Glory Hole
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I was away on business, to a place I had been several
times before. I always tried to get a hotel not far
from an adult book store I know about. I had been there
several times and had always gotten a good cock
sucking. Once I had even fucked a guy in the ass.

I am married but since she wants sex about as often as
Haley’s comet comes around I am always looking for an
outlet. I had never wanted to try to have an affair
with a women, too messy. An occasional fling with an
anonymous guy in a far off place suited the bill just

This particular night I went to the store, went
straight to the booths in the back and put my money in.
I sat down and opened the doors on both sides. This
place had sliding doors, so if you wanted to be left
alone, you could be. I sat down and waited to see if
anyone would take up one of the boots next to me. I
hadn’t been there long when the door to the next booth
opened up and someone walked in.

When I heard his money going into the slot I bent over
in my seat to get a look and saw a large black guy
undoing his pants. He then whipped out his cock. It was
the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. His light
ebony rod shown like a golden scepter in the light of
the movie booth against the darkness of his hands. Plus
it was by far the biggest cock I have ever seen in real
life, outside of being attached to a horse.

If I said anything I don’t know what it was. Maybe I
just gasped or by instinct he knew what was going to
happen next. He turned and put that wonderful manhood
through the hole and into my booth. I had sucked a cock
once, in college, to satisfy a girlfriend’s fantasy
with her brother, but she was there, cheering us on and
made it well worth it. I never told her how much I
enjoyed it.

But that was years ago and this one was so huge. It was
like two soda cans stacked on top of each other. I
don’t remember hesitating at all; I just dropped to my
knees and grabbed his cock with both hands. even then
there was still plenty left and my hands didn’t go
around it.

I did hesitate as my mouth went towards it. I had to
figure out how to get it into my mouth, it was that
huge. I had my lips right next to the tip and licked my
lips to moisten them for this gigantic task I was
asking them to do. I was so close that my tongue
caressed the tip of his head. I heard him moan at just
that and I felt my own cock go as hard as it has ever
been. I wrapped my lips around as much of his golden
rod as I could and started making swirls around the tip
with my tongue.

My jaw started to relax the more I stretched my mouth
open and after what felt like an eternity of licking
and massaging his head with my lips I was able to get
the head all the way into my mouth. I was also about to
gag on just that much. I kept trying to get more and
more of him into me. His cock was so beautiful that I
just had to have it all, even though I knew that “all”
was never going to fit. As I kept learning how to suck
a guy’s cock I was able to get a little bit more into
my mouth with out gagging as much.

Just when I was thinking to my self that I was getting
good at this he pulled away. My mouth followed his cock
as far as it could and I felt my heart sink as this
wonderful thing was taken away from me. Then I noticed
that he was opening a condom. From my past experience
at the place I knew that this was a signal that he
wanted to fuck. I could hear myself laughing in my
head. How did he ever find a condom to fit that thing?
Doesn’t he know that I’ve never been butt-fucked
before? does he really think that thing will fit inside
anyone, let alone my tight ass? He must be nuts if he
thinks he can fuck me.

But without realizing it, as I was thinking all these

Somehow, some part of me, told my body to stand up,
drop my pants, bend over and put my virgin ass up
against the gloryhole. I didn’t even realize I was
doing it until I felt his cock slap down onto my ass.
It felt like an iron pipe wrapped in soft suede. It
also felt like the size of a baseball bat as he rubbed
it across my butt cheeks and down the crack of my ass.
I could feel him line up and the tip go against my man
pussy. The first push sent me into the middle of my
booth. I pushed against the far wall to catch my self
and still felt him pushing against me. He pulled back
and I fell against the opening just as he pushed again.
His huge tool was just too much for me to take.

It was just about then that I remember someone saying,
“I think we have a bookstore virgin”. I heard someone
laugh and the cock was gone. I turned around to see
what had happened. My new lover was stroking his
manhood and taking the rubber off. He let loose a moan
and a huge load of cum onto the wall. None of it was
for me. He then bent over and said,

“Come back when you can take it like a real man”. I was
so damn disappointed. I had wanted him so bad and was
trying so hard. Then someone knocked on my door.
Without even thinking that my pants where still down I
opened it a little and another guy pushed his way
inside. He said, “Watch this”, and then mumbled
something to my horse cock friend. the mammoth cock
came back into the booth and the new guy started
sucking him down.

I couldn’t believe that I was watching a guy suck such
a huge dick with so much ease. In no time this soda can
sized cock was hard again. Then the new guy turned
around, bent over and with one push he half moaned,
half screamed as the cock went into his ass. I thought
it was going to tear him apart the way his ass cheeks
looked. The new guy then grabbed me, pulled me in front
and started sucking my cock while he played with my ass
hole. As good as it felt I still wanted to see him get
his ass fucked.

Just when I figured it couldn’t get much hotter, I
could hear the big guy moaning again as he was about to
cum inside the new guy’s ass. He was ready to go and
cum so quickly, I had never been able to do that. The
new guy stated to jerk with the spasms of the cock
tearing his ass open. I pulled away and watched the
last two thrusts as the huge cock was pulled out; it
was squirting cum all over the guy’s ass and the glory

The new guy’s knees buckled and he caught himself on
the chair as he fell to the cum covered floor. The new
guys cock was still hard, throbbing away in the light.
Without any hesitation I stepped over him, having lost
my pants at some point and squatted down. His ass
fingering, along with the great butt fuck show had
worked me into a frenzy.

With only a slight pause to align things when his cock
tip hit my hole. I sat straight down on the new guys
cock. It wasn’t the one I had wanted, but it was the
one I could handle. It popped past my sphincter muscle
with a good deal of pain, but it felt so good I
couldn’t stop. I sat down further and started bouncing
on my new toy. His cock spreading my ass made me cum
right away on his chest and face.

I fell over next to him, as the clapping started, the
door had swung open and a small crowd had gathered
watching us… How much they saw, I will never know.
But at least I’m pretty sure they saw a guy loose his
anal virginity.

I have been back a few times. Never found anyone that
wanted to fuck, but have gotten to suck several nice
cocks since then. Someday, I hope my horse lover is
there. Because I have some toys now, and I have been

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