The new job 2.
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The next morning Ana was having a cup of coffee with Tanya in the
kitchen when she told her about sleeping with Ryan.

“Don’t you just love a big dick?” said Tanya, smiling. “Michael’s is
even bigger.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.”

“But you’ve got to feel it inside you, it’s just wonderful.”

At that moment Mrs. Harris breezed through the kitchen, evidently in a
hurry to get somewhere.

“Tanya, have you seen the keys to the Benz?”

“They’re on the hook,” said Tanya, glancing over to the wall where the
keys to the various cars the family owned hung.

“Oh, yes. Right where they should be. I’d lose my head if it wasn’t
attached.” Then she noticed Ana. “What are you girls talking about?”

“Your husband’s dick,” said Tanya. Ana blushed.

“Oh, my favorite topic,” said Mrs. Harris. “I wish I had time to
compare notes with you. But Ana, I’m glad I caught you before I went out
for the day. I’ll be back about four, and I’d like to talk to you then.”

“Okay, Mrs. H. I’ll be here,” replied Ana somewhat nervously.

“Don’t worry. It’s all good. See you then.” And she breezed out the
door that led to the garage.

“That could be ominous,” said Ana.

“She’s probably just going to have the talk with you.”

“The talk?”

“Yeah, Susan likes to talk about sex with someone before she sleeps with
them. She’ll go over what you like and dislike, what turns you on, what
your absolute no-noes are. If you’re into S&M or bondage, she’ll discuss a
safe word. That kind of thing. It’s a pretty smart idea, but I think she
does it to maintain control, or at least the illusion that she can control

“She doesn’t get jealous of women sleeping with her husband?”

“I’ve never seen it. You have to understand, she and Michael are
absolutely devoted to one another. To them, sex with others is just
rubbing bodies together. Don’t get me wrong. They genuinely like the
people they take into their bed, and some, like Ryan and Amanda, they love.
But no one is ever going to get between the two of them. They are soul
mates. With them it?s true love.”

“I’m not sure I could do that,” said Ana. “I get having sex with
someone you don’t love; I?ve done it often enough. But I’m not sure I
could share someone I genuinely loved.”

“I know I can’t,” said Tanya. “If I ever got married, I’d have to quit
this job.”

Despite Tanya’s assurance, Ana was nervous about the meeting with Mrs.
H. But she needn’t have been. They sat down over coffee and Mrs. H. just
dove into the topic.

“Ana, since you’ve decided to join in on our little games, I’d like to
get to know you a little better, to find out what your turn-ons and
turn-offs are, that kind of thing. We don’t want to overstep any

“I understand.”

“First, don’t worry about me getting jealous. I don’t. You can fuck my
husband until the cows come home, and I won’t care as long as it’s all out
in the open. The only rule that Michael and I have is that there are no
secrets between us.”

“That’s what Tanya said, but I’m still a little nervous about it.”

“Of course. After a while that will go away.”

“Now I know you’re into guys, and I assume that you want to fuck my
husband too. But are you into women as well?”

“I’ve never been with a woman. I think I’d enjoy it, but I’ve never
fantasized about it or anything like that.”

“Would you like to explore that side of your sexuality?”

“I’d like to try it. I’m pretty much game for trying anything.”

“Except pain. Ryan told me that you’re not into pain.”

“I’ve never done any kind of S&M, so I don’t really know. But I don’t
think I’d like it.”

“That’s fair. Do you think you’d like to inflict pain? Do you like to
slap your partners? A lot of people are uncomfortable about inflicting

“I’ve never done that. I don’t know.”

“Okay, we’ll leave the hardcore S&M off the table, at least for now. If
down the road you think you want to explore that aspect of your sexuality,
we can take it slow.?

“Michael and I are both entirely bisexual, as is Amanda,? continued
Susan. ?We get turned on by both sexes. Ryan is like you. He’s into the
opposite sex, but he is, I guess you would call it heteroflexible. He’ll
fuck a guy if the moment is right. Ryan also said that you’re not very
experienced with anal.”

“I tried it once with a boyfriend, but we didn’t know what we were
doing. It hurt. I’ve never tried it since.”

“Would you like to try it again?”

“Do you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I love it. It’s a very different sensation than being fucked in
the vagina. I understand it’s different, more enjoyable, for guys because
they have a prostate, but us girls can enjoy it too. You don’t cum like
you do from clitoral stimulation, but the feeling of having your ass
penetrated and filled is powerful. Do you like the feeling of a man inside
your vagina? Not just having someone play with your clit, but having him
fill you up?”

“Oh, yes. My last boyfriend, he was a total shit, except he and I had
this chemistry in bed. Sometimes he would just keep his dick inside me,
not moving. That alone made me cum sometimes.”

“Then you’ll probably enjoy anal, just like me. We’ll leave it off the
table at first, and when you’re ready just let us know.”

“Ryan said that Amanda was really good at giving anal.”

“She is, and she’d be happy to take you aside and show you how to do it
right. Just ask her. Now, you’re not into pain, but do you like rough
sex? Hair pulling? Spitting?”

“Yes. I love being taken by a guy, being thrown about or held down.
I’ve never had my hair pulled or been spit on. I guess I’m pretty

“Not at all. This is pretty advanced stuff. Most people have never
done anything except oral and vaginal intercourse. You’re a pretty
adventurous girl. Don’t worry about that. And all these things I’m
bringing up, you don’t have to do them. If you try something, and it
doesn’t do anything for you, we don’t have to do it again. If it turns out
that all you really want is vanilla, heterosexual sex that’s fine. Michael
and Ryan will be more than happy to fuck you vanilla. Where were we? Oh,
hair pulling and spitting. Hair pulling, if done right, doesn’t hurt.
It’s a way to control your partner. Spitting is a dominance thing too. We
can try it when we get rough, and if you don’t like it just say something
and we’ll stop. Have you ever done any bondage?”

“No. I’ve had boyfriends hold me down so I couldn’t move, but I’ve
never been tied up. And I wouldn’t know how to tie someone up.”

“Did you enjoy being held down?”


“Then we can try some bondage. Light at first. Just tying your arms to
the headboard or maybe handcuffs. None of us Harrises are really into
hardcore rope play, but we’ve got a friend who is a master at devising
ingenious ways to tie people up. So if you like the light bondage, you’ll
have the opportunity to progress further if you want to. Now Ryan said
that you didn’t know if you were a dom or a sub.”

“I don’t. I’ve never done any dom-sub play.”

“But from your answers, I’m guessing that you have a submissive streak.”

“That’s probably right.”

“Good. You should know that the men here are also submissive. So it
will be good to have a female sub to play with. Amanda and I are both
definitely doms. But don’t worry. We both enjoy vanilla sex too and we
bottom when the situation calls for it. And the guys will be happy to
throw you around and pound you hard when you want it.”

Ana smiled at that.

“Now, the only thing left to ask is, do you want to have sex with my
husband, and maybe with me?”

“Very much.”

Mrs. Harris smiled. “Would tonight be too soon?”

“No, tonight would be perfect.”

“Alright then. Why don’t you come by our bedroom at, say, nine.”

“I’ll do that,” said Ana with a slight hesitation in her voice.

