A sissy in her early 20s begins a relationship with a Master that leads to living out her deepest fantasies
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It started innocuously enough with what seemed like a
harmless exchange of private messages on a friends-
based porn site. A person identifying as a male sent
a note to a young sissy whose profile expressed some
fantasies about being made into a full-time sissy,
perhaps involving some forced feminization and even
surgical “enhancements.” The young sissy, April,
responded openly and eagerly, and the conversation
developed into one in which more and more of the
sissy’s fantasies were spelled out in graphic detail.

Every day April would log on, sometimes multiple
times a day, to see if Sir had sent any messages. She
was careful not to appear too eager, although it was
always very frustrating if she logged in and found no
new messages. It was all she could do not to write to
Sir anyway, telling him something new that had
occurred to her during one of her frequent daydreams
at work. She had a menial job that barely let her
make ends meet, and it afforded her little by way of
extra money to spend on her real interests – girly
shoes, clothes and lingerie. She had some make-up,
and her hair was growing out nicely, even though it
wasn’t really long enough to put in a ponytail (yet),
so she was thankful she didn’t need to spend money on
a wig.

At work she would often dream of some handsome stud
sweeping into her life and taking her away to be his
girlfriend, lover, even – in her wildest dreams – his
sissy wife. She never cared for being a man, and her
small cock seemed to reflect that feeling. Still, she
enjoyed masturbating nightly, and playing with
herself for hours on weekends, keeping herself
aroused and erect, loving the feeling of being on
edge. At those times she would fantasize about being
locked in chastity and unable to cum, and the thought
of not being allowed release was terribly exciting.
“If only…” she often thought.

Forced chastity was a huge turn-on to her, as was the
thought of being exposed publicly as a chastised
sissy. She would often dream of being paraded in
front of a crowd of strangers, ordered to lift her
skirt and show herself to them, front and rear, her
pathetic little cock dangling securely in its cage
while they laughed, pointed and made crude
humiliating remarks.

Keeping her cock locked was exciting enough that she
didn’t dare think about not having one, of looking
like and being taken for a real girl. No, she loved
the idea of having a little boi clit that was never
allowed to be a real man’s cock, there but not
allowed to function except in a humiliating,
frustrating way, indicating to all that she was
nothing but a pathetic sissy.

Her messages back and forth with Sir went on for
about a month, and one day she logged on after work
and saw a brief private message – “I’m coming for
you. Be ready.” She had long ago given him her real
address, but she also knew he lived almost 3000 miles
away, so she didn’t think he would ever really come
to her home, but there it was. The message was about
3 hours old, and her sissy heart raced at the thought
of what this might mean. He would see her, see her
rather miserable and shabby apartment. He would talk
to her directly. He would *gasp* touch her. He might
even kiss her and fondle her.

This last thought almost made her pass out from the
rush and the anxiety, but when she had collected
herself, she began to go over what they had only
talked about “hypothetically,” or so she thought.
What if he wanted her to leave with him? What did he
mean by “…coming for you?” She absently began
packing a few things, girly things, into a small
suitcase and changed from her daytime male-boyish
appearance into her usual girly evening/weekend wear
– this time a pink thong, a short pink dress with
white polka dots and white thigh-high stockings with
little Mary Jane high heels. Very fem. It was her
newest dress, and she wanted to look nice. She did
her make-up and her nails, and waited.

The knock on her door startled her, and she jumped up
to answer it before realizing how she was dressed.
Normally she would have pretended not to be home or
would have asked the person to wait while she
camouflaged her girly appearance, but suddenly she
was at the door and opening it, and Sir was there. He
was about 6 feet tall with an athletic build, good
shoulders and slim hips, dark hair and eyes that
seemed to look through her into her soul. “Slut,” he
said, by way of a greeting as he stepped in without
being asked, as if he owned the place.

“I’m glad you’re already dressed. You have 10 minutes
to get what you need, and we’re leaving.” He remained
standing, walking slowly around her small place,
checking out her possessions while he watched her
scurry around to grab what else she thought she would
need. She didn’t even ask him where they were going
or if there were certain things she should bring. She
had simply swallowed hard and said, “Yes, Sir,”
meekly, in response to his order.

