “I always love it, no matter what mommy does.”

“Even when I make you cry?” Marcia asked, catching the soft flesh where Jane’s thighs met her ass and grinding her fingernails together.

“I love it most when you make me cry!” Jane gasped, squirming in agony as Marcia drew blood with her sharp fingernails. She wriggled against her blonde niece’s sexy body until the teenager was moaning with pleasure. “I love you! Whatever you want to do is wonderful!”

“Suck my tits,” Marcia said, tugging on Jane’s hair. “Suck my tits and make me happy.”

Jane rubbed her dirty face all over Marcia’s big tits. She caught a nipple in her mouth and sucked on it while she stroked her cheek over the jutting mound of Marcia’s other tit. She licked her way up and down the velvety valley between Marcia’s big tits, then nibbled her way up the other slope. Then she was sucking on that nipple too, pulling it deep in her mouth and teasing it with her soft, pink tongue.

“Oh, yesssss!” Marcia hissed, stroking the back of Jane’s head and rubbing her plush thighs together. “That’s so good, little bitch! But it’s not enough! I want you to lick down farther! Lick my stomach! Come on, make me feel so good!”

Marcia didn’t have to force Jane to her knees. The beautiful, broken woman slithered down her niece’s sexy body, never letting her lips and tongue break contact with her silky skin. Jane teased her tongue over the gentle slopes of Marcia’s ribs, then licked her way down the center of her body. She rimmed the deep, inviting cup of Marcia’s navel, then dragged her lips and tongue all over the quivering, sucked in plain of Marcia’s stomach. She kissed and licked her way down to the curling golden hair of Marcia’s pussy. She glanced down at her own pussy when she did, both humiliated and excited by the bald cunt mound she saw there. She waited for her beautiful niece’s next order.

“Lick my feet, silly cunt,” Marcia said with a giggle. “Lick and kiss my feet and tell me you love it.”

“I do!” Jane cried, her voice shaking with emotion.

She dropped to all fours and pressed her face to the floor. Her tongue crept out over her parted lips as she pressed her mouth to the arch of Marcia’s left foot. Jane kissed and licked her way all over both of Marcia’s feet. She stuck her tongue in between Marcia’s toes, and when Marcia wiggled her feet, Jane pressed the side of her face tight against the floor and took each toe into her mouth to suck and pleasure. Marcia fingered her cunt while her aunt groveled at her feet, and by the time Jane finished her task, slippery lines of cunt-cream were running down the insides of Marcia’s plush, tanned thighs.

“Follow the lines,” Marcia said, her voice thick with lust. “Follow them right up to my pussy.”

Jane did just as her niece ordered, starting at the delicate ridges of the girl’s ankles and licking her way slowly, lovingly up her legs. She used her tongue to collect every bit of the pussycream that had slipped from the stacked blonde’s pretty pink pussy.

“Go on,” Marcia said when Jane had licked and kissed her way up to the quivering wet pouch of her cunt. “Stick your pretty mouth on my cunt and lick me dry.”

With a moan of complete abandon, Jane plunged her face right into the inviting pink pocket of Marcia’s pussy. She drove her face between the delicate outer lips of her pussy, sticking her tongue as far inside Marcia as she could. Marcia’s hands twisted in her hair, holding her tightly in place.

She slithered her tongue into every nook and cranny of the teenager’s pussy. She wrapped her arms around Marcia’s lush ass and ran her hands all over the perfectly tanned and rounded asscheeks. She kissed and nibbled at the sexy teenager’s cunt-lips and flicked her tongue over her clit until the girl was trembling with passion.

Marcia ground her hips against her aunt’s beautiful face, thrusting her cunt against Jane’s mouth as though she was being fucked instead of eaten. One orgasm after another fired through her long, lean body, and her cunt-cream poured down over Jane’s chin and cheeks. In the middle of her string of orgasms Marcia pissed right into Jane’s face, right into her open mouth. The slavish beauty never stopped pleasuring Marcia’s cunt, even when she was choking on a mouthful of steaming hat piss.