“And this time, come into the room instead of just watching from the

* * *

If Ana had been nervous leading up to the afternoon interview, the wait
until nine o’clock was excruciating. She felt a gnawing in the pit of her
stomach, and the delay made her perpetually wet between her legs, to the
point where she began to wonder if she would have any lubrication left by
the time the appointed hour rolled around. She realized that Mrs. Harris
had pulled the same tactic on her as she had on her son the first time they
had sex. She had been reduced to a nervous wreck. It really was a subtle
and very effective domination and control technique.

Ana didn’t know what to wear. It wasn’t a date exactly. They weren’t
going out anywhere, so putting on a nice outfit seemed wrong. She could go
naked, but she wasn’t confident enough for that. She could show up in her
underwear, some sexy lingerie. That might work. But in the end she decide
to simply wear a robe. That’s what she’d seen Mrs. Harris wear when
heading to or from the dungeon, so following her lead seemed right.

As the hour approached, Ana showered. She debated whether to put on a
touch of perfume, then decided not to. She figured there would be lots of
sweat and other fluids, and simply being clean would be enough. She did
put on some lipstick and a dash of blush, though. Then she slipped on her
robe and walked to the master bedroom.

The door was ajar. Should she knock? She thought about just slipping
into the room, but that might be pushing it. She decided to compromise,
gave a light knock and walked into the room, closing the door behind her.
Michael and Susan were on the bed. She figured that since she was going to
sleep with them, she should toss out formalities and think of them by their
first names. Michael was naked, Susan wearing a robe, but which had been
thrown open. She was slowly stroking him and he was running his hand along
the side of her left breast.

But when she came into the room, Michael stood up and walked over to
her. He kissed her lightly on the lips.

“We’re so glad you decided to join us,” he said.

Then he took her by the hand and led her to the bed. He reached up and
slipped the robe off of Ana’s shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.
Then grabbing her around the waist he forcefully, but not roughly, pulled
her close to him and kissed her deeply. He was a good kisser, and she
could feel his cock hard against her belly.

When they finally broke the kiss, Susan spoke, “Isn’t he a good kisser?”

“Yes, yes he is.”

Susan stood up and came up behind the maid. Kissing her on the shoulder
she said, “If you don’t mind, I’m going to play your usual role and just
watch and masturbate. I want to turn the tables on you. Is that okay.”


“If the mood strikes, you and I might play together later on, but
Michael and I think you might be more comfortable just with him. At least
to start.” Then she moved away and stretched out on a day bed on the other
side of the large bedroom.

Ana turned back to Michael and leaned in to kiss him. His hands moved
down her back, cupping her buttocks and pulling her even closer to him.
After about a minute they broke the kiss and Michael bent down, taking her
left breast into her mouth, circling her nipple with his tongue. Her
nipples had always been especially sensitive, and Ana closed her eyes,
enjoying the sensation. All too soon though he stopped, kissed her again
lightly. Then she did the same for him, leaning down and taking first one,
then the other nipple in her mouth. She gave each one a light bite, just a
nip, more pressure than pain.

She dropped to her knees and was confronted with that magnificent cock
of his. It was the first time she’d seen it up close. It was at least
nine inches and nicely thick, bigger than his son’s and circumcised. Right
now it was standing at full attention, in all its glory. She grasped the
shaft with her right hand and found that her fingers would not go all the
way around it. A cock like this might ruin her, and she thought there was
no way that she would ever take something this big in her ass.

Ana brought her left hand into play and began slowly stroking the shaft
two-handed. She then leaned in and took the head in her mouth, swirling
her tongue around it. Gradually she worked her way down the shaft,
eventually getting about half its length in her mouth before she gagged.
Deep-throat had never been one of her skills, but she was surprised she
could get this much into her mouth.

She continued to orally pleasure her boss, pushing his cock against his
belly so she could lick the underside and take his balls into her mouth.
She realized that it was nice that he kept his pubic hair closely trimmed.
Ball sucking was much nicer without stray hairs getting in the way.

She felt a tugging at her shoulders and realized Michael was trying to
get her to stand up. She reluctantly let go of that cock, knowing that she
would have her fill of it soon, quite literally. She stood up and Michael
lifted her up and deposited her on the bed. Then he knelt and spread her
legs, going down on her and returning the oral favor.

Again Ana just closed her eyes and let the man work magic with his
tongue. Soon she felt her first orgasm building. She grabbed his head,
pushing his tongue deeper into her pussy as she rode his face through
several convulsions, before pulling away and closing her legs because her
clit had become too sensitive.

But Michael was not to be stopped. He climbed on top of her, spreading
her legs again, and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her
vagina. He slowly pushed forward. She dug her fingers into his back as
another wave of pleasurable pain swept through her like the shock from a
hot electrical wire. A second orgasm rattled through her. Never before
had she had multiples this close together. It was like the night before
with Ryan.

Michael did not stop thrusting, though, and when she climbed down from
the heights of ecstasy she settled into a valley of pleasure. Each thrust
filled her and like his son’s cock, his was big enough to stimulate her
clit while still inside her. At first she felt that she could go on like
that forever, but after about ten minutes she felt the need for different

Ana pushed Michael back, out of her, until he lay on his side. She
dropped her head down, taking his cock in mouth again, tasting her juices
this time. Then she settled into his arms, letting him spoon her. She
reached down and guided his penis back into her pussy. One of his hands
reached around and kneaded her breasts. The other found her clit.

She delighted in this, being in the arms of a big, strong, handsome man.
She realized that he was another woman’s husband and that she was in the
room with them. She opened her eyes and looked over at Susan, who had one
hand on her breasts and the other massaging her own clit.

Ana locked eyes with her, for the first time seeing in her face the
pleasure of watching her husband take another woman. It was wicked. And
with this the third orgasm hit her. She closed her eyes and let it wash
over her.

Her next coherent thought was realizing that magnificent cock was
deflating inside her. Michael withdrew, and she could feel a mixture of
his cum and her own juices trickle down her thighs. She opened her eyes
and realized that Susan was now in the bed with them. Ana didn’t know that
she had the courage within her to do it, but she leaned over and kissed
her. Susan eagerly returned it, and for a few minutes they were locked in a
battle of lips and tongues. It was the first time she had ever done that,
a sexual kiss with another woman. Finally, they broke the kiss.

“Your husband is magnificent,” said Ana.

“Yes, isn’t he. Would you mind if I pleasured you.”

Ana took a deep breath. “Please,” she said.

Susan slipped down between Ana’s legs, scooping up the trail of cum from
her thighs with her tongue. Then she reached a finger inside Ana, not
deeply, and scooped out some more cum, putting it into her mouth. Then she
moved back up and kissed Ana again, sharing her husband’s cum between them.
The mix of his and her own cum tasted good.

Then Susan dropped back down between Ana’s legs, taking her tongue to
the younger woman’s clitoris. Ana closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling.
It wasn’t any different than a man, or at least an especially skilled man,
for Susan was good at pussy licking. Flicking her tongue back and forth
quickly, swirling it around, and sucking it up with her lips. Each
movement bringing its own special pleasure. She even took Ana’s clit
between her teeth, a sensation that sent a shiver down Ana’s spine.