That was several months ago. Sir had taken her aboard
a commercial flight, dressed as a girl, to his home
on the east coast. He had sent her the note en route,
and he was only about two hours from her apartment
when she read it. At first she was almost petrified
to leave the apartment dressed as a girl. This was
only something she had done in her dreams, never in
reality, but Sir practically dragged her sissy ass
out to the cab and into the airport.

She was certain that most people looking at her knew
she was cross-dressed, and the humiliation made her
little clitty swell causing a noticeable bump in the
front of her dress, but Sir didn’t seem to care. The
trip had gone quickly (a red-eye, so most people were
sleeping), and April’s clit kept getting hard during
the flight, especially when Sir would put his hand on
her thigh.

They arrived at Sir’s home by mid-morning the next
day. It was a large house in the suburbs, and April
had been shown to her room by a housekeeper whose
name was Nora. She had been allowed to keep her
personal things at first, but gradually they had been
replaced by other clothes and personal effects of
Sir’s choosing, more and more feminine than her old
things. The first order of business had been the

Sir had her read it and sign it as soon as they had
arrived at his home. It stated that she was to be his
property, to obey his every wish and order without
question, to allow herself to be transformed as he
saw fit, for a period of one year, the extension of
which would be negotiated at the end of that time.
Sir would maintain her previous life’s meager
business activities (rent, bank account, charge
cards, etc.) so that she might return to her previous
life if she so chose at the end of the first year,
but otherwise she would be his for that period of

She signed without a second thought. She was so
excited to be really living some of her fantasies
that she didn’t even think about the implications.
Her life, her body, her soul, her future were his.

The second order of business was her diet and hormone
treatments. Sir wanted her slim but rounded, so he
had Nora put her on a strict diet and began giving
her hormones the first day. Within two months April
had noticed that her hips were rounder and smoother,
her boyish bubble butt looked even nicer and softer,
and her little breasts were starting to bud and show.
She was very proud of that.

Her original hair color was brown, but Sir had had it
dyed blonde, and it had grown long enough to be worn
in two little ponytails, often with pink ribbons on
them. Sir called it the blonde-baby-bimbo look. Her
body hair, which had always been minimal, was almost
non-existent now. Sir insisted she carefully shave
every day so that her skin was smooth and completely

Her embarrassingly small cock had been fitted with a
chastity device that first day as well, and Sir told
her it would only come off when he wanted it to. She
was not to touch herself or try to masturbate or she
would be severely punished. Finally, that first day,
Sir had shown her a lovely stainless steel butt plug
with a very large bulb on one end and a beautiful
pink jewel at the other end.

“Do you like to have your sissy pussy stuffed, slut?”
he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she had answered quietly.

“Have you ever taken one this big before?” Sir asked.

“N-n-no, Sir,” April had stammered.

“Well you’ll have to earn it, bitch,” Sir went on.
“You will eventually wear this one all the time,
except when you’re being fucked. But for now, you
will train with this black rubber one. It’s a bit
smaller, as you can see, but you will wear it
constantly, and you will treat it with respect. Think
of it as a surrogate for my cock. That means every
time you have to remove it to shit or if I or anyone
else wants to use your pussy, you will lick it clean,
no matter what’s on it, and you will insert it again
as soon as you’re done. Do a good job wearing it,
without any faces or whining, and you’ll get the
pretty jeweled one in a month. Do you understand,
sissy girl?”

“Yes, Sir,” April replied. She was both excited and a
bit alarmed that she would have to wear a butt plug
24/7. She liked wearing one when she lived alone, but
it was usually only for a few hours at most. This
would be a challenge, but she was determined to show
Sir that she deserved the pretty steel one and
couldn’t wait to feel it being pushed inside her.
Aside from the cock cage and the butt plug, April
wore nothing around the house except a collar, a
solid pink leather one that was locked around her
neck with a heart-shaped padlock.