“That’s enough,” Marcia said, after what seemed to Jane far too short a time. She stepped back and stared at Jane’s filthy, beautiful, eager face. “Now I’ve got to clean you up and dress you and fix that pretty hair. It’s time for you to show off how much we’ve taught you.”

Jane trembled with fear, trembled with excitement. She trembled too with the heed for a hard cock, or a wet cunt, or a whip or chain or something else to hurt her or bind her.


“Hello, Jane,” Don Seabring said, a slight smile on his face. “Glad to see that you finally made it.”

“No!” Jane screamed, her beautiful eyes going wide with terror at the sight of her brother and his huge cock. “Mike! Marcia! No! No, no, no, no, no!”

“They’re gone,” Don said with a grin. “And yes. A dozen times yes.”

There were other men in the room, too.

All of them were naked, their adult male bodies hairy and hard, their cocks huge and stiff. Jane looked from one to another of them in terror. Her mind blanked at the idea of what was going to happen now. And there was no escape. She was bound and locked in the room. There was nothing that was going to stop her brother and the other men in the room from using her luscious body in every way they wanted.

“She looks just like a little girl,” one of the men said. “Just like a sexy little girl.”

It was the truth. Marcia had taken great care to dress her in just that way. Jane was wearing a short skirt, a prim white blouse and cute, flat heeled black shoes. But Marcia hadn’t given Jane a bra, and her upthrust tits pressed against the thin cloth of her blouse like a pair of sharp tipped torpedoes. And she hadn’t given Jane any panties, so underneath the short cotton shirt Jane’s tight ass and shaved pink pussy were bare and vulnerable.

Jane’s hands were tied behind her back with a thick strand of rope. Her hair was done in two long ponytails and draped down her back. Jane knew she must look like the picture of the pretty schoolgirl to the hard-cocked men who filled the room. And it was obvious from the way they were looking at her that the image was turning them all on.

Twelve men. Twelve huge, hard cocks. Jane looked frantically from one man to another, trying to convince herself that she was unconscious and that everything she was seeing was some kind of horrible nightmare.

“No, Don!” Jane whimpered, tears streaming down her pretty, pale face. “Not you! Not my own brother!”

“Shit, I’ve been looking for a bitch to play some rough games with every since my wife died. Never thought the one I’d wind up with would be my own fucking sister. You love it, though, we both know that. So just let me sit down here, and you lean down over my lap. I’m going to give you a spanking, you naughty slut. And then we’re all going to fuck your sexy ass off!”

Don sat down on a chair and patted his lap. Jane stared down at his huge, throbbing cock and his big, meaty hand. As if she had no will of her own, she walked up to him and lowered herself down over his lap.

Don’s cock was like a burning hot sausage against her stomach. Jane could feel it burning her through the white cotton blouse she was wearing. She gasped with fear when he flipped her short plaid skirt up over her sexy asscheeks. The other men had gathered around to watch her spanking. Jane craned her neck to look at them. All she could see were stiff cocks and leering, lusting faces.

She screamed when Don brought his hand whipping down against her creamy asscheeks. Her sexy ass jiggled wildly and a red hand-print blossomed on her silky skin. He slapped her again, overlaying the first print with a second. Then he hit her a third time. And a fourth. Don’s hand was so big that he couldn’t really pick his target. When he hit his sultry sister’s ass his hand covered the while silky bubble of firm, full flesh.

Jane’s ass was burning. Don spanked her hard and fast, leaving no more than a few seconds between each downward rush of his palm. Jane couldn’t keep herself from squirming on his lap, even though she knew that her writhing about was making his cock harder. She could feel his fuck-lube already, wetting her skin through the thin fabric of her white cotton blouse.

“You love it, don’t you?” Don asked, pounding her sexy ass with one hand as he reached under her with the other and mauled her tits. “You’d love it if I took my belt off and beat the shit out of you, wouldn’t you?”

Jane tried not to answer. She knew that this was the final degradation. Her most terrible fear had always been of being fucked by a grown man. But her cunt was dripping from the beating her brother was giving her. She trembled with fear at just the thought of not answering him.