She had cum so often already, the next orgasm was slow in arriving. But
Ana didn’t mind, and Susan seemed to be enjoying her ministrations.
Susan’s tongue was enjoyable even without orgasm. But it did arrive
eventually. Her fourth orgasm of the evening was less intense, but it
lasted longer than the first three. Convulsion after lovely convulsion
rippled through her, and through it all Susan kept up the stimulation,
prolonging the experience. But eventually she was tapped out. She reached
down and pulled Susan’s head up to her own, and the two women kissed again.
She could taste her own juices on Susan’s mouth.

As they kissed, Ana’s slipped her hand between Susan’s legs. She very
much wanted to return the favor, although she didn’t know how good she
would be at it. She broke the kiss and dropped her mouth down, taking
first one of Susan’s firm, round globes into her mouth, then the other.
After a few minutes, she continued downward journey, leaving a trail of
kisses down the woman’s belly, until she came to the closely cropped patch
of hair above her pussy. Now was the moment of truth.

“Just do what you like to have done to yourself,” came Susan’s
reassuring voice. “I’ll tell you what I like and want more of.”

Ana gently laid a kiss on the Susan’s clit, and then gave it a tentative
lick. She dropped a little further down, and placing her tongue in the
woman’s vagina and starting a long, slow upward lick. She tasted musky and
tart. Ana had been afraid that she wouldn’t like it, but it was quite
nice, in its own way. She then concentrated on Susan’s clit, doing what
Susan had done to her, quick flicks of the tongue across and swirls around
the click, and sucking it up with her lips. When she sucked on it, Susan
grabbed her head, pressing it harder into her crotch, moaning “that’s it,
that’s it.”

Ana looked up at her boss. The woman had her eyes closed and lips
pursed between the moans. Michael was at work sucking his wife’s nipples.
It wasn’t long before the two of them brought Susan off.

When her convulsions were complete and she had rested a moment, Susan
pulled Ana to her again. They kissed, then Susan asked, “Did you enjoy

“Yes, very much. I’m not about to give up men,” she said, winking at
Michael, “but I’m definitely going to do more with women from now on.”

“Now, since you still like men, do you think you can get Michael hard
again so I can fuck my husband?”

Without saying anything, Ana leaned over and took Michael’s penis into
her mouth. Soft, she could fit the whole thing in her mouth, but it
rapidly expanded back up to its full length and girth.

When it was fully hard, Ana stopped sucking and moved aside, allowing
Susan to lower herself onto her husband’s cock. Susan closed her eyes and
smiled as she did so, clearly enjoying the feeling of being impaled.
Michael motioned Ana to come sit on his face, and she happily obliged him.
The two women’s faces were inches away as Michael’s cock and tongue
pleasured them. Susan leaned in and the two women kissed as they rode his
cock and tongue.

Susan quickly came to another orgasm, and then another shortly afterward
as Michael’s cock showed no signs of flagging. For her part, Ana didn’t
think she could cum a fifth time. Michael’s tongue was delightful, but she
didn’t feel the orgasm build within her. When it came, it surprised her,
far more intense than her earlier ones, she slipped off Michael’s face, too
sensitive to bear the licking anymore.

She just lay there as she watched Susan, finished with her last orgasm,
climb off her husband and jack him off to yet another orgasm. This one had
very little cum. Evidently Michael was spent.

The three just curled up together, lightly kissing and running their
fingers along each other’s bodies until they fell asleep.

Ana woke to bright daylight. She had slept for about nine hours. She
was alone in the bed. Susan was already dressed and putting on her
earrings. She could hear the shower in the bath, so that must be Michael.
See that she was awake, Susan came over to her, leaned down, and kissed

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as Michael and I did,” said Susan.

“Yes. You two are incredible. I didn’t know I could cum that often.”

“You brought out the best in us. Our vanilla sex usually isn’t that
intense, or prolonged. Do you think it is something you’d like to keep
doing with us?”


“You’re welcome to join us anytime. If the bedroom door is open, we’re
looking for company.”

“Okay. I’ll do that.”

“Oh, and to let you know. My brother and sister-in-law and their three
children are coming for the weekend. They want to see Amanda now that
she’s home.”

“All right.”

“And they’re like us. So you don’t have to hide anything.”

Ana’s eyes went wide. Ryan had told her about the cousins, but faced
with the prospect of them actually arriving was something else. “I don’t
think I could handle more people like you.”

“Whether or not you play with them is up to you. They know who you are
and that you’re discreet. But they don’t know you’ve been joining in with
us. So if you want to take it easy and get to know them first, no one will
be expecting you to join in. They visit fairly often, so there will be
plenty of opportunities in the future if you change your mind.”

“Okay. I’ll join in if I feel comfortable.”

“Great. Now I’m off. See you this evening.” And with that Susan left
for the day.

Ana got up, stripped the sheets off the bed and remade it with fresh
ones. Then she carried the dirty sheets to the laundry. She realized that
she stunk of sweat and sex, but decided to check the other bedrooms before
taking a shower. Ryan’s bed didn’t need changing, so she just made it, and
then went to Amanda’s room.

The girl was in her room when Ana appeared. Ana suddenly realized that
she was nude and covered with dried juices of various sorts. But before
she could disappear Amanda saw her and beckoned her in. Ana started to
strip the bed when Amanda spoke.

“Mom says that you might want to try anal,” said the girl. Making no
notice of Ana’s appearance. Evidently being covered in sex in the morning
was no big deal at the Harris house.

“Yeah. I had one bad experience, but both your Mom and Tanya said that
you are a good teacher and can show me how to do it right.”

“When would you like to try it?”

“Not today. I just spent the night with your mom and dad. I’m wiped.”

Amanda smiled. “They do that to first timers. When do you usually have
your bowel movement?”

Ana was a bit taken aback by the directness of the question, but she
answered, “usually around nine a.m.”

“Cool. Why don’t you come by here tomorrow at about ten. Shower first,
paying special attention to cleaning your butt, and we’ll try it. That way
you’ll be all clean down there. That usually makes it more pleasant.”

“I don’t need an enema or anything first?”

“No. You can give yourself one if you want. But as long as you’ve gone
to the bathroom beforehand, it’s not necessary.”

“Okay, it’s a date.”

Ana finished making Amanda’s bed, wondering what she had gotten herself

* * *

It was a good thing that she had waited a day before making that
appointment with Amanda. She needed the day to recover. But the delay
also built the anticipation within her. She hadn’t been with Amanda yet,
and the memory of painful anal sex kept rearing up. She was nervous, but
unlike her previous encounters with members of the Harris family, she
wasn’t looking forward to it. She was afraid, thinking that for the first
time she might have to bail on one of the family’s sex games. It was all
happening too fast.

So it was with trepidation that at ten the next morning she made her way
to Amanda’s room, clean inside and out.

Amanda’s door was open, so Ana walked in, closing the door behind her.
She didn’t want more company for this. Amanda was naked, sitting on the
bed, and spread out next to her were a variety of toys, ranging from butt
plugs of various sizes, a few vibrators, a strap-on dildo, and a magic-wand
vibrator. To Ana’s relief none of the toys were all that large.