The name “Sissikins” was spelled out on the collar in
little rhinestone letters. Sir had decided that April
sounded too much like a real girl’s name. He wanted
her called something that would clearly identify her
as something different, that would remind her and
others that she was a full-time sissy.

Sir called her to him as he did each morning after
breakfast. She crawled from her place in the corner
to his chair and looked up at him. “Kneel up, slut,”
he said quietly. As she did the chain that was
attached to the ring on the wall moved noisily with

She was always tethered somehow in the house, either
with a long chain or a shorter leash, depending on
the situation. She knelt there, her hands behind her
head as she had been trained, while Sir fondled the
little cage that encased her sissy clit. It left her
smooth sack free, and his warm hand cradled her
little balls, squeezing them more and more firmly
with each grasp. She flinched, and he squeezed them
hard enough to make her bend over in pain. With that
he slapped her hard across the face. “Bad form, you
little bitch!” he said angrily. “Let’s try that
again.” And he went back to gently squeezing her
balls, increasing his pressure on them with each

This time she forced herself not to flinch as the
pain increased. “Do you like it when I fondle you,
fuck doll?” Sir asked. Sissikins simply nodded and
bit her lower lip. “Then tell me, cunt!” Sir

“Please, Sir. I like it when you touch me and squeeze
my little jewels, Sir. It makes me want to cum, Sir.”

“Good girl,” Sir responded. “Let’s see what we can do
about that.”

It was a little game he played with her almost every
morning, and it was both pleasurable and painful. He
would remove her chastity cage, as he was doing now,
fondle her little cock and squeeze her soft little
sack until she came into a glass he was holding. He
would time her. The shorter the time it took her to
cum, the less painful her punishment would be. He was
training her to cum almost on command from a
combination of pain and pleasure, with very little
stimulation except the pressure of promised
punishment if she were too slow.

Today she felt herself on the edge almost as soon as
he removed the cage and she felt her little cock in
his big hand. “Please, Sir! May I cum, Sir?” she
whimpered. “So soon, slut? OK, now, you little twat!
Fill this glass!” Her little cock spurted what seemed
to be an enormous amount of semen into the wine glass
Sir was holding. It was this way almost every time,
at least in terms of the amount of cum.

Sissikins lived an existence of nearly constant
stimulation and denial, where multiple times a day
she was close to the edge of orgasm but never allowed
to cum except for this little morning ritual of
Sir’s, and sometimes he would forego it, leaving her
miserably horny and with no hope of release until the
next morning – if then. “You know the rule, cunt.”
Sir said, handing her the wine glass, “every drop.”

Sissikins raised the glass and sipped her cum from it
hungrily. She had not eaten anything since the night
before – that was on purpose also. Her first taste of
anything each morning was usually her own cum, or if
Sir didn’t play the game with her, she might be
allowed to suck his magnificent 8″ cock until he came
in her mouth.

Once in a while Sir would provide her with a condom
filled with some stranger’s cum instead, dangling it
in front of her like a person would a treat for a dog
while she knelt and begged, then watch as she sucked
it clean. It didn’t matter. Her breakfast was cum,
every day, and often it would be all she would eat
until much later. Sir liked to see her hungry,
licking and sucking the semen like a starving girl –
which she nearly was. As she licked the inside of the
glass clean, Sir once again grabbed her soft little

“Enjoy it, little girl,” Sir said. “I might want to
have these taken off someday. You won’t really need
them eventually, and they’ll just keep getting
smaller and more useless as your hormone therapy
continues. Maybe I’ll have them preserved in a little
glass jar on the mantle. They’d be a great
conversation piece. And you could show anyone who
asked all that’s left – your tiny little clit. We
might not even need the cage anymore, but there would
have to be some kind of little decoration on it.
Maybe a little silver tube to hold it out and let
everyone know you still have a cock, just nothing

Sissikins tried hard not to gasp too loudly. She was
both mortified and strangely excited. Her little cock
twitched in Sir’s hand as she thought about the very
real possibility of being castrated. Sir laughed at
her reaction and pinched her cock hard.

