My first story – The Jealous Boyfriend
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I was running late. As I walked home besides the park I knew my
boyfriend was going to be furious. I had told him I would be home an
hour ago. How was I suppose to know my boss had other plans for me.
Last minute paperwork.

“It would only take you a minute.” he told me. Yeah right. An hour
later and I finally get out.

I noticed a well dressed black male up ahead. Black slacks, and
purple dress shirt. Obviously a business professional. “Excuse me
sir, do you have the time?” I asked.

“Sure thing, it’s seven eighteen.” he politely replied, holding his
watch for me to see.

I leaned in to take a look. Crap, I was later then I had thought.
“Thank you.” I answer absentmindedly.

Suddenly I was startled by a familiar voice. “Bitch! I knew you were
cheating on me! But with a black guy? What the hell, am I not big
enough for your sloppy ass pussy?” It was my boyfriend.

The gentleman who had told me the time was looking as dumbfounded as
I was.

“Baby, it’s not like that, I got stuck working late…” I tried to

“Man, I don’t even know this woman, she just asked me the time.” The
black man answered.

My boyfriend pulled a gun out from his pants. “Don’t you two say
shit to me. I know what the fuck I saw.” He quickly looked around
and saw the wooded park. Waving the gun at us, motioning to the park.
“In there. Now!”

The gentleman and I entered the park followed by my crazed
boyfriend. Finding a secluded spot my boyfriend said, “That’s far
enough. You want to fucking cheat on me bitch? Well lets just see
why you find this guy so hot.”

Again I tried to protest as did the black male. “Shut the fuck up!
One more word out of either one of you, and I will kill you both! GOT
IT!?” We both got quiet.

“You, take off your fucking clothes!” my boyfriend ordered me,
pointing the gun at me. “You…” he pointed the gun at the male.
“What’s your name!?”

“Dennis, sir and you’ve got things…” the black male answered.

“What part of shut the fuck up don’t you understand Dennis?” my
boyfriend asked.

Dennis looked over at me. I am only five foot two inches tall, with
a very petite body. I had removed my black dress and was standing in
thigh high black nylons with my black high heeled shoes on, red lace
bra and thong panties. My pale skin nearly glowed in the moon light.
My long black hair hung loosely on my shoulders. His cock seemed to
jump in his pants.

“The bra and panties whore!” my boyfriend yelled.

I unhooked the bra. The clasp was in the front. Dennis watched as I
freed my pale white 34 C breasts. My pink little nipples hardened
instantly in the cold air. Standing out like small erasers. Looking
up at my boyfriend, he motioned to my panties with the gun. I grabbed
both sides of my thong and slide them down to my feet. My shaven
pussy was now clearly visible. My pussy lips extending out a bit.

“Turn around and give us both a good show bitch!”

I do so, turning around giving Dennis and my boyfriend Allen a view
of my nearly naked body. For the first time, Dennis sees my round
firm ass. I’ve always been teased that I had a ghetto booty. I’ve
hated it, but men seemed to have loved it.

“Now, suck your lovers cock! You know you want it.” Allen ordered.
Again, he waved the gun at me to emphasize what he wanted me to do.

I look at Dennis, he looked at me. I just shrugged. I didn’t know
what else to do. Allen had the gun. If we did what he ordered, I
might just get out of here alive.

Kneeling in front of Dennis, I unzip his slacks. Feeling inside I am
surprised by the girth and the length of his cock. Pulling it out, I
gasp. It has to be at least eight inches long and thick. I can’t get
my hand around it, it is so wide. I start by licking the head of his
cock. Despite the situation, Dennis is very much hard and ready to

After some effort, I manage to get the head of his cock into my
mouth. Dennis is slowly thrusting it in and out. I guess he figured
what the fuck. Before he can cum, Allen orders us to stop. “On your
back you fucking whore. Let him fuck you with his big black cock like
you love.”

I pull my mouth off of Dennis’s cock and lay down on my back in the
cool grass. Spreading my legs I motion for Dennis to come here with
my finger. Dennis lays down on me, as he guides his massive member
into my wet pussy.

I feel his spreading my cunt wider then it has ever been spread.
Slowly he slides his monstrous cock into me, filling me. When I
figure I can’t take any more, he thrust a couple of times hard,
working in the last inch or two. His cock isn’t just hitting my
cervix it is trying to push it’s way into my womb.

Wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waste, I beg
him to “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” That was all the encouraging Dennis
needed. He pounded my pussy hard and fast. In a blinding flash I was
climaxing. It was so intense. He a complete stranger was fucking my
pussy out in the open with my crazed boyfriend pointing a gun at me,
and I was cumming like a slut over and over again.

Dennis fucked me hard and fast, he was close and I knew it. As he
brought me to another orgasm, my pussy gripped his big cock hard.
That was all it took. He flooded my cunt with his fertile cum, but
neither one of us cared.

I laid there catching my breath after what had to have been four or
five orgasms. Dennis was just getting up off of me, when my boyfriend
brought us back to reality.

“Nice job there bitch, you’re not done yet. Suck that cum off of his
cock. You shouldn’t leave his cock so filthy covered with your

Dennis was now kneeling, and I got up on my hands and knees and began
licking his cock clean. I tasted both of our juices as I licked and
sucked him. In no time, Dennis was hard again. Great I thought.

“Now that you went and got him hard again, I think it only fair you
get him off again.” Allen ordered. “Turn around, and stay on your
knees like the bitch you are.”

I do as I am ordered.

“Fuck her ass!” Allen tells Dennis. “I’m sure you’ve done it
before. Fuck it again!”

There is no way in hell I could handle that beast in my ass. But
Allen and Dennis for that matter, didn’t care. I lean forward, my
shoulders on the ground now and reach back to spread my ass cheeks for
Dennis. I hear Dennis spit in his hand and he rubs the spit into my

I then feel his cock push against my tight little hole. I had never
been very fond of anal sex as it caused me way too much pain. In fact
I’ve only done it twice with Allen, and each time was only after a
whole lot of begging on his part. Now I was about to be invaded by
this monster cock.

Relax I kept telling myself over and over. It is easier if you
relax. Then the head managed to enter me. The pain was
excruciating. Dennis waited until I was relaxed again and then worked
more of his cock into me. Finally after what seemed like an eternity
Dennis had manged to get his whole cock deep into my ass.”

“Fuck the bitch hard and good.” Allen ordered Dennis.

Dennis was willing to comply. He grabbed a hold of my hips and began
fucking me. He fucked me with long hard strokes. I thought for sure
he was going to split me in two. Soon though, it began to feel
great. His balls were slapping my pussy with each thrust. As his
speed increased so did the approach of my orgasm. With one final
thrust, Dennis started filling my bowels with his cum… as I screamed
out from one intense climax.

I collapsed to the ground. After some time, Dennis pulled out of
me. Allen handed him my panties to wipe his cock off with, and told
him to get lost, and that if he ever found us together again, he would
kill us both.

Allen offered me his hand to get up. “Damn, we had better get out of
here in case he called the cops or something.”

“My ass?” I asked Allen. “How could you have him fuck my ass!?”

“Well seemed like the right thing to do at the time.”

I kissed Allen as I threw on my dress. “We need to do this again
some time soon.” I tell him.

As we left the park we talked about what the next time would be.
Maybe ordering a gang of teenagers to fuck me? We laughed at the

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