Amanda patted the bed, signaling Ana to sit beside her, which the maid

“There’s nothing to be nervous or afraid about,” Amanda assured her.
“Anytime you want me to stop, I will. No question. It won’t hurt, I
promise. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first though, but if you keep
at it you’ll find you really start to like it. If you really don’t like
it, that’ll be it. It’s all about pleasure and fun. No one in this house
will ever push you into doing anal or anything else you don?t want to. Are
you ready?”

Ana nodded.

“We’ll start out with some oral, just to get you in the mood. Then I’ll
move on to rimming and then fingers. Then we’ll try some of the butt plugs
and vibrators. We may or may not get to the strap-on today. It all
depends on how receptive your butt is. Sometimes it takes several sessions
to work up to that.”

She paused and Ana nodded.

“Anytime you want, go ahead and use the magic wand on your clit,” Amanda
continued. “Anal alone probably won’t get you off. You’re not a guy and
you don’t have a prostate. It’ll feel good once you’re used to it, but it
won’t be earth-shattering all on its own, but the combination of anal and
the magic wand can be heaven. Now, is it okay if I touch you.”

Ana nodded yet again, and Amanda leaned in and kissed her.

For the second time in her life, Ana returned the kiss of a woman.
Amanda was more tentative, gentler than her mother, but it was no less
erotic. Ana felt the younger woman’s right hand on her breast, and she too
moved her right hand to cup Amanda’s breast. It was smaller than her
mother’s, all natural. The two fell back onto the bed, continuing to kiss
and explore each other’s bodies.

Ana felt Amanda’s hand slip between her legs and gently push her legs
apart. Amanda placed her hand over Ana’s sex, with the heel of the palm
pressed against her clit. She didn’t move it, but just kept applying
gentle pressure as they kissed. Ana felt herself growing wet.

In a pause in their kissing Amanda said, “why don’t you climb on top of
me, sixty-nine.”

Ana obliged and found herself looking at the younger woman’s pussy. It
was shaved and waxed, completely hairless. She felt Amanda’s fingers
gently spread her lips and her tongue lick at her slit, so she did the
same. The girl tasted clean, with only the faintest hint of musk, quite
different than her mother. Amanda started licking and sucking in earnest,
so Ana followed suit.

Ana marveled at how different this was than sixty-nine with a guy.
Amanda’s body was softer and less hairy, and Ana could feel the girl’s
breasts rub against her belly. She was starting to gain an appreciation
for sex with a woman. But just as she was getting warmed up, Amanda put a
stop to it.

“Time for some rimming,” announced the girl.

She positioned Ana on her knees, bent over so that she was face down on
the mattress, her ass sticking high in the air.

Amanda must have noticed a look on Ana’s face, because she said, “Don’t
worry, nothing’s going inside just yet.” And with that she spread Ana’s
cheeks and buried her face between them.

Her tongue felt nice, a bit ticklish. It wasn’t at all like having
one’s clit sucked, Ana thought. There was no electric shock of pleasure,
just a comfortable, wet caress. She relaxed and let the girl do her work.
At first she thought it was nice, but would quickly get boring. But as
Amanda kept licking, it became more and more pleasurable. She understood
what Amanda had said about the magic wand vibrator. She reached for it,
turned it on, and pressed it against her clit. Instantly Ana was
transported. The combination of sensations, the hard buzzing from the
front and the gentle licking from the back, became intense. The vibrations
were too much. She placed her hand over her clit and then the wand against
her hand. That slowed things up and evened out the sensations nicely. She
could have this done to her all day long.

“Are you ready for a finger?” asked Amanda.

“Yes,” said Amanda, not sure if she meant it.

Suddenly she felt a cool glop of lube on her anus, and then Amanda’s
fingers as she spread it around, sticking just the tip of a finger into her
hole to ensure some lube went in.

“Now try and relax your butt,” said Amanda. “I know it’s easier said
than done the first time, but it’s a lot easier if you loosen up.”

Ana tried to relax, but when she felt the tip of Amanda’s index finger
enter her anus she stiffened.

Amanda stopped pushing forward, leaving the finger in Ana’s ass. “Now

After a moment, Ana managed to unclench, and she felt Amanda’s finger
begin to slowly slide into her. It wasn’t bad at all. It felt a bit
funny, like she had to go to the bathroom, but it wasn’t at all painful and
the ring of her anus actually felt quite good. Very slowly Amanda began to
slide the finger in and out, occasionally circling around, as if to try and
expand her anus. Then she felt Amanda begin to insert a second finger.
This time she managed to stay relaxed and not clench up, and it slid in
more freely. Soon Amanda was moving her two fingers in and out rather

“I think it’s time for a butt plug, don’t you?”

Ana grunted assent.

Amanda picked up the smallest plug, which was barely bigger than her
finger, and showed it to her. “See, it’s not that big. So you don’t have
to worry. It’s not as flexible as a finger, so it will feel a little
different though.”

More lube and then the tip of the plug pressing against her sphincter.
It slipped right in. Ana could barely feel it though. She didn’t feel at
all full and only the ring of her anus registered any sensation.

“I can’t really feel anything.”

“That’s good,” said the girl. “This one’s really small. That means we
need to go a little bigger.”

She picked up a medium sized butt plug and showed it to Ana. At its
widest it was the size of an average penis, maybe a little more than an
inch in diameter. Again Ana felt pressure on her anus, only the wider plug
didn’t slide quite so fast. Amanda used more lube and tried again. This
time it slid in without resistance. Ana could feel her anus expand to
engulf it. It was a pleasant feeling, which surprised her. Then suddenly
she felt it pop in as the widest section passed her anus and her sphincter
clamped down around the narrow part just above the flared base.

Amanda picked up the magic wand, placed it against the base of the plug,
and turned it on. Ana shuddered as the vibrations rocked her anus. It was

“Play with your clit,” Amanda commanded.

Ana complied. She started rubbing three fingers against her nub and
within a minute she was rocking with an orgasm, screaming into the pillow..

“I’m going to pull it out now,” said Amanda as soon as her partner had
settled down. “You’ll feel some tugging. Don’t clamp down, that will only
make it harder.”

And sure enough, Ana felt her sphincter resist the plug’s removal. She
did her best to relax, and with a pop the widest portion was out, with the
rest sliding quickly out. The release was a pleasant feeling too, not
orgasmic, but nice.

“I think you’re ready for some strap-on play,” said the younger woman.
“Do you want to try it?”

“Yes. If it’s anything like that last bit…”

“In a way it’s even better. You won’t get the vibrations, but the
human-to-human contact makes it better.”

She climbed out of bed and girded herself with the dildo, greasing it up
with plenty of lube. Then she climbed back into the bed.

“Curl up in a fetal position, spooning me,” Amanda commanded.

Ana complied, feeling the woman’s breast pressing into her back and the
slippery dildo pressing against her thighs.

“Open your legs a little,” said Amanda. Then she placed the tip of the
dildo against Ana’s asshole. A little pressure and the tip was inside. It
slid in easily, Ana guessed that her asshole was getting used to this.
Another inch, and then another, and in no time it was buried inside her up
to the hilts.