“You like that idea, don’t you, sissy? You’ve thought
about it before, haven’t you? Did you secretly hope
I’d do that to you? What a fucking little pervert you
are! But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?”

Sissikins blushed and lowered her gaze to the floor.
Sir always knew what she was thinking. It was like he
could read her sissy-bimbo mind and tap into her
deepest thoughts and fantasies.

He would often fuck her for hours, stopping before he
came in her, coming back to her again and again after
a short break during which he enjoyed whipping or
spanking her ass and telling her what a pathetic
little cum dump she was, calling her a cock whore and
promising someday to give her to a kennel where she
would get fucked like the bitch she was by a pack of
horny dogs.

His verbal abuse never failed to push her over the
edge, and her little clit would spurt several times
during the course of being fucked by Sir. Of course
she was always whipped for those forbidden
ejaculations until her ass was covered with bright
pink welts, and she would have to lick up her mess
while being punished. She loved being whipped almost
as much as she loved feeling herself cum.

One afternoon, Nora came to the corner where
Sissikins was curled up on a dog bed napping and woke
her with a toe to the chastity cage. “Up, slut, ” she
said brusquely. When Sissikins got to her knees as
she was trained to do, Nora unlocked the chain and
clipped a leash to her collar. Sissikins crawled
quickly after Nora down the hall to Sissikins’
bedroom, a very frilly, girly affair with ruffles
everywhere and a pink comforter and pillows on the

“Stand up,” Nora ordered, and began to dress
Sissikins in a very frilly outfit with several
petticoats that simply shrieked “SISSY!” to the
world. Sissikins figured she was about to go out, not
knowing where, and as always the thought of being
seen for the sissy she was turned her on. Her little
cock strained against its cage, and Nora chuckled as
she noticed Sissikins’ reaction to the feel of the
petticoat ruffles.

“You love this, don’t you, Sissikins? You love being
dressed up and looking like a little girl? Well,
today you’re gonna get a special treat. Sir is going
to take you for some big girl tits. What do you think
about that?”

Sissikins felt her knees weaken, and her mouth got
very dry. “OMG!” she thought, “can it really be
happening?” She had dreamed of having breasts since
she hit puberty and all her girlfriends had started
to develop. She was so envious, but as a boy she
could only look at them with what others thought was
teenage lust. Little did they know she was totally
jealous of the girls whose tits had blossomed first.
She wanted them, dreamt about them, pretended she had
them, and now she finally would! There was no doubt
in her mind that she had made the right choice to
come live with Sir and belong to him.

The drive to the medical center didn’t take long, and
Sissikins followed Sir meekly into the offices and
sat in the waiting room while Sir filled out the
necessary paperwork. While she sat there, two young
women on the other side of the room began whispering
back and forth and looking at her with raised
eyebrows. Finally they started giggling, and one of
them said “My girlfriend and I have a bet. She thinks
you’re a real girl and I think you’ve a faggot. Who

Sissikins blushed and pointed to the girl who asked
the question. “Told ya!” the one girl laughed and
both got up out of their seats. They walked over to
Sissikins and sat down on either side of her. “Show
us,” the first girl said, looking around the waiting
room to make sure no one else was there to see.

Sissikins slowly pulled up her ruffled petticoats
high enough to reveal her little cage and held them
there so the women could see her tiny dangling excuse
for a cock locked away. The two women snickered and
stared at the tiny captured organ. The first woman
boldly reached over and grabbed Sissikins’ clit cage
and began tugging on it, giggling as she noticed the
cock start to swell in response to the stimulation
but unable to get very big because of its little

“So what are you here for, you little sissy?” the
other woman asked.

“I’m here to get breasts, ma’am,” Sissikins said
quietly. At that the two women laughed out loud.

“Well I hope they give you some big ones to make up
for that tiny thing!” the first woman said, letting
go of the cage. The two returned to their seats and
continued to giggle and stare at Sissikins until she
was called in.

