Help, my husband is a bisexual!

“Would you like that while I watch? And did I mention hung?” I tease. “Yes, make it happen baby, would love you to watch, soon, very soon,” he groaned as his breathing quickened before he shuddered and had a huge climax. We are a well presented and attractive couple approaching forty, both with strong sex […]

A man takes a trip on a private plane and gets to enjoy the stewardess

Not long ago I had gotten a job working in public relations for a mining company… a Russian mining company. I guess they figured that, as an American, I would be better prepared to deal with the western press… Ultimately, though, after six months of being unemployed I was happy to have a job. I […]

Divine’s Desires

Many years ago I had an intense one night stand with a gorgeous ebony male stripper. A girlfriend and I had gone to see the Chippendale Review which was in town for a few shows. I remember being captivated by this one handsome black stripper and how, following the show, he managed to get me […]

Fear Of Women

I’m a practicing psychologist in a large profession office of psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, Internal medicine specialist Holistic practitioners, massage therapists, and hypno-therapists. We have inexpensive evening and weekend classes on yoga, meditation, and other exotic therapies, we even have a priest, a minister, and a rabbi that we can refer people too. We seem to […]

A Confusing Moment In Bathing

“See you at school tomorrow,” I said. My date, Brian, was a nervous mess. He wasn’t accustomed to being in this scenario. “Oh, um, ahhh…” He sputtered. Normally, I would’ve kissed him. But I haven’t ever kissed anyone. Not even Rick (I don’t know why). I didn’t want to start with Brian. “Good night,” I […]

A housekeeper finds more than one use for her vacuum

Billie felt the hand slide along her side and across her warm tummy to cup her breast. The hand played with her nipple for a few seconds, and then a rough, early morning, male voice said, “Honey, are you awake?” “Mmmph,” was all the reply she could manage. The hand squeezed her breast and the […]