Amanda began sliding the dildo in and out, slowly at first, but picking
up speed as she went, pausing to add more lube as needed.

“Use the wand,” said Amanda.

Ana didn’t need to be told a second time. She pressed the head of the
vibrator against her clit and switched it on.

She was transported. Amanda’s steady thrusting and withdrawing into and
out of her ass, now at a rather fast clip, and the vibrations on her clit
carried her off to another orgasm. And to her surprise she found herself
squirting copious amounts of juices out onto the sheets.

When she was done she switched off the vibrator. Amanda, getting the
signal, slowly withdrew. Ana felt the dildo slide out, and again there was
that pleasant feeling of release.

“You’re a squirter,” said Amanda. “We can have some fun with that.”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I didn’t know I could do that until I came here.”

“Well then, I guess I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed that,” Amanda
said, gently kissing the back of Ana’s neck. “Now, as soon as you’re
ready, it’s time to get me off.”

Ana turned over, and the two women kissed. Ana’s hand found its way to
Amanda’s crotch, and she slipped a finger inside.

“It’s not going to take me long,” said Amanda. “When I’m fucking you,
all that rubbing works me up, but it’s not enough to get me off. Here,
just lie back and spread your legs.”

Then she positioned herself between Ana’s legs, pussies touching. She
began to grind against Ana, who quickly caught on and began grinding back.
The skin-to-skin contact felt good, slippery with the mix of vaginal juices
and lube. Ana closed her legs a bit to get a better purchase on the other
woman, who was throwing her head back and moaning. She was right, it
didn’t take much to push her over the edge.

When Amanda’s orgasm was over, the two women lay next to one another,
faces almost touching.

“I think you’re ready to fly solo next time,” said Amanda. “You don’t
need another anal lesson from me. Just remember, use lots of lube and get
your asshole warmed up with fingers and small toys before shoving anything
big up there.”

“I’m not so sure,” said Ana. “Are you sure I can’t have another

“Of course. Any time.”

Chapter 3: Ana Meets the Cousins

That weekend Susan?s brother, David Clark, and his family arrived for a
visit. Ana, wondering what they–another family into incest–were like,
came out to see their arrival, but she hung back, waiting with Tanya like
good servants to be called upon if needed. The meeting between the two
families seemed perfectly normal. There was lots of hugging and chaste,
familial kissing. It was just like any other sets of American cousins who
hadn?t seen each other in a while.

David Clark was a few years older than his sister, a bit shorter than
Michael with a bit more gray in his hair. Rebecca his wife looked like a
model. She was almost supernaturally thin, not an ounce of fat on her,
with pale skin and long, black hair. Two of their children were in
college, like Amanda. Daniel was a slimmer, younger version of his dad,
and Ashley was small, like Susan and Amanda, but like her mother fair and
raven haired. Kayla, the youngest at eighteen, was still in high school.
She had Susan and David?s olive complexion, but was curvy, naturally busty
and with big hips.

The two families settled into the living room talking and catching up.
Tanya and Ana served drinks and snacks, and Ana was introduced to the
Clarks, but none of them tried to engage her in conversation, except for
Rebecca who said, ?I?ve heard good things about you, I hope to find out if
they?re true for myself.? That was the closest anyone came to
acknowledging that something out of the ordinary was going on among the
family members.

Ana mentioned to Tanya that she had expected something different, and
Tanya replied, ?Just give it time.?

Sure enough, after about half an hour Ryan and Kayla slipped away and
headed upstairs to the bedrooms. After waiting a discreet interval, Ana
discreetly followed them. The door to Ryan?s bedroom was ajar, and Ana
took up her usual vantage point outside of it.

The two teens were already naked, standing in the middle of the room,
and kissing. Ana watched as Kayla dropped to her knees and took her
cousin?s cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth,
taking the entire penis with ease. Ana was more than a little impressed
with that ability to deep throat Ryan?s cock; she knew from experience that
she couldn?t do it.

After a few minutes of fellatio, Ryan picked his cousin up and pushed
her onto her back on the bed. Then he knelt between her legs and went down
on her. Kayla was soon moaning, and Ana remembered what Ryan?s tongue felt

She then heard some people coming up the stairs. Her first instinct was
to hide, but she realized that she had nothing to fear. Just the same, she
pressed her back against the wall of the hall, trying to be as unobtrusive
as possible. It was Amanda and the other two cousins. Amanda winked at
Ana as they passed, and Ana heard Daniel say, ?Are you sure she?s okay??

?Oh yeah. She just likes to watch,? responded Amanda.

The three went into Amanda?s room, leaving the door open. Ana peered
back into Ryan?s room, where the boy had stood up and, with his cousin
still lying on her back, ankles around his neck, was pounding her quite
hard. Ana continued to watch, her hand slipping down inside her jeans,
rubbing her clit.

After a bit more, Ana moved down the hall until she was standing outside
Amanda?s room. Amanda and Ashley were on the bed locked in a sixty-nine.
Daniel was standing nearby, watching his sister and cousin go at it,
stroking his dick, which was already hard. Ana was a bit disappointed that
it was only six inches or so, then she checked herself. She was becoming
spoiled. Daniel was hardly inadequate in the size department–at average
size he was bigger than some of the guys she had been with–and he only
suffered in comparison to his cousin and uncle. And the rest of him was
just delicious. He was slim, with a tight stomach and six-pack abs and
well-muscled but wiry arms and legs. He wasn?t a big guy in any dimension,
but he was well built. Ana imagined what he could do to her, and the
smaller cock could be an advantage in hard pounding. She continued rubbing
her clit, but only to relieve the most intense need. She didn?t let
herself go over the falls.

She turned her attention to the two girls. Ashley was bit bigger than
Amanda, who was quite tiny, but she had smaller tits. They looked, as far
as Ana could tell with the two cousins locked in the oral embrace, perky
and lickable.

Daniel moved in behind his sister and started rubbing his cock against
her slit, then pushed into her and began sliding in and out of her cunt.
For her part, Amanda shifted her oral attention to his balls, moving her
hand up to keep attending to Ashley?s clit. Now and again Daniel would
slip out of his sister, allowing Amanda to take his dick into her mouth for
a while, before returning to his thrusting.

Ana began wondering what the parents were up to and headed downstairs.
She found Susan and her brother still in the living room. They were
talking. She listened for a minute, and they were just chatting about the
kids, how Amanda and Ashley were doing at college, that kind of thing. It
sounded like any brother and sister in America getting caught up with
other?s doings.

Michael and Rebecca were nowhere to be found. They couldn?t have gone
up to the bedrooms without Ana seeing them. She realized that they were
probably down in the dungeon, so she headed down that way.

Sure enough, that?s where they were. Michael was almost hanging by a
pair of handcuffs attached to the ceiling, arms extended above his head.
His feet were on the ground, but his ankles were separated by a spreader
bar. His cock was semi-engorged and his sister-in-law was thrusting a
good-sized dildo in and out of his ass. She was evidently a dom as well.