The surgery itself lasted several hours, and
Sissikins remained in the hospital overnight until
Sir came to get her. She was very excited to see how
she looked, but it took several more days before the
bandages came off and she could see her new body.
When she did, she was thrilled! Her new tits were a
lovely 36C size, not too big, but perfectly shaped so
that the bottom of them hung a little below the

She had been concerned that Sir might have her
modified with huge implants so that she would have
grotesquely large tits. She had seen that on some
trannies, and she worried how she would manage if
that happened to her. But Sir had been a bit more
conservative, and she thought she looked perfect.

“We’re only missing one thing,” Sir had said, and he
took her to a tattoo and piercing parlor where he had
her new nipples pierced and fitted with little bells.
“Boobie bells,” he called them, laughing. “They’ll
always tell me where you are, and they’ll make a nice
noise when I’m fucking you, slut,” Sir said in front
of the man who was going to pierce her nipples.

She was wearing black leather high heeled sandals, a
tiny black leather skirt that barely covered her ass
and little clit, and a matching leather bra top which
Sir made her take off and hand him before she got
onto the table. When he was finished, the piercer
asked Sir if he could have Sissikins suck him off as
payment instead of cash.

“Fuck her face as long as you want,” Sir replied, and
left Sissikins alone in the back room where the
piercer pushed her to her knees and brutally skull-
fucked her for a good 20 minutes. While he fucked her
mouth, the man kept up a steady stream of verbal

“Cocksucking little faggot whore! I’m gonna fuck your
goddamn faggot mouth and make you choke on my big
dick, you fucking sissy bitch! You’re a cum rag, a
fuck hole, a cock slut! You’re fucking pathetic! You
don’t deserve to even have a cock. You’re a disgrace,
you fucking cum dump! Look at me, bitch! Look at a
real man! Look at me while you suck my big cock and
take my hot spunk down that fucking sissy girl throat
of yours! What are you? You’re a cock whore! A
fuckface cum slut! All you’re good for is sucking
cock and getting your sissy asshole fucked by men
with real cocks!”

The whole time the sound of Sissikins gagging on the
man’s big cock and the tinkling of her new little
bells could be heard throughout the shop, and Sir
just smiled to himself that the boobie bells were a
great addition to his property. For her part,
Sissikins was completely turned on by the face
fucking, the man’s constant insults and verbal
degradation of her, her own semi-nakedness, the fact
that she was now marked with nipple bells, and that
Sir had simply given her to another man to use and
abuse. Her mind was spinning with desire and lust.
She wished she could be this high all the time.

After what seemed to Sissikins like an eternity of
sucking, choking and gagging, the man finally blew
his load on her face and tits and into her waiting
mouth. She had to swallow all of the man’s cum, lick
his cock and balls clean, and then thank him for
using her mouth and for her new bells. Sir led her
topless and stumbling from the shop down the street
to his car, cum splattered on her face and chest, and
made her ride home bare breasted, reaching over
occasionally to give the bells a little jingle. Part
of her was mortified by the physical and verbal abuse
and exposure, but her traitorous clit told a
different story, swelling painfully in its cage from
the excitement she felt.

The healing took almost no time at all, and Sir took
Sissikins shopping for new slutty outfits that would
show off her new figure. The mall shop they went to
had large dressing rooms, and Sir made Sissikins
stand there in just a garter belt, stockings, heels
and a demi-bra while the salesgirls brought in a
number of dresses, miniskirts and little tops for her
to try on. Sir sat and watched as Sissikins blushed
constantly at the exposure of her bare ass, her
locked up clitty and most of her new tits.

“Get used to it, fuck doll,” Sir said at one point.
“A lot more people are going to see you in a couple
of months, and you won’t be able to cover anything

The salesgirls could barely suppress their amusement
at the humiliated sissy, and with Sir’s
encouragement, they freely fondled her ass, cock and
tits as they helped her try things on. They all
enjoyed watching her little clit try to get hard in
its cage from the humiliation and touching, and at
one point, one of the girls asked Sir if she could
give Sissikins a mock blowjob.

Sir thought that was a wonderful idea, and the rest
of the sales staff put a “Closed for lunch” sign on
the door and gathered around to watch in the dressing
room. Sissikins stood with her hands behind her back
as the sales clerk knelt in front of her and slowly
sucked the caged cock into her warm, wet mouth.