“Yes, Don,” she whispered, her voice cracking with emotion. “I love getting a spanking from my sexy big brother. I’d love it even more if you’d take off your belt and whip the shit out of my slutty ass!”

“What a whore,” one of the men muttered.

“Let’s fuck the slut now,” another said.

“Yesssssss!” Jane hissed, squirming her sleek body sensually on her brother’s lap. “Fuck the whore! Fuck her now!”

“All right, sis,” Don said, puffing her off his lap and setting her on her feet. “You want it, you’re going to get it.”

Jane could feel her pussy-cream slithering down her silky inner thighs as her brother stood up in front of her. He was well over six feet tall, and he towered over Jane. He grabbed the collar of her thin white blouse and ripped the buttons off with deliberate ease.

Jane gasped as her full, firm tits tumbled into the open for all the men to see. Her nipples were rock-hard. When Don pinched them with his strong fingers, Jane moaned with passion, sagging forward into his body.

“Get off me, you stinking slut!” Don shouted, grabbing Jane by her bound arms and lifting her off the floor. He flung her across the room and she landed hard on the big bed that sat in the corner. “I’ve been waiting for this for years, cunt! From this day forward, you fucking belong to me!”

Jane was stunned from her impact against the bed. By the time she could make sense out of what was happening, Don was on the bed with her, yanking her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms to where her wrists were tied together. He grabbed her tits and crushed them against her chest, bringing a squeal of pain from Jane’s lips.

She spread her legs wide, not wanting to give her brother any reason to hurt her. Don slid between her slender, silky thighs and flipped her skirt up around her waist. Jane was practically naked, her blouse tangled around her wrists and her skirt wrapped around her tiny waist. Half the men in the room gasped with passion at the sight of her bared tits, cunt and ass.

“Mere it is, glut!” Don growled, thumping his huge cock down against the naked mound of Jane’s cunt. “Beg me to fuck you real hard with my big cock!”

“Fuck me!” Jane moaned, spreading her legs even wider, watching her brother with an expression of humiliation and rapture. “Fuck your slutty sister with your big cock!”

“Take it, whore!” he growled, and fucked his cock deep inside her.

Jane gasped with the pain of his penetration. His cock wasn’t bigger than Marcia’s forearm, but it wasn’t much smaller either. Before his big prick was buried two thirds of the way inside her, his bulging cock-head banged against her womb. He drove into her even harder, scooting her along the top of the bed until every inch of his cock was stabbing inside her svelte body.

Without warning he turned over onto his back, dragging Jane along with him. She fell face-first onto his chest, unable to brace herself because of the way her hands were tied behind her back. Don’s big, powerful hands closed over her silky, reddened asscheeks and spread them apart until she was whimpering with pain.

“Who wants first shot at the tramp’s ass?” he yelled, grinning cruelly. “Come on guys, don’t be bashful! This whore might be tiny, but she can take all the cock we can give her!”

“Bashful?” one of the men said. “Shit, I’m just wondering if I can make it to the bed before I blast my load!”

Jane heard the footsteps behind her, then felt the bed shift as the man climbed onto it. When the head of the new man’s cock pressed against her tiny shitter, Jane’s sexy, slender body tensed hard as a rock. She tightened her asshole against the advance of the man’s big cock, but it was hopeless. A week of being fucked and probed by everything, the guys could find had thoroughly loosened her asshole.

“No!” she whimpered, throwing her head back as the man behind her fucked his cock deeper and deeper up into her asshole. “Not two at once! Not two!”

“No,” another man said, climbing onto the bed in front of her and shoving his fat, hard cock into her beautiful face. “Three.”

There was nothing Jane could do. The man pushed his cock past her parted lips and held her head in place while he stabbed every inch he had into her gullet. Don was already buried to the hilt in her cunt, and the man behind her groaned with pleasure as he forced the last few inches of his fat cock up her asshole. She was plugged by almost three feet of cock. She had hard male cock spitting her in every fuck-hole.