Ana touched herself again and realized she was sopping wet; her wet
panties had soaked through to her jeans, and it wasn?t all that
comfortable. She realized that she needed to change before she became badly
chafed in a region which would make sex uncomfortable, so she reluctantly
headed upstairs. On her way she passed Susan and her brother David heading
down into the dungeon to join their spouses. David gave her an
appreciative once over. Susan winked.

Ana considered turning around and joining them, but that would be a bit
too much. This was all too new, and she was just getting used to the
Harrises. She didn?t think she was ready to add the Clark family into her
sexual mix. She might be up for a discreet tryst with David or Daniel, but
a dungeon orgy wasn?t a good idea for the night. Then she remembered
Tanya. But unfortunately, Tanya had packed up the kitchen and gone home,
leaving some cold platters and reheatable items for everyone?s dinner. It
looked like another night with the vibrator. She could play with the
others tomorrow. She left the kitchen and made her way to her apartment
without revisiting the kids in the other bedrooms.

She threw open the door to her apartment, entered and quickly stripped
out of her wet pants. The delay had taken the immediacy out of her urge to
orgasm, but her horniness was still there. She reconsidered her plan with
the vibrator and opted for a bath. A nice relaxing session with her
fingers in warm, soapy water was just what she needed. So she drew a bath,
and just as she slipped into it she realized that the door to her apartment
was open. No matter, she thought, no one was likely to come into her
apartment. Besides, everyone else was engaged.

She settled into the hot water, just lying there for a few minutes
trying to think of nothing but how nice the water felt. Then she cupped
her breasts with her hands and slowly kneaded them, rubbing her index
fingers around her nipples. She felt her pussy spasm and contract once.
She was ready. Her hands slipped down to her belly and then down further,
forcing her legs apart and rubbing her inner thighs. She was in no hurry.
She was in the mood for a slow sensuous session.

A thought of Ryan and his father both taking her, the older man in her
pussy, the son in her ass, flashed across her mind. She moved her right
hand over her pussy, spreading her outer lips with her fingers. Then with
her left index finger she circled the ring of her vaginal opening, just
brushing past the nub of her clit. It felt very good.

?The door was open. Would you like some company, or are you set on a
solo session tonight?? Rebecca?s voice interrupted her. She had been
standing there with Kayla, watching the maid pleasure herself.

Ana jerked her eyes open, and seeing the mother and daughter
instinctively moved her left arm to cover her breasts, keeping her right
hand over her pussy. Then after a moment she relaxed, knowing there was
nothing to be embarrassed about, not with this family.

?I had planned to be alone,? said Ana, ?but company is welcome.?

?Good, that?s what we were hoping,? said Rebecca. And the two women
knelt at the side of the tub. Kayla leaned down and started sucking Ana?s
nipple, while her mother took over the task Ana?s hands had been
performing. Ana arched her back slightly, giving the two women better

The pleasure was exquisite. Ana was just starting to work her way
toward a climax when Rebecca announced, ?I think we can have a bit more fun
if spread out on the bed.?

Ana reluctantly stood up and the two women helped her out the bath,
bringing her towels and drying her off. Ana had never felt so pampered.
When she was dry, Rebecca took her by the hand and led her into the
bedroom, with Kayla following.

The three lay down on the bed, Ana in between the mother and daughter,
with Rebecca casually running her fingers over Ana?s breasts and whispering
in her ear, ?What kind of things do you like? Do you like it rough, to be

?This is all so new to me,? said Ana. ?I?ve never been with a woman
before this week. I think I like to be dominated, but I don?t want it
rough, at least not tonight.?

?So you?re in the mood for something slow and sensual.?

Ana nodded yes.

?We can accommodate that.? And with that Rebecca and Kayla each started
sucking on a breast, their hands finding their way down to Ana?s crotch.
Ana put her head back, closed her eyes again, and just enjoyed the
ministrations of the two women.

After a few minutes Kayla?s mouth left her breast and made a trail of
kisses down to her pussy, first kissing around the labia, then licking
around the vagina, thrusting her tongue inside, and finally focusing on
Ana?s clit. First one, then two, then three of Kayla?s fingers slipped
inside Ana, searching for her G-spot.

For her part, Rebecca moved, straddling Ana?s head and slowly lowering
herself down onto Ana?s awaiting mouth. For the third time in her life Ana
tasted another woman?s pussy. Rebecca tasted sweeter than her sister or
niece, but there was a pungent, sour scent of arousal. Rebecca had been
excited for some hours now, and Ana could tell. She plunged her tongue
deep into the older woman?s vagina as Kayla did the same to her. Still a
little unsure of how to pleasure a woman, Ana took her clues from the girl.
Whatever Kayla did to her, she tried to do to her mother. Evidently it
worked, both women came at about the same time, with Ana spraying Kayla?s
face with her juices, and Rebecca clamping her thighs hard around Ana?s
head, driving her sex even deeper into Ana?s mouth.

Rebecca slid off the maid?s face, collapsing onto the bed, but Kayla
didn?t miss a beat. She quickly swung around and scissored Ana, grinding
their pussies together. Ana had just come down, but found herself
rocketing right back into another orgasm.

After that one subsided, the urgency left her and, since Kayla continued
her grinding, Ana took over the more active role, letting Kayla lay back
and be driven to her own orgasm, which wasn?t long in arriving.

After Kayla had cum, the two women disentangled themselves and cuddled
up to Rebecca. The three said nothing; they just lay there, basking in the

?You three looking for company? Or are you finished for now?? It was
Ryan. He was standing there with a semi-hard cock.

?I don?t know about you two,? said Rebecca, ?but I?m done for the
moment. I?m going to see who my husband has gotten himself into.? With
that she sat up, gave Ana and her daughter a quick kiss each, slipped off
the bed, and headed out of the bedroom. As she passed her nephew she gave
him a kiss too, and his cock a squeeze. ?Tomorrow night I want this all to
myself, or maybe sharing it with my son.? Then she was gone.

Kayla beckoned Ryan onto the bed, and the boy lay down between the two
woman. Ana and Kayla exchanged a look, and then the two of them leaned
over and began to jointly suck Ryan?s cock. Kayla bobbed up and down on
the head, while Ana took care of the shaft and balls. After a bit the two
switched up. The two women exchanged kisses and both licked the glans and
head for a bit, then Ana dove down onto the large cock and Kayla took each
testicle into her mouth in turn and paid special attention to his perineum.
As soon as she touched his taint, he exploded into Ana?s mouth.

The volume wasn?t all that much, as he had already cum several times
that evening, and Ana had no difficulty keeping it in her mouth without
gagging. She was about to swallow it, when she felt a hand on her chin
directing her head upward. It was Ashley, who planted a kiss on Ana?s
mouth, thrusting her tongue inside and scooping out some of her cousin?s
cum into her own. She and Ana fell back on the bed together, kissing,
exchanging what was left of Ryan?s seed, and entwining their bodies with
each other.

Ana didn?t even notice Kayla and Ryan slip away.

She didn?t know how long she and Ashley kissed. They just kissed,
occasionally running their hands along each other?s body, exploring the
softness. There was no time, no goal, no pressure, just tongues, and
hands, and bliss.

Eventually Ana felt another pair hands on her back. She stopped kissing
Ashley long enough to see who it was. Amanda had joined them.

