A Swinging 3sum
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I came home from work to find my flatmate already busy in her bedroom. As we have no secrets and we don’t close doors I noticed she had a new man on top of her. I went to my room and undressed and visited the toilet and gave myself a good wash, I hoped that whoever was with her may be interested in a bit of group therapy.

I went back to the kitchen and began to make a cup of coffee. Then a voice said I will have one too and Jason wouldn’t mind a cup of tea. It was Josie singing out from the bedroom.

I said are you getting up or do you want it in there.

She replied -in here.

When I had the 3 cups ready I took them into her bedroom and Jason was still engaged in keeping Josie happy.

Josie said to Jason meet Nancy – she is my flat mate and bed mate as well.
Jason disengaged his cock from Josie and they sat up and Jason said please to meet you. You two have a good thing going here.

I said I havnt seen you before and from where I am I like what I see. Jason laughed.

Josie said he and I haven’t been at it long, you came in just after we got started.

I said to Josie – how is he – if the size of his cock is any indication he should be very good.

She said he is I am enjoying the preliminaries.

I said is there room for one more.

Josie said I told Jason if he was lucky he might get a 3 some – I wasn’t sure if you were coming home or not.

Jason said you two are fantastic – I have never found a couple of girls like you before.

I said you had better be pretty good yourself – we are looking for a bit of new stuff – we have killed a couple of boys off lately.

Jason said what do you mean – Josie said she means we didn’t actually kill them we just wore them out – we both enjoy good sex and if you don’t have the stamina then you don’t get back in through the door.

He said I think I can handle myself, and I can still have something standing at the end of the night.

Good I said, after we have finished the coffee we can see just how good you are. How many 3 somes have you had.

He said generally I don’t do threesomes they are mainly 4 somes where my flatmate and our girls all get it together and its more a fuck fest rather than an orgy. His girl is not one for a lot of oral, she doesn’t mind a good fuck but has to be really hot to go down on us. She will take it occasionally but is reluctant to give it and we normally have to pull out before we cum – she doesn’t like cum in her mouth. My girl is different she is happy to do the lot.
I see, I said and where are these two little whores at the moment.
At work he said – they are hairdressers and most of our sex is at night.

Why aren’t you at work I asked .

I work weekends and have 2 days mid week off – I work in a restaurant.
This might work out I said as Josie and I work broken shifts and we have a lot of time during the day to spend, normally we go to the beach or hang out together in bed.

Josie told me you two were bi and have sex together. I don’t think I have ever met a bi girl before – I have met a lot of lesbians but not bi girls. As I said our girls don’t mix it together but have no problems mixing it with us.
I said I would like to meet your flat mate maybe we can improve on your girl friends. Lets know after we have finished with you.

Josie said ok lets back some action going and Jason made a move to get back to fucking Josie.

I came around and while Jason was on top of her I got my cunt over her mouth and she began to give me a good tongue lashing and suck out.

Jason said wow – I have never seen a couple of girls doing that in real life – on the porn sites yes but in real life never.

Josie had her mouth full of my cunt and I leaned over and held Jason and said come on kiss me and the three of us were all interconnected. Josie was fucking him from below and she was also sucking on me at the same time- that takes a bit of concentration and we have practiced it on more than one occasion. He soon got the rhythm and as we kissed he fondled my nipples – he learned fast.

After a couple of minutes of this we broke our embrace and I said lets swap.
I lay down and Josie came around to finish me off orally and I took Jason in my mouth. He could not believe it when I took him covered in Josies juices and sucked him clean.

Jason said wow you two are unreal, I dont think I could go down on somebody like that with all that grunge out of her on my cock. I said you will before you leave – remember we know what each other tastes like it we do it so often.

I worked on Jasons cock in my mouth and gave him a pretty good sucking and work out. I had both hands free and as well as giving it to him with my mouth I had a hand stroking him at the same time. He lasted about 4 minutes and he came. I swallowed his cum as quickly as he filled my mouth – possibly three times before he was properly emptied. Josie was still going on me as I was concentrating on Jason and had not properly appreciated her work on my now juicy cunt and after Jason had pulled his cock out of my mouth I gave Josie my full attention. She worked hard on me and I came after about another 5 minutes. Jason was sitting on a chair watching us. He said I have never seen anything like it – two girls going hard at it, Josie with a finger up your ass and her mouth going full bore on your vagina and clit. You two are amazing.

After I had cum. Jason got back onto Josie and began to fuck her again.
When I was ready I told him to clear off and let me finish her off.

I got down on her and with three fingers up her cunt and my mouth and tongue working on her clit I told Jason to watch how its done – we both like it like this and he will need to make sure he knows what he is doing. He came down and got close to me to see how I was using both my fingers and my mouth at the same time. After a minute or so Josie said to him my tits need a work out and he was told to suck on one nipple and pinch her other one with his fingers and once he started and had worked on her for about a minute she came.