When they started fucking her, she knew it was the wildest thing she had ever felt. Her tiny, sexy body was pounded back and forth. Just the brutalizing impacts of their bodies against hers were enough to batter her senseless.

Their cocks were another matter entirely.

Jane had never felt the hammering of two cocks in her at the same time. Having one cock buried in her cunt and another in her asshole filled her body more completely than it had ever been filled before. Her flat stomach puffed out from the doubled girth of the two huge cocks. Pain shot up her back and down her shuddering thighs.

Jane sucked fervently on the cock that was fucking in and out of her throat, hollowing her elegant cheeks and lavishing the hard cock-stalk of meat with every kiss and lick she could manage.

The orgasm that tore through her slim, sexy body made her quake and tremble. Her taut ass pumped wildly back, and forth between the two cocks that were savaging her lower body. Each brutal collision knocked her almost unconscious. Her cunt and asshole flexed around the bludgeoning cocks like warm, damp fists. Her eyes rolled and fuck-lube-flavored spit dribbled from her lips as a climax flickered through her bound, beaten body.

Don and the other two men came almost as quickly as she did. The tight grips of her mouth, asshole and cunt on their cocks and the excitement of triple-fucking such a beautiful, helpless woman were too much for them. The man fucking her ass was the first to lose his load, and he flushed Jane’s clasping asshole with a gluey jism enema.

“Nhhhhh!” Jane gurgled around the cock that was slopping back and forth through her sucking mouth. She whipped her ass from side to side, grinding on the cock that was hosing her bowels with jism. “Yeeeeeeee!”

Another orgasm exploded through her as the jism burned its way into her tender, stretched asshole. She bobbed her head on the cock that was buried in her throat, driving her face on the long stalk of meat as though she wanted, to swallow it and the man it was attached to. With a muttered curse, he started cumming.

Jane didn’t stop fucking her face on the man’s cock when his jism started boiling down her throat. If anything she drove her mouth up and down his prick more wildly than ever, gagging and coughing on the ropy strands of fuck slime he spurted down her throat. She snorted like a wild horse and jism dribbled from her flaring nostrils. She coughed and a mouthful of jism poured out over her spit-slick chin.

“Look at this sleazy whore!” the man she was sucking shouted. He pumped his hips as though he was fucking her cunt instead of her mouth, smashing his stomach brutally into Jane’s beautiful face. “What a disgusting piece of shit slut! What a filthy, cum groveling tramp!”

Jane glowed with maddened pleasure at the man’s wards. She was a whore. She was a slut. For years she had tried to deny that, but now, with the help of her niece or nephew and wonderful, hard-cocked brother, she understood the truth. The only thing she was good for now was sucking and fucking and being hurt. And she loved it.

Don was the last of the three men to cum. When he spurted his thick load of jism up Jane’s squirming cunt, she tossed her head and whipped her hips up and down the stiff length of his cock. She climaxed twice as he bathed her swampy pussy with his thick cock-slime.

“Nice job, Jane,” Don said when he was through with her. He slammed his fist against the side of her head to knock her off him. “You’re going to get even better with practice.”

Jane climaxed as she hit the bed. Her sleek, sexy body twitched and shivered as she lay untouched. Cunt-cream stained her velvety inner thighs and jism drooled from her mouth, cunt and asshole. Her pussy-lips fluttered as her orgasm worked its way through her. She moaned incoherently, feeling as if there were still hard cocks buried inside her.

A moment later there were. The next man simply lay down on the bed beside her, sticking his fat, hard cock straight up. He told her, to climb on top and fuck herself. He had to repeat his command three times before Jane understood him, finally emphasizing his order by grabbing Jane’s lower lip between his fingers and dragging her over to him. It was terribly hard for the sexy slave to stand up on the bed with her arms tied behind her back, but the pain of trying and the humiliation of the men’s laughter made her climax again.