Ana returned to kissing Ashley, and Amanda began to kiss the back of
Ana?s neck. Then Ana felt something hard against her thigh; Amanda was
wearing a strap-on. Ana felt the girl rub the head of the dildo against
her lips, and she opened her thighs, letting her slide the head inside.
Soon Amanda was pumping it in and out, gently, not disturbing Ana?s and
Ashley?s kissing.

Ana?s hand found its way down to Ashley?s crotch. It was wet. She
slipped a finger inside, then two, and then matched Amanda?s rhythm, so she
was fucking Ashley with her hand as Amanda was fucking her with the

After a bit Amanda slipped out of her. Then Ana felt the girl spread
her ass cheeks and her tongue circling about her anus. She shuddered,
remembering what that stimulation led to the other day. Soon she felt the
shock of cold lube between her cheeks and a finger, then two, penetrate
her. Ashley?s hand dropped to Ana?s crotch, fingering her pussy as well.
The two women kept on kissing.

Then Ana felt the dildo?s head pressing against her sphincter.
Instinctively she tensed at first, then relaxed, and the head slid inside.
It popped right out again, and Amanda reinserted it, pushing it about an
inch deeper this time. Ana grunted her approval, and Amanda slowly slid it
deeper. Soon Amanda was going at her with a slow and steady rhythm.

It was too much for Ana. Despite all the orgasms she?d already had, she
felt this one build up and wash over her. It was intense. She wasn?t sure
what happened to her. She remembered clawing at Ashley?s back and biting
her shoulder–the marks were there later after she came down–the only
other thing she remembered were the waves of pleasure. She thought she had

She didn?t pass out, but she kept her eyes closed and just lay there for
a few minutes. When she finally regained her senses she realized that
Amanda was still inside her ass and Ashley was gone.

In her place was Daniel, Ashley?s brother. He was looking into her
eyes. Taking one of her hands, he guided it down to his crotch and placed
it on his cock, which was already hard. She stroked it a few times and
then guided it to her pussy for her first double penetration.

Fortunately the two cousins had some experience with DP. Amanda held
still, wrapping her arms around Ana and playing with her breasts, while
Daniel moved in and out of her. She was still sensitive from the last
orgasm, and Daniel?s thrusting almost hurt at first, but soon the intensity
wore off and she could enjoy the feeling of being stuffed.

This went on for ten minutes or so. Ana wasn?t building to another
orgasm; she may have been spent for the night. But that didn?t mean that
it was pleasurable, a cock and a dildo inside her, crushed between two
young, firm bodies. What was not to like? She turned her head back toward
Amanda, and the two women kissed.

Ana felt Daniel tense and sensed his breathing growing erratic. He came
inside her and then slipped out. Amanda did the same. The three kissed.

There was more pressure on the bed. Ana looked up and saw that Susan
had joined them.

?Do you think you?ve got another hard-on in you?? she asked her nephew.

He nodded, ?I think so.?

The aunt dove down and engulfed her nephew?s organ, sucking it, trying
to resuscitate it.

Amanda unstrapped her dildo, and she and Ana embraced and watched the
show, cuddling, exchanging the occasional kiss, just enjoying the
post-coital moment.

Soon Daniel was back in form, and his aunt climbed on top. She rode him
for a while, then he flipped her over, and they fucked missionary, and then
spooned. He came again.

When he slipped out of Susan, Ana slipped down and spread her employer?s
legs, licking and sucking the semen out of her pussy. Then, knowing that
Susan enjoyed cum-swapping, moved up and kissed her.

Daniel and Amanda got up and walked out of the room, hand in hand. Ana
watched them go, and then returned to kissing Susan.

A moment later they were joined by Michael and David. Michael lay down
next to Ana, while David lay down next to his sister, the two women turned
and started kissing the man next to them.

She thought that she was too spent to fuck anymore, but when she felt
Michael?s cock grow hard against her thigh, she realized that she could go
one more round. He really was a handsome man with a big cock. He entered
her, and David did the same with his sister.

Ana looked up into Michael?s eyes, locking onto them, urging him with
her glances to pump faster and faster. He complied. Her hand reached out
and grasped Susan?s next to her. David matched his brother-in-law?s speed,
fucking Susan faster. Soon Susan and Ana exploded, cumming together, with
the men both following shortly afterward. For Ana, it wasn?t as intense as
before, but it was just as nice.

The two men slipped out and collapsed next to the women.

?God, I?m spent,? declared Ana.

?I can?t move. If you don?t mind, Ana, I?m going to sleep here,? said

?Me too,? offered David. ?But who?s going to sleep on the wet spot??

?The entire bed is a wet spot,? said Susan. ?You?ve been really having
a time of it in here, Ana.?

?Give me a few minutes to catch my breath and I?ll change the sheets.?

?Do it in the morning,? said Susan. ?Our bed hasn?t been used. The
four of us can go there. It?s less effort to go than to change the

So after a few minutes, the four left Ana?s room, nakedly stumbling to
the master bedroom, where they collapsed onto the king-size bed, falling
right to sleep.

* * *

When Ana awoke she was curled up between Michael and David. Susan was
lying on the far side of Michael. All three were still asleep. She
glanced at the clock and it was ten a.m. Ana lay without moving for a few
moments. She was gloriously rested despite all the exertions of the night
before, probably because most of it had been slow and gentle, with very
little hard pounding. But she was covered with dried sweat and other
juices. Michael and David reeked of sweat and musk, and she must have
smelled much the same. Plus she had to pee.

Somehow she managed to slip out of the bed without waking the others.
She padded naked back to her room. A week ago she would have rushed
through the halls, hoping that no one saw her naked body. Now, she didn?t
care. But no one else seemed to be up, although it was impossible to tell
as the house was so large. After relieving herself, decided to do as much
of the clean-up from last night before she showered. She might not smell
like a rose, but it made more sense. First she made her own bed, replacing
the sheets that were now covered with dry spunk. Then before she headed
down to the dungeon to see what damage had been done there, she threw on a
pair of sweats. While she was no longer afraid to be seen naked, it didn?t
seem to be Harrises? custom to wander around naked, so when in Rome…

As she passed by the kitchen, she noticed Tanya was there, preparing for
lunch. No one else appeared to be up and about. She thought about
stopping by and talking to her, but figured it would be more polite to wait
until after her shower.

The dungeon wasn?t in too bad condition, and it didn?t take long to make
the room spic and span. She did a quick pass through the rest of the
house, but aside from some straightening up in the living room, there
didn?t seem to be any mess there. All of the sex seems to have been
confined to the bedrooms, and until the family woke up, there wasn?t much
she could do about that.

Finally she jumped into the shower, and it made her feel like a new
woman. Not only was she rested, but she was clean. That was strange. She
counted, and last night she had almost as many partners as she had had her
entire life before coming to work for the Harrises. She thought that she
should be sore, or battered, or bruised, but she felt great. The horniness
that had bedeviled her the past couple of weeks was gone, presumably just
in temporary abeyance, but other than the post-coital relaxation it felt as
if last night had never happened.

She headed down to the kitchen for coffee and a chat with Tanya while
waiting for the family to wake up.