When she cums she gets quite physical and bucks about and its hard for me to keep my mouth over her cunt normally. But with Jason working on her tits she wasn’t bucking about as much as normal, she was getting her pleasure not just off her mouth and her clit but also off Jason who was actually biting one of her nipples and really squeezing the other. The pleasure she was experiencing was intense.

She really enjoyed herself as I can tell when she has a great orgasm as she can with me – having given each other plenty. We both recognise the intensity of our various orgasms, and the mood we were in. Often we can tell if one is enough or we are in for a long session where we may induce three or four or occasionally five orgasms in a session when we are really worked up.
Jason was impressed with our performance and said shit that was the most amazing thing I have ever been involved in.

Josie shaid shit that was great, but I need a rest for a while you go with him for a while.

Ok I said while she is getting over that you and I can get it together.
I said now lets see how good you are, his cock was hard and cunt ready by the look of it.

I said lets begin with a doggy, and I got onto my all fours and he came up behind me and told me I had a beautiful ass and he then spread my cheeks and rubbed his finger around my ass hole rimming it. I liked it but said I said doggy and I don’t mean up my ass.

He giggled and got hoes cock and rested it against the lips of my cunt. I could feel it there waiting for him to shove it up me.

He said are you ready

I said yes but take it slow, I like to feel your cock going in.

He did it perfectly and I felt the lips of my vagina spreading as his thick cock parted my labia lips and gradually worked its way up into me. I could feel his cock going in further and further until I felt the pubic hair against the cheeks of my ass and the weight of him over me . Oh god it felt good. Then he began to slowly fuck me and gradually we got our rhythm together and we fucked beautifully for about 4 or 5 minutes.

After that I said ok that’s enough of that pull it out and I will do a cowgirl for you.

He slipped his hard cock out of my juicy cunt and lay on the bed. I got over him and as he held his cock up I gently lowered my cunt down over his cock until I could feel the top of his cock against my labia and let it rest there until I was ready. Gently I lowered myself down and felt his cock part my lips and once more slip up into me and as I went down slowly I could feel it gently forcing me open and deeper up into me. His cock is about 8 inches long and reasonably thick so it was perfect for me. If I have a cock any longer it hit my cervix and makes me sore. I don’t know how girls take 10 and 12 inch cocks into themselves.

Once he was right up inside me I began to fuck him and he was really enjoying it – I could tell from the look on his face. He put his hands up and fondled my nipples which turns me on as well as the feeling of him up me. He smiled and said this is heavenly.

I fucked him like this for about 4 or 5 minutes then said now for reverse cowgirl and I spun around with his cock still inside me.

He giggled and said that feels fantastic.

Then I continued to fuck him reverse and he had a wonderful view of his cock slipping up and down inside my cunt as well as a view of by ass hole. He then slipped a finger up and into my ass and that really made everything feel better. He only had the first or second joint in and as I fucked him my ass was being fucked by his finger at the same time. He then moved his finger around until he could feel his cock slipping up and down inside me. I could feel it as well and it felt nice.

Josie came over to him and gave him a nipple to suck so he was sucking her nipple with his cock in me as well as his finger. He was fully occupied.
Holy shit you two are amazing, I have never enjoyed anything like this before even when we were 4 some, we didn’t do this. I would love to bring one of the girls over – she could learn a lot off you – Jill wouldn’t be in half this so it would be wasting time and effort with her.

I said why don’t you? – we wouldn’t mind a bit of new flesh to feed off.

Josie was listening and said now that would be interesting 3 girls and 1 boy – do you have another boy we could fuck with.

Jason said it wouldn’t be hard to find somebody that would want to fuck with you two – you are amazing.

I said ok lets finish you off and I pulled up and off him. I want you to fuck me missionary now and cum with me. I am getting a bit dry.

His cock flopped onto his tummy all covered in our love making juices. Josie wasted no time in getting it into her mouth and cleaning his cock up and licking the stuff of his tummy.

Shit you two are amazing he said.

By then I was ready for him and he got up and over me and I said ok Tiger I want to be fucked and fucked hard.

He said I am ready willing and able.

As he got ready to enter me I said slow and steady – I really like to watch and feel your cock going into me, it’s a beautiful cock made for fucking and I like it.

He positioned himself and had his hand on his cock ready and then he said say when –

I said now – slow and steady.

He put the top of his cock against my lips as he knew I liked and then slowly ever so slowly pushed it into me. I was looking down and could see it disappear into me and as it did feel me opening up wider and wider as the rest of his cock was gradually pushed down into me as far as it would go.
Josie was behind him and had his balls in her hand, gently manipulating them to give him a sensation unlike anything else – not too vigorous as to hurt him, just enough to stimulate him..

I cant believe this is happening to me he said – at the risk of repeating myself you two are truly amazing.

I said go for it man – fuck the ass out of me.

He began slowly until he was comfortable and then he went hard, deep and fast.

The sound of our two bodies slapping together could be heard all over the apartment, I was in seventh heaven and he was shaking my entire body and my tits were jumping about and shaking each time he hit the bottom of his cock against my cunt.