The other girls all laughed and commented about how
that must feel as Sissikins could only moan and shift
uncomfortably from one foot to another in her heels
as her knees felt weaker and weaker. The show went on
for about 30 minutes during which the other girls
joined in by pulling Sissikins’ tits out of her bra
and playing with them, rubbing the nipples and
laughing at the way they got hard and the cute tinkle
of her boobie bells. They also toyed with the butt
plug in her ass, twisting it and pulling it partway
out before shoving it back in, pushing Sissikins’
cock into the mouth of the girl who was sucking on
her cage.

“She’s really half girl, isn’t she? And all slut!”
the store manager said to Sir, who only nodded and
smiled from his seat nearby. The girl sucking
Sissikins’ little cock switched off with one of the
other sales clerks who wanted a chance to suck a
caged cock. “I want to do this to my boyfriend,” she
said, “and I wanna see how it feels to tease him to

Sissikins’ clit was leaking a fair amount of pre-cum
during the time that she was subjected to the girls’
attentions. Sir made her kneel down and lick up what
had dripped on the floor when the second girl finally
stopped licking and sucking, finishing up by
squeezing Sissikins’ jewel sack and giving her cage a
little pat.

They left the store with a number of slutty outfits
for Sissikins to wear, including the one she wore out
of the store. It had a plunging neckline that showed
a lot of cleavage, side boob, and was very tight and
clingy. It didn’t quite cover the lower part of
Sissikins’ bubble ass cheeks either, and if one
looked carefully, her jewel sack could be seen
hanging below her cock cage just above the tops of
her stockings as they walked through the mall filled
with people. Sissikins kept her eyes down, afraid to
make eye contact with anyone, sure that everyone who
saw them could see what a complete sissy slut she

Sir loved to expose Sissikins to public humiliation,
partly because it was his nature, and also because he
knew how much it excited her, and he loved keeping
her on the edge sexually. Sometimes he would have
Nora put her in little girls’ clothes with big bows
in her hair and make her wear diapers. This was the
only time she didn’t have to wear a butt plug. Nora
often took Sissikins with her dressed like this when
she did the shopping for groceries or household
items, and Sissikins would have to follow Nora around
the store with a pacifier in her mouth, drawing
stares from most of the customers.

When she was in diapers, she had to use them, and
Nora always made sure Sissikins drank a lot of fluid
before taking her out to shop. Inevitably Sissikins
would have to pee, badly, and sometimes even have to
shit, but Nora insisted on continuing to shop, even
if Sissikins tugged at Nora’s arm and made a pathetic
face while she squirmed uncomfortably doing the “pee
pee dance.”

“If you have to go, just go, baby girl. That’s what
diapers are for,” Nora would say, and Sissikins would
have to pee standing in the middle of the aisle in
the supermarket.

The worst was if she had to shit and couldn’t hold it
in. The smell would waft out around her, and people
nearby would wrinkle up their noses and move quickly
away, disgusted by the sissy-baby’s behavior. Nora
would finally relent and drag Sissikins to the ladies
room where she would make her get up on the fold-down
changing table and lay down for a diaper change. Nora
didn’t care who came in or saw them, and she would
make Sissikins put her legs in the air, feet apart,
while she changed her wet and/or soiled diaper.

Sissikins’ embarrassment at times like this was
almost more than she could bear, but at the same time
she secretly loved the exposure and humiliation that
came from having no privacy whatsoever. She hoped
that many women would come in, or if they were using
a family Restroom (Nora always left the door slightly
ajar in those), that people passing by would see her
laying there with her skirt up, diaper off, and ass
and little caged cock exposed.