?Must have been some night,? remarked Tanya. ?Usually people are up by

Ana smiled knowingly back at her. The two women chatted, with Ana
helping Tanya with the kitchen duties, and slowly the family members
wandered down from the bedrooms, one by one. Tanya announced they were too
late for a cooked breakfast, but she had put out cereal, bagels, and fruit
for any that wanted it.

As the family gathered, a plan for the day formed. The women were
heading out for a day spa, while the men seemed content to stay at home and
watch the college football games on TV. Ana slipped upstairs to make the
beds and otherwise clean up and missed the departure of the women. Then
she headed out to find where everyone was.

The men had settled into the Michael?s den, which had one of the house?s
large-screen TVs. Tanya was with them, watching the game, her head resting
on Ryan?s shoulder. Michael noticed Ana by the door way and beckoned her

?Come on in and watch, if you want.? He opened and extended a beer
toward her. Michael made room for her on the couch he was sitting, with
Daniel on the other side.

The game wasn?t terribly interesting. Ohio State was winning quite
handily. Ana curled her legs up under her and leaned her head on Michael?s
shoulder, in imitation of Tanya. His hand found its way onto her thigh.
After a few moments, she felt Daniel?s hand on her other leg. She had
thought to take a quick catnap, but if they wanted to play, that would be
good too. She decided to leave the decision to them.

They were in the mood for playing.

Michael leaned over and kissed her, cupping her breast in the process,
while Daniel started rubbing her thighs. Ana broke the kiss and moved so
that she was kneeling before Michael. Glancing over at Tanya who by now
had her own hand buried in Ryan?s crotch, Ana unbuckled her boss?s belt and
unzipped his fly. She pulled his by-now semi-erect cock out of his pants
and went down on him.

She plunged down, taking as much of him as she could into her mouth,
then came up, licking around the head. He rapidly hardened. She ran her
tongue along the underside of the shaft, then came back in the other
direction nibbling ever so lightly with her teeth, a technique she?d picked
up from two boyfriends ago but had never tried on anyone else, not sure if
it would work on other men. Michael shuddered and moaned, ?Oh, my God!?

Evidently it worked.

When she had leaned her head down, her butt had gone up, giving Daniel
the opportunity to tug down her sweats and panties, and the twenty-year-old
buried his face into her pussy. It felt good. They continued like this
for a while, pleasurable sensations, but neither Michael nor Ana were close
to cumming.

Ana felt another penis poke at her cheek. She looked and it was
David?s. She turned her head and took that into her mouth. She could take
all of this one. And when she turned her attention back to Michael, she
noticed that Ryan was on her other side, already hard and erect.

This called for some rearranging. Reluctantly, she pulled away from
Daniel?s tongue and beckoned for Michael to stand up. She knelt with the
three cocks in front of her, soon to be four as Daniel dropped his pants
and joined the others, with Ana sucking each one in turn. She felt
depraved. Two weeks ago, she couldn?t have imagined herself sucking four
men at once.

A few moments later she noticed a fifth cock bobbing alongside the
others. Tanya had donned a strap-on, a huge one, bigger than Michael, and
so Ana added the silicone one to the mix as well.

Ana soon discovered that the problem with sucking four cocks and a dildo
at once is that it?s awfully difficult to get anyone to cum. She barely
had enough time with each to keep it hard, much less bring it to orgasm.
Still she tried valiantly.

Tanya was the first to break the stalemate. She repositioned Ana so
that the maid was on all fours, still able to suck the four men, and then
positioned herself behind her. Ana could feel the head of Tanya?s dildo
rub against her lips, finding the channel, and then she felt herself
opening up as Tanya slowly pushed inside her.

Tanya reached under and started rubbing Ana?s clit with her hand, but it
was hardly necessary. The silicone cock was thick enough to do the job on
its own. Ana luxuriated in the sensations and the image of four penises,
ranging from goodly sized to quite large, bobbing in front of her face.
The orgasm came quickly.

After she came, there was a bit more rearranging, Tanya lay on her back
and Ana climbed on top. She went back to sucking Michael, Ryan, and
Daniel, but David moved behind her and she felt a cold splash of lube on
her ass. Then she felt David?s finger run around the circumference of her
sphincter and then slip inside her. It was still rather relaxed from the
night before and the finger went in easily. Then the finger was replaced
by David?s penis, which also slipped in without too much trouble.

?Just stay still, and let David do the work,? whispered Tanya into
Ana?s ear. And obeying the more experienced cook, the maid did just that.
She just lay, impaled on Tanya?s huge dildo, while David moved in and out
of her ass. The feeling of being completely filled was astounding, as if
all the nerves in her pelvis were overloading and short-circuiting. After
a few moments, though, she was able to return to her cock-sucking duties.

Good as it all felt, Ana knew a second orgasm would be long in coming.
After last night and then the one just now, it would be a while before she
worked herself back up to the heights.

After a few minutes David pulled out of her, and his son took her place.
Daniel slipped in as easily as her father had. At first she wasn?t sure if
David had cum, but when he presented his erect cock to her face she
realized he hadn?t. She took it in his mouth, only afterward realizing it
had been inside her ass. She almost gagged at the thought, but then
realized it didn?t taste any different, just the sweet taste of lube.

It wasn?t until this moment that Ana realized that she was being
gang-fucked. A chill went down her spine. This was so wrong.

Daniel pulled out of her, and Ana realized that while Daniel and David
had done it for her, either Ryan or Michael would be too big for her ass,
at least with Tanya?s huge strap-on inside her vagina. She lifted herself
off Tanya and lay down on one of the couches, beckoning Ryan to lie on top
of her. They boy dutifully complied, filling up the space previously
occupied by Tanya. Michael moved up and presented his cock to her mouth,
and Ana eagerly started sucking it again.

Daniel and David watched, while Tanya stood between the father and son,
stroking them and keeping them hard.

After a few minutes, Ryan exploded inside her and, softening, withdrew,
only to be replaced by his father. David stepped up and Ana started
sucking him. Then it repeated, with Michael cumming after a few minutes,
being replaced by David, who was replaced by Daniel.

Finally, it was just Daniel screwing her. Ana focused on him, locking
her eyes onto his and willing him to cum. It didn?t take long for him to
do so.

At last, with four men?s semen inside her, Tanya, who had shed the
strap-on, clambered on top and the two women sixty-nined. Ana felt her
orgasm begin to rise as soon as Tanya?s tongue touched her clit, and a few
moments later she was thrashing about. Tanya continued to lick and suck
the semen out of her, while Ana returned to Tanya?s pussy, and soon the it
was the cook?s turn to moan and thrash.

That?s how the women found them when they returned from the day spa,
naked, cum-covered, half-asleep, and in front of the TV playing the fourth
quarter of a game that no one was really watching.

There was no more sex that day. Ana and the men were fucked out, and
the other women were relaxed and mellow from their day of saunas and
massages. That night, as she made her usual late-pass through the house to
see if there was anything that needed to be picked up or cleaned–there
wasn?t–Susan and Michael invited Ana into their bedroom. The three just
cuddled and held one another, and as Ana fell asleep she thanked her stars
that she had stumbled into a job with such great benefits.

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