Josie came around and fondled my tits and kissed me as we fucked together. It felt just fantastic with her tongue in my mouth and his cock working like a piston in my cunt.

Then she got over me and put her cunt now dripping wet over my mouth and I sucked her juice and swallowed it as fast as she was making it. Jason was still going like a piston and it didn’t take him long and he said I cant go any longer I am going to cum.

Then he grunted and I could feel it warm and wet inside me he had shot stream after stream of cum into me. Each time he spurted he grunted and my guess was about 6 or 7 grunts so six or seven spurts – his magazine was fully loaded and I got every shot. It was fantastic.

I was close but not close enough to cum with him, and I couldn’t hold on long enough for his cock to hold firm for me to work myself off on it.

As he withdrew his soft and juicy cock out of me Josie jumped off me and took it in her mouth- she was so fast he hardly realised until he looked down to see her looking up into his eyes sucking and licking the love potion we had made in my cunt off his soggy cock.

He moaned with delight, as Josie really does do a great oral job, even if their cock is slack.

Once she had cleaned him up, his cock was still reasonably limp she came back to me and got down on me and licked and cleaned me up. She was just about to get off me.

I said don’t leave me like this – I havnt cum yet and she just smiled and I lifted my legs to give her total access to my cunt and I felt her tongue and lips working on my clit and I could not hold back a moment longer and I yelled YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS, yesssss, yess,,, yes and I had a fantastic orgasm as she liked and sucked on my clit.

My cunt was ready for it – Jason had finished a moment too soon for me but Josie did a magnificent job getting me off – really giving me a climax to remember.

After she had finished on my cunt she came up to me and we kissed again – deep and long, I could taste myself on her mouth and I still could not believe that I tasted as nice as I did. I lick my finger when I masturbate a lot but this tasted even better mixed with Jasons cum.

The three of us sat back on the lounge and Josie said I feel like a coke and she got 3 cokes and we sat there totally naked and drank them. As we did Jason kept telling us that he had never had an experience like it.

After Josie finished her coke she said to Jason, come on you havnt filled me up yet, Nancy got to you before you came with me.

Jasons cock was still soft, and Josie got down on him and within two minutes he was hard as a rock and she was ready for him. He mounted her and began to fuck her the same way he had fucked me – Josie said hey this boy is not bad.

Jason said nothing but he smiled and I knew he was happy at being acknowledged as a good fuck, as he pounded his cock into Josie and pretty soon I could hear the slapping of their flesh as he did with me.

He lasted about 10 or 12 minutes going hard and fast- he was good – and when he came it was just like when he did it to me, The grunts and the way he threw his head back each time he spurted another load of his hot baby juice into Josie.

Like Josie had done I took his slimy cock into my mouth and sucked him dry.
Then I said ok big boy – its our turn to lick her out- this time its your own cum.

By now he was used to the scent of us – the room stank of sex.

He got down onto her cunt without any problem and he licked and sucked on her slit and clit and it took her about two minutes and she came as well. She held his head down on her and he got the message and kept her going.

I knew she was going to try for a multiple and sure enough she made it, and came again – two about 30-40 seconds apart.

Our best efforts have been a multiple one immediately after the other, like 2 seconds after the first one ends we immediately have a second orgasm and when that happens we cant take it any longer and have to call them off – we are so sensitive and tender down there when it happens.. Josie and I do it to one another occasionally but it is a seriously heart racing experience and it takes us some minutes to get our breaths back and out hearts race like mad – far harder and longer lasting than a normal orgasm.

When Jason had finished he was buggered. He said I cant do it again – you two will kill me –

I said what a death and on your gravestone we will have engraved – Died on the job fucking Nancy and Josie – what a man.

He laughed and said look I have really enjoyed myself – never before have I had so much fun and enjoyment. If you want me – I would only be happy to repeat the performance any day you ask.

Josie said thank you – I am sure we will want a repeat performance as well. If you want your girl friend trained I am sure we could do a reasonable job on that too, providing she can handle sex with another woman.

Jason said Kath would give at a fair try but Jill couldn’t handle to women to woman stuff, she has problems with oral on guys. I think we could all get Kath to do just about everything you two do but it may take a couple of efforts. She is always keen to have a go and I am sure after an hour or so of us all in together we may not be able to stop her. If you wish I could ask her.
I said you wont know until you do – let us know how you go and we will arrange a night together. I can handle most women- if she is obese forget it – I cant handle fat women. He said have no fear she has a beautiful figure.
Jason had a shower and got dressed. We let Jason go home – I don’t think he will wipe that smile of satisfaction off his face for a week.

Josie and I were just about ready to have a nice quiet session in bed together before we dropped off to sleep. We showered too but didn’t dress and then we got into bed and had a nice quiet nibble on each other cunts and kissed each other good night and slept the sleep of a baby – happy and contented and ready for Jason or any other red blooded male whenever they were available.

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