Sir began to taper off Sissikins’ orgasms after she
had been with him about 6 months. She still got her
morning cum breakfast, but it was her own cum perhaps
once a week for a while, then not at all. She would
either spend at least a half hour under the table on
her knees sucking Sir’s cock while he finished his
breakfast and went through his daily schedule, or she
would suck one or two condoms filled with strangers’

Sir paid a couple members of a crew that cleaned a
park known to be frequented by lovers to give him any
used condoms they found on the ground. He kept a
supply of those on hand as he restricted Sissikins’
orgasms for those mornings when he didn’t have time
or want her to suck him off. Sometimes Sir would have
Sissikins crawl under the table so he could urinate
in her mouth. She was becoming very adept at
swallowing his hot piss and would suck up any that
puddled on the floor, licking until the floor was

He still fondled her every morning, teasing her as
she moaned and leaked pre-cum in frustration, but he
also noted that her balls were getting smaller and
her cock seemed to be shrinking as the hormones
changed her body. “Chastity becomes you, Sissikins,”
Sir said. “Could be your next trip to the doctor will
take something away,” he said laughing, and he made a
little scissors gesture that made Sissikins feel

About nine months into her first year, Sir planned a
coming out party for his sissy. Sir had Sissikins
dressed in a tight little hot pink micro skirt with a
little white and pink polka dot crop top that didn’t
quite cover her tits, leaving the bottoms of them
exposed. No underwear, but thigh high white stockings
and black strappy heels completed her outfit.

Her sissy pussy proudly wore the huge steel butt plug
with the pink jeweled stone in the end. Her pink
collar was fitted with a pink leash, and Sir had her
wait kneeling in the large living room before his
guests arrived.

Sissikins knelt in the corner, hands in front of her
and eyes down as some 30 people arrived for Sir’s
evening party. Many of the guests walked over to her
and patted her head or touched her cheek. One or two
put a hand under her chin and lifted her face, but
Sissikins had been trained to look down if this
happened, so she didn’t see the faces of those who
were looking at her.

Her cheeks were nearly as pink as her skirt from the
feeling of being an object on display, a piece of
interesting furniture in Sir’s large living room. The
guests mingled and talked, eating and drinking, but
no one offered Sissikins anything. Finally, Sir
called for his guests’ attention and said to one of
his friends who was standing near Sissikins, “Harry,
bring the slut over here.”

Harry tugged on her leash as Sissikins rose and
walked meekly over to where Sir was standing. Harry
handed Sir the leash, and Sir said to his guests,
“You all know that several months ago I acquired a
new addition to my household, a young sissy who
wanted more than anything to be owned and trained to
be feminine and submissive. I’ve spent the last few
months and lots of time and money to create what I
think is a nearly perfect transformation, and I’ll
let you judge that for yourselves.

“Sissikins is almost completely feminized. As you
will see, she still has her little cock, although for
the past month or so it has only served as a means to
pee. She has not been allowed an orgasm for almost 60
days, and my plan is to keep her chaste indefinitely.
Show them, sissy,” Sir said.

Sissikins obediently lifted her tiny skirt to reveal
her caged clit. A small pink ribbon had been tied
around it, and the cage twitched slightly as her
exposure caused Sissikins to try to become excited.
“Keep your skirt up, slut,” Sir continued. “Turn
around and bend over. Show them your ass.”

Sissikins did as she was told, revealing to everyone
in the room her anus and its new decorative plug.
“That will come out later,” Sir said, “and you will
find that her pussy is wet and open enough for even
the biggest of you. She loves to be fucked and fucked
hard, don’t you, sissy? Well, speak up, you little

“Yes, Sir,” Sissikins said almost inaudibly.

“Yes, what?” Sir demanded. “Tell us all what you

“Yes, Sir, I love to have my pussy fucked hard, Sir.”

“What else do you like, fuck doll? Tell us!”

“I like to suck cock, Sir, and I like to lick women’s
pussies and asses, Sir.”

“Like?” Sir said, an eyebrow raised.

“Love, Sir. I love to suck cock and lick pussy, Sir,”
Sissikins said.