Jane moaned in hellish pleasure when the second man leaned on the bed behind her and shoved his cock up her reamed-out asshole. And when the third man climbed up onto the bed and stuck his cock into her face, she opened her mouth without hesitation and swallowed his dripping cock.

The second group of men fucked her even more brutally than the fir at. They seemed to take a special delight in causing her to cry out in anguish and despair. The brutal way they treated her turned Jane on more than ever, and she climaxed five times before the last of the men to cum knocked her back down onto the bed and pulled away.

“Do you love it?” Don asked, standing over her. His cock was so long and hard that just the sight of it made Jane orgasm. “Tell us about it, you incredible slut! Tell us how much you love what we’re doing to you!”

Jane couldn’t stop squirming. The bed beneath her was drenched with sweat and jism and cunt-cream. The mixed fuck-juices were smeared all over Jane’s lean, sinuous body. Jane’s cunt was drooling pussy-juice so heavily that it flowed almost like piss. She stared up at her brother with wide, hungry eyes. She licked her cum-scummy lips, gasping for breath and burning for cock.

“I love it!” she moaned finally, her voice hoarse and throaty. “I love your big cocks so much! Please let the rest of your friends fuck me, Don! Please let them fuck me!”

“All right, whore,” he said with a sneer. “If that’s really what you want.”

The next group of three men moved in on her. And after they had cast her shivering, broken body aside the next group came for her. By the time all twelve men had buried their cocks inside her, had filled her with their sticky fuck slime, Jane could hardly move. But she was still cumming.

She was lying on her back, her bound arms crushed cruelly beneath her writhing body. She mumbled incoherently, tacky with jism, drenched in sweat, and barely aware of what was going on around her. All twelve of the men surrounded her, their hard, dripping cocks in their hands. Jane stared up at them madly, watching as they jacked off over her sweet, undulating body.

“Now you’re ready,” Don said, aiming his cock at her beautiful face. “You’re going to move in with me Jane. We’ll sell this place and your shit and make a fortune. I’m going to make you do things you’ve never even dreamed of. And you’re going to love it all.”

“I love it!” Jane gasped. She rubbed her silky thighs together madly, smearing her pussy cream all over her creamy skin. “Love it!”

A man started cumming. Jane climaxed as he splattered her beautiful face with his jism. A second man groaned and unloaded a heavy load of fuck-slime all over her perky tits. Jane whined in ecstasy as the burning hot cum ran down the sides of her heaving tits. She whipped her tongue over her lips, collecting the jism that the first man had spurted there. She wanted all twelve of the men to cum on her. She couldn’t remember anything she had ever wanted more.

And the men accommodated her. One after another, they plastered her svelte, squirming body with their tacky jism. Cum splattered on her flat stomach, filling the tiny cup of her navel and streaming down her creamy sides. Cum squirted against the swollen, dripping lips of her cunt, drooling down in the satiny crack of her tight ass. Dirty white cock-slime turned her pointy tits into snow capped mountains, slow glaciers of jism flowing down from her needle sharp nipples to soak every inch of her proud firm tits.

More than anywhere else the men shot their cum on Jane’s elegant, beautiful face. They coated her eyes under pools of jism. They clogged her nose and webbed her sexy lips together. They plastered her face with cum until it looked like Jane was wearing a sticky white beauty mask. But Jane never stopped cumming. Even when the last of the men had fallen away from her she tossed and writhed on the bed, grinding her silky sleek thighs together.

“You’re done now, slut,” Don said at last. “Now you’re a slut-slave for everyone. Men, women, children — you’re an all around whore slave now.”

Jane whimpered wordlessly, climaxing again at her brother’s words.

“And you’re just getting started,” Don said, taking his huge, limp cock in his hand and pointing it down at Jane’s face. “I’m going to do things to you you’ve never even imagined. We’re going to see just how far we can bend you before you break.”

Jane orgasmed once more, moaning in lust and fear and degradation. When Don’s piss splashed between her parted lips, another orgasm tore its way through her wracked, wrecked, beautiful body. Jane smiled as she drank her brother’s piss, thinking that she might never stop cumming again.

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