Hidden Camera (mf-teens, oral, voy)
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My sister Kristy was almost 18 when this incident
happened. She was very popular at school and was always
the leader in her group of friends. She was a big
success in class and even the extra curricular things
she did like cheerleader squad leader, and even
president of her class made her reputation even better.

I on the other hand was at 17-year-old geek, a skinny
undersized little girl who was always following in my
older sister’s shadow. In class my teachers would
always expect me to be able to do what “Kristy had
done” and I’d always have her held up to me as an
example of what was the perfect student. I pretty much
resented everything about my older sister.

It was the summer between Kristy’s junior and senior
year of high school that the tables were turned. Up
until that time I pretty much was bossed around by her
all the time. Even our parents made me obey my sister
and of course I’d get the old, “Why can’t you be more
like your sister” speech at least once a week back

That all changed when Kristy started dating Dustin. He
was the captain of the school varsity football team and
the most sought after catch anywhere. Of course likes
tend to gravitate toward each other and Dustin and
Kristy became a “thing” around school. They started
dating regularly about half way through Kristy’s junior
year. Before the first month of their new relation was
over I found out something about them that changed
things between us for the rest of our lives.

Because both of our parents worked we’d be on our own
from 3 to 5:30 every weekday afternoon. Our high school
let out at 2:30 every day and it’d take about a half
hour to get our stuff together and walk the 12 blocks
home. We both had after school activities that would
keep us at school a few days a week until just before
mom would get home. Kristy had cheerleading practice
twice a week and since she was president of the junior
class she had to stay after on Mondays to discharge her
duties on the student council.

I was a member of the Photography Club that met every
Tuesday — but on this particular Tuesday the teacher
who oversaw the meetings was out with the flu.
Therefore I was home at 3 pm instead of my normal 5:30.

Not thinking that anything might be going on that I
shouldn’t know about I charged into the kitchen to get
a glass of milk. I probably slammed the door, which I’m
always getting blasted for doing. As I was walking over
to the fridge I heard a noise coming from upstairs.

I remember thinking that it was a strange sound. There
were thumping and hushed whispers, I was sure, but when
Kristy hurried into the kitchen with Dustin following
her a few moments later I knew what had happened. They
had been messing around. I could tell by the look in my
sister’s eyes, by the way she was breathing. She looked
guilty of something.

I looked at Dustin and was shocked! I could tell that
his pants had been messed with. The fly on his jeans
was buttoned up one button off. What had they been up
to I wondered? I couldn’t imagine my sister doing
anything nasty with a boy, but the way they were acting
I was sure that they were up to something.

Not being stupid I pretended that I hadn’t noticed and
went outside to think. I quickly realized that I was
very interested in what my sister and her handsome
boyfriend had been up to and when I thought about it I
was also very excited. I mean here were my sister and
her boyfriend doing something sexual in our house,
right beside my bedroom. I decided that I had to find
out what they were doing. And I quickly formulated a
way to do just that. (Don’t forget, I’m NOT stupid.)

For the past year I had been taking photographs of just
about everything. I was really into it and wanted to
become a professional photographer when I grew up.
(Didn’t happen.) So it was nothing for me to set my big
bossy sister up for a photo session without her

That weekend I fixed a tripod up in my closet. Since
our house had the closets side by side my closet and
hers backed up against each other’s bedroom wall. It
was easy to drill a small hole just under the Vanhalin
poster on Kristy’s wall that gave me a full view of her
bed and most of the room.

Being pretty devious I made it plain that I’d be
faithfully attending the Photography Club meeting the
next Tuesday at dinner Monday night, to put my sister
at ease.

Tuesday came and I was in my hiding place with my
closet door closed. I didn’t know what to except but my
heart was in my mouth when I heard Kristy giggling and
Dustin’s deeper voice as they climbed the stairs.

I scrunched up to the hole and watched as my sister
skipped into the room followed by her boyfriend. Kristy
shut and locked her bedroom door then turned to Dustin
and said, “Watch his boyfriend.”

I was shocked when she started to do a striptease in
front of Dustin. It didn’t take very long before Kristy
was standing there with nothing on except her sandals.
I couldn’t believe my eyes; she was standing there
against Dustin giving him deep kisses completely naked.

From somewhere within my subconscious I began to
compare Kristy’s body with my own. She was older than
me so her tits were bigger, but other than that we
looked pretty much the same. Then my thoughts were
interrupted when I saw them tumble to my sister’s bed.

I was really distracted when I saw Kristy start to pull
at Dustin’s pants, tugging at his buttons and zipper. I
watched breathlessly as I got my first sight of the
male sex organ. And what an organ it was! His dick
stood away from his flat stomach as if it was ready to
do battle. I was shocked at how big it was but at the
same time I was completely aroused by the fact that it
was standing so stiff and ready for action.

I knew pretty much how sex was supposed to go, but
seeing a guy’s dick all hard and ready like that made
me reach down between my legs and start rubbing away.

I almost choked when my sister leaned over and took his
dick in to her mouth. She started lapping at the
exposed underside, and then bobbed her head down to
consume at least half of Dustin’s length. Wow, it
looked so perverted seeing Kristy giving her boyfriend
a blowjob like that. Yeah, I knew what a blowjob was.
But only because us girls talked about it in gym class
after Sex Ed sessions. I didn’t really believe anyone
actually did something like that. I’d always assumed
that it was something whores did, or older married
couples maybe.

But watching Kristy’s head bobbing over Dustin’s crotch
was making me crazy, absolutely crazy. I was almost
ready to come from watching the wild scene before me
when I remembered the camera that had been discarded on
the floor beside me. I stopped what I was doing and
snapped a few pictures while Kristy was sucking away on
Dustin with abandon. (There now I had some leverage
that I could use at our next argument.)

I heard Dustin grown and jammed my eye back to the hole
in the wall just as Kristy gagged — then she pulled
her mouth off Dustin’s spurting dick. I watched in
disbelief as several long jets of his sperm shot across
Kristy’s body to land on her stomach and legs. It was
just so perverted that I came too. I couldn’t help it;
it was almost a surprise.

I couldn’t help making some sound when I came, but they
didn’t seem to notice, they were oblivious to
everything but the sexual act playing out between them.
So was I actually, I think if something had exploded
outside the house it would have gotten only passing
notice. Watching a boy come like that was the biggest
thrill of my life to date.

When Dustin was done coming I looked on as my sister
leaned over and licked his dick until it looked as
clean as a whistle. He watched her as she licked his
sperm up and I could tell that she’d done it before by
the way he held her afterwards, and the content smile
on Kristy’s face.

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