“Strip, slut!” Sir ordered, and Sissikins slowly
removed her top and skirt. Her boobie bells jingled
as she moved, and the guests all enjoyed the sissy’s
humiliation at being nearly naked in their presence.
“For the rest of the evening, Sissikins here will be
your entertainment, my friends,” Sir said. “Please
feel free to use her in any way you wish. She has
been trained to accept anything and everything you
might want to do to her or have her do for you. My
only request is that if you use her for toileting
purposes, you at least have her clean up a bit so the
next person isn’t grossed out,” he finished,

Sissikins spent the evening sucking cock, swallowing
cum load after cum load and bringing most of the
women guests to orgasm orally. Several of them had
her lick their assholes as well, making her stick her
tongue in as deeply as she could until she could
taste the bitterness of their waste. A couple of the
men used her willing mouth as a urinal, making sure
she had a bowl in her hands to catch anything that
didn’t make it down her throat on the first try.

Some guests amused themselves by slapping her face
and commenting on how she had been trained not to
flinch at all. They also pinched her tits to see how
they felt. “You have some nice little titties there
for a fake girl,” one of them said. A number of the
men wanted to fuck her, so they bent her over the end
of a sofa and pulled her steel butt plug out with a
noticeable pop before plunging their hard cocks into
her warm, wet hole one after the other.

At one point Sissikins was spit-roasted by a cock in
her mouth and one in her ass, and she was in sissy
heaven as both men came simultaneously, filling her
mouth and her colon with their hot juices. In the
course of the evening, one of the women grabbed
Sissikins’ leash and dragged her stumbling down the
hall to the bathroom, cum running down the back and
insides of her thighs, where she made Sissikins kneel
on the floor in front of her as she sat on the

The woman reached between her legs and pulled a
heavily used tampon from her vagina, holding it up in
front of Sissikins. “So you think you’re a femmy
little girl, huh, bitch?” the woman said. “Well
here’s what real women have to deal with, so now it’s
your turn. Lick me clean!” she ordered, holding the
soggy tampon in her hand.

Sissikins leaned forward as the woman spread her legs
and lapped at the woman’s labia, tasting the
saltiness of the blood and menstrual flow. When she
felt clean, the woman pushed Sissikins back onto her
heels and said, “Open! Look up!”

Sissikins opened her mouth and tilted her head back
as the woman dangled the bloody tampon over it.
“We’ll see how you deal with a period using these
lips,” the woman said, lowering the dripping tampon
by the string into Sissikins’ mouth. “Now close!” the
woman ordered, and Sissikins closed her mouth around
the sodden mess.

The string dangled down her chin, and her eyes
registered shock and surprise, but the woman slapped
her face hard and said, “Don’t you dare open your
mouth for the next hour, you little shithead. That
part of you is on the rag as far as the men here go.
We’ll see how you like being a real girl for a while
and having to put up with that squishy thing inside
you.” With that she rose and washed up, then dragged
Sissikins back to the living room with the tampon
string hanging from her mouth.

Sir just laughed when he saw that and said to the
woman, “Very good, Claire! I’ll have to have Nora
start training her to do period duty in addition to
her other chores around here.”

“I told her an hour,” Claire responded with a wicked

“Perfect,” Sir replied, “let’s see how she does.”

Sissikins endured the taste and feel of the soggy
tampon in her mouth as her pussy was rammed and
reamed several more times. In order to keep her from
expelling the bloody tampon in the heat of passion,
Sir taped her mouth shut leaving the string hanging

Sissikins moaned with pleasure around the mess
gagging her mouth as she was fucked hard for the next
hour. Deep down she felt totally and completely
degraded and used. She also felt totally and
completely content and happy. She had dreamed of
nights like this, of being the center of a fuck
party, the object everyone wanted to use and abuse.

It was her dream come true, and she wanted nothing
more than to spend the rest of her life as Sir’s sex
slave, fuck doll, bimbo slut, toilet girl, or
whatever else he wanted her to be. She knew that when
the year was up, she would gladly sign the next
contract giving herself to him forever. That night,
alone in her bed, cum dripping from her pussy and
drying on her face, her tits, her ass, her thighs,
and the taste of menstrual blood still lingering in
her mouth, she fell asleep hoping that Sir would
continue to find new ways to use, display and
humiliate her for his enjoyment – and hers.

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